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"The BEST game EVER made on the PC"

I wasn`t a huge fan of first-person shooters, until the first time I loaded up HALF-LIFE onto my computer. At first I found this game to be anoying, when I was trying to jump across some crates, but as I evetually got in to the game I found it to be SCARY, FUN, and ADDICTIVE. Monsters (or what ever the they are) would jump out of the least expected places, For example: one day I was crawling through a vent when suddenly a small bug like creature junped at my face.


The best thing that I liked about this game is that to complete an obstical you must do the least expected thing that you would think that it would be impossible. So that means in order to complete this game you have to try every thing.
Another great thing about this game is that you can interact with everyone including scienticsts or security guards who come in handy for opening doors, aswell as telling you the story as you make your way through the BLACK MESIA (sorry if I spelled it wrong).
This game hase an exclent range of weapons including: a HAND GUN, SHOT GUN, MACHINE GUN, GRENADES and ect. You find your weapons in realistic places, like on a gun rack, on a table or you can get a weapon off of somebodies dead body.
In this game it is much better to avoid enemys rather then attack then, if you are almost dead look for a MED STATION insead of jumping in front of some ones gun, but if you cant avoid an enemy and a MED STATION is no where in sight plan your attack. Instead of jumping in front of five enemys and start shooting at them with the very little ammo that you have throw a grenade.
Saving ammo is vital in this came becuse you oly come across a new clip every once in a while. You dont want to be in the middle of a fight and find that you are out of bullets when about ten monsters are jumping at you.


There isnt`t much music in this game but there is great sound affecs and voice acting. Every thing from gunsots to people walking sounds very real you could auctually belive that you are in the game. The monsters also sound really detalied and scary, you can auctually hear one walk down the halls. Hearing the scienticts and the security guards talk is really fun. They say things like ''PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME HEAR ALONE!'' and '' OK WE MIGHT LIVE LONGER IF WE WORK TOGETHER''. It is funny and what I said earlier most of the story you hear Most of the story from the security gaurds or scienticts.


This game has beautiful graphics from scienticrs to monsters this game is always a pleasure to look at. When peolple talk they also move there mouths to what they are saying. Nothing in this game is blockey and the the blood looks great aswell.


The best part of this game is its gameplay it is easy to use ane learn.

That is all I have to say about HALF-LIFE

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 07/21/00

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