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"This really is the BEST PC game ever..."

When I first heard about this game I though it was just going to be another online supposed "Quake Killer". I was very wrong. This game doesn't beat Quake in Multiplayer mode but the Single Player totally dominates over any other First Person Shooter I have ever played.

Graphics - 10

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning. The creatures in this game look and move frightningly realistic giving a sense of terrifying realism to the game. I really recommend an Accelerator card for this game to see optimum performance, However, The models of the humans do look great, but there isn't enough of them so it does look like they are just a bunch of clones.

Control - 10

The keyboard and mouse is all you need for this game and once you get used to it you will notice that it is much better than a Joystick or Gamepad (I don't really know who would use a gamepad or joystick for a FPS, but what the hell). It should be best to bind all the commands you will use close to your fingers.

Sound - 10

From the sounds of the aliens talking to each other, to the creepy sound effects, everything just sounds great and with a Sound Blaster Live you can make the sound effects even better than before thanks to the Enviromental Audio.

Gameplay - 10

This game is just awesome. You start off in a train heading into the Black Mesa Complex as this scientist named Gordon Freeman. An officer lead you into the Complex where you are supposed to work on this teleportation device and send a specimen from point A to B,I guess. Another officer behind a desk tells you that there was a system crash ,but that everything seems to be ok and the test will go as planned. So you go and find your Enviromental Hazard suit.

(This is where the game gets really interesting and creepy) Gorden goes to this huge room with a device in it that is supposed to create a portal so he can send the specimen through.Although the sceintist operating the machine notices that something is slightly wrong with the portal he tells Gorden to proceed with pushing the specimen into the portal.

Just then everything starts to break down and Gorden ends up falling through the portal , I think. He ends up in this errie looking world with aliens all around him.

Suddenly, you are back in the room with the portal device and everything has been destroyed. The room is full of electricity beams and falling objects.You head out back the way you came from and most the scientists are dead.

Now its up to Gorden to figure out a way out of the complex and save the world before its too late. There is not one part in this game where your aren't viewing it through Gorden's eyes.

As you get farther in the game you will find out that the Goverment has decided to terminate the project and also terminate you with the science team.

The artificial intelligence of the the military in this game is by far the best I have ever seen in any FPS. They do not walk blindly into crossfire (well sometimes, but almost never) and shoot grenades into the spot that you are hiding. These guys want to live as badly as you do and they won't die easily.

This game is long and has a great story, the multiplayer is fun, but it doesn't match to that of Quake II's. I really enjoyed this game and recommend it to all FPS gamers out there.

This game really makes me look forward to more awesome FPS Single Player games like this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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