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    FAQ/Walkthrough by El Greco

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                                     By El Greco
                                       For PC
                        Written by : El Greco
                           Created : July 7, 2003
                           Version : Final
                           Updated : October 29, 2004
                            E-mail : REMOVED
    This is the final version of the guide.  No more updates after this unless any
    glaring errors are pointed out to me.  I also added in a small update on the
    Gonarch's Lair.
    |                            LEGAL NOTICE                                    |
    This document is Copyright 2003-2004 Don Fleming.  It may not be reproduced
    nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the author.  It may
    not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without
    advance permission from the author. All outside sources which have contributed
    to the making of this guide in some form have been cited in the guide.
    Violation of the above terms can and will result in a lawsuit.
    This guide is intended soley for use on GameFAQs.com.  If you wish to host my
    guide on your website contact me and I will most likely give you permission,
    under the condition that the guide is in its complete and original form and
    proper credit is given to the author.
    Ignorance to the law does not excuse you from any responsibilty for your
    actions.  If you steal this guide you have broken the law.
    |                           CONTACT INFORMATION                              |
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to
    make then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only
    accept questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they
    abide by the guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am
    asking much by doing that, but if you do have a problem with that then
    I ask you just not send me anything at all.
    E-MAIL : elgreco(at)gmail.com
    SUBJECT LINE : Half-Life
     - Point out errors
     - Give me strategies for parts of the game that you feel you know lots about
     - Write legible sentences
     - Include good grammar
     - Ask for help about things not already answered in this guide
     - Look through the guide before contacting me to make sure I haven't already
       answered your question
    DO NOT
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     - Ask questions that are answered in this guide
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     - NO 1337 SPEAK
                                00)  Table of Contents
    Search String, to find the part in the guide that you are looking for highlight
    the search string (eg. 4.1 for Anomalous Materials) for the section that you
    want and press CTRL+C, CTRL+F, CTRL+V, and press Enter.  This should
    immediately bring you to the desired section.
                       00)  Table of Contents
                       01)  Version History
                       02)  Introduction
                       03)  Game Overview
                            3.1  Story
                            3.2  Difficulty Levels
                            3.3  Basic Controls
                            3.4  Weapons
                            3.5  Enemies
                       04)  Walkthrough
                            4.1  Anomalous Materials
                            4.2  Unforeseen Consequences
                            4.3  Office Complex
                            4.4  We've got Hostiles
                            4.5  Blast Pit
                            4.6  Power Up
                            4.7  On A Rail
                            4.8  Apprehension
                            4.9  Residue Proceeding
                            4.10  Questionable Ethics
                            4.11  Surface Tension
                            4.12  Forget About Freeman
                            4.13  Lambda Core
                            4.14  Xen
                            4.15  Gonarch's Lair
                            4.16  Interloper
                            4.17  Nihalinth
                            4.18  End Game
                       05)  Contact Information
                       06)  Credits
                       07)  Conclusion
                       08)  Legal Information
                               01)  Version History
    Version Final, 10/29/04, 109 kb
    I assume that if no glaring errors have been pointed out by now then there
    aren't any in the guide.  This will be the final version of the guide unless
    any major errors are pointed out to me.  There will be no further updates
    after this.
    Version 1.41, 10/31/03, 104 kb
    Fixed a little mistake of calling the Egon gun the Gluon gun.
    Version 1.40, 9/28/03, 100 kb
    Added in little section that gives faqs.ign.com to use my guide.  Changed
    around the section headers to make the FAQ look a little bit nicer.  Put in my
    website and changed the contact e-mail.
    Version 1.30, 7/7/03, 98.2 kb
    Added cheats section.
    Version 1.10, 7/6/03, 92.5 kb
    Damn, forgot to spellcheck it before I submitted.  Added a small part to the
    Legal Information section.
    Version 1.00, 7/6/03, 92.0 kb
    Finished it today.  My hands hurt from all the typing.  I'll now accept any
    suggestions or contributions from people.  Submitted to GameFAQs.
    Version 0.60, 7/5/03, 78.5 kb
    Just realized today that my version numbers were way off, more than halfway
    through the guide and I'm still on .3/.4, so I fixed that little thing.   I
    completed Blast pit and did the walkthrough up near the end of Surface Tension.
    Version 0.30, 7/4/03, 62.1 kb
    Finished up Office Complex and finished guide up to Blast Pit.
    Version 0.25, 7/3/03, 51.2 kb
    Made the ASCII art at the top of the guide.  Wrote Introduction and added
    minor stuff here and there.
    Version 0.22, 7/2/03, 46.7 kb
    Created the rest of the section headers.  Added the weapons and enemies
    descriptions, Conclusion, Credits, and Legal Information.  Created Search
    Version 0.20, 6/16/03, 16.5 kb
    Finished story, controls section, and got up to Office Complex in the
    walkthrough section.  Got in all section headings.
                                 02)  Introduction
    The game of Half-Life was probably the best FPS of its time. It was one of the
    few to have a simple and interesting plot, even though it was not a very large
    one.  It has in game cut-scenes so that a plot twist can take place without
    your ever leaving the controls.  This allows you to simply wisk through the
    area if you don't care for the plot or already know it.
    You do not always have to go by the guide that I have written.  If you prefer
    to go another route or do a little exploring then by all means, do so.  I have
    just written one way to go about things, beat the Nihalinth with a crowbar, I
    don't care.  This is just to help you along in those places where you may get
    Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the game, want to suggest
    some strategies for a part in the game, or wish to point out any errors that I
    have made in the FAQ.  If you submit a strategy I will be glad to put in my
    guide and I will give you credit.  I hope this is helpful.
    Wow, this turned out to be shorter than expected.  Oh well, it doesn't matter.
    I doubt anybody will read this Intro anyway.
                                03)  Game Overview
                                     3.1  Story
    Deep in the bowels of the Black Mesa Federal Research Facility, a decommissioned
    missile base, a top secret project is underway. A portal has been opened to
    another dimension, and human science has never seen anything like the world on
    the other side.
    You are Gordon Freeman, a young research associate in the Anomalous Materials
    Laboratory. You have limited security clearance and no real idea of just how
    dangerous your job has become, until the morning you are sent alone into the
    Test Chamber to analyze of a strange crystalline specimen. A routine analysis,
    they tell you. Until something goes wrong.
    Is it sabotage? An accident? Or is it something you did? All you hear is
    screaming; all you see is space-time shattering. The next thing you know, the
    entire Black Mesa Facility is a nightmare zone, with sirens wailing and
    scientists fleeing in terror from the things their co-workers have become.
    Hordes of creatures from the far side of the portal are pouring through rifts
    in the local fabric of reality. Monsters are everywhere. Madness rules. You
    head for the surface, but the usual routes are impassable-closed off by the
    disaster, infested with headcrabs and houndeyes and increasingly larger and
    hungrier creatures.
    As Gordon Freeman, you must enlist the help of traumatized scientists and
    trigger-happy security guards to get through high-security zones, sneaking and
    fighting your way through ruined missile silos and Cold War cafeterias,
    through darkened air ducts and subterranean railways. When you finally come in
    sight of the surface, you realize that the inhuman monsters aren't your only
    enemies-for the government has sent in ruthless troops and stealthy assassins.
    Their orders seem to be that when it comes to the Black Mesa, nothing gets out
    alive... and especially not you.
    When even your own species turns against you, maybe you'll be glad to see
    another portal beckoning. But then again, on Earth you have allies; while on
    the far side of the portal, nothing at all is familiar except the sense of
    Save the Earth? Well, maybe. But that's a pretty low priority compared to
    saving your own skin.
                               3.2  Difficulty Levels
    Easy- Enemies will only take a few hits and don't do a lot of damage.  As the
    name indicates, it is quite easy.  For beginning FPS players.
    Medium- Enemies are fairly matched for the most part against you.  They deal
    out more damage and you deal out less.  They are tougher to kill.  Not too
    hard, but a challenge nonetheless.   For the moderate FPS gamer.
    Hard- Enemies will deal out a lot of damage, enemies will take more damage
    before they die.  Bosses can be quite difficult at times.  Not for beginning
    level FPS players.  Assassins now have a cloaking device, which makes killing
    them a real pain in the ass.  Also voltiguants now have halved their charge-up
    time for their electricity attack.
                           3.3  Basic Controls (default)
    ACTION                    BUTTON                    ALTERNATE
    Forward                  | up arrow                | W
    Back                     | down arrow              | S
    Turn left                | left arrow              |
    Turn right               | right arrow             |
    Strafe left              | A                       | ,
    Strafe right             | D                       | .
    Jump                     | space                   |
    Duck                     | CTRL                    |
    Swim up                  | V                       | '
    Swim down                | C                       | /
    Look up                  | page up                 |
    Look down                | page down               |
    Look straight ahead      | end                     |
    Strafe modifier          | ALT                     |
    Mouse look modifier      | ;                       |
    Keyboard look modifier   | insert                  |
    Primary attack           | mouse 1                 | enter
    Alternate attack         | mouse 2                 |
    Reload                   | R                       |
    Use                      | E                       |
    Walk                     | shift                   |
    Flashlight               | F                       |
    Spray Logo               | T                       |
    Weapon Category 1        | 1                       |
    Weapon Category 2        | 2                       |
    Weapon Category 3        | 3                       |
    Weapon Category 4        | 4                       |
    Weapon Category 5        | 5                       |
    Pervious weapon          | mouse wheel up          | [
    Next weapon              | mouse wheel down        | ]
    Last used weapon         | Q                       |
    Take screenshot          | F5                      |
    Quick save               | F6                      |
    Quick load               | F7                      |
    Pause                    | pause                   |
                                 3.4  Weapons
    The crowbar can be used on anything. It is a very powerful weapon for
    hand-to-hand combat. It can also be used as a tool. Use it to break through
    vents, windows, and wooden planks. The crowbar can be used underwater.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    9mm Handgun (Glock Pistol)
    The 9mm handgun is the weapon of choice for all security guards. It only fires
    one bullet at a time and it can have 17 bullets per clip +250 bullets max. 9mm
    ammo is shared with the Military Issue Mp5 Semi-Automatic Machine Gun. The 9mm
    can be used underwater.
    The 9mm is really the most generically useful weapon you have. It works well
    in almost every situation. It isn't the most powerful weapon, but you do not
    have to reload as frequently as some of the other weapons, and it is very easy
    to find ammo for.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Hand Grenade
    The standard hand grenade is probably the most useful of the explosives you
    carry. You can hold up to 10 of them at any given time. Each grenade has a
    5-second delay.
    Grenades are great for one thing: tossing into areas that you cannot see into
    and therefore can't fire bullets, shells, etc. into. Grenades work great for
    clearing out areas around corners and for flushing soldiers out of hiding.
    (Soldiers will run when they hear the grenade touch down next to them.)
    Remember that grenades bounce off of walls and whatever else you throw them at.
    Note that they're not like the grenades in some other games that always
    instantly explode when they hit an enemy or breakable item; Mp5 grenades serve
    that purpose in Half-Life. Therefore, if you cannot reach an area from your
    current position, think about bouncing a grenade off of something (or even
    someone) to get it to where you want it to go.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    The double-barrel shotgun is a very powerful weapon, though it is not very
    accurate at a distance. It holds 8 bullets per clip +125 bullets max. It is
    not water-compatible. (Trying to use it underwater won't ruin it or its ammo;
    it just won't fire.)
    The double-barrel shotgun is best used for breaking through barriers quickly.
    Use it, for example, in Blast Pit when you want to break through the boarded-up
    passageways quickly. The shotgun is also a decent weapon for relatively close
    combat. Don't plan on sniping with it, though.
    First Sighting: Office Complex
    Mp5 Semi-Automatic Machine Gun (9mm Assault Rifle)
    The Mp5 is the weapon that most military soldiers carry throughout the game. It
    holds 50 bullet clips +250 bullets. Ammunition is shared with the 9mm handgun.
    The Mp5 also has a grenade launcher on it. It can hold up to 10 grenades at any
    given time. The grenades are not time-detonated. Rather, they detonate when
    they hit something -- and never bounce. The Mp5 does not work underwater.
    The Mp5 is the best all-around weapon. It is great for sniping from relatively
    long distances and it is great for up-close and personal combat. It can be used
    for breaking up boxes and triggering set tripmines from far away. Pay attention
    to your ammo, though, as you can run through a 50 bullet clip in a very short
    amount of time. If you find yourself in a bind and have to reload, launch Mp5
    grenades to take care of any nearby attackers while you are reloading (or dodge
    and hide if you have sufficient cover).
    First Sighting: "We've Got Hostiles"
    .357 Magnum
    The .357 is a basic pistol. It is very powerful and it usually takes out most
    aliens or soldiers in one or two shots, even on Difficult level. It holds 6
    bullets internally and fires at a rate of one bullet per mouse-click. The .357
    cannot be used underwater.
    It takes quite a bit of time to reload the .357. It also produces a strong
    kickback when fired. Hence, the .357 is a good choice for single shots and for
    still shots, especially if you're sneak-shooting an enemy who hasn't seen you
    yet. As for fighting in combat, the .357 is not the best choice of weapon.
    First Sighting: Blast Pit
    Laser Tripmine
    The tripmine is basically a trap. You can carry up to 5 tripmines at any given
    time. You can only set a tripmine when you are near the surface that you want
    to set the mine on.
    The tripmine is especially useful for the smarter enemies like soldiers,
    assassins, alien slaves, and alien grunts. Any enemy that might chase or search
    for you will fall for your trap. Not to say other enemies will not, but
    ironically, the smarter the enemy, the more likely they will walk into a
    You might also want to use tripmines as controlled explosives. For example,
    set a few tripmines on a large metal door that needs to be blown open. Move
    far away and target one of them. Shoot it out and all of the tripmines should
    detonate, creating a massive explosion.
    First Sighting: Blast Pit
    C4 Satchel
    The C4 satchel is a controlled explosive. You can carry 5 of them at once.
    Satchels detonate by a remote control that you carry. You first drop a satchel,
    which brings up the remote control. Click again to detonate the satchel. You
    can also set up a series of satchels by pressing the secondary attack key after
    tossing the first satchel. Pressing the detonator then will blow up all the
    ones you threw at once.
    The C4 satchel is a very cool trap. It is very powerful. The satchel will
    remain dormant until you detonate it, no matter what. It can't be blown up by
    bullets or other explosives. Also, you don't have to have a direct line of
    sight in order to detonate it. You could, for example, drop one on an elevator,
    send the elevator up, and then detonate it to take care of whatever might be
    waiting at the top.
    First Sighting: On a Rail
    Tranquilizer Crossbow
    The tranquilizer crossbow accepts 5-dart clips +50 darts max. It can be used
    The crossbow is the best sniping weapon in the game. Switch into the sniping
    option with the secondary attack key to maximize precision. The tranquilizers
    will usually take out a soldier or alien slave with one shot, no matter where
    you hit them or what difficulty level you're playing on. Therefore, a shot in
    the foot might down a G.I. more quickly than a shot to the head. Pay close
    attention to your ammo, though. There are not that many tranquilizer clips in
    the game and it takes quite a while to load darts and even more time to reload
    a clip.
    Also note that if you load a saved game while the crossbow's sniper scope is
    on, then it will remain on no matter what weapon you have readied. However,
    this can be inconvenient, so either ready the crossbow and hit the secondary
    fire button a couple of times, or just quit and rerun the entire game.
    First Sighting: Apprehension
    Snarks are little aliens that you get to deploy somewhat like grenades. They
    run around searching for anything living. Once prey is found, they swarm on it
    until they either kill it or expire. You can carry up to 15 snarks.
    Snarks are great for disturbing squads of soldiers. Let some run loose in a
    military outpost or command center while you're hiding nearby and they will do
    most of the work. Watch out for snarks yourself, though. Once they are released
    they will attack anything, including you. Snarks will expire and explode
    after 10 seconds or so.
    First Sighting: Questionable Ethics
    Experimental Gauss Gun (Tao Cannon)
    The gauss gun is an experimental weapon that fires a powerful laser that
    incinerates whatever it comes in contact with. It is based on
    chemical/nuclear-batteries that come in protective boxes. Power is based on
    percentage values. Therefore, you have a max of 100 percent power with no
    reloading required. Battery power is shared with the experimental egon gun.
    The gauss gun is particularly cool because of its particle effects. You can
    fire in a rapid-fire mode, which rapidly fires the laser beam at your target,
    sending off glowing embers. The power-up mode (hold down the secondary attack
    key) is very powerful. It takes about 12 percent of your battery power to fully
    power up the gauss gun. A powered-up shot will instantly atomize all but the
    most powerful enemies. Be careful, though; if you try to hold the power-up
    charge too long without releasing it, the gauss gun will backfire and cause
    severe damage to you.
    First Sighting: Questionable Ethics
    Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG)
    The RPG works only with single rockets at a time, +5 rockets max. It cannot be
    used underwater.
    The RPG is probably the coolest and the most powerful weapon in Half-Life. It
    has two modes that you can switch between by hitting the secondary fire key.
    The first is a straightforward (dumb-fire) launch of a rocket-propelled grenade.
    Aim and fire, and no matter where your sights move to, the rocket will hit its
    original target.
    The other fire mode is a laser-guided launch, where a laser directs the
    targeting of the rocket even after it's been launched. Hence, if you target a
    moving enemy, fire and track the laser sight along the path of the enemy so
    that the rocket intercepts him when it gets within range. Be careful of firing
    a rocket at something close to you; the explosions can do severe damage. It's
    because of this and the scarcity of rocket ammo that you should save all of
    your rockets for big targets like military helicopters and tanks.
    First Sighting: Surface Tension
    Hornet Gun (Hivehand)
    The hornet gun is the standard weapon of alien grunts. The weapon fits over
    your hand and is an actual nest of hornets. It holds up to 8 hornets at any
    given time and automatically regenerates hornets whenever they run out. In
    theory, you have infinite hornets at your disposal.
    The hornet gun is especially nice, as the hornets will track their prey around
    corners, up stairs, and through doorways. Hornets will also often hit enemies
    on the other sides of closed doors and walls. All you have to do is aim them
    in your enemy's general vicinity and the hornets will do their best to
    contribute to your success. The hornets themselves will do quite a bit of
    damage when they hit.
    The hornet gun's secondary attack mode is also useful, since it very quickly
    fires hornets in a straight line. It won't track enemies, but this mode is
    useful for blowing up explosive containers at a distance, and can kill an
    enemy more quickly than the regular fire mode can if you fire straight at him.
    First Sighting: Surface Tension
    Experimental Egon Gun
    The Egon gun, like its companion the gauss gun, is very powerful. It fires a
    concentrated electrical beam at a target. It runs on battery power that can be
    collected from small yellow-and-gray containers. Battery power is out of 100%
    and there is no need to reload.
    The Egon gun is powerful enough to disable entire groupings of enemies.
    Anything that runs through or is hit by the beam loses a lot of life. Therefore
    if you have quite a swarm around you, grab your Egon gun and start circling.
    You receive this weapon late in the game, but there are still several times
    when it's the best weapon for the job.
    First Sighting: Lambda Core
                                    3.5  Enemies
    Headcrabs are the simplest enemy that will do damage to you. They make an odd
    screaming noise and lunge at your head and upper torso. If they are able to
    kill their victim, headcrabs will latch on and assume control of the victim's
    body, effectively turning him into a zombie. Headcrabs are simple to deal with.
    Avoid their lunges and drop about 3 shots into their main body to get rid of
    One way to kill headcrabs without using any ammo is to strafe out of the way
    when they leap at you, then quickly run up to them and whack them with the
    crowbar. They can't jump backwards or sideways, and it takes them awhile to
    turn in place and prepare for another jump.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Zombies (Hybrids, Mawmen)
    A zombie is the end-product of a head crab’s efforts. Zombies are much more
    powerful than headcrabs, but they can never be as fast. Zombies are very slow,
    so you can easily out-maneuver them. Their main form of combat is a two-slash
    combination attack, which can be very dangerous. Avoid any attacks and aim for
    the head. Zombies will usually go down in two or three shots from the shotgun.
    To kill a zombie with the crowbar, run up to him and whack him once, then back
    off quickly. If he starts his slow two-arm swing attack, move in as soon as he
    swings his second arm and get in two or three good whacks before retreating.
    If he uses his faster attack, you should only risk one crowbar hit after it.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Houndeyes are small, puppy-like creatures that curiously bounce around you.
    Once they get close enough, they will give off a shrill scream and fire a
    crippling sonic burst at you. Houndeyes tend to attack in packs. Be careful
    not to fall for their rather clever little traps.
    Quite often, a single houndeye will approach, maybe fire off a sonic burst,
    and then run away. If you chase him, you might find yourself in the good
    company of an entire group of houndeyes. Just be on the alert and pay attention
    to seemingly simple situations. Houndeyes will usually die after a single
    shotgun blast. If a houndeye is powering up his sonic burst, aim for him first.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Alien Slaves (Vortigaunts)
    Alien slaves are the first real bipedal opponents. They are the first to act
    in true squads and are the first to really try to outsmart you. They will run
    away from weapon fire, they will hide behind doorways and in shadows, they will
    try and draw you into traps, and they will search for you.
    They can fight hand-to-hand with a powerful slashing attack, and they have a
    very powerful electrical discharge that can quickly cut your health and armor
    down. The electrical bolt that they fire requires them to conjure up enough
    power before firing. Be sure to target whichever alien slave is furthest into
    his power-up. One or two shotgun blasts will usually take care of an alien
    A note for Difficult-level players is that the slaves' power-up time is cut in
    half, allowing them to fire much faster.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Bullchickens (Bullsquids)
    Bullchickens are probably the most unpredictable creatures you will meet in the
    game. They can charge and attack you up close, or they can fire a glob of
    corrosive mucus at you from a distance. Sometimes, bullchickens will remain
    oblivious to you until you get really close or fire at them. Sometimes they
    will just fire their green mucus at you. Other times they will charge you for
    no reason other than to spit at you up close or throw you around with their
    facial tentacles.
    Occasionally, bullchickens will deal with other aliens or humans before getting
    to you. Two to three shotgun blasts to the main body mass of a bullchicken
    will kill it.
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Barnacles are the quiet killers. They attach themselves above any route of
    travel, be it room or cavern. A long grey tongue hangs down from their toothed
    jaws. If an unsuspecting victim stumbles into one of their tongues, the tongue
    latches on and drags the victim up and into the jaws of the barnacle. One or
    two shotgun blasts to the mouth will kill a barnacle. The tongue does not pose
    a threat after the barnacle is dead.
    If you do get caught in a barnacle's tongue, try to free yourself before you
    get pulled up too high. If you do reach the jaws of the barnacle, switch to
    the crowbar and start beating the barnacle until he lets go. Hopefully you will
    survive the fall. (Remember that falling any distance into any amount of water
    never hurts you.)
    First Sighting: Unforeseen Consequences
    Military Turrets
    These are automated target-seeking machines that the military has set around
    for automated defense. They can't walk around, but they can swivel 360 degrees.
    hey start out dormant, but activate and scan for targets when you (or someone
    else) walk through their red laser alarm beam, brush up against them, or start
    damaging them.
    The best way to take one of these things out is to shoot it in the leg or in
    the top of its "head" while keeping something solid between you and it so that
    it can't shoot you. Bouncing a grenade around a corner also works well.
    First Sighting: "We've Got Hostiles"
    Soldiers (Marines, Grunts)
    Soldiers are the most versatile enemies in the game. They can have a variety
    of weapons. Generally, soldiers carry Mp5's and standard issue grenades. Some
    soldiers carry shotguns and some carry Mp5 grenades in addition to their Mp5
    machine gun. Occasionally, soldiers will have special or mounted weapons such
    as rocket launching platforms; high-powered, floor-mounted machine-guns; and
    Soldiers will always work in squads. They will cover vast amounts of terrain
    looking for you. They know where to look and how to sneak up on you. Once they
    find you, they will work to out-flank you by breaking apart into two groups,
    to flush you out of hiding by banking grenades around corners, and to get into
    those hard to reach areas by rapelling out of helicopters. Soldiers will duck
    in and out of cover and they will watch, listen, and react to anything that
    occurs. They make for some very interesting opponents.
    You tend to have much more health than the average soldier does, so you will
    almost always win a face-to-face firefight against a single soldier. Be careful
    when you are dealing with entire squads, though. Always concentrate fire on a
    single soldier until he goes down. Don't try spraying the entire squad; you
    will waste a lot of ammo and only do a little damage. Any weapon will work,
    but the Mp5 will generally be the best bet, as it takes a bit of fire power to
    kill a soldier, and you want to do so quickly.
    First Sighting: "We've Got Hostiles"
    Giant Tentacles
    Giant tentacles are one of the most dangerous enemies you will meet. They have
    very sharp "beaks" that they pierce flesh with. They attack anything living or
    moving in their respective areas. The only advantages that you have are that
    they're rooted to one spot and that they can only hear their prey nearby; they
    can't see.
    Hence, moving past tentacles is just a matter of staying quiet. Use the walk
    modifier or crouch-walk to avoid detection. Toss grenades to distract the
    tentacles away from you. Conventional weapons will only make tentacles sink
    into the ground very briefly. You need to find an alternate method to destroy
    tentacles permanently in the one case where you have to destroy a tentacle to
    progress in the game.
    First Sighting: Blast Pit
    Gargantuas are huge, powerful aliens that are almost solid armor. They mainly
    fire pyrotechnic bolts at you. These bolts will quickly eat away at your
    health, so don't go close to one unless you have to. Also watch out for the
    red globs of energy that gargantuas can fire at you from a distance.
    Gargantuas do not react to generic weapon fire except to become angrier. You
    can blow up a Gargantua with hand grenades if you have enough, but it takes 9
    or 10 even on Easy difficulty. You basically need to dodge gargantuas until
    you can find an alternate method of destroying them.
    First Sighting: Power Up
    Larvae (Hagworms, Leeches)
    Larvae are a very basic form of alien, and look like small wriggly worms. They
    reside solely in water and they tend to attack in small swarms. A single
    crowbar swipe will destroy a larva. You do not have to worry too much about
    larvae except when they swarm on you.
    First Sighting: Power Up
    Ichthyosaurs are very much like sharks. They reside solely in water, though
    they tend to skim the surface as they pace around their environment.
    Ichthyosaurs attack with their jaws, but not until they circle you at least
    once. Once they hit you, you will become disoriented, so try not to let them
    get close.
    You can kill an ichthyosaur from safely on shore by firing at it with your Mp5,
    shotgun, or whatever whenever you see it swimming on the surface. If you ever
    have to kill one while in the water with it, use the crossbow, as it was made
    for that sort of thing. If the ichthyosaur is a considerable distance from you,
    use the targeting sight and fire a bit below the beast (a necessary adjustment
    when sniping underwater).
    First Sighting: Apprehension
    Military Assassins
    Military assassins can be very difficult. They are quite stealthy, quick, and
    precise. They will usually see you before you see them. You will never be able
    to get close enough to them to fight up close. They will back flip out of your
    reach the second you try it.
    Instead of chasing after them, find some relative cover and listen for their
    footsteps. Wait for them to approach and then fire an Mp5 grenade or just fire
    at them until they go down. Watch for the flash of light given off by their
    weapons in order to locate them in darker areas. You will only have to deal
    with assassins twice in the game, but they can be very quick and agile, making
    them very difficult to kill.
    Note that on Difficult level, assassins have a cloaking device they can use to
    make them even harder to track.
    First Sighting: Apprehension
    Alien Grunts (Xen Soldiers)
    Alien grunts are the powerhouse alien fighters. They carry hornet guns that
    they put to good use firing around corners and up stairwells. Alien grunts are
    very powerful creatures, and it takes quite a bit to take one out.
    Aim for the head of an alien grunt to maximize damage. They wear body armor on
    most of their body that protects them from damage. Alien grunts work in squads
    and are excellent trackers. They will search you out and find you once they
    know you are nearby. Listen for their footsteps to help you figure out exactly
    where they are.
    First Sighting: Questionable Ethics
    Alien Controllers (Xen Masters)
    Alien controllers are perhaps the most annoying aliens you will meet. They
    attack in swarms, flying around and unleashing strings of glowing orbs that
    can do a bit of damage. Try to keep track of where the controllers actually
    are. This can be difficult, as the glowing orbs can block your view and
    disorient you.
    Try to concentrate on one controller at a time rather than worrying about all
    of the controllers around you. Work on weakening the swarm of controllers
    until you have defeated them entirely. Any weapon works well, but the Mp5 is
    very useful in taking them out since it's usually easy to follow their flight
    path with it and riddle them with bullets. The Egon gun can be even more
    effective with large groups of controllers that you have to take down fast.
    First Sighting: Lambda Core
                                 04)  Walkthrough
    ***note*** this guide assumes that you are playing on the medium difficulty
    level.  Other difficulty levels will differ slightly in the amount of enemies
    and other factors.
                             4.1  Anomalous Materials
    When you begin you will start out in a tram car.  This will take you past
    various locations in the Black Mesa facility.  Eventually it will stop and a
    security guard will come to open the door for you.  Exit the tram and wait at
    the door for the security guard to open it for you.  Go past the security
    desk where you find out that you are needed for some type of experiment.
    Anyway follow the green line on the wall to the locker room where you can get
    your Hazardous Environment Suit, HEV.  Press the middle button on the control
    panel in front of it to open the chamber.  In the locker room you can open
    the locker that says Freeman. Get the power module and go out of the locker
    room and follow the green line until you see the blue line.  Follow that to a
    door where a security guard will open the door for you. Follow the blue line
    on either side and get into the elevator.
    Follow the corridor until you see a group of scientists.  They will talk to
    you for a moment about the experiment.  Eventually one of them will walk over
    to the other door and use the retinal scanner to allow you access to the next
    corridor.  Follow it until you get to an elevator and eventually you will get
    to a small room.  The scientists will talk to you again and give you some more
    information.  You will be handling a rare and very unstable "sample".  Oh,
    don't worry "nothing will go wrong."  Well...not really.
    Enter the chamber and follow the instructions of the scientists.  Climb up
    the ladder and press the button on the control panel to start the "anti-mass
    spectrometer".  Go back down and wait by the cage for the sample to arrive.
    Uh-oh there is a small discrepancy in the system, you know what happens next.
    Well, push the sample into the beam and let the shit hit the fan.  You will
    see some freaky scenes (well, maybe I'm just a wuss...okay I am!) with aliens
    but you better get used to it, you're going to see a lot of them for the rest
    of the game.
                           4.2  Unforseen Consequences
    Exit the test chamber to find the facility in disarray.  Shed a tear for the
    fallen heroes if you wish.  Now retrace your steps back until you get to a
    room that overlooks the test chamber, the one in which the scientists talked
    to you.  Now wait until a green beam crashes through the window and then duck
    under it or run past between bursts.  Follow the path until you get to an
    elevator door  get your first weapon of the game, the crowbar.  Now open the
    door and watch the people in the elevator plunge to their deaths.  Climb down
    the ladder and get the power pack.  Climb back up and go all the way up where
    you will see a Barney fighting an alien.  Use the crowbar to smash the alien
    and get the pistol from the fallen Barney if he died, if he didn't smash him
    a few times and he will drop it.
    Walk up the corridor and you will see an alien walking at you.  Use either
    the crowbar or the pistol, but the crowbar is the best course of action as it
    uses no ammo.  If you want to go back to the locker room there is pistol ammo
    and a power pack.  Go to the security desk.  You will see a small hole  on
    the wall, crawl through it and kill the two headcrabs.  Jump up onto the
    angled platform on the other side of the room and crawl through the small
    duct.  Get out your pistol and shoot the bullhounds as they come at you.  Go
    to the left and you will find two more bullhounds.  The room they came out of
    has a first aid station.
    Go forward and open the door to the right.  There is a headcrab here.  Follow
    his until you come to a ladder, go up until you can just see over the edge.
    See those silver cylinders?  Guess what they do...that's right they explode!
    Fire a bullet into one of them to trigger the explosion, that will kill
    anything in the room.  Go to the right once you get off the ladder and get the
    scientist to follow you.  Go on the walkways until you see another explosive
    cylinder fire a bullet at the creature near the back of the room to make him
    stand up, now you can either empty your clip into him or you can wait for him
    to get near the explosive cylinder  and fire a bullet into it.  But make sure
    that you are standing as far away from it as possible.  Anyway, let the
    scientist open the door with the retinal scanner and get all the ammo inside.
    Use the first aid station if you need to.
    Retrace your steps out of the room and go back to where you were when you
    killed the bull hounds, go farther into the corridor.  You should hear the
    sound of something being teleported to a location near you, if you wait a
    while you can shoot the vile creature but if you move quickly enough you won't
    have to use your ammo.  When you near a dumpster you should see a scientist
    poking his head out of it.  Behind the dumpster is a first aid station.  See
    the small hole in the floor near the barred section?  Yes, of course you do.
    Look down into the hole and shoot the headcrab.  Now look past the bars and
    there should be another alien there, shoot him so that you won't have to deal
    with him later.  Anyway drop down and now the directions that I give you
    correspond to how they would be if you had dropped down facing the bars.  Go
    left, right, right, right, left, left.  See the small wheel? turn it and the
    tunnels will fill with water.  Now turn around and find a small hole in the
    roof, make sure it isn't the one you just entered.  When you come out you
    should be on the other side of the bars.
    Follow the tunnel until you get into a large room, go up the walkways and you
    should see a lever.  Press it and the lift should tart moving, go down and
    jump onto the elevator before it gets too far below you.  Wait until it gets
    near the bottom. Fight off the headcrabs as they come down, most will fall off
    but some will stay, so get out your crowbar and waste them.  When it gets near
    the bottom throw a grenade down there to kill most of the headcrabs.  Use the
    crowbar to kill anything that remains.  Thee is a first aid station to the right
    of the elevator.  Break open the boxes to find some ammo.  Follow the path to
    the catwalk and stop just before you get on it.  An alien will spawn destroying
    the bridge.  You will have to find another way around.  Look to the right and
    jump onto the pipes.
    Follow the pipes until you see a small vent opening on the right.  Smash it
    open with the crowbar and follow it to the SECOND opening in the floor.  Smash
    it and smash open the crates for several power cells.  Open the door and go down
    the ladder.  Open the door take out any aliens around.  Jump into the sewage
    canal and swim to the left.  Follow it until you end up by a first aid station.
    Use it if you need to.  Open the door and open the next door.  Follow the
    passage to a large room with hanging crates.
    Climb up the ladders and hop onto the first crate.  Hop from crate to crate
    until you get to the end.  I suggest that you quick-save after you land on each
    one.  Follow the path corridor to a door, open it and follow that corridor to
    a ladder.  Climb it and follow that to another door.  Open it and you should
    find yourself on the other side of the large gap. follow the corridor to an
    elevator.  Get on and start it.
                            4.3  Office Complex
    Get out of the elevator and you will meet a gruesome scene.  There is a
    scientist being eaten by a creature in the ceiling and an electrical wire is
    sending body parts flying.  To the left of the elevator is a couple of headcrabs,
    shoot them and break open the vent on the right.  Enter it and go to the right.
    Break open the cover and enter the room.  Be careful not to stray near the
    barnacles.  There is a power switch in the small room. Open it and shut the
    power off.
    Exit the room through the doors and go past where you first broke into the
    vent.  Follow the hallway until you get to an area with a lot of boxes.  Break
    through them to get to the other side.  There is a headcrab just past the last
    box, be careful.  Grab the shotgun from the case and walk towards the Barney.
    A monster will attack him, help him and he will let you in once the monster is
    dead.  Grab all the ammo you can and get the med pack and power cell from the
    area below.  Get Barney to follow you.  Head back and you should see a small
    room with water on the floor.
    Enter the room and quickly get to the other side on the left to the power
    switch to stop the electrical current.  Use the first aid station if you need
    to and bash open the vent.  Some headcrabs will come through, kill them and
    enter the vent.  Crawl under the fan.  When you come out you will fall through
    the ceiling.  Open the door so that barney can come through and help you with
    the headcrabs.  Push the crates together so that you can jump up onto a ladder.
    Get onto the  platform and you should fall through the roof to another level
    just below.  Kill the headcrab.  Follow the vent to the end but don't just yet
    enter the room.  You will see a gun of some sort slaughter everything in the
    room.  Wait until all is dead and wait until you hear the sound of a machine
    retracting.  Quickly exit the vent and duck behind a box.  Stay crouched and
    push the box to the end of the room and you should see a small switch.  Pull it
    and the gun should stop.  Go into the small room at the back and get ammo for
    the pistol and the shotgun.
    Toss a grenade into the hallway to kill a group of about seven headcrabs. Go up
    the stairs.  Get Barney to follow you, get out your shotgun and be prepared to
    kill fast.  This area is infested with voltigores.  Quickly go through and
    blast them quickly.  Some will spawn in different areas and you will have to
    reload several times.  Make sure that you take cover when you do this or else
    you will die quite quickly.  Try to use double shots this will kill them with a
    direct hit.  There is a first aid station midway through and a health pack on a
    desk.  When you exit there will be another health station by the scientist.
    Be sure to go around or shoot the barnacle.
    Go up the stairs and run all the way up.  Stop beneath the sentry gun and
    reload if you need to.  Kill the madman in the hallway and reload again, there
    are two voltigores here.  Reload again and continue on.  Kill the Mawmen and
    enter the door, use the first aid station of you need to.  Get the security guard
    to follow you and go into the door here.  Have Barney shoot the headcrabs that
    fall through the ceiling.  Smash the wooden planks that are across the doorway
    and kill the Mawmen and go into the freezer room.  Go through and kill all the
    enemies.  Get the ammo and somewhere you should find a switch with a red light.
    Use it this will start a platform moving overhead.
    Go back into where you first entered and climb up the ladder.  Do a duck jump
    into the vent shaft after you have smashed the cover.  Follow it until you get
    to an edge by the area where the platform is crossing.  Wait for it to move in
    front of you and quickly step on.  Smash the crates on it and collect the power
    cells.  Get into the vent on the other side.  Follow this until you get to a
    room with vents and barnacles all over the place.  Make your way up and be
    careful not to fall within the clutches of any barnacles.  One shotgun blast to
    the mouth on each will do, to be safe.
    Get into the vent and follow it until you get to another vent covering, you
    should see a 2 Barney's and a scientist, get out of the vent and turn to where
    the scientist ran, see the mawman coming around the corner?   Well, shoot it
    already!  Go through the door.  Wait a minute...I was just here!  Yes, you
    were.  Follow the passages to a place with a fan.  Climb up the ladder and wait
    for the fan to turn to a place where one of the blades has broken off.  Jump
    through to the other side.
    Now follow the corridors until you get to a room where a zombie is trying to
    break through the glass above the floor.   A scientist should jump through the
    window.  Kill the zombies and proceed to collect the ammo in the two rooms.
    Now go to the open elevator shaft.  Jump across to the ladder and climb up all
    the way until you are on top of an elevator car.  Break the panel on the top
    and jump in, press the button to open the doors.
                             4.4  We've got hostiles
    When the doors open you will see a scientist frantically trying to reach the
    security guard in the other room, but he will get attacked by a madman.  Ignore
    the scientist and he will go get himself killed, which is to your benefit,
    although it seems sick to say.  For now just charge up your suit and health
    and proceed to where the scientist was killed.
    Run through the trip wires and quickly duck behind a box.  Kill the two
    headcrabs that spawn and then push the box so that you can get close to the
    turret without getting harmed.  Jump out from behind it and quickly pump a
    shotgun shell into the top part of it.  Now break open the boxes if you wish
    for a power cell.  Head crabs will spawn one at a time so get out of here
    before you waste a lot of ammo.
    Jump over the tripmine and crouch under the next one.  Kill the two voltiguants
    and recharge your health if you need to.  Proceed down the hall.  Use grenades
    to take out the next two turrets.  Throw one right between them for maximum
    efficiency.  Now there are two turrets on the other side of the green crates.
    You can get one trough a crack with a double blast from the shotgun.  The other
    is taken care of with a grenade toss over the crates.  Now break the glass on
    the blast door, as headcrabs will spawn near you and thus saving you ammo as
    they get caught on the other side.  Now jump over the crates and slowly proceed
    over the floor because the floor is wet.  Now as you come around the corner
    issue two double blasts from the shotgun into the turrets, on each.
    Use the health station if you need to and now proceed into the next room.  A
    scientist will run to the marine and the marine will attack the scientist.
    Well, that wasn't polite!  Anyway he will attack you too as you are a scientist
    too.  So dispatch him with the shotgun and grab his ammo and gun, get on the
    elevator and turn around.  More marines will attack you when you come out so
    quickly dispatch them all and proceed through to the next corridor, near the
    top.  There is also a health station on the top level, use it if you need to.
    This next room is also swarming with marines so kill them all and proceed.
    These marines will use grenades a lot so be extra careful.  Use the health
    station and get on the elevator labeled "Surface Access".  Now you will hear
    explosions and there is a helicopter flying around, from which many marines
    are descending.  Run to the bunker in the center of the area killing any
    marines that you may encounter, get on the ladder and climb down.
    Get whatever you need from the HEV and health stations and go out the door here
    two marines will rappel into the shaft and fire at you.  Kill them and go down
    the ladders to the big vent shaft at the bottom.  Enter it and you will find a
    large fan at the end.  The first and second shafts don't contain much only some
    ammo and a health station and they also threw in a headcrab just for fun in the
    first one.  Unless you need ammo or health drop down on the right side,
    diagonally from where the ladder is.  Enter the shaft on the bottom and proceed
    forward, you will find that you did a complete circle from where this part
    started.  Anyway listen to the scientist's advice and open the silo access door
    Get anything that is left from the HEV and health stations and proceed down the
                                    4.5  Blast Pit
    Smash your way past the crates and you will find a bullsquid and two headcrabs,
    kill them all and proceed into the small control center at the top of the ramp,
    a headcrab will come at you from behind here so watch out.  Push the lever and
    look to your right.  A mawman is breaking through the steel door, give him a
    double blast in the chest with the shotgun and go down to the elevator that
    you activated earlier.  Get on and push the button to move it.
    Get on the rail car and activate it by pressing the USE button and then
    accelerate by pressing W up to 4 times for different speeds.  Crouch and stay
    behind the control panel until you are accelerating towards a concrete stop.
    When your tram hits it you will be flung out towards a group of boxes.  Try to
    land on one of them in order to prevent a loss of life from the toxic waste
    pool.  Kill the bullsquid shooting at you and jump towards the other side of
    the pool.  Climb the ladder and get into the pipe.  Follow it to another
    opening.  Duck-jump out and shoot the bullsquid here.  Take the top pipe and
    jump to the pipes that extend away from the pipe that you were in.  Now kill
    the bullsquid in the toxic pool below and get a running start to get on the
    platform below.  Grab any health packs and power cells that you need and follow
    the corridor ahead.
    Jump onto the pipe and follow it until you get to another pipe that goes
    towards the platform in the middle, jump onto it and kill the bullsquid below.
    Jump on the elevator and proceed upwards by pressing the button.
    Get off the elevator and look right, shoot the bullsquid in the ass and get
    onto the walkway.  Oh, look, the houndeyes want to play!  You know what to do.
    Dispatch them and proceed ahead.  Of you shoot the containers by the green
    houndeye you will blow out part of the bridge and you will have to jump over a
    large gap.  So unless you want to do the previously mentioned shoot the
    houndeye itself and then take out the headcrabs.  Grab the health packs to the
    right if you need to.  Enter the silo door and turn the lever.
    Immediately a mawman will come at you and you'll have to shoot him.  Do so and
    proceed forward.  Hey, what's that noise?  Walk forward and you will see a
    scientist running around, he will be attacked by a big, worm-like creature
    with a beak.  Anyway, you will see a button that says "Test Fire".  It is
    broken so guess what you get to do, that's right you get to fix it.  Now push
    the button if you want but it won't work, just like I said, proceed down the
    corridor and look up.  Shoot the barnacle and climb up the ladder.  You will
    see a Barney.  He'll say, "Be quiet, it can hear you."  Now turn the corner and
    watch the other Barney get smashed by the giant tentacle.  Now, get out your
    grenades and you will need to throw a few here.  crouch and walk all the way
    through this part.
    Throw a grenade towards the boxes by the ladder once you are down to the next
    level.  The boxes should explode and the tentacles will come and bash the area.
    Now look to the next level see the opening with the boards over it?  Throw a
    grenade there to open it up.  Now get on the ladder and climb down a level.
    Look down to the bottom level and throw a grenade towards the last boarded
    entrance.  Now go in through the entrance on this level.
    Open the silo entrance and shoot the mawman on the bridge.  Follow the corridor
    to a ladder.  At the bottom there are two mawmen.  Shoot them from above or use
    a precious grenade.  Go down the ladder and smash open the hatch.  Proceed down
    the ladder and you should find yourself in a tunnel with water on the floor.
    Stay on the pipe and go left at the fork.  Climb up the ladder and shoot the
    mawman at the top.  Grab some grenades from the side room and open the door
    ahead with the keypad.  Shoot the two mawmen and climb down the ladders.  Press
    the button down by the base of the large fan and immediately climb up past the
    swinging fan blades.
    When the fan reaches full speed, jump out over it, no I'm not crazy.  The wind
    will take you up to the top of the room, smash through the boards and get into
    the vent on the side.  Smash the opening and beware of the headcrab.  Proceed
    through the vent until you get to a room.  Shoot the mawmen and activate the
    fuel and oxygen lines.  Two lights should appear on the control panel.  Climb
    up the ladder and go out the door using the keypad.  Now exit the silo and go
    back to where the giant tentacles are.  Throw a grenade to distract them and
    climb down to the next opening.  When you enter it go to the right and shoot
    the mawman.
    Open the entrance to the silo.  Shoot the bullsquid and proceed to the hallway.
    Now when you get to the large open space move the metal crates on the floor to
    the water puddle that you passed and line them all up so that you could walk
    over them without touching the water.  You'll see why later.
    Press the button for the elevator, but do not get on the elevator, use the
    ladder to the right, the elevator will fall all the way down the shaft if you
    operate it.  Hop up on the railing and jump over to it.  Climb down and proceed
    past the scientist to the other big shaft.  Press the button on the platform
    and it will move you to the ladder on the other side.  Climb up, beware of the
    malfunctioning platform up here, do not get hit by it or you will die.  Climb
    up the ladder and press the button on the side of generator.  Ignore the
    scientist on top of the platform.  Push the button on the other side and the
    generator will activate.  The scientist will yell, "Oh dear!"  Well, he's
    screwed.  Proceed down the ladder and avoid the platform.  Go down to the next
    level and activate the platform to bring you back to the area with the
    scientist.  Climb up the ladder and get on the platform on top.  Jump to the
    top of the elevator and jump back down to the platform.
    When you head back you will see that the puddle of water that you saw is now
    electrified.  One touch would kill on contact.  Now aren't you glad you
    followed my advice?  Exit the silo and get back to the area with the giant
    tentacles.  Climb upwards to the top while distracting them with grenades.  Now
    go back to the room where the scientist was attacked.  Now since you activated
    all the systems th engine now works.  Now can you guess what we're gonna do?
    Have a barbeque!  I hope you like your meat well done!  Well push the button
    and watch the tentacles cook.
    Now go into the pit that the tentacles were in.  Make sure you land in the
    water.  Grab Barney's Magnum and swim down through the holes and up the side
    of it.  Now, if you need health, or HEV power grab some from the bottom of the
    ladder.  Get onto the pipes and follow them to a large gap in the pipes.  Jump
    over and spin the wheel.  Get in and follow it until it breaks and you fall
    into a room.  You will lose a bunch of health, but there is enough health packs
    in the crates to make up for it.  You will also get a few tripmines.  Follow
    the corridor down.
                                4.6  Power Up
    Run past the gargantua and into the hallway on the left, take the left fork and
    stop right where the bridge starts. When the bridge collapses, jump to the
    bottom and take out the headcrabs.  The ladder leads to a room with an injured
    Barney and an HEV station.  Go down the hall and kill whatever beings may lurk
    here, use the first aid station if you want to.  You will come to a marine
    behind a bunker which is conveniently located next to explosive crates.  You
    know what to do here.  Go through the area shooting the marines and you should
    eventually come to a set of winding stairs, go all the way down and you will
    come to a water filled basement, See the boxes blocking the generator?  Smash
    them with the crowbar and the generator should start.  Now go up one level
    after killing the mawman.  Push the button on the generator and a green light
    will show up.  Now go to the staircase and go up between the power surges.
    Now when you go back to the elevator you will see two marines descending.   Use
    an MP5 grenade and that should kill them both.  Now head back to the Gargantua,
    head into the corridor to the left, make the gargantua follow you, and press
    the power switch at the end.  The Gargantua should die a horrible and painful
    Get on the tram car and make it go to the switch track.  Now go back to the
    control room and pull the lever.  Get back on the tram car and proceed forward.
                                 4.7  On a Rail
    I hate this part.
    You will come to a Barney and he will tell you that you have to activate a
    rocket and more stuff.  Jump off the tram and pull the lever to raise the gate.
    Proceed forward.  You don't have to kill the barnacles on the ceiling ahead so
    save your ammo.  All I can say now is use your gun to change the direction by
    shooting the signs with the arrows.  Kill all the Marines and voltiguants.  Use
    the switches to lift up the gates and obstacles.
    Eventually you will come to an area that has two marines.  They'll start
    talking about you.  Use an MP5 grenade right in between them to shit them up.
    Now go through the blast doors.  Use MP5 grenades to blast the marines on the
    other side of the door.  When you go into the room you will see 3 trip wires.
    Push the long metal box to the other one so that you can climb up and go
    along the edge of the room, above the tripwires.  When you go through the door,
    use an MP5 grenade just around the corner to get two marines.  Now go into
    the control center and push the "Launch" button.  When the launch stops go back
    the way you came and use the first aid station of you need to.  Go through the
    blast doors and to the left, go down the ladder and get all the ammo.  Get on
    the tram and proceed.
                                 4.8  Apprehension
    Get off the Tram car after the corner and let it keep going.  It will crash
    over the water pit.  Kill the marines. Eventually in the water pit some barrels
    will float up making a bridge.  Cross it and kill the two mawmen.  Use the
    first aid station and go to the other side of the water pit.  Jump in the water
    and swim along the corridor, enter the side room for air.  When you come to a
    room with bars on the windows go into the other opening in the wall opposite the
    door.  You will come to a room with a large pool of water and then you'll see a
    scientist get eaten by some kind of shark creature.  Go to the ladder and the
    scientist will tell you to get the crossbow.  Use the HEV and health stations
    and then drop into the shark cage from above.  It will fall eventually and then
    you can take safe shots from inside the cage.
    When he is dead go into the small tunnel that has to be opened by turning the
    wheel, it will take you to a room with a large amount of barnacles.  When you
    smash the boxes two voltiguants will spawn and will attack you promptly.  Kill
    them with the shotgun and go into the next room, another pool of water, but
    this time it has two ichthyosaurs.  Well when they come up to the surface you
    can shoot them or if you prefer a  more direct approach you can jump in the
    water and see what you can do before they kill you.
    Now jump through the hole in the fence.  Swim through the passage and you'll
    find yourself in a room with 3 vertical structures, climb up the ladder and go
    to the control center, activate the machinery and kill the bullsquids while you
    are waiting.  Now jump from each platform until you get across the room. Now
    proceed forward.  Kill the three voltiguants and the headcrab and the scientist
    will open the door.  Remember to recharge your HEV suit.  Enter the freezer.
    Run like mad through the freezer because it is frigid, ignore the enemies as
    best you can and eventually you should find a ladder go down.  Kill the three
    voltiguants and watch for the one behind you.  You will find an elevator.  Go
    Uh, oh!  Looks like somebody is here to get you.  Hmmm, what are those
    footsteps?  They are from the military assassins.  These are fast little
    mothers.  You can either use MP5 grenades when they get close to you or you can
    fire at them with the normal fire, but that takes a lot of ammo.  There are
    three that you have to kill.  When they are all dead go up to the top platform
    and pull the surface access switch.  You'll see a first aid station, go to it
    and the screen will go black.  Listen to the cut scene.
    When you come to, you'll find yourself amid some boxes.  Then the walls will
    start closing in on you.  It's a giant trash compactor!  Well, you'll have to
    jump up using the boxes and then crouch and go onto the small ledge.  Wait for
    the compactor to stop and cross the room via the top of the walls.  Get the
    crowbar to the left and go down into the pipe on the floor.
                             4.9  Residue Proceeding
    Exit the pipe and go to the right.  Two headcrabs will spawn, so eliminate
    them and proceed onward.  Turn the wheel on the side of the tower and climb up
    the ladder quickly.  Drop down onto the descending platform and crawl into the
    pipe when it stops.  Get out and follow the Barney he will get eaten by a
    barnacle and he will drop his 9mm handgun pick it up.  Go down the stairs ahead
    after shooting the barnacle and use the HEV station, watch the two headcrabs
    under the stairs.  Go back to where you first saw Barney.  Climb up the ladder
    and jump from chunk to chunk to get into the vent.  Follow the vent until you
    get to another area with tanks.  Jump on the moving platforms to get to the
    vent on the other side if the room, to the vent, follow the pipe that you are
    on and jump to the next pipe at the last possible moment.  Follow it and get
    on the conveyor belt in the next room.
    Drop into the pool of water and swim under the opening in the wall.  Jump out
    and pass this next obstacle and get back in the water.  Follow the passage and
    swim down.  Crouch and swim under the obstacle that is spinning up ahead.  Go
    to the right to use the first aid station, otherwise continue ahead.  Get out
    of the water and grab the Magnum shoot the bullsquid and if you need to use
    the first aid station.  Go to the room next tot he smashers and pull the leer
    to reverse the direction of the middle belt if you plan on using that one.  Now
    this gets a little tricky.  Press the switch in the room with the Barney and
    hop on the conveyor belt to bring you past the mashers before you get squashed
    when they start up again.
    Hop onto the double belt and let it take you to some hazardous machinery.  Make
    your way past them and hop onto the single belt that moves towards your right.
    Get on the belt that moves to your left and shoot out the tripmine before you
    hit it.  This also contains another tripmine, but you have to shoot it out
    quite close to yourself, this will take away about 10 life points.  Now , when
    you get to the end of this one do not drop straight down, move off to the side.
    Drop down onto the conveyor belt in between mashes.  Run and jump onto the
    ladder.  Climb up and proceed through the corridor.
                             4.10  Questionable Ethics
    Smash the grating and throw a satchel up on top.  Detonate it to kill a bunch
    of houndeyes.  When you get out be prepared to kill anything that remains.  Go
    into the next room.  When the alien grunt breaks through the glass kill him
    with 3 shots with the magnum.  Smash the cover over the button to open the door
      Now you'll see a group of headcrabs that are contained within a cage.  Move
    to the control center and push the button.  Mwahaha!!  Now kill the marine who
    came to investigate the noise.  Take his MP5 and go into the reception area with
    Barney following you.
    Kill the marines and proceed through the tunnels when you get to a lab with
    trip mines shoot them and hide.  Wait for the battle to end and wipe up the
    survivors.  Now proceed upwards and kill the marines after the battle is done.
    Activate all the power switches to turn on the lasers.  When you turn on the
    one by the explosive crates there will be a conversation that goes like this,
    Barney - "What's this?"
    Scientist - "Put that down its still experimental."
    Barney - "Whoa!  Why aren't we using this?"
    Scientist - "It's much too unpredictable.  Don't let it overcharge!!"
    Both - "Aaaarrh!!"
    Get the gauss gun from the room.  When all the lasers have been activated push
    the crate in the room to the edge of the testing platform, by the wall.  Push
    the button on the control panel to test the laser.  The laser shield will come
    down but the crate will block it and it will go back up.  The laser will blast
    right through the wall.  Jump down and go into the room.  Three scientists
    will be there.  Stop the operating equipment and get one of the scientists to
    follow you back to the reception area so that he can operate the retinal
    scanner.  Go out through the revolving door.  Kill the marine to your left and
    toss few MP5 grenades on the roof to disable the turrets.  Blow up the
    explosive crates and open the door.
                              4.11  Surface Tension
    Kill the marines in here by utilizing the conveniently placed explosive barrels
    and proceed onward. A helicopter will appear, to shoot it down use two fully
    charged gauss shots.  Jump into the water and climb up the tower, use the first
    aid station and turn off the turbines.  Kill the ichthyosaur and open the
    grating with the wheel.  Follow the channel to some pipes get in and follow
    them.  Kill the headcrabs to the left and get the health pack.  There is ammo in
    the crates by the ladder.  Shoot down the helicopter with two gauss shots.
    Jump across the gap to get 4 power cells and a bunch of ammo and a life pack
    or two.
    Crawl through the small opening in the rock and go right.  Kill the marines and
    open the drain hatch.  Go to the opening and go forward.  Kill the headcrab
    that comes out of the ground and Uh Oh!  There are mines here!  Throw some MP5
    grenades around to set off the mines.  Jump into the hatch and go down.  Crawl
    through the pipe and you should see a jet go by.
    Stand just outside of the surface of the pipe and snipe out the marine below
    and the turret.  Make your way down carefully and shoot the marines as you go.
    You will come to a large door where you will pick up the rocket launcher.  Now
    you can either shoot down the helicopter with the rockets or the gauss gun.
    Now make your way up the canyon wall and let the headcrab in the pipe jump up
    into nothing.  Crawl in the pipe and go right at the intersection.  Go into
    the water and go left into the pipe, go right and climb up, you should end
    up at the back end of a tank. Kill the marines as they come towards you and
    then you can take care of the tank, either with satchels thrown underneath it
    or about 4 rockets.  Now if you need ammo go around and collect all of it from
    the surrounding area.  Use the two health stations and open the door with the
    button by the guard station.
    I recieved this e-mail on October 18, 2003 asking about a problem that
    happened to me in the exact same place.  So I assume that it is a glitch.  The
    solution to this turned out to be to reload a saved game from earlier and play
    through until he passed that part of the game.
    Anyhow...to get to my point..I'm having something strange happen to me when I
    play this game. I get stuck at a certain point. My character will not move...I\
    can swing the crowbar, shoot guns, etc...but he just will not move. I do not
    know if it's part of the game or what??
    The point in your walkthru I am in is section 4.11
    "Surface Tension" - I'm in the tunnel at the top of the mountain. I killed
    that headcrab, and turn right at the intersection. (you can ONLY turn right,
    as there is no other way thru the tunnel) and then I get to the red light
    section of the tunnel and the game loads the next part...after it loads the
    next part..this is where my character gets stuck. I can sometimes hear the
    marines say stuff...but like i said..I dont know if this is part of the game
    or what??
    Can you please help?
    Now here is tank number two.  Sneak up on it and stay crouched right near it.
    Throw satchels underneath it and detonate them.  Now fire rockets at it.
    Once it is down go through the hole in the fence.  Kill the marines and get
    the health packs and ammo.  Go through the door by the tank and go forward.
    An alien grunt will drop down so kill him and go to the right.  Throw grenades
    towards the tripmines and detonate them, look up at the end and toss an MP5
    grenade towards the netting to kill a would be attacker.  Now go forward and
    toss a few MP5 grenades or normal grenades to detonate the mines.  Before you
    have to crouch to go under the wire throw another MP5 grenade towards the
    netting above to kill another attacker.
    Crouch and go under the wire and throw a grenade towards the explosive barrels
    to the left.  That will blow up the circuit breakers that are sending
    electricity through the support towers.  Now climb up the tower and get on the
    roof.  Drop down through the hole and listen to the scientist.  Well, look out
    the door, hmm...tripmines, so what?  Well It turns out that this building
    houses 2 nuclear warheads and one exploding tripmine will set off all of them
    and would lead to the detonation of the nukes.  Now why would someone do this?
    It's beyond me.  But, they did it so you'll have to deal with it.
    There are three headcrabs in this area so shoot them before they set off a
    tripmine.  Crouch and go past the smoking security guard.  smash the box on the
    elevator below the tripmine.  Now go up the stairs to the control center.
    Shoot the headcrab and pull up the elevator.  Now, see why I told you to smash
    the box?  Jump from the elevator to the elevator below.  Push the button to
    send it down.  Get the hive hand and eliminate the guards that are chasing
    after Barney.  In the truck is a turret so beware.  Now proceed forward and
    you will hear an explosion.
    Slowly crawl up the ramp and look to the right.  Fire charged up shots at the
    tank until it explodes, shoot the marines and break open the boxes.  When you
    go into the alleyway take car of the gunner above you, behind the netting.  Kill
    the marines inside the building and get Barney to open the door to the locked
    room.  (starts drooling)  Now stock up on your ammo.  Fill up all your weapons
    because this will be a very rare occurrence during the game.  Jump out the
    window by the stairs.  Get onto the ledge and follow it inside the alley.  Jump
    to the top of the circuit panel and climb up the ladder.
    Shoot the marines below and jump over to the other side of the room via the
    small ledges.  Wait for the helicopter to appear and eventually two marines
    will battle with some alien grunts.  Let the marines kill the grunts and then
    go into the shed that they came out of.  Man the rocket launcher atop and blast
    through the other shed wall.  Proceed through the new doorway.
    Man the machine gun and fire bullets at the slaves until they quit spawning.
    Use the jump pad to get to the upper level.  Wait for the battle between the
    aliens and the marines to end and then kill the survivors.  Enter the vent and
    shoot the creatures as they come down the vent.  Continue on until you see
    bullets flying through the vent.  Kill the marines below and open the door but
    run away quickly as it will blow up.  This should open up an entrance for you.
    Press the button to bring down the car elevator and press it again and get on,
    it will go up.  Kill the marines and man the missile lancer, blast open the
    door and kill the grunts as they come out.
    Go down the passage that they came out of.  Wait for the battle to end and
    kill the two grunts that remain.  The room below you has ammo and some power
    cells.  Kill the vortiguant and use the health station here.  Go forward and
    you will see a marine get tossed through a wall.  Kill the grunt and now fire
    a grenade at the marines below to kill them.  Snipe out the marine on top of
    the building with the crossbow and if there is a grunt left kill it.  Use the
    jump pad to get to the top of the building and jump through the hole into the
    Jump into the pipe and go about halfway down.  A marine will throw a satchel in
    the pipe.  Get the hell out of there!  duck under the water and wait for the
    flames to stop.  Get back into the pipe and kill the marine to the right.
    Ignore the battle below and jump to the pipe by the red wheel.  Turn the wheel
    and the hatch will swing open knocking you to the floor with the headcrabs if
    you don't move out of the way.  Get into the pipe and kill the marine at the
    bottom of the stairs.  Go up the stairs and get Barney to follow you, have him
    open the door and go outside.  Kill the vortiguant in the small alley to the
    right and the one at the bottom of the ramp.  Now get Barney to open the
    security door past the jump pad.
    Enter and have Barney attack the Gargantua while you run away.  Hehe!  Now run
    down the corridor and grab the health packs if you need to.  Use the jump pad
    to get into the water on the other side if the wall.  Climb up onto the
    platform to hear a message.  Now use the targeting map to call in strikes on
    targets.  Bomb the comm tower to have it fall towards the left.  Now bomb the
    area behind the walls to the left break open the walls and the entrance with
    the bombs.  Go down the corridor and up the stairs.
                            4.12  Forget about Freeman
    Avoid the rock falling from the ceiling by first going to the right and waiting
    until it is all down and then jumping atop the fallen rock to go in the
    entrance.  Run to the far side of the room and get the grunt to follow you.
    Get back into the room where you heard the radio transmission and activate the
    sentry gun with the lever.  Now go back and kill the vortiguant and smash the
    boxes.  Proceed down the hallway, ignoring the spawning enemies behind you.
    Kill the voltiguants and open the hatch in the floor and let the creatures fall
    Climb down.  Go into the second canal and push the box into the canal. Use the
    box to climb over the fence.  Shoot the two barnacles and proceed.  Go right
    at the fork, and get onto the floor and kill the headcrab.  Go into the water
    and past the small waterfall.  Go past the obstacles and shoot the turret
    before it sees you.  Kill the marine ducking in the corner.  Gather as many
    rockets here as you can.  Climb up the ladder and shoot three marines, staying
    out of sight of the tank.  Then quickly use your rocket launcher to jump out
    and take a shot at the tank and jump back behind cover.  Once it is destroyed
    go into the room with the first aid kit, watch out for the sentry gun on the
    left.  Get on the elevator and push the button.
    When you come out you will be in a radioactive area.  Try not to walk in any
    green spots or you will lose health.  Cautiously go around to the stairs and
    kill the marines before they can fire at you.  Go up and out to the balcony
    and back in again.  Wait for the battle to end and kill the surviving beings.
    Fire the tank to blast through the door and get out your gauss gun and fire
    away because it kills fast.  When the grunts and voltiguants are dead slowly
    creep out and look to the right use your Magnum to kill the grunt.  Now look
    left and use a charged up gauss shot to destroy the cannon.  Kill the grunts
    either with the magnum or gauss and go forward.  Open the two doors.
                              4.13  Lambda Core
    Press the button on the control panel and get on the cargo lift.  Kill the
    headcrabs and the bullsquid and smash the boxes for some ammo.  Use the first
    aid station after you are sure that there are no headcrabs floating around.
    get the grenades and go down the ladder you will come out in a warehouse.  Uh
    oh, this looks familiar, looks like there are more of those damn assassins
    again.  Well you know what to do, make sure that you get the ones on the
    catwalks and the in the stairwells as well.  Use the first aid and HEV, I'm
    sure you'll need them, stations and get on the elevator in the shadows by the
    Kill the four grunts and the scientist will open the door.  Listen to his
    little speech and then let him open the door using the retinal scanner.  Now
    charge up with the HEV and health stations and go to the right, get the Egon
    gun.  I suggest that you conserve your ammo, so don't bother shooting the
    headcrabs.  Get on the elevator.  Go down the ramps and you will need to
    activate two pumps.
    Pump one- When you go down the first corridor a vortiguant will spawn right
    behind you.  Get out your Egon gun and disintegrate the grunts inside the
    room, there is one on the catwalk, climb up the ladder and go through the door.
    Three voltiguants will spawn inside this room so watch for them.  Pill the
    switch and exit.  Jump into the water to save some time and go down the
    corridor you came.
    Pump two- Go down and the ceiling will partially cave in, crawl through the gap
    left and enter the door.  Kill the grunts and climb up the ladder, another
    grunt will spawn but he will fall right through the walkway.  Jump over the
    gap and shoot the barnacles if you wish.  Enter the door and shut off the
    steam with the wheel.  Go forward and enter the room.  Kill the headcrabs and
    the barnacles , pull the lever on the machine below and the pump will start.
    Climb up the ladder and go back, kill the grunt with the magnum.  Jump into
    the water and climb out to save some time.  Go out through the passage you
    Go to the maintenance station to stock up on ammo and use the HEV and health
    station.  Go to the rector core on the other end of the hallway and use your
    Egon gun and the magnum to take out the grunts.  Jump into the pool and swim
    along the tunnels.  Grab a breath of air here and turn the wheel on either
    side.  Wait until the level stops rising and then turn the other wheel.  Climb
    up the ladder and shoot the vortiguant.  Climb up the next ladder, avoiding
    the electrical beams coming out of the generator.  Shoot the other vortiguant
    and enter the door.
    Use the ladder in the elevator shaft ad jump to the opening on the next floor.
    Get Barney to follow you and use the first aid station if you need to.  Turn
    on the steam with the wheel and go forward.  A vortiguant will spawn and a
    grunt will come they will both be weakened by the steam a lot, this will make
    your job easier.  Now go past the steam after turning it off and kill the last
    two grunts with a few shots from the magnum, enter the portal room.
    Now you will have to use the portals to get all the way up to the top.  Get
    into the portals when the receiving portal is on top of the next platform
    above you.  Some portals lead to other places that can get you ammo or health
    or other things.
    Portal 1 - a shitload of headcrabs coming at you.
    Portal 2 - Go up to next level
    Portal 3 - ammo, health, power cells
    Portal 4 - go up to next level
    Portal 5 - power cells, health packs
    Portal 6 - a long drop into a portal, health loss
    Portal 7 - your next objective
    Portal 8 - HEV station and two voltiguants
    Portal 9 - portal malfunction, death
    Go up through the portals and when you enter portal 7 you will be in a room
    with revolving platforms and a vertically moving platforms.  You need to push
    two buttons to open this portal.  Get on the revolving platform and then onto
    the vertical on.  Go past the blockage and then use the revolving platforms to
    go and push the button, now do the same on the opposite side if the room, enter
    the portal.
    Go out the door and climb up the ladder, avoid the headcrab.  Now wait for the
    scientist to open the door for you, now stock up on everything.  This is the
    last time you will get an appreciable amount of ammunition in the game.  Get
    the long jump module and top off your health and HEV suit.  Go into the portal
    room.  Now wait for the scientist to open the portal.  Ah crap, some Xen
    masters will appear and now you have to shoot them down before they kill you.
    When the scientist gives the OK jump into the portal quickly.
                                   4.14  Xen
    Jump from platform to platform, kill the vortiguant when they spawn and jump
    down on the moving platforms.  When you make it down to the main structure
    avoid the purple things hanging on the ceilings, they aren't street lamps.
    They are kind of like sentry guns, just thy can't be destroyed.  Enter the
    cave by breaking the netting with your crowbar.  Smash the netting around the
    butterfly like things to release them.  Press the use key on all of the
    claw like structures to open them, the butterflies will drop in there and they
    will combine to form a portal.  Jump in.
                             4.15  Gonarch's Lair
    Shoot the sac on the bottom of the huge ass spider creature known as Gonarch.
    Occasionally he will spawn out mini headcrabs,  these can be taken care of
    with a simple smash with the crowbar.  Just focus your Egon gun on the sac
    and fire away, eventually he will run away down a tunnel.  Drop down onto an
    outcrop through the netting and get onto the jump pad.  Stay on the jump pad
    and fire short bursts at him so that he cannot attack you.  He will run and
    jump down into a shaft after this.  Now just fire away from above and he will
    fall into a netting and smash a hole in the ground.  Jump in and use the
    health pool and enter the portal.
    I got this e-mail on December 2, 2003.  It complains about a glitch in the
    game that happens quite often.  If you find that you have the same problem
    the just load up your last save-game and play through again.  That will
    usually resolve the problem and if it doesn't then er.... you are screwed.
    I am on the gonarch's lair part of the game.  He ran away from me twice and
    is down in a cave thing.  when I go down I fight him but then slide backwards
    and down into some pit thing.  He never follows me.  according to
    walkthroughs he is supposed to fall down and create a hole in the ground.
    After attempting many times and dieing or getting stuck down below with
    nothing to kill me, I turned on godmode, noclip and all weapons and proceeded
    to unload everyhting on the spiders sack.  No kill, no hole, he just stands
    there and leaks out green goop everytime I shoot his thing.  I have no idea
    why he wont fall and make the hole.
    Here is a suggestion if you are completely stuck with this glitch.  Thanks
    goes out to Brian Maday for the tip.
    I have a solution for those suffering the glitch in the Gonarch's lair (that
    is, the glitch that causes the Gonarch not to move on to the final area of the
    stage).  The area that the Gonarch would blast open upon her death can be
    opened manually with regular explosives.  It's not clear to me how exactly it
    works (I think you have to have a blast directly on the edge of where the hole
    should be), and it can eat up a lot of your explosives, but it does allow you
    to continue the game.  I wish I could offer more detailed advice, but this
    should get someone with 10-20 min. to kill looking for the hole on with the
                                  4.16  Interloper
    Now you need to get atop one of those really tall platforms that move
    vertically.  Try to stay alive until one of them descends.  When you are atop
    one start hopping down to the moving platforms, your goal being the purple
    spaceships.  Get atop one and ride to the portal on the floating platform.
    Move to a cave and go out the other entrance, use the Egon gun on the
    gargantua and then long jump over the gap in the rocks.  Oh look are old
    friends from Blast Pit.  Well you know how to get by these things.  Jump up
    and use the elevated land to get across.  Kill the two grunts and get into the
    Now kill the enemies quickly in this area or you will die promptly.  So I
    won't really say much about enemies here.  Get on the moving platform and get
    up to the next level.  Get on the upper part of this platform when it descends.
    When it rises up get onto the conveyor belt and onto the middle platform.  Use
    the other conveyor belt to drop into a pool of muck.  Get out and go across the
    double belt.  Now for these voltiguants use the magnum it is a one shot kill,
    the masters take two shots but it is the most efficient way to kill.
    Get onto the rising platform in the corner and go into the hall.  Throw a
    grenade at the container and then take out the grunt.  Kill the grunts,
    masters, and voltiguants until you get to the portal.  BTW, the blue things
    act as healing pools.
    Well get out your magnum our crossbow and snipe out as many voltiguants and
    masters as you can.  The get on the platforms and go upwards towards the
    portal.  A bunch of masters will attack you once you get near the top, so
    conserve ammo.
    Now, jump from platform to platform and get into the mean looking portal at
    the end.
                                  5.17  Nihalinth
    This is the massive being that the scientist was talking about.  Looks kind of
    like a baby, not what you expected, eh?  he has a few attacks, one is he will
    fire a barrage of white energy balls at you and they will deal massive damage.
    He will also fire a green ball at you which will transport you to some useless
    puzzle room which you will have to get out of.  So avoid his attacks by staying
    behind the columns.  Also, some common aliens will spawn in this room, you
    will have to divert your attention to them and kill them before proceeding.
    Also, one more thing, save often during this.
    Well, this is pretty simple, see the yellow crystals?  Fire two rockets into
    each one.  Or a few gauss shots.  When all three are destroyed, fire at his
    head and it will open up.  Then use the jump pad to get inside his head.  Fire
    gauss and whatever else you have at the crystal inside his head and he will
    I recieved this e-mail on Novemner 8, 2003.  It asks about another glitch in
    the game.  It can be resolved in the same way as I explained for the Gonarch.
    Just load up a previous save-game and play through again.
    I was at big baby dude, and I broke the crystals, and  then I blasted him
    until green and blue bolts exploded out of him, but he's not dead.  I was
    using cheats during this.  will he not die?
                               4.18  End Game
    Well, this is somewhat of an anti-climax.  You may have seen this guy walking
    around during the game, in fact I have seen him in about 50 different places
    during the game.  So listen to his little proposition and then make your
    choice.  If you save right when the door opens you can get both endings.  Both
    are somewhat good, I suppose.
                                05)  Cheats
    CREATING A CONSOLE SHORTCUT: Before running the game, add the -console
    parameter to the call to HL.EXE. To do that, right-click on the shortcut for
    Half-Life that you want to edit and choose "Properties." Then, in the "Target"
    field, leave what's there and add a space and "-console" (w/o the quote marks),
    then click on the Okay button. Now run the game using the shortcut you just
    edited. (Note that you can also add -dev to the parameter list to get more
    debug-style messages, but it's not really useful.)
    Or if you've installed Opposing Force also, you should have two Half-Life
    shortcuts to run the game with, one of which is called "Half-Life Console."
    Run it instead of the regular one if you want to use any of the cheats. Note
    that the shortcut on your desktop won't be a console shortcut. Either copy and
    paste the console shortcut from the Programs menu, or use the instructions in
    the prior paragraph to turn a regular Half-Life shortcut into a console
    Either way, when the game comes up, you'll have a new option at the top of the
    main menu called "Console" that you can click on. You can also bring down the
    console while playing by pressing the ` (tilde) key.
    To get the cheats to work, you need to bring down the console, type
    "sv_cheats 1" and then "map c0a0" (w/o quotes), then use the main menu to start
    a new game or load a saved game. Once you do all that, all of the following
    codes should work:
    * god - god mode toggle
    * noclip - no-clip mode toggle
    * notarget - invisibility toggle
    * impulse 76 - type this code and then load a save; now you can type it again
    and again to spawn new marines (note that they attack you unless you have
    "notarget" in effect)
    * impulse 101 - gives an HEV and all weapons
    * impulse 203 - deletes the NPC or monster you're aiming at
    * sv_gravity # - replace # with a number; 800 is regular, and 150 is moon-like
    * r_fullbright # - replace # with a 1 to eliminate shadows; a 0 restores to
    * thirdperson - switches to third-person view
    * firstperson - switches to first-person view
    * +cammousemove - mouse moves the camera in third-person mode
    * -cammousemove - returns camera control to normal
    * chase_active # - chase mode in third-person (1 activates, 0 deactivates)
    * give $ - gives the item you replace the $ with from the following list:
       item_healthkit            item_longjump            item_suit
       item_battery              item_antidote
       weapon_357                weapon_9mmhandgun        weapon_9mmAR
       weapon_crossbow           weapon_crowbar           weapon_egon
       weapon_gauss              weapon_handgrenade       weapon_hornetgun
       weapon_rpg                weapon_satchel           weapon_shotgun
       weapon_snark              weapon_tripmine
       ammo_357                  ammo_9mmAR               ammo_mp5clip
       ammo_ARgrenades           ammo_buckshot            ammo_crossbow
       ammo_egonclip             ammo_gaussclip           ammo_rpgclip
    The "map" command can be used to instantly start a new game in a certain part
    of a certain chapter. You start without anything, including the HEV suit, so
    you'll want to use the "give" command or "impulse 101" to get that and some
    weapons and ammo. Below are the map codes that you can use. Note that not
    everything will work properly when you use some of these codes, and you could
    easily end up getting stuck (unless you use other cheats like "noclip" to
    c0a0, c0a0a, c0a0b, c0a0c, c0a0d, c0a0e  -- Black Mesa Inbound (tram ride)
    c1a0, c1a0a, c1a0b, c1a0c, c1a0d, c1a0e  -- Anomalous Materials
    c1a1, c1a1a, c1a1b, c1a1c, c1a1d, c1a1f  -- Unforeseen Consequences
    c1a2, c1a2a, c1a2b, c1a2c, c1a2d         -- Office Complex
    c1a3, c1a3a, c1a3b, c1a3c, c1a3d         -- "We've Got Hostiles"
    c1a4, c1a4b, c1a4d, c1a4e, c1a4f, c1a4g,
    c1a4i, c1a4j, c1a4k                      -- Blast Pit
    c2a1, c2a1a, c2a1b                       -- Power Up
    c2a2, c2a2a, c2a2b1, c2a2b2, c2a2c,
    c2a2d, c2a2e, c2a2f, c2a2g, c2a2h        -- On a Rail
    c2a3, c2a3a, c2a3b, c2a3c, c2a3d, c2a3e  -- Apprehension
    c2a4, c2a4a, c2a4b, c2a4c, c2a4d, c2a4e,
    c2a4f, c2a4g                             -- Residue Processing
    c2a5, c2a5a, c2a5b, c2a5c, c2a5d, c2a5e,
    c2a5f, c2a5g, c2a5w, c2a5x               -- Surface Tension
    c3a1, c3a1a, c3a1b                       -- "Forget About Freeman!"
    c3a2, c3a2a, c3a2b, c3a2c, c3a2d, c3a2e,
    c3a2f                                    -- Lambda Core
    c4a1                                     -- Xen
    c4a2, c4a2a, c4a2b                       -- Gonarch's Lair
    c4a1a, c4a1b, c4a1c, c4a1d, c4a1e, c4a1f -- Interloper
    c4a3                                     -- Nihilanth
    c5a1                                     -- Endgame (Administrator)
    You can use the "bind" command to bind a cheat command to a key. For instance,
    to be able to press G to get some Mp5 grenades, type: bind g
    "give ammo_ARgrenades". (Note that quote marks are necessary there.)
    Another way to bind keys to codes is to edit the CONFIG.CFG file that's in the
    VALVE directory under your Half-Life directory. It's a plain text file, so if
    you load it up in Microsoft Word, be sure to load it as an MS-DOS format text
    file. Find the BIND command section right at the top and modify and/or add
    bind statements as desired. For instance, you could add a line that binds the
    "sv_cheats 1" command to the H key, "god" to the G key, "noclip" to the N key,
                               05)  Contact Information
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to
    make then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only
    accept questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they
    abide by the guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am
    asking much by doing that, but if you do have a problem with that then
    I ask you just not send me anything at all.
    SUBJECT LINE : Half-Life
     - Point out errors
     - Give me strategies for parts of the game that you feel you know lots about
     - Write legible sentences
     - Include good grammar
     - Ask for help about things not already answered in this guide
     - Look through the guide before contacting me to make sure I haven't already
       answered your question
    DO NOT
     - Send me viruses
     - Spam me
     - Insult me
     - Use excessive profanity
     - Use background colors, e.g. yellow font against a black background
     - Send irrelevant e-mails
     - TyPe lIkE tHiS, tHiS ReAlLy PisSEs mE OFF!
     - Ask questions that are answered in this guide
     - Add attachments to your e-mail
     - NO 1337 SPEAK
                                  06)  Credits
    The Story section came from Valves Official Half-Life website.
    The Weapon and Enemy descriptions came from the UHSWeb Hint File as did the
    cheats information.
    Thanks to the following people/groups for many reasons,
    - Valve for making this great game, the only FPS that I like.
    - James, for lending me this game multiple times so that I could play it and
      write this guide.
    - black hole sun, who's guide helped me so much during my first play through
      of this game.
    - CJayC, for creating GameFAQs and posting this guide, and creating GameFAQs.
                                  07)  Conclusion
    Well, that's it.  I hope you enjoyed playing Half-Life as much as I did, and
    reading this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Farewell, until Half-Life
    2, which is just around the corner!
                               08)  Legal Information
    This document is Copyright 2003-2004 Don Fleming.  It may not be reproduced
    nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the author.  It may
    not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without
    advance permission from the author. All outside sources which have contributed
    to the making of this guide in some form have been cited in the guide.
    Violation of the above terms can and will result in a lawsuit.
    - GameFAQs.com           <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
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    - Neoseeker.com          <http://www.neoseeker.com>
    - IGN                    <http://faqs.ign.com>
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    - CheatCodeCentral       <http://www.cheatcc.com>
    ^ Yes, I am pointing directly at your site, Dave, and not with my index finger
    Also, these sites I am not familiar with but apparently they are known to
    steal work from authors without permission, so for these sites you also get
    the big 'NO'.  If you see your site on this list then just don't post it, I
    will find out about it.  To my loyal readers, if you see one of my guides on
    one of these sites then please send me an e-mail about it, thank you.
    -911 Codes                            -9 Lives
    http://911codes.com                   http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
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    http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm      http://cheatindex.com
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    under the condition that the guide is in its complete and original form and
    proper credit is given to the author.
    Ignorance to the law does not excuse you from any responsibility for your
    actions.  If you steal this guide you have broken the law.
                            Copyright 2004 Don Fleming

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