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    M1 Tank Platoon II for Windows 95
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Last Revised: April 28, 1998
    System Requirements
    IBM PC 133MHz Pentium compatible or faster
    Windows 95 and DirectX 5.0
    16MB RAM
    Super VGA graphics for 640 x 480 x 256 colors
    Hard drive (200MB free)
    Quad-speed CD-ROM drive
    DirectX-compatible sound card
    IBM PC 200MHz Pentium compatible or faster
    32MB RAM
    3Dfx-based graphics accelerator card (for Glide)
    Intel 740 or Matrox Millennium graphics
      accelerator card (for Direct3D)
    Required for Multiplayer Option
    Null-modem serial cable (2 players)
    28.8kps Windows 95-compatible modem or faster (2 players)
    Local area network with IPX protocol (2–5 players)
    Q:  When installing M1 Tank Platoon II, I get an error 
        message "105" indicating that a file cannot be found.
    A:  This is caused by your CD-ROM reader operating in DOS 
        Compatibility Mode (16-bit mode). Compatibility Mode
        drivers do not support Windows 95's long file names. 
        Install the 32-bit drivers for your CD-ROM drive by
        opening the Windows Start Menu and selecting Settings>
        Control Panel>Add New Hardware. Follow the onscreen
        instructions to complete the installation. You 
        can determine the properties of your CD-ROM drive 
        in the Windows Start Menu under Settings>Control Panel>
        System>Device Manager/CD-ROM.  
    Q:  As soon as I launch M1 Tank Platoon II, the game exits
        to Windows and there isn't an error message.
    A:  This can occur with some video card drivers. Download 
        and install the latest drivers from your video card 
        manufacturer's Web site. If you continue to get this 
        problem, open the Windows Start Menu>Settings>Control 
        Panel>Display Properties>Settings and lower the screen 
        resolution to 800 x 600 and/or the color depth to 
        256 colors.
        Make sure you do not have any programs running in the
        background, such as screen savers and virus checking 
        programs. An example of this is Norton Crash Protector.
        This kind of program can cause problems with games.
        A general piece of advice (not just for our games but for 
        anybody's) is to make sure no background programs are
        running. Before launching the game, press Ctrl-Alt-Del
        to bring up the Close Program dialog box. Click
        "End Task" on anything that's running besides Explorer
        and Systray.
        You might also want to download DirectX directly from 
        Microsoft. Contact Microsoft online at the following 
        Web site address:
    Q:  My 3-D graphics accelerator uses the Voodoo Rush chipset
        and I am getting a blank screen when I try to enter a 
    A:  The update now supports Voodoo Rush cards in 3Dfx Glide
        mode, so the game will be fully functional when you enter 
        a mission. 
    Q:  When I start up the War College, I get an error message 
        about QuickTime.
    A:  If you open your CD-ROM using Windows Explorer, you will
        see a program called "QT16" in the DSG folder. Double-click
        on "QT16" to install QuickTime.
    Q:  I have selected "Glide" in M1 Tank Platoon's video 
        configuration, but the game does not work.
    A:  You need to visit your 3Dfx card's manufacturer to download 
        the latest version of the Glide drivers. Our update will
        add Direct3D support. This will allow the game to be 
        played with a wider array of 3-D graphics cards.
    Q:  I cannot use Alt-Tab to switch between M1 Tank Platoon II 
        and other Windows applications.
    A:  M1 Tank Platoon II is extremely resource-intensive and 
        should not be used with any multitasking programs. It is 
        strongly recommended that you shut down all programs before 
        launching M1 Tank Platoon II and avoid using Alt-Tab.
    Q:  How do I uninstall M1 Tank Platoon II?
    A:  Go to your Windows Control Panel and choose "Add/Remove 
        Programs." You will see M1 Tank Platoon II listed. Never 
        uninstall a Windows game by merely deleting its folder.
    Q:  In my Main Map screen and Battle Planner, buttons either 
        flicker or they cannot be seen.
    A:  In the update, you can press Alt-F to remove the flicker
        observed in the Main Map screen and Battle Planner when
        using video cards that do not support the "DDraw BlitSync"
        function. (If you have the Diamond Viper 330 video card,
        press Alt-F to correct the Main Screen blackout.) 
    Q:  I do not see a "Quit" button in the Main Menu screen. 
        How do I exit the game?
    A:  After you install the update, open the Main Menu
        screen and select the Configuration screen. Turn 
        off the "Menu Bars" in the Configuration screen so
        that the animated menus become disabled. The Quit 
        button will now be displayed in the Main Menu screen. 
        Alternately, you can press the standard Windows 
        command, ALT-F4, to immediately exit the game.
    Q:  Right after the opening videos, I get a blank screen 
        where the main screen should be.
    A:  The update corrects problems with video cards that 
        are missing certain functions. Try pressing Alt-F.
    Q:  I have an Orchid 3Dfx video card and the game won't work 
        in 3Dfx Glide mode.
    A:  Visit Orchid's Web site at www.orchid.com and download
        the most current video drivers. This will solve
        your video card incompatibility.
    Q:  What cards are supported in Direct3D?
    A:  Direct3D may be used with the Matrox Millennium 
        and Intel 740 cards.
    Q:  When I start moving in LAN play, some users' games exit 
        out to Windows.
    A:  The game needs time when starting for everyone to get 
        synchronized. Before moving the platoon, everyone should 
        stay at the initial staging area until all players can see 
        one another.
    Q:  We're playing on a local area network (LAN), but we're   
        seeing "phantom" tanks or "phantom" players who appear 
        to be destroyed but who can still maneuver. 
    A:  The game needs time when starting for everyone to get 
        synchronized. Before moving the platoon, everyone should 
        stay at the initial staging area until all players can 
        see one another.
    Q:  Besides being more stable and reliable, what other 
        enhancements does the update add to multiplayer mode?
    A:  The host can no longer jump into other players' tanks. 
        Player names are now associated with in-game chat messages 
        (which stay on screen much longer). Also, other players' 
        smoke grenades will now appear on your screen.
    Q:  How can I get the best modem head-to-head performance?
    A:  You should connect to another modem using TCP/IP.
    Q:  I cannot seem to get the Single Battle to work on 
        our LAN.
    A:  Multiplayer is intended for Random and Campaign modes 
        only. Note that some of the larger maps can cause 
        synchronization errors on some networks.
    Q1: I'm trying to exit the mission by clicking on the "Exit" 
        button in my map view, but it just takes me to another 
    Q2: In the LAN game, the mission does not end although the 
        objective is complete or all players' tanks have been 
    A:  To end a mission, type Shift-Q and wait for the commander
        to issue orders to stand down.
    Q:  How do I play M1 Tank Platoon II on the Internet?
    A:  M1 Tank Platoon II is not designed for the Internet. While 
        it may be possible to play 2-player games via the Internet, 
        you will probably get unpredictable results. Network play 
        is limited to LANs, which can better handle the large amount 
        of data M1 Tank Platoon II sends and receives.
    Q:  We're using TCP/IP for our LAN network protocol, and it 
        doesn't seem to work.
    A:  For TCP/IP connections, ensure that Dial-Up Networking is 
        set to "Don't Prompt" to use "Dial-Up Networking." This is 
        set in the Dial-Up Networking program located in your 
        Start Menu>Programs>Accessories>Dial-Up Networking icon. 
        In addition, make sure that Dial-Up Networking is loaded 
        before starting any multiplayer M1 Tank Platoon II game.
    Q:  I seem to get better performance in multiplayer
        with smaller battles, and I was wondering how I
        could get smaller battles than the ones that are 
        available now.
    A:  With the update, we added some new battle scenarios 
        that are smaller in size; they work better in the 
        multiplayer environment.  
    Q:  I designate a target for my gunner and he confirms, but 
        he doesn't seem to fire.
    A:  In the update, the gunner now drops all other tasks 
        and immediately engages the designated target.
    Q:  I installed the update, but the gunner still 
        does not shoot at the target I designate from the 
        Tank Commander's screen.
    A:  By default, the gunner is holding fire. Initiate 
        the "Fire At Will" command [key F] and the gunner 
        will engage your designated target.
    Q:  My gunners seem to automatically use up the MPAT and STAFF 
        rounds early on in the game. How can I get them to conserve
        those types of ammo?
    A:  Give your platoon "Hold Fire" orders until their targets 
        are within 2,000 meters. If an enemy target is within 1,000
        meters, the gunner will ignore the "hold fire" and engage 
        this close threat. 
    Q:  I installed the update, and now my gunner keeps 
        changing ammo without my telling him to do anything, 
        or he keeps repeating "load [ammo]" like an echo.
    A:  This can happen if the joystick hat switch is 
        incorrectly calibrated because the hat switch on 
        your joystick now controls your ammo selection.  
        Recalibrate your joystick in the Window's Start
        Menu>Settings>Control Panel>Game Controllers>
    Q:  Why doesn't the gunner shoot the ammo that I select?
    A:  In the update, the ammo you choose will now override
        the computer gunner's choice. This will not change
        until you relinquish control of the gunner or the
        gunner has destroyed the current target.
    Q:  I was told that artillery-delivered smoke was available
        in the update, but I can't find it.
    A:  Artillery-delivered smoke has a 40% random chance of
        being available in Movement to Contact and Assault
        missions. It is listed in the support section of the
        Map screen as "SPM SMK."
    Q:  I cannot get past the Platoon Records screen to create 
        a platoon.
    A:  To create a platoon do the following: (1) Left-click on 
        one of the blank panels in the Platoon Records screen; 
        (2) Left-click on the "Create Platoon" key below your 
        highlighted blank panel; (3) Enter your desired platoon name 
        in the pop-up box and press Return; (4) select your 
        desired "Service;" (5) Left-click on the lower left and 
        right arrow buttons to select your insignia; and 
        (6) Left-click on the text above the insignia 
        (e.g., "1st Marine" or "1-32 Armor").
    Q:  I am having trouble saving a mission in one of the 
        prebuilt (NATO or Gulf War) scenarios.
    A:  Those missions are not meant to be modified. "Save Battle" 
        should be used only for Campaign or Random.
    Q:  How do I accurately engage targets from the Gunners 
        Primary Sight?
    A:  To hit a moving target, lase the vehicle for a couple 
        of seconds while keeping the reticle in one spot in the 
        center of the target mass. While still lasing the target, 
        squeeze the trigger and the round when fired will hit the 
        target. This is the same procedure that the military 
        gunners must use. (Note: If the reticle is drifting to 
        the front or back of the vehicle, the battle computer 
        will miscalculate the speed of the target, thus causing 
        the player's shot to miss.)
    Q:  How do I back up my tank?
    A:  After coming to a complete stop, press the down arrow
        key (decelerate). When held down, you will start moving 
        in reverse. 
    Q:  Why do my tank drivers run my tanks into each other?
    A:  This most often happens when the drivers are of skill 
        rating "Poor." The ranks of your drivers can be raised 
        though the use of medals, promotions -- and most 
        importantly -- experience. 
    Q:  In the Map screen, how can I determine elevation? 
    A:  In the update, the Map screen has been enhanced. By
        pressing the "L" key, contour lines will toggle on
        and off. This new feature allows you to view terrain
        elevation levels much easier in the Map screen.
    Q:  I have the update and I cannot get the Scan/Auto 
        button to light either by clicking on it with the 
        mouse or by using the keyboard keys.  
    A:  The Scan/Auto mode will automatically change to 
        the Search mode when the joystick is moved. Therefore, 
        if a joystick is drifting, the mode will continually 
        switch to Search. In your Windows Start Menu, select 
        Settings>Control Panel>Game Controllers>Advanced. 
        Confirm that the device ID number is set to #1 and 
        that the joystick is properly calibrated. To calibrate 
        your joystick, select Settings>Control Panel>Game 
        Controllers>General>Properties>Settings. If your 
        joystick manufacturer provides its own calibration,
        use their designated calibration. 
        If you have more than one joystick port, disable 
        the one not in use -- an active unused port could 
        produce "ghost" signals. Some joysticks can experience 
        "heat drift" if plugged into some sound cards. If 
        this is a problem, you may want to consider a dedicated 
        game controller card. Drift can also be due to worn 
        parts; check your joystick's manufacturer's Web site 
        for their repair/replacement policies.
    Q:  I have a ThrustMaster joystick and I can't seem to 
        calibrate it.
    A:  ThrustMaster has a calibration program called ProPanel, 
        which can be downloaded from their Web site at 
    Q:  My chase view [F8] is difficult to stabilize.
    A:  In the update, both the mouse and joystick 
        controls allow for panning in the Chase View. The 
        joystick functions automatically. A left-click of 
        the mouse initiates control and a right-click 
        halts panning. This feature functions like the GPS 
        and Commander's Outside Hatch view.
    Q:  I cannot tell what direction I'm facing in the Tank
        Commander's Hatch view [F7].
    A:  In the update, the tank's hull and turret are now 
        visible in the Tank Commander's Out Hatch view, which 
        gives the Tank Commander added situational awareness.
    Q:  In the original M1 Tank Platoon, you could select whether 
        the machine gun was stable or not relative to the turret.
    A:  The 50-caliber will now turn and bounce relative to the 
        turret and to tank movement. Pressing the "K" key will 
        stabilize the machine gun, like in the original game. 
        This feature was added in the update. 
    Q:  The turret clock in the Tank Commander's screen is too 
        small to read.
    A:  In the update, the CITV turret clock is enlarged so it 
        is much easier to read.
    Q:  It seems as if I'm not vulnerable when I stick my head 
        out of the Tank Commander's Hatch.
    A:  In the update, Tank Commanders using the 50-caliber are 
        now more likely to be killed by artillery and enemy fire.
    Q:  I can't always tell what's happening with the text 
        messages in the upper left corner.
    A:  In the update, more explanatory text messages have been 
        added for features such as Arrow-key Driving, Smoke 
        Generators on/off, and air/ground mode.
    Q:  The tank interiors always look the same regardless of 
        time of day.
    A:  This is changed in the update. Now, the interior cockpit 
        views have been altered according to the time of day 
        of the mission. For example, your cockpits will appear 
        darker in night missions than during day missions.
    Q:  I see a "seam" in the sky when I play in 3Dfx Glide mode.
    A:  This "seam" in the sky has been removed in the update.
    Q:  The enemy helicopters do not seem to be much of a 
        threat to my tanks.
    A:  In the update, helicopter engagements have been enhanced
        so that they pose more of a threat to your tanks.
    Q:  When I switch to my Coax Gun and then back to the 
        Main Gun, the Main Gun is not loaded.
    A:  In the update, you can now switch back and forth 
        from a Main Gun round to the Coax without having 
        to reload the Main Gun round.
    Q:  Sometimes my Main Gun fires a volley.
    A:  In the update, the Main Gun will fire only one 
        main round at a time.
    Q:  I can still see the commander's position even 
        though the commander has been killed.
    A:  In the update, you will see a blank screen in the Tank 
        Commander's Cockpit when the CITV is damaged. Likewise, 
        if the Tank Commander is dead, you can no longer manipulate 
        the 50-caliber machine gun.
    Q:  My gunner has been killed, yet I can still see the 
        Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS) screen.
    A:  In the update, the GPS screen will be blank just like 
        the CITV if the gunner or both gunner and tank commander 
        are killed.
    Q:  I don't see any smoke coming from my damaged tanks.
    A:  In the update, both friendly and enemy vehicles will
        pop smoke to cover their tracks when damaged.
    Q:  How do I command my driver to turn the hull to gun?
    A:  In the update, you can now move your hull's position
        relative to the turret so that you can provide
        maximum protection when engaging targets. Pressing
        Shift-G in the Tank Commander's Out Hatch view will
        turn the hull to the 50-caliber's current direction.
        Pressing Shift-G in the Tank Commander's Cockpit will
        turn the hull to the CITV's current direction.
    Manual Errata
    Q:  The manual says there is a binocular view, but I can't 
        get it to work.
    A:  This has been corrected in the update. Binoculars and 
        Night Vision Goggles (NVG) have been added to the Tank 
        Commander's Out Hatch view. The "Z" and "X" keys toggle 
        the binoculars on and off, while the "T" key toggles 
        the NVG on and off.
    Q:  The manual implies that I can bring up vehicle damage 
        reports in the commander's cockpit [F1]. Why doesn't 
        this work?
    A:  The map screen [F3] is an enlarged view of the 
        IVIS. Click on the individual tank on the Map Screen 
        or click on the vehicle in the selected platoon on the 
        upper right of the side of the screen. You will then 
        see the damage report for the selected tank.  
    Q:  The manual implies I can give the platoon sergeant's 
        vehicle separate orders and the others will follow. Why 
        doesn't this work?
    A:  Orders are given by selecting the whole platoon or by 
        splitting tanks off of the platoon. With this process, 
        each tank can be given orders. 
    Update Issues
    Q:  My computer crashes after I install the update. For
        example, when I go to the Tank Commander's Out Hatch
        [F1], I get the "black screen of death."
    A:  Confirm that you have not used a 16-bit software 
        program to extract the update. You will need to 
        use a 32-bit extraction software program such as 
        Pkunzip for Windows 95 (www.pkware.com) or WinZip 
        (www.winzip.com). These programs can be downloaded
        from the Internet as free shareware programs.
    Q:  I cannot get all the buttons on my joystick to work, 
        and some key commands found in the manual and keyboard 
        chart do not seem to work.
    A:  The update now has fully functional joystick buttons 
        and key commands. 
    Q:  Is there a night vision view from the Tank Commander's 
        Out Hatch in the update? 
    A:  Yes. In the update, press the "T" key in the 
        Tank Commander's Out Hatch. 
    Q:  Now that I have installed the update, I get an error 
        message when I use my saved platoons from M1 Tank 
        Platoon II.
    A:  We recommend that you create new platoons in your
        updated version of M1 Tank Platoon II.

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