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"Simply a classic RTS"

I know it might be a little late for a review of TA, but seeing that it didn't quite get the credit it deserved, I'll do one anyway.

The story goes something like this: The galaxy is governed by a mitilary faction known as CORE. They make a breakthrough in sciece, and discover the teqnique to switch consciousness to machine, which means immortality. CORE made everyone do this process, known as patterning, for their safety. However, some people didn't like this at all, so they fled and fromed a rebel group known as ARM. For years, they have been fighting for their beliefs.

So obviously, there are two races you can play as, CORE or ARM. They both have some different units, but most of them are just the same thing except named differently. One of the things which amazed me when I first played (and will surely amaze you) is the amount if units, over 150, and they're all extremely varied and useful on different occasions. There's radar jammers, stealth fighters and even amphibious tanks.To top it off, you can download tons (I mean it TONS) of units and maps off the internet. Just a while ago, I downloaded about 50 new units, both official and unofficial. This will surely increase it's replayability.

The gameplay is extremely varied. There are 2 resources, metal and energy. You can get metal by simply sucking it out of metal deposits by building metal extractors on top of it. This makes a change from the usual building of harvesters and making them harvest the resources (like Starcraft and Command & Conquer) Another way you can get metal is salvaging it from the wrecks of destroyed units. Sounds interesting? Wait 'till you hear how you get energy!! There are heaps of ways, each varied. You can build solar collectors,wind generators (which generate more energy by how hard the wind is blowing), tidal generators (which generate more energy if the tides are stronger), geothermal plants and heaps others. So if on another map, wind is great, you'll be building wind generators. Another time, you may be playing on a map with heaps of water and strong tides so you'll be building tidal generators. This adds depth into the strategy.

The graphics and sound are awesome!! The true 3D graphics add heaps of strategy. For example, units can't hit their target if they're line of fire is blocked be trees, units firing on top of hills will have greater range than those down the bottom, etc.. Think of all the possible strategys you can do!! You can hide an ambish on top of a hill with radar jammers so the enemy win't know you're there until it's too late. I'll stop speaking now and let you just go out and buy the thing

PS, There's no AI in multiplayer but luckily there's a patch which adds it which you can download.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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