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"Morning Mr. Freeman, looks like your running Late...."

Introduction - Looking a great FPS (First Person Shooter)? I was too, and I found Half-Life, one of, if not, the BEST FPS games of all time. Even after 5 years its still going strong with the thousands of mods made by fans and played. Anyone a fan of Counter-Strike? TFC? NS? All made from this great game. The best part is, this game is made to make you FEEL like YOU ARE the character.

Story - You ARE Gordon Freeman Your a scientist at the research facility Black Mesa. Today will be an interesting day at the office however, when a experiment you and your fellow workers are conducting goes wrong.

Suddenly aleins appear everywhere and most of the science team is dead. You scramble out of the test chamber to find a way out, but all the communication is down, and doors are blocked, looks like you'll have to find another way out of Black Mesa, and you'll have to go through vicious aliens to get there, better run, you don't get any head starts here.

The characters are great, you have Gordon freeman (thats you), Barney the Security Gaurd, the many scientists, and the mysterious G-man that watches your every move and always is behind a door or something preventing you from reaching him.

Gameplay - Lets break this up a bit:

-Controls - Controls are great, being a PC game, you can make any button do whatever you want. Plenty of controls to do various things, from open doors, to change weapon, even turn your flashlight on. Jumping from platform to platform is alittle annoying, especially when you fall and hav to climb back up and do it all over again, (and just wait till you see what you must jump in Xen, get ready to save your game often) :).

-Playability - The game is quick to learn and master. You shoot aliens, they shoot you, RPG is dangerous so don't shoot a wall close to you, etc. If you go up to a fellow scientist and press your ''use'' key, they will follow you and heal/open doors for you. The security Gaurd will protect you if you have him follow you. There are alot of puzzles in the game (Like a door is locked so you must go through aliens to find the power switch to open the door) so be ready to do alot of searching. The game makes you feel like you are Gordon Freeman, there are no cutscenes, or any parts where you can't move (except 1, but you'll see why). Hopefully like me, you'll quickly get a grasp that you are there, running from aliens.

Graphics/Sound - Being this game was made 5 years ago, the graphics were very nice back then, and (execpt for maybe the people) the graphics still look very nice. The sounds are also very well too. Water looks and acts like water and when you fall in it sounds like water. Fans sound like fans, flashlight will light up a room etc. They did a very good job with the graphics and sounds. Only real problem is that ALL the security gaurds look the same, same goes for the same 4 scientists. I'd just like to tell you right now, even though they all look the same, they ARE suppose to be DIFFERENT people.

Play Time/Replayability - Play time depends on how long you spend on it, I beat it in a week my first time playing, but the second time, i beat it in 2 days, and some beat it in 1 on there first try, it all depends what skill level your playing is at, and how long you spend on the game.

Relpayability, is huge. Though not for this game, its the mods. First you have Blue Shift and Opposing Force, which are official games that continue the story. Then you have FREE mods that you can download made by fans that are very fun. Most are online play, but some are single-player also.

The online games are very fun, and still played by many. Also, you can try to make your own levels and characters because HL comes with the programs needed (and if not you can download them.)

Final Recommendation - Buy it! Its a great game. Its only $30 for all the games (Half-Life, Opposing Force, and Blueshift). Then you also get the 1,000 of FREE mods to download and play, so its like getting hundreds of games for just $30.

If your upset by the ending (I won't spoil it don't worry), its ok, Half-Life 2 comes out in April (we can only hope...) so once you get this game, you can eagerly await to play the next part of the great story of Half-Life. Better get out there Freeman, there waiting for you in the Test Chamber...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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