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Game of the year in 98'(or 96, can't remember for the life of me.) and is still played by many here 7 years later. That should say enough, but it doesn't due this game justice. I'll try and illustrate it's perfection, but words can only say so much. I can still try.

1. Sound. This game made me like orchestra music. I don't like music. Total Annihilation has 16 tracks or so that change throughout that battle. It changes to faster music in battles, and kind of weird music after battles. It helps set the mood very well. The sound effects are pretty good, not great, but this is a strategy game. It doesn't have to have good sounds to make people look at
it. 8/10

2. Graphics. Great for it's time. Now, they don't really do much for me, but again, this is a RTS, it doesn't need to be pretty. Anyway, war isn't pretty. Almost everything is kinda pixilated, but the landscapes are still really good. Most units look decent too. 8/10

3. Game play. Godly. Nothing but. I have spent a major part of my life on this game, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You can play with up to 9 computers and your self, and divide them among teams in any combination. There are 3 different difficulties to chose from: Easy, Normal, and Hard. One major problem is the AI(artificial intelligence) is really rather pathetic. I have gotten to where I do 1 on 9 on hard no sweat. This however is covered in another section. The overhead view lets you see all over the place, or at least where you have mapped. You can decide if your troops can see anywhere, in a set circular view, or in their line of sight to a certain extent. You can also decide to have the map visible but you can't see units on it, or just plain black when you have no units there. There are about 50 maps, all of which have different play styles. Some are water maps, some air, and some land. You can also take advantage of the terrain and use the water to hide amphibious units and other such ideas. There are 2 resources: Metal, and Energy. Energy is easy to come by through solar panels/fusion plants, but metal is harder since you have to find a metal patch to mine. Through all of the vast amount of units, you can devise some strategies that would make Napoleon and Patton proud. The story mode is also fun, giving more of a challenge. Between the 3 expansion packs, there are about 200 missions to chose form, differing in size and difficulty.

4. Expansion. Nothing compares to it. Nothing. There are endless possibilities here. There are 2 expansion packs that add tons of units, maps, and missions. You can make your own maps and units, and even missions or just download from the vast selection already made. Originally, you can only have 200 units in battle at a time, this can be changed to up to 5000. There are countless unit packs too. TAUCP is a great one.

4. Onl-ine. Again, it is awesome. You can play with anyone, anywhere, and for free if you find the right servers. You can have up to 10 people with teams or whatever you want, however you want. The quality really depends on the server though, but most of the time, it is really nice. What is really impressive though, is that this game still has a massive community. Bigger then most MMORPGs like PSO. If you go to download a upgrade, there is still a line of about 100 people!

Basically, this is a must in RTS games. It's like a classic, but better. I have spent like 5000 hours easy on it, and it deserves WAY more. Buy now, or search E-bay.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/05

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