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    Character Creation Guide by SegaFan2K1

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    Neocron Character Creation Help
    Version 1.0
    By SegaFan2K1
    /\FAQ Summary/\
    This FAQ is intended for people just starting out in the game Neocron (an MMORPG for the PC).
    This guide will help you start out your character, configure your skills, and tell you everything you
    need to know before you start out in your aparment. So if you're looking for a good starter guide,
    this is the FAQ for you!
    /\Table of Contents/\
    Part 1: Character Creation and Description
    Part 2: Factions
    Part 3: Jobs
    Part 4: Subskills
    Part 5: Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff
    /\Part 1: Character Creation and Description/\
    Must be unique. But don't use a credit card number as your name.
    I always say you should put a first and last name. This only adds
    to the role playing element of the game, and many Clans don't accept
    people with "fake" names (for example: CrUsHeR).
    Must choose between a male or a female. You cannot be a
    cyborg in this game (sorry, :p).
    /\Private Eye/\
    The Private Eye (P.E.) is not specialized in any specific field. Athough all
    of his skills are rather low at the beginning they are relatively balanced.
    The player who chooses this class has the option of specializing within a
    broad range of possible areas later on. The P.E. is an average citizen of Neocron
    who owns a small apartment on the Plaza or the Via Rosso and lives an
    average life. He gets by via small jobs and is not too proud to carry out
    courier services for the resident companies. He does, however, have the
    potential to become a master detective, head hunter, Psi-Fighter, party
    animal or even a serial killer. It's a long journey for the average guy, though.
    The Spy has his strengths in the intellectual areas. Although his physical strength
    is limited, he has a keen intellect in many areas such as hacking and the control of
    drones, which others are not able to do. Many representatives of this class have been
    working for the secret service for several years and are therefore remarkably agile
    and dexterous. Because of his below-average physical qualities, the Spy is
    physically slightly inferior to the PE. The Spy can compensate for this deficit
    through training, as he has the potential to specialize in all possible areas.
    If he does choose to focus on physical battle, he will have work harder than the P.E.
    He will achieve success faster than the P.E. in the fields of Psi mastery.
    The GenTank is a product of the Ceres wars. He is especially robust and strong as he
    was created for military purposes. After the war was won, the few surviving GenTanks
    were left to their own devices for humanitarian reasons instead of being destroyed.
    As the original genetic 'formula' did not include emotional and mental development,
    the Tank cannot develop Psi-skills. This emotionally disturbed creature can be extremely
    aggressive and is skilled in handling weapons of all types. From the beginning, the DEF
    and ATK values are at a level for which the Spy and Private Eye classes have to practice for a long time.
    /\Psi Monk/\
    Because of his physical constitution, the Psi-Monk is at a disadvantage in all physical areas.
    Even with the greatest effort it is almost impossible for him to become a good fighter in the
    classical sense. On the other hand, all possibilities in the area of Psi-mastery are open to him.
    Until the Ceres wars the Psi-Monks were the reigning class in Neocron. It was they who designed
    the genetic plans for the GenTanks who ultimately settled the war in favor of Neocron. After the
    war the people, morally enforced by the victory, rebelled against the unfeeling Psi-Monks.
    The Monks were persecuted and driven into the underground. After legal reforms, the Psi-Monks
    were rehabilitated and are now allowed to live freely in Neocron. Nevertheless, they are still hated
    by most of the population.
    /\Character Stat Caps/\
    -Private Eye-
    Strength: Level 60 (325 total points)
    Dexterity: Level 80 (449 total points)
    Constitution: Level 65 (320 total points)
    Intelligence: Level 60 (299 total points)
    Psi: Level 35 (170 total points)
    Strength: Level 40 (200 total points)
    Dexterity: Level 100 (500 total points)
    Constitution: Level 40 (200 total points)
    Intelligence: Level 100 (500 total points)
    Psi: Level 20 (100 total points)
    Strength: Level 100 (539 total points)
    Dexterity: Level 70 (360 total points)
    Constitution: Level 100 (520 total points)
    Intelligence: Level 20 (105 total points)
    Psi: Level 10 (47 total points)
    -Psi Monk-
    Strength: Level 20 (97 total points)
    Dexterity: Level 35 (185 total points)
    Constitution: Level 45 (230 total points)
    Intelligence: Level 100 (520 total points)
    Psi: Level 100 (529 total points)
    Distribution of points goes as follows:
    1-50 = 1 point each
    51-75 = 2 points each
    76-100 = 3 points each
    101+ = 5 points each
    /\Part 2: Factions/\
    "For Reza, for Neocron, for the people."
    Target: The CityAdmin and NCPD were created by President Reza in order to protect and
    serve the people of Neocron.The NCPD protects the citizens from internal and external threats
    while the CityAdmin plays, as the name indicates, an administrative role in running the city.
    History: The CityAdmin and NCPD were created shortly after the fall of the PSI Monk regime in 2724.
    The influence and ranks grew steadily to the point where CityAdmin had complete control of the Plaza
    and Via Rosso districts. NCPD patrols and sentinels could be found throughout the rest of the city as well,
    but the influence was not strong enough to prevent all crimes in these sectors. Badmouthing agitators would
    suggest that it is not in the interest of CityAdmin to prevent all crimes from happenening to begin with.
    VIPS: President Lioon Reza, 64 years old and benevolent ruler of Neocron, was once closely befriended with
    the current leader of the Twilight Guardian terrorists, Hagen Yager. Together they founded the Guardian as an
    union to fight against the former oppressive government of the PSI Monks.
    Connections: Most of the major companies in Neocron, like Tangent Technologies and ProtoPharm, are trusted
    allies of CityAdmin. They contribute with equipment, weapons and technology for the NCPD and in turn get
    special benefits from the administration. CityAdmin has a neutral stance towards the CityMercs as well as the
    Fallen Angels. The scientists of the Fallen Angels appear to be reluctant to build a binding cooperation with Neocron.
    Popular speculation blames influence from the Twilight Guardian for this.
    -Diamond Real Estate-
    "It's where you live."
    Target: To reach turnover and profit figures as high as possible and to control the real estate market.
    Diamond Real Estate is a privatized former department of the CityAdministration. Services include
    administration of and trade with real estate as well as the provision of security systems. Furthermore,
    a license system is used: Diamond entrusts buildings and streets to independent estate agents to some extent.
    History: Founded in 2746 by Lioon Reza, Diamond Real Estate served as a communal real estate company under
    the management of Eric Danmund. The company objective was to administrate and sell municipal real estate
    and regulate the seemingly anarchistic real estate market. In 2750 rumors circulate about external influences
    on Diamond by a large criminal organization.
    VIPS: DRE's Manager, Eric Danmund, 36, is a shark  which is exactly what you have to be if you want to deal
    in real estate. His system of licensing streets and apartment blocks to small agencies produces considerable profits.
    Connections: Eric and Craig Diggers, manager of NEXT Systems, are personal friends. The CityMercs are called
    in by Diamond for protection jobs, for example, when special events are held in the company's buildings.
    Recently Tangent Technologies Inc has begun providing Diamond with security systems in return for cheap real estate.
    Since Diamond Real Estate is a privatized former CityAdmin division, relations are naturally very good.
    The Anarchists threaten the ruling order in the city, and what is even worse, they don't care about real estate.
    If Danmund had his way, the whole mob would be wiped out as quickly as possible. The same is true for the
    Twilight Guardian.
    "Wherever you want to go - go NEXT!"
    Target: The re-initiation of the space program and colonization of new planets
    NEXT Systems Inc. used to develop spaceships for the Great Trek to Irata III. Since the completion
    of the space program the corporation concentrates on the development of HoverCars and HoverBikes.
    The subway system in Neocron was also developed by NEXT. In cooperation with Tangent Technologies,
    NEXT develops combat robots, tanks and other mobile arms systems.
    History: In 2723 Craig Diggers founded NEXT Systems Inc. His capable team of engineers was devoted
    to the development and construction of spaceships. Nine years later the company became profitable for
    the first time. In 2733 NEXT entered into cooperation with BioTec Industries, installing a modular system
    allowing the production of individual vehicles with specific combinations of HiTec components. Three years
    later the company successfully went on the Neocron Stock Exchange 'Stock-X', experiencing a tremendous
    gain in market value. In 2747 the cooperation agreement with BioTec Industries was taken over by
    Tangent Technologies, the company that was newly founded by BioTec Industries this year. Two years later
    an accident foiled Craig's plan to leave Neocron; he missed the spaceship which set off to Irata III without him,
    with all his fortune and copies of all blueprints on board. In 2750 Craig Diggers takes over the leadership of
    NEXT Systems Inc. Again. His only aim in life seems to be the re-initiation of the Irata III program.
    VIPS: Craig Diggers, 55, founder of the company, was prevented from emigrating to Irata III by a tragic accident
    and has ever since eagerly pursued the plan of constructing new spaceships. SysAdmin Violet 'Gecko' Derix,
    62, is the old-fashioned Grande Dame in her branch. She is famous for her extravagance and her love of luxury.
    Connections: A cooperation agreement exists between Tangent Technologies and NEXT Systems Inc.
    The CityMercs perform protection and guard duties and also carry out sabotage jobs for NEXT, mainly directed
    against ProtoPharm. NEXT Systems Inc. produces and supplies all vehicles to the NCPD and the administration.
    For some reason Craig has a strong antipathy to ProtoPharm and he tries to obstruct the company whenever
    he has the opportunity. Both the Anarchists and the Mutant hordes repeatedly launch attacks on NEXT transports
    in the outer regions of Neocron. Craig Diggers regards the Twilight Guardian as a threat for his business and his
    hopes for re-initiation of the space program - he has both personal and business reasons to support everyone who
    acts against the rebels.
    -Tangent Technologies-
    "In guns we trust"
    Target: To prove to Robert Jordan that their turnover and profit figures are better than those of BioTec Industries.
    Tangent develops weapons, basic technologies for weapon systems and other (mainly military) high-tech equipment.
    History: In 2658 Hester Gabun, one of the managers and founders of BioTec Industries, founded a special department
    named Tangent. Tangent's purpose was the development of highly effective new weapon systems. Due to the tense
    political situation in 2722, Tangent Technologies produced more weapons than ever. In 2746 Tangent Technologies
    branched off from BioTec Industries and became an independent company. Damion Jordan was appointed manager.
    Two years later, Robert Jordan presented the key to the headquarters of Tangent Technologies Incorporated to his
    son Damion and retired to enjoy his old age. In his will he stipulated that whichever of his two sons (Seymour and
    Damion) could show higher sales for his enterprise (BioTec Industries and Tangent Technologies), would inherit
    both companies. Since then, Damion and Seymour have been engaged in a vehement struggle. The companies
    balance sheets are almost equal, but Damion is slightly in the lead. In 2750 Tangent Technologies sufferes severely
    from researchers and technicians opting out and leaving the company to join the idealistic Fallen Angels. This in turn
    does not really improve Damion's attitude towards the scientists.
    VIPS: Hester Gabun, founder and former manager of BioTec Industries, founded Tangent in the year 2658 as an
    arms development department of BioTec. It was founded mainly to improve the poor financial situation of the parent
    company. Robert Jordan (92 years old, manager of BioTec Industries from 2691 to 2748 and still owner of the whole
    enterprise) is an old-line business man who enjoys watching his sons, Seymour and Damion compete each other as
    division managers since the splitting of the company in 2746. Manager: Damion Jordan, 30 years old and ambitious,
    suffers a little from absent-mindedness which is rumored to have been caused by the excessive use of badly prepared
    illegal substances in his youth. He does however have a feeling for business and this is why he leads by a hair's breadth
    in the competition with his brother. SysAdmin Chester Cohor, who is also known and respected as 'Rubik' in the virtual
    world, is 18 years old and a total computer addict.
    Connections: Tangent has taken over a cooperation agreement with NEXT Systems Inc. from former BioTec Industries.
    Together they develop combat mechs, tanks and other mobile arms systems. A similar contract with Diamond Real
    Estate in the fields of security systems and building security has only shortly been established. The CityMercs often
    carry out protection, guard, and also sabotage jobs for Tangent and belong to Tangent's best customers. As Tangent is
    one of the largest arms suppliers for the STORM- and CopBot squads, relations between the company and the administrative
    institutions of the city are naturally very good. Damion's arch enemy is his own brother Seymour, manager of BioTec
    Industries. Over the years, a deep hatred has evolved out of an old family dispute and the fierce rivalry with his brother.
    Damion accuses the Fallen Angels of malevolently harming his business, not least by luring his most talented researchers
    away. Although direct contact between Tangent and the Anarchy Breed is seldom, Damion is the main weapons supplier
    of the Breed's enemies. As Damion's profits considerably depend on the stability of the present order, he has no sympathy
    for the Twilight Guardian rebels.
    "Custom Evolution"
    Target: To prove to Robert Jordan, the owner, that their turnover and profit figures are better than those of Tangent
    Technologies Inc. BioTec develops biomechanical implants that enhance the abilities of human beings immensely
    (such as sharpened senses, greater strength, etc.) and also produces general medical and biological high-tech equipment.
    History: Founded in 2638. Initally the young enterprise profited immensely from the boom in biotechnical research initiated
    by the construction of the intergalactic generation starship 'Avenger', but later the company concentrated on
    communication technology. In 2658 a highly profitable division for high-tech weapons under the code name Tangent
    was founded. In 2691 Robert Jordan, son of one of the founders, became the owner-manager and profited immensely
    from the tense political situation in Neocron. In 2746, the profitable former arms division Tangent splits off to become
    an independent company (Tangent Technologies Inc.). Seymour Jordan, Robert's younger son was given the task of
    heading up the remaining company, BioTec Industries. In 2750 BioTec Industries signs a cooperation agreement with
    ProtoPharm for the joint development of medicaments and materials that enable a new generation of implants.
    VIPS: Company owner Robert Jordan (92 years old, manager from 2691 to 2748 and still owner of the company) is
    an old-line businessman. He owns more money than he could ever spend and enjoys watching his sons Seymour
    and Damion competing with each other and at the same time increasing his wealth. Manager Seymour Jordan, 27,
    is the younger son of Robert Jordan and is sick of being reminded of that fact. Blessed with unscrupulousness and
    intelligence, he is pursuing obscure plans to win the competition with his brother and prove to his father that he is fit
    to run both companies.
    Connections: Currently Seymour Jordan's closest ally and business partner is ProtoPharm. Further cooperation
    agreements (services in return for biomedical equipment) exist with the CityMercs, the Brotherhood of Crahn and
    the Tsunami Syndicate. Amongst other things, BioTec Industries supplies STORM- and CopBot implants and has
    good connections with the administration. Seymour's brother Damion Jordan, manager of Tangent Technologies Inc.,
    is his most odious rival. BioTech has problems with a lively black market controlled by the Black Dragon Clan and
    'customers' who are not willing to pay for implants, which leads to certain hostilities with the Anarchy Breed and the
    Twilight Guardian.
    -Proto Pharma-
    "Your hope. Your strength. Your cure."
    Target: To reach turnover and profit figures as high as possible.
    ProtoPharm produces most of the pharmaceutical supplies in Neocron. In this regard, virtually
    everything is produced, from standard Medkits to miracle cures.
    History: In 2646 the medical company ProtoPharm emerged from a merger of several medical and chemical
    companies. Management was handed over to Jakob Finster, a young business attorney. In 2652 the development
    of cryogenic sleeping chambers for the 'Avenger' was successfully completed, in 2658 a version for rich customers
    in Neocron was developed. Some years later Jakob Finster - fallen ill to an uncureable disease - enterd a CryoVault(tm)
    himself in the hope of future progresses in medicine. In 2670 ProtoPharm started production for the mass market.
    Research into a multipurpose medication was pushed ahead, the fruits of which were harvested in the form of the
    formula for 'Vitae(tm)' in 2678. Three years later cheap generics of Vitae(tm) are supplied on the black market, which
    drove the company into a crisis. In 2739 'Spirula', a remedy for radiation damage, was introduced to the market by Proto
    Pharm. After a short boom, things changed drastically one year later when it was revealed that side effects of the drug
    caused devastating genetic damage on Neocron's population. In 2741, Sandra Frasier, the firm's successful attorney
    in the Spirula case, was made head of the company. Three years later there is still no cure for cryogenical preserved Jakob
    Finster. In 2747 the 'Spirula' scandal flared up again when it was revealed that the mutants who were created by Spirula
    were becoming sexually mature and fertile much faster than normal human beings. They were declared non-human beings
    by Lioon Reza. Killing them was regarded an act of mercy. In 2750 ProtoPharm and BioTec Industries enter a cooperation
    VIPS: Chairwoman Sandra Frasier, 42, is a brilliant and tough strategist who made her way up from the street.
    Currently she is rumored to have a relationship with Seymor Jordan, manager of Biotech Industries.
    Connections: Miss Frasier has very good contacts with both BioTec Ind. and its manager, Seymour Jordan.
    The CityMercs have an agreement of 'protection for equipment' with ProtoPharm, also accepting sabotage jobs
    against NEXT Systems. The Brotherhood of Crahn is a valuable source of information for Sandra Frasier. The
    good relations between ProtoPharm and the Administration of Neocron date back to the days of the 'Avenger'
    construction and the Great Trek, the success of which, among other things, was very much dependent on the
    CryoVaults(tm) produced by ProtoPharm. The animosities with NEXT Systems seem to stem from Sandra's
    rather tough business practices, while the aversion on Madame Veronique's side, the leader of the Tsunami
    Syndicate, seems to be of a more personal nature. Aside from weakness, Sandra Frasier hates unpredictable
    people. She finds the chaos and the freethinking ideas of the Breed very dubious and ProtoPharm supports all
    allies who work actively against the Anarchists. All mutants are the testimony of ProtoPharm's fallibility and
    unscrupulousness. If Sandra (and many other managerial employees of the company) had her way, all mutants
    would be eradicated for good.
    -Tsunami Syndicate-
    "Our business is your pleasure"
    Target: To keep Pepper Park interesting and safe enough to keep the district profitable and, of course, to
    control all established businesses and, if possible, expand. The Syndicate is in absolute control of prostitution,
    gambling and the extortion of protection money. Situated in Pepper Park, it controls the red-light district and the
    stores on all levels of the district.
    History: Neocron is not much different than anywhere else. There is an endless chain of fraternization and
    disputes, trade and blackmailing, arrangement and fraud. That's why in 2750 the 'Pussy Club' is one of the
    oldest clubs in Pepper Park. It specializes in fulfilling the exclusive wishes of rich men and women and is
    often the meeting point for conversations that are not for public ears. Absolute discretion is Madame Veronique's
    credo. Even though Veronique doesn't want to have anything to do with drugs, the Syndicate is far from
    harmless: Without any doubt, the Tsunami Syndicate belongs to the most brutal and unscrupulous factions in Neocron.
    VIPS: At the moment, Veronique Duchamps, 27, controls Neocron's red-light world. This graceful high-class
    prostitute with the dreamy gaze of a drug-addicted angel had the sense to save some of her money and open
    her own establishment as soon as she could. The tragic unsolved death of her pimp together with three of his
    colleagues in a terrible sex crime helped her career a great deal. It made her a respected member of the scene.
    Her bad experiences with drugs made her become a fierce enemy of any kind of medication, which is what
    saved her from the effects of the 'Spirula' scandal. Reginald 'Flux' Axom, 45, is a Psi-Monk blessed with curing
    abilities. Because of his sympathy for Madame Veronique, he decided to turn his back on the Brotherhood and
    become SysAdmin and advisor for the Syndicate.
    Connections: BioTec Industries has good connections with Neocron's red-light district, which it provides with
    medical equipment and implants in exchange for certain favors on the part of the mafia. The Anarchists are
    amongst the best clients of the Syndicate and, in addition, many recruits of the Syndicate come from the
    Anarchy Breed. It is rumored in Neocron that the Tsunami maintains contact with some mutants, although
    nobody can conceive of a plausible reason for that, as the mutants have nothing to offer to the established
    society. Madame Veronique hates drugs, withdrawal medication and everything that has anything thing to do
    with pharmaceuticals. It's obvious why the Black Dragon and ProtoPharm are at the top of the list in her black
    book. Tsunami accepts missions from BioTec Industries that are directed against the Clan. There are often
    bloody clashes between the two factions and an end to the war is not in sight. CityAdmin / NCPD: A cooperation
    between the government and the Syndicate is not completely unimaginable. Most of the Tsunami activities
    are basically harmless for the population and even very profitable. On the other hand, the Tsunami are a mafia
    organization ... which doesn't pay taxes.
    -Black Dragon-
    "Can you refuse our offer?"
    Target: Money. The Clan controls almost the entire illegal drug market in Neocron. Furthermore, it is
    very actively involved in the real estate business controlling apartments and carrying out more or less
    violent 'dispossessions'. It does not flinch from eliminating unwanted tenants, either. The Black Dragon
    Clan is based in Pepper Park. Expansion into the prostitution business is planned.
    History: In 2680, in the seething swamp of crime, the two criminals Nico 'Furry' Manecci and Jerry 'Dragon'
    Tosca merged their small and rather unimportant organizations to become the Black Dragon Clan. Soon,
    Nico Manecci's incompetence made it easy for Jerry to grab control of the drug empire for himself. In
    2710 the young Max Trond joined the organization and drew attention to himself with his determination and
    cold-bloodedness. When Jerry Tosca fell victim to an attack by a STORM-Bot run amok in 2727, Maximillian
    Trond became his successor. In 2741 the organization profited cleverly from market turbulences following the
    discovery of Irata III and became the owner of entire streets and city districts. In 2750 Trond is still trying to
    expand into the business areas of the Tsunami Syndicate which often leads to conflict. Open war seems to
    be merely a question of time.
    VIPS: Maximillian Trond, 54, is a distinguished businessman with... style. He rules his organization like a
    patriarch and everyone around him knows that whatever he orders is best for the Clan. It is said that Trond's
    enemies tend to end up in deep holes out in the Wastelands, though no one has ever found any evidence to
    prove it. Leading accountant Torben 'Gecko' Manquist, 37, is Trond's right hand. Trond's wish is Manquist's
    command. Within the Clan, many believe that he will seize Trond's throne as soon as he has an opportunity.
    Connections: Many members of the Anarchy Breed are good customers of the Clan or part-time drug dealers -
    or both. Keeping up good relations with ProtoPharm and Diamond Real Estate is advantageous to the Clan's
    two main 'business units': drugs and real estate. The Brotherhood of Crahn is a valuable source of information.
    The Tsunami Syndicate, the second Mafia organization in Neocron, is the Clan's 'natural enemy', especially
    as it teams up with its legal counterpart (and victim) in the biotech branch: BioTech Industries. The Clan's
    hostility against the CityMercs stems from the 'treason' of one of the Clan's more important members. This man
    turned his back on the Black Dragons to become the SysAdmin of the mercenaries, who offer their protection
    services to many legal companies. The Fallen Angels disapprove of the Dragon's business habits, but are a
    tempting target for their expertise in medical research. Although the organization's relationship to the government
    and CityAdmin is naturally not very good (besides its social effects, its activities on the real estate sector decrease
    public income), the mafia's business still depends on the current political order, which is endangered by revolutionaries
    like the Twilight Guardian.
    -The Crahn Sect-
    "1. Modify, 2. Manipulate, 3. Adopt"
    Target: The adjustment of the human race to changing environmental factors, the repopulation of the Earth,
    and the development of a human race that corresponds to these guidelines; Extension of their religious cult.
    The sect of the Psi-Monks produces Psi-utensils which are distributed via the Yakarma Stores in Neocron.
    The monks reside in an ancient abbey (and in the extensive subterranean complex of laboratories beneath it,
    or so rumors say) in the outer district of the Outzone. They also own a smaller estate in Pepper Park. Some
    say that they strive for domination over Neocron. The sect is also rumored to have built up a powerful private
    information service and to be prepared to sell information for money to just about anyone who can offer enough.
    History: In 2558 the overthrown and banished Crahn and his bodyguards founded the Order of Crahn. They lay
    the foundation stone for a secret headquarters under the ruins of a deserted abbey, in which they mainly researched
    psi-enforced implants and explored new psi-applications. After the Psi-Monks seized power in Neocron in 2611,
    many members of the Order returned to the city. The intensive research activities in the abbey were continued by
    a minimal crew. In 2693 rumors circulated of genetically engineered specimens that had escaped the laboratories.
    Three years later strangely misshaped spider-people haunted the Wastelands. In 2715 Neopha developed into a
    brilliant and energetic strategist. That year, he was appointed archbishop and consequently leader of Neocron.
    Nine years later the government of the Psi-Monks was overthrown. Neopha Kansil and his followers fled back to
    the Crahn Abbey. In 2728 the dictator Lioon Reza relaxed the banishment of the Psi-Monks. A small delegation of
    the Monks returned to Neocron and set up a base of operations for the Psi-Monks in Pepper Park.
    VIPS: The spiritual leader, Archbishop Neopha Kansil, 63, is obsessed with the idea of creating a superior human
    race. It's rumored that he personally supervises the work in the secret laboratories beneath the abbey and, in
    spite of setbacks, he is full of hope.
    Connections: The sect provides BioTec Industries with valuable information in return for biomedical equipment.
    Other good customers of its information services are ProtoPharm, the Black Dragon Clan and even the Twilight
    Guardian, despite the latter's ideological differences. After the Brotherhood base is set up in Pepper Park, the
    territory of the Tsunami Syndicate, there are violent clashes between the Psi-Monks and members of the Syndicate.
    The Fallen Angels' research activities make them an interesting target for the monks spy attacks. It is rumored
    that the Psi-Monks use followers of the Anarchists as guinea pigs for horrible experiments, though there's no hard
    proof. The Psi-monks hate Neocron's government and Lioon Reza, who overthrew the Psi-Monk government in the
    year 2724, but they are smart enough to come to terms with CityAdmin for the time being.
    -The City Mercs-
    "Solving almost all your problems"
    Target: To be accepted by the present society and to improve their status. The CityMercs offer military
    services, carry out commissioned assassinations and are hired as personal protection or escorts by whoever
    can afford an appropriate payment for the assigned mission. Basically they have a certain moral conscience,
    but if in doubt the mercenary soul is stronger and for the right price (almost) everything is feasible. Players
    choosing this faction will start the game in the military base in the Wastelands.
    History: In 2588, the GenTanks who survived the Neocron-York-War - as well as some humanoid veterans -
    built a sanctuary (the so-called bunker). This contained training facilities, an infirmary, living areas, a canteen,
    assembly rooms and a bar. Weapons were repaired and traded in the basement, and medikits and stimulants
    were sold. The facilities were free to all members of the troops. Under a normal contract mercenaries were
    obligated to fight until they are wounded. Under the conditions that prevailed in Neocron, CityMercs were not
    paid killers. Almost all jobs that the bunker arranges for its members were legal. The troops only accepted
    liquidation missions aimed at criminals or at people who, according to their moral sentiments, deserved to die.
    Over the years some traditions have developed regulating the affiliation of newbies and the relationships of
    mercenaries of different ranks (White, Red and Black Ribbons). In 2750 under the leadership of the Black Ribbons,
    the mercenary troops have good connections to all public institutions, the large companies and the underground.
    Most missions are based on long-term arrangements and are at most times a matter of routine.
    VIPS: Tarok 'The Eye' Cajun, 53, leader of the CityMercs, is not only a powerful warrior but also a strategic genius
    with a brilliant eye for detail. He is always careful to keep the risks for his men as small as possible. Kim 'Sushi'
    MaWong, 31 is the SysAdmin of the mercenaries. This close-combat expert turned his back on his former employers,
    a criminal organization, after losing all hope of ever becoming SysAdmin there. The CityMercs have promised to protect
    Kim from possible attacks by his former friends.
    Connections: A 'protection for equipment' agreement exists between BioTec Industries and Tangent Technologies Inc.
    The CityMercs also accept sabotage jobs but not against one of these companies. Tasks commissioned by NEXT
    Systems Inc are mainly directed against ProtoPharm. Interestingly, the opposite is also true. The mercenaries are
    called in by Diamond Real Estate for protection jobs, for example during when special events are held within the
    company's buildings. Sometimes there are minor clashes between the CityMercs and members of Brotherhood of
    Crahn and the Anarchists in the Wastelands, but generally they avoid each other. Mutant hordes in the Wastelands
    are a popular target of the CityMercs' clients. The mercenaries also accept missions against the Twilight Guardian rebels.
    -The Fallen Angels-
    "Only free minds can form a free society"
    Target: To establish a society based on independent science that can solve the prevailing problems on the
    planet through the use of controlled intervention. The Fallen Angels were founded by scientists who felt
    suppressed by the government of Neocron and restricted in their academic freedom. They established an
    underground city in the Wastelands and now work on researching special technologies, especially those
    that will enable comfortable living conditions for human beings under the changed conditions of life following
    WW III. They are only marginally interested in the politics of Neocron. Players choosing this faction will start
    the game in the underground base of Tech Haven.
    History: In 2633, 62 men and women left Neocron under the leadership of Thomas Cooper and moved to the
    Wastelands in order to build Tech Haven. The government, in the form of a council of scientists, was elected
    in a free and secret election. In the following years, the harsh environment took a heavy toll on the people in the
    newly-established city. Research efforts were initially concentrated on survival in the hostile environment. The
    departure of the 'Avenger' in 2654 was incomprehensible for the population of Tech Haven. The prevailing opinion
    was that humanity should only leave Earth after its ecology has been restored. In 2658 Frederick Lauster of BioTec
    Industries joined Tech Haven. The living conditions gradually improved in Tech Haven during the following years and
    many new inventions were presented to the scientist council. Some of them proved to be very useful when Lioon
    Reza and his troops bring about the downfall of the ruling Psi-Monks, which was followed by the signing of an official
    recognition agreement by Neocron's new leader. In 2750 the scientist council consists of five members under the
    leadership of Sylvia Bennet, a biologist. She is assisted by Manfred Goldstein (atomic physicist), Renata Verbenhaig
    (physician), Edmund Sirlund (human geneticist) and Marian Steiner (engineer).
    VIPS: Founder Thomas Cooper was a managerial engineer in the development laboratories of the government.
    His team of young scientists hated their boring task of researching new psi-implants, so after their budget was
    shortened drastically the team decided to build an autonomous city in the Wastelands. Chief of the Science Council
    is Sylvia Bennet, 47. The young scientist leads the Fallen Angels in the tradition of their founder, Thomas Cooper.
    All in all, she is a rather quiet person whose decisions are always based on reasoning. SysAdmin: Annie Simmons,
    23, known online as 'Twinkle'. A child of Tech Haven, she has inherited a genetic fault stemming from radioactive
    emission. She suffers from hyposomia and looks like a fourteen- year-old. She has direct access to the net via a
    brain-to-online connection. She's an incredibly friendly and happy person who rummages about in other people's
    servers and leaves nice messages and security advice.
    Connections: The Fallen Angels are allied to the Anarchy Breed as well as to the resistance fighters of the Twilight
    Guardian by the common conviction that the present governmental system is not the way. The scientists supply
    medication and information to the Guardian and in return are protected by the rebels. Damion Jordan (Tangent
    Technologies Inc.) is angered by the fact that talented researchers and scientists often leave his company and migrate
    to Tech Haven. For obvious reasons, these scientists are not interested in offers by the Black Dragon Clan to do medical
    research for them in order to improve the Clan's business areas of drug production and trafficking.
    -Twilight Guardian-
    "Freedom is our law!"
    Target: To overthrow the government of Lioon Reza and replace it with a democratic system. The group represents
    the political resistance against Lioon Reza and his regime. Twilight Guardian is based in a winding canyon in the
    Wastelands where it plans its attacks on the government. Players whose characters are affiliated with this faction
    will start in the Guardian's home base.
    History: Twilight Guardian was founded by Reza and Yager in 2722. The objective of the co-founders was to overthrow
    the government of the Psi-Monks from within the underground. The group experienced tremendous support from all
    parts of society. The coup was planned for the following year. Lioon, who had become more and more aggressive during
    the past months, planed to chase the Psi-Monks out of the city by force. In 2724 the Twilight Guardian managed to
    overthrow the government of the Psi-Monks and to drive the government members from the city. Many Psi-Monks
    from the former government withdrew to the old Crahn Abbey in the Wastelands. In the aftermath of the victory, a dispute
    evolved between Yager and Lioon. Lioon publicly declared that he planned to take over Neocron, thus betraying the
    mutual plan to establish a democracy in Neocron. The next morning Lioon had the CityAdmin building surrounded by
    black and white robot-like creatures which drove the members of the Twilight Guardian out of the building. Yager could
    not explain Lioon's sudden change of heart, nor did he know where the strange creatures came from. They later
    became known as Cop- and STORM-Bots. One year later Lioon had established himself as the new dictator of Neocron.
    He installed the CopBot system in the city. Laws were strongly simplified, penalties greatly increased. In 2726 Yager
    , feeling betrayed, knew that he had to start anew. He decided to continue leading the Twilight Guardians and set a
    new goal; to overthrow Lioon Reza. The majority of the former followers joined him. The resistance was built up again
    and a modern secret base built in the Wastelands. In spite of several attacks, the Guardian cannot effectively succeed
    in weakening Lioon's power in 2750. The army of Cop- and STORM-Bots that protects the CityAdmin 24 hours a day is
    too strong. Yager is now an old man, who feels that his time is running out.
    VIPS: The Twilight Guardian leader, Hagen Yager, aged 79, was once a good friend of Lioon Reza. Together they
    founded the rebel organization which fought against the reign of the Psi-Monks for the freedom of Neocron's citizens.
    Full of idealism, Hagen believed in Lioon's democratic objectives and convictions which he had shared since his youth
    in the suppressed city of Neocron. However, since Lioon established himself as dictator of Neocron, Hagen leads the
    resistance against his former comrade. Nineteen-year-old genius Cole 'Flash' Khan is Twilight Guardian's SysAdmin.
    Cole uses his knowledge to brilliantly plan the actions and calculate the risks of the Twilight Guardian. Because of his
    exceptional intelligence, Neocron's company networks and terminals are in grave danger.
    Connections: Since the rebels cannot afford to be selective in choosing their allies at the moment, they even try to stay
    on good terms with the Brotherhood of Crahn. After all, they do have a common enemy in the government, although it is
    obvious that the factions could never agree on a specific political system. The Fallen Angels, like the Anarchy Breed,
    are allied to the resistance fighters by their conviction that the present governmental system is not the right thing. The
    scientists supply medication and information to the Guardian and are in return protected by the rebels at all times. To
    say that the CityAdmin is the freedom fighters' main foe is superfluous. Consequently, all legal (and therefore pro-
    government) companies in Neocron are also opposed to the Twilight Guardian. These are BioTec Industries, Tangent
    Technologies Inc., NEXT Systems Inc and Diamond Real Estate. These companies employ the services of the CityMercs
    to fight the rebels. As a revolution would endanger the Black Dragon's real estate business, the Clan has no sympathies
    for Twilight Guardian either.
    /\Part 3: Jobs/\
    Private Eye:
    -Special Agent
    -Street Doc
    -Stock-X Broker
    -Special Forces Member
    -Battlefield Engineer
    Psi Monk:
    -Nomad Preacher
    -Field Medic
    These really don't affect you in game, so it doesn't really matter which one you pick.
    /\Part 4: Subskills/\
    Melee Combat | M-C | Your ability to handle smaller melee weapons like knives in combat.
    The damage done with such a weapon is related to this skill.
    Heavy Combat | H-C | Your ability to handle heavy melee weapons like rocket launchers in combat. The
    damage done with such a weapon is related to this skill.
    Transport | TRA | This skill influences your maximum carry capacity. MAX LOAD in your inventory indicates
    how much you can carry.
    Resist Force | FOR | Influences the damage you take from explosion shockwaves.
    Pistol Combat | P-C | Allows you to handle pistol weapons in combat better.
    Rifle Combat | R-C | Allows you to handle rifles in combat better.
    High-Tech Combat | T-C | Allows you to handle energy weapons in combat better.
    Vehicle Use | VHC | Enables you to steer vehicles like tanks or hoverbikes.
    Agility | AGL | Influences the swiftness of your movements and the damage you take in melee combat.
    Repair | REP | Your skill to fix worn out equipment. You need at least half of the Tech Level of the item
    you want to repair in this skill.
    Recycle | REC | Lets you transform trash or items into raw materials by the help of a Recycling Tool.
    You need at least as many points in this skill as the value of the Tech Level of the item you want to recycle.
    Remote Control | RCL | Describes the capability of your character to telecontrol drones of all kinds:
    observers, killers or informers.
    Athletics | ATL | Influences your movement speed and your ability to jump.
    Endurance | END | Modifies your stamina. The overall stamina of your character
    (see STA in the bottom right corner of the interface) mainly relates to this skill.
    Resist Fire | FIR | Modifies the damage your character takes from fire.
    Resist Energy | ENR | Modifies the damage your character takes from energy weapons.
    Resist X-ray | XRR | Modifies the damage your character takes from xrays.
    Resist Poison | POR | Modifies the damage your character takes from poison attacks.
    Body Health | HLT | Directly relates to your hit points. The overall health of your character
    (see HLT in the bottom right corner of the interface) mainly relates to this skill.
    Hacking | HCK | Influences your performance when hacking the nets, doors and devices of Neocron.
    Barter | BRT | Having a high barter skill will result in better prices when trading with NPC vendors.
    Psi Use | PSU | Modifies everything connected to PSI powers in general. For instance the duration of a
    PSI action, the damage of a PSI attack, etc.
    Weapon Lore | WEP | Influences your actions when aiming while fighting.
    Construction | CST | Your ability to build things and modify weapons. The better this is, the better the resulting item.
    Research | RES | Needed to create blueprints from inspecting items. To successfully use this skill
    it has to be as high as the Tech Level of the item you want to inspect.
    Implant | IMP | To successfully use implantable items you will need this skill. It modifies the durability
    decrease of an item when implanting it.
    Willpower | WPW | Your ability to concentrate. This influences your aiming abilities or other tasks where
    high concentration is needed.
    Passive Psi Use | PPU | Your skill to use defensive PSI powers effectively.
    Agressive Psi Use | APU | Your skill to aggressively use your PSI powers, for instance in combat.
    Mental Steadiness | MST | How well you can use Psi spells.
    Psi Power | PPW | Influences your amount of PSI energy (PSI points). The overall psi power of
    your character (see PSI in the bottom right corner of the interface) mainly relates to this skill.
    Resist Psi | PSR | Your ability to withstand PSI attacks.
    /\Part 5: Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff/\
    I would like to thank, first and foremost, rustot, who created a dedicated website (http://neocron.ems.ru/.).
    Most of this guide came from that site, and he has a bunch more of Neocron goodies on there, so if you
    have any more questions, just look at that site, and you should be able to find anything relating to Neocron.

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