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"For 5 bucks, I got my money's worth over and over"

Stronghold is a game about defending or attacking castles. You have a great castle-building simulator, and a fair number of people to attack with. I truly did get this game for 5 bucks in 2003, and it was way more than what I expected.

Gameplay/Storyline- 10/10

The Gameplay is what makes this game so awesome. The main storyline is also tremendously long, like any good game should be. The 4 main enemies are defeated by you as you try to conquer their fortresses, and they try to attack yours. The castles are either pre-made, halfway done, or you need to start them yourself. Towers, walls, ballistae, boiling pots of water, wild dog cages, and death pits are a few of the ways to protect your stronghold. Units are your basic ones: archers, crossbowmen, swordsmen, knights, spearmen, and the lot. (the black monks are there too, who knows why). Even if you beat the huge storyline, the simulations of other castles from historic time periods is fun, also. The storyline is the main reason to play, though.


The sound is not annoying or anything, its just that there isn't a lot of it. The same soft music is played, until the drums come out when there is an attack. Sure, it's good to not be annoyed, but the sounds are canceled out by your brain, and putting your own music on seems to be a better option.


Its only a 9 because of the fact that after you have completed the story, you don't really want to go back to it on hard. You have some other campaigns, but there not that long or as exciting. The historic battles can be cool, especially if you find out how the actuall defenders beat the odds from other sources. Its a good game for replay, but I doubt that's what it was made for.


The controls are just the same as any other rps, which is fine, because that's what works. The interface is also well done. You are the king, your peasants love you (sometimes), and you enemies are full of empty threats that your castle can stop, IF your smart enough. The graphics are pretty basic, nothing looks dazzling or anything. The landscape is well done, though.

Overall, this game is for the person who has though of if they can build their own castle to defend the _________. Imagination can get you anywhere here, as the computers will try to find your weakness, whether it be in structure or complete foolishness. I would say that this game is a buyer, for a certain price. Over 15 bucks is pushing the limits on this seemingly limitless game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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