Review by Arjan

"The game has some good things, but the service stinks"

I waited quite a long time to start Dark Age of Cammelot.
I received my first copy a month ago. The game was nice but full of bugs but what do you expect from a mass online game. And soon after you play this game you will notice that they dont think of anything new themself but only try to better the flaws from everquest

Game play 6/10
The gameplay was reasonable and easy to control and to understand no problem here. One of the big minus is that you dont have any navigation utility at all at a very large map wich is frustrating.

Story 5/10
Nothing new here in the story.

Graphics 4/10
Do not understand me wrong the graphics are quite nice but not for a lot of Video cards just go to and go to faq and then to Graphical issues and you will see what I mean.

Sound 4/10
Altough the music was nice the SE where about the worst that I ever heard.

Service 1/10
Service is something that they dont seem to know in a lot of ways. You wont get all the support is automatic for instance fall trough the ground that happens do of the number of bugs in the game you need to type /stuck and you will go to the last spot your character got saved. This will mean that any progress during that time will be lost.
The manual you are suplied with along with the CD is so global it only says what something can do and not say how it works that is a part you have to figure out yourself. IF you got any questions you need to contact a Advisor wich are volunteers (players willing to answer questions to new players).

I live in Europe and started to play about a month ago. I needed to play over $50 for the game itself +1 month free gaming time. Now Mythic decided to make other servers for Europe all very nice and stuff but this means that I will always be bound to american play times. And when I play at a decent time in Europe all Americans (most) will be a sleep. So now according to mythic I need to buy the European version and just forget about the $80 I spended on the game itself and the fee you need to pay for playing the game. And I lost my chars I worked very hard on This is what they are calling try to give the best support availeble mind if I laugh ?? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA


They are a big joke and a lame excuse for game developers they dont develop they take over and repair stuff. Everything in the game they have from everquest just look at and you will see they only praise themselves about how they repaired the malfunctions of EQ and how good their service is well there are a 1000 reasons why there service is the worst of almost every online game If you want to contact a Game Master for help you get the message average wait time 4,36 hours or something. HA !!


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 02/28/02, Updated 02/28/02

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