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"Total Annihilation annihilates the Competition"

Total Annihilation (PC)

Quick Overview-

Total Annihilation is a RTS created by Cavedog Entertainment and was originally just itself and with no expansion or anything attached to it. The game itself has multiple campaigns and internet capabilities, along with awesome multiplayer (which yes, means the internet). This game was originally developed in 1997 and then some expansions were released that allowed the game to have more units, and to have more campaign modes. There are about 400 units in Total Annihilation, and each of them has its own unique attack power, but none of them have any special abilities; which can be a downside to those who like to have games that feature more than just pure fighting and defending.


Well, you cannot say a whole lot about the graphics with this game, but they are at least more than just little stick figures, and that is really good for a game that is almost 8 years old now… This games graphics are rotating graphics, meaning they look 3 dimensional, but they are really just 2 dimensional, and they are able to rotate, actually, quite cleanly, and they have a nice timer on them to do this. I never have noticed any problems with the graphics and lagging on any system, and that is more than a good thing, since games today are looking for games that they can play, and that are fun, and that are not going to lag and be having errors and have decent playable graphics!


The controls of this game are really easy, unless you want to learn the really ultra fast way to play, which would be hotkeys, but then, you would need to learn what every button does and at what times for what units and whether you want to be core or arm. Anyways, other than that it is primarily just clicking with the mouse, and that is really easy; unless you are disabled or something. But I doubt that that will be much of a problem. :-)

Playability/Replay ability-

If you could find a way to not want to play the game then you need to tell me, and that should be able to answer your question quickly. But seriously now, the game is really fun and you should have no problem with playing the game over and over and over again. The game is just so fun to play, and if you get a few friends online or offline on a LAN and you start playing, that is, if you have multiple copies of the game. ;-) Then you will be all good and will enjoy hours of play time and fun. Other than that, the game will more than likely make you want to just stay glued to the computer. If not, then you definitely have something that is of other importance to you, that you have to do besides playing this game ;-)


Well, since it is kind of useless to rent the game, if it is even possible, since the game is on the PC and because if you did rent it you would need to keep renting it to be able to play the game, unless you burn a copy or something, but that would be illegal, and you don't want to do that. So your best idea is to buy the game and that could be kind of hard due to its age, but if you do find it, the game should not be more than a few dollars and ten at the most. I got my version of the game for ten dollars. So that should work out nicely for you all.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/05/04

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