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"A long, drawn out game, but its worth it."

This is the best FPS for PC that I have ever seen. It has the makings of a Game of the Year (which it already has) award game. There is only one thing that is bad. It is way too long. By the time that you get done with it, you will forget what happened to start this whole thing. Another thing that gets me, is the fact that when creating this game, Valve (the games producer) apparently didn't strive for total realism. I mean, I understand that it has aliens, and that you fight aliens, but who gave the headcrabs an Egon Gun? That's just plain dumb. Like a wise man once said ''Don't use a cannon to kill a mosquito''. Thats what killing a headcrab with an Egon Gun is doing. Otherwise, in most every aspect this game is near perfect. Now, for the ''broken down review''

Gameplay-10/10-Ahh...this game is fun from beginning in the Lab to the end'll just have to find out.This game has 3 difficulty settings. Easy, Medium, and Hard. Well, uh....ya would think! Now, onto the control. I will say, what I said when I wrote my Counter-Strike review. I like the controls because there are limitless combinations of them. You can have the one key be forward, two be backwards, three be left, and for be right. Or any other keyboard combination that you like. Thats one of the many high points.

Story-10/10-This was the high-liner of the game, its a very interesting story....if you really can't live without it, email me. Then I will tell you. There are also alot of twists and turns, so be prepared for a big ass attachment. It all starts out on a perfectly normal lab day. Gordon (the main character) is in the test chamber today testing out a new sample of alien matter. (they don't quite mention much about it, except for the fact that its the 'Purest sample yet') Then, Gordon pushes the sample into the testing area (don't quite know what that is either). And then......I forget. ;) In order for this story to be like it is, Valve had to put a very large time into thinking it up.

Audio/Video-9/10-The video got me a bit in this game. I don't think it had to be that violent. I know that there are parental controls, but it turns the visuals into G-rated crap. No exploding heads or anything else thats good. Just a few aliens quitely falling over dead. Now, on to the audio. It was very well done. Some parts sounded a bit like Area 51 (the game) in ways. Hearing aliens screech at the pain of being hit in the leg with a cowboy gun at close range. The voice work is really done well, too. The scientists respond immediately after being shot in the leg with a ''Well, I seem to be seriously wounded, but, I can go on'', then they run off. Or, it's something along those lines.

Replayability-9/10-Ahh...another part that got me. This game is too damn long!! By the time you finish it, you've forgotten what started this whole fiasco in the first place.

To by or rent-Well, like I said in my Counter-Strike review, last time I was at Blockbuster, they didn't rent out PC/MAC games. So, in other words, buy it. It's a Game of the Year by 50 publications. (I know I sound like the back of the box)And, as I also said, if you are poor, ''borrow it'' from a friend. But, a warning, you might actually not be friends with this person after you ''lost'' their copy of Counter-Strike ;). And, if they are a very forgiving person, and still let you borrow it from them, you might actually WANT to give it back after awhile. Happy Gaming!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/18/01, Updated 07/18/01

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