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"Deserved best game of the year."

Personal Thoughts: i got into half life about...2 years ago? when i played it, i was not challenged. sure it had its moments, but if you have had experience with FPS's, then this wont challenge you very much. i liked the game very much, it had lots of variety. minimal puzzle to it, i saw only one part that was puzzle like. one of the FPS at the time, and even now it will appeal to some.

Story: Its solid. heres the breakdown of the plot; You are Gordon Freeman, a guy with big glasses and a beard, and you work in something that 99% of people that owned the game have no idea what means, Anomalous materials, which is in some place called Black Mesa. anyhow, your late, and no wonder, they make you ride the train every time you start a new game. it takes 10 minutes. when you get to the area that you need to get off, you go get you HEV suit (Hazardous Environment Suit), which is pretty much Resistant to bullets, poisons, Radiation, long as the battery is charged. You go to the laboratory, and start up the machine thats supposed to analyze some yellow crystal thing. as soon as you push it in, the sh*t hits the fan. Aliens from the borderworld "Xen" are pouring into the Black Mesa Research Facility. and ya know what, Freeman and those scientists look pretty tasty, and theyre pretty hungry. so you pretty much start slaying things left and right untill the end. and i wont give that away. by the way, the guy in the blue suit (you'll know when you see him) is named G-man. really does he even have a name?

Gameplay: Simple. aim and fire at anything that wants to tear you into ribbons, or shoot you to a bloody mess. Enemies are smart. they will chase, or in some cases, fire around corners and lob grenades at your spot, in a good attempt to kill you. There are few bosses, that range from helicopters to huge huge aliens,but there are so many normal enemies to frag, you wont care. speaking of which, your arsenal is semi small, but very good. shotguns, machine guns, Lazers, wasps (yes you read right), and even tiny can use turrets and large cannons, or you can enlist Security guards to be human shields or have em blow your enemies away. sometimes theyre needed to unlock doors that your clearance level of 3 cant open. scientists are wimps, so try clearing the way to the security door before dragging their scared butt there.

Sound: now this is the only problem. the sound is average, Marines could have clearer voices instead of Fuzzy radio kind. each thing has its own sound from grunts to squeaks, and the guards and scientists like to say their own wacky things.

Controls: INCREDIBLY SIMPLE. Right mouse fires,left is for special things like zoom or rapid fire, E is the use key, for buttons and whatnot, space to jump, ctrl to crouch, shift to walk...but movement is a different issue. if you use the mouse to change your direction and ASDW to Move, then your using the pro movement, which is versatile in aiming and getting back to cover, if your using the arrow keys, your gonna be spending a while on this game moving your hand onto the use key. if your the kind of guy who uses the full blown keyboard config, you are gonna get hit. ALOT. aliens are fast.

Graphics: while pixelated at times, enemies are quite smooth looking to blocky, and i had no complaints about seeing the enemy. at the time this was pretty good graphic wise, but now its overshadowed by Halo and other beautiful looking games.

Try/Buy: if you got 20$ to blow and you like a good game, Buy.
If you just getting into Half Life, your a few years too late. but the game is still solid, and replayability is as thus: easy for the first time, then full blown hard to see how good you really are. then it gets easy to master.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/25/04

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