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"One of the best PC games ever..."

Wow! What a game. I first saw this game and said ''another FPS that has nothing new, etc''. Then, one of my friends got the game, and I decided to try it out. From the moment I saw the opening sequence, I was sucked into the game.

GAMEPLAY (10/10):

The control system introduces a relatively new, yet effective way to layout an FPS. It is a bit hard to get used to, but it will help, for most of the game. I found it also very challenging, not just the fighting, but the puzzles too. By the second ''level'', I was completely into it. And I couldn't stop playing.

GRAPHICS (10/10):

Another accomplishment. The alien and human enemies look so real, sometimes it almost seems like that is really a human soldier about to blow your brains out. Occasionally, their are glitches, as there are in any game, and once you get outside, the backgrounds in the distance look a bit, well, flat, but all of the 3D textures are very well done.


In Half Life, there isn't much music, but the music that is there, is pretty good. I thought of it as something that was a bit lacking, but hence the bit. As for sound, the weapons and voices sound very realistic. Sometimes, like the sound a barnacle makes when it grabs onto you, is a bit weird and almost not needed, but it does add atmosphere.


This is a very realistic game. Not all of the plot is easy to understand, and it may require a bit of exploring small, hidden parts of the game to find out the whole thing, but when complete, its plot is pretty dang good. Also, the atmosphere is great. I felt like I was inside a building, trapped with alien monsters, doomed to die many times, and I was even scared when I first saw those creepy Itchyosaurs.


Although not perfect, due to the common occurrence of glitches in multiplayer maps compared to the single player game, overall, when the map works properly, and no one is lagging up the game, Half Life multiplayer can be a very fun thing to do. Nothing is more fun then throwing a pack of snarks at a person that you know is actually being controlled by another person, then watching them be enveloped by the little creatures. Heh heh.


Although its not perfect, this is still one dang good game, worth buying for both single and multiplayer fun. GET THIS GAME IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/01, Updated 06/16/01

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