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""Weren't You Supposed To Be In The Test Chamber Half An Hour Ago.""

Half-Life came out 10 years ago. Even after all this time, it's still one of the best.

The graphics actually haven't aged very well, but for the time they were simply stunning. It also has 2 quick fixes for this relatively minor problem. First of all, if you bought the expansion pack "Blue-Force", you have the option of an HD upgrade. This doesn't do much for the environments, but it is a noticeable upgrade in terms of character models. Or, you can buy Half-Life Source. This will give the original the Half-Life 2 look. Really though, it doesn't matter because Half-Life has a really cool art style. It won't impact your feelings. Also, it might be worth mentioning this. The game has a setting where you can turn off all blood and gore. This can prove comical when someone is eaten by a Barnacle (ceiling monster) and just disappears.

The sound is terrific. Every gun has the kick that it would have in real life. Lots of people complain about the Mp5 and some other weapons. They claim they sound "wimpy". I can assure you they don't. Voice acting is also top notch, and few current games reach this level of believability. They all sound almost real. Every other sound is terrific. The whack of a (your) crowbar, the snarl of an enemy, the cool back ground music. It's all really well done.

This is where the game goes from great, to amazing. So as the story goes, you are Gordan Freeman. He's a theoretical physicist with an MIT degree. You're late for work at the Black Mesa Research Facility, a secret lab in New Mexico. So everyone is badgering you to get to the test chamber. You get there and are given the incorrect specimen. You unknowingly push it into this beam, and something horrible happens. A phenomenon known as a Resonance Cascade begins. Aliens from another dimension begin to enter the facility through portals. You have to escape the facility. Unfortunately you will have to contend with aliens and marines. The marines are sent here to clean up the mess, you being part of the mess. It's terrifically engrossing and constantly exciting.

The controls don't differ to much from those of an average Fps on the PC. The only real difference is how perfectly executed they are. The controls keep a fluid and entertaining experience through the entire game.

Splendid, top to bottom. There arent many other ways of describing this game. Plus, it's really cheap. So there's really no reason not to own it.

I give it 10 aliens...out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/31/08

Game Release: Half-Life (US, 10/31/98)

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