HL2.exe stops running, cannot connect to server?

  1. The game crashes everytime I train and make an offline game AKA offline practice. I can't play, it's says something like, "Error, make sure you are logged in to Steam". The server browser doesn't give any servers. There's a text that goes with these lines, "Steam Beta must be running to make use of the server list." I am participating in the beta. I can't open the Item menu, It can't connect to the server. I can't open the shop, same error message with the PLAY option.
    I have defragged, validated, re-installed, and used alot of command line parameters (launch settings), and none works. HELP ME.

    User Info: ZeroBrandon

    ZeroBrandon - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Do you have offline mode on?

    User Info: Yusei90

    Yusei90 - 4 years ago

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