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    Multiplayer Guide by SBolle

    Version: 1.53 | Updated: 04/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          ___ ___          .__     _____  .____     .__   _____
         /   |   \ _____   |  |  _/ ____\ |    |    |__|_/ ____\  ____
        /    ~    \\__  \  |  |  \   __\  |    |    |  |\   __\ _/ __ \
        \    Y    / / __ \_|  |__ |  |    |    |___ |  | |  |   \  ___/
         \___|_  / (____  /|____/ |__|    |_______ \|__| |__|    \___  >
               \/       \/                        \/                 \/
          _________  __                     __
         /   _____/_/  |_ _______ _____   _/  |_   ____     ____   ___.__.
         \_____  \ \   __\\_  __ \\__  \  \   __\_/ __ \   / ___\ <   |  |
         /        \ |  |   |  | \/ / __ \_ |  |  \  ___/  / /_/  > \___  |
        /_______  / |__|   |__|   (____  / |__|   \___  > \___  /  / ____|
                \/                     \/             \/ /_____/   \/
                       ________        .__     .___
                      /  _____/  __ __ |__|  __| _/  ____
                     /   \  ___ |  |  \|  | / __ | _/ __ \
                     \    \_\  \|  |  /|  |/ /_/ | \  ___/
                      \______  /|____/ |__|\____ |  \___  >
                             \/                 \/      \/
                                    Version 1.53
                        written by Stijn Bolle (24-04-2000)
                        e-mail: Ravager@pandora.be
      1 Updates
      2 Introduction
      3 Multiplayer Tactics & Strategies
        3.1 Starting
        3.2 Controls
        3.3 Using Sound
        3.4 The Level starts
        3.5 Multiplayer Opponents
        3.6 General Tactics
        3.7 Advanced Tactics
      4 Weapons Guide
        4.1 Crowbar
        4.2 9mm Pistol
        4.3 .357 Magnum
        4.4 Sub-Machine Gun
        4.5 Shotgun
        4.6 Crossbow
        4.7 R.P.G.
        4.8 Gauss Gun
        4.9 Egon Gun
        4.10 Hive Hand
        4.11 Trip Mines
        4.12 Satchel Charges
        4.13 Grenades
        4.14 Snarks
        4.15 Long Jump Module
      5 Cheats
        5.1 Console cheats 1
        5.2 Console cheats 2
        5.3 Commandline parameters
        5.4 Easter eggs & tricks
      6 Author
      7 Legal Notice
    I Updates
      *** Version 1.53
       - Some information on the RPG has been corrected.
       - The entire lay-out has been revised and new contact information has
         been added.
       - Some more easter eggs have been added.
      *** Version 1.52
       - Minor update. Some general info has been added and updated
     *** Version 1.51
      - Updated information on the Egon gun has been added by Dimitry
      - More tactics have been added to the Advanced Tactics section (3.7)
     *** Version 1.5
      - I've neglected this strategy guide a while, but that's mainly because I
        was busy writing other guides, maintaining my website and (of course)
        playing games. I revised the entire lay-out of the guide (it was a bit
        messy) and I put my new email address in here so that people won't mail
        me on my old address anymore. Others updates include a revised cheat
        section, an updated "advanced tactics section", the removal of some
        older sections an a general correction of spelling mistakes.
     *** Version 1.2
      - Various corrections has been added
      - The "Controls (3.2)" section has been updated
      - The "The Game Starts (3.4)" section has been updated
      - The "Multiplayer Opponents (3.5)" section has been updated
      - The "General Tactics (3.6)" section has been added
      - The "Advanced Tactics (3.7)" section has been added
     *** Version 1.1
      - "Contents" has been added
      - Some Spelling Corrections
      - The "Kind of Players" section has been added
      - The Downloads Section has been added
      - The Links Section has been added
     *** Version 1.0
      - The first version, everything has been added
    II Introduction
      Half Life caused a real hysteria among gamers, the game got lots of
      awards (Game of the year 1998) and positive comments and reviews for its
      magnificent gameplay and AI scripting. Valve (who developed the game)
      really deserve it, Half Life is truly a magnificent game, but it's not
      without its faults. It's not that I want to criticize a masterpiece, but
      these are some negative points I bumped into.
        - although the game is great in singleplayer, multiplayer games are not
          so intense. Team games are very good (especially with team fortress),
          but plain deathmatching is very boring. Without the long jump module,
          you move extremely slowly and it's hard to run away or to avoid
        - no weapon is really overwhelming in multiplayer. "That's great!" you
          probably say, "Balanced Weapons, no mighty BFG weapons!". No, it's not
          There's almost no way to kill of enemies quickly in close combat (the
          crossbow doesn't count). I really miss the Rocket Launcher from Quake
          2. Especially the RPG really sucks, it looks pretty cool, but it just
          doesn't work fine and has an incredibly long reloading time. The
          balanced weapons may also prove to be a positive aspect for beginning
          players: one shot isn't deadly, after you're hit you can spot you
          enemy and plan your own attack. In games like Quake, one attack is
          usually fatal.
       Well, that's all for the negative aspects, the rest is positive :) Let's
       get back to this guide. I wrote this guide for beginning to advanced
       players. I'll explain basic commands that appear in every shooting game
       (circle strafing, ...) so if you're familiar with all those things, you
       might skip them, but if you want to be a really good player, read them
       Half Life isn't really an ordinary multiplayer game, you need to adapt
       your tactics to the slower gameplay. If you're able to use and perform
       everything written in this Strategy Guide, you may consider yourself as
       an advanced half life player, ready to conquer other Half Life player all
       over the world.
       Half Life's weapons leave much room to create your own tactics. With the
       use of trip mines, you can create barriers to protect yourself.
       I would consider myself as an advanced player. I also have multiplayer
       experience with Doom, Doom, Hexen, Outlaws, Jedi Knights, Unreal, Quake,
       Quake 2, Quake 3, Alien vs Predator & Kingpin. Because I live in Belgium,
       it's rather hard to play over the internet (Lag & high telephone costs).
       Still, I have a 3-computer lan network at home, which comes pretty close
       to the real thing.
       Have fun and don't hesitate to e-mail new information or additions at
    III Multiplayer Tactics & Strategies
      3.1 Starting
        How good am I?
        No Single Player game can compare the real intense gameplay from an
        adrenaline-filled multiplayer game. Multiplayer Games are fun, but also
        extremely fast and difficult. No second chances. Luckily, Half Life is
        very forgiving in this aspect. Most weapons need multiple hits for a
        frag, so as a newbie, you don't get killed every two seconds.
        Never give up if you always lose against other players. Try to discover
        their tactics and create your own strategies. Study the movement of your
        opponent and compare it to yours. What do you do wrong? What is your
        opponent's strategy to kill you all the time? When you have discovered
        the weak spots and you can perfectly master the controls, you won't lose
        the next time.
        Modem & Connection Requirements
        There's an aspect that make multiplayer games different from
        singleplayer games. If you don't have a good internet connection, you
        will always lose, it doesn't matter how good you are or how fast your
        computer is. The minimum modem baud transfer rate is a 33.6. This
        REALLY is the minimum. There's no chance the game will run fluid, but it
        just may do on a local server. Always look at the ping of your opponents
        Do not games where the ping is too high, it's just no fair game then for
        yourself and you will also slow down other players.
        On the other hand, having a fast modem doesn't guarantee fast
        multiplayer games. There's also something a little thing called lag.
        This means if you're playing on a fast server with a low ping (= fast)
        and somebody with a very high pings joins the game, there's a chance
        your game will be slowed down too. The movement of the models won't be
        smooth then either, they will disappear and pop up somewhere else. Very
        annoying for aiming. Disable as much options as you can in Multiplayer.
        High quality models for a start. At the download section, I'll give you
        the url of a lowping file, a file that will remove decals, blood &
        sounds from the game to improve the gameplay speed.
        Make sure you always have the latest Half Life patch. Players with
        different game version won't be able to play against each other if they
        do not have the same game version. Just download the latest version and
        check for new ones regularly, you won't have any problems then.
        Measuring a server's speed
        You really should download the program Gamespy (http://www.gamespy.com)
        This program won't only show the ping times (the lags), it will also
        list all servers currently running half life games. Simply choose the
        game with the lowest ping. A server with a ping rate from 200 will run
        very smooth, but a ping rate from 400 or higher will make the game
        unplayable. Make sure you have the right mod if you want to enter
        special games. Various modifications have been made for Half Life, you
        only have to download and install them to use them too.
        Computer Requirements
        If the game runs smooth on your computer in singleplayer, there's a big
        chance the game will run fine in multiplayer. The modem really does
        everything in multiplayer games.
      3.2 Controls
      There's no such thing as ideal controls, but still, some people get much
      more advantage from their controls than others. Aiming with the mouse for
      example is a must. There are some people that stick to their keyboard
      (like I used to do once). Using the mouse will always allow you to aim
      better and quicker, no matter what others say.
      To save specific controls, edit the autoexec.cfg file in the half life
      directory. These settings will be used then every time you start the game.
      If you're just testing, make a back-up of the autoexec.cfg file first.
      Master your controls in singleplayer first before rushing in Multiplayer
      Games until you're used to them. People who played other multiplayer
      3d-shooters normally won't have problems with the controls.
      I really think you should try to find you own way of controlling the game,
      but if you really can't do all the movements you want, you might try my
      configuration (see lower)
      Configure your keyboard so you can strafe with two separate keys instead
      of using one button and moving your mouse right or left to strafe. I chose
      a relaxed way to use my keyboard so I don't have to contort my fingers
      into some weird position. Some people still prefer a keyboard to a mouse
      and insist that it is better (what planet are they from?). It's up to you.
      Try everything until you find something that works for you.
      Make sure that your mouse is on the fastest speed in the options menu. 
      Turn brightness all the way up so that you see things in shadows better. 
      Always enable the crosshair. Even if you think you don't need a crosshair,
      still turn it on, it's ALWAYS better.
        My basic controls
        |  __                                                     __________  |
        | [__]  [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_] |          | |
        |                                         ___            '----------' |
        | [_][_][Z][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___] [_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] |
        | [__][Q][S][D][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][  | [_][_][_] [_][_][_][ | |
        | [___][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][____|           [_][_][_][_| |
        | [Shif][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___][_]    [_]    [_][_][_][ | |
        | [Cr]   [__][________Space________][_]   [__] [_][_][_] [____][_][_| |
        Z = move forward (left hand, middle finger)
        S = move backward (left hand, middle finger)
        Q = strafe left (left hand, ring finger)
        D = strafe right (left hand, index finger)
        Ctrl = Duck (left hand, little finger)
        Shift = Run\Walk (left hand, little finger)
        Space = Jump (left hand, thumb)
        Mouse = Aim (right hand)
        Left Mouse Button = Primary Fire (right hand, index finger)
        Middle Mouse Button = Cycle Weapons (right hand, middle finger)
        Right Mouse Button = Secondary Fire (right hand, ring finger)
      I can duck or jump anytime I want using this configuration. I don't use a
      turn left or turn right key, I simply move forward while moving the mouse
      left or right to turn. I can quickly pop up from around a corner, fire a
      shot and disappear again a second later using the strafe keys.
      You don't need to copy this controls to become a good player. Just make
      sure you can perform all the techniques described above using your
      configuration and it will work out fine too.
         Reaper's controls
       Reaper sent me his controls as an alternative:
        |  __                                                     __________  |
        | [__]  [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_] |          | |
        |                                         ___            '----------' |
        | [_][_][Z][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___] [_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] |
        | [__][Q][S][D][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][  | [D][E][P] [_][_][_][ | |
        | [__][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][Enter|           [_][_][_][_| |
        | [][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___][Shift]    [U]    [1][_][_][ | |
        | [_]  [__][_____________________][_]   [Ctrl] [L][D][R] [_0_][_][_| |
         Walk Forward: Up key (left middle key)
         Walk backwards: Down Key (left pointing finger)
         Strafe left: Left key (depends what other keys l'm using, could be
                      left thumb or left middle finger)
         Strafe Right: Right Key (left pointing finger)
         Right Ctrl: Crouch (left thumb)
         Right Shift: Jump (left ring finger)
         Keypad 0: Next weapon (left pointing finger)
         Keypad 1: Previous weapon (left middle finger)
         Enter: use/talk/whatever (left little finger)
         Left mouse key: Primary fire (right pointing finger)
         Right mouse key: Secondary fire (right middle finger) (l have a
                          three-key mouse, but for some reason, the middle key
                          doesn't function.)
         Reload: PageDn (left middle finger)
         Delete: Walk (left ring finger)
         End: Flashlight (left middle finger)
       It may seem a little complicated, but of coure, when you're used to the
       keyboard, it gets real easy. I was one of those "keyboard-only" people,
       when it was the time of the Build engine (aah, Duke3D, Blood 1...) but
       then l saw the necessity of aiming and turning with the mouse.
      3.3 Using Sound
        Why use sound?
        A far underestimated aspect of multiplayer games is the use of sound.
        Sound will give you a lot of information about the opponent. Is he far
        or near? Which weapon is he currently carrying? Of course, you get the
        best effects if you have a 3D sound surround system. Half Life supports
        the EAX technology and it cannot be denied, the EAX effects are really
        astonishing and give you much more advantage on other players. It will
        leave no doubt about the coordinates of the opponent, but it will slow
        down the game though.
        If you don't have such a card, you have to guess a bit. I do a lot of
        LAN network play home and I bought a Soundblaster Live for 3D surround.
        I don't know if other cards are better, but it was the best one in the
        tests I read. The results are really magnificent (especially with 4
        full-sized boxes). Now the whole neighbourhood knows how my multiplayer
        games are going :)
        The price for a 3D-sound card isn't high at all and I can only slap
        myself on the forehead I didn't bought one earlier.
        Make sure when you start a multiplayer game (when you're the host) you
        enable the footsteps. This will allow you to hear the footsteps of your
        opponent. If you're running around in a not so crowded multiplayer game
        and you suddenly hear footsteps very near, stand still at once and make
        you're sure where the sound is coming from. By using the crouch key or
        the walk key, you can slowly walk forward without making any sound. This
        is very useful to get away from a position your opponent knows you're
        there, but he can't see you.
      3.4 The Level Starts
      Finally, the multiplayer level starts. You shouldn't start hunting for
      players at once (unless you're playing with 16 or more). Try to find some
      good weapons first and get as much armour as you can. I always go look for
      the long jump module too, because I feel more comfortable having it
      You really should study the level a bit before playing. Explore the level
      on your own until you know all the good spots where to hide and where to
      find weapons. This really will give you a lot of advantage, but don't go
      extreme. Don't explore the levels until you know where to find ANY texture
      you will be sick of playing Half Life until then.
      When you know where to find most things and the level starts, go look for
      some strong weapons first and try to find the enemy later. If you're
      really a rushing person, you can try to take him out, while he's only
      having a pistol. Listen carefully if you don't hear any footsteps nearby
      when the level starts. If you're confronted with another player while
      only having the pistol, simply use the secondary fire function and empty
      all your ammo in his head. If you can't take him out, flee.
      As soon as you've killed some players, you'll be able to pick up their
      weapons. If you're really good, you'll never have to look for weapons.
      Don't forget to find some health now and then. It's much better to run
      away when you're low on health than risking giving away a frag to
      another person. After all, it's the number of frags that counts at the
      end of a match. I'm not telling you to be a coward, just be smart.
      The secret to knowing your way around in levels is based on experience.
      Don't worry about memorizing where a certain weapon is for every level.
      Instead, run around and pick things up until you realize that you know
      what's around the corner.
      3.5 Multiplayer Opponents
      When you play multiplayer games, logically, there are opponents. The nice
      thing about multiplayer games is that they can be very surprising, since
      no AI Routine can match the capriciousness of a human mind. That's why
      there are so many different playing styles. In this section, I'll try to
      explain some styles and how to deal with them.
      Most people play very all-round If you want to be a good player, you have
      to be good at everything of course.
      The problem with Half Life is the slow movement. If you played Quake (2)
      a lot, you will feel very frustrated in the beginning. You can't jump fast
      around players. A good aim is necessary to take out other players.
      Covering your back is also very important. If you're hurt to much and you
      want to flee, you can't just run away quickly leaving the other player
      behind. Cover your back with the RPG. Hurting other people is no necessary
      just make your opponent think he can never get to you through all the fire
      Most people won't follow you if you flee, that's because setting a trap
      for an opponent is fairly easy. Later this guide, I'll explain some
      special tactics against multiplayer opponents.
      3.6 General Tactics
        A. Defend yourself by running away
        The first thing I learned with 3D-shoot-em-up multiplayer games was that
        going after someone with your pistol right after you respawn is useless.
        You die right away. A lot of newbies just stand there and shoot right
        after they respawn. Experienced, well armed people know how to get a
        quick score when they see one. So, try to avoid all firing until you
        bump into some good weapons. Most people will chase you until they see
        someone else to frag; they are easily distracted. However, if you run,
        don't let them shoot your back. All the gunfire will eat through your
        health extremely fast. If you have to run away, you can also consider
        running backwards while firing at your opponents. You can only do this
        when you have experience with the map. If you get stuck in corner while
        running backwards, you'll be an easy frag.
        The most easy way to get out is to use the long jump module. If you have
        one and your opponent not, he'll be too slow and lose track of you.
        After a while, you'll find some good escape routes. Escape routes are
        places to go that involve an elevator or some kind of maze to get lost
        in. Your attacker will be right behind you until you go up an elevator
        which doesn't go back down for a few seconds. That elevator gives you
        enough time to get away.
        Also always make sure to auto-enable auto run. You already move quite
        slow in Half Life, you need the extra boost. So, when you have enabled
        auto-run, run like mad ALL THE TIME. If you stand in one spot for too
        long you become an easy target.
        Don't follow the same path every time, this will become very predictable
        for other players and they will be waiting for you.
        B. Vary your movements
        Don't always move in the same way. Some people duck all the time if
        someone shoots at hem, or they always strafe right. Once your opponents
        get used to the way you move, you're dead meat. Use different styles of
        strafe, jump and duck movement to gain success.
        Varying your movement is not the only thing, also vary the routes you
        take. If you always move in the same circle around the map to get all
        good weapons, people will ambush you. Try different routes and make sure
        your opponent never awaits you.
        C. Strafing
        While you are learning how to run, practice strafing. Strafing is a
        great way to avoid getting hit. If you're good they won't be able to
        touch you. If someone has a powerful weapon, you can use the strafing
        tactic to empty his ammo supply. It's also very useful at the egon gun.
        If someone get a two second full hit at you, you'll be killed, but if
        you strafe all the time you'll be a harder target and your opponent will
        lose a lot of ammo. First learn to strafe to avoid bullets, then learn
        to strafe and KILL. Don't keep strafing to the same side all the time.
        Quickly moving in different directions is more successful.
        D Circle Strafing
        Now that you can defend yourself, or at least know how, you can work on
        fragging. If you are good at strafing backwards and forwards you are
        ready to learn circle strafing. Circle strafing is what happens when you
        aim with the mouse, strafe, and/or run all at the same time while
        keeping your crosshair and viewpoint at the same opponent all the time.
        This action is confusing to someone who is not used to it, especially
        when you combine it with shooting. Any player with experience knows how
        to perform circle strafing, it's done all the time.
        A good exercise is to find an object that you can walk all around. Keep
        it in aim while strafing and shooting. Strafe left for a time and then
        right while keeping the target in aim as well as strafing all around it.
        If you add forward motion the distance between you and the object is
        smaller and seems faster. If you add backward motion you can run in a
        small circle while shooting outward at someone. They will have a hard
        time getting you as long as you keep the backward motion going.
        You have to configure your keys for circle strafing, if you don't know
        how, take a look at the controls section (3.2).
        The drawback of circle strafing is that it is confusing when the other
        player is good at dodging also. To counter this, run around your
        opponent without strafing sometimes. Confuse them as much as possible
        while keeping tabs on them. Get so that you can keep your aim on them no
        matter how confusing you run.
        Run forward at them and when they get behind you, do a 180 degree turn,
        and shoot immediately. If a player is too hard to hit with these
        techniques back away from the player and try to get them from a distance
        E You hear someone approaching
        If you hear someone approaching that is unaware of your position, you
        can consider hiding behind a wall or behind a crate and take him out
        from behind. You can also use a grenade, a satchel or some snarks to
        surprise him. Keep in mind that when you select the snarks, they often
        make a little sound your opponent can hear. He will be warned then. One
        of the best attacks is to rush around the corner towards your opponent
        and blast him with the secondary fire mode of your shotgun before he
        has the chance to react.
        Different terrain makes different sounds in Half Life. Stone, water and
        grass have their own sound, picking up a weapon & items has its own
        sound, even climbing ladders makes an unique sound. If you know the
        level by heart, you can easily figure out the position of your opponent
        by the sounds you hear. To avoid being discovered yourself, avoid taking
        weapons & items that make a rare sound.
        For more special tactics with sound, read the advanced tactics below
      3.7 Advanced Tactics
      Here, you'll read about some special tactics I use. Some of them are quite
      good, while others are a bit easy and predictable. This section is very
      limited right now, maybe I'll expand it in the future. If you have some
      great tricks, don't hesitate to mail them on stijn@games.prohosting.com
        Satchel Charges
        If someone is chasing you, drop a satchel charge behind you
        while running and let it explode when your opponent is nearby. If you
        want to make sure the other player is surprised, do it just behind a
        corner for a surprise effect. The same can be done with snarks, but keep
        in mind they make a little sound when being released, so your opponent
        will be prepared.
        Snarks are not so effective as satchel charges, your opponent can easily
        avoid the little creatures and continue chasing you. With the satchel
        charge, you can hit an opponent or slow him down a bit. Quite effective.
        Satchel Charges dirty trick
        This is a very dirty trick. First find a place where the satchel charges
        respawn. There, drop a satchel so it looks like a spawned one. Now move
        to an area where you can see that respawn place. Whenever your opponent
        is nearby, let them explode, he'll never see it.
        Head Shots
        About 30% of the Half Life players still doesn't know aiming for the
        head causes three times as much damage as normal hits. You'll see a lot
        of extra blood too when you do a heat shot, so you can see when you did
        it right. Do not underestimate this powerful feature and always try to
        aim for the head.
        Small corridor
        If you have your opponent trapped in a small corridor (with a dead end),
        this can be hard for you to get him out. The most effective way is the
        use of snarks. If you have got enough of them, you can give you opponent
        a hard time.
        Mostly, your opponent will be standing in the back of the corridor with
        his back lined up against the wall. If you're quick, you can try using a
        grenade or an RPG to take him out. To do this, first shoot a lot into
        the corridor from a certain direction or use a satchel charge to make
        your opponent think you're on another position. Then slowly move towards
        the entrance (walk, don’t run, so your opponent can't hear you
        approaching) and quickly strafe around the corner, shoot and get back
        away. If you're quick and you do it right, you'll be able to surprise
        the other player.
        If it's too hard, just run away and look for a sniping point where you
        can take out the opponent when he leaves the corridor (aim with the
        crossbow). If your opponent doesn't leave, even when he heard you run
        away, use satchel charges or something else to give him a fake idea
        about your position. Whenever he leaves then, take him out.
        You can also place some tripmines in front of the entrance, where your
        opponent can't see them. Just run away and go to a point a bit further.
        He will rush out. If the trip mines don't kill them or he shoots them to
        destroy them, use your RPG or crossbow to take him out in the meantime.
        Fake Jumps
        You can also lure weapons by the use of sounds. If you're standing on a
        high platform, and someone is aiming for you at the bottom of the
        platform, you can fake a jump so your opponent shoots. Then, while he's
        reloading the weapon, quickly shoot him. Of course, don't do this if
        your opponent is holding a weapon that doesn't need reloading after one
        Confuse with sound
        To really confuse your opponent, drop a weapon and pick it up again at
        a place far away from where the weapon spawns. Your opponent will have
        trouble then positioning you.
        Lure enemies
        If you really want to do a dirty trick: this is one! If you don't know
        where your opponent is and you want to lure him in a trap, do the
        following. First, make sure you have the Crossbow or something else you
        can snipe with or take out your enemy quickly. Then, drop a powerful
        item at an open place. Go to your sniping position and aim for the item.
        Most people pick up weapons whenever they see them, whether they need
        them or not. Unsuspicious players will walk towards the item and pick it
        up. Finish them off. Of course, this cannot be done twice.
        Hide your sound
        If you hear the sound of an opponent nearby and you want to move away
        without revealing your position, press the run key to walk or the crouch
        key and you will slowly move without making any sound. If you go down
        stairs or jump down from a wall, you'll make some noise.
        Zoom Cheat
        This cheat will allow you to use the zoom function with all weapons.
        Having zoomed in with the crossbow, quick-save using the F6 key. Load
        the game with F7 and no matter which weapon you change to, the view will
        stay zoomed-in.
        Quick weapon reload
        First of all, this only works for weapons with slow reload times, like
        the magnum and the tranquilliser crossbow. Upon running out of ammo in
        your clip, you will begin to reload your weapon. If you want to fire
        faster, simply changes your weapon while in the reloading animation, and
        then switch back to the weapon you want to use, and reloading will be
        Longer jumps without long jump module
        You jump much more further than with long jump module. Just press
        crouch, concentrate the gauss weapon, aim at the floor (under an angle
        45° or smaller) and run backward. Then free the crouch button and fire
        from the gauss at the same time. There is one little problem, you will
        get about 15 dmg from the gauss weapon. Just try it. In the Boot Camp
        map (I´m sure you know it), there is a large square. With this jump,
        you can fly from the one edge to the another.
          Added by Balázs Kutil
       Slow down your fall
       I've found one more trick. If you want to slow your fall (and eliminate
       the falling dmg) use the concentrated gauss. Just aim on the floor and
       fire. That's all.
         Added by Balázs Kutil
       Disable the RPG dot
       This isn't really an advanced tactic, but is simply something some
       (even advanced) players forget to do. Walking around with the rpg in
       multiplayer often reveals your position due to its red laser dot
       flying around all over the level. Most players get easy located and
       killed then. Simply press the secondary fire function and the laser
       dot will disabled, leaving you hidden to all other players. Then, once
       you fire the RPG, you can enable the red dot again and steer it. This
       can cause very nice surprises to unaware opponents around the corner.
       Shooting around walls with the RPG
       You probably noticed already, if you move the laser dot while the
       missile is in the air, you can still move its path. If you're sure
       someone is hiding behind a wall, aim extremely left or right from the
       wall and when the rocket reaches is almost at the same horizontal line
       as the wall, aim the laser dot as fast as you can to the wall where
       you're opponent is hiding and the missile will move behind the wall.
       Of course, this asks some practice. If you have mastered it, you might
       also consider learning to take out an enemy ducking behind a crate by
       sending the missile high in the air, and then moving it down fast for
       a direct hit.
       Moving the opponent's missile with the RPG
       Half Life doesn't make a difference between different laser dots. That
       means you can easily take over the missile of your opponent using your
       own laser dot and aim it to him. This asks A LOT of practice and I
       succeeded only once in performing this action (my opponent was
       extremely confused after my action, he had no clue how I did that and
       he started to accuse me of cheating :)
    IV Weapons Guide
      4.1 Crowbar
      Primary Fire: Crowbar Slash
      Secondary Fire: None
      Hitting Rate: 4 hits per second
      Damage: 25% per hit (75% headshot)
      Shots before reloading: None
      Maximum Ammo: Unlimited
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Sound dogs, zombie scientists, head crabs,
                                     baby headcrabs, roof barnacle
        The crowbar is extremely important in singleplayer. You need to use the
        crowbar to break open all crates you find, that's saves you a lot of
        ammo. If you have a good timing, you can kill headcrabs with it and
        sound dogs (there are 4 seconds before they launch the sound wave). You
        even shouldn't waste ammo on the zombie scientists. Simply dash forward
        and hit them 3 times. Move back as he tries to hit you with his arm
        (one after each other). Then dash forward again and finish him off. To
        kill headcrabs, move forward to them, causing them to jump at you.
        Strafe right or left to avoid them and place a quick (but deadly) hit
        before they can attack you again. If you feel really lucky, you can also
        try to kill the headcrabs in mid-flight.
        If you've mastered the headcrab timing, you can also kill the roof
        barnacle without losing ammo. ONLY when they're not to high, let them
        suck you up and just before it will drain health, hit it with the
        crowbar. You will fall back down with the intestines of the dead
        barnacle next to you.
        Anytime you get the change to sneak on an enemy from behind, you can
        easily hit it 3 or 4 times before it will react. Aim for the head for
        triple damage and you'll finish him off.
        The crowbar is also one of the only weapons that can be used under water
        Use it if you need to.
        The crowbar is also a far underestimated weapon in multiplayer games.
        Use this weapon to sneak up on enemies and aim for their head. Keep in
        mind that you can hit him 3 or 4 times in one second. If you don't have
        any powerful weapons, this weapon can be much better than the Pistol if
        your opponent doesn't move too much. Don't feel too lucky though, it's
        still very weak.
        If you're in a narrow area and the enemy can't strafe, the crowbar is
        the most effective weapon. Just aim for the head.
        If you should be out of ammo, use the crowbar to sneak around looking
        for ammo, but never go to open places, because you'll be dead meat there
      4.2 9mm Pistol
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Faster Fire
      Firing Rate: 3 shots per second (primary), 5 per second (secondary)
      Damage: 12% per hit (36% headshot)
      Shots before reloading: 18
      Maximum Ammo: 250
      Which Enemies attack with it ? sound dogs, zombie scientists, head crabs,
                                     baby headcrabs, bull chicken, roof barnacle
        Although it's one of the default weapons, you can store lots of ammo.
        Use it to take out the little enemies, but don't waste all your ammo on
        the big ones unless you use headshots.
        If you really have lots of ammo, you can use it instead of the crowbar
        to break open all crates and finish off the easy enemies.
        If you're really out of ammo, you might consider killing one of the
        security guards that fights along with you, because they use that
        weapon too.
        This weapon can be used to sneak up on enemies. If you use the secondary
        function, a few headshots from behind will finish your opponent off.
        If you really have nothing better, you can use it from distance too, but
        use it to cover yourself from followers instead of hitting the person.
        This is in fact the weakest distance weapon in multiplayer. You have to
        aim very precisely for hits and you don't cause much damage.
      4.3 .357 Magnum
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Sniper Mode
      Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
      Damage: 40% per hit (120% headshot)
      Shots before reloading: 6
      Maximum Ammo: 30
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Use it to snipe on bigger enemies when you
                                     don't have the crossbow.   
        The magnum is a very bad weapon. It's an awful excuse for the pistol,
        although the secondary zoom function is nice. A headshot will cause 120%
        damage, so don't waste your ammo on little enemies, use your pistol
        there. Use the magnum's secondary function to snipe on bigger enemies
        when you want to save your crossbow.
        Although the magnum may seem to be a great weapon, there's also
        disadvantages. There's quite some noise while shooting, so shots can be
        heard all around the area. You only have 6 bullets before you have to
        reload and due to the long reloading time (at least 6 seconds), you will
        be an easy target.
        The magnum is almost as good for sniping as the crossbow and sometimes
        even better, because when you're sniping with the crossbow and someone
        attacks you from the back, it's hard to take him out because the
        crossbow has explosive charges. That's no problem with the magnum.
        When you snipe with the magnum, you see a little red laser dot. Enemies
        can't see this (it's not the dot of the RPG), so you can aim carefully
        and take opponents out without them noticing you or the red dot.
      4.4 Sub-Machine Gun
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Grenade
      Firing Rate: 12 shots per second
      Damage: 12% per hit (36% headshot)
      Shots before reloading: 50
      Maximum Ammo: 250
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines, Alien Slave, Bull Chicken & Alien
        The gun is one of my default weapons. You feel pretty safe when you're
        dwelling around in buildings. Easy enemies can be taken out with the
        fast primary function and the secondary function comes in handy when you
        meet some tougher enemies.
        This gun can also be used to quick strafe from behind walls due to its
        fast firing rate.
        If you aim for the head, you can quickly finish your opponent off.
        Enemies jumping around can be taken down quickly because the fire
        response when you pull the trigger is very accurate. The gun stores a
        lot of ammo and it has a fast reloading time.
        The secondary function is quite handy too. When you're in the middle of
        a bunch of fighting people, simply move a bit backwards and shoot a
        grenade (secondary) to finish them all off.
        When you have to cover anyone in team play, this should be your
        favourite pick too. The bullets have an unlimited range and the fast
        firing rate will stop everyone from coming near. Quickly stand up from
        behind a crate and empty your whole ammo storage. Your team mate will be
        safe before the opponent gets the chance to take him down.
        This is one of the most popular guns in multiplayer games. If you
        encounter someone heavily armed, the secondary fire function will take
        him out at once. The primary fire function can also be used for covering
        your back when you flee. Whenever you hear the typical sound of the
        grenade being fired, seek cover. It has quite a blast radius and deals a
        lot of damage. Never do close combat too.
      4.5 Shotgun
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Double Fire
      Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
      Damage: 8% per bullet primary, 16% secondary (2 bullets)
      Shots before reloading: 8
      Maximum Ammo: 50
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Alien Slave, Bull Chicken, Headcrabs,
                                     Marines (secondary)   
        Use the shotgun to take out the easy enemies. It's not powerful enough
        to take out bigger ones. Marines can be taken out with it using
        secondary fighters and also sniper babes.
        Always reload after shooting enemies because the shotgun has quite a
        long reloading time for an entire shell of 8 bullets.
        This is not quite the shotgun from Quake 2. Normally, a shotgun does a
        lot of damage when you shoot an enemy very close to you. It isn't like
        that in half life. The secondary function can inflict quite some damage,
        but this gun shouldn't be used on open spaces. Use it in buildings where
        an enemy can appear quickly. Then use the secondary function and aim for
        the head to kill him off. Especially in small, narrow places where
        opponents can hardly move, the secondary function of the shotgun is
        always deadly.
        The gun needs quite an reloading time, but keep in mind that you can
        shoot while you're reloading the gun. So after shooting at an enemy,
        always reload your gun (even if you're in a dangerous place) because you
        can shoot anytime while reloading the gun. Do remember that the
        reloading will be aborted if you fire during the reloading process.
      4.6 Crossbow
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Sniper Mode
      Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
      Damage: 60-100% per arrow (radial damage)
      Shots before reloading: 5
      Maximum Ammo: 50
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Save the crossbow to take out big enemies
                                     from distance.   
        In Singleplayer, the crossbow is less useful than in multiplayer. In
        singleplayer, use the explosive blasts of the crossbow to take out
        enemies from a little distance (not to close or you will hurt yourself),
        but the secondary option will give your more advantage, because it
        allows you to snipe and take out all the enemies from quite a distance.
        Make sure you're in a safe position while sniping, because it takes some
        time to reload the bow.
       The crossbow surely is one of the weapons that is feared most in
       Multiplayer games. The crossbow allows you to snipe from quiet some
       distance and there's almost no sound that reveals your position.
       People who use the crossbow are extremely hard to take out. As soon as
       you're on an open place, people will aim for you. So, if you just have
       to cross an open space, do a lot of jump, run, strafe and duck movements
       to make the aiming harder for your opponent. Even from quite some
       distance it's easy to hit a moving character.
       The Crossbow does radial damage when using the primary fire mode. That
       means that (just like the Rocket Launcher in Quake 2), you better aim for
       the floor near the opponent (using the primary function) and the
       explosive blast radius will damage your opponent. Aiming directly for the
       opponent is dangerous because he can easily strafe away and take you out
       while you're reloading the bow.
       Make sure you're sniping on a safe place, because when someone attacks
       you from the back, you can't take him out with the crossbow because the
       blast will hurt yourself too. If the area is a bit crowded and you don't
       want to take the risk, use the magnum instead. You can snipe too
       (although not so far) and fire at once if someone should pop up behind
       It seems that the crossbow is often placed on places with a special sort
       of underground so that opponents who are nearby can hear when someone is
       going to get the crossbow. That's really handy to know because one aimed
       headshot will kill you, even if you have some armour.
       Whenever you sniped on someone and missed, change the weapon and find
       another way to kill him. Your opponent will have heard the shot and
       although he will not know where it came from, he will be very aware.
      4.7 RPG
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Disable\Enable Laser Dot
      Firing Rate: 2 shots per second
      Damage: 120% per shot (radial damage)
      Shots before reloading: 1
      Maximum Ammo: 5
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Big & Tough Enemies   
        The RPG isn't used to much in singlepayer, only to waste the giant
        monsters or to take out three marines standing together at the same
        That is really the greatest advantage of the RPG, it doest quite some
        radial damage that will hurt grouped enemies. Never use the RPG in tight
        places, because that will damage you as well.
        The RPG isn't used like most people think. It's not a rocket launcher
        (and you sure can't do any rocket-jumping, only gauss jumping) The RPG
        can only be used in open areas, where there are no hiding places. When
        you shoot with the RPG, you can still move the red dot and the rocket
        will follow the dot. The rocket goes very fast, so you can't make very
        tight corners with it.
        If you fire the RPG at someone, keep the dot over the running opponent
        and it will hit him.
        The RPG has a very long (but cool looking) reloading time, so make sure,
        you're somewhere safe. You usually get one try to shoot, because the
        reloading time will take about 4 seconds and that will give your
        opponent enough time to flee or take you out.
          * Advanced Tactic: Disable the Laser Dot
          This isn't really an advanced tactic, but is simply something some
          (even advanced) players forget to do. Walking around with the rpg in
          multiplayer often reveals your position due to its red laser dot
          flying around all over the level. Most players get easy located and
          killed then. Simply press the secondary fire function and the laser
          dot will disabled, leaving you hidden to all other players. The
          only disadvantage is that you won't be able anymore to correct your
          shot after the rpg has fired.
          * Advanced Tactic: Shooting around walls
          You probably noticed already, if you move the laser dot while the
          missile is in the air, you can still move its path. If you're sure
          someone is hiding behind a wall, aim extremely left or right from the
          wall and when the rocket reaches is almost at the same horizontal line
          as the wall, aim the laser dot as fast as you can to the wall where
          you're opponent is hiding and the missile will move behind the wall.
          Of course, this asks some practice. If you have mastered it, you might
          also consider learning to take out an enemy ducking behind a crate by
          sending the missile high in the air, and then moving it down fast for
          a direct hit.
          * Advanced Tactic: Moving the opponent's missile
          Half Life doesn't make a difference between different laser dots. That
          means you can easily take over the missile of your opponent using your
          own laser dot and aim it to him. This asks A LOT of practice and I
          succeeded only once in performing this action (my opponent was
          extremely confused after my action, he had no clue how I did that and
          he started to accuse me of cheating :)
      4.8 Gauss Gun
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Load a blast
      Firing Rate: 4 shots per second
      Damage: 20% per shot
      Shots before reloading: 100
      Maximum Ammo: 100
      Which Enemies attack with it ? None   
        I personally never use the Gauss Gun in Singleplayer, because it uses
        the same ammo as the Egon Gun and as you probably know, the Egon Gun can
        do much more damage and is much more effective against enemies.
        Still you can use the gauss jumping ability (see further below), even in
        Singleplayer. One great advantage of the gun is that there's no
        reloading time, but be careful when using the secondary function of the
        weapon. If you keep it more than 11 seconds charged, it will overheat
        and blow all in your face. It would be wisely to release it a bit
        The Gauss Gun can be used to take out enemies from distant or near, but
        especially the gauss jumping function is important (see lower) to get
        enemies from your tail.
        It's an all-round gun with very fast beams and no reloading time, but
        the egon gun still always is better.
        Another ability of the gauss gun is the shooting through walls. If you
        charge the gauss to its maximum, it's possible to shoot through thin
        walls, causing more than 200% radial damage (kills everyone off). Still,
        you need a perfect timing and sometimes, the beam reflects and when you
        stand to near to the wall, you get hit yourself.
        Whenever you hear the gauss gun charging, you can be sure someone has
        seen you and is charging for a final blow. Get away quickly, your
        opponent will not be able to keep it charged and it will overheat and
        blow up.
          * Advanced Tactic: Gauss Jumping
          Gauss Jumping is like rocket jumping in Quake 2, except for the less
          loss of damage while gauss jumping. Gauss Jumping is also much easier
          than rocket jumping. Simply hold the secondary fire function for six
          seconds, look to the ground while walking or running and you will be
          launched extremely high in the air.
          You shouldn't use this to avoid enemies, but to get to high places,
          where you need to go through a lot of stairs otherwise. If you
          mastered the rocket jump in Quake 2, you can master this very quick.
      4.9 Egon Gun
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Track the enemy (fire lockdown)
      Firing Rate: 5 cells per second
      Damage: 100% if you keep it on an enemy for 1 full second.
      Shots before reloading: 100
      Maximum Ammo: 100
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Use this gun to take out all the big
        The Egon Gun is definitely the most powerful gun in the game. Its
        blue beam cuts through everything in no time and has no reloading
        time. Save as much ammo as you can and use it to out all big enemies
        easily. The Egon is extremely powerful and the firing rate is even
        slower than the Gauss Gun.
        The Egon Gun cuts through players, just like the rail gun, so the Egon
        should be used in crowded places. Holding the egon one full second on
        an opponent will finish him off. There's no distance limit and hitting a
        wall will do radial damage. Carrying this gun around allows you to
        wander safely and kill any opponent in your neighbourhood.
        That sounds fine, but what to do if someone else has the egon? If you
        see, someone has the egon, try to hide behind boxes and throw some
        grenades and stuff to cover yourself. Then flee. There's really no use
        in fighting back, but you might consider sniping with the crossbow or
        fighting back with the egon to take him out.
        You won't have the time to use any other weapon because the egon can
        kill you in one second.
        If your opponent moves to quickly and you can't track him because he
        keeps avoiding your egon fire, just use the secondary fire to track
        your enemy (just keep the secondary fire button pressed). The tracking
        is not perfect and it won't always follow a fast opponent, although it
        still helps a lot.
          Information on the secondary fire of the egon gun has been added by
        Dimitry Vitukhnovsky (activematrix@mail.ru)
      4.10 Hive Hand
      Primary Fire: Normal Fire
      Secondary Fire: Fast Fire
      Firing Rate: 5 hits second (8 secondary)
      Damage: 5-10% per hornet
      Shots before reloading: 8
      Maximum Ammo: 8
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Take out tiny creatures with it or use it
                                     to finish of bigger ones.   
        The Primary Mode of the Hive Hand automatically tracks opponents. This
        means that the hornets you shoot, will turn around corners and go around
        boxes and so ...
        Since the Hive Hand has unlimited ammo, this is very useful. If you
        think there's an enemy around the corner, simply shoot a few hornets and
        see if they change direction. If they do so, it means there's someone
        Although the hive hand is one of the weakest weapons, you can use it on
        a an enemy from distance, since the hornets track there targets and you
        won't suffer any loss of ammo.
        The Primary Function of the Hive Hand will fire homing hornets that will
        track the enemy. After shot 8 of them, your weapon will reload
        automatically to 8 hornets again. The Secondary function will fire much
        faster, but the hornets won’t track the enemy. Use it only if you're
        sure to get 8 direct hits because they don't do much damage.
        In Multiplayer, the hive hand is extremely useful to chase down enemies
        While you do so, your opponent will try to avoid you and duck behind
        boxes and so. When he's doing so, switch to the hive hand and the
        hornets will track the enemy and go around corners.
        The Hive Hand can also be used when you're about to enter a suspicious
        area. Although you don't hear any footsteps, it's possible that an enemy
        is waiting for you there. Fire some hornets using the primary function
        and look if they're changing direction. If they do so, you'll be warned,
        someone is waiting there for you.
        The Hive Hand can also be used to take out snark easily that are throw
        to you. Because the Hive Hand will track them, a single shot per snark
        will do.
      4.11 Trip Mines
      Primary Fire: Place one
      Secondary Fire: None
      Firing Rate: none
      Damage: 140% (direct hit)
      Shots before reloading: none
      Maximum Ammo: 5
      Which Enemies attack with it ? None, use it to cut off passages   
        In Singleplayer, trip mines are not so useful. You can use them to
        block off enemies that are coming after you, but you need to be quick
        because it takes some time.
        Use them every time you have to possibility, especially when a Alien
        Grunt is following you. Trip Mines have a big blast radius and they
        will get killed surely.
        In Multiplayer, the trip mines are very useful in teamplay. If you camp
        with your team on a certain place, you can cut off passages by placing
        two or three trip mines. Don't place only one, because your opponent
        will jump over it or crouch under it.
        Trip Mines won't make a place unreachable, keep in mind that your
        opponent can shoot the trip mines from distance. If you're standing to
        close to it then, the large blast radius will hit you.
        Trip Mines can't be really used like Snarks, grenades or satchels. You
        can't block off an enemy that is on your tail that easily. It takes some
        time to place the trip mine and the enemy can easily avoid it.
        You can also use this nice tactic: Place a trip mine on the ground by
        looking down. Do this around a corner or so that your opponent will
        not have the time to take it out. Then go to a safe distance and change
        to the sniper mode (with the magnum or the crossbow). When an enemy
        comes around the corner, shoot the base of the trip mine and your
        opponent will be dead without knowing what happened.
      4.12 Satchel Charges
      Primary Fire: Throw one satchel
      Secondary Fire: Throw more satchels
      Firing Rate: none
      Damage: 100% (direct hit)
      Shots before reloading: none
      Maximum Ammo: 5
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Big Monsters   
        Trip mines can be used to take out sniper babes, marines or bigger
        monsters. Simply throw one around the corner and detonate it at once. It
        is just like throwing the grenade, there will only be a little more
        time before the satchel explodes, because it takes some time to press
        the button then.
        You can also drop a satchel, go look for a marine (you can shoot with
        another weapon) and let him follow you. Then switch back to the satchel
        detonator as the marine approaches the satchel and gib him !
        For some satchel techniques, go to the advanced tactics section.
        Although it's a great weapon, many players (actually losers) put one on
        camper spots for easy frags. Report this to other players to get rid of
        such cheap players.
      4.13 Grenades
      Primary Fire: Throw one
      Secondary Fire: None
      Firing Rate: 2 per second
      Damage: 100% (direct hit)
      Shots before reloading: none
      Maximum Ammo: 10
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Big Monsters   
        In Singleplayer, use the grenades just like satchels to take out marines
        and sniper babes. The advantage of grenades is that you can throw them
        over walls. Pull the pin, count three seconds and throw the grenade. It
        will explode at once then and the marine will not have the chance to
        avoid it or to run away. They often use this tactic too.
        If you hear footsteps on the other side of a wall, you might consider
        throwing a grenade. Always count to three before throwing it, because
        one can easily avoid it otherwise.
        Grenades can also be used to get rid of chasing enemies. Look down while
        running and throw the grenade at once (don't count to 3). You have a
        fair chance then that your opponent hasn't seen the grenade and will be
        If you look a bit up while throwing a grenade and you even run a bit,
        you can throw the grenade a lot further than normally. This can be very
        useful to kill someone placed on a platform above you.
      4.14 Snarks
      Primary Fire: Throw one
      Secondary Fire: Faster Throwing
      Throwing Rate: 4 per second
      Damage: 10% per bite, 20% exploding damage
      Shots before reloading: none
      Maximum Ammo: 15
      Which Enemies attack with it ? Marines & Sniper Babes   
        In Singleplayer, snarks are not so useful. You can throw them at marines
        and maybe one gets killed. The marines often shoot it at once, so you
        might consider throwing them as a sneaky tactic to take them out.
        Probably the most annoying weapon in the game. If you throw lots of
        these creatures, they can do serious damage: 10% per bite (20% if they
        explode, normally after 20 seconds). To achieve this, throw lots of them
        it's quite difficult to handle 10 snarks jumping around and biting you.
        Make sure you throw them from a higher place, because when they don't
        see an enemy or hit a wall with a snark, they can return and attack you!
        You should always be prepared to this. If this might happen, use your
        hive hand to take them out one by one, because the hive hand will track
        them. If you run away, they won't be able to reach you either as long as
        you don't stand still. Just run until your hear the explosion sound.
        This is a very good weapon to be used on a chasing enemy. Drop a few
        and make sure they don't attack you. You can flee now while the snarks
        distract your opponent or you can attack your opponent. If you throw
        lots of snarks, make sure to get out of there when he's killed, because
        the snarks will be looking for a new victim then!
      4.15 Long Jump Module
      Hitting Rate: none
      Damage: none
      Shots before reloading: none
      Maximum Ammo: none
      Where to use it ? Multiplayer, Xen, Gonarch's Lair, Interloper, Nihilanth
        The Long Jump Module is an item that will give you the ability to jump
        further using a special combination of keys. In order to perform these
        long jumps, you should first find the long jump module. You'll get this
        item from the scientists before leaving for Xen, very far in the game
        The Long Jump is maybe quite tricky to master, but when you get the hang
        of it, you'll be long jumping all around the levels. To perform the long
        jump, press "Crouch" and then "Jump" quickly in succession. This may
        seem to be difficult, but you should practice this jump in the hazard
        course, because you'll going to need it anyway.
        If you really can do it, you can use the aliases to bind the long jump
        to one single key (B):
          alias +ljm "+duck; wait; +jump;"
          alias -ljm "-duck; wait; -jump"
          bind b +ljm
        You may seem have noticed that you can't move as fast as in Quake and
        other games. That's the main reason to search for the Long Jump Module
        as fast as you can.
        It won't give you the ability of moving faster in all directions, you
        will only able to jump further (only forward). This will help you to
        escape quicker from certain areas and get everyone from your tail. It
        also helps in crossing platforms faster.
        I always try to get the module as fast as I can, because I feel much
        more comfortable having one, especially in open levels with people
        dragging egon guns, the module is very welcome.
    V Cheats
      5.1 Console cheats (1)
      Go to Windows Explorer. Right click on the hl.exe file (from Half Life).
      Select "create shortcut". Right click on the shortcut. Select
      "properties". Go to the Tab "shortcut" (if not selected already). Go to
      the line that reads "target". There add -console behind hl.exe. It will
      look similar to this now:
        "hl.exe" -console
      Start the game with the shortcut. From then on, you access the console
      using the ~ (the key above Tab and below Esc). The following commands are
      available in the console then:
         impulse 101 : All weapons & Ammo
         /god : God Mode
         /god 0 : Disable God Mode
         /noclip : No clipping Mode & Fly Mode
         /map xxxx : go to map xxxx.
      If you want to cheat in a multiplayer games, just let the server type
      sv_cheats 1 before launching the server and you can cheat. On 99% of the
      servers, this isn't enabled.
      5.2 Console cheats (2)
      Go to Windows Explorer. Right click on the hl.exe file (from Half Life).
      Select "create shortcut". Right click on the shortcut. Select
      "properties". Go to the Tab "shortcut" (if not selected already). Go to
      the line that reads "target". There add -dev -console behind hl.exe. It
      will look similar to this now:
        "hl.exe" -dev -console
      Start the game with the shortcut. From then on, you access the console
      using the ~ (the key above Tab and below Esc). The following commands are
      available in the console then:
         /GIVE xxxx : give item xxxx.
      The following items are available too:
         item_airtank ; item_antidote ; item_battery; item_healthkit ;
         item_longjump ; item_security ; item_sodacan ; item_suitammo_357 ;
         ammo_9mmAR ; ammo_9mmbox; ammo_9mmclip ; ammo_ARgrenades ;
         ammo_buckshot ; ammo_crossbow ; ammo_egonclip ; ammo_gaussclip ;
         ammo_glockclip ; ammo_mp5clip ; ammo_mp5grenades ;
         ammo_rpgclipweapon_357 ; weapon_9mmAR ;
         weapon_9mmhandgunweapon_crossbow ; weapon_crowbar ; weapon_egon ;
         weapon_gauss ; weapon_glock ; weapon_handgrenadeweapon_hornetgun ;
         weapon_mp5 ; weapon_pythonweapon_rpg ; weapon_satchel ;
         weapon_shotgunweapon_snark ; weapon_tripmine 
      Use the first parameter to start halflife, then go into the console and
      enter /map xxx (where xxx represents one of the maps below) 
        Single Player
        c0a0 ; c0a0a ; c0a0b ; c0a0c ; c0a0d; c0a0e ; c1a0 ; c1a0a ; c1a0b ;
        c1a0c ; c1a0d ; c1a0e ; c1a1 ; c1a1a ; c1a1b; c1a1c ; c1a1d ; c1a1f ;
        c1a2 ; c1a2a ; c1a2b ; c1a2c ; c1a2d ; c1a3 ; c1a3a; c1a3b ; c1a3c ;
        c1a3d ; c1a4 ; c1a4b ; c1a4d ; c1a4e ; c1a4f ; c1a4g ; c1a4i; c1a4j ;
        c1a4k ; c2a1 ; c2a1a ; c2a1b ; c2a2 ; c2a2a ; c2a2b1 ; c2a2b2 ; c2a2c;
        c2a2d ; c2a2e ; c2a2f ; c2a2g ; c2a2h ; c2a3 ; c2a3a ; c2a3b ; c2a3c ;
        c2a3d; c2a3e ; c2a4 ; c2a4a ; c2a4b ; c2a4c ; c2a4d ; c2a4e ; c2a4f ;
        c2a4g ; c2a5; c2a5a ; c2a5b ; c2a5c ; c2a5d ; c2a5e ; c2a5f ; c2a5g ;
        c2a5w ; c2a5x ; c3a1; c3a1a ; c3a1b ; c3a2 ; c3a2a ; c3a2b ; c3a2c ;
        c3a2d ; c3a2e ; c3a2f ; c4a1; c4a1a ; c4a1b ; c4a1c ; c4a1d ; c4a1e ;
        c4a1f ; c4a2 ; c4a2a ; c4a2b ; c4a3 ; c5a1 
        boot_camp ; bounce ; datacore ; lambda_bunker ; snark_pit ; stalkyard ;
        subtransit ; undertow
        Hazard Course
        t0a0 ; t0a0a ; t0a0b ; t0a0b1 ; t0a0b2 ; t0a0c ; t0a0d 
      5.3 Command Line Parameters
      -console: enables the console. To access it, press the ~ (the key above
                Tab and below Esc) while playing.
      -dev: developer's mode. Enables the console and displays debugging
            information while playing. Useful if you're having technical
            difficulties and want to find out why. 
      -heapsize x: tells Half-Life how much RAM (memory) it can use. For
                   example, if you want it to use 32Mb of RAM then enter the
                   parameter "-heapsize 32768". CAUTION! Do not request more
                   memory than your computer has.
      -nointro: skip the introduction movies. 
      -noip: removes the D.U.N. box for playing on LAN's (local area networks.)
             Remove this command whenever playing on the internet. If you don't
             you won't be able to play on-line.
      -noipx: use this if you receive an IPX error when playing on a LAN.
      -numericping: replaces the Half-Life server browser's "green dot" latency
                    info with real numbers. Only available in v1.0.0.8 or later.
      -startwindowed: start Half-Life in window instead of fullscreen.
      -wavonly: disables Direct Sound and plays SFX in wav files. Try this if
                your sound card stutters or you don't have DirectSound drivers.
      5.4 Easter eggs & tricks
      * If you're low on health, dive into the nearest safe water (not toxic
        waste) and stay submerged until the O2 warning flashes. Immediately
        surface and you'll gain 10-15 health. 
      * Get to the section "Surface Tension". Get to the room below the room
        that is riddled with laser trip mines. Run partway out the door into the
        corridor, until you hear the security guard start yelling (he's being
        chased by Marines). Duck back behind the entrance to the corridor
        (basically hide beside the opening). As the guard runs past you, you may
        hear him say "Hey Vern!", like that idiot from the Earnest Goes to...
      * Whenever you see a trash can, blow it up using any weapon. Then look at
        the trash. There is a copy of the newspaper The Onion. The Onion is a
        satirical newspaper on the web
      * When you enter the labo, you can see that a guard get stuck on his
        computer, with a beautiful blue death screen! Do they work with
        Windows ? :)
      * This cheat will allow you to use the zoom function with all weapons.
        Having zoomed in with the crossbow, quick-save using the F6 key. Load
        the game with F7 and no matter which weapon you change to, the view
        will stay zoomed-in.
         Note: to get the normal view back, switch to the crossbow and un-zoom
      * At the beginning in the locker room look at all the names on the lockers
        They are the second names of some of the people who worked on Half-Life.
        Also on the Office Complex level outside the room with the electrified
        water there is a sign saying Dr. Newell. This is referring to Gabe
        Newell, the creator of Half-Life.
      * In the first level,where you enter the Anomalous Materials lab and put
        on the HEV suit, go to the locker room. Open Gordon's locker (it has the
        name Freeman on the front) and look closely at the books on the shelf.
        One is a novel by Marc Laidlaw, who wrote the plot for Half-Life. I
        think Laidlaw's last name is also on a locker, but I'm not sure. 
      * About a third of the way through the "On a Rail" segement. I don't think
        I can accurately describe where it is exactly so any help would be
        appreciated. (you can get there by typing /map c2a2c). Anyway, there is
        a place where you can go under a ramp that goes to an upper level, break
        a box and a grate and drop down into a vent shaft. Follow it and
        eventually come to an army grunt body there seems to be a piece of
        machinery or somethng with short dead-end halls on each side of it.
       (There may be some head-crabs here, so watch it.) On the left side
       (closest to where you entered) aginst the back wall there seems to be
        writing in 3D letters on the wall. Look carefully it is very hard to
        see. It says "RILLER". Dave Riller is a level designer at Valve. It
        helps to see the message if you lob a few grenades or sachel-charges
        into the alcove to blacken the texture of the wall so it stands out when
        viewed at an angle
      * First of all, this only works for weapons with slow reload times, like
        the magnum and the tranquilliser crossbow. Upon running out of ammo in
        your clip, you will begin to reload your weapon. If you want to fire
        faster, simply changes your weapon while in the reloading animation, and
        then switch back to the weapon you want to use, and reloading will be
      * To find this egg in the uplink demo, you must reach the section of
        Uplink in which you have just entered the Lambda reactor complex through
        the large doors. Go to the end of the room with the exploding computers,
        to where the two dog-like aliens are hiding. After you have killed them
        and you have entered the air duct at ground level, turn on your
        flashlight and look closely at the textures inside the air duct. You
        will see the word 'Valve' several times faintly on the side (Valve are
        the developers of Half-Life). 
      * Recently, there was a cheat discovered that allowed you to shoot
        through walls on EVERY server. Luckily, this has been resolved with
        the latest patch.
    VI Author
    Just in case you think you already saw my name somewhere else (what an
    excuse to do some self promotion! :) )
    Author: Stijn Bolle
    E-Mail: ravager@pandora.be
    Guides written:
      * Aliens vs. Predator (walkthrough\guide)
      * Baldur's Gate (secrets)
      * Discworld (walkthrough)
      * Half Life (multiplayer guide)
      * Half Life: opposing force (guide\walkthrough)
      * Half Life: opposing force (dutch translation)
      * Lands of Lore 3 (guide\walkthrough)
      * Monkey Island III (walkthrough)
    VII Legal Notice
    None of this file may be copied or reproduced without the explicit
    permission of the author. This guide may be added freely to any guides
    collection site as long as you mail you the url, you don't alter anything
    and you give me full credit. If you're not sure, just mail me on

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