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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Master Tony

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Name: Global Operations
    Available On: PC
    Author: Tony Quach aka Master Tony
    Subauthor: Dan aka twEEker The First 
    Contacts: AIM- ttq8025 E-mail - master_tony85@hotmail.com
    AIM - twEEkerTheFirst E-mail - twEEkerTheFirst@hotmail.com
    0.1 Legal Stuff
    This is MY FAQ. Which means you cannot sell it, copy it, or put it on 
    your web page. I spent my own time writing this, and it wasn't made for 
    people to steal and say they wrote it. If you lie and steal, the world 
    will crush you eventually. I'm sorry, but as of May 1st, 2002 I will not 
    be alloqing my FAQ to be posted anywhere else now. I am finding that I 
    receive 10-20 e-mails asking for permission to post and I'd have nearly 
    100 in a month. Enough with the threats, are we friends again? :-) Then 
    go ahead and read this!
    0.2 Versions
    1.0 - 4/08/02 Added Intro, Controls, Jobs, Salary, Tips and Tricks, 
    Missions 1, 2, and 3
    1.1 - 4/11/02 Finished Guns, Grenades and Specials section, and fixed up 
    minor typo errors so the FAQ looks more neat, added Terms I Use
    1.2 - 4/15/02 Added Copyright Info, Missions 4, 5, 6, and 7. Also added 
    a Terms I Use section. Almost complete with all the guns and ammo
    1.3 - 4/26/02 Fixed ALL spelling and grammar mistakes, Guns & Ammo 
    completed, subauthor twEEker added, Missions 8, 9, and 10 Complete
    1.4 - 6/14/02 Finished Guns and Ammo section and also added my opinion 
    of each, Few more tips added. It also looks like this will be my last 
    update for this game. I'm sorry that I could not finish this FAQ. I'm 
    just too busy right now. I just got a job and I'm spending nearly 25+ 
    hours a week at work, and during my freetime I'm spending it playing 
    other video games or just hanging out with friends. I hope you find this 
    FAQ helpful still. Also, any e-mails regarding to this game I may still 
    answer, but I rarely check my e-mail account now. I have a newer one, 
    but that'll prevent you spammers from getting to me :-p
    *Note- I apologize for the late update from April to June. My internet 
    dial-up number was disconnected for some reason and I couldn't get a new 
    internet account for awhile.
    0.3 - Terms I Use
    In this FAQ I may abbreviate some things and you may not know what they 
    are. Here, I've just listed them so you won't get lost.
    BTW----------------------------By The Way
    GO-----------------------------Global Operations
    LSD----------------------------Life Signs Detector
    Thermo Gogs--------------------Thermal Vision
    Demon--------------------------Demoman(I think of him as a Demon) 
    AI-----------------------------Artificial Intelligence(Computer Player)
    MAG----------------------------Mobile Anti-aircraft Guns
    ;)-----------------------------A smirk typeface, AOL users should know
    ^_^----------------------------A smiley/happy face
    :-p----------------------------Sticking tongue out, "P" is tongue
    Table of Contents 
    0.1 - Legal Stuff
    0.2 - Versions
    0.3 - Terms I Use
    1.1 - Introduction
    1.2 - Controls
    1.3 - Jobs/Classes
    1.4 - Salary
    1.5 - Guns, Grenades and Specials (Almost Complete)
    2.0 - Walkthrough (Under Construction)
    2.1 - Tips and Tricks
    2.2 - Questions and Answers
    3.0 - Special Thanks To.....
    3.1 - Places my FAQ are allowed at
    *NOTE: You may press at anytime the Ctrl+F to do a word search. Just 
    type in the numbers to find them more easily. Let's say you want to go 
    to the Tips and Tricks section. Instead of scrolling and looking press 
    the Ctrl and F at the same time and type in 2.1 and Vwa-lah!
    1.1 - Introduction
    This is a FAQ that will help guide you through Global Operations. I 
    decided to write this FAQ because I just love this game. The only thing 
    I hate is the lag in multiplayer that I get, but that's my own problem. 
    Anyways, in this FAQ you'll get tips on how to beat each of the 
    Missions. You can also find me on the servers named Master Tony. You may 
    also contact me via e-mail or AIM. I've listed these at the top of this 
    FAQ. Also, remember that any contribution will be posted up and credited 
    by you if you decide to send me anything. Just so you guys know I like 
    having good comments sent ot me cause they make me feel good inside. 
    Anyways! ^_^ on with the FAQ! Enjoy!
    Also, I've added in a subauthor. Dan has been a great assitant in this 
    FAQ. My computer does not have Microsoft Word so I cannot do a spell 
    check. Dan fixes ALL gramatical errors, and helped GREATLY in the Guns & 
    Ammo section. He also added in some tips as well. He's also a great 
    player and you'll usually find us playing in one of the Home LAN 
    servers. Having a good friend in GO is the key in succession! If you see 
    me playing you'll usually ifnd me and Tweek ruling ;)
    1.2 Controls
    This section is the list of controls that the game has. Please note that 
    these controls are the ones set up automatically. You may change them to 
    any buttons that you'd like. I am only listing the initial keys that 
    they are set on.
    Move Forward/Back-------------W/S
    Turn Left/Right---------------Left/Right
    Strafe------------------------Alt (left only)
    Strafe Left/Right-------------A/D
    Jump--------------------------Control (left only)
    Crouch/Stand Toggle-----------F
    Run---------------------------Shift (left only)
    Run/Walk Toggle---------------Caps Lock
    Look Up/Down------------------Page Up/Page Down
    Center View-------------------Home
    Mouse Look--------------------/
    Primary Attack----------------Left Click
    Secondary Attack--------------Right Click
    Zoom In/Out-------------------'/;
    Trigger Group Select----------X
    Drop Item---------------------T
    Vision Aids-------------------E
    Next/Previous Item------------J/I
    Select Specialty--------------B
    Select Team-------------------N
    Primary Weapon----------------1
    Secondary Weapon--------------2
    Side Arm----------------------3
    Grenade Slot 1----------------5
    Grenade Slot 2----------------6
    Grenade Slot 3----------------7
    Equipment Slot 1--------------8
    Equipment Slot 2--------------9
    Equipment Slot 3--------------0
    Objective---------------------Minus Sign *Note: I couldn't put a "-" in 
    because I use those to guide your eyes ;)
    Radio Menu--------------------Z
    Voiceover IP Global-----------Backspace
    Team Say----------------------J
    HUD Layout Mode---------------L
    1.3 Jobs/Classes
    These are the Jobs that can be played in Global Operations. Each class 
    is unique in its on way. You can see that Heavy Gunner, and Commando are 
    great jobs. They have almost no disadvantages at all. You must also 
    factor in the headshots. Most of the time you'll buy fully upgraded 
    weapons, armor, and thermo goggles. All of a sudden you're hit in the 
    head and lose all of your stuff. Sometimes playing as a Commando or 
    Heavy Gunner may get you pissed off more easily if you die so armor 
    isn't everything!
       Job Name
    Description of job and its' unique qualities
    Advantages- Good things about the job
    Disadvantages- Downside of the job
    Primary Weapon---------------------------Main Weapon
    Secondary Weapon-------------------------Backup Weapon
    Grenade Slots----------------------------1/2/3 grenade slots
    Special Items----------------------------Unique Items
    The Medic uses his med kit to restore health to both him and 
    incapacitated players. To heal your friends and allies use your primary 
    attack. To heal yourself use secondary attack. The Medic usually carries 
    an assault rifle.
    Advantages- Healer, fast, get money by healing allies
    Disadvantages- Weak armor, average income can carry only 1 heavy weapon 
    has to deal with people yelling Medic! Medic! Constantly
    Primary Weapon---------------------------Assault Rifles
    Secondary Weapon-------------------------None
    Grenade Slots----------------------------1 Slot
    Special Items----------------------------Medic Kit
    Speed------------------------------------Fast to medium
    Armor------------------------------------Light or Medium
    The Sniper is equipped with powerful scope on his weapon that allows him 
    to target the enemies at great distances. He is able to move quickly and 
    is more accurate at sniping than other jobs or classes.
    Advantages- long ranged, survives more often, relatively high income, 
    can sit back and relax sometimes ;-)
    Disadvantages- No variety, expensive guns, sometimes never gets in on 
    the action
    Primary Weapon-----------------------------Sniper Rifle
    Secondary Weapon---------------------------None
    Grenade Slots------------------------------1 Slot
    Special Items -----------------------------None
    Speed -------------------------------------Fast to Medium
    Armor -------------------------------------Light or Medium
    The Demoman is a demolitions expert trained in planting and defusing 
    explosives. While all jobs or classes can defuse C4 bomb, the demoman 
    can perform this task much faster than others can.
    Advantages- Explosives, strong armor, high income, can carry 2 heavy 
    Disadvantages- Slow, more "friendly" casualties, expensive at times
    Primary Weapon---------------------------Grenade Launcher
    Secondary Weapon-------------------------Shotgun
    Grenade Slots----------------------------3 Slots
    Special Items----------------------------Explosives
    Speed------------------------------------Medium to Slow
    Armor------------------------------------Medium or Heavy
    The Recon is fast, light, close range, offensive force equipped with the 
    Life Signs Detector (LSD). The LSD has the ability to detect enemies 
    within a variable range. Players within close proximity to the Recon 
    share this information. 
    LSD- The LSD has 3 main functions, which are Navigation, Broad Scan, and 
    Narrow Scan. Navigation is the least used and it allows teammates and 
    waypoints to be seen. The Broad Scan allows a 180-degree scanning 
    radius. This allows you to see enemies who are fairly close to you. 
    Narrow Scan will be commonly used. It allows 90-degree scanning radius. 
    Allowing you to see enemies extremely far away. The LSD's battery 
    depletes in Broad and Narrow Scan mode and it regenerates in Navigation 
    Mode. Therefore, keeping your battery at 1/2 power is always a good idea 
    incase you get too close to an enemy and want to know his next move.
    Advantages- Fast, LSD, cheap weapons
    Disadvantages- Weak armor, mostly weak weapons, low income, can carry 
    only 1 heavy weapon
    Primary Weapon-------------------------Sub-Machine Gun
    Secondary Weapon-----------------------None
    Grenade Slots--------------------------2 Slots
    Special Items--------------------------Life Signs Detector
    Speed----------------------------------Fast to Medium
    Armor----------------------------------Light or Medium
    The Commando is a mid-range offensive force. Because he can be equipped 
    with powerful assault rifles, a secondary weapon, and the LAW disposable 
    rocket launcher, he is the most versatile job or class available. The 
    LAW functions as a Grenade Launcher type weapon and can be carried in 
    his Grenade Slots. He is the only person who can use the LAW. The 
    Demoman cannot use it.
    Advantages- LAW, Variety of guns, good armor, and income is relatively 
    high, can carry 2 heavy weapons on pick-up
    Disadvantages- Slow, can be expensive at times, average 
    Primary Weapon-------------------------Assault Rifle
    Secondary Weapon-----------------------Sub-Machine Gun
    Grenade Slots--------------------------2 Slots
    Special Items--------------------------LAW (Must Be Purchased)
    Speed----------------------------------Medium to Slow
    Armor----------------------------------Medium or Heavy
     Heavy Gunner
    The Heavy Gunner is slow but packs a large punch. The Gunner's primary 
    weapon is the machine gun. These guns are good for close to mid-range 
    combat and can penetrate various materials. The Heavy Gunner is also 
    equipped with a secondary shotgun. This extra weapon gives the gunner 
    more offensive options in battle. 
    Advantages- Machine guns, good armor, variety of weapons, highest 
    income, can carry 2 heavy weapons on pick-up
    Disadvantages- Slow, expensive weapons
    Primary Weapon-------------------------Machine Gun
    Secondary Weapon-----------------------Shotgun
    Grenade Slots--------------------------3 Slots
    Special Items--------------------------None
    Speed----------------------------------Medium to Slow
    Armor----------------------------------Medium or Heavy
    *Intel. Officer
    The intelligence officer does not engage in actual combat, but rather 
    collects information from the team and provides combat strategies as the 
    mission unfolds. The intelligence officer is able to view the action 
    through a system of 4 selected monitors. The primary monitor is the 
    largest of the 4 views and displays full motion video. Members of the 
    intelligence officer's team are viewable through his monitor system. 
    Enemy soldiers may also appear on the intelligence officer's screen if 
    they are in range of the recon's LSD.
    Cameras- any of the monitors can be used to view the game through 
    various cameras to which the intelligence officer has access. Each in-
    game player is equipped with a small personal camera. The intelligence 
    officer only has access to his teammate's cameras and cannot get any 
    signal from the enemy team. In some missions, there may also be a system 
    of security cameras to which the intelligence officer has access. His 
    team must acquire control of these cameras in order for these cameras to 
    be of use. To acquire control of a camera press spacebar or if you 
    changed it the "Use" button.
    Waypoints- The intelligence officer has the ability to place numbered 
    waypoints on the map. These waypoints are represented on the players' 
    compass, and can be used to regroup or to guide players to important 
    elements in the missions.
    Advantages- never dies, provides enemy location and strategy
    Disadvantages- No cash acquired, never shoots a gun!
    *Please note that Intelligence Officer can be played only in multiplayer 
    games. It is unavailable in single player. It is seen on the top right 
    of the character select screen. Displayed as a rectangular box and not a 
    human character. I would advise not to be an Intel Officer though. I was 
    playing once and someone tried to guide me and he ended saying things 
    like "NO! Not THAT way!" and "Oh GOOD job there!" IMHO, I think it's a 
    very boring job because you don't get to shoot people. The game's not 
    just about shooting, but you just have to shoot a gun ^_^
    1.4 Salary
    Every job needs a salary right? In Global Operations you get paid to do 
    various things. Whether it's killing someone or healing someone you will 
    get money. Every job or class receives money in their own unique way, 
    but each of them will receive these bonuses no matter what:
    Eliminating an Enemy----------------------------*Varies
    Assisting in Eliminating an Enemy---------------$250
    Rescuing a Hostage------------------------------$750
    Touching a Hostage------------------------------$150
    Killing a Hostage(if on rescue team)------------Lose $900
    Killing a Hostage(if on prevention team)--------Lose $750
    Winning a Level---------------------------------$4000
    Losing a Level----------------------------------$3000
    Staying Alive-----------------------------------$150/30 seconds
    Bonus for level losses--------------------------$250/per loss(3 is max)
    *Eliminating an enemy is random. It depends on how much health the 
    player had before he died, where he could have been shot, what gun was 
    used, and kill/death ratio. Most of the time you won't even notice 
    yourself getting money because you'll be more concentrated on the game. 
    Letting your eyes drift off for a mere 5 seconds may result in death. 
    Trust me, I know =)
    In addition to getting money for killing enemies. Each class/job has its 
    own unique way of earning cash. It wouldn't be fair if Medics didn't get 
    paid to heal the wounded and it wouldn't be fair if Recons receive no 
    money from sharing data. Here's a list of the bonuses included for each 
    of the jobs:
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$2300
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$1150
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$300
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$1200
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$600
    Eliminate Enemy------------------------------------$200
    Teammate Kills an Enemy while you use LSD----------$150
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$3500
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$1750
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$200
    Killed an Enemy 30 Feet or Closer Near an Ally-----$100
    Killed an Enemy that was a Threat to VIP-----------$100
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$2300
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$1150
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$200
    Revive a Teammate or Heal Ally---------------------$200
    Heal a Teammate or Ally for 10(or less)------------$25
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$3500
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$1750
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$200
    Killed Enemy With Explosive------------------------$100
    Planting a Bomb------------------------------------$75
    Defusing a Bomb------------------------------------$75
      Heavy Gunner
    Initial Cash---------------------------------------$4100
    Respawn Cash---------------------------------------$2050
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$300
    Assist in Eliminating an Enemy---------------------$250
    Eliminate an Enemy---------------------------------$200
    Escaping From Capture------------------------------$500
    I am not quite clear on why VIP will get money when he kills an enemy in 
    a multiplayer game. VIPs cannot buy guns or use money for anything. It's 
    possible that the money is spread throughout the team members that are 
    protecting him, but other than that I don't know why he gets money. 
    1.5 Guns, Grenades and Specials
    Here's a rundown on the available advanced tools and weaponry. I've also 
    indicated a tilda (~) near my favorite gun out of the selections and the 
    upgrades I get with them that are a must have.
    *Name of Gun*
    Caliber: Bullet Type
    Clip Size: How many bullets
    Price: How much it costs
    Upgrades: Extras that are added to the gun ($Cost of Upgrade)
    Accuracy: Weapons aiming property
    Damage: Weapons strength
    Info: My opinion on the gun. If it's worth the money to buy.
    Handguns are the standard sidearms available to all player specialties.
    Beretta *92F*
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    Clip Size: 15 Rounds
    Price: $300
    Upgrades: Suppressor ($200)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Although it is the weakest gun with the lowest amount of bullets 
    it's the cheapest. I personally love the Berreta(Devil May Cry ^_^) and 
    buy it as a sidearm. A few good shots to the head will be sure victory.
    Glock *18C*  
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    Clip Size: 19 Rounds
    Price: $350
    Upgrades: Extended Clip ($350), Tac Light ($75)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Possibly better than the Beretta, but I buy these on rare 
    occasions. I see many people use them though because the extra 4 clips 
    could help out greatly. This pistol also has an exteneded clip allowing 
    it to be more useful, but quite costly. Instead of buying the extended 
    clip you should spend your $700 on the Magnum. Much better!
    Para *P14* 
    Caliber: .45
    Clip Size: 14 Rounds
    Price: $450
    Upgrades: Laser Sight ($300), Suppressor ($200)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: This is my "gun" What I mean by this is that I use this very 
    often. It's the cheapest gun that can do Medium damage and 2 good shots 
    to the head can kill someone. I buy this one 75% of the time I start out 
    a game.
    HK *USP45* 
    Caliber: .45 ACP
    Clip Size: 12 Rounds
    Price: $500
    Upgrades: Suppressor ($200), Tac Light ($75)
    Accuracy: High 
    Damage: Medium
    FN *Five SeveN* 
    Caliber: 5.7 X 28mm
    Clip Size: 20 Rounds
    Price: $575
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Sig *SP2340* 
    Caliber: .357 SIG
    Clip Size: 12 Rounds
    Price: $600
    Upgrades: Tac Light ($75)
    Accuracy: High 
    Damage: Medium
    Colt ~Anaconda~ 
    Caliber: .44 Magnum
    Clip Size: 6 Rounds
    Price: $750
    Upgrades: ~3x Scope ($300)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: VERY strong and accurate. When combined with the scope you may get 
    kills in one shot! This gun cannot load an extra bullet, but 6 shots is 
    more than enough to take someone out. This is the number one gun in 
    terms of money/damage ratio.
    IMI *Desert Eagle* 
    Caliber: .50 AE
    Clip Size: 7 Rounds
    Price: $975
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: For the $1000 it will cost you it will be worth your money. This 
    gun is very strong and reliable. In the right hands you may get 5 kills 
    before you even die! The money is a bit too high, and if you'd rather 
    use your $1000 for a Mahine gun or something else stronger it may be 
    wise. Picking one up wouldn't be a bad idea though!
    Demomen and heavy gunners typically carry shotguns as their secondary 
    Remington *870*
    Caliber: 12 Gauge Buckshot
    Shell Capacity: 6 Shells
    Price: $900
    Upgrade: Tac Light ($75) 
    Accuracy: Medium
    Damage: Low
    Info: Horrible! I would ignore this shotgun if possible! The reload is 
    done 1 shell at a time like a real shotgun. This is low in damage, 
    medium accuracy, and slow reload time. Compare this to the Magnum up on 
    top. For only $750 you get a gun that is high accuracy and damage, and a 
    quick reload time. Buy a pistol instead!
    Benelli *M1*
    Caliber: 12 Gauge Buckshot
    Shell Capacity: 5 Shells
    Price: $1100
    Upgrade: Tac Light ($75)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Damage: Medium
    Info: A bit better than the Remington 870, but still not worth the 
    money. I'd rather stay away from the first 2 shotguns because they're 
    not worth the money. Buy a pistol instead!
    Caliber: 12 Gauge Buckshot
    Shell Capacity: 6 Shells
    Price: $1675
    Upgrade: None
    Accuracy: Medium
    Damage: Medium
    Info: Much better! This shotgun is very strong and reliable. The reload 
    is much quicker than the other shotguns, but it's still a tiny bit 
    slower than a pistol. If you're picking a shotgun you should buy this 
    one or the next one.
    Caliber: 12 Gauge Buckshot
    Shell Capacity: 10 Rounds
    Price: $3000
    Upgrade: ~19 Round Drum Magazine ($875)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Damage: High
    Info: Can you say hell razer? This shotgun is the best of the best. It's 
    reload time is very quick, like a pistol. The damage is extremely high 
    and accuracy is more accurate than it says. Used in close range you can 
    take people out in a bunch. I once mowed down 6 people with this bunched 
    together! The shotgun fires like a machine gun, but with shells! VERY 
    deadly in the hands of a master.
    Machine Guns 
    Machine guns are the primary weapon of the heavy gunner.
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    Clip Size: 100 Rounds
    Price: $3625
    Upgrades: 200 Round upgrade ($950)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Cheapest machine gun on sale. This machine gun is good, but I stay 
    away from this because the next one is much better. If you start out as 
    a Heavy Gunner I'd buy a shotgun instead, but it's really your choice.
    Stoner ~96~
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    Clip Size: 100 Rounds
    Price: $4250
    Upgrades: ~3x Scope ($425), ~200 Round upgrade ($950)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: My favorite of all the machine guns. It has the ability to scope 
    and this is very useful in certain spots. It's accuracy is good, and 
    damage is fair. I would choose this out of the other machine guns.
    HK *21E*
    Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    Clip Size: 100 Rounds
    Price: $5600
    Upgrades: 200 Round upgrade ($950)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: An "okay" machine gun, but that may be saying too much. This 
    machine gun has high damage, but it shoots and bounces around so you 
    never actually hit your desired target. In my opinion it stinks because 
    I hate guns that do spread shots. Try out the FAL and you'll see what I 
    mean by spread shot. Avoid this and by the next one.
    Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    Clip Size: 100 Rounds
    Price: $6425
    Upgrades: 200 Round upgrade ($950)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: Unlike the HK 21E this gun doesn't go out of control. Your shots 
    won't boucne around and it's accuracy is great. Because of the money it 
    needs plus an upgrade you probably won't want to buy this. Most of the 
    time I pick machine guns up on the floor. I'd advise you to upgrade 
    armor and buy the Stoner 96 instead.
    Sub-Machine Guns
    The Recon specialty carries a sub-machine gun as their primary weapon. 
    Commandos use the sub-machine gun as their secondary weapon.
    IMI *Micro Uzi*
    Caliber: 9x19mm 
    Clip Size: 32 Rounds
    Price: $750
    Upgrades: Suppressor ($300)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Crappy crap crap. Although it carries 32 clips it stinks! It's 
    possible to shoot someone with the whole 32 clips and not kill them. Buy 
    the Magnum instead!
    HK *MP5KPDW*
    Caliber: 9x19mm 
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $900
    Upgrades: Suppressor ($300), Double Clip ($375), 3x Scope ($350)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Like the Uzi it stinks. I would avoid this gun and buy a pistol 
    instead. You can try it if you want, but I bet you'll toss it once you 
    see its' "suckiness"
    Beretta *12S*
    Caliber: 9x19mm 
    Clip Size: 20 Rounds
    Price: $1100
    Upgrades: Tac Light ($75), 3x Scope ($325), Extended Clip ($450)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: This is a pretty decent machine gun if you're low on cash. I 
    wouldn't buy the extended clip though. buy this gun if you're low on 
    money. Otherwise buy a different one.
    HK *UMP45*
    Caliber: .45 ACP 
    Clip Size: 25 Rounds
    Price: $1425
    Upgrades: Suppressor ($200), Tac Light ($75), 3x Scope ($400)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: This machine gun is worth it's money. The high damage/high 
    accuracy is useful for only $1450. This is the sub-machine gun you want 
    to buy. Don't buy any of the lower level ones. Start looking from here 
    HK *MP5/10*
    Caliber: 10 mm 
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $1700
    Upgrades: Tac Light ($75), 3x Scope ($400), Suppressor ($200)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: Possible tied at first place sub-machine-wise. Although, there 
    arne't very many good sub-machine guns ;) This should always be picked 
    up if you're very accurate in shooting.
    FN ~P90~
    Caliber: 5.7x28mm 
    Clip Size: 50 Rounds
    Price: $2275
    Upgrades: ~Suppressor ($200), Laser Light ($300)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: A little too expensive for my taste. If I have a lot fo extra cash 
    I'll buy this one. I wish it were a bit cheaper because I like this gun. 
    The only downside to this gun is the cost. If you're playing as a recon 
    it'll be ahrd to purchase. Buy this if you have extra cash!
    Assault Rifles
    Assault Rifles are the primary weapons of the Commando and the Medic
    ~AK 47~
    Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $1975
    Upgrades: ~5x Scope ($500)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: Although being the cheapest assault rifle it packs a punch. The AK 
    47 is something you will want when you think you're low on cash. It's 
    very worth your money and can easily kill people. I would choose this 
    over many assault rifles so try it out!
    *Olympic Arms M4 Carbine*
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $2500
    Upgrades: 5x Scope ($575), Suppressor ($225), 100 Round C-Mag ($1750)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: This rifle says it has a low damage ratio, but I think it's 
    actually medium. THis assault rifle is pretty good, but I'd rather stick 
    with the AK 47. I wouldn't spend money to upgrade this and get the Round 
    C-Mag. It pumps your clip size to 100, but at the cost of $1750 and 
    $2500 to buy the rifle, I'd stick with the HK G36 instead.
    FN *FAL*
    Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    Clip Size: 20 Rounds
    Price: $2800
    Upgrades: 5x Scope ($600)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: This rifle is very powerful, but very weird. Each shot will cause 
    the gun to jump around and bounce making your aiming a bit off if you 
    plan on using it for its rapid fire ability. I tend to use this for 
    short burst. Just shoot 2-5 bullets and pause for 2 seconds and then 
    shoot again. You'll have to experiment with this, but I personally like 
    it because I've gotten use to the sloppy aiming.
    Sig *SG550*
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $3150
    Upgrades: 5x Scope ($575), Double Clip ($375)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: A powerful and reliable gun. I don't see why they categorized this 
    as medium damage. It should be high because I can mow down many people 
    with this. The DOuble CLip will only cost you $375 and that's close to 
    nothing if you're playing as a Commando. If you have extra cash you 
    should buy this gun for sure!
    HK *G36*
    Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    Clip Size: 30 Rounds
    Price: $4250
    Upgrades: 100 Round C-Mag ($1750)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: This assault rifle is costly, but may be worth your cash. I tend 
    to stay away from this only because the Sig SG550 is $1100 cheaper and I 
    think saving my money for the HK G11 will be worth the wait. Once in 
    awhile I'll pick it up, but usually I take the other 2. The assault 
    rifles are too good to choose between them, so experiment with each.
    HK ~G11~
    Caliber: 4.73x33 Caseless
    Clip Size: 45 Rounds
    Price: $6500
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: OMG! This weapon is the weapon of all weapons. It automatically 
    comes with a 5x Scope free of charge. On top of that it can hold 45 
    rounds and has an extremely high damage. This is the weapon of choice if 
    you manage to get enough money to purchase it. The only real downside to 
    this gun is that the gun moves up when you shoot a bullet. Sorry but I 
    forgot the word for it. It moves up pretty high when you do it, so you 
    have to get used to the gun, but once you do you'll be the Human Slayer 
    in the game.
    Sniper Rifles
    Remington *710*
    Caliber: .270 Winchester
    Clip Size: 4 Rounds
    Price: $2800
    Upgrades: 12x Scope ($750)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Well, for a basic sniping gun it's alright. Sometimes a shot in 
    the head won't exactly kill someone, but at least you can injure them 
    extremely bad. It's highly recommended that you buy the 12x Scope so you 
    can use it at it's fullest. On top of that you'll have to go abck to 
    your normal vision for every shot you take. This is a major set back 
    since you have to push the secondary button to zoom back in. I would 
    rather play as a Heavy Gunner or Commando to save up money for a better 
    sniping gun though.
    HK *PSG1*
    Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    Clip Size: 5 Rounds
    Price: $3750
    Upgrades: G-1 Extended Clip($550)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Low
    Info: Although having an extended clip it's almost similar to the 
    Remington 710. Again, I would rather spend my money elsewhere and wait 
    for the last 2 sniping guns. You can try it out, but it's too tacky for 
    my tastes.
    ~Dragunov SVD~
    Caliber: 7.62x54
    Clip Size: 10 Rounds
    Price: $4525
    Upgrades: ~10x Scope($750)
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Medium
    Info: Ah, this is "my gun". I always use this sniping gun because I 
    always have. Probably because it sounds like Dragon too since I love 
    dragons. Anyways, this sniping gun is a bit better. You won't have to go 
    out of your zoom so you can easily finish off people. Every hit to the 
    head is a sure kill. I've probably killed 150 people with this sniping 
    gun and I've probably failed 149 of the times. This one is me Old 
    Caliber: .50 BMG
    Clip Size: 5 Rounds
    Price: $7350
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: High
    Info: Being the msot expensive sniping gun it's the best. I tend to stay 
    away from this only because of the high cost. If I find one ont he floor 
    I use it though. The reason why you can't buy an extra scope for it is 
    because it comes with a 12x Scope already inputted in! Maybe it's worth 
    the money, but usually I'd just play as a pumped up Heavy GUnner with 
    $7350 in my pocket. It's your choice, but I don't like this gun. I 
    prefer my Dragon gun ;)
    Specialty Equipment
    Specialty Equipment ranges from a variety.
    ~Grenade Launcher~
    Caliber: 40mm Grenade
    Clip Size: 1
    Price: $3575
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: High
    Damage: Very High
    Used By: Purchased by Demoman only
    Info: Sure the cost is expensive, but it's worth it. It's clip size is 
    one, and it can reload 5 times. Giving you 6 grenades in total.  It's 
    easy to get multiple kills with this.
    (Note: Make sure to only use at a distance because it's very easy to get 
    injured or end up killing yourself)
    Type: Rocket
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $4655
    Upgrades: None
    Accuracy: Unspecified
    Damage: Very High
    Used By: Purchased by Commando only
    (Note: Make sure to only use at long distances because it's very easy to 
    get injured or end up killing yourself)
    ~Remote C4~
    Type: C4 Explosive
    Quantity: 3
    Price: $625
    Accuracy: Unspecified
    Damage: High
    Used By: Purchased by Demoman only
    (Note: You can place more then one Remote C4 out at a time by placing 
    one down and pressing the Secondary Button)
    *Timed C4*
    Type: C4 Explosive
    Quantity: 3
    Price: $1025
    Accuracy: Unspecified
    Damage: Very High
    Used By: Purchased by Demoman only
    (Note: Press '/; to increase/decrease timer by one-second)
    *Flash Grenade*
    Type: Flash Bang
    Quantity: 2
    Price: $250
    Accuracy: Varies on how long "Shoot" button is held.
    Damage: Low
    Used By: Purchasable by any job
    *Frag Grenade*
    Type: Fragmentation
    Quantity: 2
    Price: $275
    Accuracy: Varies on how long "Shoot" button is held. 
    Damage: High
    Used by: Purchasable by any job
    *Smoke Grenade*
    Type: Smoke
    Quantity: 2
    Price: $200
    Accuracy: Varies on how long "Shoot" button is held.
    Damage: None
    Used By: Purchasable by any job
    ~Gas Grenade~
    Type: Tear Gas
    Quantity: 2
    Price: $350
    Accuracy: Varies on how long "Shoot" button is held.
    Damage: None
    Used By: Purchasable by any job
    *Gas Mask*
    Type: Headgear
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $450
    Used By: Purchasable by any job
    (Note: Limits view when being used)
    *Night Vision*
    Type: Goggles
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $450
    Used by: Purchasable by any job
    (Note: Gun shots sometimes flash so much that it can blind you for a 
    small amount of time)
    ~Thermal Vision~
    Type: Goggles
    Quantity: 1
    Price: $875
    Used by: Purchasable by any job
    (Note: Can run out of battery power and gun shots sometimes flash so 
    much that it blinds you for a small amount of time)
    2.0 Walkthrough
    Finally! Here it is! There are 2 campaigns. The only difference is that 
    in Campaign 2 you're on the other team's side. So you'll get the jobs 
    that are a bit harder. Also, there are 3 levels of difficulty to play on 
    which are: Easy, Normal, and Hard. I suggest starting on Normal. Why? 
    Easy is way too easy. If you're an experienced first person shooter you 
    should go to Normal. Something that really pisses me off when I play is 
    Frag Grenades. Your allies will throw them like crazy (Damn that Private 
    Kong! ^_^). Most of the time you'll find yourself dieing from your own 
    allies' hands and not your enemies hands. Your solution to this? I would 
    just kill your teammates if they have possession of a grenade. Plus, you 
    can pick up their gun. It's cruel and all, but you're the main player. 
    Don't expect your AI'S to do much work. This is all you; so having a 
    good gun is much better with you rather than your AI partner. Here's a 
    brief description on how the difficulties actually are:
    Easy Level- Your enemies will play as a take turn shooting. If 2 are 
    face-to-face one will shoot, and then they'll wait to be shot once. This 
    pattern repeats until one of them is dead. So it's like "Hey Nazi, you 
    shoot me once and wait. Then I'll shoot you once and then afterwards we 
    can have tea and crumpets!" Pretty sad huh? What's even sadder is that 
    the enemy will wait around 5-10 seconds if they see you and then start 
    to shoot you. I easily racked up $15000 by taking headshots. They just 
    sit there and give you 5 seconds to aim and take off their head. They 
    also have horrible accuracy and reflexes. I remember following them at 
    times for nearly 30 seconds. You can just run around their bodies and 
    they'll never hit you. Stand right up in their face and see how many 
    shots it takes to get hit. I bet it'll be 2 or 3. That means it takes 
    them around 30 seconds to make one hit off you. If I could I'd change 
    Easy and call it Blind Man's Level!
    Normal Level- This level is what I recommend for players. You won't 
    learn how to do the shoot/hide technique on Easy. The enemies won't 
    really wait for you. Once they see you they may delay for a second or 
    two but they'll try to actually be aggressive. They will still throw 
    grenades at you on this level and even more so. Basically to survive 
    you'll have to learn how to crouch over ledges and peak down towards 
    enemies. You need to learn how to peek behind a wall and hide back. You 
    basically want be unseen and play stealth so you can get the first hit. 
    I recommend using a Recon because you will know where the enemy is and 
    can Circle Around Back. Once you have a feel on how the AI'S play you 
    can go without a Recon.
    Hard Level- This is very hard and requires a lot of skill. Enemies will 
    almost always know when to expect you. It is hard to play this without 
    being a Recon because you can easily die. Especially in dark areas 
    because they'll see you clearly and you may have a hard time finding 
    them. This is a no hold back level. Your shots have to count and your 
    brain needs to be used. You have to work on moving on the battlefield 
    and shooting at the same time. No more stand in one place, aim, and 
    shoot. You always want to be moving. Standing still will leave you dead 
    if you're not careful. A good way to survive is to let your teammates do 
    a little fighting with the enemy. After they fight they'll most likely 
    be dead, but weapons are scattered all over the battlefield. Just go 
    pick one up instead of buying one. This way you can start with the 
    strongest armor possible and possibly Thermo Goggles. Also, if you play 
    Heavy Gunner or Commando just upgrade your armor and take a Thermo Gog 
    with you. When the game start just knife your Commando or Heavy Gunner 
    AI because they'll have a pretty decent weapon. I think you lose around 
    $900 for killing an AI but you've just spent all your money on armor and 
    thermo gogs, so you get a free gun ^_^
    Campaign 1
    Mission # - Location
    1) Your first objective to complete
    2) Your second objective to complete
    Difficulty: How hard the level is
    Recommended Job: My job of choice
    Mission Brief: A lowdown on what is happening in the mission
    This next paragraph is my guidance for completion. Words in caps are 
    related to the mission, so if you want to know what to do just look for 
    the words in caps. They'll help you find out what to do if you decide 
    not to go through a thorough walkthrough.
    *These stars are big tips that will help you win if you don't want to 
    read the paragraph.
    Mission 1 - Mexico
    1) Blow up Targets
    2) Plant the Bomb
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Recommended Job: Demoman
    Mission Brief: In answer to growing pressure from the US Drug 
    Enforcement Agency, Mexican authorities have sharply stepped up their 
    efforts to limit the northward flow of narcotics. An anonymous tip 
    submitted to the local police has resulted in the deployment of the 
    Mexican Army, armed with a large C4 explosive device, to the suspected 
    base of operations for the Gallardo Cartel, where a drug shipment is 
    being loaded onto trucks for crossing the border.
    This mission is your first and quite simple mission. This will give you 
    a taste of Global Operations. Allow your AI teammates to go ahead of 
    you. If you hear gunfire, then you know that you'll expect enemies. The 
    key is to use your AI'S as decoys to detect where enemies are. Allow 
    them to go ahead and you follow. All you have to do is plant a C4 
    explosive near or on the truck and guard it until it blows up. To do 
    this follow your teammates until you are right in front of that palace 
    type building. On the left you'll see that the enemies come from that 
    direction. The truck is over there. If you get lost just kill all your 
    enemies and follow your AIs, because they will always know where to go. 
    If you're a Demoman you can set a Timed C4 on 1 second and place it on 
    the truck. You'll kill yourself, but you'll blow up the truck. My 
    alternate way is to kill the enemies. My AIs set the C4 for me; all I 
    had to do is get the kills. Mission completed! 
    *Use your headshots for quick kills!
    Mission 2 - Chechnya
    1) Destroy Mobile Anti-aircraft Guns (MAG)
    2) Eliminate Commander Gradeno 
    Difficulty: Very Easy 
    Recommended Job: Sniper or Heavy Gunner
    Mission Brief: An aggressive campaign launched by the Russian Army has 
    forced the Caspian Freedom Force to retreat to a barricaded outpost deep 
    in the Caucasus Mountains. The Russians are coordinating an ambitious 
    ground attack to disable 2 anti-aircraft weapons that have protected the 
    rebel stronghold for some time. The rebels have sworn to keep the anti-
    aircraft weaponry ready and functioning at all costs.
    Remember that you can always just concentrate on kills and allow your 
    AI'S to finish the mission for you. This is your first mission that has 
    a large battlefield, which allows excellent sniping guns to be put to 
    use. Your first mission is to destroy the MAG. When the mission begins 
    take a good look at it. You may destroy it with a grenade or with C4. 
    When the mission starts just head forward down the path. Don't go the 
    way that ends up with a train in the middle of the road. Take the long 
    route and eventually you'll see the first MAG. Blow it up, and you have 
    only one more to go. Now backtrack your way to the beginning and head 
    towards the train. Odds are that some gun firing is taking place here. 
    You want to be on the left side of the train and find the first opening 
    on the left. The last MAG is located here so blow it up and an air 
    strike will be called. I'm not sure if it is here, because when I play 
    either my AIs get to it first or when in multiplayer my team does it for 
    me. I apologize for this, but you can let your AIs blow them up for you. 
    When the air strike is called though you can gain access to that 
    mountain area from before. Now you don't have to try and climb it. Go 
    into the warehouse and look for a man that's carrying an AK 47. He'll 
    look differently than the others. Kill him and you'll complete this 
    mission. Piece of cake if you let your AIs work for you ;)
    *Watch out for Snipers
    *Gradeno can kill you in a few hits
    Mission 3 - Canada
    1) Recapture the VIP
    2) Lead VIP to Extraction Point 
    Difficulty: Very Easy 
    Recommended Job: Recon or Commando
    Mission Brief: An incarcerated member of the Turkish Defense League has 
    been broken out of confinement and authorities suspect those responsible 
    for the breakout are the North American arm of the TDL. Authorities are 
    hot on the trail of the TDL with the intent to recapture the prisoner. 
    Meanwhile, the TDL is racing against time to deliver him to a secret 
    safety zone where authorities believe he may be returned to Turkey.
    This mission will take timing. Start off by buying a Frag Grenade and a 
    weapon of choice. Run up the hill ahead of you, and you should fall onto 
    a car. A tunnel is straight ahead of you so go through it. Once done you 
    turn left and head through the train's opening and take another left. 
    Take a right around the corner to access the Park area, but not through 
    the sewer access. Go up the hill and look northeast. Right as you get 
    close to this turn the enemy will pop out so you can expect them. If you 
    ran all this way without any stops they should arrive there when you do. 
    Make sure you pull out that Frag Grenade and throw it over there. Pull 
    out your gun and shoot the ones that didn't die. Pick up their guns and 
    push the "Use" button on Gorran (VIP) so he follows you. If your 
    teammates are behind tell them to Go Go Go! You want as much backup as 
    possible. As you go down the tunnel you may see a Sniper in a little 
    vent area. Throw your last Frag Grenade at him and that should finish 
    him off. Continue down this tunnel until you see a large truck. By this 
    time you should expect all of the enemies you fragged with a Grenade to 
    appear near the truck. Pull out one of the guns you picked up and try to 
    kill them all without dieing. You may also go around the truck, because 
    your AIs will fight them. Go up the street and make a left now. You 
    should see a van that looks similar on the Objective screen. Stand next 
    to it so Gorran will run into it. You've just completed this mission! 
    *Don't leave the VIP alone
    *Pick up guns that are dropped and get the best armor available
    Mission 4 - USA
    1) Prevent Bomb Planting
    2) Diffuse Bomb
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Recommended Job: Demoman
    Mission Brief: Intelligence reports have uncovered a plan by the leftist 
    group known as the Black River Brigade to shut down the electrical power 
    grid of the western United States by attacking the Keerok Dam. United 
    States government officials say that any loss of power at the plant 
    would be calamitous. SWAT forces are on the scene and have pledged to 
    stop them at all costs.
    This mission is a very difficult one at hand. Your objective is to kill 
    the Brigade so that they don't plant the BOMB near the power generators. 
    If they do however, you must diffuse the bomb. To defuse a BOMB you can 
    learn in the Demo Training for more specific steps. Once you locate the 
    BOMB on one of the power generators press the "Use" button to have a 
    choice between 3 strips. Cut the wrong one and you're dead! Demomen can 
    defuse bombs faster so I highly recommend that you be one. You can 
    always try and kill all the Brigades and let your AI'S do it. This may 
    be the best choice.
    *Head for the power generator ASAP and diffuse the bomb!
    Mission 5 - Argentina
    1) Prevent Theft of Cross
    2) Prevent Extraction of Cross
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Recommended Job: Heavy Gunner, Sniper
    Mission Brief: Argentina's National Museum officials say they are on 
    schedule for the grand opening of a highly anticipated showing of 
    Argentinean medieval art and religious artifacts despite growing 
    concerns about thievery. The Nino's Cross, one of the collection's most 
    esteemed pieces, has highly symbolic meaning to some fanatical Argentine 
    leftist groups. Argentina's official Special Forces unit, Las Fuerzas 
    Especiales, has stepped up security around the museum, fearing that 
    thieves might attempt to commandeer the famous artifact.
    When you start out head towards the gray screen doors and open them up. 
    Head up the stairs in front of you and you'll see about 3 guys come out. 
    Blast these guys right away and get ready for another 2. Once you finish 
    these guys off call for a Medic to get healed. Pick up their guns and 
    kill them once they get down again. Repeat this until the mission ends. 
    It's possible that the bad guys can run down the other side of stairs so 
    be on your toes! If they happen to break through the security just head 
    back behind where you respawn. The building behind here is the location 
    of the CROSS. Find the room of CROSS (it has the big holy man in it) and 
    stay in there to guard it.
    *Don't let the enemy get pass the stairs position
    *Armor is your first priority
    *Repeatedly call Medic!
    Mission 6 - Peru
    1) Rescue Hostages
    2) Deliver Hostages to Extraction Point
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Job: Heavy Gunner
    Mission Brief: The Peruvian Hostage crisis continues into its fifth day 
    with no end in sight. The Peruvian Revolutionary Front has released all 
    but six security personal that are believed to be imprisoned in the 
    auxiliary wing of residence. The PRF is negotiating its demands with the 
    Peruvian government and has stated that the hostages shall not be harmed 
    but their safety cannot be guaranteed in any sort of armed conflict with 
    government forces.
    This mission is fairly quick and easy. It's hard to navigate around 
    because the area has VERY many paths and doorways. I'll show you what I 
    do. When you start buy either a Desert Eagle or a USAS12. Head to the 
    left and into the building. Keep going and take a left when you see 2 
    doorways. Continue down and don't take any turns. Once you hit the end 
    of the hall take a right and peer to the left. In this area you should 
    see all the enemies. The HOSTAGES are in that room, so eliminate them 
    quickly and bring a hostage out. HEad to the cars in the corner and they 
    will be rescued. Repeat this until you win. The mission is very easy 
    because your AIs will save them fast.
    *A good defense is a good offense. Have strong armor!
    *Pick up a hostage and get the heck out
    Mission 7 - Uganda
    1) Rescue Hostages
    2) Call Aircraft for Extraction
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Job: Commando or Heavy Gunner
    Mission Brief: The hijacking of an Israeli military jet by the Marxist 
    Popular Army and its subsequent emergency landing at the international 
    airport at Entebbe, Uganda has resulted in the demanded release of 
    political prisoners in France in exchange for the lives of 6 Israeli 
    army officers being held hostage. Intelligence reports indicate that the 
    Ugandan Army is supporting the MPA. The Israeli elite force known as 
    Sayert Matkal has been deployed to launch a surprise counter attack to 
    liberate the hostages.
    I'm sorry, but due to the fact that this stage does not work on my 
    computer I cannot write a guide for this stage. My computer freezes when 
    I start to go inside the area where the hostages are. What I do in 
    single player is let my AIs do the work for me. I hang around in the 
    middle and kill guys as they come by. I've heard from other players that 
    this stage is Very Easy, and I doubt you would need any help in this 
    stage. If you know how to use your gun you'll be all right.
    Seems that we have a contributor! Congrats to Jurgen Depuydt for the 
    walkthrough of Uganda. I'll just paste on what he e-mailed me:
    "At the start of the Uganda mission, look behind you where the radio is 
    against the far wall 
    and see one of your AI's operating it. Now face the Chainwall again and 
    look to the left where 
    you see a light. Behind the corner enter the door, (mind the step!) and 
    head up the ladder to 
    your left. Go through the open window and get to the end of the hall. 
    Head outside but watch out 
    coz the enemy is here when you get there. Cross the container yard and 
    enter the door with the 
    spotlight above it. Inside go left and then right. Go straight ahead to 
    the end of the hall and 
    when outside go left. You should now see the 747. Head inside the door 
    on the left next to the 
    red container. This is the hangar with the hostages. Get a hostage to 
    follow you and move outside. 
    There is a small staircase outside. Get inside and head right. You 
    should recognize yourself 
    in here coz this is the hall where you have been before. Now head the 
    way you came in the 
    opposite direction. Move outside into the cargobay of the Israeli C130 
    *Start off by calling the helicopter down
    *Don't let the enemies get near the chopper. Gunfire will cause it to 
    escape into the air!
    *Note* Anyone who is willing to submit a full walkthrough for this 
    mission will be credited!
    Mission 8 - Antarctica
    1) Obtain PRO-C5
    2) Prevent Theft of JX3
    Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Job: Recon
    Misssion Brief: An armed group has breached the Krongen Corporation 
    Biotech Research Facility in Antarctica and stolen a miracle vaccine 
    known as PRO-C5. In response, the Krongen Corporation has been guarding 
    their best known invention, a propietary genome-sequeuncing machine 
    known as the JX3, against the attackers. The Krongen Corporation 
    Security Force is attmepting to reacquire the PRO-C5 samples while the 
    attackers are simultaneously trying to also steal the JX3.
    Start by heading backwards up the little staircase. Once you head 
    through that first door take a right and go forward and exit out of the 
    building. COntinue forward pass this gas tank. This will explode so 
    don't stadn by it during a fight! Move forward until you see a little 
    entrance made by a tiny shack. You should expect people to come out by 
    now so get ready to fight. Eliminate them and try not to die. This 
    little building area will be a battlefield because everyone will always 
    be in or near here. If you wish to avoid fighting circle around back if 
    you must! Once out of the shack head intot he enemies base. Take the 
    right entrance and head through the hangar/garage type door. A sniper 
    may be here so be on guard! After passing through this area your LSD 
    will come in handy. Enemies may be scattered around or they may not. 
    Locating the PRO-C5 is not that wasy and hard to explain, but look 
    around carefully to find it. Once you locate it you can pick it up.Oh 
    great! You Picked up the PRO-C5, but now you can't use a gun. You switch 
    to a gun, knife, or even your LSD and you'll drop the PRO-C5! You need 
    to drop your PRO-C5 once in awhile and use your LSD to see if you're 
    being followed. This mission may be boring but slowly backtrack to your 
    beginning area. Once back in your base return the PRO-C5 to the 
    scientific lab area behindthe glass and you're done! This is more boring 
    than fun, but hey! You finished!
    *You will drop the PRO-C5 if you switch to anything. Be careful!
    *Knowing where your enemy is will help you stay alive in here.
    *Concentrate on the objective. Let the AIs fight.
    Mission 9 - Columbia
    1) Eliminate Drug Lord
    Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Job: Sniper, Heavy Gunner, or Commando
    Misssion Brief: In Columbia, the symbiotic relationship between drug 
    cartels and anti-government groups has been the root of many political 
    problems. Answering a formal request for assistance, the United States 
    has sent the US Special Forces with a plan to infiltrate the private 
    residence of a preeminent Colombian drug cartel boss and eliminate him. 
    The revolutionary group protecting the cartel has pledged to defend 
    their employer with armed force, if necessary.
    This mission is at ngiht so Night/Thermo Vision is a must have! A good 
    trick is to try and focus on kills for 4-5 minutes so you can rack up 
    money. Just get yourself killed a few times so you can get tons of cash. 
    Start by running straight forward. Pass through the gazel structure and 
    if you're playing Sniper just snipe 2-4 people and hug against the left 
    wall and move forward. If you're playing Heavy Gunner or Commando juse 
    hug against the wall and run forward as well. Eliminate any enemy that 
    gets in your way! Pick up guns and call for your Medic repeatedly! You 
    want to have a lot of health when facing the Drug Lord because the odds 
    are that he'll kill you at least once in this game! Your primary goal is 
    to scale the wall on the left side and shoot any enemies you see before 
    you. If you have at least 80 health or more continue forward and make 
    sure you use your radio commands! Tell everyone to GO! GO! GO! and lead 
    you inside. This is a great way for you to know where enemies are. Just 
    take a peek in and kill them while your AIs take hits. The DRUG LORD 
    should always be near you or your teammates trying to kill you. Don't 
    worry if he kills you because he will kill you AT LEAST ONCE! Just 
    respawn and quickly head back in. Try to pick up a strong Rifle or 
    Machine Gun to take out the DRUG LORD. He's very quick and can kill you 
    in a few hits so patience is the key in here!
    *Try getting lots of money first. Then go for the Drug Lord
    *Thermo/Night Vision is a necessity!
    *Your Medic is very useful in here. Call him repeatedly!
    Mission 10 - South China
    1) Activate Engines
    2) Take Control of The Bridge
    Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Job: Recon
    Misssion Brief: A recent  upswing in piracy in the South CHina Sea has 
    Australian Special Operations Forces working overtime to protect 
    freighters carrying valuable cargo. Intercepted radio transmissions 
    indicate that one vessel with a multi-million dollar payload has been 
    commandeered by a band of Singapore-based pirates. The ASOF are 
    determined to seize the bridge from the attackers.
    When you first start you may want to do the cash acquiring cheat. Just 
    play as a Heavy Gunner until you get around $7500. Once done you should 
    buy a P90 equipped with a silencer, Medium Armor, and 2 Frag Grenades. 
    Keep foollowing the path and don't take any turns. Go under a dark pass 
    and veer to the right. Go down the stairs and head left passing 2 
    intersections. On the 2nd head left and you should see 2 doors on each 
    side of the wall. In each of these rooms are the ENGINES. Turn them on 
    all on to activate the engines. Now you have to be as quick as possible 
    to get to the top because if the ENGINES are off you have to go back and 
    run them on before taking control of the bridge. A good thing to do is 
    get killed so you can start fresh full of equipment, but it's your 
    choice. Head back upstairs and depending which way you took you'll go up 
    a set of stairs. You may see someone with an AK 47 shooting, but you 
    cannot kill him! He's one of the special characters that help the enemy 
    out. Basically, just head all the way up to the top killing anyone in 
    your way(LSD is useful here). When you get to the bridge throw in a few 
    Frag grenades. Once you get to the top head into the bridge and you 
    should see a red button or switch near the sterring wheel. Just hold the 
    "Use" button until that aqua bar gets filled up. Once it's filled you're 
    done! ACTIVATING THE BRIDGE is actually pretty easy, but some guys could 
    be around you so take them out first! This mission is kind of based on 
    luck because if there are a lot of guys guarding the bridge then you 
    might have to start all over. Don't panic, patience is the key.
    *Speed is the key!
    *Try using Frag Grenades when you climb into the deck.
    Mission 11 - 
    Recommended Job: 
    Misssion Brief:
    This mission takes precision.
    Mission 12 - North Africa
    Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Job: Heavy Gunner, Medic
    Misssion Brief: A helicopter transporting a senior General in the East 
    Mamzique army has gone down in central North Africa. Initial reports 
    indicate that all passengers survived the crash, but armed members of 
    the Brokiiru Army Commandos are active in this area and UN officials 
    have expressed grave concern for the General's fate. A special UN armed 
    force is attempting to extract the leader to the nearby American 
    You need to move fast in this mission.
    2.1 Tips and Tricks
    In this section are tips and tricks that I've thought of or just 
    pointing out for obvious reasons. They help you get better at the game! 
    Any tips sent in will be placed in this FAQ and you'll be credited! Just 
    put down what you like to be called and I'll be glad to put it up. Some 
    things may seem a bit obvious, but when I first played I had no idea 
    that a Medic could heal himself! So here are some tips and tricks...
    General Tips
    *You can load an extra bullet in almost all the guns. The extra bullet 
    may be that matter of life or death. I think the only gun that cannot 
    have an extra bullet is the Magnum; so don't panic if it doesn't work.
    *It is always wise to Strafe left and right when you see a door. This 
    way you can easily peek out really quickly to see if harm's in your way. 
    If you happen to see someone try to strafe while crouched because odds 
    are that he's aiming for your mid-section like most players do. He won't 
    expect you to be tiny and crouching down. This'll allow a few hits off 
    him before he gets you!
    *Headshots, headshots, headshots. Did I mention you should go for 
    headshots? A pistol with Medium damage can kill someone in 1 hit if shot 
    accurately. I've gotten 7 kills before a death with a P14 pistol. I see 
    players constantly shooting machine guns like crazy. I can easily take 
    out a Heavy Gunner with a machine gun, and me armed with a pistol. 
    Headshots are the way to stay alive and bring in cash.
    *Pick up weapons! People always run past powerful weapons on the floor 
    when I play. If you see a good weapon pick it up! You never know if it's 
    still full.
    *When playing as a Demoman you can set C4 on vehicles and as someone 
    walks by just press the detonate button. The cars' explosion will kill 
    them with ease. A Grenade Launcher could be used as well. Experiment 
    with various objects. The gas tank in Sri Lanka can be blown up as well.
    *Don't commit suicide, or fall from a very high spot. When you commit 
    suicide you get no Respawn cash. Instead, you just keep the same amount 
    of money. Some people would ask for guns because they had $50. Keep in 
    mind that if you want to try and jump across a ledge the Medic, Recon, 
    and Sniper can jump farther since they have more speed and lighter 
    armor. Heavy Gunners, Demomen, and Commandos will most likely fall and 
    die more often.
    *In the game, if you run off of a fairly high cliff you may get hurt 
    around 5-10 health points. I noticed that when you stop and just walk 
    down and fall you would lose nothing. If you run off of a small ledge 
    you will be injured, but pausing will simply cause no harm on you. I 
    have tested this out myself. Try it in the Quebec stage. If you're 
    playing on the TDL side just run towards the "vent" and fall off that 
    small ledge. You'll lose a few health points, but try to walk off now. 
    You'll lose nothing! At times every bit of health may count.
    *Certain stages will appear dark or the lights will flash off at times. 
    A good way around this is to buy Thermo Goggles or Night Goggles. I 
    prefer the Thermo Goggles to Night Vision. Only a few stages are in the 
    dark, and Thermo Goggles allow you to spot enemies easily. I always buy 
    Thermo Goggles before a gun. If I can afford only Thermo Goggles, then I 
    find a gun in the battlefield. 
    *I usually position myself next to a doorway. When someone runs through 
    it they'll just run through it. They won't look back so I pelt them in 
    the head a few times for an easy kill. Try to hide in spots that you 
    think they'd never look at. Another example would be "near" their 
    respawn area. Notice I said "near" and not in it. Usually those VIPs 
    that have infinite bullets will be around the respawn place. Like on the 
    South China Sea there's a man on the north side of the boat that shoots 
    you and his name is appeared in a Grey color. You cannot kill him, but 
    he can kill you.
    *When playing as a Sniper you should occasionally check around your 
    area. I find at a lot of times Snipers just doing there sniping thing 
    and not knowing that I'm behind them. I usually shoot them a few times 
    in the head to get an easy kill. My advice for you Snipers is to keep a 
    Recon near you or find a REALLY good sniping area. Also, try sniping and 
    crouching. When I play Sniper I shoot 2 bullets and then duck down so I 
    don't get shot or possibly seen.
    *Personally, I like playing a Recon that can snipe. How do you do this? 
    First play as a Heavy Gunner and get killed so you can bring in the 
    cash. Once you have the minimum amount to buy your desired sniping gun 
    just switch to a Sniper and buy that gun. Once you're set find a place 
    to drop your gun that no one will think of going. Such as your respawn 
    area but way behind it in a corner. Drop your gun down and switch to a 
    Recon job. Finally, pick up your sniping gun. You're done! Find a high 
    place and use your LSD to track down suckers and snipe them as they walk 
    by. This is my favorite combo because I'm an expert sniper and with an 
    LSD I can expect when someone's coming. You can do this with other jobs 
    as well. Drop a machine gun, G. Launcher, or even C4! Experiment around 
    to get "mixed" jobs.
    Something you may not notice about healing is that sometimes you cannot 
    heal someone. THe reason for this is that overtime your wounded areas 
    cannot be healed any further. This adds a bit of realism to the game. 
    Your life bar consists of 3 colors. Red, Green, and Aqua. Red means that 
    you've been damaged and this is your damaged area. Green is  your actual 
    life. When it hits 0 you die. The aqua one is something everyone 
    mistakes for. The aqua areas are like scars, and scabs. You can't heal 
    them. If you get hit by something and waiot and watch your life bar 
    you'll notice the aqua color covering your red colors VERY SLOWLY. This 
    means that your health cannot be filled to max again. So medics can 
    technically live forever because they can cure themselves right away so 
    the aqua color does not take over their life.
    Single Player Tips
    *When you start your mission spend as much of your cash as possible. 
    When the game actually starts kill your Heavy Gunner or Commando and 
    pick up his gun. Since you have very low cash from buying armor and 
    other things you shouldn't lose much money for the kill ally penalty!
    *The best job to play on Normal or Hard is probably Recon. Why? He can 
    see where the enemies are ahead of time. The Recon on your team will 
    only use the Navigation system on the LSD. That means he's as useless as 
    a broken pencil.
    *Don't underestimate Thermo Goggles. They are pricey, but areas will 
    constantly go dark. With thermo goggles enemies will be seen in a bright 
    orangeish-yellow color so they're easier to spot. A sniper with thermo 
    goggles is the best combo.
    *Let your AIs do the work for you. The AIs will actually do the missions 
    for you as long as enemies are not within sight. If you go around and 
    kill all your enemies you can just sit back and let them do the work. 
    Basically, just kill kill kill. About 95% of the time this will work, so 
    this is a good alternative plan.
    *Don't be afraid to call out for a Medic abusively. The AIs will not 
    tell you to shut up. Try to memorize radio commands such as Medic, Need 
    Assistence, and Hold Position. The radio command can save your butt most 
    of the time. Don't be afraid to use it. Multiplayer is another thing 
    Multiplayer Tips
    *Try starting out as a Heavy Gunner, don't buy any weapons and get 
    killed. Why am I saying this? Heavy Gunner starts with $4100 and when he 
    dies he gets $2050. That's $6150, now you can play as a Recon with 
    $6150! All you had to do is sacrifice yourself. Think about it. The 
    enemy shot you for around $600 and you respawn with $2050. Isn't that a 
    fair deal? Just buy armor, thermo gogs, and the strongest weapon and get 
    some revenge now! ^_^
    *Never stand still! You're not playing against AI intelligence anymore. 
    If you stand still for even 2 seconds a sniper may get you! You don't 
    know when someone's watching over you. Also, constantly turn around and 
    check the back because it's possible someone saw you and is following 
    *If the round is about to end and you know the map won't switch then go 
    and pick up a few guns to keep. When the round restarts the ammo will be 
    filled, so if you picked up a really good gun you can use it next round! 
    You can even sell your weapons and get tons of cash. It's possible to 
    pick up enough guns to make $15000. If you happen to find any machine 
    guns you can make big bucks!
    *Talk to people! I can't believe how many people play the game for kills 
    only! There are objectives and people in the game! Interact with people 
    and work as a team. I usually bring in a friend to play with because so 
    many people never talk. The only thing I hear from people is Medic! 
    Medic! Medic! Personally, I don't heal anyone that doesn't talk. They 
    don't work as a team with me so I return the favor.
    *Don't kill allies, VIPs, or hostages! Some people kill them 
    accidentally and this may cause you to be booted from servers. I've seen 
    a player named Player go around and kill his teammates. He was then 
    *Get a feel for the stages. Certain stages such as Chechnya will have 
    obvious sniping spots. Most snipers will position themselves on the 
    bridge way up high, so you can expect 1 or 2 to be there. 
    *If playing Recon or Medic use your tools! I hate it when people play as 
    a Recon or Medic and don't use their LSD, or heal you. If you play Recon 
    you can earn money by setting your LSD on Broad or Narrow Scan. If your 
    ally kills an enemy that's $150 for doing nothing! If anyone plays with 
    me, turn on your LSD and rake in the dough ^_^
    *Don't SPAM! If you don't need a Medic and call out for one that'll make 
    you the annoying one in the game. You'll most likely get booted or 
    insulted by other players. If you SPAM the Admin. of the game will boot 
    you out.
    *Overall to sum it up with the level maps, try playing the entire single 
    player maps and get a feel of the whole level so it will prepare you for 
    Multiplayer if you're a new comer or hey even if you're not you might 
    come across some new sniping spots or whatever else. 
    2.2 Questions and Answers
    If you have any questions about the game I'll gladly answer them. Just 
    e-mail me at either of these addresses: master_tony85@hotmail.com or 
    MasterTony@asianavenue.com, you may also find me on AIM as ttq8025. 
    Master Tony is my Internet name, but I got AIM too late and someone took 
    that name. Even MasterTony85, or MasterTony11111. There sure are tons of 
    Masters out there ;) Anyways, this section is where I'll be posting e-
    mails that I get. I will not post any e-mails that have any foul 
    language or insults. I am writing this FAQ for free and sending SPAM to 
    me is childish and uncalled for. Let's be adults here!
    Q: How can I keep the enemy from killing the VIP in the North African 
    Mission (#12)?
    A: Well, I haven't gotten this far yet in my FAQ, but I'll answer this. 
    This mission is the hardest out of the rest because the enemies will go 
    straight for your VIP. The way to beat this is the "Use" button. Talk to 
    the VIP so he follows you. A great job is a Recon so you can know ahead 
    of time where the enemies are wandering off too. Don't leave the VIP 
    alone at ANYTIME. This is the key in winning. Remember that there could 
    be a Sniper around so watch the VIP's back!
    Q: Hi, PLEASE. Do u have the cheats for glob.ops.? Could u send me by 
    mail? PLEASE I'm in trouble THANKS
    A: I'm sorry, but I don't know any cheats for Global Operations. You can 
    always check out webpages for them. I heard there's a trainer out for it 
    that unlocks all missions. I'm not the "cheating" type and don't use 
    those. No more e-mails about these all right guys?
    Q: Your FAQ Sucks! Jeez, it's the WORST piece of (insert lots of foul 
    language here)! I could beat ya 1vs1 and knock yo head off!
    A: This is the type of stuff that I hate to be placed in my e-mail. If 
    you have the guts to swear at me, then have the guts to play me. Btw, I 
    actually did play this person and he was just "all-talk" isn't that 
    right "Rave-Meister"? :-p
    Q: How come when I shoot people in the head it isn't a one-hit kill?
    A: It's hard to tell when or if you hit someone in the head. That's why 
    you shoot them 3 or 4 times to be sure. If you play multiplayer games 
    you'll occasionally find that headshots sometimes miss. It's possibly 
    due to a glitch and a patch will soon cover for it. Also, try aiming in 
    one spot (such as a wall) and shoot. The bullet is not 100% accurate if 
    you fire 2 of them. You could have hit them near the neck or above the 
    chest so to be safe. Take at least 3 headshots. I have now tested this 
    out in a multiplayer game. Guns with LOW damage ratios will hurt nearly 
    60-100% health with a head shot. With MEDIUM guns I estimate it to be 
    85-100% and HIGH damage guns to be 95-100%. Always take 3 shots at 
    minimum when taking out your target.
    Q: How come Heavy Gunners can carry like 5 guns and Recons and Medics 
    can carry only like 1 gun?
    A: Your answer is a little exaggerated my friend. You see, a Heavy 
    Gunner, Commando, and Demoman can carry a primary weapon, a secondary 
    weapon, and a sidearm. The Recon, Medic, and Sniper can carry a primary 
    weapon and sidearm only. So if you want to gain extra cash before the 
    round restarts just switch to a Heavy Class and pick up 2 heavy guns.
    Q: Hello, I was wondering how I could change the control keys to my 
    A: Answers like this could be found in the instructions booklet. Please 
    consult your instructions booklet before asking questions like this. The 
    answer is to go to the main menu. Select whatever Profile you wish to 
    use. You should see a game menu at the top that has 3 buttons. A Login, 
    Game, and Options button. Click on Options. Finally, click on Controls 
    and adjust the game settings to whatever you wish. Also, you may want to 
    adjust the display options. Lower them and the game should run MUCH 
    smoother on older/slower computers.
    Q: I have this problem and I was wondering if you could answer it. 
    Whenever I play a mulitplayer game online I get this error message that 
    says Incorrect Version.
    A: This simply means that you have not downloaded the new patch. Unlike 
    Diablo 2 they don't automatically update patches for you. You'll have to 
    go to http://www.globalopsgame.com/ to download the new patch. Once 
    downloaded you just unzip the file and play your game.
    Q: Hey, I was wondering if you're in a clan? I heard that clans train 
    you and stuff so you can get really good. If you are I'd like to join 
    A: Well, I'm not in a clan, but you can sure as heck become a "Master" 
    like me. In my opinion though I think clans are a waste of time. I once 
    had my own clan a LONG time ago. I played this game called Age of 
    Empires and made a "Master" clan. I think we had nearly 50 members and I 
    was pretty serious about it, and hated all the work you need to do. 
    Webpage designing, recruiting members, and playing constantly. So, all 
    in all I think clasn are a waste of time. If you find a good one you can 
    join it, but jsut try to show your friends this game and play with them. 
    I've done both and I'd rather stick with friends and not clans.
    Q: How come AIs won't heal me when I call for a Medic. They just shoot 
    bad guys and don't heal me!
    A: Well, this question is back to the realism of the game. Pretend you 
    are on an actual battlefield and see that your friend is wounded. The 
    enemy has just spotted you. Would you rather heal your friend and get 
    shot or would you rather shoot the enemy down and then heal your buddy? 
    A normal human's reflexes would take out a gun and shoot the enemy. So, 
    this is the reason why the idiot Medic won't heal you. My solution to 
    this is to call him repeatedly. By that I mean everytime you get hurt 10 
    or more health.
    Q: Please send me your CD-Key. THANKX!
    A: Okay, I wasn't born stupid. I may be stupid when it comes to 
    computers, but I'm not THAT stupid. NEVER, EVER, and I mean EVER give 
    your CD-Key away to anyone else. It allows you to play online, and if 
    someone uses yours while you try to play online it won't let you! 
    3.0 Special Thanks To....
    You! The reader! Thanks for reading my FAQ!
    My friend Dan. He showed me this game and helped me with the FAQ!
    My family for letting me use the Internet even though we have only one 
    phone line!
    The "Home LAN" people with such good servers! Thanks for having a server 
    that can withstand my 56k :-p
    The people who made Global Operations! (www.globalopsgame.com)
    GameFAQs for being the first to accept this FAQ and posting it up!
    Code Red, the best drink in the world ^_^
    3.1 Places my FAQ are allowed at
    If at anytime you see my FAQ somewhere else, and it is not listed here. 
    Please contact me via e-mail.
    This document Copyright 2002 Tony Quach
    All Rights Reserved!

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