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    FAQ by iviv

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    P   P  L     A      A   NN    N  E         T    SS         I    D DD     E
    P   P  L     A      A   N N   N  E         T      SS       I    D   DD   E
    PPPPP  L     AAAAAAAA   N  N  N  EEEEE     T        SS     I    D     D  EEEEE
    P      L     A      A   N   N N  E         T         SS    I    D   DD   E
    P      L     A      A   N    NN  E         T         SS    I    D DD     E
    P      LLLLL A      A   N     N  EEEEE     T     SSSS   IIIIIII DD       EEEEE
                                  GENERAL FAQ
    			1: copyright Information
    This walkthrough is Copyright 2004-2006 William Upton
    Terms of use:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    This guide is only to be displayed at 
    I will not host it on any other websites, so don't ask.
    If you see it somewhere else, please e-mail me.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Contact Information: Email me at iviv66(at)hotmail(dot)com
    with any questions, comments or complaints if you have any, or is you know
    anyone who can do better art for the title.
    			    2: Contents
    Section 1: Copyright Information
    Section 2: Contents
    Section 3: Information
    Section 4: Version History
    Section 5: Starting off
    Section 6: The Weapons
    Section 7: Implants
    Section 8: Armours
    Section 9: Vehicles
    Section 10: Glossary
    Section 11: Coming Soon
    Section 12: Thanks
    			   3: Information
    This is the first FAQ I have written, and I am writing it because my computer
    is not always hooked up to the internet, meaning I can't play Planetside, and
    that there was a large gap in the Planetside section waiting to be filled with
    a reasonably full FAQ. I have also been playing gunbound and Final Fantasy 10
    alot. In a few monthes i will be tanking my GCSEs, and so don't expect another
    update for some time.
    Planetside is a Massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS), and
    you can see from the word go that this is true. I have been playing for about
    three months now, and my character, iviv, is BR12 CR1.
    LARGE EDIT: This guide lay dormant for quite a while, huh? I'm now a student
    at Northumbria Univeresity, studying Quantity Surveying. And I've started
    playing Planetside again!
    Now I'm Br15 Cr2. Horray!
    			 4: Version History
    V0.6 After a long time away from the game, I have finally been drawn back into
    it. And I thought it was time to update this guide. It could take a while, as
    there is so much stuff been added.
    V0.5 Have lost MAX information, so that will be finished later. Added Glossary
    Added artwork banner. Wan't to change it as soon as possible.
    V 0.45 Half completed the MAX section. Am just pulling this off due to no 
    update for ages.
    V 0.40 Added armours. Must get around to checking the lancer.
    V 0.30 Decided to spell check the document. Changed a few mistakes. Added
    implants guide. Changed the version numbers so they are correct. Still haven't
    checked the lancer.
    V 0.25 This is what you are reading at the moment. It has a brief starting off
    section and the weapons guide is 99% complete, I just need to check the lancer.
    			   5: Starting Off
    Before you play online, you should take the time to complete the offline
    training, as it teaches you the basics. The only problem is that it is quite
    buggy, and sony haven't done anything about it because they are buisy ironing
    out the actual game.
    When you create your first character, the first thing you will want to do is go
    to one of the virtual reality training rooms in the sanctuary. This is because
    if you are new, you will want to have a go and see what all the weapons look
    like, feel like, and how they fire, so you know what to spend your cert points
    on. The other reason for going into the VR area, is that you get a varying
    amount of experience for each new weapon you equip, usually 200 exp. This means
    that, if you try every weapon and piece of equipment, and if you go into the
    vehicle VR area and drive every vehicle, and get into every gunnery position,
    you can get up to BR 4.5 .(note that you have to close the helpstar box which
    pops up giving you info about the weapon before you equip another, otherwise it
    doesn't register).
    Once you have been through the training, you will be BR3 and have 9 cert points
    to spend. See below for what certs you can get. Equipped with your certs, you
    will want to go to an equipment terminal and get some better weapons, then
    save the combination so you can access them quickly. If you are new to the
    game, you will probably want to be part of a squad, because then you will
    always have some backup, and you will also get a portion of experience each
    time one of your team members kills someone. In the sanctuary, you will
    probably see someone with 'Looking for Squad Members' written under their
    name. if you send them a tell, (type /tell <insert  name here> <insert message
    here> )to ask to join their squad. If they let you, they will probably tell
    you where to go. If one of them has transport then take it, or wait for the
    HART (high altitude rapid transport) to the continent of your choice. You then
    fight to the death. When you die, you will be taken to the world map, where a
    blue ring will show you where you can respawn, and a timer to show you how long
    it will take.
    The options are: 
    The nearest friendly base
    The nearest friendly tower
    The nearest friendly AMS
    Any of the above which you bound yourself to
    Your empires sanctuary
    Once you respawn, you can carry on where you left off.
    		  	    6: The Weapons
    This is basically a list of the weapons, who gets them, and what I think they
    are like.
    If in a section I write medium/high it means that the primary fire does medium
    damage, and the secondary fire does high damage. The damage value is shown as
    the amount of damage against the weapons designed target. All 9mm rounds have
    normal and Armour Piercing modes. This can be changed by pressing a key
    (default X).
    Common Pool Weapons
    Name: AMP
    Type: Pistol
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Very Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: None (Standard)
    Notes: One of the better pistols in the game, the AMP has good accuracy, and
    has a good range to go with it. If you keep firing, it does get more and more
    inaccurate. This is one of the best weapons for infiltrators.
    Name: Suppressor
    Type: Sub Machine Gun
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Very Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: None (standard)
    Notes: This is the weapon you respawn with. A very accurate machine gun, you
    will still get quite a lot of hits after firing for a few seconds. It is also
    equipped with a suppressor meaning you are less likely to be heard. While it is
    a good weapon, and you could get a couple of kills, there are better weapons
    available if you want to spend your cert points.
    Name: Punisher
    Type: Rifle
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Fast/ N/A
    Ammo Type: 9mm/rocklet/grenade
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: In primary mode, it fires as an assault rifle, firing a lot of bullets
    quite quickly. In the case that you are near an enemy vehicle, you can switch
    to secondary fire mode which launches a rocklet doing tiny damage. You have
    to reload before you can fire another rocklet though. If you press the change
    ammo type key (default X) then you can also fire the three types of grenade.
    This allows excellent versatility as you can equip the right weapon for the
    job, grenades for lots of people, rocklet for vehicles and primary mode for
    lone infantry. In the right hands, this weapon can be deadly. Since the rocklet
    does next to no damage to armour, you are better off taking AP bullets.
    Name: Sweeper Shotgun
    Type: Shotgun
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: A shotgun which fires 8 pellets at a time, each doing reasonably high
    damage. This is more useful indoors, because you will be fighting at closer
    ranges, and closer range means that there is less time for the separate
    flechettes to spread out. While useless against vehicles, but the AP ammo will
    let you do reasonable amounts of damage to vehicles, while still being
    reasonably effective against infantry.
    Name: Bolt Driver
    Type: Sniper Rifle
    Damage: Very High
    Range: Very Long
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: Bolt Driver Ammo
    Cert Needed: Sniping
    Notes: The most accurate weapon in the game, the bolt driver is capable of
    killing any infantry in two shots, as it goes almost straight through their
    armour. The 8x zoom allows you to see enemies far off, but the loud bang that
    it gives off when being fired will alert them to your presence. It’s only
    downfall is that you need to reload after every shot, meaning there is a good
    chance you will loose your target during the lengthy reload.
    Name: Heavy Scout Rifle
    Type: Sniper Rifle
    Damage: Very High
    Range: Very Long
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo (?)
    Cert Needed: Sniping, Or Free with 2 year term of service merit
    Notes: As accurate as the bolt driver, but with a clip of 10 bullets. There is
    a fast refire rate, though you won't really be wanting to fire too quickly as
    the cof blooms after each shot. It does less damage than the Bolt Driver, but
    the damage over time is roughtly the same.
    Name: Decimator
    Type: Dumb-fire Rocket
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Needed: Special Assault
    Notes: This is a high powered anti vehicle missile. Capable of downing small
    vehicles in a few shots, the decimator does not require reloading, as it has
    three missiles, then it is automatically discarded. This means that you will
    want to carry another one or two decimators in your backpack. The primary
    fire launches the missile dumb-fire, while the secondary fire does the same,
    but your view switches to a camera placed on the front of your missile,
    meaning you could use it for range finding, or looking over a hill, but would
    you want to use one of the missiles for that?
    Name: Rocklet Rifle
    Type: Rocket Launcher
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Rocklets
    Cert Needed: Special Assault
    Notes: A very effective weapon against vehicles, the rocklet rifle fires small
    armour piercing rocklets. In primary fire mode, it fires one at a time, while
    if you set it to secondary fire, it will fire the remaining rocklets left in
    the magazine of six at your target. This is useless at range because after the
    first two, the cone of fire expands meaning your rocklets could go anywhere.
    Name: Thumper
    Type: Grenade Launcher
    Damage: Depends
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Grenades
    Cert Needed: Special Assault
    Notes: This is a specialised grenade launcher. Like the punisher, the thumper
    can fire grenades, but that is all that it does. It is for this reason that
    the punisher is often overlooked as there are other weapons that can deal more
    direct damage. The Thumper does, however, have six grenades loaded at a time,
    meaning you don't have to reload after each grenade you fire.
    New Conglomerate
    Name: Mag-Scatter
    Type: Mini shotgun
    Damage: High
    Range: Short
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
    Cert Needed: None (Standard)
    Notes: A very close range weapon, the mag scatter can do large amounts of
    damage to anyone near them. A friend of clokers, you can take out a full
    health rexo in 3 shots. However, you have to be sticking the pistol into their
    back to get maximum damage.
    Name: Gauss
    Type: Assault Rifle
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: The medium assault weapon of the NC, this weapon is one of the best.
    If fire very quickly, and very accurately, meaning that you can hit things a
    long way off without wasting much ammunition. The 30 round clips are nice,
    although it is smaller than that of the other two empires medium assault
    weapons. It can also do reasonable amounts of damage of vehicles if you have
    no other weapons.
    Name: Jackhammer
    Type: Shotgun
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
    Cert Needed: Heavy Assault
    Notes: This is the most powerful weapon in the game. Although useless at long
    range, the jackhammer can deal large amounts of damage to anything within its
    range. The primary fire just fires one set of eight flechettes, the best thing
    about this weapon is the secondary fire. This can kill most things in one shot
    as it fires all three of the barrels. If all the shots hit, it can kill anyone
    in most armours.
    Name: Phoenix
    Type: Anti-vehicular Missile
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: Phoenix Missiles
    Cert Needed: Anti-Vehicular
    Notes: I like this weapon because you can fire it from behind a rock, meaning
    that you can't be hit while you go hunting for tanks. The missile this fires
    is controlled by the firer with the mouse, meaning you can go round corners,
    over walls, anything. You can also fire it dumb fire if the target is straight
    in front of you. Unlike the other anti-vehicular weapons, you have to reload
    straight after firing, which gives vehicles a chance to move out of range, or
    find you.
    Terran Republic
    Name: Repeater
    Type: Pistol
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: None (Standard)
    Notes: The best pistol you can get, the repeater gives you good accuracy and
    good rate of fire, meaning you can kill quickly, even from a long range. The
    only downside is that it is not silenced, meaning that it is noticeable when
    someone is firing one. Most Terran Republic soldiers should equip themselves
    with this weapon because it is better than the AMP in all areas except damage.
    Name: Cycler
    Type: Assault Rifle
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Very Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: With its 50 round clip, the cycler is able to cover an area with 
    bullets very quickly. Its accuracy combined with a 4X scope allows you to kill
    enemies accurately before they see you. The rate of fire balances out the
    damage because it can fire more bullets in a short amount of time.
    Name: Mini-Chaingun
    Type: Chaingun
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Very Fast
    Ammo Type: 9mm
    Cert Needed: Heavy Assault
    Notes: This weapon simply spews out bullets in the way you point it. effective
    up close, and at range, it can tear enemy infantry to pieces in seconds. You
    get clips of 100 bullets meaning you spend less time reloading and more time
    firing. It is a very popular weapon, and the sheer speed of its firing makes
    up for the lack of damage per shot.
    Name: Striker
    Type: Anti-Vehicular Missile
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Striker Missile
    Cert Needed: Anti-Vehicular
    Notes: In primary fire mode, this weapon just fires a dumb fire missile, but in
    secondary mode, if you keep the target in the centre of the screen, the Striker
    will lock on, allowing you to find other targets while the missile homes in.
    The missiles will lock on to vehicles, MAXs and aircraft. The disadvantage
    with this weapon is that the vehicles get a 'Missile Lock on' message giving
    them time to move around scenery.
    Vanu Soverignty
    Unlike the other empires weapons, most of the VS weapons run off energy packs,
    and also have a built in armour piercing mode instead of having to switch ammo.
    All weapons powered by energy cells have this feature.
    Name: Beamer
    Type: Pistol
    Damage: High
    Range: Short
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Energy Cell
    Cert Needed: None (Standard)
    Notes: A pretty average weapon, the beamer has the advantage of being able to
    switch to armour piercing rounds easily, but this isn't really practicle.
    Unless you see a tank with next to no health, you shouldn't go chasing armoured
    targets with one of these.
    It should be noted that a rexo loadout filled purely with beemers will grant
    the user amazing power, and the ability to kill enemy BFRs with great ease. As
    long as you are able to hotswap well enough.
    Name: Pulsar
    Type: Assault Rifle
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Energy Cell
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: Another energy weapon, this benefits from being energy charged because
    there is less recoil when firing, which means that it is more accurate. It can
    also hold its own against vehicles with the secondary mode, which can make it
    more useful than the other empires medium assault weapons.
    Name: Lasher
    Type: Energy Discharger
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Energy Cells
    Cert Needed: Heavy Assault
    Notes: This fires a concentrated orb of energy which does equal damage to
    infantry and vehicles. The orbs travel a long way, but they loose their
    effectiveness at longer ranges because it is highly visible. anyone near it
    when it contacts something will be lashed, and receive miner damage, much like
    being hit by a plasma grenade. The Lasher has no AP mode, and it completely
    useless against armoured targetts such as MAXs.
    Name: Lancer
    Type: Energy Discharger
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Slow
    Ammo Type: Lancer Cartridge
    Cert Needed: Anti-Vehicular
    Notes: The lancer is an anti-tank sniper rifle. Extremely high damage and a
    pretty good refire rate means you can easily rip through enemy armour. When
    firing the weapon, there is a short charge up between prssing fire and the
    weapon firing.
    Ancient Technology
    These weapons can only be aquired from the caves, or from a friendly base with
    an equipment module benefit. They all use the same AT ammo, which can be
    obtained from friendly equipment terminals, even without the benefit.
    Also, if you are in a friendly SOI with an equipment module, the ammo in your
    AT weapon will slowly increase on its own. This only affects the ammo in the
    weapon, though. If you reload it, the half full box of ammo in your inventory
    won't fill up.
    Name: Spiker
    Type: Energy Discharger
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: AT ammo
    Cert Needed: Medium Assault
    Notes: A great cloaker weapon, this pistol is amazingly powerful. Holding down
    the fire button will charge up the weapon, creating a ball of energy above the
    weapon. After about a second, the weapon will be fully charged, and the noise
    it makes will change. You then let go to fire, and it will fire in an exactly
    straight line. When it hits, it causes very good damage, as well as very nice
    splash damage. The only problem is that the charge up makes a distinctive
    sound as it charges up, and the ball of energy is quite noticable.
    Name: Malestrom
    Type: Energy Discharger
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast - Slow
    Ammo Type: AT ammo
    Cert Needed: Heavy Assault
    Notes: This weapon has 3 modes of fire. The first is a high powered energy
    'whip' which causes damage the longer it is focused on an enemy. While this is
    powerful, the secondary fire is more often used. The vortex grenade causes high
    damage, much more than frag grenade.
    Name: Radiator
    Type: Radiation Device
    Damage: Low
    Range: Long
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: AT Ammo
    Cert Needed: Special Assault
    Notes:  A muchly underused weapon, this is completely unique in the way it
    works. Primary fire is a 3 second grenade, while the secondary is similar to
    that of a rocket launcher - it fires in a prefectly straight line. But this
    isn't what makes it special. When the projectile explodes, it creates a sphere
    of radiation. Anything within this sphere takes constant 2 health damage every
    second. This ignores any armour, and even affects people in tanks. This means
    you can fire it at a tank, and it will drain the health of the driver. This
    makes it a great weapon for hackers, since you can kill the driver of a BFR and
    steal it from him.
    You can even fire this at the wall of a tower, and the sphere will go through
    the walls.
    Name: All Knifes
    Type: Knife
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Very Short
    Refire Rate: medium-slow
    Ammo Type: None
    Cert Needed: None (Standard)
    Notes: All knifes are the same except in names, looks, and the sound of the
    secondary fire. Knifes are only really used be infiltrators, but they are very
    effective. In the primary fire, it is silent. This means the only way he will
    know what is happened is damage popping up. The secondary fire activates the
    blades special feature, which makes a noise. The knife then does double damage.
    The problem with this is that the noise is loud and distinct meaning people
    will know you are there. Two knife strokes of secondary fire will kill normal
    infantry, three will kill someone in the Reinforced Exo-Suit.
    Name: Medical Applicator
    Type: Healing
    Damage: N/A
    Range: Very Short
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Medical Juice (?)
    Cert Needed: Medical
    Notes: This pistol sized piece of equipment is extremely useful as it allows
    the user to heal themselves. They use up slightly more space than medikits,
    but they are much more efficient. Plus, when combined with the Advanced Medic
    cert, you are able to revive dead people. However, medipacks are still very
    useful because you can use them to give you an instant boost in battle, while
    you have to stand still to use one of these.
    As a note, dead people are only those who have not 'click here to respawn'ed.
    If they are a corpse, you can revive them. Once they turn to a backpack, you
    are too late.
    Name: BANK
    Type: Repairing
    Damage: N/A
    Range: Very Short
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Glue (?)
    Cert Needed: Engineering
    Notes: This is pistol sized, and very similar to the medical applicator. Just
    instead of giving health, it repairs infantry armour. If you follow a max
    around with one of these, he will love you. You cannot use this to repair
    vehicles or terminals though.
    Name: Nano Dispensor
    Type: Repairing
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Very Short
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Glue (?)
    Cert Needed: Engineering
    Notes: Similar in use to the BANK, but this is rifle sized, and can only be
    used to repair vehicles and terminals. As a tank driver, this is extremely
    useful since your empire doesn't always have a dropship center/oshur benefit/
    lodestar near you. You repair quickly, and the dispenser has enough ammo to
    repair any vehicle in the game to full health without needing to reload.
    Name: ACE
    Type: Magic box
    Damage: N/A
    Range: Very Short
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Needed: Combat Engineering
    Notes: This little box is the key to defending your base. It has 4 modes of
    fire, each one creating a different piece of equipment. These are:
     Name: Spitfire Turret
     Damage: Medium
     Range: Medium
     Refire Rate: Fast
     Number Deployable: 10
     Notes: You've seen pleanty of these, and probably been killed by a fair few.
     These small turrets can cause a whole lot of hurt, even to vehicles. They
     will automatically shoot at anything within range which moves faster than
     walking speed, even aircraft. Enemies who are distracted can easily be taken
     out by one of these, and they chew through cloakers. Deploy in an Interlink
     facility linked SOI for maximum effectiveness.
     The spitfire Turret can only be deployed outdoors, not in an enemy SOI, and
     you are not able to deploy them too close to each other.
     Name: Motion Alarm Sensor
     Number Deployable: 10
     Notes: These act like mini interlink facilities, providing very good radar
     coverage. Anything in sight range of one of these will be displayed on the
     radar, and their name will be shown over their head. This makes them extremely
     useful for finding cloakers.
     These can not be deployed in enemy SOIs.
     Name: High Explosive Mine
     Damage: High
     Range: Point Blank
     Number Deployable: 20
     Notes: A mine, as simple as that. One is enough to kill an infiltrator, but
     that is it. When an enemy steps within range there will be a small beep before
     it explodes, dealing a considerable ammount of damage. They also come equipped
     with a small cloaking device, similar to an AMS bubble, which allows it to be
     hidden from a reasonable range. These mines are easily destroyable with any
     weapon, or an emp blast.
     These mines are best used against vehicles, doing large ammounts of damage. 6
     are enough to kill a full health and shielded BFR.
     HE mines can only be deployed outside.
     Name: Boomer
     Damage: Very High
     Range: Point Blank
     Number Deployable: 20
     Notes: Unlike the other deployables which you can just place and forget about,
     the boomer requires you to do some work. When you deploy one of these, you are
     given a trigger which you have to use to manually detonate it. However, one of
     these is able to kill a full health rexo, making it the most powerful infantry
     weapon in the game.
     Since these are able to be deployed inside, they are great for base defence.
     Place one on the inside of a door and blow it up as the troops pour in, or
     stick one on a staircase and wait for enemies to run up.
    Name: Command Uplink Device (CUD)
    Type: Commanders Tool
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Needed: CR 2 and above
    Notes: This is a piece of equipment you are given access to once you reach the
    heights of CR2. It has a variaty of commands it can perform, which are listed
     Name: Reveal Friendlies
     Type: Map reveal
     Damage: N/A
     Range: Very Large
     Refire Rate: 20 minutes
     CR Needed: 2
     Notes: This is the only function enabled at CR2, and it is not that useful
     yet. When used, it will show you the location of every friendly on the
     continent map, as well as showing you if they are in a vehicle. On the map,
     friendly infantry are shown up as blue circles, while vehicles are blue
     pictures of the relevent vehicle. Once you have used this, the locations will
     remain for around 5 minutes, though they will slowly fade away over this time.
     This is mainly useful for quickly seeing where your forces are. It is more
     useful once you have command chat, since it allows you to see where your army
     is, and work out where it is best to move it next.
     Name: EMP Blast
     Type: Area EMP
     Damage: N/A
     Range: 10/15/20 meters (Increases with CR)
     Refire Rate: 20 minutes
     CR Needed: 3-5
     Notes: The same effect as throwing a jammer grenade, but on a much larger
     scale. Enemy Mines and Boomers in range will detonate, spitfires, motion
     sensors, implants and vehicle weapons will cease to fuction for a short time.
     Best used to clear large areas of CE in enemy courtyards.
     Name: Reveal Enemies
     Type: Map reveal
     Damage: N/A
     Range: Small - Meduim
     Refire Rate: 20 minutes
     CR Needed: 4-5
     Notes: Enemies close to you are revealed on the radar as dots. This is
     extremely useful for locating an enemy AMS.
     Name: Orbital Strike
     Type: Ion Beam
     Damage: Instant Death
     Range: 10-20 meters
     Refire Rate: 3 Hours
     CR Needed: 4-5
     Notes: You will have undoubtably seen a great many of these as you play
     through the game, and will have been victim to several as well. Yes, once
     you hit CR4 you have the ability to call down an OS, instantly killing
     anything and everything in its range. These are usually used on enemy AMS,
     or large groups of enemy units, especially BFRs.
                                 7: Implants
    Every six BRs you go up, you will have the option to install an implant. These
    can greatly improve your battling skills by enhancing features of your body.
    Many of the implants require stamina to use or activate. Most of the time, the
    heavier the armour you are wearing, the greater the stamina drain. When you
    respawn, you will have to wait while the nanites reconstruct the implant, so
    they will not be able to be activated straight away.
    The implants are:
    Advanced targeting: Allows you to see enemy names and health, as well as
    seeing enemy deployables from a greater range. This is very useful, and is
    the implant I use the most. A must for people who gun in tanks alot, as it
    allowes you to pick your trgets much more effectively. This implant activates
    automatically, and does not drain any stamina at all.
    Audio Amplifier: Any enemies nearby who are moving will be shown up
    on the radar if you have this implant activated. And its not just your radar,
    but everyones nearby. This is a great help if there is someone sneaking
    around inside your base, or for providing radar in enemy bases. Enemies
    using Sensor Shield cannot be seen with this implant.
    Darklight: One of the most used implants in the game, darklight allows you to
    see cloaked enemies. The benefits of this are immediately obvious, as it
    does not matter if the enemy is moving or not. The only disadvantage is that
    it greatly reduces your normal sight, so you can only see about 50 meters in 
    every direction.
    Melee Booster: Enhances your knife arm to provide improved stabbing 
    capability. You can do more damage with a knife with this implant activated,
    meaning that you can kill normal people with two secondary fire attacks, and 
    a Rexo with three. Very powerful, but only really used by cloakers.
    Personal Shield: A very popular implaned combined with HA weapons. When
    activated, a force field is created around the user. This slowly drains
    stamina, but will also prevent any damage to the user. 1 damage dealt drains 2
    stamina. Once you run out of stamina, the implant deactivates, and you are left
    worn out which makes you a sitting duck. Very useful in 1v1 battles.
    Range Magnifier: This allows you to override the zoom on your gun, letting it
    zoom to 4X, 8X and 12X. This is most useful to snipers as a 12X sight would
    not be necessary for any other job.
    Regeneration: This implant slowly converts you stamina to Hp, at a rate of 
    two stamina to one Hp. This means that it can tire you out pretty quickly,
    but if you don't want to loose backpack space to medipacks, this is a very 
    useful implant.
    Second wind: You do not control this implant, instead whenever you drop to a
    certain amount of health, it will take off a chunk of stamina in order to boost
    you back up to safer levels. Once it has been used, it has to redo the
    initialising process until it can be used again.
    Sensor Shield: Essential for infiltrators, but also used by grunts, sensor
    shield does a number of things. Firstly, it stops spitfire turrets from
    automatically shooting you, and motion alarm sensors will not show you up on
    radar. Similary, you don't get shown up on an interlink facility radar, and
    audio amplifier won't show you up either.
    Surge: Mostly used by infiltrators, surge increases your foot speed, allowing
    you to cross large areas of land quite quickly. The stamina drain varies,
    depending on the armour you are wearing. The infiltration suit being the
    lightest has the smallest drain, while the Rexo has the largest drain. This is
    one of the implants that cannot be used by MAXs.
                                  8: Armours
    There are five different types of armour available in planetside, and one of
    those is split into three categories. The armour, obviously, protects the
    wearer from weapon damage, with the stronger armours providing more protection.
    note: for inventory space, normal ammunitions and pistols take up a 3*3 space.
    Standard Exo-Suit: Usually referred to as standard, this is the armour you
    respawn in. Apart from that it has no other uses. It provides you with 50
    points of protection, and one pistol slot and one rifle slot, as well as 
    9*6 inventory space. As soon as you respawn, you want to change this into
    the agile exo-suit, as it is better, and you can also get it for free.
    Agile Exo-Suit: Better than the standard in every way, except for a slight
    decrease in speed, you can get this from any equipment terminal. It provides
    you with 100 hit points of protection, which s double that of the standard. It
    also gives you another pistol slot, which is handy to keep an REK in. There is
    also a larger inventory space, 9*9 meaning you can carry more ammunition and
    Reinforced Exo-Suit: Usually shortened to Rexo, this is the best normal armour
    in the game. It gives you another rifle slot, and doubles protection to 200
    points meaning that with your two rifles, you can be almost unstoppable. Its
    12*9 inventory will also give you plenty of ammunition. There is a notable
    decrease to foot speed when wearing this armour, and you will not be able to
    get into most vehicles.
    Infiltration Suit: While not providing any protection in itself, the
    infiltration suit makes you invisible to the enemy if you are standing still,
    and slightly visible if you are moving, although the faster you move, the
    more visible you are. You only get one pistol slot, and a very limiting 6*6
    inventory. The infiltrators can easily sneak into enemy bases, and either hack
    the command console, or kill people with their pistol. 
    Max Armour
    Each empire has three unique MAX units, one for anti infantry, one for anti
    vehicle, and one for anti air. Each empires MAX also has a unique ability.
    The NC MAXs have a capacitor which charges up a shield. This is similar to
    the personal shield implant. The Terran Republic MAXs can anchor their MAXs
    to the floor meaning that the rate of fire increases, and the weapon is more
    accurate. The only problem with this is that it can only rotate by a certain
    amount, and can't move so it is a sitting duck. The VS MAX has the most useful
    ability. Thes also have a capacitor which charges up, but it is linked to a
    jet pack meaning they can flt quite high, allowing access to the top of towers
    and over the base walls.
    Max loadouts are simple to make, as all the ammo boxes are the same size. I
    reccomend taking 8 medikits in 2 lines of 4 along the top, and the rest as ammo.
    New Conglomerate
    Name: Scattercannon
    Type: Anti Infantry
    Damage: Very high
    Range: Short
    Refire Rate: Slow-medium
    Ammo Type: MAX Shotgun Shells
    Notes: A shotgun on legs, the scattercannon can rip infantry to pieces pretty
    quickly. The scattercannon fires a spread of shots which, while not doing much
    damage each, many hits can kill infantry quickly. It has three spreads, which
    are changed with a right click. Wide spread fires quickest, but obviously has
    a wide spread with the bullets. The average spread has a slower rate of fire,
    but the bullets do not spread out as much. Finally the small spread had the
    slowest rate of fire, but also a very small spread, meaning that you can do
    more damage in less time, and that you can hit enemies from farther away.
    Name: Falcon
    Type: Anti Vehicle
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Average
    Ammo Type: Falcon Rockets
    Notes: Not a very useful MAX, the Falcon just has a dumbfire rocket launcher.
    Not particulary powerful, there is nothing which makes it stand out.
    Name: Sparrow
    Type: Anti Air
    Damage: High
    Range: High
    Refire Rate: Medium
    Ammo Type: Sparrow missiles
    Notes: Equiped with the best air tracking system of the AA MAXs, the sprarrow
    is a fire and forget MAX. Although it does take some time to lock, you don't
    need to worry about keeping that lock after firing. To compensate it has a
    small clip size.
    Terran Republic
    Name: Duel-Cycler
    Type: Anti Infantry
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Machine gun ammo
    Notes: With a machine gun attached to each arm, this MAX does lots of damage
    at Short to Medium range. Locking down increases the fire speed even faster.
    These are the kings of tower defence,
    Name: Pounder
    Type: Anti Tank
    Damage: Very High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Grenades
    Notes: The best Anti tank MAX by far, this is able to launch high explosive
    grenades in rapid fire, which are capable of ripping through armour in
    seconds. When standing, the damage is already high, but when locked down, a
    single MAX can take out a lightning in about 3 seconds. They are also
    horribly effective against BFRs, draining the shields quickly and causing
    massive damage as well.
    Name: Burster
    Type: Anti Air
    Damage: Very High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: Flack Shells
    Notes: Unlike the other empires AA MAXs, the Burster has no lock on mechanism.
    Instead, it relies on pure power, lobbing balls of flack high into the sky
    which do extreme damage to aircraft. While it takes a while to get used to
    leading enemy aircraft, these are excelent at defending against air attacks,
    since they give no warning. The one problem these have is that in many bases,
    it is impossible to hit enemy liberators flying at the flight ceiling.
    Vanu Soverignty
    Name: Quasar
    Type: Anti Infantry
    Refire Rate:
    Ammo Type: 
    Name: Comet
    Type: Anti Tank
    Refire Rate: 
    Ammo Type: 
    Notes: When this weapon hits, it can cause burning on the target, similar to
    Name: Starfire
    Type: Anti Air
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Refire Rate: Fast
    Ammo Type: 
    Notes: The starfire has a faster lock on time than the Sparrow, and causes more
    damage per shot. However, unlike the sparrow, it requires the user to keep the
    enemy aircraft within the crosshair until all the missiles have hit. This can
    make it hard to hit skillful pilots. The VS jumpjets greatly help in keeping
    track of aircraft who are trying to hide or run.
                                9: Vehicles
    Ah, the meat of this guide. There are pleanty of vehicles for you to choose
    from, which range in cost from one to four cert points. All vehicles are faster
    than walking, so most players have at least one, to allow them to get to battle
    quicker. Most vehicles are unable to traverse water, unless noted.
    All speeds are given in KPH.
    Common Pool
    Name: Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)
    Type: Mobile Base
    Weapon: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Top Speed:
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Required: Ground Support
    Notes: This is the key to any ground based assault. When deployed, the AMS
    creates a respawn tube and two equipment terminals, for use by friendly
    soliers. This means you can deploy one inside an enemy courtyard to drasticly
    reduce the time it takes for dead soldiers to get back into the action.
    To help in this respect, it also creates a large cloaking bubble, rendering
    anything inside invisible. You cannot deploy AMSs too close to each other.
    Name: Advanced Nanite Trasport (ANT)
    Type: Nanite carrier
    Weapon: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Top Speed: 60?
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Required: Any vehicle cert
    Notes: While completely unarmed and defenceless, the ANT is vital in the
    continuation of attacks. Each base has a supply of NTUs which are used to power
    the base, and repair damaged equipment in the base. There are only two ways to
    refil the NTUs, and the best way is with an ANT. Drive it into a warpgate
    bubble, and deploy it. It will take a couple of minutes to completely fill up,
    then it will undeploy again, and you can drive off. You then deploy it in front
    of an NTU silo in the courtyard of a friendly/neutral base, and it will fill it
    up, giving you a large chunk of experience at the same time.
    Name: Basilisk
    Type: Assault Quad
    Weapon: Twin Chain Guns
    Damage: Low
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 90?
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: Basalisk Ammo?
    Cert Required: ATV
    Notes: A very fast quad bike, mainly used for transport. It has twin forward
    firing chain guns, which are reasonably effective against infantry. However, it
    has very little armour, so avoid AV weapons and enemy vehicles. The weapons can
    only fire in a small area in front of the quad, so you have to keep moving to
    keep your crosshairs on an enemy.
    Name: Deliverer
    Type: APC
    Weapon: 2X 20mm gun
    Damage: Low
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 80?
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: 20m ammo
    Cert Required: Ground Transport
    Notes: The original APC in the game, the Deliverer is one of the few vehicles
    capable of crossing water, albeit at a reduced speed. It is capable of
    transporting the driver, 2 gunners and 2 passengers. The weapons are effective
    against infantry and aircraft, and much less effective against vehicles.
    This is a popular vehicle for transporting an LLU, if you have to cross water.
    Name: Flail
    Type: Artillery
    Weapon: AT Artillery
    Damage: High
    Range: Extreme
    Top Speed: 60 ??
    Refire Rate: Low
    Ammo Type: AT Capacitor
    Cert Required: Flail
    Notes: The only artillery in the game, a flail can quickly make its presence
    known on the battlefield. The range on it is second to none, easily being able
    to fire into one base from a friendly courtyard. It can take a while between
    firing the flail, and it actually hitting, which means a flail user must use
    caution. It is quite possible for friendly troops to take the courtyard while
    there are still two or three of your flail shots in the air.
    A flail on its own is useless, since it would have no idea where to aim. There
    are 3 ways to provide targeting information to a flail.
    1) Squad waypoints. Place a squad waypoint on the map, andthe flail user will
    be shown where to fire in order to hit. However, it seems to fall slightly
    short, so it can help to aim slightly higher.
    2) CUD marker. A high CR character with his CUD targeted creates a blue
    waypoint which flails can use or targeting in the same way as above.
    3) Laze pointer. Similar to a squad waypoint, just it can be used without being
    in a squad. It creates a temporary waypoint which all players can see, and aim
    for if in a flail.
    Name: Fury
    Type: Assault Quad
    Weapon: Fury Rockets
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 90
    Refire Rate: Slow
    Ammo Type: Fury Rockets
    Cert Required: ATV
    Notes: A Quad bike very similar to the Basilisk, but instead of using a piddly
    chain gun, its been equipped with rocket launchers, equal roughly in power to a
    decimator. The extreme speed and manouverability make the Fury good at
    destroying lone tanks, though the paper thin armour, and fact that it can only
    really fire forwards means a skilled gunner should be able to kill you.
    Name: Galaxy
    Type: Dropship
    Weapon: 3 gunners ????
    Damage: Low
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 90
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: ???
    Cert Required: Air Support
    Notes: This is the vehicle for air transport. It can carry a pilot, 3 gunners,
    6 infantry, 2 MAXs and a Small vehicle (Equal to or smaller than a lightning)
    They can only be acquired from Dropship Centres and the Sanctury. However, the
    14 or 15 people (With an empire specific buggy with full gunners) can usually
    mount a highly effective assault on an unexpected base. You are able to avoid
    nearly all CE in the courtyard, and if you are in an amp station or biolab, you
    are pretty much assured of hacking the CC or blowing the gen. If a base has a
    large ammount of AA support, you may have a hard time getting close enough to
    drop, even though the galaxy is the most heavily armoured vehicle in the game.
    Name: Harasser
    Type: Scout Vehicle
    Weapon: 12mm guns
    Damage: Low
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 80 ??
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: 12mm ammo
    Cert Required: Light Scout ???, Harasser
    Notes: This is a small two man vehicle designed for low profile scouting
    missions. Because of this, it is invisible to interlink and mosquito radar,
    allowing it to sneak up to the enemy base.
    But this stealth ability comes at a price. The weapon is rather useless, and is
    more of a last case weapon rather than for assault.
    Name: Lodestar
    Type: Supply Vehicle
    Weapon: None
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Top Speed: 80 ??
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/a
    Cert Required: Air Support
    Notes: This is a very useful vehicle for backing up an assault far from a
    friendly base. You can only get these from Dropship Centres or the Sanctury,
    but these can be the key to a succesful assault. When landed on the ground,
    the lodestar will automatically repair all vehicles to the sides of it, as well
    as letting them get more ammo. The Lodestar is also able to carry any vehicle
    in the game, including a BFR. The driver of the vehicle can then alt+g to
    eject from the Lodestar, landing on the ground without suffering damage.
    When landed, the lodestar makes a good OS target, since it is ofter surrounded
    by vehicles. If you have one of these, you should stay in it at all times, only
    getting out to repair it. Thanks to the afterburners, you are able to outrun an
    OS if you are in the vehicle when it goes off.
    Name: Liberator
    Type: Bomber
    Weapon: 1 Bombing Bay, 2 other guns???
    Damage: High, Medium
    Range: High, Medium
    Top Speed: 90???
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: Cluster/Tankbuster bombs, Xmm ammo????
    Cert Required: Air Support
    Notes: Rounding off the Air Support cert, the liberator is a high altitude
    bomber, capable of raining death on an enemy courtyard from the flight ceiling.
    First of all, the bomber has a choice between 2 different bombs. Cluster bombs
    which are more effective against infantry, and tankbuster for use against
    armoured targets. Looking at the ground, there is a large circle which
    represents where the bombs will hit. However, you can only drop bombs when the
    liberator is flying level and straight. For defence, there is a gunner operated
    turret mounted on the back which is effective against aircraft, and the pilot
    has a nosegun which is effective against all armored targets.
    Beware when flying over a base, since liberators are the main target for an AA
    max. However, depending on how high the base is, there is a chance that the
    flight ceiling is out of lock-on range for the NC and VS maxs. Oppositely,
    there are some bases, such as those in the Searhus crater, which are extremely
    hard to bomb effectively, since the flight ceiling is only slightly higher than
    the bases.
    Name: Lightning
    Type: Tank
    Weapon: 50mm cannon/12mm guns
    Damage: High/Low
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 70
    Refire Rate: Medium/High
    Ammo Type: 50mm ammo/12mm ammo
    Cert Required: Armoured Assault 1
    Notes: If you are going to cert a vehicle, this is usually the best choice for
    you. It only costs 2 cert points, and is well armed and armoured, making it a
    formidible opponent. The main cannon fires quite quickly, and does good damage
    against both armoured and infantry targets. The splash also allows you to not
    spend as much time aiming. 3 or 4 splash shots will kill an infantry target,
    though a couple of direct hits will do the job faster. The 12mm guns are only
    for scaring off enemy aircraft. They don't do amazing damage, and all aircraft
    will be able to beat you 1v1. However, if you do get into a fight, you will at
    least be able to hit the enemy with these.
    Name: Router
    Type: Support Teleportation
    Weapon: None
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/a
    Top Speed: 70 ???
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Required: Ground Support
    Notes: A unique vehicle, it requires someone to deploy a telepad to work.
    You deploy the router somewhere near a friendly respawn point, and you are
    then able to retrieve a telepad from the side. This takes up a pistol sized
    slot, and can be deployed anywhere, inside or outside. However, it has to be
    within a certain distance of the router, and can't be too close either.
    Once the telepad has been deployed, and taken about a minute to activate, it
    acts as a link to the router. You can step into the router beam or the telepad,
    and you will be instantly teleported to the other location. This works very
    well for sneaking troops into an enemy base. Remember that it is a two-way
    process, and the enemy can use it to get easy access to your spawn locations.
    Name: Sunderer
    Type: Heavy APC
    Weapon: 2x 50mm cannon ?? (Same as Lightning)
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 60
    Refire Rate: Low
    Ammo Type: 50mm ammo
    Cert Required: Ground Transport
    Notes: A giant hulk of a machine, the Sunderer boasts several nice features.
    It can carry 4 infantry, 2 gunners and the driver, as well as 4 maxs. It also
    has two cannons similar to the lightning mounted on top. However, these are
    much less effective than the regular lightnings, because they are mounted so
    high. a soldier can easily get up colose to you and be undamageable.
    Still, their large carrying capacity as well as heavy armour mean that you
    sometimes see these being used to storm enemy courtyards.
    Name: Vulture
    Type: Heavy Bomber
    Weapon: Tankbuster Bombs, 2 guns???
    Damage: High, Medium
    Range: High, Medium
    Top Speed: 90???
    Refire Rate: High
    Ammo Type: Tankbuster bombs, Xmm ammo???
    Cert Required: Air Support, Liberator pilot Bronze (?) Merit required
    Notes: A slightly upgraded version of the Liberator, the Vulture has dropped
    the cluster bombs, and replaced them with an afterburner. The Tankbusters have
    also been upgraded, with a larger clip. However, the bombs now fall much slower
    which gives alot of warning to enemies to get out of the way. The nosegun has
    also been changed, making it faster firing and more damaging to armour.
    Name: Wasp
    Type: Dogfighter
    Weapon: Wasp Missiles
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Top Speed: 90?
    Refire Rate: Low
    Ammo Type: Wasp Missiles
    Cert Required: Wasp???
    Notes: The newest vehicle in the game, the wasp is a modified mosquito, with
    the nosegun replaced with a missile system. These work exactly like the TR
    striker. Keep the crosshair over an enemy aircraft to lock on, then fire. You
    have to keep the enemy in the crosshair for it to continue homing, though. You
    also have to be locked on to fire. The range on these missiles make them ideal
    for taking out the support aircraft such as Libs and Gals.
    The afterburner has also been modified, it now recharges twice as fast as a
    normal mossie afterburner, though it can only hold half the charge. This is to
    make it into more of a hit and run vehicle. This is also enforced by the paper
    thin armour the wasp has, meaning yo should get away as soon as you get any
    sort of missile lock on you.
    Name: Wraith
    Type: Infiltration Buggy
    Weapon: None
    Damage: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Top Speed: 80??
    Refire Rate: N/A
    Ammo Type: N/A
    Cert Required: ATV
    Notes: Another quad buggy design similar to the basalisk, the wraith provides
    quick transport for soldiers wanting to get from base to base quickly. However,
    that is not what makes the wraith so popular. While it is unarmed, it has been
    specially designed arount the infiltration suit armour. This means that if you
    are wearing the infiltration suit while riding one of these, and you cloak, the
    whole vehicle cloaks. This makes it great for CE cloakers, since you can fill
    the trunk with ACEs, then drive off to an enemy base and cover the courtyard
    with mines. But beware, because like all of the ATVs, it is extremely
    vulnerable to enemy mines, hitting 2 will easily kill you. Plus, even when
    cloaked, you are quite visible when traveling at full speed.
                                10: Glossary
    A section for words that some people might not know. They will be used fairly
    reguarly in game and on the forums, and will eventually become normal talk
    when refering to Planetside.
    Buff: When a weapon/vehicle is upgraded(made more powerful). People from other
    empires will generally moan about these.
    CE: Combat Engineering, usually used to describe when it is deployed. 'The
    enemy CY is full of CE'
    CY: Courtyard. The area inside a base's walls.
    Gal: Galaxy.
    Grief: Reffering to Grief Points. You get these when you hit friendly
    people/equipment. As you accumulate grief, you will experience weapon jams and
    other generally not good things. Gries goes with time.
    Lib: Liberator
    Nerf: The opposite to a Buff. When a weapon/vehicle is downgraded (made less
    powerful). People from the empire affected will generally moan about these.
    TKer: TK standing for team kill. A person who goes around killing teammates.
    These people are unpopular, and usually get TKed themselves.
    			     11: Coming Soon
    Still to be done: Empire Specific vehicles. Effective tactics. Certs section.
    I've just started working on this guide again, I hope to have it nearly
    finished soon. I currently have sporadic internet, making it very hard to
    verify stats such as the weapons vehicles have, what ammo they use, and the top
    speeds. If anyone can tell me correct values, I'll change them and stick your
    name in the 'Thanks' section. Also, any VS playes out there, if you have better
    descriptions for the VS weapons, please send them. I have very little
    experience playing as VS.
    Any changes you think I should make, ideas for content, or whatever, please
    email me at iviv66(at)hotmail(dot)com
                                  12: Thanks
    Thanks to mrpwase for introducing me to Planetside, all those years ago. A
    small shout for The Liberated Front, my first outfit, and a much larger shout
    to all the guys and gals in the Armoured Fist, a great outfit to be in :)

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