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"Truly is the game of the year..."

I was sitting down and playing SiN on a computer (awesome game) when suddenely a guy goes to the computer next to me and starts playing Half-life. We start arguing on which one is better: Half-life or SiN. I, of course, say SiN is, without knowing anything about this game. Later, when he left, (this is happening at my friends workplace. He has a lot of cpu's and cpu games too), I started playing Half-life. I played and played and had no idea whats so ever on what to do. The next time though, I figured it out. This is the story: You are Gordon Freeman and are working at an underground lab called Black Mesa. One day, your job was to test this unstable compound. You find your suit and head to the testing area. The suit protects you from taking a lot of damage. While the lightening sort of thing hits the compound, the whole area explodes. Then suddenely its black . Seconds later your in this alien world (Xen). Its black again. Your back at your lab. Its dark once again. Then little alien things are looking at you. Finally its over. You look around and see your lab destroyed but that's the least of your worries. A portal has opened and aliens from Xen have come to your lab and are slaughtering your fellow scientists. Deep huh? This whole game is deep.
But wait there's more! I wont tell you more because it's a major spoiler. Buy it and find out.

graphics-10/10 Awesomely detailed levels. Brilliant creature design. Kind of on the cartoonish but who cares? You wont care at ALL!!!

sound-10/10 Whoa. Creeps me out. Nothing like a creature screeching and jumping at you. Makes my heart race. The voice acting is also brilliant.

gameplay-100/10 No the 100 isn't a typo. This game has great gameplay. Whats truly amazing though is the variation of level design. Its all linked to eachother. For example:After coming off a elavator your at a complex. Really is a deep game. Seriously.

replay-10/10 You wont want to stop. Each level is different and unigue. The game is long and interesting. Movie quality.

The kid was right. This is 1000 times btter than SiN and has more depth than any first person shooter ever. BUY IT NOW!!!! NOW!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 04/22/00

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