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"The king (Commander?) of RTS"

I'll admit, RTS games have gotten stale lately. I mean, games like Command and Conquer, and Starcraft where cool when they came out, but their "rock, paper, scissers" style of play has gotten old. I was about to give up on RTS games when Cavedog Entertainment released Total Annihilation (TA)...

Overview:Even though it's two years old it is THE premier Real Time Strategy game on the market (I haven't played Total Annihilation: Kingdoms), in terms of units TA, has no equal, the basic game has over 70 mobile units alone, and about 30 structures! Remember in Starcraft how no matter how high you were off level terrain the units could still hit eachother? Well, in TA terrain plays a HUGE role in combat, there are LOS (line of sight) weapons (a.k.a. lasers, missles, etc...), and weapons that, well, "lob" their projectiles through the air, and over obsticles.

Graphics:TA's graphics aren't totally stunning, but they run as smooth as silk (even on low end systems!!), there is absolutly no polygon breakup(that's right, I said "POLYGONS", this game is true 3D). The weapon effects are cool, and unique. Oh, yeah, one other thing; TA has MANY defencive structures (about 7 per race).


Sound:TA's sound is great, nothing more to say (the lasers actually SOUND like lasers, and explosions are bone-jarring)! Also TA has great orchastrated music (hark! Is that John Williams I hear?!)


Control:It's not hard to make the controls work in an RTS game, but Cavedog did better, the made use of the shift key! This may not seem like much at first, but the shift key allows you to assign MULTIPLE orders to your units! That means no more looking about your base for lazy construction units.


Fun Factor:What can I say? GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME NOW!!! This game is an absolute blast!!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/99, Updated 12/27/99

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