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"Project Entropia, Money scam?"


Project Entropia has been an ever updating game since 1995. It will have continued updating every month, and this game is free if you want it to be. You don't have to pay any monthly bills to keep playing this game online. It's all free if you are willing to work harder, but you can deposit money into the game which will make the game progress much faster and make everything much easier. The money in the game is called PED's (Project Entropia Dollars). These PED's can also be exchanged back into real money (yes, it does sound like a plan to make money off of a video game doesn't it?). The game is like other MMORPG's, you start off with nothing, build your way up, level up in many different categories. You first collect sweat which is a measly way of making money but it's one of the few choices you have. You can also be a runner for a hunter who needs some distraction on the animals that they hunt. There are many things you can do in this game, you can become a Mindforce user, a Hunter, a Tailor, or a Miner with sub-categories within each of them as well. The object basically seems to be that you HAVE to make money.


There isn't an exact story to this game but, it is still building it seems. There are animals, creatures, mutants, and robots that co-exist in this world alongside the humans. Some humans are a part of a society or protection force that helps protect others by battling robots that attack. There are alarms in some forts and cities that will go off if there is an attack, but I have not experienced this yet. This game is mainly based around what you want your character to be, and what you want to do. In the end, everything comes back to how you make money.


The game's video quality is actually quite good, it needs a video card that can support DX9 or is fully compatible with it. It is in 3D like Everquest, and I think the graphics are really close as well. The music in the game can be sometimes monotonous or just annoying, but you can go to some bars in the game and choose which songs you want to hear from the game. The graphics are pretty good, but many games now surpass it.


Of course, like all other MMORPG's, this game's replayability is up there, as long as you have the money, but you could play forever and still not complete what you were set out to do. You get one Avatar (character) per account. This game will eat up a lot of time and if you don't have it, don't plan on getting very far very fast. You will get addicted to this game and eventually, feel as though you have to deposit money in. Again, this game is all about what you want to do with your life inside this game. Everything is your choice if you have PED's.


I think that this game just tries to scam you out of your money. I have heard many things about how long it takes to actually take money out of the game. I have also heard things where people who have made over $10,000 on the game, weren't allowed to withdraw the whole amount but only a fraction of it. This game is good and all, but it it's too much about money, that people start turning on other people because of it. If you like money and have always thought of yourself as an entrepreneur, then this game is for you. Otherwise, find some other online RPG even if it means paying monthly.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/23/04, Updated 12/02/04

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