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"Half Life - Still The Best Out There!"

Half Life is undoubtedly THE best and most addicting game that I and no doubt you have played...And you just cant get sick and tired of it no matter how hard you try!

When I first played Half Life way back on its release in 1999 I was making my way through the game when (Black Out) A power-cut hits my estate and my game is lost, I played for hours on end as soon as the power was back on to reinstate my position that I had established! By the time I had made it, it was gone midnight!!!

I was gob smacked that a game had taken over me to a point where I had lost all track of time, This had NEVER happened to me before, And I liked it!

So here's my review for a game that's 5 years old and Still THE best!

1. Graphics.
Usually graphics are what people notice first, smooth textures, crisp clear visuals etc.
Ok Half Life doesn't boast the graphics of today but you cant really complain, its 5 years old, But when you run the game on its higher/highest settings say that of 1120x1000 its pretty impressive!

My PC specs are as follows;
1000mhz AMD Athlon
640MB Ram
My graphics card is defiantly not the most-up-to-date card on the market but it does the job fine!

2. Controls/Gameplay & Story Line.
Well, What can I say, Only few story lines have pulled me into a (world) where I lose track of time, Final Fantasy VII and Half Life itself been the main two. Half Life makes you use both use of the keyboard and mouse, when I first started playing it was the first time I had done this, How hard did I find it....Very to be honest! I couldn't aim to save my life and was getting stressed at this, I mean (W) to walk forwards, (S) to walk backwards, What's going on!! But gradually I became use to this, anyway, Gameplay wise its very imersive, There's plenty of action going on, not just you but people around you become involved, It almost turns into a film where people are interacting with one another talking, walking, fighting against the problems that occur and you just blend into the intensive story line.

I personally feel that the enemies/Aliens/Marines have an ok A.I. Certainly not the best but not too bad, Sound lighting and atmosphere are amazing, the teleporting in of the aliens, and the noises they produce when your walking down a corridor and you can hear them but are unaware of there location, Its a tense, exciting atmosphere and one that I wont forget.

3. Multiplayer
Is this the best option the game offers?

Been able to play online against people from different countries, or different regions of your own country sounds amazing, And yes it is amazing, You CAN and WILL find yourself staying up all night without realising just fragging and talking away to people you dont know but somehow feel close to, There are an endless amount of servers to play this game, Im unsure of the exact amount but when I last played this game there was over 20,000 servers in all regions of the planet, Asia, the States, Europe and the Middle east. I certainly recomend Broadband, espeically for servers located in The USA, if your living in the U.K for example as a 56k modem would mean an extremly high ping of 300+, Broadband connection would keep this ping under 120 at the most. It doesnt end there though! Mods (Modifications) where new levels, characters, scenarios, weapons, loacations are added into make a completly new expierence, Take Counter Strike, It is now Notorious through out the world and you can gurantee it is an expiernce to be belived. Play this mod Now!

Basicly, Playing the game either on your own via the single player or over the internet with friends or in most cases strangers (Friendly ones though) in the multiplayer this game has something for everyone.
If you buy Half life now there are plenty of places on the internet to update your game to the latest version enabling you to play online, each new version has certain bug fixes and patches, But mainly dont think that because this game is getting on..sure its dated, The grpahics are of yester-year and the sound and added extras is not as brilliant as the latest FPS games..the story and gameplay are not attacked by any of the (latest) games and they simply cannot compete to Half Life, An epic game that has still to be knocked off the number 1 spot and is still retaining the crown of the king of FPS's...Untill Half Life 2 Maybe??

Please Please Please buy this game, I hope my review sways you into the world that Is Half-Life, Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman and not to mention Shephard, but thats another story.....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/04

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