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Reviewed: 06/24/03 | Updated: 06/24/03

Killer Robots, and Tanks? I like it!

Even though this game is really old, but it's a classic! I didn't look that great but when I finally bought it. I was like ''Wow''! I still play this game today, and I will always be proud that it is in my collection. See what I mean, just keep on reading...

Story 10/10
To tell you the truth I think this game has a much better story then its competition (StarCraft, and WarCraft). You can take one of two sides. The Core or the Arm, ( I prefer the Arm) they both are struggling to fight a war against each other. They battle over planets, and just to prove that one race is better then the other one.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics have a very unique look to them. It is a top down look, but all they units are 3D! The robots are all different and their attacks are cool looking as well. The surfaces that you battle on are awesome looking and the programmers must have put a lot of time and effort into making them.

Sound 10/10
Holy crap did that explosion happen in my house? Oh never mind it was just the games amazing sound effects! The sound is simply amazing from the explosions, and the sounds the robots make when you click on them. Like the graphics everything is paid attention to.

Game Play 10/10
Whoa! Are you sure I am not playing a RTS made by Blizzard? Because this game just rocks. In the game you take control of either the Arm, or Core commander. You build stations to produce energy, and metal, to make units. When you build up a decent amount of robots, tanks, aircrafts, ships, or nukes you attack your enemy. When you attack your enemy you create a massive war. You can use whatever battle tactics you want to take out your enemies.
You also have two options of play, Skirmish, or Campaign. The Campaign is where you are sent on missions to defeat your enemies. The Skirmish is a lot better. It's like a freestyle Campaign but with one mission...destroy all the enemies that lay before you!

Replay 9/10
You can play the Skirmish mode over and over again without getting bored even once! The only flaw is the Campaign mode is really tough and you might not want to do it again.

Buy or Skip???
Hmm such a tough choice...hmm I really don't know, maybe you should...BUY THE GAME. I promise after all these years this has to be one of the greatest RTS' ever!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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