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    Multiplayer Guide by TWuyts

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    HALF LIFE - Multiplayer Guide (version 1.03)
    Written by Tim Wuyts (February 11th-16th, 1999)         E-mail: tim.wuyts@planetinternet.be
    The author is also the webmaster of The Cheat Empire: 
    Where you can always find the latest cheats & walkthroughs for PC Games.
    For the LATEST VERSION of this Guide, check his website!
    (Copyright notice at the bottom)
    * Introduction
    * Additions
    * Before You Start
    * The Controls
    * General Tactics
      - Maps
      - Camping
      - Dodging
      - Techniques
      - Retreating
      - Target
      - Medical/HEV Stations
    * The Weapons
      - Crowbar
      - Glock gun 9mm
      - .375 Magnum
      - Shotgun
      - MP-5 Submachine Gun
      - Crossbow
      - Rocket Launcher (RPG)
      - Gauss Gun
      - Hive Hand
      - Gluon Gun
      - Grenades
      - Trip Mines
      - Snarks
      - Satchel Charges
    * Specific Map Info
      - Frenzy
    * Legal Notice
      - Terms of Use
      - Webmasters
    Let me start out by telling you that I'm not a hot shot Half Life player.  There are millions of 
    players who can beat me anytime.  But since Half Life is the first 3D shoot'em up which I really 
    like (no, I don't like Quake) I started playing some deathmatches too.  I first started out as a 
    real loser, I got pinned to the wall every single time.  After playing several deathmatches, I 
    managed to take a step up from total loser to a 'medium' player.  This guide simply points out how 
    I tried to improve myself, there are probably lots of other tactics but these are the ones I used. 
    (Anyone who has additional tips can mail them to me any time!)
    If you really want to become a Half Life deathmatch hot-shot, I can give but one advice:
    practice.  The more you play, the better you get! (And I need a lot of extra practice ;)
    This is where I put the info which is related to new versions of the guide, but since this is 
    version 1.0 ...
    I prefer to be mailed if you have some additional hints & strategies, but if you want to make an
    addition to this guide put your information here (in the same way mentioned below):
    Version 1.01 (01/04/99) - Jack Spath     fire-tiger@iname.com     Extra weapons info
    Version 1.02 (06/08/99) - Indigo         vymmout118@iol.cz        Extra weapons info
    Version 1.03 (06/06/00) -                                         Updated Legal Information
    This will allow me to contact the persons who made additions, so I can re-write the guide if 
    I want to (giving credit to the original authors of course).
    Before You Start
    When you play an on-line game (not LAN) the lag might interfere with gameplay.  A latency of
    200 and less usu works once you hit the 300 mark or higher half life becomes unplayable (at least
    on my computer).  You know: you see another guy standing at the other side of the room and the
    next frame you are lying on the ground and he's dancing on your head.  Remember that it's better
    to drop a few graphic details (like the decals) to improve speed over the net than to have a lot
    of lag (esp. if you want to win).
    Are there ways to lower latency? Yes there are!  You can make specific files which make sure
    you don't load decals and other stuff which lower latency!  I suggest you look on the internet
    for additional info.  There are several files you can download like lowping.zip which are a lot
    of help.
    The Controls
    First of all I would like to say that you'll have to learn to play the game combining the mouse
    and keyboard controls.  Sometimes you see people playing the game on their keyboard only,
    crunching their fingers in all kinds of impossible ways.  The combination of mouse and keyboard
    is the best and most easy way to play.
    Don't use the default controls of half life!  In single player you can do everything at a 
    slow, relaxed pace.  In multiplayer, this will get you killed! eg. the 'R' button to reload 
    is to far away from your other controls, by the time you have pressed the button, you'll be
    perforated with bullets.  These are the controls I use:
    Mouse --> to aim
      * Left mouse button: Fire 1
      * Right mouse button: Fire 2
      * Wheel: Scroll through weapons (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - If you don't have a wheel mouse)
    Keyboard (AZERTY):
      * Z: Run forward (W for Qwerty)
      * D: Run backwards
      * Q: Strafe left (A for Qwerty)
      * D: Strafe right
      * C: Crawl
      * E: Use Item
      * SPACE: Jump
      * LEFT SHIFT: Reload
    The other buttons don't really matter that much, unless you don't have a wheel mouse.  If
    you don't have it, the buttons for the selection of your weapons are important too.
    Assign quick keys to the weapons you use the most (and that doesn't always have to be the 
    gluon gun).
    Personally, I don't use the strafe button that much, but it sometimes comes in handy when 
    you try to dodge the opponent.  However ... continually jumping and crawling tends to be more 
    confusing to the other players than a simple strafe movement, so I prefer this tactic.  
    (Although I must admit, that sometimes I simply forget to do it, result --> My head gets blown 
    The best thing you can do off course is to combine the 3 tactics: strafing, jumping and
    crawling at the same time.  If you can pull this off and still aim you'll be one of the better
    players around.
    Like I already said, these are the controls I use while playing half life.  If you feel more
    comfortable using other controls, use them instead of these.  This is just some advice for
    the rookies out there, who haven't considered the use of alternatice keys.
    General Tactics
    Actually, there is nothing like a 'general tactic' in a game like half life.  Your strategy 
    (if you would have any) highly depends on the kind of map you are playing.  eg. it is not wise 
    to be camping if you have a large, open map!
    I urge you to explore the map before you go into battle (a tournament). If you don't you'll 
    get fried.  Of course, you can't know all the maps, but most half life servers support a range 
    of good to excellent maps which will return quite often.  Try to learn the positions which 
    might give you an edge over your opponent.
    This exploring can be done off-line if you want too but it might be more beneficial to start
    playing right away and to experience what good positions are.  Some spots may seem excellent
    when you are off-line, but it might turn out otherwisewhen you are on-line, because it's too
    obvious or some other reason.  If your ass gets blown off several times, you'll know that it's
    a poor spot (believe me)!
    It's also important to know where the good guns are on the map.  You don't want to be running
    around with your 9mm gun all the time, sooner or later you'll get fragged.  A good gun doesn't
    necessarily mean the gluon gun.  This also depends on the map you're playing on.  Long range 
    guns might be applied on large, open maps (like crossfire), while short range guns are 
    better to use in small, fast paced maps.
    If you don't know the map you're playing you should try to remember both of the things
    mentioned above (positions, guns) as soon as possible.  Also try to get an advantage by
    listening, if you hear someone reloading a gun, you know you should be careful.  Too many
    people (including myself) tend to forget about this!  Players tend to be fixed on their screen,
    not on the sounds that surrounds them.
    Camping, in general, isn't a good tactic.  You might snipe a few other players, but as soon as
    they know where you are you're fried.  Even worse, they can see you, but you don't see them in
    time.  Camping should only be done from dark (preferably higher) positions.  If it isn't dark,
    don't start camping, you'll be spotted fairly easy and it only takes a good RPG rocketto take
    you out.  Furthermore, camping should only be done if you have the right weapons.  If you don't
    have a crossbow or the RPG rocket launcher, camping on a sniping position doesn't have any use!
    If you are camping in a small bunker, make sure you have a powerfull short range gun (eg. shot
    gun).  If you don't have the appropriate weapons get the hell out of there.  But even if you
    have the right weapons and in a dark spot, camping is not advised ... you are a sitting duck.
    Keep on moving, the more you move, the harder it is to hit you.
    Dodging is another word for acting like a nut.  Which is good since you can't predict what a 
    nut is going to do.  What does this actually mean when you are in a multi-player game:
    Don't walk/run in straight lines, it's very easy to hit someone if he walks straight, even
    snipers can take you out. If you walk, try walking from the left to the right and the other way
    around.  This will make it more difficult for snipers to hit you.
    When you are in a direct confrontation with someone try to move around.  It's harder for you to
    aim too (but that just takes some practice) but the other player will be having difficulties 
    hitting you too.  Like I said before you can strafe, but if you really want to be confusing try
    jumping around in combination with some crawling.  The first time I saw someone do this, I 
    thought he was crazy, but he fragged me before I could even hit him.  This also takes a bit of
    practice, not so much for better aim, but rather to "not forget" to do all these crazy things.
    I recently started applying this technique and it does work, I die less (which means that the
    others don't have as many kills ;)) but I also tend to forget to jump around sometimes, which 
    usually results into death.
    This sounds fancier than it really is.  What do I mean by techniques?  You probably do know all
    the basics of jumping and crawling.  But there are some additional moves that might prove to be
    First of all, don't risk your life to get it ... only if it's up for grabs.  Once you have it
    try the combination of crawling and jumping.  This will give you a huge boost in terms of speed
    ... excellent to cross wide, open spaces.
    Secondly the famous 'Gauss jump'.  All you need is: a gauss gun and a place to land (but that
    doesn't tend to be a problem).  All you have to do is charge the gauss gun, point it to the
    ground and release the charge.  You'll be flying high into the air.  This is usefull if there
    are maps with high elevations which you want to reach quickly but it can also be applied in 
    emergencies (read: dead threatening situations).  Make sure you land on an elevated position,
    since you'll lose hit points if you don't.  You can also do this using the rocket launcher, but
    this is not advised since it does involve a "health risk" ;).
    This takes me to the concept of 'falling'.  In most MP games realistic damage is turned off,
    resulting in a loss of 10 HP when you fall.  If this is the case, fall ahead I would say.
    10 HP is nothing, especially if you have to go a long way down in open positions (I'm not
    talking about tunnels or anything).  You shouldn't worry about the 10 HP because it can cost you
    a lot more if you climb down.
    I can be pretty short on this one.  If you do have to retreat, always try to walk backwards.  Ok,
    there is a chance that you run into a trip mine, but it's pretty low.  Why do you have to run 
    backwards?  Simple, to beat the hell out of the person you are running away from.  If you just 
    run away, you will be shot in the back.  However if you run backwards there still might be 
    chance that you send the guy to fraggy heaven before he whacks you.
    I mean 2 things by this:
    First of all you have to target someone to kill!  This doesn't mean shooting some rounds in the
    air, nope you need to aim.  Aim is an important aspect of the game and it isn't easy!  If you
    can't aim, you can't kill ... if you can't kill, well ... you get the idea.  Once you can aim 
    properly, you can beat anyone.  If you have the chance to hit the competitor in the head,
    do so ... he'll get more damage.
    Secondly, if you target someone, keep a 'lock' on him.  Don't start shooting multiple targets,
    try to concentrate on 1 target, finish him off and then proceed to the next.  If you take on
    too many targets at once, the impact will be limited.  Ok, you'll wound the guy, but he can 
    heal himself or even worse, it's easier for your competitors to take him out!  This is something
    you don't want to do, always go for the kill!
    Medical/HEV stations
    Whenever you are using one of these, make sure the area is clear of enemies.  Also when using it
    try to face it in a way that you can see a large portion of the field.  Try to avoid turning
    your back to the playing field.  But even if you use this technique, these reloading stations
    are still dangerous spots.  Only use them if you really need them or when they are at a more
    covered spot.
    The Weapons
    Ok, now for the fun part: the machines of death, fragging devices, ... in short weapons.  Every
    weapon has it's own advantages and disadvantages and it's crucial to know which they are.  A guy
    with a crowbar can frag someone with a gluon gun if he plays it smart!  Once again, the weapon
    you choose to use depends on the map you're playing!
    Another thing to keep in mind is the reload time (and linked with that, the size of your ammo
    clip).  A long reload time automatically results in death during a fight.  So preferably use a
    gun with a large ammo clip (like the MP-5 machine gun) or with short reload times (like the 
    gauss and gluon gun).  When you get a chance to reload, do so, don't hesitate, you might not get
    a second chance.
    I based this part on my own experiences with the weapons in combination with the weapons guide
    asmaul@halflifehq.com wrote (he sure knows how to use satchels ;)).
    Range: this is the range at which the weapon most efficient, not the range it can be used at!
    Fire 1: what does the first fire option do
    Fire 2: what does the second fire option do
    Reload: the reload time
    Range: Short
    Fire 1: Swing
    Fire 2: /
    Reload: /
    Although some might find it useless because it's useless at long range, I do tend to use it from
    time to time.  The reason is obvious: a good hit with this little thingy does do a lot of damage!
    Some people even prefer it over the standard AP9mm gun!  So if you are in a cramped map or 
    surrounded by competitors it's not such a bad choice to use the crowbar.  If you have to use the
    crowbar (because you don't have any ammo), change your tactics too, since you're dealing with a
    short range weapon.  Basically it comes down to this: if you see someone with a nice big gun in
    his hand and you don't have any way to escape try running straight at him (esp. if he has a
    rocket launcher).  If he has a normal gun, use the dodging techniques mentioned above to get
    close to him.
    Glock gun 9mm
    Range: Medium
    Fire 1: Controlled shot
    Fire 2: Fast firing
    Reload: Medium/Fast
    This is your standard gun and as a standard gun it sucks!  Ok, you can take someone out but it
    really lacks punch.  You only have one good reason to use it and that's when you don't have any
    other alternatives (at the start of a game or when you run out of ammo for your other guns).  If
    you do have to use it, use it wisely.  If you are in a stressfull situation it's best to use the
    fire 2 option, resulting in a less accurate but faster rate of fire.  The fire 1 option should
    be used when you try to take someone out from a longer distance or when you have to be precise.
    The gun can be used as a sniping gun when you fire in this way but you have to be a good shot,
    because you'll easily miss.  It has a reasonable ammo clip (17) with a fast reload time.
    .375 Magnum
    Range: Medium (1) / Long (2)
    Fire 1: Normal shot
    Fire 2: Sniper mode
    Reload: Slow
    What can I say about this gun ... if you have a good aim this is one of the guns you should use.
    It has its drawbacks of course: slow reload time, small ammo clip and slow firing rate.  On the
    other hand, it's very powerful: 2 good shots with this baby and the other player (without armor)
    will be splattered against the wall.  The sniping mode is also pretty good, although there are 
    better alternatives for this.  Because of it's drawbacks, it's not recommended that players with
    not such a good aim use the gun.  The reason is obvious, if you miss too much, you're a goner
    ... if you have to reload, you're a goner.
    Range: Short
    Fire 1: Single barrel
    Fire 2: Double barrel
    Reload: Slow
    This gun does have it's advantages in maps with smaller rooms.  It does have enough impact to 
    blow someone away, at close range, with it's double shot function.  This double shot does have
    some drawbacks though: the firing rate is slower and your limited ammo will be wasted twice as
    fast.  Also keep in mind that the shotgun is a "DO NOT USE" in open spaces!  Don't try it, you'll
    loose.  Even a glock gun 9mm has more punch from long range.  Another drawback is the long reload
    time (5 sec. for full reload).  You might get the impression that it's a bad gun, well ... it's
    not.  It just has a limited use but if you use it in the right circumstances (=in small corridors
    and rooms) you'll get a maximum return (=fragging your opponents).
    MP-5 Submachine Gun
    Range: Medium
    Fire 1: Rapid 9mm bullets
    Fire 2: Fragmentation grenades
    Reload: Fast
    This should be everyones standard weapon in a MP game.  It has a lot of advantages, fast reload
    time and a high firing rate.  In combination with the fragmentation grenades it's extremely
    lethal.  You can drop a grenade and then finish the players off with a nice rain of bullets.
    Doesn't it have any drawbacks?  Of course, you'll get whooped if someone starts using the
    shotgun at a short range (even the high firing rate of the MP5 doesn't compensate).  Furthermore
    it's also a gun not to use at long range the bullets disperse too much (try it out on a wall,
    you'll see).  I also suggest not to use the grenades as a long range weapon, they are much too
    valuable to be wasted like that.  It's better to use them at a shorter range, when you have a 
    sure hit.  Also keep in mind that the grenades are never lethal when used on a player with full
    Range: Medium (1) / Long (2)
    Fire 1: Bolt with explosive tip
    Fire 2: Sniper mode
    Reload: Slow
    This is THE sniper weapon to have.  It's first firing mode is practically never used, the reason
    is simple: only direct hits really do some damage since the blast radius is small.  The reload
    time of the crossbow also stresses out the fact that it is a sniper weapon, in other words it's
    slow, too slow for intense fights.  I suggest you only use the crossbow in sniper mode; you can't
    beat the feeling you get when you hear a "thump" and then you see a guy falling to the ground.
    Yep, that's right, one hit is lethal in sniper mode.  When you are in sniper mode however, it's
    easy for someone to sneak up from behind.  So watch your back!
    Rocket Launcher (RPG)
    Range: Long
    Fire 1: Launch rocket
    Fire 2: Laser guidance on/off
    Reload: Slow
    This little baby does have an impact your opponents won't forget.  Do not target it directly at a
    player though, try to let the rocket explode in front of his feet (or at a wall close to him),
    the blast radius is big and damaging enough to frag him.  If you aim directly at the player a 
    simple strafing movement is enough to completely miss the target.  Why is this so problematic?
    The reload time of the rocket launcher is extremely slow.  When you are using the laser guidance
    it's even worse.
    This brings us to the use of the laser guidance.  It does have one obvious advantage: you can
    redirect the path of the rocket.  It does also have some drawbacks: the reload time is even
    slower when you use the laser guidance.  Furthermore, the red dot of the laser guidance might
    give away your position and all the other players will run like hell when they see it!
    Another drawback of the rocket launcher is the smoke trail the rockets leave behind; it points
    directly to it's point of origin ... you.  So once you fire your rocket get the hell out of
    Oh yeah, one more thing: if a player charges you while holding a rocket launcher, try to switch
    to another weapon.  Chances are that you'll trigger the rocket launcher from a short distance,
    usually blowing yourself up too.
    Gauss Gun
    Range: Medium
    Fire 1: Single energy beam
    Fire 2: Charged energy beam
    Reload: Continuous
    Probably not an all time favorite, since I don't see a lot of players using it.  Why?  I
    sometimes wonder myself.  The gun has no reload time and it's pretty powerful.  It has some
    drawbacks though: it's hard to aim this baby at long range, furthermore it eats ammo like candy
    and last but not least, the charged energy beam has a huge kick back.  (this kick back is used
    to do a gauss jump (see techniques)).  Another less pleasant feature is that you have to release
    the charge in a reasonable time span, otherwise it will blow up in your face.  It can aslo shoot
    through walls though, but I've never seen the benefit of this option.  You might as well be
    shooting with a blind fold on your head.  Maybe, there's an expansion pack planned for half life
    which includes IR goggles or something :-).
    Am I saying not to use this gun? Nope, I tend to use it regularly when I get my hands on it ...
    it's fast firing rate (without reload times) can easily compensate the drawbacks.
    Hornet Gun
    Range: Medium / Long
    Fire 1: Homing hornets
    Fire 2: Non-homing hornets (more powerful/faster reload?)
    Reload: Recharges automatically (moderate)
    The biggest advantage of the hive hand is the homing feature of the hornets.  If you know 
    someone is hiding behind a wall or in a room, just send in the hornets ... he'll come out sooner
    or later.  The second fire mode is hardly ever used in a MP game, but it shouldn't be forgotten.
    Alhtough the hornets loose their homing capabilities, it does more damage or reload faster (I 
    think).  The hornet does have a lot of drawbacks too.  Don't use it in direct confrontations.
    The hornets don't do a lot of damage and you'll surely loose if you do use it in this way.
    Gluon Gun
    Range: Medium
    Fire 1: Gluon beam
    Fire 2: To activate press: primary fire & hold it then press secondary fire & release the primary
            This does no damage & takes no energy but nobody is so stupid to step there
    Reload: Continuous
    Who doesn't know this gun.  The most powerful gun around (except for the crossbow in sniper mode).
    If you can get it, use it.  You can't do much if someone starts shooting with one of these at
    you.  Even dodging is of little help.  There is one drawback (but it applies to the gauss gun
    too, which is also an energy weapon), it consumes ammo.  So don't start showing off with your
    gluon gun ... use it effeciently to get the most out of it!
    Grenades are seldomly used in MP games.  The reason is obvious: it's hard to aim and if you do have 
    a good aim, you always depend on the timing.  This makes the grenade one of the more
    difficult weapons to use in MP.  The only time you should be considering the use of a grenade is to 
    smoke out/fry a camper or to clear out a corner you are unsure of.
    Trip Mines
    Trip mines can be quite usefull at some maps.  MP games are usually fast paced ... with lots of 
    moving.  The player usually detonates a trip mine before he even noticed it was there, giving you 
    some extra kills.  Don't spend a lot of time on the placement of the mines though.  Placing them 
    with great care is one thing, but while you are placing it you are an open target waiting to be 
    shot.  Try to learn how to make quick placements of the mines and place them at strategic points 
    eg. in a tunnel, under water, ...  There's absolutely no use in placing it in a large
    You can also place trip mine at places where people respawn.  Although this is highly efficient, I 
    wouldn't recommend doing it!  Why?  First of all, it takes the fun out of the game, kills like this 
    aren't worth mentioning.  Secondly, you'll risk getting a bunch of angry players after you and 
    frankly I don't blame them for doing so!
    These little critters can be a pain in the @ss.  Preferably drop them from an elevated position, so 
    they can't come back and hunt you down.  They don't only kill other players for you, they also tend 
    to add a little confusion.  Make use of this confusion to take your target out.
    Snarks also work well in bunkers (when you are not in them).  eg. someone calls an air strike, but 
    the door to the bunker is already too close for you to get in ... grab out those snarks and send 
    them into the bunker.  This tactic usually results in a kill, since the other players can't run 
    Satchel Charges
    Fire 1: Drop first satchel/detonate
    Fire 2: Drop any next satchel
    These also have a limited use in MP games.  Again the reason is obvious: you have to drop the 
    satchel and wait for someone to walk into the proximity of it and then you can detonate it.
    Basically this is camping ... you are waiting for someone to pass over the satchel.  The only way 
    you can use the satchels is when you are retreating from the enemy.  If they follow you, just drop 
    one of these (in combination with the retreating technique) and detonate if they walk over it!  
    This should kill the target.
    It can also be used to scare some of the other players ... if they see a satchel charge they
    just might turn back from where they came from, because someone might be around to blow it!
    Specific Map Info
    This section wants to provide you with map-specific info.  This includes techniques you can and 
    can't use on a specific map.  I also try to specify the location of some great guns.  What I am not 
    going to tell is what kind of strategy I tend to use at a specific map.  If I would give that info 
    away, I would get fragged more often since you would know my 'playing technique' for that specific 
    A small map, so generally I wouldn't suggest camping.  I also see lots of players camping on the 
    spot where you can find the RPG Rocket Launcher, shooting from that floor to the bottom.  DON'T!
    Just get the rocket launcher and get out of there!  People respawn at that spot and once you're 
    aiming that RPG you won't notice anyone coming from behind.
    One of the more popular spots on this map is the place where the MP-5 submachine gun is located.
    (the one on the ground floor, not on the 1st floor at the T-intersection) That's because this map 
    is excellent for using the MP-5 in combination with some fragmentation grenades.
    Trip mines can also be used quite efficiently on this map.  You can find lots of them on the 1st 
    Legal notice
    This document is © Copyright to Tim "PhoenixT" Wuyts. If you are unsure as to whether or not you 
    may distribute this document, contact the author (tim.wuyts@pi.be).
    Terms of Use
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    up in a magazine, included in cheat databases or any other medium without the express permission of 
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