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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02


You're Gordon Freeman, a fellow scientist of the Black Mesa. One minute you're taking the train to another boring day at work, the next an experiment goes horribly wrong, unleashing scary creatures in your lab. Sadly, the Marines only make things worse. They're after YOU. So you're now pit in a fight for survival.

This is Half-Life.

The folks at Sierra and Valve made one of the greatest games of all time. And this isn't your typical first person shooter where you ''Rambo'' your enemies. You have to think to survive. If you stupidly waste all of your ammo during a small fight with headcrabs, then you're destined to failure.

Saving ammo is crucial. You can't just waste it all. You'll need some of the ammo for later. And you don't come around a clip very often! So use your smarts, instead of that Rambo double inside of you.

The enemies are some of the scariest I've ever seen. And if you're jumpy, you'll be screaming like a baby and throwing the monitor outside the window. From face-eating headcrabs to that creepy ceiling creature with it's tongue stretching into the floor like a rope waiting to nab a victim. Half-Life ain't for the weak-hearted.

The graphics, like most other PC games, depend. If you have a high-end computer, it should look brilliant. If your computer is low-end, then expect blocky graphics from up close. But being one of the best games ever, it doesn't matter. But I do wish they had more scientist and guard models because many of them look alike!

There's no music in the game, but why should there be? It would ruin the mood of the game. The voiceovers done by the scientist and the guards are ok. And the sounds by the creatures are BRILLIANT! Half-Life sounds pretty realistic.

Like I said before, the gameplay requires you to use your brain, and not your brawns. If you need to unleash the Rambo inside of you, then play Serious Sam. Where you save also depends. Say you were doing good throught the game, but then you start running out of ammo and you accidentaly save while you're having problems. You must've made a mistake, and if you hadn't saved while you were having problems getting through the game, you would return to the point where you were doing good so far. You could undo your mistakes and start doing good in the game again.


You can also play Half-Life online, but the hottest mod for Half-Life is Counter-Strike. So if you try to find servers for regular Half-Life online play, expect to see the Counter-Strike servers majorly outnumbering the Half-Life servers.

I suggest you download Counter-Strike if your computer can handle it(Or if you don't have Half-Life, buy a retail copy of Counter-Strike).

To sum what I said:

Graphics: Depends on the capabilities of your computer. 8/10.

Sounds: Who needs music when you got perfectly done atmospheric sounds and voiceovers? 10/10

Gameplay: This is where the game truly shines. You will need to think, conserve ammo and save wisely. 20/10

Fun Factor: Once you beat the game, you have many choices. You can buy one of the many expansion packs that let you play from a different point of view(Opposing Force lets you play as one of the Marines sent to kill Gordon Freeman, and Blue Shift lets you play as a security guard who was there in the Black Mesa when the experiment went wrong), or you can play multiplayer or online. And if you can afford it, you can download Counter-Strike, the hottest Half-Life mod around. The end is only the beginning...

Buy, Rent or Avoid: The only people who should avoid this game are the squeamish. Everybody else MUST buy this game.

Bon Appetit.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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