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    Multiplayer Guide by Josh R

    Version: 0.82 | Updated: 06/22/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ||                          A D V A N C E D                          ||
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    v.82 (6/22/00)
    Updated for Half-Life v. and Team Fortress Classic v. 1.5
    Best viewed in Windows Wordpad (no word wrap required).
    See bottom of this document for copyright information.
    By: Josh R. (Email: joshr@tcac.net) (ICQ #: 34384634)
    Half-Life Alias: TFE|*Hostage* or *Hostage*
    Found at:
    (Disclaimer: The stuff in this guide is mostly my opinion spilled out 
    onto a text document...so if you don't like it, tuff. :P Also, I am NOT 
    the best Half-Life player, nor do I claim to be the best. I am simply a 
    guy who just wanted to share his experiences and views on the game.)
    Table O' Contents
        (III.1.1) Abbreviations
             (III.1.1.1) Expression Abbreviations
             (III.1.1.2) People Abbreviations
             (III.1.1.3) Weapon/Item Abbreviations
             (III.1.1.4) Other Abbreviations
        (IV.1) Hardware
        (IV.2) General Tweaks/Configs
        (V.1) Tau Cannon Tips
             (V.1.1) Shooting Through The Wall With The Tau
             (V.1.1) Tau Jumping
        (V.2) Combos
        (V.3) Bots
        (V.4) Demos
        (V.5) Other Playing Tips 
        (V.6) Map-Specific Strategies
             (V.6.1) Boot_Camp
             (V.6.2) Crossfire
        (VI.1) Classes
             (VI.1.1) Scout
             (VI.1.2) Sniper
             (VI.1.3) Soldier
             (VI.1.4) Demolitions Man
             (VI.1.5) Combat Medic
             (VI.1.6) Heavy Weapons Guy
             (VI.1.7) Pyro
             (VI.1.8) Spy
             (VI.1.9) Engineer
        (VII.1) Things You Should Do First
        (VII.2) Binding
             (VII.2.1) Binding Sayings
             (VII.2.2) Binding Weapons
             (VII.2.3) Binding Cheats
        (VIII.1) My Configs
        (VIII.2) My Combos
        (VIII.3) My Favorite Servers
        (VIII.4) My Thoughts On The New Patch
        (X.1) General
        (X.2) Models
        (X.3) Maps
        (X.4) Console Commands
        (X.5) Logos
        (X.6) Communication
        (X.7) Sounds
        (X.8) Speed Tweaking
        (X.9) Bots
        (X.10) Binding
        (X.11) Ladders and Competitions
        (XII.1) Special Thanks
        (XII.2) Contributing
        (XII.3) Copyright Info
    =- (I.)                      U p D a T e S                           -=
    v.82 (6/22/00)
    - Added 2 questions to FAQ's.
    - Modified "My Thoughts on the New patch" section.
    - Added some more links in the "Important Links" section.
    - Added a new section under "Important Links" called "Ladders and 
    Competitions", for competitions you can put your clan in.
    - Edited the intro to the Death Match section a bit.
    - Added an intro and a Classes section to the TFC section.
    - Added some more abbreviations.
    - Went through the guide updating everything to the current version of 
    - Edited "Thing You Should Do First" under "Stuff You Need To Learn".
    - Updated "Binding" section under "Stuff You Need To Learn".
    - Changed my clan tag to TFE|.
    v.80 (6/12/00)
    - Rearranged the whole guide to accomodate for the Team Fortress 
    Classic sections I will be adding.
    - Added a new section entitled, My Thoughts On The New Patch, under My 
    Stuff And How I Learned It
    - Updated my config.cfg and autoexec.cfg files.
    - Added a a few new REALLY good links to Speed Tweaks under the Other 
    Links section.
    - Added a new place where this guide can be found.
    - Added some ASCII art to the top of this guide.
    - Corrected a few common errors that human beings often make. :)
    v.71 (4/7/00)
    - Updated my config.cfg file and my autoexec.cfg file with some brand 
    new strategies of speeding up your gameplay.
    - Added a new place where this guide will be found.
    v.70 (4/6/00)
    - Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.
    - Added some more links to the Other Links section.
    - Added a My Favorite Server section to My Stuff and How I Learned It
    - Added a tip in the Other Configs You Should Have section of Stuff You 
    Should Already Know.
    - Added map tips and tricks for stalkyard.
    - Added some more people to Special Thanks.
    - Added a new place where this guide will be found.
    - Corrected a few typos here and there, ya know.
    v.60 (3/31/00)
    - Removed a tip.
    - Moved the Links To Websites About Binding down to the Other Links 
    section, and moved the Bot links to the Other Links section as well.
    - Added a few new links to the Other Links section.
    - Added map tips and tricks for crossfire.
    - Edited map tips and tricks a bit for boot_camp.
    - Added a new place where this guide will be found.
    v.55 (3/28/00)
    - Added Demos section under Stuff You Need To Learn.
    - Added map tips and strats for boot_camp.
    - Fixed some minor errors.
    v.50 (3/25/00)
    - First version of this guide.
    =- (II.)                       I n T r O                             -=
    Hey!! I decided to write this because I have seen a lot of guides 
    around the 'net dedicated to Half-Life, but almost none dedicated to 
    telling the players how to actually be considered good in multiplayer
    (and, yes, I had to learn this on my own, and trust me, it wasn't fun. 
    lol). Hopefully, this will help you a bit in your quest to becoming 
    "good" at Half-Life and not be labeled a newbie your whole life, or I 
    should say your "half-life". :P
    This guide assumes that you know how to play and are used to your own 
    controls. But, I give my controls if you want to tweak yours (although 
    mine probably aren't any different from any of yours). Also, it assumes 
    you know which weapon is which and what primary and secondary fire on 
    each weapon does. If you need to experiment, go ahead and do so before 
    reading ahead.
    One more thing before I start the rest of this guide. What's the 
    definition of a good Half-Life player? Well, in my opinion, it comes 
    down to 3 factors: Aim, Memorization, and Evasion (AME). You've got to 
    know how to hit the guys, where things are in the map you're playing 
    on, and how to keep from getting hit by the enemy as much as you can. 
    That's what this guide is for ... to help you with these tasks and make 
    them more clear so that you can improve at Half-Life. Two words also 
    come to mind: practice and experience. Without these two things, you 
    are doomed to crappiness at Half-Life forever :).
    What's the definition of a good TFC player? On offense, it all comes 
    down to trying to accomplish the goal of gaining points, whether it be 
    by capturing a flag, grabbing a key, taking over control points, etc. 
    If you are the Defense, this means not letting the enemy accomplish his 
    goal. But, you must learn how to aim well, use the different jumps to 
    your advantage, prime grenades, and many other techniques.
    Well, read this guide and I hope you learn something. Just remember, 
    most of being good is your own experiences, so this is just to get you 
    started on that long road to becoming good.
    =- (III.) S t U f F   y O u   S h O u L d   a L r E a D y   K n O w  -=
    This guide wasn't meant to be a total explanation of how to play Half-
    Life, just to help you improve a bit and provide some info you might 
    not know. But, there are several of you out there that should probably 
    read through this part of the guide anyways, even if you THINK you know 
    it all.
    You should be familiar with the interface of Half-Life Deathmatch (no, 
    Deathmatch is NOT Team Fortress) and with what all the weapons/items 
    do. You should also have a basic idea of what most of the maps that 
    came with Half-Life look like. 
    You should also know what some abbreviations mean that might be said 
    in-game. Read the list below and make sure you know what these 
    abbreviations mean so you won't have to ask during a game and be 
    considered a newbie.
    lol              Laughing Out Loud    OR    Laughing OnLine
    rofl             Rolling On the Floor Laughing
    gg               Good Game
    g/g              Gotta Go
    brb              Be Right Back
    bbl              Be Back Later
    afk              Away From Keyboard
    plz              Please
    rdy              Ready
    omg              Oh My God
    shhhhh newbie    A guy that thinks he is good telling a player that he 
                     thinks sucks to stop whining (I used to get this alot)
    fyi              For Your Information
    jk, j/k          Just Kidding
    thx              Thanks
    ty               Thank You
    gl               Good Luck
    np               No Problem
    nm               Nevermind
    o                Oh
    c                See
    r                Are
    u                You
    k                OK
    b4               Before
    thru             Through
    ne1              Anyone
    peeps            People
    lpb              Low Ping Bastard (someone with low latency)
    hpb              High Ping Bastard (someone with high latency)
    hpw              High Ping Whiner (someone with high latency that 
                     whines a lot about it); This can also mean High Ping 
                     Warrior, in other words someone that is really good 
                     for their ping.
    newbie or newb   Someone who is new to the game or just plain sucks at 
    camper           Someone that stays in a certain spot to get items and 
                     kills and almost never moves.
    tau jumper       Someone who uses the Tau Cannon to jump around while 
                     shooting and trying not to get hit, or who uses it to 
    scrub            Someone who really really sucks or deserves to have 
                     Chinese nipple torture performed on them because of 
                     how low they are.
    Rocket Launcher  rpg, rocket launcher
    .357 Magnum      mag
    Machine Gun      mp5, machine gun, mg
    MG Grenades      grenades, nades, pills, mg grenades
    Tau Cannon       tau, the cheat gun (lol), wind-up gun, laser gun
    Gluon Gun        gluon, egon gun, gayon gun, lpb gun
    Satchel Charges  satchels, c4, explosives, detpacks
    Trip Mines       mines
    Shotgun          shotty
    Crossbow         xbow, bow
    Hive Gun         bug gun, bee gun (you deserve to be put in the 
                     guillotine if you use this gun too often)
    lj               Long Jump module
    conc             Concussion Grenade
    mirv             MIRV Grenade (used by HWGuy/Demoman)
    emp              EMP Grenade (used by Engineer)
    sg               Sentry Gun (built by Engineer)
    dm               Death Match
    tfc              Team Fortress Classic
    cs               Counter-Strike
    mp               MultiPlayer
    latency          A number showing the reaction time of an action 
                     performed in an online game in milliseconds. Usually 
                     shown by holding <TAB>.
    ping             Same as latency.
    lag              Slowdown in a game due to internet connection, 
                     computer speed, or both.
    spawn            When you come back after getting killed.
    skillz           If someone has these, they are good.
    frag             Refers to a kill.
    nuke spot        A place where the Tau Cannon can hit and spread the 
                     damage to anyone nearby.
    sacked           Refers to being killed by the Crossbow.
    pimped           Refers to being killed by the Crowbar.
    bumnosed         Refers to being hit at very close range with either a
                     rocket launcher shot or a MG grenade shot and kills 
                     both people.
    type killed      Killed while you are typing something.
    spawn killed     Killed right when you respawn.
    binding          Refers to binding specific weapons to keys for quick    
                     switching from weapon to weapon. You can also bind 
                     things like a 1 button long jump, cheats (for when 
                     they are enabled), and saying things. How to do this 
                     will be covered later in this guide.
    l33t             Elite
    comp             Computer
    bot              A non-human player (Artificial Intelligence).
    Those abbreviations are most of what you'll hear during games of Half-
    Life. If you see any _appropriate_ abbreviations I missed (my brain's 
    only so big), email me (my email address is listed at the top of the 
    guide) and I'll add it.
    =- (IV.)     T w E a K s   A n D   c O n F i G u R a T i O n S       -=
    Even if you think Half-Life is running fast enough for your taste, it 
    can always be running faster. =D So, I have dedicated this section to 
    showing you a little about how it can be done. If you would like some 
    more in-depth articles about tweaking, check the Important Links 
    sectionof this guide.
    = (IV.1) HARDWARE =
    Hardware is one of the most important factors when it comes to game 
    playing (especially 3D shooters). The player with the faster and more 
    loaded computer will most of the time end up being better than someone 
    with an old crappy one.
    On the other hand, the player with a crappy computer but with a good 
    internet connection may do better than someone with an awesome comp and 
    a bad connection.
    What I recommend is at least a Pentium 233 or higher with at least 64 
    megs of RAM in order to make the game playable and enjoyable. Mine is a 
    Compaq K6-2 400 with 96 megs of RAM, a Voodoo 3 3000 graphics card, and 
    a Cambridge Soundworks 3-piece sound system. It's a nice computer for 
    game playing and anything else, but definitely not for hosting games 
    because of something weird with my LAN card :-(. If you want to host, I 
    suggest going with either a Celeron, Pentium II or higher, or AMD 
    Athlon. AMD K-6's are so-so, and the Intel brand is your best choice.
    Some added bonus's you could have include a 3D sound card, 4-point 
    surround sound speakers, a graphics card, more RAM...the possibilities 
    are endless. A graphics card really helps when it comes to Half-Life, 
    and you can find a good Voodoo 2 card for under 50 bucks just about 
    anywhere. Any card will do as long as it has at least 12 megs of buffer 
    memory so it won't be too choppy.
    Some more things to remember about hardware include:
     -- The more RAM, the better.
     -- Same goes for Hard Drive space...you can never have too much.
     -- Some computers may be too fast to run Half-Life...you would then 
        have to use a slowdown program to make it playable, so watch your 
     -- Make sure you can hear your opponent clearly and have a good idea 
        where he is. A cheap Soundblaster Live Value, XGamer, or MP3+ would 
        make a world of difference.
     -- Turn your mouse sensitivity up to where you can turn 180 degrees 
    easily. You can do this in the console by typing:
    sensitivity xx      <---xx is number amount of the mouse sensitivity
    Mine usually stays around 15.
     -- Probably the best thing to stop lag is this command here:
    cl_download_ingame "0"
    This will stop all decal downloading in a game and thus reduce your lag 
    significantly. It's a lag killer deluxe edition with a lifetime money-
    back guarantee!
     -- You might want to change your data exchange rate in the console. 
    Rate is how fast your modem is going in thousands. Say for example you 
    have a 56k connection, then you would want to set rate equal to about 
    4800 or so. To change it, in the console type:
    rate xxxx
    Here is a list of connections and rates you need if you have that 
    CONNECTION           RATE NUMBER (to replace xxxx)
    ----------           -----------
    28.8k                2600
    33.6k                3360
    56k                  4800 - 5000 (depending on connection)
    ISDN 128k or above   10000 or over (depending on connection)
    Don't try to set it too high or too low...you won't like the effects, 
    trust me. :)
     -- You could experiment with the command fps_modem and see if that 
    lowers your ping. This command sets your FPS (frames per second) at a 
    constant rate, and the lower the number, the lower your ping. So, 
    choose a number that is both playable and supported by your computer. 
    To check your current FPS, go to console and type:
    r_speeds "1"
    You will see a number telling you your FPS. To turn it off, type:
    r_speeds "0"
    Anyways, back to fps_modem. If you were to type it somewhere, this is 
    what it should look like:
    fps_modem "xx"
    xx = frames per second you want to have continually
    A word of warning: do not set this too high, as it will shoot your ping 
    up to the stars.
     -- Try disabling the fancy graphic crap, such as blood, decals, and 
    bullet marks. This should lower your ping quite a bit in most cases. To 
    disable all "decals" (or, fancy effects), go to console or your 
    config.cfg and type:
    r_decals "0"
    If you want some decals but not as much as default, try this:
    r_decals "150"
    This will only allow 150 decals to be in a game at a time. Change it to 
    suit your needs.
     -- Check my autoexec.cfg file for tips on speeding up your gameplay.
     -- Go to the bottom of this guide to the "Important Links" section to 
    find some more links to webpages about tweaking your connection and 
    =- (V.)                  D e A t H   m A t C h                       -=
    Half-Life Death Match is defined as regular Half-Life, simply because 
    it was the original multiplayer that came with Half-Life. There are 2 
    modes of play: "Deathmatch" and "Teamplay". "Deathmatch" is basically a 
    free-for-all, where every player is against each other. In a 
    "Teamplay" game, there can be teams of players who compete against 
    other teams of players. Either way, the goal is to frag (or kill) as 
    many of the other players as you can.
    = (V.1) TAU CANNON TIPS =
    Have you ever just been innocently walking inside a room, and then all 
    the sudden outta nowhere comes this sproingy sound and then you were 
    dead? Then you have probably experienced the old tau-thru-the-wall 
    trick. Now, most of you probably already know about this, but you can 
    wind up the tau by holding the secondary fire button and release it on 
    a wall where you think someone may be behind it. It will hit everyone 
    that is behind the wall for splash damage (or, damage that covers a 
    large radius). Most of the time, if you are wound-up almost all the 
    way, it will kill everyone behind the wall.
    Now, there's something that I call a "double-layer wall", and it's a 
    wall that just simply cannot be shot through with the tau. You'll have 
    to find these out on your own.
    You can also shoot people through corners of walls or ledges. If 
    someone is standing behind a corner of a wall (or under a ledge), then 
    try to aim at the corner and release and it should kill them or hurt 
    them badly. It's a technique I call "cornering", and it's rather 
    difficult to perfect. And, it does have it's downsides. You can very 
    easily kill yourself if you don't do it right. Sometimes it bounces 
    back straight at you, which isn't good at all =D.
    Also, some places can reflect your tau shots and kill you instead. It's 
    very irritating, trust me. :)
    *NEW* Since the new patch, the effect of the tau has been cut 
    down significantly.
    (V.1.2) TAU JUMPING
    Ooooooo, now HERE's a touchy subject. This little technique right here 
    has caused more arguments than you've ever had with your parents (and 
    trust me, that's a crapload).
    If there are any of you Quakers reading this, then you probably know 
    what I mean when I say the words "rocket jumping". Well, tau jumping is 
    similar, except it's a lot easier to do than rocket jumping (if you 
    practice a little). You just point the tau cannon at the ground 
    somewhere in an open area, wind it up by holding the secondary fire 
    button, and releasing. See how it propels you into the air? Now, think 
    of ways you can stay in the air and jump to different places by winding 
    the tau up and shooting it.
    = (V.2) COMBOS =
    You may have never thought of it before, but there are several deadly 
    combos waiting to be perfected in Half-Life. Some are easy, some are 
    close to impossible. It all depends on how much you are willing to play 
    and tweak things to get it to where you can perform these. And when I 
    talk about combos, I don't mean take 5 seconds between each step...I 
    mean in very quick succession...because, remember, your enemy isn't 
    going to give you time to look at you keys and say "Now which one was 
    the tau cannon again?"
    Here are some common combos seen and the difficulty level of each 
    (based on binding)(note: sometimes it just depends on how used to your 
    keys you are):
    longjump - nades everywhere/shotgun/any weapon, hehe (easy)
    nade - rpg (easy)
    rpg - nade (easy)
    nade - rpg - nade (medium-easy)
    tau jump (medium-easy)
    tau jump - rpg - nade (medium)
    tau jump - nade - rpg - nade (medium-hard)
    tau jump - tau (medium easy - medium-hard)
    tau jump - nade - shotgun for the kill (hard)
    tau jump - crossbow for the kill (incredibly hard)
    Be it known that adding a few long jumps in any of those makes them 
    harder to perform, and also harder for your enemy to hit you.
    = (V.3) BOTS =
    There are various bots around the 'net that you can use to practice 
    mercilessly upon. Most of them come with their own instructions on how 
    to use them and how to configure their skill level. ALL of the bots are 
    in development - which means that none of them are near perfect...but 
    some are better than others. Check the Other Links section for links to 
    some bot websites.
    = (V.4) DEMOS =
    Demos are recordings of playing a game. In other words, you can record 
    what is happeneing on the screen during a game. To start recording a 
    demo, type this in the console:
    record xxx
    xxx = filename of the demo
    The demo should now be stored under the Half-Life/valve directory, 
    under the filename you recorded it as.
    To play back the demo, here are the instructions:
    1.) First, make sure the demo is located in the Half-Life/valve 
    2.) At the Half-Life main menu, select Multiplayer.
    3.) Then select LAN game.
    4.) Then Create Game.
    5.) It doesn't matter what map or any settings, just create one.
    6.) Once you are inside the game, go to console and type:
    playdemo xxx.dem
    xxx = filename of demo
    7.) The demo should be played back to you.
     -- AIM FOR THE HEAD!! Peoples...a head shot counts 3 times as much 
    damage as other shots. Other than head shots, you can have body, arm, 
    and leg shots...but they all count for normal damage. So, try to target 
    your cursor to the head of your opponent.
     -- Try to get to where you can long jump around a lot to avoid being 
    hit by your enemy. I know it's hard, but just practice it and turn your 
    mouse sensitivity up a bit to help you out.
     -- In close hallways and such, avoid using explosives such as MG 
    grenades and the RPG rocket launcher. Try practicing using the 
    shotgun...it WILL be your best friend in these types of levels.
     -- In teamplay games, really try to keep communications going between 
    you and your teammates. If you play one map predominately over any 
    other, you can try binding sayings for things like landmarks on the 
    Example: For boot_camp, I bound 4 main sayings (and various others): 
    "I'M AT -BRIDGE-"
    I got this idea from several other guys. Try it out.
     -- Accommodate your playing to the opposition. If the guys you are 
    playing suck, then you shouldn't play too seriously (unless you really 
    want to embarrass them, hehe). If you are playing someone as good or 
    better than you, then try to adjust to his skills and work him over 
    with them. If you can't beat your opponent, learn from your mistakes 
    and his style of play and try to incorporate them into your styles.
     -- Try not to get too angry while playing. I know it's difficult, but 
    playing with a clear mind and making friends while your at it is the 
    best way to improve.
     -- Watch the good peeps play. Ask if you can be an observer in a clan 
    match and watch the guys and how they move. You can learn a lot by 
    doing that.
     -- When you are walking around and here a suspicious sound, always 
    stop for a moment and listen to where it is coming from. You can also 
    continue moving by means of crawling or walking (which makes no sound). 
    This also confuses your enemy, as they have probably already heard you 
    and now that your being silent, they think that you left.
    Tired of getting plastered in boot_camp? Is crossfire leaving you kind 
    of, well, dead? Then this section is for you. Here, you can find tips 
    and strats dedicated to certain maps to help you "Know The Ledge" a 
    little better. :D
    (V.6.1) BOOT_CAMP
    (currently down)
    Approximately 1.08 Mb
    (For info on demos, see the Demos section under Stuff You Will Learn)
    This map is a biggie, and contains lots of little nooks and crannies 
    that can be hard to get to sometimes. The good thing about boot_camp 
    (or bc) is that it has good balance between outside and inside areas. 
    The accessibility in this level is also great, as you can get to almost 
    any area in the game fairly easily - if you know where you're going. 
    Check the demo I have provided for you for some tips and key areas.
    BRIDGE - this is the area on and around the bridge. Weapons in this 
    area include the tau, rpg, crossbow, and mg. Collect as much ammo as 
    you can and use the tau and lj to jump from building to building as 
    quick as you can, because there are lots of nuke spots for the tau here 
    that can get you killed quicker than you can say "What's that noise?".
    COURTYARD - this is the big area in the middle, and includes the 
    building with the gluon and the building with the upper balcony 
    containing the crossbow. This is where good fights occur, as it's a 
    fairly open space and allows for easy rpg firing.
    WATER TANKS - the only 2 lj's in boot_camp can be found here. This is 
    the area with the 2 water tanks and also includes the walkway with the 
    lj and the area with the other lj and the rpg, along with the armor 
     -- This is a tuffy if you're in the popular all boot_camp servers. 
    Your best chance in this map is to use the tau and lj a _lot_ to move 
    around. Also, practice your aim, because you will need a lot of it 
    here. There is lots of cornering and pole shooting with the tau...so be 
     -- When you respawn, immediately look for a mg or something useful, 
    and then go in search of an lj as quick as you can.
    (V.6.2) CROSSFIRE
    (currently down)
    Approximately 1.5 Mb
    (For info on demos, see the Demos section under Stuff You Will Learn)
    This map is fairly small and great for fast and furious games. It's 
    very difficult to perform good tau jumping in this map because of it's 
    tight places and many buildings. Shooting through the wall will most 
    likely hand you a frag if there are more than 10 people in crossfire at 
    a time. Try it sometime!
    CENTRAL COURTYARD - This is the open place in the middle where the RPG 
    rocket launcher is at. A good place to find lots of people to shoot. 
    Plus, it has easy access to almost any area in the map...most notably 
    the HEV rooms with the armor panels and the long jump modules. But, 
    staying in this place too long will get you fragged, so try going out 
    every once and awhile to ammo up.
    BUNKER - This area serves up tons of great sniping places, as well 
    as an added bonus - a nuke that can kill anyone in the map if they 
    aren't in the bunker or tau jumping waaaaaay high in the area outside 
    the bunker. The bunker also contains a crapload of ammo and is a 
    camper's paradise...so it can be assured that you can find one or two 
    players lurking around here.
     -- You can tau jump to many ledges to get you out of danger. Also, 
    staying around the area outside the bunker can help you practice your 
    tau jumping and killing people from the air.
     -- There are several sniping places that you can try that can't be 
    seen easily...like on top of the metal thing near one of the HEV rooms, 
    and the bunker.
     -- If you really want to irritate people, try using the two huge guns 
    at the top of the bunker and picking off people coming towards the 
    bunker...it doesn't get you any kills, and is sure to make a lot of 
    people mad! :)
    MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!
    =- (VI.)        T e A m   F o R t R e S s   C l A s S i C            -=
    Team Fortress Classic (TFC) is the first MOD(or, modification) released 
    by Valve for Half-Life. TFC has several modes of play, including: 
    "Capture the Flag/Key", "Elimination", "Capture Designated Areas", and 
    good old "Deathmatch". 
    = (VI.1) CLASSES =
    There are 9 classes in TFC, each with their own unique strengths, 
    weaknesses, and abilities.
    (VI.1.1) Scout
    The Scout is the fastest moving class in TFC. With that in mind, the 
    Scout makes a great addition to any offense. Although he is very weak, 
    the Scout can usually manage to slip past the slow guys and accomplish 
    whatever goal he has in mind.
    Max Health: 75
    Max Armor: 50 Light Armor
    Max Speed: Very Fast
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 50 max extra shells)
    Nail Gun (200 max nails)
    Caltrop Canisters (3 max)
    Concussion Grenades (3 max)
    Can remove enemy Spy's disguise.
    Can disarm Demoman's detpacks.
    (VI.1.2) Sniper
    The new patch has made the Sniper one of the best defensive classes in 
    TFC. The Sniper is best in groups because one fully charged shot 
    usually won't kill a HWGuy, and sometimes it won't kill a Soldier.
    Max Health: 90
    Max Armor: 50 Light Armor
    Max Speed: Medium
    Sniper rifle (with automatic fire) (75 max bullets)
    Nailgun (100 max nails)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    (VI.1.3) Soldier
    The Soldier is both a great defensive unit and a helpful offensive 
    unit. He is probably the most rounded out unit in TFC. Need some help 
    defending the flag? Call for a Soldier. Need to break through some 
    enemy defenses? Call for a Soldier.
    Max Health: 100
    Max Armor: 200 Heavy Armor
    Max Speed: Slow
    Rocket Launcher (4 rockets loaded, 50 max extra shells)
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 100 max extra shells)
    Double-Barrel Shotgun (16 shells loaded, 100 max extra shells)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    Nail Grenades (2 max)
    (VI.1.4) Demolitions Man (Demoman)
    Like the Soldier, this unit is both a wonderful flag camper and a good 
    flag capper as well. Probably his best ability is laying pipebombs in 
    critical areas where enemies might come. And, if you are good enough, 
    he can be a great field unit as well.
    Max Health: 90
    Max Armor: 120 Medium Armor
    Max Speed: Medium
    Grenade + Pipebomb Launcher (8 pipebombs loaded,50 max extra pipebombs)
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 75 max extra shells)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    MIRV Grenades (2 max)
    Can set large explosive devices.
    (VI.1.5) Combat Medic
    The Medic is mostly an offensive unit. He can run fast and infect 
    people at the same time - a very cool combination. :) On the flip side, 
    he could be a defensive unit who hangs around, gives his teammates 
    health, and cures them of any infections that may have been caused by 
    enemy Medics. Although the power of the Medic has been weakened a bit 
    by the new TFC 1.5 patch, he is still a great class to use.
    Max Health: 90
    Max Armor: 100 Medium Armor
    Max Speed: Fast
    Medikit (gives allies health, infects enemies, and cures infection)
    Large Nail Gun (150 max nails)
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 75 max extra shells)
    Double-Barrel Shotgun (16 shells loaded, 75 max extra shells)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    Concussion Grenades (3 max)
    Can heal teammates with the Medikit.
    Automatically regenerates health.
    (VI.1.6) Heavy Weapons Guy (HWGuy)
    Since the new patch, lots of former HWGuy-haters have now become one 
    themselves. Why, you say? Well, for one, the lower ping now makes it 
    possible to mow down any enemy within seconds. Also, the HWGuy now 
    walks faster. These improvements have made the HWGuy a very very very 
    good defensive unit.
    Max Health: 100
    Max Armor: 300 Heavy Armor
    Max Speed: Very Slow
    Assault Cannon (200 max bullets)
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 200 max extra shells)
    Double-Barrel Shotgun (16 shells loaded, 200 max extra shells)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    MIRV Grenades (2 max)
    Heavy, isn't pushed by explosions.
    (VI.1.7) Pyro
    Viewed as a rather weak unit, the Pyro can be a VERY formidable 
    opponent if used properly. He has the ability to set fire to enemies 
    and send them running back to their resupply rooms, for one. Also, he 
    can send flaming hell rockets into the enemies faces. If you are good 
    at Pyro, then you should be quite feared by all.
    Max Health: 100
    Max Armor: 150 Medium Armor
    Max Speed: Medium
    Flame-Thrower (200 max flames)
    Incendiary Cannon (20 max rockets)
    Single-Barrel Shotgun (8 shells loaded, 40 max extra shells)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    Napalm Grenades (4 max)
    Flame resistant.
    (VI.1.8) Spy
    This unit can be quite a tricky fellow if used well. He has the ability 
    to disguise himself as any class -- and as either an allie or enemy. 
    Although many enemies can tell if someone is a Spy or not, you can 
    still trick some of them if you use the right disguises at the right 
    Max Health: 90
    Max Armor: 100 Light Armor
    Max Speed: Medium
    Tranquilizer Pistol (40 max bullets)
    Double-Barrel Shotgun (16 shells loaded, 40 max extra shells)
    Nail Gun (100 max nails)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    Hallucination Grenades (4 max)
    Can disguise to look like an enemy.
    Can feign (fake) death.
    Can remove an enemy Spy's disguise.
    Can backstab for an instant kill.
    (VI.1.9) Engineer
    With the ability to build Sentry Guns and Ammo/Armor Dispencers, this 
    is THE necessary defensive unit. The Engy, if used in groups, can boast 
    some of the best defenses in existance.
    Max Health: 80
    Max Armor: 50 Medium Armor
    Max Speed: Medium
    Railgun (50 max rails)
    Double-Barrel Shotgun (16 shells loaded, 50 max extra shells)
    (also can hold 200 max metal, accessed by holding the wrench)
    Hand Grenades (4 max)
    EMP Grenades (4 max)
    MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    =- (VII.)     S t U f F   y O u   N e E d   T o   L e A r N          -=
    There is much to learn young grasshopper. I will give you several 
    things to get you started...the rest is just what you learn on your 
     -- You should have the console enabled. To see if it is already 
    enabled, launch up Half-Life and see if "console" appears as one of the 
    choices on the menu. If it's not there, then you will have to enable it 
    yourself. Here's how:
    1.) Make a shortcut to Half-Life on your desktop.
    2.) Right click on it and choose Properties.
    3.) After the file path, space once and type -console and press OK. If 
    the file path is in quotes, make sure to type -console inside the 
    quotes after the file path.
    4.) Start Half-Life and there should be a menu choice that says 
    "Console". Now you have enabled the console.
     -- You should know how to add servers to the server list by IP address 
    both in the built-in Half-Life game launcher and in GameSpy. Here's how 
    to do it:
    1.) At the server list, click on Add Server.
    2.) You must know the IP of the server. An IP is how the server is 
    identified, and may look something like this: The 
    5 digit number after the colon is the port that the server is on. By 
    default, it is 27015, but sometimes it is different. If it isn't 27015, 
    then you must put the correct port number after the IP (oh, just so you 
    know, if it is 27015 then it isn't required that you put it in).
    3.) Type in the IP address and click Ok.
    4.) Now to find the server that you just typed in, click on Filter.
    5.) Check the box next to "are in my 'favorites' list", and click Ok.
    6.) Now the servers are narrowed down enough to find that server you 
    added. Servers that you add to your favorites and add by typing in the 
    IP have a yellow star way to the left of their name.
    7.) One more thing: To add existing servers to your favorites list, 
    right click on the server and choose "Add to favorites". There are more 
    options than that when you right-click a server and they are pretty 
    self-explanatory, so look them over.
    1.) Click on the button on the toolbar that says "Add Server" when you 
    run your mouse over it.
    2.) Choose HalfLife as the game and change the port number if it is 
    different from 27015.
    3.) Type in the IP address in the box and click OK.
    4.) Now, over in the area where it lists the server, click Address, 
    which sorts the servers by IP address. You can now find your server by 
    finding its IP.
    = (VII.2) BINDING =
    Probably one of the most awesome things ever put in Half-Life is this 
    little feature right here. The bind feature allows you to associate 
    almost anything in the game to any button. I will give you several 
    examples, although there are more that I will add as soon as I discover 
    Say for instance you wanted to be able to hit "p" on your keyboard and 
    it would say "Hey!". Then, in the console (or in your 
    config.cfg), you would type:
    bind "p" "say Hey!"
    That would then display "Hey! You suck!" to every player in the game. 
    If, however, you only want your teammates to hear it, you should type:
    bind "p" "say_team Hey!"
    Binding things that you say often not only saves you time, but will 
    keep you from getting killed when you have to stop and type it all. And 
    you KNOW how mad you get when that happens. So be prepared.
    I refer to this feature as "the only way to really cheat in Half-Life", 
    hehe. This gives you so much of an advantage if you know how to use it 
    and get used to it. Some people simply just hit the numbers
    corresponding to the weapon. This will do, however it is difficult to 
    get to a weapon like the Crossbow in the middle of a fight. Well, 
    anyways, here is a model of how to bind weapons to keys (if you forgot 
    already, you need to type this in the console or in your config.cfg in 
    the valve directory):
    bind "key" "weapon_xxx" (for Death Match)
    bind "key" "tf_weapon_xxx" (For Team Fortress Classic)
    (be sure to include quotes in the config.cfg file)
    key = the key you want to bind the weapon to
    xxx = the name of the weapon. Here are the lists:
    WEAPON NAME           CONSOLE NAME (to replace xxx)
    -----------           ------------
    Crowbar               crowbar
    .9mm Pistol           9mmhandgun
    357 Magnum            357
    .9mm Machine Gun      9mmAR
    Shotgun               shotgun
    Crossbow              crossbow
    Rocket Launcher       rpg
    Tau Cannon            gauss
    Gluon Gun             egon
    Hornet Gun            hornetgun
    Hand Grenade          handgrenade
    Satchel Charges       satchel
    Trip Mine             tripmine
    Snarks                snark
    WEAPON NAME        USED BY                CONSOLE NAME (to replace xxx)
    -----------        -------                ------------
    Assault Cannon     HWGuy                  ac
    Autorifle          Sniper                 autorifle
    Crowbar            Sniper, Soldier,       axe
                       Demoman, HWGuy, Pyro
    Flamethrower       Pyro                   flamethrower
    Grenade Launcher   Demoman                gl
    Incendiary Cannon  Pyro                   ic
    Knife              Spy                    knife
    Medikit            Medic                  medikit
    Nailgun            Sniper, Scout          ng
    Pipe Launcher      Demoman                pl
    Railgun            Engineer               railgun
    Rocket Launcher    Soldier                rpg
    Single-barrel      Scout, Medic, HWGuy,   shotgun
       Shotgun         Spy, Engineer
    Sniper Rifle       Sniper                 sniperrifle
    Super Nailgun      Medic                  superng
    Double-barrel      Soldier, Medic, HWGuy, supershotgun
       Shotgun         Spy, Engineer
    Tranquilizer Gun   Spy                    tranq
    Wrench             Engineer               spanner
    (VII.2.3) BINDING CHEATS (Death Match only)
    If cheats are enabled by the server administrator (by typing sv_cheats 
    1 in the console), it would be wise to have them bound somewhere on 
    your keyboard. Try to use keys that are out of the way, though. There 
    are three cheats that you will need (key = any key you want to bind it 
    bind "key" "impulse 101"            <---Gives you all weapons and armor 
                                          if you hit it several times 
    bind "key" "give item_healthkit"    <---Gives you a health kit. Every 
                                          time you hit the key it drops one 
                                          on the ground.
    bind "key" "give item_longjump"     <---Gives you a long jump module. 
                                          Every time you hit the key it 
                                          drops one on the ground.
    =- (VIII.) M y   S t U f F   a N d   H o W   i   L e A r N e D   i T -=
    So, how did I get to be a better Half-Life player? Well, to tell you 
    the truth, I got lucky. There used to be an all boot_camp server called 
    Domain-of-Pain.com that I happened to fall across one day. I had 
    already thought I was good at Half-Life...but I was so wrong :). I got 
    myself plastered (I think my score was like 2/20, hehe). Of course I 
    thought the people in the game were cheating because I thought that 
    nobody could be THAT good. But, they looked past my newbieness and told 
    me what I was and wasn't doing right (yes, there are a few nice peeps 
    out there). So, I created a LAN game of my own with some bots and just 
    practiced shooting and being quick at changing weapons. Binding really 
    really helps...if you are used to it. I used to just change weapons by 
    pressing the numbers for them and sometimes I still do.
    But, I didn't just get better by practicing with stupid bots. Most of 
    the goodness comes from practicing in different servers. Boot_camp is a 
    great map to start...if you find the right servers, that is. Some 
    servers house dark, evil spirits called elite clan members that can and 
    will smite you with one mighty blow with any given weapon. Doesn't it 
    make you shudder just thinking about it? Then, please, follow my advice 
    and stick to practicing with people your own skill level.
    = (VIII.1) MY CONFIGS =
    Here is my key config as of 6/12/00 taken directly from my config.cfg 
    file in the Half-Life/valve directory:
    bind "TAB" "+showscores"
    bind "ENTER" "+attack"
    bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
    bind "SPACE" "+lj"
    bind "'" "say_team lol"
    bind "+" "sizeup"
    bind "," "+moveleft"
    bind "-" "say_team **STOCKING UP ON SUPPLIES**"
    bind "." "+moveright"
    bind "/" "+movedown"
    bind "1" "slot1"
    bind "2" "slot2"
    bind "3" "slot3"
    bind "4" "slot4"
    bind "5" "slot5"
    bind "6" "say_team LOCATION??"
    bind "7" "say_team --RECHARGING--"
    bind "8" "say_team --ROGER THAT--"
    bind "9" "say_team --NEED BACKUP--"
    bind ";" "+mlook"
    bind "=" "sizeup"
    bind "a" "+moveleft"
    bind "c" "weapon_9mmAR"
    bind "d" "+moveright"
    bind "e" "+use"
    bind "f" "weapon_rpg"
    bind "g" "weapon_crossbow"
    bind "i" "drop"
    bind "j" "say_team ********CRITICAL CONDITION - UNDER 30 HEALTH********"
    bind "k" "impulse 101"
    bind "l" "say lol"
    bind "m" "give item_longjump"
    bind "n" "give item_healthkit"
    bind "o" "say ok"
    bind "p" "say_team I'M AT -BRIDGE-"
    bind "q" "lastinv"
    bind "r" "+reload"
    bind "s" "+back"
    bind "t" "impulse 201"
    bind "u" "messagemode2"
    bind "v" "+moveup"
    bind "w" "+forward"
    bind "x" "crouch"
    bind "y" "messagemode"
    bind "z" "+duck"
    bind "[" "say_team I'M AT -COURTYARD-"
    bind "]" "say_team I'M AT -WATER TANKS-"
    bind "`" "toggleconsole"
    bind "~" "toggleconsole"
    bind "UPARROW" "+forward"
    bind "DOWNARROW" "+back"
    bind "RIGHTARROW" "+right"
    bind "ALT" "+strafe"
    bind "CTRL" "weapon_gauss"
    bind "SHIFT" "weapon_shotgun"
    bind "F6" "save quick"
    bind "F7" "load quick"
    bind "F10" "quit prompt"
    bind "F12" "guno"
    bind "INS" "impulse 102"
    bind "DEL" "say Website: http://clans.halflife.net/cfds/"
    bind "PGDN" "say thx"
    bind "PGUP" "say thanks"
    bind "HOME" "name *Hostage*"
    bind "END" "say ICQ: 34384634"
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext"
    bind "MWHEELUP" "invprev"
    bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
    bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
    bind "MOUSE3" "guno"
    bind "PAUSE" "pause"
    d_spriteskip "0.000000"
    _windowed_mouse "0.000000"
    setinfo friends "0"
    pushlatency "-800"
    hud_centerid "0"
    hud_fastswitch "0"
    hud_capturemouse "1"
    hud_takesshots "0"
    hud_classautokill "1"
    joystick "0.000000"
    sensitivity "9.000000"
    m_filter "1.000000"
    m_side "0.8"
    m_forward "1"
    m_yaw "0.022"
    m_pitch "0.022000"
    cl_vsmoothing "0.05"
    cl_backspeed "400"
    cl_forwardspeed "400"
    lookspring "0.000000"
    lookstrafe "0.000000"
    cl_cmdrate "30"
    cl_allowupload "0"
    cl_allowdownload "1"
    cl_download_ingame "0"
    cl_cmdbackup "2"
    cl_timeout "305"
    cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
    cl_himodels "0.000000"
    cl_dlmax "128"
    tracker "0"
    cl_lc "1"
    cl_lw "1"
    cl_updaterate "20"
    rate "9999.000000"
    bottomcolor "1"
    topcolor "25"
    model "gman"
    name "(CF)-[DS]Hostage"
    _snd_mixahead "0.1"
    bgmvolume "1.000000"
    hisound "1.000000"
    suitvolume "0.250000"
    volume "0.800000"
    s_eax "1.000000"
    s_a3d "0.000000"
    s_verbwet "0.25"
    s_bloat "2.0"
    s_numpolys "200"
    s_polysize "10000000"
    s_polykeep "1000000000"
    s_refdelay "4"
    s_refgain "0.4"
    s_leafnum "0"
    s_max_distance "1000.0"
    s_min_distance "8.0"
    s_automax_distance "30.0"
    s_automin_distance "2.0"
    s_distance "60"
    s_doppler "0.0"
    s_rolloff "1.0"
    gl_monolights "0"
    gl_flipmatrix "0"
    gl_overbright "1"
    gl_polyoffset "4"
    gl_dither "1"
    mp_decals "300.000000"
    r_bmodelhighfrac "5.0"
    viewsize "120.000000"
    sv_aim "0.000000"
    net_graphsolid "1"
    net_graphpos "1"
    net_scale "5"
    net_graphwidth "192"
    net_graph "0"
    con_color "255 155 50"
    brightness "1.000000"
    gamma "2.500000"
    crosshair "1.000000"
    console "1.000000"
    As you can tell, I use the default move/shoot commands. Also, most of 
    the sayings that I have binded are customized for the boot_camp map, 
    mainly because that is the map I play the most. You can use this config 
    to modify your own. That's pretty much how I learned how to do it was 
    by rummaging through these babies.
    Also, here is what's in my autoexec.cfg file since 6/12/00:
    bind "f" "use weapon_rpg;+reload"
    alias "+lj" "+duck;wait;+jump"
    alias -lj "-duck;wait;-jump"
    r_decals "0"
    r_shadows "0"
    fps_modem "28"
    fps_lan "72"
    gl_ztrick "1"
    mp_decals "0"
    r_dynamic "1"
    r_mmx "1"
    sv_maxspeed "270"
    violence_ablood "0"
    violence_agibs "0"
    violence_hblood "0"
    violence_hgibs "0"
    cl_movespeedkey "0.300"
    hud_fastswitch "1"
    scr_conspeed "8000"
    v_kickpitch "0"
    v_kickroll "0"
    v_kicktime "0"
    cl_rollangle "0"
    gl_flashblend "0"
    cl_allowupload "0"
    cl_download_ingame "0"
    echo "AUTOEXEC BE WORKIN FOO!!!!!!"
    cl_bob "0"
    cl_bobup "0"
    cl_bobcycle "0"
    pushlatency "-2000000"
    cl_nopred "0"
    cl_predict_players "1"
    cl_showfps "1"
    cl_resend "1"
    gl_clear "1"
    gl_cull "1"
    gl_keeptjunctions "0"
    gl_playermip "1"
    gl_round_down "0"
    gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    gl_wateramp "0"
    r_fullbright "0"
    s_occlude "0"
    r_netgraph "1"
    alias guno "r_drawviewmodel 0;wait;snapshot;wait;r_drawviewmodel 1"
    You probably won't have one of these...but you can create a blank text 
    file, rename it to autoexec.cfg, put it in your Half-Life/valve 
    directory, and put various things in it. For more instructions, go to:
    Also, there are several really great things in this designed to reduce 
    lag for a cable modem or DSL. You might want to try putting some of 
    these settings into your autoexec.cfg.
    Here are a few of my favorite servers (WARNING: These servers will 
    contain lots of really good people...if you want to know which servers 
    to start in to get better, check out the Frequently Asked Questions 
    section).       (crossfire 24/7)
    Well, the new TFC 1.5 patch has finally arrived. And what are my first 
    impressions and such?
    First off, I will touch on the new netcode that was presumed to improve 
    ping greatly for everyone. I have talked to a lot of people that have 
    56k modems, and some say it improved their pings significantly (100-
    150), and some say their ping has basically stayed the same. I have a 
    cable modem, and I must say....the new patch only improved my ping by 
    about 5-10, depending on which server I am in at a given time. Also, 
    some of my favorite servers are starting to give me errors and boot 
    people at random for no reason, all due to the new netcode.
    Also, as you might have thought, the netcode brought with it a slew of 
    new bugs. One very serious bug that is present in almost any TFC server 
    nowadays is the Sniper bug. This "cheat" allows a sniper to freeze a 
    person and kill him while he is frozen. This is how it works. The new 
    netcode performs almost every operation on the client's computer 
    instead of the hosting computer now. So, basically, all you have to do 
    is bind 2 keys....one is binded like so:
    bind "key" "fakelag 500"
    And the other is binded like this:
    bind "key" "fakelag 0"
    When the enemy is near your crosshairs, hit the "fakelag 500" button. 
    The sudden lag spike should freeze the game for you, and also freeze 
    the enemy. Then, simply aim and fire at him. When the game unfreezes, 
    the enemy will be dead...and all that is left for you to do now is hit 
    the "fakelag 0" button to return to your normal latency. Horrible, 
    isn't it?
    Then comes the issue of material changes in TFC and Deathmatch. In 
    Deathmatch, the tau is a lot weaker than before, and doesn't go through 
    as many walls as it used to. That is the only change I have noted so 
    far in Deathmatch.
    In TFC, the changes were much more significant (and, in my opinion, 
    TERRIBLE). First, the HWGuy is now much faster while walking. Valve 
    just gave us a hit below the belt with this. Think of this...you walk 
    into an enemy base, only to see 6 HWGuys, all walking as fast as 
    soldiers and all with low ping (due to the netcode). You can only 
    imagine how significant and stupid a change this was.
    Also, Valve made the uneducated choice to lessen the power of 
    concussion grenades so that they only go about 75% as far as they used 
    to. What a shame...because they seem to be worthless to many people 
    now. This is probably the main reason that so many people have stopped 
    playing TFC. And it only gets worse. Not only did Valve lessen the 
    power of concs, they also reduced the maximum number of concs to 3. 
    What kind of crap is that??
    Engineers are much more powerful now because they only have to hit 
    their Sentry Guns to upgrade them, repair them, and put ammo in them. 
    They still have to run back to the spawn room to get the ammo and such, 
    but maintaining a SG is much easier now than ever before.
    OK, here are the last major changes -- the new VGUI system and the 
    scoreboard. I believe the scoreboard isn't that great...it's hard to 
    see the scores, and its obtrusive. I believe increasing the length of 
    the old one a bit so all of the person's name could be seen would have 
    sufficed instead of totally changing the thing.
    Now, the VGUI. I personally like it. I just think it's easier to hit 
    the buttons and such than it was to go through the old menus.
    One thing weird with the new patch: many people are now having problems 
    accessing the console. The only fix that I can think of is adding this 
    line to your target path (accessed by right clicking the Half-Life icon 
    and choosing Properties):
    This manually tells Half-Life to put the console in if it isn't already 
    there. If this still doesn't fix it, then I don't know what to tell 
    you. Sorry. :( 
    Another weird thing...the new netgraph introduced in this patch 
    (accessed by typing net_graph 1 in the console) seems to give really 
    bad frame rates when it is on. Try turning it off...I can guarantee you 
    will see a big difference in your frame rates.
    All in all, I think the patch did much more damage than it did good, 
    with all the new netcode bugs and bad changes. And I was expecting the 
    worst. Valve just gave themselves a good kick in the arse with this 
    one. They must have known that they were going to lose as many players 
    as they have lost, or they wouldn't have released this wretched excuse 
    for a patch. We can only hope that they will have to do a total recall 
    and release a patch similar to, with the VGUI still there.
    =- (IX.)    F r E q U e N t L y   A s K e D   Q u E s T i O n S      -=
    Q1: What are some good servers to start in?
    A1: Well, you can try just updating the server list and choosing a 
        random game, and that would probably be the best thing to do. I 
        believe that games with 8 or less people in them are the best, 
        because of the availability of weapons and items, and you are 
        unlikely to get spawn killed every time you respawn.
    Q2: What are some good servers to start practicing in?
    A2: The best thing (in my opinion) is to update and find a random 
        server on the map you want to get good at with maybe 8 or less 
        people playing in it and if they are worse or equal to your skill 
        level, those are great people to practice against.
    Q3: How can I play a bot-only game?
    A3: Go to the Other Links section of this guide and there you can find 
        links to some of the best bots. You need to go download whichever 
        you want and then follow the instruction for that particular bot to 
        find out how to do that.
    Q4: Why isn't my console working with the new version of Half-Life?
    A4: For some reason, a LOT of people have been having problems with 
        this. The only fix that I can think of is adding this line to your 
        target path (accessed by right clicking the Half-Life icon and 
        choosing Properties):
        This manually tells Half-Life to put the console in if it isn't 
        already there. If this still doesn't fix it, then I don't know what 
        to tell you. Sorry. :(
    Q5: Why am I getting kicked out of games I am in since the new patch?
    A5: This problem has been present since the patch. For some 
        unknown reason, some servers will randomly kick out people and give 
        them a "Parse Server" error message. There is nothing we can do 
        about it except hope that Valve will fix this along with many the 
        many other bugs introduced in the patch.
    =- (X.)              I m P o R t A n T   l I n K s                   -=
    Here are a few links to various websites that I have compiled for you:
    (X.1) GENERAL
    -- -=Life Revived...=-
      If you need help adjusting to the new patch, then this is the place 
    for you. I created the website layout myself and -*Link*- (a fellow 
    clanmate) helps me with the site and is the main guy to contact.
    -- Planet Fortress
      Looking for ANYTHING having to do with Team Fortress? Then this is 
    the place to be. An absolute necessity in your favorites list. =D
    -- Planet Half-Life
      The best Half-Life site out there...period. Contains anything and 
    everything dedicated to Half-Life.
    -- GameSpy
      The greatest game launcher of all time. You see lots of info about 
    any servers that are currently online. You really need to get this if 
    you don't have it already.
    -- GameFAQs.com
      Really great site that has several thousand walkthroughs, FAQs 
    (Frequently Asked Questions), tips, and codes for almost any game made.
    -- GameAdvice.com and GameWinners.com
      The guy that owns this place was nice and asked to host my guide...of 
    course I agreed :). This place has TONs of cheats and walkthroughs for 
    any game you need.
    (X.2) MODELS
    -- Cold Fusion
      Looking for new/old player models? Then this is the place to go.
    (X.3) MAPS
    -- Radium
      Great site containing a crap load of maps for Half-Life. If know a 
    map you don't have, than Radium most likely has it.
    -- Command Center - Unabridged List of Cmds & Cvars
      HUGE list of all of the commands typable in several places: the 
    server command line, console, config.cfg, autoexec.cfg, server.cfg, 
    binds, aliases, other user made scripts, etc. VERY useful resource.
    (X.5) LOGOS
    -- Logos R' Us
      A site with a vast amount of logos (spraypaints).
    -- BattleCom
      A wonderful program that allows you to talk in real time voice to 
    someone in a game while causing little or no lag at all! I believe it's 
    more clearer sounding than Roger Wilco, too.
    -- Roger Wilco
      Another real time communications program. Although not as good as 
    BattleCom (in my opinion), it comes in at a close second.
    (X.7) SOUNDS
    -- Half-Life Wav Pool
      A frickin hilarious site that contains various wavs that are great 
    for a laugh. Check it out.
    -- 3D SPOTLIGHT - Half-Life tweak guide
      An excellent guide for general tweak techniques for Half-Life Highly recommended for any type of connection.
    -- 3D SPOTLIGHT - 3dfx Voodoo3 tweak guide
      Great for people who would like to learn how to tweak, overclock, and 
    improve their Voodoo 3 card.
    -- 3D SPOTLIGHT - NVIDIA GeForce/TNT tweak guide
      Great for people who would like to learn how to tweak, overclock, and 
    improve their NVIDIA chip-based card.
    -- SpeedGuide.net
      Great site for speeding up those cable modems.
    -- 3 Fingers' Net Tweaking Page
      Gives links to good sites for tweaking your internet connection.
    -- Tweak3D.net
      Tells how to tweak your 3D and internet connections for optimal 
    performance. Very good and informative site.
    -- Ask Mr. Modem
      This site right here is really awesome for analog modem users (56k 
    and below). You can select your modem brand and type and it will give 
    you specific settings for each needed for better performance! Is that 
    not cool? :)
    (X.9) BOTS
    -- JumBot
      Great bot - probably my favorite of them all. This guy who developed 
    it updates fairly often, too.
    -- PhineasBot
      A really good bot, although some controls arent implemented that are 
    in the JumBot. Another con of this bot is that it isn't updated that 
    often at all.
    -- RhoBot
      You really need to keep an eye on this one...it shows promise.
    -- Bot Epidemic
      The best place to go to look for how the popular bots are doing.
    -- Half Life Bot Central
      Another bot-development watching page.
    -- botman's Half-Life bot development web page
      If you are interested in building your own bot, then this place is 
    for you. Contains lots of interesting tidbits...and even includes a few 
    sample bots for you to mess around with.
    (X.10) BINDING
    -- The Half-Bind
      THE SITE to go to for info on binding and some examples of cool 
    tricks you can do with the autoexec.cfg file.
    -- Clan -ssm- Website Files Section
      Has a little bit on binding, and -ssm-snipes's config.cfg and 
    -- The Online Gaming League
      A GREAT ladder site for clans which includes Half-Life, Team Fortress 
    Classic, Counterstrike, Quake 3 Arena, etc. The ladder system is good 
    and it's very organized, so check it out.
    -- Stronger Than All
      A very good TFC ladder system.
    -- The Top10 Tournament for Half-Life TFC
      A good Top 10 ladder for TFC.
    =- (XI.)                       O u T r O                             -=
    Well, I hope this guide at least helped you a little bit. If it didn't, 
    then it's YOUR fault. :) Haha, just kidding. Anyways, if this guide 
    wasn't enough for your taste, then there are a few other guides at 
    www.gamefaqs.com and www.gameadvice.com you can check out (although 
    they just mainly give tips and walkthroughs for single player and 
    technical stuff). You can also try searching the 'net with almost any 
    search engine for forums about Half-Life. Those are also great ways to 
    collaborate with people.
    Thanks for reading this, and peace! =D
    - (CF)-[DS]Hostage
    =- (XII.) S p E c I a L   t H a N k S   a N d   O t H e R   i N f O  -=
     -- All my clan members.
     -- Everyone who helped me become better.
     -- Domain-of-Pain.com for hosting a great boot_camp server for awhile 
    (too bad it all turned to Counter Strike) :-(
     -- Anyone who is currently hosting this guide.
     -- All the guys in all the servers I have played in for putting up 
    with my constant griping...lol.
    If you would like to contribute something to this guide, please do so. 
    I will consider every submission and, most likely, post the majority of 
    them (if I believe they are good enough). To contribute, send in email 
    in this format:
    To: joshr@tcac.net
    Subject: Half-Life Guide Contribution
    Body of Email: Your name (so I can give you credit), your email 
    address, and what you want to submit. Please make it as detailed as you 
    can, as FAQ readers LOVE detailed explanations. :-)
    This document is Copyright 2000 Josh Rieken. You may NOT post it on 
    your website/faq/guide/magazine/etc. without my consent! You are also 
    prohibited to sell this document for money of any kind. And, if you 
    even think about changing the contents of this document, forget 
    it...you can't do that either! If you happen to run across this guide 
    anywhere other than where it should be found (listed at top of guide), 
    then contact me immediately and tell me exactly where you found it 
    using my email address listed at the top of this guide. Thank you, and 
    have a nice day.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=EnD oF gUiDe=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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