Review by KTeoh

"Greatest first-person shooter, better than Quake!"

The title doesn't seem appeal, but behind the title and on the CD, lies a great game that ought to be played by everybody. In my opinion, its better than Quake or other Quake games. Stands together with Duke Nukem for me.

Gameplay/Control - 10/10
-Every button press, every mouse movement will cause something on the screen to move, accurately. Very, very responsive, even when you're shooting a load of baddies. If you're trembling while holding the mouse, chances are your gun will tremble a bit.

Story - 10/10
-One of the best and most creative. Nothing ever seen before. Almost like the usual stuff ('save the day'), but not. Has more than one ending actually, so you'll see what happens if you do different things.

Graphics - 9/10
-Not as highly animated as other games, but really good in its own class. May look faded, but its like that cause its supposed to be, faded! Runs incredibly well on even only a 4megabyte display card. OpenGL support works greatly, if you've got the latest drivers.

Sound - 9/10
-Different from other games, this one creates an atmosphere which you'll like/dislike . The weapon sound FX is real, and quite amusing. Monsters have distinctive sounds, and you rely a lot on your sense of hearing.

Replayability - 9/10
-Greatly replayable, play through it lotsa times. You'll only get bored after playing for a lot and i mean a LOT of times.

Thats the verdict there, so buy it. There's also a 'Game of The Year' edition if i'm correct.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/19/00, Updated 02/19/00

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