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"Best. Strategy. Evar."

Total Annihilation is a war-based game which you make lots of robots and kill your enemies with. This game brings memories whenever I play this. I enjoyed this simulation and killing other robots. It has a feeling which is fun, addictive, and great. Kudos to Cavedog Entertainment.

Story: 9/10 - There are two different stories you can choose from, you can be Arm or Core. You start off in seven different planets. You can be the commander and create an army of robots. Construction Vehicles and Unit can create labs and bases to protect you from getting your army destroyed. Three units include Air, Water, and Land can be helpful for destroying your enemy.

Gameplay: 10/10 - This is where the gameplay gets highly addictive. The gameplay is awesome and it has many features within. This game is mostly used for the mouse. You can command what your army should do and what they should build. Guard, Attack, or Patrol with your units to help your army. The commander has a powerful attack, The D-Gun. It destroys mostly about everything on land and sea. You might have a hard time using it on air units, but it can destroy everything on land.

Features: 8/10 - There is a feature called the ''Skirmish'' mode. In this mode, you can decide what the difficulty should be and what enemies it should look like. You can do a level select of what the place it should be in. However, there aren't most features in this game. There is online play to battle against people. Mostly there are two features in this game, but they are the best features in this game though. It is a 1P game, but if you have online play, it can mostly be a 2P game with your friends. It brings good times.

Graphics: 10/10 - This is a 3D game that has small robots. It's mostly like Starcraft or Commandos but they have a great design of robots and units. It's like a realistic type of world.

Overral: 10/10 - This is one of the most best strategy games out there and it has lots of potential in this game. You feel like your in a WWII battle against the commander. Good Story, Good Graphics, and Good Gameplay.

Buy or Rent? - By all means, buy this game. You won't be disappointed when you play as an army of robots. It's like many good games like Starcraft and other war games. Over and out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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