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Reviewed: 08/28/01 | Updated: 08/28/01

A truley incredible experience, no RTS fan can miss.

Total Annihilation was released in the latter half of 1997. This game may seem dated, but it is still one of the most technically impressive games, and most enjoyable RTS games out there. Total Annihilation was lead by Chris Taylor, a very talented PC developer. The game later spawned two expansions, Core Contingency, and Battle Tactics.

Total Annihilation had the unique quality about it, and let players download ''unit of the week'' units. This was truly unprecedented up until this game. Any ways, let's get to the review.

Graphics: 10

The graphics in this game are meant to resemble robots, so yes, they are blocky. But the amazing physics, 3d engine, 3d terrain, explosions, and the plethora of other parts of the graphics in Total Annihilation make it truly breath-taking. And to think this game was created in 1997.

Gameplay: 10

This game is truly amazing. There are two sides, the Arm and the Core, who have both been battling for millions of years. The game play is typical RTS, but adds quite a bit. There are land, air, and sea units, as well as cloakable, and amphibious. Radar, radar jammers, sonar, the realism does not stop in this game. There are missions for both sides, while fun, the main perk of this game is the incredibly addictive multiplayer aspect. It is 2001, and I still play this game to this day. Both sides have unique units, and similar units. But the super details to the game is also mind boggling. Some explosive weapons can cause forests to catch fire, and spread, damaging units. The debris from buildings can damage units greatly, depending on what that building was. Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal, and fusion, all realistic, as well as metal extractors and makers. These are the two resources of the game, metal and energy, and are infinite. But to think a player could hold out forever, is wrong, as it ultimately is decided by who produces most, and who uses the greatest tactics in the battlefield

Sound: 9

An epic soundtrack that really puts you into the heat of battle, or the calm serenity of peace. The music is some of the greatest to ever be in a RTS game. The sound effects are very good as well, and all sound very believable. But sound sound effects, like k-bots and vehicles is lacking, so I had to deduct.

Replay: 10

This game never gets old. With unit editors and map editors, 3rd party groups are still adding to this game. Hundreds of units, maps, and more, just add to the excitement of this game. If you get tired of this game quickly, I couldn't help you.

Overall: 10

I think I have summed this game up pretty well above. This game is incredible. If you are an RTS fan, or even not one, you need this game. It is truly a landmark in PC games to date, and hopefully will never be forgotten by the huge fan base and truly wonderful experiences it brought to many.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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