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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NotoriousNick

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Half-Life for the PC
    Full FAQ 
    NotoriousNick (Nicholas Rangel)
    Table of Contents
    1.0	– Contact Information
    2.0	– E-Mail Guidelines
    3.0	– Version History
    4.0	– Story
    5.0	– Enemies
    6.0	- Weapons
    7.0	– Walkthrough
    7.01 – Hazard Course
    7.02 – Black Mesa Inbound
    7.03 – Anomalous Materials
    7.04 – Unforeseen Consequences
    7.05 – Office Complex
    7.06 – “We’ve Got Hostiles”
    7.07 - Blast Pit
    7.08 – Power Up
    7.09 – On a Rail
    7.10 – Apprehension
    7.11 – Residue Processing
    7.12 – Questionable Ethics
    7.13 – Surface Tension
    7.14 – “Forget About Freeman!”
    7.15 – Lambda Core
    7.16 – Xen
    7.17 – Gonarch’s Lair
    7.18 – Interloper
    7.19 – Nihilanth
    7.20 – Conclusion
    8.0 – Copy Right Information
    1.0 - Contact Information
    To contact me with any questions or information about this guide or game, email 
    me at NotoriousNick500@Gmail.com.
    08-28-07 – I have this game available so I am able to answer almost any 
    questions you may have about the game.
    Please feel free to email me at anytime if you have any strategies you would 
    like to add.
    If you wish to use this FAQ on your site, you may do so as long as:
    1) It is used as-is - it should exactly match the version found on the allowed 
    2) MY name and copyright must be included at the bottom.
    Please make sure all e-mails regarding this guide have the title in it. This 
    gives you a better chance of me reading it.
    2.0 – E-Mail Guidelines
    My email is NotoriousNick500(at)Gmail(dot)com.
    Feel free to email me anytime but make sure it follows the guidelines below.
    Subject: <Game Name> FAQ
    I will accept the email if:
    - The subject matter matches the one above.
    - The email is readable.
    - Any strategies you would like in my guide as long as you tell me your 
    GameFAQs account name. Real names WILL NOT be accepted UNLESS it’s under 
    personal circumstances (e.g. Real name is in your username). Also strategies 
    will not be accepted if you have your own Guide or its already posted in 
    someone else’s.
    - Any maps YOU made. If it is not your map contact information must be given 
    for the person who made it. That way I can contact them and make sure it’s 
    - Any screenshot YOU or the company who made the game snapped. I will only 
    except the company’s screenshot if THEY THEMSELVES released it to the public. 
    Again if the screenshot belongs to someone else their contact information must 
    be given to me including the company’s.
    - Any video YOU made for the game. It must be for your personal site, 
    YouTube.com, or GameTheater.org. Again I’ll need contact info for someone 
    else’s work.
    - The section of my guide that the strategies, maps, screenshots, or videos 
    are for.
    - You want to use the guide on your site. A link must be included so I can 
    preview the site. Only the guide in the subject box will be given. 
    - If you want more than one guide put “Multiple FAQ” in the subject box. 
    Emails with that subject matter must only be for requesting permission to post 
    my FAQs.
    - If you want to request I make another guide for this game or others. The 
    subject matter must be “FAQ Request”.
    - If you like my style of making FAQs and want to co-write one. The subject 
    matter must be “Co-write FAQ Request”. It must be a game none of us have made 
    a full walkthrough for, that I feel like doing, and work must be equal. Also 
    we’ll need a way to communicate faster like through some form of chat. Gmail, 
    AIM, or Steam are the preferred ones. Proofreading a FAQ I made is NOT 
    - Any noticeable errors I made. Errors like “to” should be “too” should not be 
    pointed out. Errors like “It IS possible to get <name item> in <name area>” or 
    “You CAN’T do <something> in <name area>” will be accepted.
    - Any questions you have about the game or guide. The subject matter must be 
    “<Game Name> Question(s)”. Any questions about me WILL NOT be accepted.
    Anybody who doesn’t follow these guidelines well not get their e-mails 
    accepted. People who spam me will be blocked. Also this information is for all 
    my guides and not just this one.
    3.0 - Version History
    V0.01 (8/11/07): I started the guide with all the enemies and weapons.
    V0.02 (8/12/07): I added the email guidelines section and started the 
    walkthrough. I quit at the 3rd G-Man sighting during the Unforeseen 
    Consequences chapter.
    V0.03 (8/13/07): I didn’t have enough time to finish Unforeseen Consequences 
    but it got updated.
    V0.04 (8/14/07): I updated and finished through the “We’ve Got Hostiles” 
    V0.05 (8/15/07): Updated a bit more and finished through the Power Up section.
    V0.06 (8/16/07): Finished the On a Rail section.
    V0.07 (8/18/07): Finished the Apprehension section.
    V0.08 (8/19/07): Finished the Residue Processing section.
    V0.09 (8/20/07): Finished the “Forget about Freeman” section.
    V0.10 (8/26/07): Finished the Lambda Core, Xen, and Gonarch’s Lair sections.
    V1.0 (8/27/07): Finished and submitted into GameFAQs and other sites.
    V1.1 (8/28/07): I added www.supercheats.com to the allowed sites.
    4.0 – Story
    Gordon Freeman has a PhD as a MIT. Working at the Black Mesa Research Facility 
    he has been assigned to an experiment in the Anomalous Materials test chamber. 
    During the experiment portal storms open up and aliens from the planet of Xen 
    arrive at Black Mesa. Now Freeman must get to the surface to warn someone that 
    people are still alive in the facility.
    5.0 – Enemies
    This is an alphabetical description of each enemy that appears throughout the 
    game. I will describe their attacks and first appearance into the game. I 
    won’t say what weapons to use because I want to leave that open for your own 
    personal taste.
    Alien Controllers
    First Appearance: Lambda Core
    Controllers are levitating creatures that look like they have big brains. They 
    float around and shoot electrical orbs at Freeman.
    Alien Grunt
    First Appearance: Questionable Ethics
    Grunts are huge soldiers sent down by Xen airships. They have a Hivehand which 
    they use to shoot hornets at you and will punch you when you get to close.
    First Appearance: Unforeseen Consequences
    Barnacles are creatures that attach themselves to the ceiling and use their 
    tongue to hunt. When they sense a human on their tongue they will pull it up 
    and start munching on it. The only way to escape is to kill the barnacle.
    Black Ops
    First Appearance: Apprehension
    Black Ops are female assassins sent in to kill Gordon Freeman. They use guns 
    to fire at you and are very quick in attacking and dodging.
    First Appearance: Anomalous Materials
    Bullsquids are brown creatures with two legs, a tail, and three red tentacles 
    coming from their mouth. They’ll shoot acid at you but when you get to close 
    they’ll either tail whip you or ram into you.
    Carnivorous Leech
    First Appearance: Power Up
    Leeches are basically worms that live in the water. They’ll swim up and bite 
    First Appearance: Power Up
    Large blue creatures that are bullet proof. They can only be beaten by 
    electricity or big explosions.
    First Appearance: Gonarch’s Lair
    Gonarch’s are adult Headcrabs. They have three legs and an egg shack 
    underneath them. There is only one in the game. It’ll shoot acid at you or 
    produce baby headcrabs to attack from far away or will slash at you when up 
    Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
    First Appearance: “We’ve Got Hostiles”
    Marines sent in to destroy any survivors of Black Mesa. They will usually 
    attack in groups and wield Mp5’s, Shotguns, and Hand Grenades. Also they kick 
    you if you’re to close. I will refer to them as Marines or HECU throughout the 
    First Appearance: Unforeseen Consequences
    The most common enemy in the game. They walk real slowly but can jump far or 
    high. They mostly reside in small groups or inside vents. In one chapter of 
    the game they are actually baby headcrabs. They are also the cause of zombies.
    First Appearance: Unforeseen Consequences
    Houndeyes are yellow-greenish in color and look kind of like headless dogs. 
    They usually attack in packs and hurt you by emitting loud noises.
    First Appearance: Apprehension
    Ichthyosaurs are like sharks. They live in the water and swim around freely in 
    their environment. They like to circle you at least once and then charge to 
    take a bite. Sometime they’ll skim the surface making an easy kill.
    First Appearance: Nihilanth
    The final boss. He’ll be described later on.
    First Appearance: Questionable Ethics.
    Tiny little bugs that appear from egg sacs and attack anything living. They 
    will chase after their prey until their dead or the snark’s 20 second life 
    span ends.
    First Appearance: Blast Pit
    Tentacles are green creatures that are blind. They rely on sound to sense 
    anything living. Best to crouch and use grenades to distract them.
    First Appearance: Hazard Course
    Just regular turrets places around. This are very annoying. Take them out as 
    quickly as possible.
    First Appearance: Anomalous Materials
    Brown humanoid creatures that can shoot electricity or scratch you with their 
    First Appearance: Unforeseen Consequences
    Zombies are former humans that were killed by headcrabs. The headcrab attaches 
    to a human head and feeds on their brain to control them. They are really slow 
    and dumb but will scratch you if you get close.   
    6.0 – Weapons
    Here are all the weapons from Half-Life with their basic info. The number in 
    “()” is how many times you press that button in order for it to appear on the 
    equip menu. For example the handgun is weapon number 2(1) and the magnum is 
    weapon number 2(2). The weapon you equip will be highlighted in red.
    Crowbar 1(1)
    First Found: Anomalous Materials
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: NA
    Primary Fire: Slash
    Secondary Fire: NA
    A standard melee weapon that can deal pretty decent damage and is best used as 
    a tool more then a weapon. It can slash pretty quickly inflicting some damage 
    at a fast pace.
    9mm Handgun 2(1)
    First Found: Unforeseen Consequences
    Clip: 17
    Reserve Ammo: 250
    Primary Fire: Standard Fire
    Secondary Fire: Rapid Fire
    A standard handgun that can be found on any security guard. If you come across 
    a dead guard walk over him to take a full clip of ammo. Also you can kill them 
    yourself for the ammo but be quick so that he doesn’t shoot you. This weapon 
    shares ammo with the Mp5 Sub Machine Gun.
    .357 Magnum 2(2)
    First Found: Blast Pit
    Clip: 6
    Reserve Ammo: 36
    Primary Fire: Standard Fire
    Secondary Fire: NA
    A more powerful weapon then the pistol. It can kill almost anything in 1 or 
    two shots but has a small clip and a slow reload time. The ammo is also more 
    scarce then other weapons.
    Mp5 Sub Machine Gun 3(1)
    First Found: “We’ve Got Hostiles”
    Clip: 50
    Reserve Ammo: 250 and 10
    Primary Fire: Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire: Grenade Launcher
    A somewhat weak weapon that deals damage quickly but eats up ammo. The 
    secondary fire is useful for crowded areas because of the splash damage. It 
    has the same ammo as the handgun.
    Shotgun 3(2)
    First Found: Office Complex
    Clip: 8
    Reserve Ammo: 125
    Primary Fire: Single Shot
    Secondary Fire: Double Shot
    A pretty good all around weapon. The primary fire shoots one at a time and 
    pretty quickly while the double fire is vice versa. Also you can fire this 
    weapon while reloading which means you can hold down the fire button when 
    you’re under pressure.
    Crossbow 3(3)
    First Found: Apprehension
    Clip: 5
    Reserve Ammo: 50
    Primary Fire: Fire Arrow
    Secondary Fire: Snipe
    A great weapon to use. It’s powerful and fires tranquilizer darts. However it 
    takes a while to load one dart in and even longer to load a new clip. Also the 
    ammo is scarce.
    Rocket Propelled Grenade 4(1)
    First Found: Surface Tension
    Clip: 1
    Reserve Ammo: 5
    Primary Fire: Dumb Shot
    Secondary fire: Guided Shot
    The most powerful weapon in the game and the most fun. The primary fire makes 
    the grenade jet in a straight line till it hits something and the secondary 
    lets you guide the path with a laser. Just move the laser along to have the 
    grenade follow the path. The ammo is very rare so make sure to save it for the 
    heavy machinery.
    Experimental Gauss Gun 4(2)
    First Found: Questionable Ethics
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 100
    Primary Fire: Shoots 2%
    Secondary Fire: Can be charged up to 13%
    The Gauss Gun is another powerful weapon. Instead of clips it has a 
    percentage. It fast and powerful even if you’re only firing 2% at a time. It 
    shares ammo with the Egon Gun.
    Experimental Egon Gun 4(3)
    First Found: Lambda Core
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 100
    Primary Fire: Shoots Beam
    Secondary Fire: Hold Beam (Must be executed during primary fire).
    Just like the Gauss Gun, the Egon Gun is fun and powerful. Also it shares the 
    same ammo. Unlike other weapons the secondary fire button must be pressed and 
    held after the primary fire button is being held. This lets Gordon keep the 
    beam going without using up any ammo.
    Hivehand 4(4)
    First Found: Surface Tension
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 8
    Primary Fire: Single Fire
    Secondary Fire: Rapid Fire
    The Hivehand is the standard weapon used by alien grunts. It shoots hornets at 
    the enemy and has slight homing capabilities. Also it has unlimited ammo 
    because after you stop firing it’ll charge right back up. The primary fire 
    shoots one hornet and short of homes in while the rapid fire shoots them 
    rapidly in a straight line.
    Hand Grenade 5(1)
    First Found: Unforeseen Consequences
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 10
    Primary Fire: Throw
    Secondary Fire: NA
    An explosive weapon that’s better used as a tool. They have a 5 second delay 
    when thrown and are easily avoided by some enemies. Also some HECU members 
    throw or place grenades.
    C4 Explosive 5(2)
    First Found: On a Rail
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 5
    Primary Fire: Throw a bomb / detonate
    Secondary Fire: Throw more bombs after the first one is thrown.
    Another weapons used as a great tool. When you throw a C4 Gordon will pull out 
    a remote which you then use to detonate. Also while you hold the control you 
    can use the secondary fire to lay down any additional C4 so that you can blow 
    up a few at a time. C4 will only blow up only when the button is push. Bullets 
    will not detonate them.
    Tripmine 5(3)
    First Found: Blast Pit
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 5
    Primary Fire: Set down
    Secondary Fire: NA
    This weapon, like the other two explosives, is a great tool. This one can be 
    used as a trap. Just lay a couple around in areas you know enemies will pass 
    and just keep going. Make sure you put them in tight areas because although 
    the laser can go pretty far then explosion is always near the mine. Also 
    you’ll see these set up more often by the HECU to take care of Gordon.
    Snarks 5(4)
    First Found: Questionable Ethics
    Clip: NA
    Reserve Ammo: 15
    Primary Fire: Throw Snark
    Secondary Fire: NA
    The only enemy in the game that can be used as a weapon. Whenever you throw 
    one it’ll attack the nearest living thing, including you, so make sure you 
    only deploy them in crowded areas and make them land near something or someone 
    else. They have a 20 second life span after they are thrown. During the 20 
    seconds they will run around and jump all over their target then explode when 
    their life is over. The explosion can also harm their target.
    7.0 - Walkthrough
    Here is the main section of my guide. I hope you find this useful.
    7.01 – Hazard Course
    The hazard course is a training area for anyone new to this game. I recommend 
    it for anyone new so that they can get use to the basics.
    Room 1: Basic movement forward, backward, and strafing. Also teaches how to 
    use objects.
    Room 2: Introduces the hazard suit.
    Room 3: Basic jumping.
    Room 4: Crouching.
    Room 5: Jumping and crouching.
    Room 6: Crouch jump.
    Room 7: Ladders.
    Room 8: Jumping over average size gaps.
    Room 9: Jumping module and long jumping.
    Room 10: Elevators and falling damage.
    Room 11: Wall mounted med-kits.
    Room 12: Turning wheels.
    Room 13: Pushing boxes.
    Room 14: Pulling boxes and making stairs out of them.
    Room 15: Introduces crowbar and how to use it.
    Room 16: Introduces flashlight and battery cells for armor.
    Room 17: Introduces guns and ammo. In this case it’s the Mp5 sub machine gun.
    Room 18: Introduces primary and secondary fire along with reloading.
    Room 19: Swimming.
    Room 20: Charge unit for hazard suit. Just like wall med-kits.
    Room 21: Different types of hazard damage.
    Room 22: Introduces how to recruit and use security guards.
    Room 23: Introduces how to use trams and completes the course.
    Optional: In room 22 you can have your first battle if you want. Just attack 
    one of the guards or scientist. Both guards and two ceiling turrets will start 
    firing at you. Also never hinted at is that soda from the vending machines can 
    heal 1HP per can.
    7.02 – Black Mesa Inbound
    After you pick a difficulty you’ll appear in a tram. It’ll take a few minutes 
    but you can scope out the environment. Near the end of the tram ride you’ll 
    be stopped by a robot getting ready to go into the chemicals. Look to your 
    left to see the G-Man for the first time. In the final area, just wait for the 
    security guard to let you out of the door and into the main lobby.
    7.03 – Anomalous Materials
    You should start off in the main lobby. Go over to the desk and the guard will 
    tell you that you’re wanted in the test chamber. Go down the hall and at the 
    junction keep going straight. Look through the first window you come across to 
    see the G-Man arguing with a scientist.
    Now head back over to the junction and go down the other hallway. Take a right 
    and keep going till you get to the locker room. Go over to the left and use 
    the console to open up your hazard suit. Grab it and then go over to the 
    locker that says “Freeman” to get an armor battery.
    Now head back to the hallway and keep going until another guard opens the 
    door for you.
    Loop around in the next hallway and go down the elevator. Now keep following 
    the straightforward path till you get to a room with four scientists. Three of 
    them will talk to you and then eventually let you through the next door.
    Now keep going. In front of the elevator to the lower level you’ll see an 
    explosion. Ignore that and go down the elevator. Keep going and eventually 
    you’ll get to the entrance to the test chamber. Let the two scientists talk to 
    you and wait for them to unlock the door. Go into the test chamber and wait 
    for further instruction.
    Eventually a scientist will start talking. When he asks you, climb up the 
    ladder and flip the switch to get the rotor started. Now just wait until the 
    sample appears. When it does push it into the center and everything will start 
    going haywire. Just back off and watch as your teleported between Earth and 
    Xen. This’ll end the chapter.
    7.04 – Unforeseen Consequences
    You’ll reappear in the test chamber. Go into the entrance and use the retinal 
    scanner by the door. The door will slowly open and you should see a guard 
    getting CPR. Wait about 20 seconds for him to be revived then go up the 
    elevator. Go forward and the scientist will tell you to head to the surface.
    Have him follow you to the door so that he can open it for you. Go through and 
    wait till the electrical energy blows up the other door then head through. 
    Keep running and a headcrab will appear. Ignore it and go through the door. In 
    the hallway dodge the 2 lasers. After the second laser, watch it split a guard 
    in half. Anyways after your done being amused grab the crowbar by the door 
    then head back to where the guard was getting CPR.
    Kill the guard and take his handgun.
    Now head back to where you got the crowbar. Break the glass on the bottom of 
    the door and crawl through. Go down the hall and watch as the elevator crashes 
    down with some people on it. Again break the glass and then climb the ladder 
    in the shaft. At the top help the guard kill the two zombies then kill him for 
    more ammo. From here head back to the locker room. On the way you’ll have to 
    kill two zombies. Anyways once you get their go inside the locker that says 
    “Guthrie” for two clips of ammo then inside Freeman’s locker for a battery 
    Now head back over to the main lobby. You’ll see an explosion come from the 
    vent. Crawl through but stick to the right so that you don’t get smashed. 
    Kill the headcrab and use the med-kit to heal yourself. Now use the control 
    panels to make your way through another vent across the room. In the hall 
    watch as a scientist kills a headcrab. He’ll start celebrating his victory by 
    dancing. Good for him.....oh never mind. Didn’t think there was a second 
    headcrab. Apparently he didn’t either. Well anyways continue down the hall 
    and you’ll hear gunshots. Run forward to see a zombie die in the corner. In 
    the other corner grab the handgun on the floor as the guard reaches to you 
    for help. He’ll die so crawl through the broken door ahead.
    Hit the switch on the wall then go through the door. Save the scientist by 
    killing the Houndeyes. Keep going down the hall and then look up at the 
    catwalk. You’ll have your third G-Man sighting. He’ll just look at you then 
    walk off. Go into the hall area and kill the two Houndeyes running around. 
    Next go through the steel door on the right. Follow the hallway till you 
    reach a ladder. Climb it and then shoot the flammables to blow up the zombie 
    and headcrabs. Take a right until you find a scientist. Recruit him and then 
    run along the catwalk in the opposite direction. Kill the zombie eating the 
    dead body and have the scientist unlock the door. Go inside for some ammo and 
    health. Now head back to where the Houndeyes where. If you need more health 
    then jump through the window into a tiny room. Anyways when ready run down 
    the hallway. You should hear a monster teleport. Look at the steel door in 
    front of you and you should hear something breaking it from inside. Kill the 
    vortiguaunt that appears and go inside for some ammo. Run over to the 
    dumpster in the corner to see a hiding scientist. A headcrab will now jump at 
    you. Kill it then restore your health behind the dumpster. Now head to the 
    center of the hallway where a gate is blocking your path. Kill the zombie 
    that crawls out of the tunnel and then drop into the hole in front of you. 
    Kill the headcrab then travel the tunnel till you find a wheel. Turn it to 
    raise the water level then swim to the hole that the zombie came out of. 
    Continue down the new hallway.
    In the open area take the ammo from the dead guard then pull the lever. The 
    lift will start lowering and two headcrabs will appear. Jump on the lift and 
    look in the direction of the headcrabs. As the lift is lowering keep strafing 
    to dodge the unlimited supply of headcrabs that come jumping down. At the 
    bottom are two wall med-kits. Jump off to reach the upper one and only use 
    the lower one in the corner if you need it. Next go to the boxes and a 
    Houndeye will appear. Kill it then break the boxes for ammo. Go down the 
    hallway and a Bullsquid will appear breaking the walkway. Jump onto the pipes 
    to the right and use them to reach the vent shaft. Travel the shaft until you 
    get to the end. Break the vent to drop into the hallway. Break the boxes to 
    get some health and battery cells then stand at the edge of the hall and 
    watch as a Bullsquid kills some headcrabs. Now backtrack till you reach a 
    door. Go through it and use the ladder to get down. Go through the hallway 
    till you get to where the Bullsquid is. Kill it then head to the right for 
    some health. Next jump into the water and swim towards the open holes. Take a 
    right and use the ladder to get out. Heal yourself then go through the doors. 
    Now that your on the side that Bullsquid was on, break all the boxes then 
    head through the door. Keep traveling down the hallway to the end.
    In the open area climb both ladders you see then use the hanging boxes to get 
    across the room. Keep following the hallway till you get to a ladder. Climb 
    it and then keep going.
    Eventually you’ll be in the hallway right above where the Bullsquid was. Keep 
    going and use the elevator you come across to beat the chapter.
    7.05 – Office Complex
    Leave the elevator and look to your left. Some headcrabs will spot you and 
    start coming. Just stand there and wait for all of them to be shocked to death 
    and then climb into the vent shaft on the wall. Take a right to get to the 
    next room. In here ignore the barnacles and scientist and go into the metal 
    door. Turn off the power then go through the other door in the room. Run to the 
    end of the hallway and break the window so you can crawl through it. Take and 
    left and follow the hallway littered with boxes. Break all of them to clear 
    your path.
    Kill the headcrab behind the big box and keep going. Grab the shotgun and ammo 
    then run over to the gate. Kill the zombie that comes around the corner so that 
    the guard can let you through. Kill him for ammo then go through the door for 
    more ammo and health. Kill the headcrab then head back to where the zombie was. 
    Drop to the lower area and break the boxes for a battery cell and health then 
    climb the ladder. From here head back to where you broke the window.
    Crawl through the window leading to the flooded office. Kill the headcrab and 
    use the tables and counters to work your way around. Charge your health and 
    then hit the light switch. Turn your flashlight on and break the vent shaft. 
    Kill all three headcrabs then crouch under the fan. Keep going till the end. 
    Break the vent and go through. You should drop through the ceiling. Turn around 
    and two headcrabs will break more ceiling. Use the two metal boxes to make some 
    stairs so you can reach a ladder. Break the big vent to drop down and the small 
    one to enter the shaft. Follow it to the end but wait. A scientist will come 
    running out only to get shot by a ceiling turret with a headcrab to follow. Now 
    quickly jump out and run towards it. Crouch underneath the landing and turn off 
    the turret. Now break all the boxes and push a big metal one next to the 
    landing. Go through the small doorway to break some boxes and grab some ammo. 
    Go to the end of the hall and open up the door. Now push the small metal box 
    over to the turret landing. Use the staircase you made to get to the top and 
    heal yourself. Now drop down and enter the big doorway. Kill all 5 headcrabs 
    and keep going.
    Head up the stairs and you’ll hear some gunshots. Keep going to find a guard 
    and some dead headcrabs. Recruit the guard and go into the next area. Here you 
    and the guard will have to fend off a lot of vortiguants and a few headcrabs. 
    When everything’s dead find a door being guarded by a barnacle. Go inside and 
    hit the light switch. Take the health and then leave the whole area near some 
    vending machines. If any vortiguants are still living make sure you silence 
    them. Go through a door and heal yourself next to the scientist while he tells 
    you about the military. Continue up the stairs and a ceiling turret will start. 
    Keep going and kill the headcrabs and then the turret. At the top enter a 
    hallway. Wait for the zombie to start walking and when he’s next to the 
    explosive box blow it up. Continue down the hall and kill the two vortiguants 
    around the corner.
    Go through the door to find a guard and a wall kit. Recruit the guard and heal 
    yourself. Head down a ramp into an open area. Kill the Bullsquid that appears 
    and restock on ammo. As you try to leave two vortiguants will appear so kill 
    them. Now head back over to the door you came through then climb through the 
    vent shaft. At the end climb the ladder and wait for the broken part of the fan 
    before you cross. Break the floor vent to drop down then jump over the broken 
    floor. Break the next vent and kill the two headcrabs guarding another vent. 
    Break that and then crawl along the wall towards another vent. Break that one 
    to get above the room with the Bullsquid and vortiguants. Follow the rafters 
    to another vent but watch out for the headcrabs that jump out of the wall. Kill 
    any that don’t miss the rafters then go through the vent. Kill the lone 
    headcrab here and travel towards the end. You’ll break through the ceiling into 
    a dark room. Restock on ammo and heal yourself then leave through the door and 
    go recruit the guard again if he’s still alive. Anyways take a right from the 
    door and kill the zombie and headcrabs in the open area. Break the rubble 
    blocking the next hallway and then run to the right.
    At the end of the hallway kill both zombies and then heal yourself by the 
    wall. Enter the freezer and run around killing any headcrabs and the two 
    Bullsquids in the area. Next to the Bullsquid that breaks the boxes hit the 
    switch to make a lift go back and forth. Now head back to the entrance and 
    climb the ladder. Enter the shaft and follow the straight path till you get to 
    the lift. Along the way you might find a headcrab. Anyways break all the boxes 
    for some battery cells then enter the shaft. Travel through it and kill the 
    headcrab that jumps up at you. Keep going to find a room full of barnacles. 
    Take any supplies next to their tongues and then start climbing on the shafts. 
    Enter the final shaft towards the end killing any headcrabs along the way.
    Break the next vent and drop down. Help the surviving guard by killing the 
    zombie then recruit him. Go up the stairs and kill the headcrab. Next the dark 
    room and run up towards the door. You’ll find out its locked so may as well 
    turn around and...G-MAN! This is the fourth sighting. Watch him as he looks at 
    you, straightens his tie, and walks off. Anyways when he’s gone head to the 
    light area. A scientist will jump through a window and then two zombies will 
    appear. Kill them both and then grab supplies from the broken window and broken 
    wall. Anyways kill the guard for ammo and take a running jump towards the 
    ladder in the shaft. Keep climbing up while watching a scientist as he 
    struggles and falls. Hehe, funny. Anyways jump onto the ladder he was on to get 
    on top of the elevator. Break the shaft and drop down. Use the elevator to end 
    the chapter.
    7.06 – “We’ve Got Hostiles”
    Start by running forward and a scientist will come running and pound at a 
    window then run off and blow up a tripmine. Look through the window to see a 
    guard lose a battle with a zombie. Anyways head in the direction the scientist 
    did. Hit the emergency button and trip the red lasers and kill the turret and 
    then the headcrabs in the area. Break all the boxes and then hit another 
    emergency button. In the hallway jump over and then crouch under the set up 
    tripmines and continue. Jump over the red laser and kill any vortiguants that 
    appear behind you. Next use the boxes as stairs to get over them and kill the 
    two turrets and headcrabs in this area. Next break another emergency button 
    and climb over the boxes to get to a flooded area.
    Without falling down the open elevator shaft, quickly hit the laser and hide 
    behind the corner until you hear the two turrets start shooting. Come out of 
    hiding and kill them while their dealing with the scientist. Hit the emergency 
    and then look for see the G-Man who’ll walk off as usual. Anyways heal yourself 
    by the door and break the boxes. When ready go down the hallway the G-Man did 
    and you’ll meet your first marine. Kill him and take his ammo. Heal by the 
    stairs and then ride the elevator upward.
    At the top run out and start battling some marines. When their all dead break 
    all the boxes, restock on ammo, and heal yourself on the wall units. Next climb 
    up the stairs and hit the emergency button before passing under. Take a right 
    at the junction to get to a room with barnacles. Break all the boxes and jump 
    onto the conveyor belt. Run on it the wrong way and eventually you’ll get to 
    another room. Heal on the wall units and break the boxes before using the metal 
    ones as stairs. Run along on the other conveyor belt into the next room. Kill 
    the marine behind the sandbags and heal yourself on another unit. From the 
    middle walkway shoot down all 3 ground turrets and drop down facing the next 
    fire door. Again hit the button and run through. You’ll be in another battle 
    with some marines so kill all of them before breaking all the boxes and 
    restocking your ammo. Climb up the ramp and use the upper walkway to get into 
    another marine filled room. Kill all of them and then take their ammo and 
    break more boxes. Heal yourself by the next elevator and then ride it up.
    At the top heal yourself with the wall unit and then move outside. Kill any 
    marines that get in your as you make your way to the open door. Take the ladder
    down and heal yourself with the wall units at the bottom. Enter the vent
    entrance and quickly make your way down and into the big shaft at the bottom.
    In the next area will be a big fan. Ignore it for now and enter the shaft above
    it. Crawl through the shaft and exit at the first hole to restock on ammo. Go
    back in and continue. Kill the headcrab that comes out of another tunnel but
    keep going straight. Eventually vortiguants should start teleporting in the
    room below. Enter another tunnel there and you’ll come to a room where you can
    restock on armor and ammo. You can also heal yourself on the wall. Anyways get
    back in the shaft and head down the tunnel the headcrab came out of.
    Eventually you’ll hear a marine talking about you with his buddy. Kill the one
    with the red beret with a double shotgun blast and then exit the shaft ahead.
    Kill the other marine and restock on more ammo. Now reenter the shaft and head
    back to the fan. Go into the corner and drop down to the second shaft. Enter
    it and you’ll come to another place with more ammo. Restock and then head back
    to the fan. Now drop to the lower shaft and crawl through it. Climb the ladder
    at the end and go through the middle shaft. Restock on ammo and hit the silo
    access button as the scientist tells you about the Lambda Lab. Leave the room,
    heal on the wall units, and head down the hallway to finish the chapter.
    7.07 – Blast Pit
    Start by destroying all the rubble blocking your path. Kill both the headcrabs 
    on the other side and then head up the ramp. Pull the lever to activate the 
    lift and kill the zombie that breaks the door. Go inside to restock on 
    supplies then take the lift down. At the bottom jump on the tram and ride it 
    past a bunch of Bullsquids and Houndeyes till it throws you off. You’ll land 
    in some chemicals so quickly jump onto the boxes on your left to escape. Kill 
    the Bullsquid then climb the ladder behind it. Jump into the pipe and travel 
    the small tunnel.
    Jump out onto the pipes but ignore the Bullsquid below. Travel among the pipes 
    till you can jump to a small landing. Once their grab the med-kits and battery 
    cells and continue. In the room flooded with chemicals run across the pipes 
    till you get to the elevator and then ride it up.
    At the top turn the corner and shoot the flammables next to the Bullsquid to 
    kill it. Continue along the path and kill and Houndeye that gets in your way. 
    Again shoot the flammables to kill the Houndeye on the path and the one in the 
    corner near some med-kits. The flammable will destroy part of the path. Jump 
    across the new gap and kill the headcrabs then enter the silo. Turn the lever 
    to open up the other door.
    Kill the zombie that appears and continue. Listen to the dying scientist tell 
    you about the tentacles. Keep going and go through the next door. Here you 
    should see a scientist get grab by the tentacle. Look out the window to see him 
    fly into the air and down the pit. Anyways after being amused by another death 
    continue along. Climb the ladder you come to and kill the guard for ammo. Go 
    into the next room to see a guard get killed by one of the tentacles. Grab the 
    grenades and then equip them. Wait for the tentacle to stop attacking the area. 
    When it’s done CRAWL towards the doorway. Look down and throw a grenade near 
    the ladder surrounded by boxes then throw another one in the opposite direction
    to distract them. Climb the ladder on your right and continue towards the 
    other. While climbing down throw a grenade at the boarded doorway and again 
    throw a distraction in the opposite direction. When the tentacles are fully 
    occupied away from the door get off the ladder and sprint towards it. Continue 
    along the silo path and pull the lever to open the exit.
    Shoot the flammables to kill the zombie. With the path destroyed use the pipes 
    to cross the gap. Destroy the boxes and then continue down the corridor ahead.
    At the end of the corridor take a right and stand at the top of the ladder. 
    Pick off both zombies and then jump down. Destroy the sewer cover and climb the 
    ladder down. Walk on the pipes and take a left at the junction to reach another 
    ladder. Climb and destroy the cover. Kill the zombie before popping out and 
    then go into the side room to restock on grenades.
    Open the next door and kill both zombies. Next climb down both the ladders to 
    get to the fan controls. Hit the switch and then run BACKWARDS to the ladder so 
    you can get up before it crushes you. When it speeds up, use the wind to soar 
    towards the ceiling. Break the rubble in your way and then break the vent. Drop 
    down and kill any headcrabs that get in your way. Continue into the red light 
    area killing anymore headcrabs.
    Eventually you’ll get to a ladder. Climb down and kill all 3 zombies and the 
    lone headcrab then turn one the oxy and the fuel. Climb the other ladder in the 
    corner and then head back to the tentacles.
    Again use the grenade trick to reach the door on the lowest level. Continue 
    down the silo path and jump over the gap. Kill the zombie by the door and then 
    go through.
    When the door opens a Bullsquid should destroy the path. Shoot the explosive 
    crate next to it and then use the pipes to cross. Continue down the corridor 
    and kill the three Houndeyes that come running towards you.
    Continue and then kill the feeding Bullsquid. Heal with the wall unit and then 
    call the elevator. Start to ride it downward. Eventually it’ll malfunction 
    forcing you to climb down on the ladder. At the bottom the scientist will tell 
    you his friend went to turn on the power but then mysteriously disappeared. 
    Head down the corridor and kill the zombie you come across. Use the lift to 
    reach the ladder and then climb. Next head to any of the two ladders and go up. 
    Activate the switch and then jump on top of the generator. The scientist buddy 
    well tell you of his new hiding spot. Anyways drop down the opposite side and 
    activate the other switch to turn the power on. Now head back to the room where 
    the tentacle grab the scientist.
    Once there hit the test fire button and stand back to see the fireworks. With 
    the tentacle now dead go back in there and jump onto the hole to travel the 
    small cave.
    Keep going and eventually you’ll fall in some water. Swim up and then check the 
    guard for the .357 Magnum. Jump back into the water and swim through one of the 
    holes at the bottom and then up the side. In the room through of chemicals 
    climb the ladder down and heal yourself then head back up. Travel along the 
    pipes until you get to a wheel. Turn it to make a pipe bridge and then go 
    inside. Jump over the gap and keep going.
    Eventually the pipe well break and land you next to a headcrab. Kill it then 
    grab the med-kits and ammo on the table. Break the boxes in the room for some 
    more med-kits and some tripmines. Finally continue down the corridor to beat 
    the chapter.
    7.08 – Power Up
    Run into the big room to see a Gargantua kill two marines. Ignore it and look 
    into the window on the left to see the G-Man watching you. Next go into the 
    other small hallway in the area. Kill any vortiguants in your way and head down 
    the tunnel that says “track control”. Keep going and eventually the walkway 
    should break. Kill all the headcrabs and break the boxes for ammo. Keep going 
    and you’ll have to kill even more vortiguants and headcrabs. You should also 
    come across a wall-unit so make sure to heal yourself. Now head down the 
    corridor marked “Power Generator.”
    Shoot the flammables next to the Vortiguants then turn the wheel to continue. 
    Climb the first ladder and restock on supplies next to the dead marine. A 
    Bullsquid will pull him into a hole. Climb up the other ladder and kill both 
    marines and the turret. Break all the boxes and heal with the wall unit and 
    then continue down the hallway.
    Go into the open area and shoot the explosives to kill the marine. Head into 
    the tunnel past him and take a right. Kill any marines that get in your way and 
    break the boxes. When finished, head back the other doing the same thing. Heal 
    with the wall unit next to the elevator then ride it down. Walk forward and 
    kill any Houndeyes in the area. Head up a ramp and then go all the way down the 
    spiral staircase. In the flooded area kill the zombie in the corner and then 
    break the boxes to start the machine. Head back up the stairs halfway and then 
    turn on the power generator. Head back to the elevator and kill the two marines 
    that ride it down. Head back up and kill any marines in your way as you head 
    back to the Gargantua.
    Once you get their run down the big tunnel straight across from the cart. Keep 
    going until the very end where you’ll see a lever. Pull it to kill the 
    Gargantua and then use the small tunnel on the right to get back to the cart. 
    Jump on the cart and send it to the center of the room. Now head back into the 
    small tunnel and when you get to the place where the path broke earlier climb 
    the ladder to the door marked “Track Control”. Destroy the rubble and go 
    inside. Listen to the dying guard as you heal yourself and take his weapon. 
    Pull the lever to rotate the central part of the track, which should have the 
    cart on it. Head back to the cart and hop on. Ride it forward down the tunnel 
     to finish the chapter.
    7.09 – On a Rail
    Start off by listening to the guard as he tells you about a rocket. Kill him 
    for ammo and then flip the switch. Jump back onto the cart and head forward. As 
    it’s going down make sure to dodge all the barnacles. At the bottom start it up 
    again and dodge and electricity that appears.
    Keep dodging it till you get out of the water. At the first track junction that 
    appears in front of you stop the cart. Go to the left and break the boxes then 
    get back on the cart. Keep going till you get to the second track changer. 
    Shoot it to make it point forward. Keep going and stop the cart at the 
    Bullsquid. Kill it and get off. Go over to the corner and break the boxes for 
    ammo then kill the barnacle that is above the track. Hop back on the cart and 
    keep riding till you get to another Bullsquid. Kill it and the headcrab that 
    appears and then heal yourself by the stairs. Next climb the stairs and break 
    the boxes. Kill the turret that appears and flip the lever. This’ll move the 
    crane blocking your path at the first track changer. Ride the cart back there 
    and keep on going.
    When the cart starts going head jump off and climb the ladder. Kill the marine 
    and then heal yourself. Climb the other ladder and wait for the cart. When it 
    arrives hop on and start it. Crouch down and let it kill the marine in front of 
    you and keep going till it gets to a gate. Kill the marine next to the mounted 
    gun then use the gun to kill the other marines. Run up the stairs and kill the 
    marines that start shooting at you, and then go down the corridor.
    WHOA! Look like you just entered a war zone. Well anyways side with the 
    Vortiguants and kill the marines. Phew! That was a close one. Good thing the 
    Vort...OW! Stupid Vortiguant just shocked me. DIE!!! Oh...i forgot I was 
    writing a guide. Well any ways kill the Vortiguants once the marines are dead. 
    So much for teamwork. Now that all the baddies are dead run around and break 
    any boxes you see for supplies and then head down the set of stairs you come 
    across. Kill the marine and head down the left side. Shoot the tripmines and 
    then go back to the stairs and take the right. Again help the Vortiguants and 
    then betray them. Now that you raided this area head back to the cart.
    Once there, jump across all the tracks to the other stairs. Kill all the 
    vortiguants then head up. Kill the headcrabs and keep going. Heal yourself and 
    take any supplies you need, and then head back to the cart. Pull one of the 
    levers to open the gates and activate the cart. 
    Keep riding the cart until you see a dead end. Kill the marines and then head 
    though the hallway. This time when the marines and Vortiguants fight duck 
    around the corner till you here it stop. Run in and kill the winners and then 
    start breaking stuff. Kill the any headcrabs that appear and the guard. When 
    you see the words “Surrender Freeman” on the wall shoot a Mp5 grenade into the 
    sandbag hut. Open use the red door and shoot the tripmines. Go inside and kill 
    the marine below and then go through the door by him.
    Raid the new area for supplies and then ride the new cart forward. Stop once 
    you activate the three turrets and let them kill the two Bullsquids. Once they 
    quite down run forward and destroy all 3. Take any supplies from the dead 
    marine and go through the door by the third turret. Kill the Bullsquid and 
    headcrab and grab more supplies. Now head back to the cart and ride it forward.
    When a marine starts shooting rockets at you jump off the moving car to the 
    opening on the left. Use a grenade to kill the marine. Now run along the side 
    of the tracks and shoot the tripmine. Shoot a second tripmine you see and you 
    should notice the cart stopped at a gate. Go off to the right and kill all the 
    vortiguants. Once their all dead go over to the boxes and shoot the tripmines 
    on the other side. Jump over and kill the marines at the top. Throw the gate 
    lever and then jump through the window towards a new cart. Ride it until you 
    see another gate. Jump off and use a mp5 grenade on the marine with the mounted 
    gun. Now use the other mounted gun to take out the other three marines. Break 
    all the boxes and heal yourself, then pull the gate lever. Ride the cart and 
    keep going. Jump off at the dead end to send the cart upward. Put a c4 on the 
    elevator and send it up. Blow it up when it reaches the top and then ride the 
    elevator up yourself. Take any ammo and then climb the ladder to reach the cart 
    then ride it forward.
    When you see moving boxes jump off and let the cart hit the gate. Kill the 
    marines that appear and throw the lever jump back on the cart but crouch. 
    Crouch as it goes under boxes and when a marine starts shooting rockets at you. 
    Kill him when he comes into view and keep going. Dodge all the electricity as 
    you shoot the track changer and keep going. When the cart stops at the gap jump 
    off and throw a c4 down the ladder. Trigger it to blow up some tripmines, and 
    then climb down.
    Jump off before you hit the red laser and go through the doorway. Kill both
    zombies and heal yourself. Now continue down the tracks on foot and kill the 
    hiding marine with another mp5 grenade. Kill the other marine and then break 
    the boxes. Exit down the hallway. When you get outside stop and listen as two 
    marines talk about you. Use another mp5 grenade to kill then and then run 
    towards the big red doors. Use the keypad to open it and then another to open 
    another door.
    Run to the left and use the mounted gun to kill the three marines and then 
    enter the building. In the next room you must get up the stairs without 
    touching the red laser. First push the small box into the corner and then push 
    the big box next to it. Now use those to reach the door. Go through and kill 
    both marines. Go into the side room to heal yourself and then go into the 
    launch room. Launch the rocket and then head back to where the marines were 
    talking about you.
    Quickly run down the tunnel to the left and climb the ladder you come to. Climb 
    it down and collect any supplies you need. Now jump into the new looking cart 
    and ride to finish the chapter.
    7.10 – Apprehension
    Start off by hanging out by the right side opening. When you see the marines 
    quickly jump off and kill them. Take their weapons and go through the door. 
    Climb the ladder down to reach the water. Swim through the door and down the 
    hall. Swim up the stairs you find and then jump into the water in the next 
    room. Break the lock to release the barrels for a bridge. Surface and use the 
    barrels to cross the water. Kill both zombies and then heal yourself at the top 
    of the stairs. In the next room, jump into the water on the right and head down 
    the hallway at the bottom.
    Keep going down the hallway, catching your breath at some points, until you get 
    out of the water. Keep going and eventually you should see a scientist get 
    thrown into the air. Walk along the walkway, avoiding the barnacles and climb 
    the ladder at the end. A scientist will explain the Ichthyosaur to you. Heal 
    yourself on the wall and head through the door. Jump into the cage to get the 
    tranquilizer crossbow. The cage will then fall into the water. Swim around and 
    kill the Ichthyosaur and then turn the wheel at the bottom. This’ll open up the 
    gate which you can swim under to get out of the water. Go past the door and 
    keep heading down the hallway.
    Go through the door at the end and jump on top of the box for some ammo. Kill 
    the Vortiguants that appear and go through the doorway. Stay centered as you 
    walk along the walkway. After the first gap part of the walkway will break. 
    After jumping over the third gap, jump through the hole in the fence and swim 
    through the underwater tunnel. When you pop up, kill the Bullsquid and run 
    forward to see the G-Man on the walkway above. Kill another Bullsquid that 
    appears then run through the hallway marked “Generator Controls”. Climb the 
    ladder at the end and activate the generator. Time your jumps carefully as you 
    cross to the other side. Kill the headcrab that appears and enter the hallway. 
    Kill the Bullsquid and heal yourself before continuing down the hall.
    Kill all the Vortiguants and Headcrabs in the next room before healing yourself 
    on the wall. Once all the enemies are gone a scientist will unlock the door for 
    you. Listen as he tells you where to go and about the next room. Open the next 
    door with the control panel. Quickly run through the frozen room ignoring any 
    enemies. Only shoot if one crosses your path. Eventually you’ll find a ladder, 
    go down and then head down the hall.
    Run along the hallway breaking boxes and killing Vortiguants as you go. Ride 
    the elevator you find and a guard will try to tell you not to do something 
    before getting killed. Head into the next area and kill all the black ops that 
    appear. When their all dead, go heal yourself and break boxes for supplies. 
    When ready head up the ramp and pull the lever to open the surface access. Head 
    through the surface doors and into the small room. The lights well go off and 
    you’ll be ambushed. You’ll hear some marines talk about dumping your body 
    You’ll wake up inside a trash compactor without any weapons. Quickly use the 
    boxes to get out and then crawl across on one of the smashers. Reclaim your 
    crowbar and drop behind the smasher with the floor vent. Break it and drop down 
    to finish the chapter.
    7.11 – Residue Processing
    Start by jumping out of the water to the right. Follow the path and kill the 
    headcrabs that appear. Next turn the wheel for the “flow control” and then use 
    the ladder to get inside. Ride the lift down until a shaft appears then crouch 
    Go to the very end and let the guard kill the headcrabs. Grab the ammo next to 
    him and then follow him down the hall. Let the barnacles kill him then take his 
    handgun. Heal yourself on the wall and then head back to the headcrabs. Climb 
    the small ladder in the corner and use the rocks to jump across the chemicals 
    to the vent. Go through the vent until you reach the next room. Use the mashers 
    to jump across the room towards the pipe. Follow the pipe into the next room. 
    Run on the left pipe as far as you can and then jump to the right one. Use it 
    to exit the room. Next use the spinners to jump across the chemicals to the 
    next vent then go inside.
    Travel through the vent to the next room. Break all the boxes for supplies then 
    ride the conveyor belt upward. When you land in the water, swim through the 
    tunnel and pop out the other side. Run around and jump into the water again. 
    Swim through one of the holes and keep going. Swim underneath the flames and 
    the roller, and then head to the right to jump out of the water. Heal yourself 
    on the stairs and go through the tunnel. Open the door but don’t go through. 
    Jump back into the water and keep going. Eventually you should see three 
    mashers and three conveyor belts. Jump onto the walkway and head to the left. 
    Flip the middle switch upward and then head the opposite way on the walkway. 
    Grab the magnum and kill the feeding Bullsquid. Restock on supplies and heal 
    yourself then head through the hall. Push the door open then head back to the 
    Bullsquid. Hit the switch next to it to stop the mashers. Quickly run over to 
    the conveyor belts and use them to head upward. Keep riding them to the next 
    In here just keep riding the conveyor belts. When one ends drop down to the 
    next one and keep going. Along the way you’ll have to dodge some easy 
    obstacles. Eventually you’ll get to two conveyor belts going in opposite 
    directions. Jump on the one going to the left and shoot the tripmine in the 
    tunnel. Once around the corner shoot the other tripmine and keep going. Use 
    both conveyor belts to dodge the mashers and keep going. On the last belt get a 
    running start and jump toward the ladder. Climb it up and then head down the 
    hallway to finish the chapter.
    7.12 – Questionable Ethics
    Start by climbing the ladder and breaking the vent. Kill all the Houndeyes and 
    grab the ammo on the ground. Use the metal box and a Houndeye house to climb 
    over the fence. Heal yourself and then head down the hall. In the next room 
    break the glass to reveal a button. Press it and kill the Alien Grunt that you 
    just set free then head down the hall. Go into the small room and heal yourself 
    then press the button. Watch as some headcrabs get killed and then kill the 
    marine that appears. Heal yourself around the corner and keep going. Listen to 
    the guard talk about the surface, and then continue down the hall.
    Kill both marines in the lobby and grab the shotgun next to them. Take the ammo 
    from the desk and kill the other marines that appear. Heal yourself then head 
    down the hall. Go up the stairs and keep going. In the next experiment room, 
    let the headcrabs out and kill them. Take the crossbow and Snarks then heal 
    yourself in the small room. Go through the doors and kill both marines then 
    head to the left. Open the door then head down the hall the other way. In the 
    next experiment room shoot the tripmines in the corner. Kill the grunts and 
    marines that appear. Grab the battery cells and then head down the hall the 
    tripmines were guarding. Kill the marine and keep going down the hall. Ignore 
    the door and keep going. Ignore the boxes you see and head into the next hall. 
    Kill the headcrabs that pop out and then ignore the stairs. Instead head down 
    the other hall. Open the door leading to the lobby and then head back to the 
    stairs. Head up to the next area.
    Kill all the marines and Bullsquids in this area. Once their all dead you’ll 
    have to activate all four lasers in four separate rooms. One room has a wall 
    unit, one has Houndeyes, and another has the Experimental Gauss Gun. Once the 
    fourth laser is activated look to the ceiling and follow it. It’ll lead to the 
    main laser. Push the metal box underneath the laser shield and then turn the 
    laser on to break the wall. Jump through the hole to the area below.
    Go through the door to find three scientists. Go into the next room and turn 
    the blades off then escort one of the Scientist back to the lobby. Have him 
    open the surface doors and listen as he tells you about the Lambda Complex then 
    head through the doors.
    Go outside and kill the marine and two turrets on the roof. Next shoot the 
    explosive boxes to clear your path then head down the tunnel. Break the other 
    boxes for supplies and step forward to finish the chapter.
    7.13 – Surface Tension
    Hit the switch to open the door and use the explosives to blow up all the 
    marines. Take their weapons and continue. At the dam, quickly jump into the 
    water on the right before the helicopter gets you. Ignore the Ichthyosaur and 
    climb the tower ladder. Run inside and hit the switch. Heal yourself and jump 
    back into the water. Kill the Ichthyosaur and then turn the wheel just enough 
    for you to pass through. Keep swimming and climb the ladder at the end and 
    enter the tunnel.
    Take a left at the exit and kill the three headcrabs. Go inside the cave for 
    health and head back. Go straight from the tunnel and break the boxes for ammo, 
    then climb the ladder. Jump to the cliff across from the ladder for supplies, 
    then jump back. Run along the side and climb the other ladder. Run forward and 
    climb behind the rocks till you find the “storm drain hatch” sign. Go into the 
    open area and kill all the marines. Take their weapons and head inside. Turn 
    the wheel and then go and crawl behind the rocks next to the sign.
    In the mine field, hop over to the hill on the left. Run across it and then hop 
    over to the marine tent. Run behind the rocks and jump the fence around the 
    storm drain. Climb the ladder down and break the vent to enter the tunnel.
    When you get to the cliff, head to the left and drop down. Kill the marine and 
    drop down. Run over to the turret and take it down then head back to the 
    marine. Drop down in front to the lower lever. Jump over the rock for some 
    health and jump back out. Go over to the left and drop down. Keep dropping down 
    to the right and then jump across the crumbling bridge. Kill the marine and 
    continue. Kill another marine and go through the doorway. Break the boxes and 
    grab the RPG. Head back outside and take down the helicopter. Take a right from 
    the cave and climb the ladder. Continue along the cliff and climb another 
    ladder. Head to the tunnel and kill the headcrab before heading inside.
    Keep crawling through the tunnel till you get to the end. Climb up and quickly 
    kill the marines while dodging the tank. Get behind the tank and heal yourself 
    in the garage. Break the boxes and then destroy the tank with the RPG. Head 
    through the doorway in front of the tank. Dodge a second tank's rockets as you 
    make your way to a hole in the fence. Jump through and kill both marines. Break 
    the boxes for supplies and then get behind the second tank. Run through the 
    door behind the tank to continue.
    In the next area take a right. Ignore the Vortiguant and quickly jump over the 
    tripmine. Continue along the path, jumping over two more tripmines till you see 
    a dying guard. Take his weapon move quickly. The snipers in this area cannot be 
    killed. After the “mines” sign hug the wall on the left. Keep hugging it till 
    you can crawl underneath the wire. Duck around the corner and wait for the 
    collapsed tower to stop shocking. Quickly use it to reach the roof. Run along 
    the roof till you find a hole. Drop inside to meet a scientist.
    Break the boxes and head through the door. DO NOT break any boxes touching 
    tripmines or set off any tripmines. It will collapse the building, resulting in 
    instant death. Jump over the first tripmine and walk over the second with the 
    stairs banister. Go through the door next to the third. Use the boxes to reach 
    window and crawl through. Head over by to the big door and let both headcrabs 
    come to you. Kill them both and then jump over the tripmines towards the two 
    lifts. Break the big box on the right lift and go through the doorway in the 
    corner. Let the headcrab jump over the tripmine and then kill it. Jump over the 
    tripmine and hit the lift switch. Stand on the lift and back up against the 
    wall. Get a running start and jump across to the second lift to ride it down. 
    Break all the boxes for supplies and then grab the Hivehand. Head down the 
    tunnel to see a screaming guard.
    Kill the marines and head outside. Ignore the grunts and run behind the 
    building. Quickly run through the doorway and kill both marines inside. Head 
    upstairs and have the guard open the security room for you. Kill him and flip 
    the switch. Take whatever you need then head over to the window by the stairs. 
    Jump out and run on ledge to the back of the building. Make your way to the 
    ladder and climb them up to the roof. Drop down and kill all the marines then 
    head back up. Use the broken floors to reach a hole in the wall. Head through 
    to reach a helicopter landing.
    Kill the grunts that appear and head through the tunnel behind them. Keep 
    going and kill another grunt. Use the boxes to reach the mounted rocket 
    launcher and use that to break the other door at the landing. Run back over 
    there and run through the tunnel.
    Use the mounted gun and kill the Vortiguants. When dead quickly run and use the 
    jump panel to reach the upper floor. Take a right and join the tiny battle 
    going on. When everyone’s dead break the vent and crawl through. Attack like 
    crazy as Snarks come at you and grab some egg sacs, and then continue down the 
    vent. Eventually you’ll be shot down. In the parking garage kill both marines 
    and heal yourself in the corner. Attempt to go through the door but back up 
    when some grenades come. Let them blow up and wait for a hole to appear in the 
    wall. Hit the switch to make the empty car lift drop and hit it again. Quickly 
    jump on it and jump through the hole. Kill the marines, and then use the 
    mounted rocket launcher to blow open the door. Kill the four grunts that emerge 
    from the hallway and then head down it. Watch a battle down below and then kill 
    the winners. Head to the door on the other side and go through. Taker a left to 
    heal yourself and then head the other way. Kill the grunt that throws the 
    marine though the wall and then drop through the hole. Kill any marines and 
    aliens in the next area and then use the jump pad to reach the roof. Drop into 
    the hole to land in some water. Crawl into the vent but quickly head back to 
    the water and duck when a marine throws a C4 into the vent. Crawl through the 
    vent again and kill the marine at the end. Go around the corner and kill the 
    marines and headcrabs. Drop down and heal yourself and then climb the ladder. 
    Turn the wheel to open the shaft and go through. Exit the shaft and head 
    downstairs. Kill both marines and heal yourself then head upstairs. Recruit the 
    guard and have him open a door downstairs. Go outside and kill the two 
    Vortiguants and the grunt on the roof. Go get the guard and take him to the 
    blocked off door. Have him open another door and enter the hallway.
    Ignore the rampaging Gargantua and take a right. Keep running through the 
    garage till you get outside. Use the jump pad to get over the fence and then 
    use the other one to get on the tower. Listen to the radio as a marine says 
    their leaving and tells you to make air strikes. Make a couple air strikes on 
    the concrete wall and wooden door in the far corner. Once their both gone use 
    the ramp to jump over there. Go through the tunnel to finish the chapter.
    7.14 – “Forget About Freeman!”
    In the first area, jump over the rail and look at the ceiling. Keep dodging the 
    falling sections until it stops. At that point crouch into the doorway in the 
    corner. In the next room, listen to the radio then head out. Kill all the 
    Grunts and Vortiguants that appear and then head down the ramp. Take a right 
    and kill the Vortiguants. Run over to the Snark sac and destroy it then turn 
    the wheel to open the hatch. Climb the ladder down.
    Kill all the Headcrabs and then swim towards the west. Kill another Headcrab 
    when you get out of the water and then jump towards the flooded hallway on the 
    left. Swim underneath a giant cog, and then through some pipes. Swim under 
    another cog and then quickly jump out of the water. Take down the turret and 
    then kill the marine. Restock on supplies and climb the ladder. Quickly kill 
    both marines then switch to the RPG to take care of the tank. Go through the 
    door behind it and destroy the turret on the left. Heal yourself and then use 
    the elevator.
    Step out the elevator and kill the marines at the top of the stairs. Climb the 
    stairs and then use the tank in the next area to blow open the door and kill 
    and marines and aliens. Go through the door and take a left. Kill the grunts 
    while dodging the alien gun and quickly use the console to open the door. Hit a 
    switch inside to open the other door and finish the chapter.
    7.15 – Lambda Core
    Start of by pushing the button on the panel and then ride the lift down. Kill 
    the Bullsquid and Headcrabs then use the boxes to reach the med-kit. Use it 
    then go through the door. Drop down next to the ladder and head to the other 
    door. Kill all the black-ops in the garage and then make your way over to the 
    hallway blocked by the boxes. Break them and then kill any black-ops upstairs. 
    Head over to the dark hallway and ride the elevator down.
    Take a left and open the big doors. Kill all the grunts that appear until a 
    scientist unlocks a door for you. Climb the ladder and have him unlock another 
    door. Heal yourself with the med-kits and ride the elevator. Go through the 
    door next to the elevator and grab the Egon gun. Grab the ammo and then go 
    through the other door in the hall. Ride the elevator there downward.
    Take a left and head to the 1st coolant station killing any Vortiguants and 
    Grunts that get in your way. In the pump room go and turn on the pump then kill 
    the Vortiguants and Headcrabs before going back to the elevator killing any 
    Vortiguants that appear. Once back at the elevator head to the 2nd coolant 
    station. This time in one of the hallways some of the ceiling will collapse. 
    Crawl through it and then go through the door. Kill the Grunts and make your 
    way to the other door on the walkway. On the other side of the door, turn the 
    wheel to turn the steam off then crawl through the gap. Inside the pump room 
    kill any Headcrabs and pull the lever. Again, head back to the elevator. From 
    there, head to the Maintenance Station. Kill the Barney for ammo and go down 
    the stairs. Take the ammo from the shelves then go back. Now go to the Aux 
    Reactor. Kill any Grunts and then jump into the water. Swim through the pipe to 
    At the end go over and turn both wheels to raise the water level. Swim up and 
    use the ladder to get out of the water. Now continue your way upward killing 
    Vortiguants and dodging electrical currents till you get through a door. Once 
    through continue down the hallway.
    At the end of the hall, go into the supply room. Grab the supplies and then 
    climb up the ladder in the shaft. Jump off at the top and go into another 
    supply room. Take the supplies then go down the hall. Take a left and look 
    through the window the see the G-Man step into a teleporter. Now head in the 
    other direction of the hallway. Keep killing any Vortiguants and Grunts in your 
    way and eventually you’ll find a ladder. Drop down to the C level. Grab any 
    ammo then head back. Go into the C Level core. Step into the orange teleport 
    once one of the platforms in under the green one on the other side of the red 
    bars. From the rotation platforms jump to Port 2 and wait for a platform to be 
    under the teleport above then jump through. At the top jump into Port 7. You 
    will now be in a slime filled room. Use the platforms to reach the 1 door and 
    push the button. Again use the platforms to reach the center of the room and 
    jump into the port. Go through the door in the new area to continue.
    Continue down the hall until a scientist lets you through some doors. Stock up 
    on numerous supplies as he talks about Xen and wait for him to give you the 
    long jump module. When he opens up the big doors head on through to reach the 
    teleporter. Practicing long jumping like the scientist says until the Xen 
    Masters appear. Fight them until the teleporter is ready then jump inside to 
    finish the chapter.
    7.16 – Xen
    You’ll appear on a small island. Long jump over to the island with the dead 
    body and grab supplies. From there long jump over to the small island with 
    Vortiguants. Kill both of them and a Houndeye and then long jump over to the 
    highest rotating platform when it’s close. Keep jumping to the platform till 
    you reach the big island. Once there go over the edge and drop onto one of the 
    legs sticking out. Kill any Houndeyes you see and heal yourself in the blue 
    healing pool. Crouch under the rocks to enter a small cave. Activate all three 
    pedestals and then stand in the center of the cave and wait to be teleported to 
    the next chapter.
    7.17 – Gonarch’s Lair
    Here is your first boss battle of the game were you actually get to fight the 
    alien. Gonarch has a few attacks. First is her slash. If you get to close 
    she’ll slash you up pretty good. Another is the ability to shoot acid. If 
    you’re close she’ll drop it on the ground but far off she’ll attempt to shoot 
    you. Also if you’re far away she’ll try to charge at you. However her most 
    signature attack is to produce baby headcrabs. They can get annoying but if 
    you’re good at strafing just ignore them and deal with Gonarch’s egg sac.
    Like spoken above the egg sac is her weak point. Well anyways in the first area 
    just dodge all of her said attacks and the stabbing trees located around the 
    arena and shoot her egg sac. Eventually she’ll retreat and break the web 
    blocking a cave. Follow her down it and grab the item pack from the dead body 
    then head down the cave. The new arena is a lot smaller and has a hole in the 
    center. Just repeat the last strategies till she opens another cave for you. 
    The third arena is actually inside the cave with her above you on the webs. 
    Keep strafing around and shoot her till she drops down. Once she’s level with 
    you shoot her until she dies and blows up. Now jump into the newly created hole 
    to finish the chapter.
    7.18 – Interloper
    You will now be on an island with Vortiguants, Xen Masters, and Drop ships. 
    First off, you’ll want to make your way to a cave in the back of the island and 
    it should be straight ahead. Run towards it and kill any Vortiguants that get 
    in your way. Inside, kill the Vortiguants and heal in the pool. Next drop down 
    the hole in the corner and crawl through the tunnels towards the next cave. 
    Here stand on the island until the pillars move so you don’t get burned and 
    then kill the headcrabs. Go into the next cave and head up the path. Kill the 
    Bullsquid and break the web behind. In the final cave, break the web and wait 
    for the pillar to drop down. Stand on it and ride it up. Now use the rotating 
    platform till you get low enough to jump onto a drop ship. From there ride a 
    drop ship until it reaches the teleport and then jump inside.
    Exit the tunnel and take a right. Shoot the Tentacle until it goes inside the 
    pit. Quickly long jump over the pit before it comes back up. Make your way to 
    the open area and go into the cave on the left. Keep going and eventfully a 
    Gargantua will come crashing towards you. Dodge it and head through the tunnel. 
    Take a left and go through the other tunnel. Kill any grunts blocking your way 
    until you get into the next teleporter.
    Follow the hall until you get to the Vortiguants. Ignore them and they will 
    ignore you. Wait for the lift to rest at the bottom and jump on it. Ride it to 
    the next level and jump off. Wait for the lift to go back to the bottom and 
    jump onto the part of the lift attached to the pillar. Ride it to the top and 
    jump to the conveyor belt. Jump to the second belt and ride it till you drop.
    Quickly jump out and go to the right. Jump onto the belt and run in the 
    opposite direction. Take a right at the end and jump onto the pillar. Ride it 
    up and travel along the walkway to a small tunnel. Kill any Vortiguants in your 
    path and break the first capsule in your way. Kill the grunt it had inside and 
    go through the doorway. Look for three crawl holes and crawl into one. Take a 
    right and follow the tunnel.
    Follow it until you get to the very. In the final chamber dodge any attacks and 
    only kill anything that gets in your path. Make your way to the first spinning 
    lift and ride it up. Repeat with two more lifts and then jump into the floating 
    In the final area there is no threat except for falling. Jump along the 
    platforms until you reach the final teleporter.
    7.19 Nihilanth
    Ok Nihilanth has two attacks. The first is when he shoots six blue damages orbs 
    at you which are pretty easy to strafe. His other attack is a green teleporter 
    orb. Dodge it by standing behind one of the pillars. Also he has Vortiguants 
    and Xen Masters helping out but they shouldn’t be a big problem. Also there is 
    a healing pool on one of the ledges you can jump to. Well anyways I’ll start 
    with were he teleports you.
    The first is a tall chamber. Just use the walkways to work your way up to the 
    teleporter. Make sure to grab items and kill any Xen Masters in your way.
    The second is a small cave. Just dodge the Xen Masters and use one of the seeds 
    to ride up towards the ceiling.
    The third is a big pool with water. A healing pool is on a ledge which you can 
    jump to. Also there are Vortiguants. Ignore them and use the jump pads to reach 
    the teleporter above the water.
    The fourth is the same as the third but with a Gargantua instead. Every time 
    you get teleported from now on he’ll send you here.
    Ok now for the battle. For the first time I’m going to mention weapons. Use the 
    crossbow first and destroy all three of the yellow crystals, which Nihilanth 
    uses to heal himself. Once all three are destroyed use the RPG, Experimental 
    Weapon, and then the Crossbow until his head opens. When his head open he’ll 
    shoot only a single blue orb at a time. Dodge them and use the jump pad to get 
    above his head. Shoot his brain until he dies. When he’s dead you’ll be 
    teleported away.
    7.20 – Conclusion
    You will wake up with the G-Man in front of you. He’ll then talk for awhile 
    while you are being teleported to places. Eventually he’ll give you a choice to 
    choose. Step into the portal for the canon ending and don’t for the non-canon 
    ending. Congratulations you beat Half-Life.
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