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Reviewed: 01/31/03 | Updated: 01/31/03

An ignored classic...

I have been a fan of the Quest for Glory series as long as I remember. I have every version of every game in the series. Thus, it would kinda make sence that I would get the game the second it came out.
That's not how it worked out...
I forgot about it, and whenever I suddenly remembered it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Sierra didn't help this at all, being an extremly under-hyped game, not sold in many stores. However, when I finally did find it, I was amazed.

Story: 8/10
If you are a fan of the series, you know the deal. Our hero ends up in some unknown town yet again. He quickly find out that the king of the city (Silmaria) has been assinated. You have been chosen by a familiar wizard named Erasmus to be in the ''Rites of Rulership'', which are a series of trial which you must complete in order to become king. You are also competing against 4 others, which are arguably just as strong, or stronger than you are. 1 of them is Elsa von Spielberg, whom you haven't seen since the first QFG game. Just by looking at the group, you can tell this won't be easy.
The plot gets more complex later, with some of your friends becoming targets of assinations, fellow contender being dropped due to various schemes, and a trip to hell! It gets very intence, very quick, although with plenty of room for breathers if you want some.

GFXs: 7/10
From the beginning of the game, you will be able to tell this isn't a very gfx intense game. The overall colors of the game don't seem to be above 256 colors, and the characters are rather block, although detailed. Everyone walks extremly steight too, like they belong to the Nazi party or something. The opening movie is nowhere near as good as anything Squaresoft or Blizzard can do. The main problem most people would have is pre-rendered backgrounds. However, sierra pulls this off so well, that unless you are really looking, you can't tell. Besides, you get used to it.
However, there are 2 major redeeming points: Everything is at an insanly high resolution, making everything crisp and clean. Also, the spell effects are just plain awesome. The resistance spell has a very cool looking aura, and Flame dart looks like it can do some serious damage. The invetory shots of the weapons are rotating with real-time gfx, and man, are they detailed!

Sound/Music: 10/10
What else do you expect from Sierra? The music during the opening movie gives me goosebumps. One of the ways I can tell if I will like the game beforehand is if I like the opening movie, and man, I've memorized the dialogue, I've watched it so many times.
The voice actors are very skilled, although Julinar and her Husband leave something to be desired. The dog man is always worth listening to.

GamePlay: 9/10
Sierra has completly abandoned the old, rpg style battle system for a real time one, and it works perfectly. I believe that the funnest people to play as are the Paladin, and the Wizard, just because of the varaity of things they can do. You decide though.
The skill system is back, as is the Multi Character classes. That alone makes the game very interesting, and customizable. And, if you have any of the original games, I suggest that you play through them, so you can import your character into QFG5. It is well worth it.
The traps that theives have to disarm are very entertaining, as well as maddenly challenging! They consist of a number of charactures popping up, and you have to guess what order. It may sound simple now, but it gets progressivly harder, with multiple handycaps, such as time limits, and lengthened sequences, and other toughies.

Overall: 9/10 (not an average)
A perfect ending to the series, although they left out quite a few things that would have been excellent, such as multiplayer feature, and bows and arrows! However, i am sure you can find fan-made fixes for some of these things if you look hard enough...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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