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    FAQ/Walkthrough by El Greco / Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 05/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         *~ Medal of Honor Allied Assault ~*
                                    for the PC
                                    Version 1.00
                                 Last Updated 6/1/04
                           * Written & Compiled by "TestaALT" 
                       Email Address: TestaALT [at] aol [dot] com
                                * Completed by "El Greco"
                                 Email address : REMOVED
     This file is Copyright © 2003-2004 Andrew "TestaALT" Testa and Don "El Greco" 
     Fleming. All rights reserved.
                                  Table of Contents
      1. Author's Forward
           1.1  Introduction
           1.2  Dedication
           1.3  Version History
      2. Basics
           2.1  Story
           2.2  Controls
           2.3  Overview
      3. Walkthrough  
           3.1  Lighting the Torch
                  3.11  Rangers Lead the Way
                  3.12  The Rescue Mission
                  3.13  Sabotage the Motorpool
                  3.14  Lighting the Torch
                  3.15  Grounding the Airfield
                  3.16  Lighting the Torch (Part II)
           3.2  Scuttling the U-529
                  3.21  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine
                  3.22  Scuttling the U-529
                  3.23  Escape from Trondheim
           3.3  Operation Overlord
                  3.31  Omaha Beach
                  3.32  Battle of the Bocage
                  3.33  The Nebelwerfer Hunt
           3.4  Behind Enemy Lines
                  3.41  Rendezvous with the Resistance
                  3.42  Diverting the Enemy
                  3.43  The Command Post
           3.5  Day of the Tiger
                  3.51  Sniper's Last Stand
                  3.52  The Hunt for the King Tiger
                  3.53  The Bridge
           3.6  Return to Fort Schmerzen
                  3.61  The Siedfried Forest
                  3.62  The Communication Blackout
                  3.63  The Scmerzen Express
                  3.64  Storming Fort Schmerzen
      4. Appendices
           4.1  Weapon List
           4.2  Item List
           4.3  Vehicle List
           4.4  Medal List
           4.5  Mission Briefings
           4.6  Cheats
           4.7  Frequently Asked Questions
      5. Closing
           5.1  Credits
           5.2  Legal Disclaimer
           5.3  Contact Information
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                                 1. Author's Forward
                                  1.1  Introduction
    Welcome, everyone, to our FAQ/Walkthrough for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. 
    This guide should cover every little aspect of this game, along with giving 
    you a beginning to end walkthrough on the game. We will not be able to 
    actually shoot the axis (enemy) for you, but I will tell you where they are, 
    along with how to avoid them. So, as you can see, this is a guide on a FPS. 
    This FPS is pretty damn good. It is set in World War II, and you are the front
    line in battle. The game is very realistic, as you go past 8 missions, and 30 
    levels. Though it may not be as good as Call of Duty, it certainly holds 
    second place. Second place is good.
                                   1.2  Dedication
    This document is dedicated to Black Hole Sun. Why? I don't really know. I have 
    not exchanged one word with him nor do I know if BHS really is a "he." The 
    only reason I can decided to dedicate this guide to BHS is because of his 
    stupendous guides for bloody good games. He has written on games that he 
    likes. And that is something I have yet to have accomplished; I tend to let 
    the game choose me rather on me choosing the game. And well, BHS has a great 
    writing ability, BHS did get me through MoHAA in piece, didn't he?
                                 1.3  Version History
    Version 1.20 -- 8/20/04 -- Added in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
    Version 1.00 -- 6/1/04 -- First complete version of guide.
    Version 0.65 -- 7/3/03 -- First version of document.
                                      2. Basics
                                      2.1  Story
    Read a history book on World War II (^_^).
                                    2.2  Controls
    (As taken from the instruction booklet that came with the game.)
    Action                          Primary
    Free Look/Aim Weapon            Mouse
    Look Up                         None Set
    Look Down                       None Set
    Move Forward                    W
    Move Backward                   S
    Jump                            Spacebar
    Crouch                          Left Control
    Turn left                       None Set
    Turn right                      None Set
    Strafe left                     A
    Strafe right                    D
    Run/Walk (hold to use)          Left Shift
    Always-Run Toggle               None Set
    Center View                     None Set
    Action                          Primary
    Primary attack                  Mouse Button 1
    Secondary attack                Mouse Button 2
    Reload Weapon                   R
    Use (Action)                    E
    Select Weapon                   1-6
    Holster Weapon                  Q
    Action                          Primary
    Pause Game                      Pause
    Save/Load Game Screens          F4
    Review Objectives/Scores        Tab
    QuickSave                       F5
    Load last Quicksave             F9
    Action                          Primary
    Lean Left                       Z
    Lean Right                      C
    Select Team                     U
    Select Priamry Weapon           P
    Quick Message                   Y
    Team Message                    T
    Voice Message Main              V
    Voice Message Squad             none set
    Voice Message Commands          none set
    Voice Message Responses         none set
    Voice Massage Taunts            none set
    Voice Message Team Taunts       none set
    Drop Weapon                     H
    * None Set indicates that choices can be set from within the game, although 
    none is set by default.
    * Free Look lets you control your view directly by moving the mouse to face in
    any direction. It combines the functionality of turn left/right, and look 
    up/down. Free Look is highly recommended.
                                    2.3  Overview
    Okay, I will *not* list basic things, like walking and firing. You want to 
    know why, don't you? Wellsir, just do the training tidbit in the game. It 
    should get you used to the controls as well as doing things (firing a gun, 
    throwing a grenade, WALKING!). So, if you are inexperienced at FPS (First 
    Person Shooters) then please, do the training mission. ^_^
    On Screen Stuff
    This is in the center of the screen, and it is four lines of the four basic 
    directions; north, south, east, and west. Inside the crosshair is where your 
    bullet will go. So, if your crosshairs are aiming towards a bottle, then when 
    you fire your weapon you will hit the bottle. Clear?
    Health Meter
    Through out the game you will get hit, either by bullets or by a enemy 
    swinging there weapon as hard as they can at you. This is unavoidable in most 
    occasions, and you will get it. Trust me. Anyways, when you get sprayed by 
    bullets or whatnot your health meter will deplete. It starts at 100. Can 
    anyone guess what happens when it reaches 0? You are right, you die, and 
    respawn to your last saved area.
    Change your weapon by either pressing a number key or by scrolling the mouse. 
    The latter, being scrolling the mouse, will bring up a icon at the botton of 
    the screen that has different gun types on each icon. Scrolling up and down 
    will change the weapon to your choosing. And well, do this or the number key 
    Ammo appears on the lower right hand corner of the screen and naturally tells 
    you how much ammo you have left. If it says 0 then, well, you got no ammo 
    One of the most important pieces of equipment in the game, it is some sort of 
    ancient navigation. Wait, any dolt *would* know a compass tells direction. 
    And, what's that(?), there seems to be a compass type object on the upper left
    hand corner of the screen! Well how be damned! I might (and will) use this 
    during my walkthrough. Also, the arrow on the outer part of the compass tells 
    you where your next objective will take place. There will be two little 
    circles on that same outer rim of the compass. The closer they are together 
    the closer you are to where your next objevtive is going to take place. This 
    is a great way to play the game if you are not using my walkthrough, merely 
    follow the compasses directions.
    Dealing with alarms
    During one of your many confrontations with the axis soldiers you are bound to
    have one of those sneaky bastards set off an alarm on you.  This will bring in
    tons of reinforcements and cause you to waste ammo and lose some health.  To 
    silence these pesky buggers look for a red box on the wall somewhere.  Walk up
    to it and push the USE key (E) to turn it off.  Hopefully this will stem the 
    flow of people on your ass.
    When in disguise
    During two missions in the game, you will have to disguise yourself as an 
    enemy to infiltrate their base and blow some shit up.  What you must do to 
    keep a low profile is holster your weapon using Q and pick up a set of 
    identification papers.  You will need to show these papers occasionally when 
    you run across a security guard or other type of personnel.  When you are 
    asked for the papers just press the 7 key to whip them out in their face.  
    They will hopefully pass you on without alerting anyone else in the area.
    Now never get close to any officers when in disguise, they will see right 
    through it.  When this happens they will shoot at you and run around 
    screaming at other people to come and kill you.
                                    3. Walkthrough
    This is the meat of this document; the walkthrough. So, like, start walking...
                               3.1  Lighting the Torch
                              3.11  Rangers Lead the Way
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the German occupied village.
    Objective 2: Check the Door.
    Objective 3: Man the MG42 mounted machine gun.
    Objective 4: Hold off the reinforcements.
    Objective 5: Continue your mission.
    Objective 1:
    You will start the game in a old truck looking back at the truck behind you. 
    Turn inside the truck to see some of your troops. The captain will detail you 
    on this mission, stating that it is a rescue mission and giving you some basic
    rescue mission details. He will then tell you to keep quiet as he turns off 
    the light. Some of your fellow soldiers will look outside; do the same. You 
    will see a soldier check something from the truck behind, then you will see 
    the man in the truck shoot the soldier dead.
    Now, after this event your troops will start telling you to "Go!" Before you 
    do as they say, look at the wall to the left of the truck. Shoot the soldier 
    on top of the wall dead. Then, hop out of the truck and face south-west. You 
    will see a soldier in view a little ways away. Shoot him with your M1 Garand, 
    if your first bullet misses you still have a chance! Aim correctly at the 
    torso or the head of the enemy and shoot him dead. Then, walk up more past the 
    corner of the wall. Then, aim towards the gate opening to see some troops 
    firing at you. Shoot them dead, then walk up more to the gate. You will see a 
    soldier crouching with a red flag behind him. Shoot the red barrel to the 
    right of him, it will explode and kill the enemy.
    At that moment, walk into the wall opening. You will see two troops running 
    down. Fire at them twice, and they should both be out of commision. If not, 
    keep shooting until they are dead. Then, walk inside the gateway and into the 
    town with your fellow troops. Walk down the walkway and look past the corner 
    to see two guards. Kill them. Your point troop *should* kill the guard on top 
    of the house and your other troops should kill the enemy directly behind you; 
    so don't worry about them.
    Walk past the corner and past the next. You will see a troop running past the 
    following corner. Kill him, or have your troops do it. Then, follow your point 
    troop to a open arched doorway. You will see crates and a couple guards 
    scattered apart. Move in and take cover at the crate in front of you. If you 
    want, you can wait for your fellow soldiers to take out the troops in the 
    room. But, some two or more troops will take cover at the next room. You can 
    easily kill one of them, but the other might be a pain. Walk up by the doorway 
    where he is, you should be able to see part of the troops torso. Two shots 
    should make him go to hell.
    Follow the lead soldier and you will see another enemy running towards you 
    from the corner. Shoot him, if you miss he will take cover. Then, side-step 
    left until you get a good view of the enemy. Shoot him and your troops will 
    run by you. Your captain will call for a regroup, so walk over with them. As 
    you walk this objective will be completed!
    Objective 2:
    So, you need to check the door. Walk south to the doubledoor. Press the use 
    key (Hint: E). Once done, the door will not open because it is locked. Then, 
    this objective will be completed.
    Objective 3:
    One of your fellow soldiers will tell you that he thought he heard something 
    so be ready. Walk back out past the crate and someone will yell "AMBUSH!" This 
    means that enemies will be coming from the roof, trying to shoot you along 
    with throwing grenades out at you. Walk back to the door you just tried to 
    open wear you will find cover. But, some enemies will start shooting from the 
    other side. Take out the guy in window manning the MG42 and the three on the 
    roof. Then, go from your cover over to the crate to the west. Shoot out the 
    men that are on top of the roof. You will see that men come from three 
    specific places and that two of them have a nuisance of throwing grenades down 
    at you. If they decide to do that, remember to run out of the way while you 
    avoid fire.
    After most of your men die, you will get objective three, which is to man the 
    MG42 and kill all of those damn roof men. Walk inside, the gateway will be 
    open as of a door, the MG42 is the north house, while walking around you will 
    see an opening. Go in and walk up the stairs to the second story. You will see 
    one of your men shooting from a window. The window to the right of him has the 
    MG42 mounted on it. Walk up to it and press the use key (E) to man it. Press 
    the fire button to fire bullets.
    From here, take out all of the men on the roof that you can. They may seem 
    infinite, but after a while you will get your next objective.
    Objective 4:
    Meh, your next objective is to old off the reinforcements. So, go back over to 
    the machine gun and shoot everyone on the roof again. After a little while, 
    this objective will be completed.
    Objective 5:
    This next objective is to continue the mission. So, after your captain says "I 
    got you covered" run back down the stairs and to the grounds. Then, walk 
    directly west to the crate. Once you reach the crate the door in front of you 
    will blow and three men will come out. Shoot them one by one, crouching when 
    you need to. If, at one point, you get shot and it is not from the three on 
    the ground then it must be from the roof enemies. They can be easily disposed 
    of by aiming up to the roof behind you. Then, walk through the door that just 
    blew open. Then, open the gate to the right by pressing E.
                               3.12  The Rescue Mission
    Objective 1: Find and rescue the SAS agent.
    Objective 2: Follow the SAS Agent.
    Objective 3: Steal the explosives from the fortress
    Objective 4: Use the explosives to escape.
    Objective 5: Use the explosives to destroy a flak88.
    Objective 6: Meet Grillo by the gate and exfiltrate.
    Objective 1:
    This mission will start out where you left off. You will be next to a corner. 
    Walk around it and you will see a wooden gate and people talking. It seems 
    that through the wooden gate you can see a truck drive off and a couple 
    enemies walk around. Okay, go up the gate and walk right. You will see a gate 
    door, along with a reminder on how to open doors. So, do as the game states 
    and press E to open the door. From here, take the health kit on the crate if 
    you need it. Then, walk west to the wall, and south to the gateway. Open it by 
    pressing the use key and you will be in.
    Walk over to the corner in front of you and look at the deck. There will be 
    one guard patrolling it. Kill him easily with your M1 Garand, lining up your 
    crosshairs with his head. After he is history, walk south until you see a open 
    doorway. You will hear a couple guards talking while sitting on there chairs, 
    most likely playing a game of cards. Take out your colt 45 and shoot one of 
    them in the chair. Make sure this is a head shot. Then, shoot the other guard 
    in sight. The last guard will sidestep to the doorway where you are, so shoot 
    him when he does.
    Afterwards, pick up all of the ammo and get the health pack off of the table. 
    Then, go up the stairs. Stop at the first landing a couple steps up. Look 
    south west and you will see a rail and two guards patrolling the upstairs. 
    Kill the first one with an obvious head shot. The second one should be a 
    little tougher, so take cover if he starts shooting before you can nick him. 
    Walk up the stairs then go around past the table, walking over the two rifles 
    to get 20 rounds. Walk a little further and you will see a cell door. Open it 
    to find the SAS Agent.
    Objective 2:
    Follow the SAS agent back down to where you shot the two guards. He will take 
    a MP40 on the dresser, and you should take the other. Then, follow him back 
    down the stairs. Two guards will be there, and he should be able to kill one 
    of them. You should kill the one that is by the stairs, while the agent kills 
    the one walking up. Follow him out of this house and deeper inside the German 
    Once you pass the gate, shoot the guard that is patrolling the tent. Then, if 
    the agent has not already, kill the guard directly west on the railing. The 
    agent will turn the corner and will shoot another guard. Walk with him, he 
    will go into another house. Once inside, he will go to a desk and take a 
    health pack. Do the same. I wonder how he knew exactly where that was...
    Anyway, follow him s'more. He will come up to a gate. While he is opening it 
    he will tell you that all of the documents and explosives he had were taken. 
    So, looks like we will have to go into the heart of this base and take them 
    back... So much fun, so little life...
    Objective 2/3:
    Lucky for you that the SAS agent knows exactly where the documents and 
    explosives are. Follow him and take out the guard that patrolls right in front 
    of you, not even looking at you. Take his weapon, then get back to following 
    the agent. The agent will shoot the guard on the railing, so don't worry about  
    him. Keep up with the agent, he will go into the shadows and back out in the 
    open. Then he will go inside another house. Keep close by, and get ready. 
    After a short distance you will see a guard coming for you. Kill him or get 
    shot while the SAS agent kills him. Your choice.
    Then, after following the agent some more, he will give you the task of 
    shooting the spoltlights out to the west. Walk west and take cover by the 
    rock. Then, shoot out the three spotlights. Afterwards, shoot at the men by 
    the spotlights, because they are manning MG42's and could kill you. After the 
    men are disposed of, it will be time to run back to the SAS agent. Once you 
    walk up to him he will start to run over to the gate. Follow him inside the 
    He will run to the next room where a guard will be patrolling. Every single 
    time his back will be facing you. Shoot him, or have the agent shoot him. 
    Whatever floats your boat. Then, follow the agent into the hallway. If you 
    angle yourself to where you can see past the agent you would be able to kill 
    the guard that is going to come by. Nevertheless, the agent will have no sweat 
    at all pulling the trigger. So it doesn't really matter.
    Keep following the agent, he will go into a room and run back out. You will 
    then see *another* guard. Shoot him, then follow the agent inside the room. He 
    will take some document from the table and go back out of the room. You have 
    now finished objective two.
    Objective 3:
    Follow the agent up the stairs. You will hear some people talking, but don't 
    worry about that now. Walk over to the crates where the agent is and take a 
    health pack (if you need it). Then, walk back over with the agent. He will 
    tell you that it seems like the enemy has more allied prisoners, as those are 
    the voices. Walk back down the stairs, following the agent. He will go down 
    another flight of stairs to the basement. There will be three guards. Kill all 
    of them with your MP40, it *should* be easy, as they are all bunched up. Spray 
    some bullets in them to end there life early. Then, walk straight to the 
    explosives that are glowing red. Take them by pressing the use key. And that 
    concludes this objective!
    Objective 4:
    After you acquire the explosives, follow the agent back up the stairs and back 
    out into the open area. He will kill the guard on the gateway, so you don't 
    have to. Follow him along the road to a wooden gate. You will see a red 
    glowing spot of the ground that is shaped like the explosives. Do you get the 
    picture? No? Well, you have to plant the explosive you have and run back a 
    couple paces. It will explode and you will be almost outside.
    Objective 5:
    Well, now you have to destroy a flak88... So, follow the SAS agent to a 
    gateway. Before you do, kill both of the guards that are in the doorway of the 
    house to the left. Then, after walking down to the gateway, you will see a 
    guard patrolling. Kill him. Then, start to walk in the leftways. You will see 
    two guards. Shoot them both dead. Walk in and shoot the guard on the steps to 
    your left (when you are facing left).
    Afterwards, you will hear the SAS agent tell you to set an explosive on one of 
    the flak88's. You get the one to the east (on your compass). Press E at the 
    glowing-red-place. This will start a 5 second timer. Run as far as you can in 
    five seconds and both the flak88's will explode. You just finished objective 
    Objective 6:
    Just follow the SAS agent (aka Grillo) to the gate. He will start talking. 
    Basically, you will go do all the dirty work and destroy most of the weapons 
    and tanks in the village while Grillo (aka SAS agent ;]) will get you a ride. 
    Fair 'nuff. After he says this, the objective and mission part will be over.
                             3.13  Sabotage the Motorpool
    Objective 1: Disable the Opel trucks.
    Objective 2: Bomb Tanks.
    Objective 3: Bomb munitions cache.
    Objective 4: Exfiltrate the facility.
    Objective 1:
    Start off this mission by waiting a couple seconds until the patrolling guard
    passes ahead of you and paces back. See that barrel by the corner? That will 
    be your cover. Run up to it and change to your M1 Garand. Then, as the guard
    walks back aim for the head and shoot. If one shot doesn't do it, I am sure 
    one more will. Using the M1 will trigger a guard to come over to see what 
    happened hence the M1 is loud. Walk over to the corner and look west. You 
    should see a worker with a pistol. Shoot him with your M1 then walk inside the 
    facility to the left.
    Look inside the facility and you will see a truck. This is apart of objective 
    one, which is to disable the trucks. Walk up to the truck and go over to it's 
    hood. You should see a red wire glowing. Press the use key (E) and you will 
    cut it. Walk around the hood and look left. You should see another truck as 
    well as some barrels. Walk over to the barrels and wait for a worker to come 
    around with a crate. He will go past the truck to some shelves at the end of 
    the facility. Shoot him as he puts them down for a clear shot. Then walk over 
    to the truck and cut it's wire.
    After, walk north of the truck to the little opening in the garage type door. 
    If you look outside you should see a guard patrolling. SHoot him with your M1. 
    Then, walke exactly north east to the open door. Crouch by pressing the left 
    control. Then, walk inside and look north east. You should see a worker 
    walking over to another truck. Shoot him as he walks over to it. Then, walk 
    over to that same truck and cut the red wire. This objective will then be 
    Objective 2/3:
    Once you are done cutting the wire, walk over to the tail of the truck. Then, 
    wait for a guard to come into view past the huge door opening. Shoot him, then 
    walk to a bundle of crates on the ground due east. From here, look north and 
    you will see more crates. Walk over to them then look west to see a tank. This 
    is one of your targets. Walk over to the back of the tank. You should see a 
    glowing red spot in the center of it's "butt." Walk up to it and press E to 
    throw a explosive there. Don't worry, though, it won't explode until you tell 
    it to. 
    From here, walk back over to the bundle of crates then look north. You will 
    see a spotlight going around the grounds here. Go over to the next bundle of 
    crates, dodging the spotlight as you go. If you get caught by the light you 
    will be sprayed by bullets, so save the game here. After you get to the next 
    bundle, look over at the tower. Shoot out the spotlight, then shoot left of 
    the light to kill the guard with the MG42.
    After this, walk past the crates and go east to the wall. Then, walk north a 
    little ways around the corner and look north east. You will see a guard aiming 
    at you. Aim at him and kill him (^_^). Then, look north and go up to the 
    parked tank. Go to the "butt" of it and throw an explosive on it. After this, 
    look north and walk inside the facility. Once done, look south east to see a 
    worker walk to a door. Before he makes it inside the room, shoot him dead.
    Then, walk through the door he was going to go through and walk through the 
    next. You will see some crates, sidestep facing north and you will see a tank. 
    Walk on over to it, watching out for guards. Go over to the "butt" of it and 
    throw a explosive on it. Then, look southeast to see a guard. Shoot the red 
    barrels behind him, as that will kill him and his friend nearby.
    Afterwards, walk over to the wall to the east and look at the corner. You 
    should see a spotlight tower. Shoot right of it to kill the guard there. Then, 
    shoot the light out. After this, sidestep out of the corner looking east to 
    see a guard. He will get his colt out and try to shoot you. Shoot him before 
    he does you in. After this, wait for the spotlight to pass then walk south to 
    some crates.
    Look northeast and you will see *another* spotlight tower. Look inside the 
    tower and you should see a guard to the left of the spotlight. Shoot him, then 
    shoot out the spotlight. After this, walk over to the last tank, which doesn't 
    have it's top on. Put the explosive on this tank, then follow the compasses 
    directions back to the facility. From here, go around some boxes to see 
    another glowing red spot. Press the use key and you will throw and explosive 
    on it. This will start a ten second timer, so walk back over to the tank that 
    doesn't have it's top of.
    Objective 4:
    Don't get to close to it, as it will explode shortly. After this, walk past 
    the tank and over to a open gate. You should see the door open and guards come 
    out. Shoot the guards with your MP40. Then look southwest to see two guards 
    coming for you. Shoot them, then go east inside the house with the door open. 
    From here, walk right from the fork to go to a hallway. Once the hallway turns 
    east, you will see a table and a desk. Take out your colt .45 and wait for 
    guards to come. As they come, shoot them with your colt. When this is done, 
    walk over and pass the tables, going north. Change to your M1 Garand and open 
    the door. Look northeast, you should see a guard running with his back facing 
    you. Shoot him, then shoot the worker guard in that same area. He should be 
    After this, walk over to that worker, and take cover with the bundle of 
    crates. Then, look northwest to see another spotlight tower. Aim just below 
    the light to shoot the guard. Then, shoot the light. After this, walk to that 
    tower. After you pass the truck, you will see your SAS agent in a hummer. Walk  
    over to the passenger side door and the game will take over from there.
                               3.14  Lighting the Torch
    Objective 1: Reach the airfield.
    Objective 1:
    You will be manning the gun on the hummer, so you will have to kill all of the 
    baddies that come in your way as well as airplanes and other vehicles. Shoot 
    both of the guards as you come up the hill, they are on both sides of the 
    road. Once you are over the small hill you will start to go down a little. A 
    guard will be on the road. Shoot him.
    After this, you will turn right. From here, you will see a guard. Shoot him, 
    then shoot the two guards on the top of the house. The agent will take a 
    detour around the house, hence the road is blocked. Once you got around half 
    the house, the agent will tell you to shoot some fence. Do so, and kill the 
    guard that decides to come out right after you destroy it. You will see a 
    guard to the left. Shoot him. The agent will turn around the house and then 
    again back to the road.
    From here, a couple guards will jump the wall to your left. Shoot them, then 
    kill the two guards on the road. Well, basically just shoot guards along the 
    road. There will be two on each side. Dispose of them. Afterwards, wait a 
    little until you see a green water tank. There will be a guard there with a 
    rocket launcher, shooting at you. Kill him, then kill the two guards that come 
    out after you turn up the hill.
    The agent will tell you about the airfield. Then, more guards will come out 
    from each side. Kill them, then this part will be completed.
                             3.15  Grounding the Airfield
    Objective 1: Destroy the aircrafts.
    Objective 1:
    The agent will tell you to destroy much as possible at the airfield. If you 
    look at your objectives you will see that you have to destroy twelve 
    aircrafts. Have a short ways, there will be a truck on your tail. Shoot the 
    engine until it explodes. Then, shoot the guards to the north. The agent will 
    make a turn to the left. If you look on top of the house ahead of you you will 
    see a guard. Shoot him, then wait until the agent goes inside the tank area. 
    You will see a couple tanks along with a couple trucks. Shoot the explosive 
    barrels next to them to destroy the tanks and trucks with ease.
    After you do this, the agent will tell you that some guards are coming out to 
    shoot at you. Look southwest and you will see about five or six guards coming 
    out. Kill them all. After this, the hummer with start to drive over to where 
    the airplanes are. Kill all the guards along the way, there should be three or 
    four. They will come out from the corner where you turn. Look east, then shoot 
    all of the airplanes on the left side. They are pretty tough, but they will 
    destroy all destroy and give you enough time to destroy the next.
    After this, the hummer with make a U turn and you will have to destroy all the 
    airplanes on this side. Once you destroy the one in the little facility, or 
    the second place on the other side, a truck will come behind you. Shoot the 
    engine to destoy the truck. Then, look back left and shoot the three airplanes 
    on that side. After this, destroy the remaining airplane. The agent will bring 
    you to an entrance, so shoot all the guards that try to shoot you while he is 
    driving over there. Then, the agent will tell you to go inside why he fends 
    off the reinforcements.
                          3.16  Lighting the Torch (Part II)
    Objective 1: Destroy all communication equipment.
    Objective 2: Make your way to the lighthouse.
    Objective 3: Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.
    Objective 4: Meet up with Major Grillo at the truck and escape.
    Objective 1:
    Walk down the stairs and wait for a guard to come out of the open door. Once 
    he does, kill him. Then, walk over to the next door in the hallway. Once you 
    open it shoot inside, because the soldier in there will be trigger happy, 
    firing a MP40 at you unless you kill him before he does so. Take the weapon, 
    then walk over to a fork in the road. You can either turn right or go 
    straight. Turn right and you will go into another hallway.
    Wait for a soldier to come out and kill him. Collect his weapon and go into 
    the first door to your left. Take the rifle rounds on the wall and shoot the 
    two soldiers as they go past the room. From here, go to the room on the right 
    and take all the rounds there. After this, walk down the hallway more until 
    you hit another open door. Go in to see a bathroom. You can see a guy's feet 
    in one of the stalls. Shoot his feet and he will open the stall. Then kill 
    After this, check the remaining two rooms to find some health and bullets. 
    Then walk back to the stairs where you started. If you look to the east while 
    you go back you will see a door just before the stairs. This is a door that 
    you have not yet opened yet. Open it and destroy the two guards, using the 
    table for cover. Then, destroy all of the red glowing communication equipment. 
    This objective will now be completed.
    Objective 2:
    You will hear the elevator come. Now, I don't have to tell you that guards are 
    coming, do I? Anyways, walk out to the main hallway and kill them as they 
    blindly come in your range. After this is done, go inside the elevator and 
    press the glowing button to use the elevator. Walk out of the elevator once it 
    descends. Then, sidestep to the right and look north. Shoot the guard on that 
    side. After this, sidestep over to the other side to the right and kill the 
    two guards there. Then, look down and you will see a worker and a soldier. 
    Kill them both.
    Afterwards, jump down to the bottom and look north. You should see two guards. 
    Kill them both then turn east. Kill the guards that decide to come out and 
    play. After this, head west and outside of the facility. Follow the road until 
    you see a guard that is not facing you. Shoot him, then shoot the guard in the 
    distance. Walk moreways to the lighthouse, killing the men as you go along. 
    There should be two men by the little circle house. Shoot them with your M1.
    Follow the road more and kill the guard by the end. Look up to the lighthouse, 
    you should see a guard on the balcony of the lighthouse. Aim upward and kill 
    the guard. Then, walk north inside the lighthouse entrance. This objective 
    will then be completed.
    Objective 3:
    Through the window straight ahead you should be able to see a guard. Shoot 
    him, then go around to where he was. From here, follow the hallway, killing 
    the guard. Then go up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse. At the top 
    there will be one guard; kill him. Then look right at the top of the stairs to 
    see a lever glowing. Press the use key and you will pull it. Once you have 
    done this you will have signaled and have been done with this objective.
    Objective 4:
    Now it is time to escape. Go out to the balcony of the lighthouse and look 
    down at the road. You will see a truck drive over to the lighthouse. These are 
    the bad soldiers, and you will have to kill them all. So, walk back down the 
    spiral staircase and go over to that open port hole. From here, shoot out all 
    of the soldiers one by one as they come along. Then, loop around the entrance 
    to the Major Grillo. This mission will then be completed!
                               3.2  Scuttling the U-529
                      3.21  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine
    Objective 1: Enter the complex with assistance of Major Grillo.
    Objective 2: Steal the research documents.
    Objective 3: Enter the main facility.
    Objective 1:
    Start off this mission by walking a little ways. From there, the agent will 
    radio in saying that he is at the gate. Walk a little further to a rock and he 
    will say he is going to take out a guard. Put your scope on and look at the 
    guard in watch tower. When the agent tells you to give him cover fire with the 
    sniper, take out the guard in the tower. Then, go down to the gateway and 
    shoot out the two guards by the gate. After this, the agent will push the gate 
    open. Once he does a little, just enough for you to get through, one guard 
    kills him.
    Look out north and kill that guard. Then turn west and kill the guards that 
    pass the corner on that side. After you are done, go around the tower and to 
    the corner. Look north and change to your sniper. Zoom in and wait for a guard 
    to get into view. Shoot him, then go around the corner and look northwest. 
    Zoom in again and you will see two guards. One will run around the corner and 
    the other will aim at you. Kill the one that is aiming, then go back to the 
    corner. Wait for a dog to come, and shoot him with your silencer. Then, go 
    back around the corner and shoot the guard at the wall straight ahead of you.
    Go west more, and pass the first house. Turn south down the alleyway then go 
    west. Once you reach a turn, change to a frag grenade. Throw it, making it hit 
    just below the window. It will blow up the two soldiers and *hopefully* the 
    dog that are there. If the dog does not die then shoot it with your silencer. 
    After this, walk down the alleyway where you threw the frag. Two men will 
    round the corner to you, kill them both. Then, go over to the corner they 
    rounded and look northwest. You will see three guards come out. The first will 
    go straight out, so shoot him. The next two will come out for you, so shoot 
    them. If you are using the silencer like I did, the bullets will shoot through 
    the first enemy and hit the next. They will both die.
    Go on over a little ways northwest to the door the enemies just came out of. 
    If you didn't kill the enemy that ran he will look out of the corner to the 
    north and shoot at you. Kill him, then throw one frag grenade inside the 
    second story window of the building to the northwest. Two enemies will come 
    out and try to fire at you, so kill them both. Then go inside the door the 
    enemies came out (finally).
    Objective 2:
    Once inside, go up the stairs a couple steps. You will see two guards. If they 
    notice you, walk back down the stairs. Then, walk back up and kill both of the 
    guards. Then, go up the stairs and turn north. Walk inside the first doorway 
    to see some documents on the desk. Take them, then walk back out and explore 
    the following room.
    You will see an empty desk in this room. Turn southeast and you will see some 
    documents on the wall. Take them, then walk back out the main hallway. From 
    there, go through the remaining door at the end of the hall. There should be 
    three or four guards in there. They will take cover at the corners. Kill them 
    by waiting for the enemy to reload there bullets. Once they do, go out and 
    shoot them, Then, walk down the hall and take the first door to the left.
    When inside, you won't see any guards. Well, there are three in there. Go 
    around the... thing in the middle of the room and kill the first two guards. 
    The third will sidestep and try to shoot you. Shoot him first, then take the 
    documents on the desk in the southwest corner of the room. Then go through the 
    door in the southeast corner of the room. Sidestep facing north when you go 
    inside. There will be a soldier there with the last document behind him. Kill 
    the soldier and take the document.
    Objective 3:
    Go back past the hallway and down the stairs to entrance of the facility. Then 
    go north and to the door that was locked before. Take out the three guards 
    that are in that room. Then, walk down the hallway, passing the doorways. This 
    will bring you an open door which will then bring you to another hallway. Go 
    around the corner and you will see two guards. They tend to take cover at the 
    corner, just for you to know. After they are history, go around the corner 
    again and shoot *another* guard.
    Then, walk down the hallway and to a door. The game will then save. 
    Afterwards, open the door and change to your sniper rifle. Look straight out 
    from the door to see two guards. Kill both of them, then look northeast to see 
    a dog and a soldier. Kill both of them, then walk northeast. Follow the road a 
    little ways until you hit a turn. From here, sidestep northways and shoot the 
    guard. A guard will come from southeast and three will come from the 
    northeast. Kill all of them, then go northeast back to the road.
    Once you get to the road, turn west and you will see some wood boxes. Go over 
    to them and and walk on the left side of them. There should be a guard 
    patrolling, so kill him. Then, walk west over to the mounted MG42. Man it, and 
    take out all of the soldiers and dogs that come your way. Then, take out the 
    soldier that is on the house far away. The house will have two red chimne's 
    coming out. Shoot near there to kill the sniper. Then go around and walk down 
    the hill.
    From here, follow the road west to that same house. Go inside and kill the 
    guard through the window. Then, kill the guard on the second floor, he will be 
    on the rail. After this, a guard will come out the door on the first floor. 
    Kill him, then take the stairs to the second floor. From here, go over to the 
    doorway to the northwest. Go down the stairs and enter through the following 
    doorway. Then the game will save and you will have completed this objective.
                              3.22  Scuttling the U-529
    Objective 1: Find a disguise.
    Objective 2: Destroy the Naxos Prototype.
    Objective 3: Enter the 2nd U-boat.
    Objective 4: Plant the Bombs.
    Objective 5: Escape.
    Objective 6: Eliminate the opposition and escape.
    Objective 7: Exfiltrate. (for the third time)
    Objective 1:
    Before I start, I have to say that the end of this mission is perhaps one of 
    the most annoying missions in the game. Of course, the beginning objectives 
    are very easy. So, holster (put away) your gun by pressing the Q key. Then, 
    walk up to the door and press E. It will open, and you will be in a locker 
    room. Look on the bench in your right view to see glowing clothes along with 
    papers. This is what will keep you from being discovered. Walk up to the items 
    and press E. You will now be wearing a uniform (though you cannot see it) and 
    will have the papers to prove it.
    Objective 2:
    Once you have done this, two guards will walk in. Walk right past them and to 
    the door they used. Open it and walk past the guards playing poker on the 
    table. Open the door past them, and walk down the stairs. You will then see a 
    guard. He will have a flag behind him. Walk up to him and he will ask for your 
    papers. Press key 7 and you will show your papers to him. He will tell you can 
    pass, so walk past the doubledoors to the left.
    You will be in a big room, with stairs going down and a little room upward.
    Walk around the rail on the same level to the couple stairs going up to a 
    room. Walk inside the room and you will see that it connects to a hallway. 
    Walk through the hallway and take out your weapon. Change to the MP40 then 
    open the door to your left. You will see that you are in a lab, with three 
    scientists. Walk up the stairs (there are only three) and the door will close 
    automatically. Shoot all of them, then shoot the prototype once on the desk. 
    This will destroy it along with this objective.
    Objective 3:
    Change your weapon to the silencer and holster it. You are now asking "Why 
    change to the silencer?" Reason being is because the next time you use the 
    weapon you will have to kill one single guard without alerting any other 
    guards. And you don't want to get hit while you are changing your gun, right? 
    I knew we met an agreement....
    Walk back down the hallway to the middle level. From here, take the stairs 
    down to the lower level. Before you follow the room to the other room, wait 
    for a soldier to walk out of it and over to the side. This soldier will give 
    your position away if he see's you. And you want to know why? He has a brain! 
    Anyways, walk into the next room undetected by that guard. Walk past the 
    supply's and to the open door.
    Go inside to reveal a hallway. Walk down it, and you will see another door. 
    Open it and you will be outside in the fresh air. Walk down the walkway past 
    the barrels. You will see a guard patrolling that area. Walk up to him and he 
    will ask for your papers. Press 7 and you will show them to him. Walk along 
    down the walkway to a more open area. Turn north and you will see stairs and a 
    guard by them. Walk up the stairs and to a room. In this room, get your gun 
    out and kill the soldier. Then take the papers on the table and holster your 
    From here, walk back down the stairs to that soldier. He will ask you for you 
    papers. Show him them. As you might of guessed, the papers you have would of 
    been invalid and would of started something. Walk past him and to an almost 
    identical dock. You will see a U-boat. This is the boat that you have to go 
    into. So, walk west down the walkway until you reach a walkway to the U-boat. 
    Walk down this walkway and, as you are on the boat, go west more to the 
    ladder. Walk up them then go inside the trap door.
    Objective 4:
    Now that you are inside the U-boat you have to plant to bombs. Before you do, 
    clear out the whole U-boat's enemy problem. After that is taken care of, go to 
    the bow of the ship due west. You will see some missiles. On one of them you 
    will see a glowing red spot. Plant the explosive and a timer will be set. You 
    now have 75 seconds to plant the other bomb and get out of the ship alive. On 
    top of that, your cover it blown. Even more to add on, the game has decided to 
    put more soldiers in the U-Boat. So, make your way to the back of the ship. In 
    the engine room there will be another glowing red spot. Press E and you will 
    throw another explosive on it.
    Objective 5:
    This is another easy objective; escape the ship. There will be only one or two 
    enemies at the ladder. The ladder will be in the middle of the ship. Go up to 
    it and look up to cling onto the ladder. You will now be out of the ship.
    Objective 6:
    This is one of the hardest objectives in the game, so get ready. And by "get 
    ready," I mean save the game so when you die you can load back to this 
    position. Anyways, there will be tons of enemies firing at you. First, kill 
    the two enemies on the boat. They will be on deck. Then, walk out to the 
    walkway and kill the soldier to the west. Then, look back to the east and kill 
    the two crouching soldiers. Walk over to the east then go north. This 
    objective will be completed once you pass the opening.
    Objective 7:
    Continuing the hardest objective in the game, kill all the enemies that are in 
    the area. Use the crates for cover. Once you reach the last docking area, go 
    west down the walkway. Kill all the enemies that are walking over to kill you. 
    Then, walk down the walkway the almost the whole way until an opening comes to 
    the right. Go in and walk up the stairs. Kill all the enemy that runs into you 
    when you go up the stairs. Then, follow the hallway to another storage room. 
    This room will have a ladder to the ventelation (sp) duct. Climb the ladder up 
    to it. Then this part will be completed.
                             3.23  Escape from Trondheim
    Objective 1: Exfiltrate the base.
    Objective 2: Meet up with allies at train station.
    Objective 1:
    This mission is difficult, hence the factor you are trying to leave the base 
    with every soldier knowing. So, start of by switching to your silencer. Then, 
    walk down the shaft. After a couple turns and long stretches you will notice 
    that there are vents that overlook the floor and some German baddies. Take 
    them out from the shaft, there should only be one per opening, and nobody will 
    notice that they are dead. After three openings to the floor you will take a 
    turn. From here, there will be an enemy in the shaft with his gun up. Use your 
    silencer to, well, silence the poor guy. Then, walk up ahead and you will see 
    an opening that does not have a cage on it. Go up to it and you will fall to 
    the floor.
    I used a silencer for this next part, but if you like the spray of bullets use 
    the MP40. Walk around to the hallway. Walk down it, and kill the enemy at the 
    corner. Then, go a little ways more, seeing that there are tons of enemies 
    around that corner. As BHS said in BHS's guide, use the look around the corner 
    and shoot technique to kill most of the enemies. Go down the long hallway more 
    and more, taking cover at the corners and shooting the enemies. Once it is 
    cleared out, take the turn left to another hallway. If you look left again you 
    should see some stairs. Now, this is where it gets tricky. There will be about 
    three guards at the corner, and some will come up. Use the corner technique to 
    kill the guards at the corner, and while guards are coming up the stairs shoot 
    After this, walk down the stairs. You will be at a corner. Look past the 
    corner and you will see a soldier that loves killing. Shoot him. then at the 
    fork in the road go east. Clear the room to the right if you want to, then go 
    east more to come up to doubledoors. Open them to reveal about five guards. 
    They will start running to the right, trying to take cover on at the boxes. I 
    used my silencer and took a majority of them out. If one or two go over to the 
    crates on the right for cover kill them. Then, go over southeast past the rail 
    to the door. Wait out five soldiers that will come out. Kill all of them. Then 
    walk through that door, there should be a guy stationed to the right, and 
    right next to you. Shoot him, then go down the hallway. Open to door, and you 
    will be on the outside.
    Objective 2:
    This is the hardest part of the level, and I suggest you save it at every 
    cover point. Walk out with your MP40, shooting the men that decide to shoot at 
    you. Take cover at the crates as you go along. At the smaller crates remember 
    to duck. Then there will be a 80 second timer for you to escape. Just fire 
    every for cover while you are moving and proceed to the following crate. Once 
    you reach the last of the crates, do a dead out sprint to the train. You might 
    get hit a couple times, so save before sprinting as it might take a while to 
    advance to the train alive. These enemies are infinite, and with the timer on, 
    this is one of the hardest parts in the game. And well, that's it.
                               3.3  Operation Overlord
                                  3.31  Omaha Beach
    Objective 1: Get to the Shingle.
    Objective 2: Meet the captain.
    Objective 3: Get the bangalores.
    Objective 4: Bring the bangalores back to the shingle.
    Objective 5: Follow the captain to the bunker.
    Objective 6: Make your way to the trench.
    Objective 7: Infiltrate the bunker.
    Objective 8: Eliminate the MG42 machine gunners.
    Objective 9: Exit the bunker.
    Objective 1:
    Ah, doesn't this look familiar? Omaha Beach was one of my favorite levels in 
    Battlefield 1942, but in Medal of Honor, it just might be the hardest. You 
    will start on a boat with all of your troops. Actually, they are not your 
    troops, and you are not actually captain. Actually, you could be co-captain, 
    hence you do most of the work. After 30 seconds the gate will drop, and you 
    will run out into the water. Most of your men will die when the gate opens, 
    and you will get hit by bullets. Jump out as fast as you can and take cover on 
    the beach obstacles. This would be those steel X's that are throughout the 
    beach. Take cover at them, and progress your way up to the shingle.
    You will get to the shingle, most likely very beat up. There is a medic at the 
    halfway point if you go exactly from where you where dropped. Anyways, the 
    last stretch of land to the shingle is pretty devastating, considering that 
    there is no cover. Once you are there, your next objective will be to meet the 
    Objective 2:
    Save the game here and walk over east to the captain, he might be north, 
    depending on where to you got up at. Just follow the compasses directions and 
    you will be there. Remember to stay low, because there are some soldiers that 
    would love to put a couple bullets into Powell's head.
    Objective 3/4:
    Now he wants you to grab the bangalores. They were held by another troop, but 
    he got shot (like so many others). Anyways, there is no real magic to this 
    part. Run down northeast to them, getting sprayed by bullets, and run back. 
    Simple enough, eh?
    Objective 5:
    Now that you have them, the captain and his fellow troops will plant them. 
    Then, there will be an explosion. Afterwards, it will be time to move up. You 
    will get sprayed by bullets going up to the bunker, so save it right after the 
    bang's explode. Then, run up like your pants are on fire (they real are on 
    fire, the enemy will be firing at them.) After you reach the bunker side, look 
    back to see half of your men have died. There are only four left including 
    you. Now, the captain will tell the two soldiers, besides you and him, to go 
    to the other bunker. There will be covering fire from the captain, and the two 
    soldiers will go. They will both get picked off.
    Objective 6:
    Now it is your turn to try to make your way to the trench. When the captain 
    yells "Covering FIRE!" you better move your arse. You have to get to the other 
    side in one piece, and there are some mine fields. Save before running, so 
    when you die you can load back to that point. Yes, you WILL DIE AT THIS POINT. 
    At any rate, run straight west to the trench and no mines should blow up. Once 
    in the trench, run down it until you see a wounded soldier. He will tell you 
    that there is a MG42 mounted at the end of the tunnel, and that he will fire 
    at will when you try to run inside the bunker. Well, look around the corner to 
    see him fire at you. He will most likely miss. So, fire at him and he will be 
    looking at stars.
    Objective 7:
    Oh great, now you have to infiltrate a whole damn bunker! Walk in and go 
    around to the stairs. Do not go up the stairs just yet, walk inside where the 
    MG42 was mounted. Take the pistol rounds, and on the shelves there will be a 
    health kit. Use it, and then walk up the stairs. Then the game will start part 
    II, but you will have the same health and everything. Walk up the stairs and 
    to a enemy that is at a half door. Kill him, then open the door.
    From here, walk into the next room and kill the three soldiers there. One will 
    throw a table to it's side for cover, but he is still visible. Once all three 
    enemies are dead, take the hallway that will lead to a ladder and a trap door. 
    A soldier will open the trap door, leaving himself visible to kill him. Do so, 
    and then fire once at the explosive barrel to the side. This will make one 
    more enemy come over to the trap door. When he does, kill him. Then, climb the 
    ladder and you will see another enemy sidestep his way to the side. Kill him, 
    and if you didn't look to where he is now. You will see three troops on that 
    side. Kill all of them.
    Now, look to the opposite end. You will see three more troops on that side. 
    Kill all of them using the look, shoot, and cove technique. Afterwards, walk 
    over to the west end and follow the hallway to another trap door. Go up the 
    ladder and look east to see a MG42 hole with some soldiers talking. Kill them, 
    then kill the two soldiers that come over to your side. After that, walk over 
    to where they were and go out to the bunker top. You will see two soldiers 
    manning MG42's. Take them both out.
    Objective 8:
    Now it is time to really make all your work success. Man the MG42 and the 
    soldiers on the hill will start running. Shoot them, then face the other 
    bunker. Kill both of the soldiers that are manning there MG42's and this 
    objective will be completed.
    Objective 9:
    Exit stage left! No, really just go back to the inside of the bunker. Then 
    kill the soldier at the MG42 port hole. Afterwards, go over to the other side 
    and kill the following soldier. Then go out the door to your left.
                              3.32  Battle of the Bocage
    Objective 1: Search the house.
    Objective 2: Defend the back of the house.
    Objective 3: Defend the front of the house.
    Objective 4: Locate any flak 88's guarding the roads.
    Objective 5: Find a radio to call an airstrike on the flak 88 cannon.
    Objective 6: Call an airstrike on the flak 88.
    Objective 7: Destroy the anti-aircraft gun so air support can return.
    Objective 8: Call an airstrike on the second flak 88.
    Objective 9: Bypass the roadblock.
    Objective 1:
    The new captain will tell you that you both are going to search the house 
    because there might be some of our boys in it. So, walk over to the house and 
    through the door. A enemy will walk out in front of you and bump into you. 
    Shoot him dead, then walk into the room to the right. You will see a man by 
    the a table. Kill him, then duck over by the desk ahead of you. You will then 
    see a enemy take cover at the doorway behind the wall. He will be viewable, so 
    shoot him. If the captain decides to go through remember not to kill him. Then 
    go into the room he went into to. He will tell you to throw a grenade so throw 
    one into the library.
    Afterwards, walk down the hallway to see a clear dinning room. Then, go back 
    over past the hallway to the stairs. Walk up them then go into the room ahead 
    of you. Kill the guard in the middle room, then kill both of the other guards 
    in the bathroom. One might take cover with the tub but, luckily, he will still 
    be visible.
    After they are taken care of, go into the room down the hallway to see that it 
    is another clear room. On the next, though, there is a health pack. Use it if 
    you need it, then go back out to the stairway. Explore the room closest to 
    you, the door will be open. Walk in and turn east to see a enemy behind the 
    door. Kill him then go back out to the last room. The captain will yell 
    thunder and the guy inside will yell flash. The door will then open and the 
    troops inside will start to talk. After a little talk, one of the men will get 
    sniped. Sucks to be him...
    Objective 2:
    Now that you have searched the house, it is time to defend it. Go over to the 
    window past the table and look out. You will see enemies trying to get into 
    the house. Shoot them off. They should be pretty easy to kill. Duck, hence 
    some of them have sniper rifles and will shoot you. If you run out of BAR 
    bullets, change to your Thompson or sniper rifle. If any make it passed you 
    they will come inside and start to fire at you. Don't worry about that, 
    though, because the table is great cover and the captain will take care of 
    them. After you are done defending house for a couple minutes, this objective 
    will be completed.
    Objective 3:
    Now it is time to defend the front of the house. Walk down the stairs and over 
    to the front room. Go over to the window besides the captains, there will be 
    an MG42 mounted there. Need explanation for what you will have to do next? Man 
    the MG42 and the opposition will start to go down the little bridge. Shoot 
    them as they come down, it should be fairly easy. Sometimes the enemies stop 
    before the bridge to the side and start to shoot at you. Shoot them back. 
    After another couple of minutes, this objective will then be completed.
    Objective 4:
    Walk outside and two men will follow you. The captain will say you are on 
    point, so you have to be the leader. From the fork in the road, go right. 
    Follow the path until you see a tank. It will be out of commision, but there 
    are enemies behind it and enemies going up to it for cover. Speaking of cover, 
    get behind one of the rocks. Then, pick off the enemies as they try to talk to 
    the tank. After no more come, walk around the tank and kill the enemies there. 
    After this, do the same for the following tank. Then, walk down the road more. 
    When there is a fork in the road, go straight. When the compasses circles come 
    to together, stop. If you look in front of you you will see a flak 88 firing 
    it's explosives at you. They will come short. After this, the objective will 
    be completed.
    Objective 5/6:
    You will now have to find a radio to take out the flak 88. Go back to the 
    tank. At the tank, head south to another road. Walk down it until you see a 
    house. From here, look ahead of you to see a red brick wall. That will be your 
    cover. From the wall, look southwest to see a couple windows with men on it. 
    They will start to fire at you. Step back into your cover. Then, step out, 
    fire, and cover. Repeat the process until the window men are gone. Then, walk 
    inside the barn and take the ammo. After, walk back out to see the captain 
    yell the code word. A man will come out and say that there radio man died out 
    in the middle of the road. He will also say that there is a sniper out there 
    and they cannot get near the man or the radio. So, as always, the captain 
    tells you to go get it because you are the only sniper.
    So, walk back into the barn and out the backside. Then, wait at the wall while 
    one of your men gets killed by the sniper. After this, turn over to the sniper 
    tower and take cover at the nearby rocks. Kill the enemy in the green plants 
    to your right. Then, go over to the tower. Go around it and walk backwards 
    until the sniper is in view. Shoot him, then east over to the dead men. By one 
    of them is a radio. Take it, then backtrack to the barn, killing all the 
    enemies along the way. From there, walk all the way back to that flak 88 that 
    was firing at you. Press key 7 and get the flak 88 in your scope. Then, press 
    the fire key. After a little while, a plane will come and take out the flak 
    Objective 7:
    Now that that flak 88 is gone, walk down that road. Once you make the turn, 
    you will see another flak 88. Now, do not call for airstrike again, as your 
    next objective is to take out the anit-aircraft guns. So, go back to that flak 
    88 you destroyed a little earlier. You will see a open gate past it. Walk down 
    that road until you come to an opening on the right. From here, run to a pit 
    and change to your sniper rifle. Then, aim at the bunker. There will be 
    someone manning a MG42. Kill him, then go passed the bunker. Follow the 
    compass directions to an anti-aircraft weapon. On the back of it is a glowing 
    red spot. Throw an explosive on there by pressing the use key and a timer will 
    be activated. When it reaches zero the anti-aircraft will be destroyed.
    Objective 8:
    Now you have to call an airstrike on the second flak 88. Before you do so, go 
    into the bunker where you killed the soldier manning the MG42. Now it is your 
    turn to man it. Kill all the troops that try to come, they should be easy with 
    the MG42. Then, backtrack all the way to the second flak 88, killing enemies 
    along the way. Once you get in view of the second flak, use your binoculars. 
    Then press the fire key once you have the flak into view. Then, another 
    airstrike will occur and destroy the flak 88.
    Objective 9:
    Walk down the road and turn right. You will see a trench with two enemies 
    manning MG42's. Kill both of them, getting out of there range for cover. After 
    they are history, go up to the trench. Duck and you will go into it. Then walk 
    a couple steps and this part will be completed.
                              3.33  The Nebelwerfer Hunt
    Objective 1: Locate and destroy the Nebelwerfers.
    Objective 1:
    Go straight over to the panzerschreck (panzer for short) and take it. It is 
    the rocket launcher straight ahead of you against the crate. Then, follow the 
    trench to the end. You will see the blown up flak 88 with a enemy next to it. 
    Kill it, then go over to the trench hole where the flak 88 is. Look northeast 
    to see two enemies. Kill them both, then follow the road.
    You will come up to a blown up tank, if you look around it, on the road, there
    will be a tank coming down for you. Now, don't be afraid. Switch to your 
    panzer and aim at it. Then, shoot two rockets and it will blow up. There will 
    be one enemy that will run up to you, but the captain should be able to take 
    care of him. Then, walk down the road to the tank.
    Once you are at the tank, an enemy will come out from the back of it. Shoot 
    him dead. Afterwards, backtrack to where the captain is. He will be talking to
    two other of your boys. They will say that they heard a weird looking rocket 
    launcher a little ways away. So, your four men will follow behind you as you 
    follow the road.
    You will come up to a car and a bob wire fence. Walk back to the car and face 
    north. Some enemies will come out from here, so dispose of them, using the car
    as cover. Then, go over to where they were. If you go down the first alleyway 
    you should get sprayed by bullets. And it is by the MG42 mounted at the window
    just ahead of the alley. So, using the wall for cover, shoot the man mounting 
    the MG42. Then, go down the alleyway and look north. You will see another 
    mounted MG42. Destroy the enemy that is manning it, then face east and kill 
    the two enemies that decide to come out and play.
    Afterwards, get inside the house that your men are in, it should be one of the
    southwest houses. Kill all the men in the houses visible from this house, as 
    you have great cover inside a house. Afterwards, explore the three houses 
    closest to that house. Clear them out, and at the house north of your 
    safehouse is a great lookout point. There will be a man in there, kill him. 
    Then, look out north and kill the men by the MG42 mounted nest. After that, 
    clear out all of the houses in that area. Make sure not to go past the turn in
    the road. After that is done, go past the corner. There will be more men. Take
    cover at the parked car and kill'em all. Then, take out the men in the last 
    house to the north. After that is done, go to the house directly south of 
    that. Pass the hallways and you will see a tank coming for you. Change to your
    panzer and take out the tank. After a couple hits it will actually notice you 
    and start firing at you. When this happens sidestep out of the blast radius.
    Afterwards, go over to the west most part of the little room to get all the 
    panzer rounds you need. Then, walk over to the tank and as the men jump out of
    it, kill them, Then, round the corner and kill the men there. Take cover at 
    the car and kill all the men inside both of the houses. This will take a long 
    time, the men will seem infinite. But, they are not. After a couple minutes of
    battling, progress further and clear out the last two houses. Go inside the 
    house most northeast. Once inside, make your way to the back. It will have a 
    backyard. Go out through it and to the right. Walk a little ways and you will 
    at a church's graveyard. The church in the background has a couple MG42's 
    mounted, and that will be a problem. Make your way to the churck, using the 
    headstones as cover. Once you are at the front headstone enemies will start to
    come out from the sides. Kill them, then kill the opposition that is mounting 
    the MG42's.
    Once done, go around the left side of the church. Kill any enemies that are 
    coming, or come out at you.  Now head into the church via the steps in the
    back of it.  Crouch and go behind the columns and take quick shots at the
    groups of enemies in there.  There are about 5 or 6 enemies in the church,
    taking into account the fact that you should have shot the MG42 gunners before
    you entered.
    Now head down the road and look for the little trench on the right.  Duck into
    it and take out your Springfield '03 rifle.  Scan the ridge where the
    Nebelwerfers are located and take out any MG42 gunners that you see either in
    the nests or in the bunkers.  Just one little side note: when you hear the
    Nebelwerfers go off that means that you should move somewhere else or else you
    will get hit by a barrage of rounds.
    Head along the trench to the right side of the field.  Run up to the bunker
    with your Thompson and quickly shoot the German by the entrance of it.  Head
    into the area where the machine gun nests were and grab the health packs from
    either side of the door.  Now head down the stairs and toss a grenade around
    the corner to take a few enemies out.  Now peek out with your Thompson and
    shoot any enemies you see along the length of the trench.  Proceed along the
    length with your Thompson at the ready and take out any remaining enemies. Run
    up the stairs to the field and plant explosives on the two closest
    Head back into the trench to take out one or two more enemies that would
    otherwise attack you from behind.  Now plant some explosives on the third
    Nebelwerfer.  If you look at the middle of the field you will see one of those
    handy little signs that tells you you are about to run into a minefield.  If
    you would like to stay intact for the duration of this mission run back around
    the bunker the way you enterd it initially and head for the bunker that is on
    the left side of the field.
    As you approach it try and stay behind one of the concrete walls in front of
    it.  An MG42 gunner will appear at the gun and start firing at you.  Quickly
    shoot him in the head with either your Thompson or your Springfield '03.  Head
    around the side with your Thompson drawn and shoot the last two enemies that
    are waiting for you.  Plant the explosives and all you have to do is wait for
    the level to end.
                               3.4  Behind Enemy Lines
                         3.41  Rendezvous with the Resistance
    Objective 1: Locate the downed G3 pilot.
    Objective 2: Escort the pilot to the Marquis hideout.
    Objective 1:
    You start out the mission with an M1 Garand rifle on a dirt road.  Advance
    slowly along the raod, around the bend, until you see two Germans off on the
    left side ahead.  If they haven't seen you then carefully take aim and squeeze
    off a few rounds.  Shoot both of them down quickly.  If you stay far away they
    won't be able to hit you so stay back.  You have plently of ammunition for
    your purposes right now.
    Keep moving down the road and grab the ammo they dropped.  Look to the left
    when you reach the intersection and you will see the downed G3 plane.  On the
    right side of the plane are two German soldiers.  Shoot them and then look to
    the left of the plane and you will see a German officer run out towards you
    with a pistol.  He is kind of hard to hit and he has good aim so try to
    quickly fire off some rounds while moving around to throw off his aim.
    Move towards the plane and you will find the G3 pilot.  He will speak to you
    briefly and then you should head off towards the house atop the hill.
    Objective 2:
    When you reach the top of the hill you will hear a German shooting a pistol at
    you.  Look to the right and you will see him atop some steps leading to
    another house.  Shoot him with your Garand and then move around to the back
    of the house.  Look in through the open basement doors and shoot the two
    Germans there.  Grab the health packs and then continue on down the road if
    you encounter no more resistance. if you do then just make quick work of them
    by riddling their chest with a few well placed bullets.
    When start to see the next intersection up ahead look to the right and shoot
    the sub-machine gunner behind the sandbags.  Now continue down the road and
    you will see three more Germans in the road.  Crouch and shoot them with your
    Garand.  Now move up the hill and stay crouched with your Garand equipped.
    Stay behind the wooden barriers and cautiously worm your way out from behind.
    If you are situated correctly then just shoot the MG42 gunners.
    When you reach the top of the hill look behind you and take out your
    sub-machine gun (I'm assuming tht you picked one up along the way) and shoot
    the Germans that come up the hill in the truck.
    Now make your way into the church and shoot the remaining three enemies with
    either your Garand or the MP40.  Move to the altar and press the USE key.  It
    will move to the side and reveal a passage to the underground hideout.  Move
    along the tunnel and you wil find your informant waiting at the end of it. She
    will speak briefly and give you some new weapons.
                              3.42  Diverting the Enemy
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the tank park.
    Objective 2: Bomb the Tiger Tanks [3].
    Objective 3: Switch the tracks at the first junction.
    Objective 4: Find a way into the train station.
    Objective 5: Plant explosives on the track barrier.
    Objective 6: Get to the control tower and switch the tracks.
    Objective 7: Get into the back of the Opel truck.
    Objective 1:
    You start this mission out with a silenced pistol and a few grenades.  When
    the truck goes by run down the hill and when you reach the road press the
    SHIFT key to walk silently.  Walk right to the back of the truck and you will
    hop inside it.  Just stay inside the truck for now and when it stops get out.
    Objective 2:
    Hop out of the truck and quickly shoot the driver before he can alert any one.
    Now move to the Tiger to your left (assuming that you are facing towards the
    front of the truck) and shoot the German patrolling there.  Plant the
    explosives and then grab his MP40.  Take it and go into the tent by the second
    tank and shoot the two Germans in there.  Now just plant the explosives on the
    last two tanks and move towards your next objective.  Look at the compass to
    get your bearings.
    Objective 3:
    You should grab a Kar98k sniper rifle on your way down so take it out and
    look down the tracks to the right.  Shoot the attacking dog and then look for
    the bunker next to the tracks on the right side, it should be up on a little
    hill.  Blast the MG42 gunner in the face with your Kar98k and go to the switch
    track and... switch the tracks.  Then go into the little tunnel.
    Objective 4:
    This next part requires speed and precision.  There is an MG42 gunner in the
    doorway to the right. Get out your Kar98k and face the direction that the door
    should be.    Now quickly side-step and try to shoot him in the face.  If you
    miss just keep going and re-adjust your aim.  He will eventually stop to
    change out his barrel so take advantage of that break to get in a clean shot.
    Go into the bunker with your SMG and shoot all the Germans inside and grab any
    ammo you can.  Now head out and down the tracks.  Take out you Kar98k and move
    forward with the scope equipped.  You should see two Germans appear in the
    distance. If you look carefully you will be able to see the barrels behind
    them.  Shoot the barrels and they will explode, conveniently killing both of
    them.  Now if you look to the right side of this area you will see another
    German coming towards you and shooting so if you can shoot the barrel behind
    him or just shoot him outright.
    Look to  the right and  you will see a small  passage through the wall of this
    canyon.  Take out your Kar98k and  shoot the searchlight.  Make sure that_you_
    are_very_well_hidden.  A  MG42 gunner  will mount the gun mounted  next to the
    disabled light and start  shooting at you.  I find him hard to hit  because he
    usually  seems to  start hitting me  before I can  see him.  So  if you  start
    taking damage just move to the left to get under cover.
    When he is out move slowly out from your hiding spot and keep your eyes peeled
    for a  German with an SMG.  Shoot  him and then enter  the station.  Take  out
    your SMG and shoot the Germans that come out  of the small control room to the
    right.  Head up the stairs.
    Shoot  the German  at the top and  thenhead out the  next door to the  walkway
    where you shot the MG42 gunner.  Man the MG42 and look down at the area below.
    You  should see about 5 Germans  approaching below you.  Quickly  open up some
    fire on them and with some luck you'll get all of them.  If not just wait with
    your SMG and wait for them to come through the door you just exited.
    Now  head into the  doorway and  take out the  next German.  Move through  the
    doorway and shoot the German waiting behind the window.  Look to the right and
    take out the German down at the far end of the room.  Now go to the window and
    look for a dog.  Shoot it.  Now move  through the room and down the hallway to
    the elevator.  Push the switch and go down.
    Shoot the German around the corner and then look for a hallway with a lit room
    at the  far end of it.  Take out your  Kar98k and shoot the German  patrolling
    down the hall  and then  the two who  appear the  the open doorway.  Now  move
    down  the hall and you should  emerge into a room with a set of stairs.  Shoot
    the  two Germans that appear there and  then go up the stairs.  When you reach
    the door watch out because  there is an attack dog about to ride up your arse.
    I personally suggest that you  pump a  bullet or  two into his brain  with the
    Kar98k.  Grab the  health pack in the last room  in this building and then get
    out your SMG and head outside.
    Objective 5:
    Shoot the  German to the  left of  the door and  then get out your  Kar98k and
    snipe  the Germans along the top of the bridge.  When they are all down get to
    the  underside of  the bridge and  scan the area to the  left with your scope.
    Shoot any guards that you see.  Run to the rail barrier and plant your
    Objective 6:
    Just head up the stairs and look at your compass for the bearings to the
    control tower.  Shoot the two enemies on your way there.
    Objective 7:
    Look for the truck which has now lit up and beeped its horn.  Just run up to
    it and jump in the back.  When it drives over the bridge just use your SMG to
    take out anybody you see.
                                3.43  The Command Post
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the perimeter.
    Objective 2: Send the false communique.
    Objective 3: Steal the troop manifest.
    Objective 4: Steal the battle plans.
    Objective 5: Gather intel on new Tiger Tank.
    Objective 6: Escape and meet up with Manon.
    Objective 1:
    Wait for the truck to pull up to the barn.  When it does get out and move
    through the door in the barn to the right.  Grab the health packs if you need
    them and then exit the barn through the side door.
    Turn to the right and move towards the wall atop the hill.  As you get close
    to the top you should be seeing a guard patrolling along the top, take out
    your Hi-Standard pistol and take aim at his head.  Fire a shot and take him
    out.  Keep moving along the wall, staying close to it.  You should be seeing
    a watch tower with a searchlight soon.
    For now ignore it.  Take out you Kar98k sniper and look to the base of the
    tower, on the closest side to you.  Shoot the two MG42 gunners quickly and
    then the searchlight and the guard in the tower.
    By now you will probbaly have attracted some unwanted attention from nearby
    Germans so you will want to whip out your Kar98k rifle and shoot oncoming
    Germans to the right of the watchtower.  Now just head through the opening in
    the fence and go behind the mansion by turning left immediately and following
    down to a stone wall.
    Objective 2-5:
    You should happen upon a guard by an alarm swtch so get out your pistol and
    walk up to him by pressing SHIFT while walking. Smack him a few times in the
    head and he will go down easily enough.
    Quick note: for all intents and purposes of this walkthrough it would be
    pretty hard to walk you through the mansion mentioning every single enemy
    position and such mainly because that depnds on how many alarms you set off
    and how long you let them ring and what weapons you use.  So I will just walk
    you through the mansion without mentioning enemies and leave the shooting to
    you.  A good rule of thumb is to go into each room with the MP40 fully loaded
    because there will probably be enemies in it.  Do that and you should do fine
    for the most part.
    Go through the door and take the first door on the left.  Head up the stairs
    and through the red double doors.  Head up the stairs and grab the battle
    plans off the table.  Head back down the stairs and through the red double
    doors and go into the halway on the right.  All the way at the end of the
    hallway you will find a room with some explosives.  It is optional to use
    them you don't have to but if you want to just plant them on the Panzer tank
    you saw on the way in.
    Go back into the hallway and down the stairs and through the door at the
    bottom of them. Head to the left and go outside.  When you turn left you
    should see some double doors ahead.  Go through them and turn through the next
    door to the left.  In this room you will find a door that leads to a basement.
    You will find the Tiger Tank intelligence on a table at the bottom of the
    Head back up the stairs and head for the room you first entered.  Move around
    the left side of the firelace and follow the hallway all the way to the end
    where you will find the radio where you can send the false communique.
    Objective 6:
    Head back out of the mansion and move to the fence in the front of the
    mansion.  Shoot the guard standng by the guard house and then take out your
    Kar98k sniper rifle to shoot the MG42 gunner up ahead.  Now whip out your MP40
    and charge ahead with it.  Shoot the three riflemen ahead and then quickly
    turn around, there will be an attack dog running up your arse.
    Now all you have to do is run up and over the bridge to get to the truck.
    Occasionally you will want to turn around and clear out any approaching
    enemies so keep your gun loaded.
                                3.5  Day of the Tiger
                              3.51  Sniper's Last Stand
    Objective 1: Locate the bazooka team.
    Objective 2: Get past the gate into the rest of town.
    Objective 3: Proceed to the south edge of town.
    Objective 4: Locate the tank crew.
    Objective 5: Defeat the Panzer tank.
    Objective 6: Keep the tank crew alive and infiltrate city hall.
    Objective 7: Steal the King Tiger with the tank crew.
    Objective 1:
    Move around the corner with your Springfield and look for the topmost window
    in the building at the end of the street.  Fire a shot at the sniper hiding
    there and then move up towards the small squad of soldiers ahead.  Listen to
    what they have to say, none of it is imortant but it's good to listen to
    Now move to the building SW of you.  Look to the building on the other side of
    the street and shoot the two snipers hiding in the windows.  Move up the
    stairs with your Thompson and shoot the sniper hiding in the room at the top.
    If you look West and slightly southwest you will see a sniper firing off
    rounds from atop a roof.  He is hard to see since you have to look through
    some tree branches but it is best to shoot him now.
    Keep your Thompson out and ready and move across the street and up the srairs,
    quickly.  Shoot the last German in here and get out your Springfield sniper
    rifle.  Look nowrthwest from one of the side windows and shoot the sniper in
    the bombed out building on the top floor and the sniper near the ground in a
    window to the left of the last sniper.
    Now move southwest along the road and move to the very edge of the gap in the
    stone wall.  Scope your rifle and look almost straight ahead through the gap
    but slightly left, you will see two snipers on the ground behind a stone wall.
    Shoot them quickly.  Look up at the tower and find the window.  Shoot the
    sniper there.  Now shoot the last sniper who is hiding on a little ledge
    slightly up and to the left of the first two snipers.
    Now move around the next corner and spot the fire burning.  Loom straight up
    to a window where you can just make out a sniper shooting at you.  Shoot him.
    Now look to the right of the fire and you can just barely make out a sniper
    hiding behind some rubble.  Quickly cap him before he can shoot you.
    Now get out your Thompson and run quickly to the stairs by the gate.  Run up
    and shoot the two snipers hiding there.  Now look out the window and across
    the street (from the side you came in from not on the other side of the
    building).  You should see a sniper hiding in the window.  Shoot him and then
    get out of the building.
    If you look northeast you will see an open doorway with some stairs.  Run up
    and shoot the Greman if there is one(sometimes there isn't for some reason).
    You will find the bazooka team dead.  Just grab their bazooka and their ammo.
    Objective 2:
    Now head for the gate.  Go up to it and try to open it by pressing the Use
    key.  It won't open so back track to the gap in the stone wall and then turn
    around.  Two germans should have opened the gate and are coming out of it.
    Run up and shoot them and then just proceed through the open gate.  There will
    be a third German coming through so keep your gun loaded.
    Objective 3:
    Just keep going up the stairs and into the street and the game will load.
    Objective 4:
    The game will load up and a member of the tank crew will come out and greet
    you.  Follow him inside to find the rest of the tank crew.
    Objective 5:
    Get out your sniper rifle and quickly run up the stairs.  If you look out the
    window at the top you will see three Germans with rifles shooting in your
    direction.  Quickly shoot all three of them.  If you are lined up correctly
    you may even be able to take out two of them with one shot.
    Now get out your bazooka and shoot the oncoming Panzer tank.  If you hit it in
    the sides it will go down much quicker.
    Objective 6:
    This objective is a real pain in the arse.  The main rule of thumb here is to
    move slowly and scout ahead with your sniper rifle.  Even if you do that there
    will be enemies popping out everywhere and shooting at you.  Use quick save a
    lot to save yourself some time.
    When you exit the building you are going to have to go to the end of the
    street and look around.  Some enemies will come out of the open doorway to
    the east so be careful.  Now scout around in this area and take out any more
    enemeis that you see but you want to wind up in the central building of this
    area.  inside this building take out all the enemies inside with your Thompson
    gun and snipe out the windows at any mor eenemeis that you can see.
    Heading out of this building you will want to go around it to the right. Enter
    the building via the stairs on your left and shoot the three Germans inside.
    Exit and go across the street and up the smaller set of stairs.  Inside shoot
    the two Germans that are lurking inside, one will be right in front of you and
    the other to the right.
    There is a sniper atop the building in the middle of the courtyard but he is
    kind of hard to spot unless he is shooting at you so be careful and keep a
    lookout for him.  Move along furhter and in the building just ahead you will
    see a sniper or possibly two hiding in the window.  If there is only one then
    look along the top of the stone wall.
    Now look to the right and you will see a whole group of enemeis both on the
    overpassing bridgeway and on the ground.  Whip out your Thompson and start
    spraying them with bullets.  Advance under the bridge and look around for any
    more enemies. You will want to head up the stairs directly across from you
    once you have cleared the area.
    Now just head through the building, with your Thompson equipped, until you
    happen upon the City Hall.  You will know this when your objective gets
    completed and you start getting attacked by a huge number of Germans.  
    Objective 7:
    Now just keep reloading and firing at any Germans that come through the door.
    When they seem to have stopped for the most part head out of the room and
    shoot any Germans that are below.  There are only a few Germans left after
    this so just go down to the bottom level and shoot any enemeis that you see
    on the way down.  Use your compass to guide you to the Tiger Tank and wait for
    the rest of your crew to arrive.
                          3.52  The Hunt for the King Tiger
    Objective 1: Escape with the King Tiger.
    Objective 1:
    To start out just get yourself familiarized with the controls.  Once you feel
    confident with your driving and handling move ahead.
    In this level you will want to move slowly, very slowly so that you can
    thoroughly clean out every building with your tank shells as well as sweep out
    every nook and cranny for those irritating Panzershrekers.
    When you go through the gates you will be attacked by a small group of
    Germans.  Only one of them has a Panzershrek but it is stil good to deal with
    him promptly.  Turning left you will find yourself being attacked by another
    German with a Panzershrek so let him meet face to face with one of your
    artillery shells.
    Move down the road a bit and when you reach the first telephone pole stop.  If
    you look carefully through the mist you will see a Flak 88 gun waiting to
    shoot at you so take aim and fire at it before it sees you.  When you move up
    the road to the intersection you will be attacked by some Panzershrek toting
    Germans so try to move out of the way of any oncoming rockets and eliminate
    all of them before they can do you any damage.  A halftrack will come down the
    road also so blast it to pieces the first chance you get.
    Now turn left and head down the road.  You will run upon a Panzer tank coming
    around the bend. I can usually destroy it with one well-placed shot to the
    side and rear of it.  Continue down the road ignoring the Germans that come
    out of the tank.  They will just shoot at you with pistols and will
    essentially wind up being a nuisance.  If you like you can shoot them to
    satisfy your bloodlust.
    Keep going down the road and you will see a Flak 88 gun.  Quickly shoot it and
    ignore the houses as you pass.  They don't have any Panzershreks in them.
    Wehn you reach the next open space you will be accosted by two tanks on either
    side of the road.  Take out the one on the right first, considering that it
    does more damage to you.  It will take about three shots to take it out.  Then
    work on the second tank. It should take one or possibly two shots.
    Continue down the road and you will reach a checkpoint.  All your lost health
    will be restored automatically.  Move ahead and look to the left at the
    intersection.  You will see a Panzer tank coming in but you can quickly
    destroy it by clicking your mouse button.
    Move on along the road and you will be able to make out a Flak 88 gun.  Shoot
    it before it can attack you.  You will reach another fork in the road with a
    guard tower and some barricades.  Behind the barricades is a Flak 88.  Shoot
    it and then turn your attanetion to a Tiger tank coming down the road. Disable
    it for the moment by firing a shot anywhere on its armour and then take your
    time firing your last two shots ot destroy it. If you like you can turn
    towards the guard tower and shoot the barrels underneath it to make it topple
    over killing that irritating MG42 gunner in an oddly satisfying way.
    Now go into the town and when you reach the intersection look to the right and
    shoot the Flak 88 gun and the MG42 gunner and the German with the Panzershrek.
    Ignore the Tiger tank on the left unless you feel like kickin' some more booty
    Otherwise just head down the road to the right and you will be done with the
                                   3.53  The Bridge
    Objective 1: Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the bridge.
    Objective 2: Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.
    Objective 3: Use the high vantage point to call in artillery strikes.
    Objective 4: Destroy the enemy King Tiger.
    Objective 1:
    Immediately take out your Thompson gun and tirn the first corner.  There is a
    German right there so quickly shoot him and then move on to take out the rest
    of his comrades up ahead.  There will be two Germans approaching from behind
    you so keep a look out for them.  Go inside the building at the end of the
    alleyway and make your way up to the top level taking out any Germans you
    encounter with your Thompson.
    Objective 2:
    Now get out your Springfield and face the bridge.  You will need to take out
    about 12 Germans that try to reach the detonator and blow up the bridge.  All
    I can say, since I can't shoot the Germans for you, is to aim carefully and
    reload after about two shots.  If you take more tha two shots and then reload
    you will have to wait too long and most likely the bridge will get blown up.
    Eventually the Tiger will get to the bridge and shoot the plunger and the Flak
    88 gun.
    Objective 3:
    Now make sure that your Thompson is fully loaded because you will have to
    watch your back while calling in the air strikes on the incoming Tiger tanks.
    All you have to do is aim with the binoculars and click to call in the air
    strike. All the while you will have Germans trying to kil you from behind as
    they come up the stairs in the house.  This part really isn't too hard, just
    make sure that the health count for the King Tiger on the top of the screen
    doesn't reach zero.  If it does your game will be over.
    Objective 4:
    Just rinse and repeat the previous step for the final King Tiger that comes
    into view.  Keep calling in air strikes on it until it is destroyed.
                            3.6  Return to Fort Schmerzen
                              3.61  The Siedfried Forest
    Objective 1: Find and destroy the 20mm Flaks. [2]
    Objective 2: Keep tracking towards the rally point.
    Objective 1:
    For this first objective i will only describe to you a (for the most part)
    straight line path to the objectives since the forst is large and confusing.
    So assume at all times that you must have the arrow on your compass pointed
    directly at your objective.
    Now get yourself situated by taking out your Springfield sniper rifle and
    point yourself at the objective.  Walk forward up the small incline and you
    will come to a rock face.  Go around it to the left sticking as close as
    possible to the rock itself.  When you start to see the compass's ball
    bearings get closer together press the SHIFT button to walk slowly.  You will
    see the first Flak 20 gun.
    Aim with your rifle and quickly shoot both of the Germans standing there with
    your rifle.  Plant the explosives and grab the health and any ammo you can off
    of the Germans.  Now point and aim yourself at the next objective.
    Now what you have to do is take out your Thompson and look to your right once
    you get going.  You will see two or maybe three Germans shooting at you.  Mow
    them down quickly and then head up the hill.  Make sure you go as far up it
    as you can because there is a MG42 nest to the side of it and going over the
    top of it will keep you out of sight.
    When you get into a relatively dense group of trees look due east and you will
    see a German sniper shooting at you from atop a bunker.  Make quick work of 
    im with your Thompson and then look to the right.  You will see some Germans
    rushing at you. Shoot them with your Thompson and then head for the objective
    by going over the top of the bunker.  Shoot the two germans there and plant
    the explosives. Grab the health pack and get moving towrds the next objective.
    Objective 2:
    Just move straight at the point on your compass and you will find a bunker
    manned by two MG42s and two snipers.  Take cover behind the big rock that is
    to the left of the bunker and then shoot the two snipers.  Take out the MG42
    gunners next.  now just headpast the bunker and into the small gulley.  Your
    last objective will be completed.
    Now your objectives will be repeated in the second half of the mission.  This
    time the only difference is that you have one Flak 20mm to take out.
    Objective 1:
    Move straight forward and you will be rudely accosted by a German sniper atop
    a small rise to the left.  Shoot him and then look to the right.  There may or
    may not be another sniper there, depending on what your game decides.  Moving
    forward to the Flak you will find a bunker with three Germans inside it.  Whip
    out your Thompson and charge in.  There will be two to your left and one to
    your right.  Climb up the ladder and you will find the final Flak 20mm.  Plant
    your explosives grab the health and then climb down the ladder before the
    Objective 2:
    Proceed to the rally point by pointing and walking.  The only worry that you
    will have is a bunker that will come up on your right side.  Quickly take
    cover and expose as little of yourself as possible as you take out the Germans
    inside.  When you are done there will be one more German that comes into the
    bunker with an SMG.  If you hang back you can take care of him pretty quickly
    and efficiently.
    Now your coast is clear all the way to the rally point.  Simply walk around
    the rock face and move towards the point on your compass.
    You have a whole new set of objectives when the load screen goes away.
    Objective 3: Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).
    Objective 4: Steal blueprints for StG44.
    Objective 5: Steal an StG44.
    Objective 6: Destroy the weapons stockpile.
    Objective 7: Exfiltrate the base.
    Objective 3:
    Advance forward with your pistol drawn.  When you near the open gate slow down
    to a walk and when you feel you can get in a good shot on the moving guard
    stop take it.  If you miss he probably won't notice so wait for him to make
    another pass.  Now go to the right of the guard box and hide behind the boxes
    until the searchlight goes away.  Peek out and look for the MGS42 gunner,
    shoot him quickly before he sees you.  Now make sure that the searchlight
    isn't near you and dash ahead to the entrance of the base.  Move forward down
    the hall and the objective will be completed.
    Objective 4:
    Now take a right and go into the room at the end of the hall.  If you look to
    the left you will see an officer drawing his pistol to shoot at you.  I can
    usually take him down with one quick shot of my pistol but it is up to you
    which weapon you want to use: the Thompson or the Pistol.  Now just walk up to
    the pile of glowing clothes on the table and press the Use key to put them on.
    Take out your Thompson and find the entranvce to the stairwell.  There will be
    one rifleman there and another in the room ahead.  Make quick work of both of
    them and then grab the Level 1 papers on the table.
    Head down the stairs and make sure that you holster your weapon or else your
    cover will be blown.  Turn to the right and walk all the way down to the end
    of the hall.  Go into this room and draw your pistol.  Step into the next
    room and shoot the officer there and grab the Level 2 papers off of the table.
    Holster again and proceed down the hall that is just out the door.
    When you reach the MG42 nest show your papers to the guard by pressing 7.  He
    will show you through the door with no problems.  Keep going down the long
    hallway, ignoring the scientist.  When you see some double doors to your left
    go through and grab the blueprints for the StG 44 off of the table.  If you
    like you can shoot the scientist, I always do.
    Objective 5:
    Proceed down the hall further and go up the stairs next to the guard and the
    scientist conversing.  Open the doors and grab all the ammo you can after
    picking up an StG 44.
    Objective 6:
    Plant the explosives at the red marker and get the hell out of the room.
    Objective 7:
    Now you must exfiltrate through about 100 German soldiers who are trying to
    get a bite of your ass.  If you use the StG 44 you can tear your way through
    them easily and not have to worry about running out because you will pick up
    a lot of it on the way through.  Basically just shoot your way out.  I can't
    walk you through this part because there is no limit to the amount of soldiers
    that come through the base.  Just aim high and you will do the most damage
    When you get outside the base take your time since all the enemies you happen
    upon will come from ahead of you.  When you have an open moment shoot the
    searchlights and the MG42 gunners atop them.  Go slowly and softly.  That's
    really all I can say.
    Just one thing you have to make sure of is that you enter the last bunker
    before moving on and taking out the two MG42 gunners inside.
                           3.62  The Communication Blackout
    Objective 1: Plant explosives in the radio command post, in the northeast
                 corner of the town. [6]
    Objective 2: Escape through the Commandant's residence on the south side of
    Objective 1:
    Move forward with your pistol and shoot the two patrolling guards.  When you
    get into the street shoot the guard standing on the left side and then enter
    the door on the right side.  Shoot the officer that comes out and head back
    into the strete.  If you look to your right you will see a German firing at
    you shoot him quickly and then look to the left.  Shoot that German and head
    down the street where you shot the second German.
    Take out your Springfield and fire a shot at the sniper to your right up on
    the balcony.  Look back down below him, at the street and you will see a
    German kneeling down to fire at you.  Shoot him and then turn your attention
    over to the left side.  Shoot a second sniper up on a balcony and proceed down
    the street.  Take out your Thompson and shoot the two Germans in the MG42
    Head up the stairs to the right and keep your Thompson out.  Quickly shoot the
    Germans atop the stairs and in the street and if an alarm goes off move onto
    the street directly across from the stairs and go into the room on the right.
    You can shut the alarm off in there.
    Now head over the bridge and shoot the German over on the other end.  Go
    further down the street and take out your Springfield.  Shoot the searchlights
    and the MG42 gunners.  If an alram goes off just go into the guard booths and
    disble it.  Head around the back of the two main buildings and plant
    explosives on the antenna towers.  Now head inside both of the buildings and
    plant your explosives fater shooting the Germans inside, there will be two in
    Objective 2:
    Run away from the buildings before they blow up.  Now grab your StG 44 and
    head back to the bridge.  There will be a big crowd of Germans there so shoot
    them all and go atround the corner on the same street.  You will have to make
    it all the way to the end of this street because that is where the commander's
    room is.  Keep shooting Germans as you go along, there will be quite a few so
    make sure you take cover and reload often.  When you reach the commander's
    room kill anybody inside, grab the health pack, and jump out the window to
    finish your objective.
                              3.63  The Schmerzen Express
    Objective 1: Locate and enter train station.
    Objective 2: Cut the power to the electric fence.
    Objective 3: Send radio communication.
    Objective 1:
    When the loading screen goes away you will find yourself in an alleyway that
    leads to an open field.  I find it best to stick close to the stone wall so
    turn to the left and follow the wall.  Take out your Springfield sniper rifle
    and take aim at the first group of enemeis you see.  Shoot the dog first since
    it is hardest to hit when it is moving.  Quickly take aim on the soldiers and
    shoot them.  Now keep following the wall until you reach a bridge.  Take out
    your rifle again and shoot the dog next to the soldier.  Then shoot the
    Go across the bridge and follow the wall again.  When you see two soldiers and
    a dog again off to the right take out your sniper rifle (if it isn;t out) and
    shoot the dog and the two Germans.  Then head through the gateway and equip
    your StG 44.  Follow the little road until you see a German officer.  He will
    try to run away but you will shoot him.  Then follow the road agauin and you
    will come to a small opening.  There will be two more Germans there for you to
    Now jump down and go left.  As you go along there will be three dogs and one
    soldier for you to shoot.  When you can finally see the train station get out
    your Sprignfield sniper rifle and look up to the walkway.  If you are far
    enough away the three German snipers on top will have not seen you so try and
    keep your distance.  Anyways, shoot the three snipers, two will be on the
    closest part of it to you and the other will be on the right section of the
    Objective 2:
    Head up the stairs to the left side of the station.  Take out your sniper
    rifle and shoot the guard and the searchlight in the tower to your left.  Do
    the same witrh the one to the west.  Now keep going through the fenced in area
    and rinse and reapeat the same thing for each tower.  Shot the guards and any
    MG42 gunners and then shoot the searchlights.
    When you reach the next set of stairs head for the entrance of the building
    and toss a grenade all the way in and then a grenade right at the entrance.
    Wait for them to go off and then run in with your Thompson and shoot
    whoever/whatever is inside. Go to the glowing control box and press the Use
    key to cut the power.
    Objective 3:
    Now head back to the big building by the train station.  You shouldn't have to
    worry about all the towers now ince you took all of them out, right?  Grab
    your StG 44 and dash inside and all the way up to the top level of the
    building.  You will find a radio blinking in red.  Press the Use key and the
    level will end.  You don't really have to worry about enemeis in here because
    you can make quick and easy work of all of them with your StG 44 and some duck
    and reload action.
                            3.64  Storming Fort Schmerzen
    Objective 1: Snipe the tower guards and avoid excessive casualties. [9]
    Objective 2: Unlock the cell block and free the POWs.
    Objective 3: Plant the explosives on the fuel control valves. [3]
    Objective 4: Open the main fuel line valve.
    Objective 5: Find a way into the inner facility.
    Objective 6: Acquire a gas mask.
    Objective 7: Make your way to the lower level.
    Objective 8: Open the main gas valves.
    Objective 9: Plant the explosives.
    Objective 10: Return to the elevator.
    Objective 11: Escape Fort Schmerzen.
    Objective 1:
    This is it.  The end of the game.  The final battle.  Keep your head up,
    trigger fingers itchy and so on.  This may be one of the hardest in the game
    so be prepared to face a good deal of Game Over screens.
    Anyways, you start out in a boxcar heading into a German railyard that is
    adjoining a mustard gas production facility.  When the boxcars open you will
    have to take out German snipers that are placed all around the perimeter of
    the facility.  All the while you have to be protecting your squad of rangers.
    If you lose less than four rangers you will get a medal for your efforts. 
    How touching...
    Objective 2:
    When the door to the north of you opens up you'll find a whole group of
    Germans waiting for you.  Get out your Thompson and take them down quickly. 
    Try and shoot as many of them as possible from beyond the doorway so that you
    can have some cover when you engage them.
    When the coast is clear head over to the opposite side of the room and open
    the door by spinning the wheel next to it with the Use key.  Do the same with
    the next door and shoot the German that is lying down in the hallway shooting
    at you.  Get out your grenades and spin the wheel on the next door.  Toss two
    Grenades in there and wait for them to blow.  Then whip out your StG 44 and
    shoot whoever is left of the Germans inside.  Look for a door that is closed
    in this area and open it.  Grab the StG 44 ammo and then pull the lever on the
    wall.  It will release the POWs in the cell.
    If you run to the chain link fence covering one of the doorways you will get
    a little briefing from the American soldiers there.
    Objective 3:
    Head back down the corridor and you will find two American soldiers who just
    rigged up a door with explosives.  Apparently they want you to set off the
    charges.  Aw shucks...  Anyways, blow the charges and take out your
    Springfield sniper rifle and aim down the long corridor.  Shoot the MG42
    gunner and then wait there for four more Germans to come into view.  Shoot
    them all.
    Head down the corridor with your StG 44 out and turn to the right.  Shoot the
    German coming from there and then go around the corner from where he came.  Go
    down the stairs and plant your explosive charges.  Shoot the Germans that are
    directly opposite the charge location.  Hop over the crates and head down
    the hall where you will have to shoot two more Germans. Keep pushing down
    the hall and you will find yourself at a dead end with two Germans that are
    guarding a fuel control valve.  Shoot them and plant.
    Now turn around and head back.  When you reach the first valve you will have
    to shoot a German soldier running through.  Now turn to the left and go to the
    crates underneath the walkway.  Hop over them and turn the corner and shoot
    the German hiding behind the crates.  Turn the enxt corner and you will see
    the third and final fuel control valve.  Unfortunately, although certainly not
    surprisingly, you will have to shoot a few more Germans to the left of you
    before you can do that.
    Objective 4:
    Just head down the hallway and shoot the lone German inside.  Duck under the
    pipes and press the Use key to open up the valve.
    Objective 5:
    You will have to fight past a small force of Germans trying to get back up to
    the leveator but you should find this rather simple with your StG 44 in hand.
    When you get up to the top level just locate the elevator in the nearby area
    using your compass.
    Objective 6:
    When the elevator stops fire straight ahead at the Germans at the top of the
    stairs.  Run right up the stairs and look around for any more Germans.  Go
    into the room on the right and descend the ladder when there are none left.
    Shoot the three Germans that you immediately encounter at the bottom of the
    ladder.  Slowly creep around the corner and shoot the German hiding behind the
    Move towards the barrels and toss two grenades to the back and right of them.
    You should kill a small group of Germans by doing this. Move around the
    barrels and shoot anybody that survived.
    Head further down the hallway and when you get to the small set of stairs just
    shoot the German to your left.  Turn into the hallway on the right and you
    will have to make your way past a large number of Germans to get to the end.
    So use your StG 44 and shoo them all and keep going.
    When you see the elevator turn right into the hallway.  Peer around the corner
    and try to take out the enemies you see here with your sniper rifle or some
    other gun of your choosing.  Proceed slowly down this hall as this is a
    barracks of some sort for the enemy.
    At the end of the hallway shoot the last few guards and grab a gas mask and
    some health.
    Objective 7:
    Head back to the elevator you saw and there will only be a few enemies in your
    path so dispatch them and descend on the elevator.
    Objective 8:
    As the elevator descends you will find yourself wearing a gas mask.  It
    severely restricts your vision but you can't take it off so stop whining.
    Anyways, shoot the first German you see and then proceed onwards down the
    hallway and take your first left.  Shoot the two Germans at the doorway and
    turn to the right.  Keep going through this room and enter the hallway to the
    As you enter this next room you will have to shoot one guard.  Soon enough you
    will hear some scientist yell "You fools, you'll release the gas!"  Oh...
    poo-poo... release the gas by shooting the big container at the end of the
    hall and watch sadistically as everyone but you dies.
    Now run ahead and turn the two glowing red valves.
    Objective 9:
    Plant your explosives at the marked point between the two valves.
    Objective 10:
    Now all you have to do is backtrack to the elevator before the big boom
    happens.  You will not to shoot any enemies thanks to your valient efforts
    Objective 11:
    Cripes!  This last objective is really tough.  You have to dash through the
    burning base, avoiding explosions falling debris, and clearing your path of a
    few maniacal germans who refuse to quit their posts.
    Anyways... lemme start by saying that you CANNOT STOP RUNNING!  If you do the
    explosions will catch up to you and well, you will get some severe burns and
    a free trip to the Game Over screen.
    Now finally on with the finale.  Basically all you have to do is take the only
    possible route through the burning base and take out a few enemies along the
    way.  No matter what happens DO_NOT_STOP_RUNNING.
    When the final loading screen finally comes on you will have to make it to the
    waiting train outside the gates.  Shoot one sentry to the left and then one
    behind him and dash outside to the train.  Do not linger inside because you
    have about 5 seconds (if that) before the flames and explosions and all around
    bad stuff comes through the tunnel to you.
    When you break out into the sunshine just take some pot-shots at the enemies
    but try and make a bee-line for the train.  That's really all I can say to you
    besides: Good luck!
    When you finally reach the train you will have finished this spectacular game.
    Now go watch the crappy ending. Oh wait, it's only a single line of dialogue!
    "Would ya' look at that!"
    *pulls the curtains closed*
                                    4. Appendices
                                   4.1  Weapon List
    Yeah, these ****ers might be more reliable then your troops but... ah, well, 
    give the computer a break!
    (The following descriptions have been taken directly from the EA Games website
    for MoHAA and are copyright of them. The descriptions that are marked 
    otherwise are otherwise. The instruction booklet descriptions are copyright of 
    them. Also, my descriptions are copyright of me. ;])
    Allied Weapons
    Colt .45
    The Colt .45 was the sidearm of choice for the American military from 1911 
    until its retirement in 1984. Originally suspicious of its innovative 
    autoloading mechanism, the American military asked its inventor, John M. 
    Browning, to rework the mechanism before accepting the gun into service.
    A subsequent version, the M1911A1, utilized recoil forces to push the slide 
    back, eject the shell, cock the hammer and reload the chamber-in a fraction of 
    a second. The finished version of this semi-automatic pistol packed more 
    stopping power than its predecessor, the .38-cal M1900, and, with its improved 
    autoloader, could fire at a more rapid rate. While more than half of all 
    enlisted men in World War I carried the Colt .45, regulations forbid 
    infantrymen from using them in World War II. However, these regulations were 
    rarely enforced, as many sought them as a weapon of last resort.
    On VJ Day in 1945, the last order for Colt 45s was canceled by the US 
    military, and for the next 39 years, all pistols in service were rehabilitated 
    secondhands. Reliable and accurate, the Colt .45 is the finest American 
    military sidearm ever made.
    OSS Hi-Standard Silenced Pistol
    (My Definition)
    This weapon kicks some major ass when you are close to the enemy. However, 
    when you are out of range (ei far away) it is pretty much useless. This weapon 
    is used for stealth mostly, but still is superior to the Colt .45 because it 
    packs a punch AND is silenced. You will find yourself using it most of the 
    time in the later missions of the game because of how good it is. Well, EA 
    games should of made it worse, I tell ya!
    M1 Garand
    The U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 rifle, or Garand was the standard-issue rifle 
    for American infantry. Named after its inventor, John C. Garand, it was the 
    first semiautomatic rifle widely used in combat. Although it was adopted by 
    the army in 1936, the Garand was in short supply until 1943, but by the end of 
    the war more than 4 million had been produced. 
    The Garand was easy to disassemble and clean, and its combination of caliber, 
    muzzle velocity, and semiautomatic operation provided superior firepower over 
    bolt-action rifles. Its only weakness was that partially fired clips were so 
    difficult to reload that GIs tended to simply fire off the remaining rounds 
    and insert a new clip.
    Special Traits 
       1.  The M1 used special clips designed to be ejected from the gun when 
           spent. There is a very distinct 'Ping' sound that occurs that must be 
       2.  Semi-automatic action, can fire almost as fast as the player can push 
           the fire button. 
       3.  This weapon will 'kick' a bit, meaning that it will require a little 
           time to re-center to where the player was aiming. If the player fires 
           in quick, rapid succession, the weapon won't have the proper time to 
           re-center its self, therefore simulating the effects of rapid fire that 
           the player can learn to adjust for, and make it seem more life-like. 
    Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle
    Officially designated "U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903," it was better 
    known as the Springfield, the Springfield '03, or simply the '03. This bolt-
    action rifle was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1903 and remained the standard 
    issue rifle of America's armed forces until 1936. 
    In 1906, the .30-caliber cartridge was modified and designated the "M1906 
    Cartridge"; it became widely known as the .30-06. This cartridge was the 
    standard U.S. rifle and machine gun cartridge for the next 50 years. 
    In 1936, the Springfield '03 was replaced by the M1 Garand, but many 
    Springfields saw service in World War II. In the Normandy Campaign, the 
    Springfield was used primarily as a sniper weapon; the vast majority of 
    infantrymen preferred semiautomatic and automatic weapons to the bolt-action 
    rifle. Any advantage the Springfield may have had in accuracy was more than 
    offset by the rate of fire the Garand, M1 Carbine, and Browning automatic 
    rifle offered.
    Special Traits 
       1.  This weapon will have a Sniper Mode, activated by the secondary weapon 
           use key, allowing the player to zoom the camera to make precise shots. 
           The edges of the screen will feather out as the scope is brought up to 
           the camera. Then the crosshair overlay will be seen, which will be 
           different from its German counterpart rifle. 
       2.  When not in Sniper Mode this weapon will function like a bolt action   
       3.  This weapon will 'kick' a bit, meaning that it will require a little 
           time to re-center to where the player was aiming. 
    Thompson Sub-Machine Gun
    John T. Thompson, who helped develop the Springfield '03 rifle and Colt 45 
    pistol, began work on a "trench broom" for close-quarters combat shortly after 
    his retirement from the army in 1918. He recognized that the .45-caliber slug 
    of the M1911 pistol would be devastating when used in a full automatic weapon. 
    By the spring of 1920, Thompson's company (Auto-Ordnance) produced a prototype 
    capable of firing 800 rounds per minute. Despite its excellent test 
    performance, the Thompson was not adopted for use by either the U.S. Army or 
    Marine Corps.
    Still, Thompson contracted with Colt for the manufacture of 15,000 guns, 
    designated "Thompson Submachine Gun, Model of 1921." The 15,000 guns 
    manufactured by Colt lasted until the eve of World War II. In 1940, the U.S. 
    Army ordered 20,000 Thompson submachine guns; in 1941 the army ordered an 
    additional 319,000. One of the main assets of the Thompson submachine gun was 
    reliability; it performed better than most submachine guns when exposed to 
    dirt, mud, and rain. The main complaints against the Thompson were its weight 
    (over 10 pounds), its inaccuracy at ranges over 50 yards, and its lack of 
    penetrating power (a common complaint with all World War II submachine guns).
    Special Traits
       1.  Fully automatic firing ability 
       2.  This weapon will 'kick' a bit, meaning that it will require a little 
           time to re-center to where the player was aiming. If the player fires 
           in quick, rapid succession, the weapon won't have the proper time to 
           re-center its self, therefore simulating the effects of rapid fire that 
           the player can learn to adjust for, and make it seem more life-like. 
    Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
    The initial M1918A1 version of the Browning automatic rifle (BAR) was first 
    used in combat by American soldiers during World War I, and many of these guns 
    saw service in World War II. The BAR received high praise for its reliability 
    under adverse conditions. In 1940, model M1918A2 was adopted. 
    Unlike earlier models, it could only be fired in two automatic modes: slow 
    (300 to 450 rounds per minute) or fast (500 to 650 rounds per minute) but not 
    in semiautomatic mode. Both versions were widely used; the BAR was a popular 
    weapon in all theaters because it was reliable and offered an excellent 
    combination of rapid fire and penetrating power. The BAR's only serious 
    drawback was its lack of a quick-change barrel to reduce the chances of 
    Special Traits 
       1.  Fully automatic firing ability 
       2.  This weapon will ‘kick’ a bit, meaning that it will require a little 
           time to re-center to where the player was aiming. If the player fires 
           in quick, rapid succession, the weapon won’t have the proper time to 
           re-center its self, therefore simulating the effects of rapid fire that 
           the player can learn to adjust for, and make it seem more life-like. 
    Mark II Frag Grenade
    American soldiers used many types of hand grenades during World War II, but 
    the primary hand grenade issued to GIs was the Mark II fragmentation grenade. 
    The Mark II was egg-shaped and constructed of cast iron. The outside of the 
    Mark II was serrated to produce more fragments when it exploded. The 
    specifications for the Mark II called for a TNT filler, but because TNT was in 
    short supply when the war started many early Mark IIs were filled with a 
    nitrostarch compound. 
    The time delay on the Mark II's fuse was 4 to 4.8 seconds. The Mark II's 
    killing radius was 5 to 10 yards, but fragments could kill at up to 50 yards. 
    Because the accepted throwing range was 35 to 40 yards, soldiers were ordered 
    to keep their heads down until after the grenade exploded. Of the other types 
    of hand grenades issued to GIs in Europe, the two most common were smoke and 
    phosphorus grenades. Both these grenades were used to mask movements or mark 
    artillery and ground-support aircraft targets.
    Special Traits 
       1.  The grenade is thrown not shot. This means that the strength of the 
           throw (distance) can be controlled, by how long the Fire button is held 
           down before releasing. 
       2.  Grenades will detonate on impact with an enemy 
       3.  Grenades will bounce and roll when thrown. 
       4.  Grenades can be picked up and thrown back at the player 
       5.  Secondary weapon use will throw this in an under-hand toss for going 
           under things 
    Grenades explosions will send out a small amount of shrapnel, which will cause 
    minor damage (1-5 HP) but trigger hit reactions in affected AI. 
    In response to the need for an infantry antitank weapon, Leslie A. Skinner and 
    Edward G. Uhl of the Ordnance Department developed the bazooka-a metal tube 
    that used an electrical firing mechanism-by early 1942. Until then American 
    infantry had lacked an antitank rocket capable of stopping a tank. 
    Another member of the Ordnance Department, Henry H. Mohaupt, had been working 
    on a shaped-charge grenade for use by infantry against tanks. Mohaupt's M10 
    grenade weighed over 3.5 pounds, making it nearly impossible to throw 
    effectively. However, when Skinner and Uhl started attaching Mohaupt's 
    grenades to their bazooka rocket, scoring hits on three successive shots 
    during testing, the Ordnance Department immediately recognized the value of 
    this new weapon. 
    Many bazookas were shipped to America's allies; in fact, when the Germans 
    captured one, they copied the design to produce the Panzerschreck ("Tank 
    Terror"). The bazooka was named for a musical contraption devised by comedian 
    Bob Burns. 
    Special Traits 
       1.  Accurate but has a slow reload time. 
       2.  When fired the round will explode on contact. 
       3.  This weapon has no secondary use. 
    Winchester Shotgun
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    Originally designed as a police weapon, the Winchester Shotgun packs a short, 
    solid punch. This solid-framed, pump action shotgun houses a 20-inch barrel 
    that creates a wide dispersal pattern in the vicinity of the shooter.
    M1919A4 .30 Cal Mounted Machine Gun
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    While earlier water-cooled versions were noted for their higher rates of 
    sustained fire and accuracy, the air-cooled M1919A4 has become preferred on 
    the front lines. Some are mounted on U.S. Army Jeeps for armed patrols.
    Axis Weapons
    Walther P38
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    The lean P28 semi-automatic pistol is a weapon for the long haul. Its reliable 
    firing mechanism makes it a favorite among officers of the Wehrmacht.
    Mauser KAR 98K
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    This repeating rifle with a blunted nose is in the hands of all German 
    soldiers for basic training. For many, it is their only weapon in combat yet 
    is useful in most situations
    KAR 98 Sniper Rifle
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    Adding a ZF41 2.5x Scope or a ZF42 5x scope to the KAR 98K turns it into an 
    effective sniping weapon. In dense areas of Western Europe, snipers are a 
    persistent threat.
    MP40 Submachine Gun
    This submachine gun evolved out of the MP38 which was prone to misfirings that 
    had sometimes lethal results. A simple technical innovation to the hammer 
    eliminated the problem, and the MP40 was born. Effective in close combat and 
    simple in construction, the MP40 was very cheap to make, as its parts were 
    machine-stamped. Mass-produced throughout the War, the MP40 numbered over 
    900,000 when the Third Reich fell. 
    Special Traits 
       1.  Fully automatic firing ability 
       2.  This weapon will ‘kick’ a bit, meaning that it will require a little  
           time to re-center to where the player was aiming. If the player fires 
           in quick, rapid succession, the weapon won’t have the proper time to 
           re-center its self, therefore simulating the effects of rapid fire that 
           the player can learn to adjust for, and make it seem more life-like. 
    STG44 Sturmgewehr
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    Tests among German engineers have shown that their standard rifle cartridges 
    are too long and too difficult to target in fully automatic weapons, so the 
    StG44 Sturmgewehr fires a shoter cartridge. In meeting Hitler's demands for 
    increased production of submachine guns and light machine guns, the StG44 is 
    considered a resounding achievemnt of technology and production.
    MG42 Mounted Machine Gun
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    A unique, delayed blowback firing system allows the gun to achieve rates of 
    fire three times greater than any American machine gun. MG42s are used 
    extensively in cover and defensive situations throughout the European 
    As they did with almost every other weapons type, the Germans developed a 
    number of different hand grenades. There were, however, two primary types of 
    German high-explosive hand grenades: the Stielhandgranate 24 ("stick hand 
    grenade, model 24") and the smaller egg-shaped Eihandgranate 39 ("egg hand 
    grenade, model 39"). 
    The stick grenade was the more familiar of the two, having seen widespread use 
    in World War I and undergoing various improvements in the interwar years. It 
    consisted of a thin sheet-metal can containing a TNT charge and was mounted on 
    a hollow wooden handle. The handle provided leverage that made this grenade 
    easier to throw than other egg-shaped German and Allied grenades. 
    The stick grenade was armed by unscrewing the metal cap on the bottom of the 
    handle to expose a porcelain bead attached to a cord in the handle. Pulling 
    the bead actuated a friction igniter, and the TNT charge exploded after a 4- 
    to 5-second delay. Late in the war variant stick grenade models substituted a 
    concrete or wooden charge container for the original metal head. 
    Special Traits 
       1.  The grenade is thrown not shot. This means that the strength of the 
           throw (distance) can be controlled, by how long the Fire button is held 
           down before releasing. 
       2.  Grenades will detonate on impact with an enemy 
       3.  Grenades will bounce and roll when thrown. 
       4.  Grenades can be picked up and thrown back at the player 
       5.  This grenade can be fetched by dogs 
           Secondary weapon use will throw this in an under-hand toss for going 
           under things Grenades explosions will send out a small amount of 
           shrapnel, which will cause minor damage but trigger hit reactions in 
           affected AI. 
    (Instruction Booklet Definition)
    The larger cousin to the grenade-launching Panzerfaust, the Panzerchreck 
    propels a rocket-powered grenade from a shoulder-held tube. A rough shield 
    with a small opening for aiming provides the operator some protection from the 
    exhaust blast of the rocket.
                                    4.2  Item List
                                  4.3  Vehicle List
    (The following was taken from the eagames website on MoHAA and is copyright of
    Fockey-Wulf FW 190
    The small Fw 190 was one of the greatest fighters of WWII. Designed by Dr. 
    Kurt Tank, the Fw 190 was built as a sturdy all-round fighter, rather than a 
    lightweight interceptor; but the early Fw 190A's nevertheless proved clearly 
    superior to the Spitfire Mk.V. The Fw 190 was a better fighter than the Bf 
    109, except at high altitude. The radial-engine Fw 190 was also succesfully 
    developed into a series of fighter-bombers. 
    The Fw 190D-series used a liquid-cooled Junkers engine instead of the radial 
    BMW, and had increased span and length. The Fw 190D was a very good high-
    altitude interceptor, equal to the P-51D or Spitfire XIV and without the 
    altitude limitations of the Fw 190A. It was the stepping-stone to the Ta 152. 
    Total Fw 190 production was 20001. 
    King Tiger Tank
    Armaments Minister Albert Speer began thinking about an even more powerful 
    tank than the Tiger and Panther. In January 1943 a specification was issued to 
    Porsche and Henschel for a new heavy tank carrying an 88mm high-velocity gun. 
    The two prototypes, VK.4502 (P) and VK.4503(H) were available by October. 
    Porsche were so confident in their turret design that they put it in 
    production. However, Henschel won the competition again and entered production 
    at the end of December. The first 50 vehicles had the Porsche turret to avoid 
    The PzKpfw VI Ausf B, also called Tiger II or Königstiger (King or Royal 
    Tiger) was the most formidable tank in service until the introduction of the 
    Soviet JS-3 just before the war's end. It was, however, miserably underpowered 
    because it used the same Maybach HL 230 P45 engine as that in the Tiger I, 
    which was 11 tons lighter! The power-to-weight ration was extremely poor. 
    Although a maximum road speed of 41.5km/h was achieved during trials, it was 
    almost certain that the vehicle would break down if it tried to sustain this. 
    However, by the time the Tiger II entered combat in February 1944 Germany was 
    defending, and heavy armor and a powerful gun were much more important than 
    The Tiger II had extremely thick armor that were also well-sloped, and a long-
    barrelled high-velocity 88mm KwK 43 L/71. It was the most powerful German tank 
    of the war, and its gun enabled it to engage Allied tanks at long ranges. 
    However, its poor maneuverability made it susceptible to attacks in the flanks 
    or rear. In addition, the Tiger II was just as vulnerable to aerial attacks by 
    fighter-bombers, and its size made it hard to hide. Only 487 were produced, 
    and, like many other German weapons in the latter part of the war, they were 
    too little, too late. 
    M4A4 Sherman Tank
    The M4A4 Sherman Tank is a medium size tank and can go up to 30 miles an hour. 
    Although no match for German medium tanks in the way of power, caliber and 
    armor thickness, the Sherman proved a real winner of the war because of 
    numerical superiority. 
    Weighing in at 35 tons, the Sherman is armed with a 75mm, 40 caliber cannon 
    capable of punching through 3.7 inches of armor at 500 yards. On the defensive 
    side, the tank had an effective armor thickness of 2.8 inches in the front, 
    1.6 inches in the sides, and 1.4 inches in the rear. It carried a crew of five 
    and had three machine guns. 
    The Sherman was a poor match for any of the German tanks against which it 
    fought. Even the Panzer IV, the weakest of its opponents, had a more powerful 
    gun. Against the Panther and the Tiger, the Sherman was hopelessly outclassed. 
    The Panther and the Tiger had frontal armors of 4.8 and 4.0 inches 
    respectively; thus, the Sherman's gun could not kill either tank in a head-to-
    head encounter, even at close range. The German guns were more powerful than 
    the Sherman's; they could easily penetrate the Sherman's frontal armor even at 
    great ranges. 
    The only chance a Sherman had against a Panther or a Tiger was to shoot it in 
    the side or rear, where the armor was thinner. This required that the Sherman 
    lay in wait and shoot its victims from hiding. 
    But the Sherman possessed two less obvious advantages: reliability and 
    simplicity. These may not be very exciting traits, but in the heat of combat a 
    little thing like a sticky clutch can be disastrous. A minor breakdown during 
    a retreat can result in the complete loss of the tank. Such problems were rare 
    with Shermans. And their simplicity made it possible to manufacture them in 
    astounding numbers. Over 49,000 Sherman tanks were built during World War Two 
    -- more than all the tank production of the Third Reich for the entire war.
    GMC Truck
    The GMC 2 ½ ton 6 x 6 truck was known as the 'Deuce and a half' or more 
    affectionately as 'Jimmy'. A vast number of these ubiquitous load carriers 
    were built - over 562,000 by GMC alone, and 250,000+ by other manufacturers. 
    They were also fitted with a wide variety of other bodies - tankers, operating 
    theatres, dump trucks, & mobile workshops.
    P-47 Thunderbolt Airplane
    In the entire history of military aviation, there has never been an airplane 
    that could match the P-47 Thunderbolt for ruggedness and dependability. The 
    pilots who flew it into combat called it "The Unbreakable" and "The plane that 
    can do anything." They were not far from wrong. P-47's often came back from 
    combat shot full of holes, their wings and control surfaces in tatters.
    On one occasion a Thunderbolt pilot, Lieutenant Chetwood, hit a steel pole 
    after strafing a train over Occupied France. The collision sliced four feet 
    off one of his wings--yet he was able to fly back safely to his base in 
    The P-47's nickname, the Jug, is a commentary about its bloated, pug nosed 
    appearance. The British, however, believed it to be an abbreviation for 
    Juggernaut. Both monikers, in their own way, are true. While hardly an 
    attractive aircraft, it was nonetheless formidable and difficult to bring 
    The Thunderbolt was the largest single engine fighter of World War II, and its 
    appearance led many - particularly in the RAF - to dismiss the design as 
    ungainly and ill-suited for a fighter role against nimble Luftwaffe aircraft, 
    such as the Me109 and FW 190. What the Jug had, however, that the RAF fighters 
    lacked at the time was range. It served as an able bomber escort until late 
    '43 when the Merlin powered Mustangs arrived.
    M3 Half Truck
    The halftrack personnel carrier T14 which was produced in the late 1930’s was 
    the prototype for all the wide variety of halftracks produced by the USA 
    during the war years; it soon became standardized as the M2. There were many 
    variations [which included] carriers of the 81mm and 4.2in mortars, 75mm and 
    105mm howitzers, the 57mm gun and various AA mounts including the 40mm Bofors 
    and multiples - twin .50cal MGs, four .50cal MGs and a 37mm cannon plus twin 
    .50cal MGs.
    The halftrack was originally conceived as a recce vehicle, with adequate 
    protection against small arms and a good cross-country performance. It was 
    widely used throughout the army for a variety of jobs. The basic M2 model was 
    intended as an artillery gun tower for the 105mm howitzer. The M3 model was 
    produced concurrently with the M2 and was the basic personnel carrier. It was 
    armed with a .50cal MG on a pedestal mount and had seats for 10 men, so it 
    could carry a rifle squad in the rear, and had a crew of three.
    Higgin Boat (LCVP)
    "The second class consisted of various types of Higgins landing craft (LCPs, 
    LCPLs, LCVPs, LCMs) constructed of wood and steel that were used in 
    transporting fully armed troops, light tanks, field artillery, and other 
    mechanized equipment and supplies essential to amphibious operations. 
    It was these boats that made the D-Day landings at Normandy, Guadalcanal, 
    Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Leyte and Guam and hundreds of lesser-known 
    assaults possible. Without Higgins' uniquely designed craft there could not 
    have been a mass landing of troops and material on European shores or on the 
    beaches of the Pacific islands, at least not without a tremendously higher 
    rate of Allied casualties."
    PZ. KPFQ. VI 'Tiger' Tank
    This tank, originally the Pz. Kpfw. VI, first was encountered by the Russians 
    in the last half of 1942, and by the Western Allies in Tunisia early in 1943. 
    It's colloquial name, Tiger, was adopted officially in February 1944. The 
    current version is Model E.
    Unlike the Panther, the Tiger is designed on familiar German lines, but all 
    the dimensions are increased. The main armament is the 8.8cm Kw.K. 36, which 
    is essentially the 8.8cm Flak 36 adapted for turret mounting. The mounting of 
    such a heavy gun has raised considerable problems of rigidity, and 
    consequently the hull is constructed of large plates entirely welded together. 
    The superstructure is made up in one unit, and welded to the hull. The turret 
    wall is made from a single large piece of armor, 82mm thick, bent into a 
    horseshoe shape. Further, all the armor plates are interlocked, in addition to 
    being welded. The armor of the Tiger, at the time of its appearance, was the 
    thickest ever to be fitted on any German tank, the front vertical plate being 
    102mm thick, and the hull sides 62mm.
    The suspension, which employs interleaved, Christie-type bogie wheels with a 
    very wide track, is reasonably simple and is an effective solution of the 
    suspension problem for such a large and heavy vehicle.
    The Tiger engine requires very skilled driving and maintenance to get the best 
    performance, and in the hands of insufficiently trained crews mechanical 
    troubles are apt to appear. This characteristic has been the tank's principal 
                                   4.4  Medal List
    Career Medals
    The Bronze Star is awarded when you choose the "easy" difficulty.
    The Silver Star is awarded when you choose the "medium" difficulty.
    The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded when you choose the "hard"
                               4.5  Mission Briefings
    This is all of the missions briefings in this game. Now, one might call this 
    filler, but these briefings really will help you in the game. These mission 
    briefings are copyright of eagames and were taken from eagames.com.
    Rangers Lead the Way - Algeria, North Africa - November 7, 1942
    Good work on infiltrating the coastline. It's time to get down to business. 
    We've procured two captured German Opel transport trucks for this part of the 
    mission. They will take your squad to a shoreside village that leads into the 
    town of Arzew, where our missing agent last reported in. Take control of this 
    village quickly, and try not to let any sentries slip away to warn other 
    troops in Arzew. You'll be part of the assault team in the first truck.
    German occupation forces are reported to be light in this area, but in my 
    experience, you're better off taking that with a grain of salt. There's no 
    point in taking unnecessary risks. Captain Richards will be in command of the 
    mission, so pay close attention to his orders. Lieutenant Powell, as second in 
    command, you will be bringing up the rear and supporting the assault on the 
    One more note - watch your ammo. The M1 Garand doesn't reload easily in the 
    middle of a clip, so you'll have to fire off the whole clip before you can 
    reload again.
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Rescue Mission - Algeria, North Africa - November 7, 1942
    Even the best planned missions can go awry. That incident at the checkpoint 
    has so far cost us the lives of your entire squad but it must not prevent you 
    from completing the mission. 
    We received our agent's last message near the town of Arzew, which is built 
    around a desert fort now occupied by the Germans. If our agent was indeed 
    captured, there's a good chance he'll be held somewhere in the town and 
    interrogated. His original exfiltration plan was quite detailed, so he'll have 
    a few ideas about how to get you to safety. With any luck, you'll be able to 
    help him complete his mission, which is to destroy the 88mm guns covering the 
    Locate our agent. We've only been out of contact with him for less than a 
    week, and once the Germans realize who our agent is, they'll probably have him 
    sent to Berlin for a full 'interrogation.' We expect that they'll keep him 
    safe and sound until then. As a Major, he'll assume command of the mission 
    once you've freed him. He knows the territory and the best escape routes, so 
    cover his back and pay attention to his orders.
    This won't be an easy one. Good luck.
    - Colonel Hargrove 
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Sabotage the Motorpool - Algeria, North Africa - November 7, 1942
    Well done. You've kept the Germans from obtaining vital secrets about our 
    operations and found a way out of this mess. Destroying the 88mm guns covering 
    Arzew Harbor was a critical move, keeping Operation Torch on schedule and 
    making the job of landing on the beach that much easier. By now, Major Grillo 
    has no doubt chosen an exfiltration plan and is on his way to one of several 
    camouflaged desert supply caches from his previous mission. He'll procure some 
    transport to get you two out of there.
    Meanwhile, you'll have to take care of two things: keep the Germans from 
    pursuing, and disrupt troop mobility along the coast when our forces land. You 
    can do this by finding Opel transport trucks in the German-held port 
    facilities. Render the trucks useless by disabling the engines with your wire 
    cutters. Keep your eyes open for Panzer and Tiger tanks and put them out of 
    commission wherever possible with your radio bombs. Finally, destroy any 
    munitions caches and get out of there.
    Major Grillo will rendezvous with you once you're clear of the motorpool. 
    Choose your battles carefully - the Germans are hunting for you and have you 
    completely outnumbered.
    - Colonel Hargrove 
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Lighting the Torch - Algeria, North Africa - November 7, 1942
    Good work on sabotaging the motorpool. I hope you've had some rest during the 
    drive down the coast, because you're not done yet. Your final target is a 
    radar tracking station built into the side of a cliff overlooking the 
    Mediterranean. This station can direct intense fire onto the fleet from 
    distant coastal gun batteries. Destroying that station will render those guns 
    blind and useless, allowing the fleet to sail in unchallenged.
    Grillo will drive while you operate the .30 cal machine gun at the back of the 
    jeep. The station is located next to a desert airstrip, where you should 
    destroy a squadron of Stuka dive-bombers stationed there, and any other 
    targets of opportunity. Then enter the radar station and destroy the sensitive 
    radar equipment - just shoot the controls out. Head down to the seawall and 
    fight your way into the lighthouse at its end. Give our fleet the "all clear" 
    signal by activating the lamp. Once that's taken care of, rendezvous with 
    Major Grillo at the foot of the lighthouse for extraction.
    Major Grillo will rendezvous with you once you're clear of the motorpool. 
    Choose your battles carefully - the Germans are hunting for you and have you 
    completely outnumbered.
    With any luck, we'll force Rommel and the Afrika Korps out of North Africa 
    soon enough.
    - Colonel Hargrove 
    Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine -Trondheim, Norway - February 12, 1943
    It appears that the German navy, the Kriegsmarine, has been creating a highly 
    sensitive radar detector to allow their U-Boats to regain control of the 
    Atlantic. They've codenamed the device, "Naxos." If this device works, it will 
    let their U-Boats dodge our naval radar patrols easily. You'll be inserted 
    near Trondheim, where we believe the prototype is being developed. Major 
    Grillo has been operating undercover as a local German officer since January, 
    and he'll be at the gate to let you into the facility.
    Wait for his radio signal, and be ready to snipe the guards from a safe 
    distance. Cover him while he opens the main gate. You'll be bringing in plenty 
    of explosives to destroy the U-529, since Major Grillo cannot procure enough 
    high-explosive on site without arousing suspicion. Once you're in, stay with 
    Grillo and head for the research building. First, steal all documents 
    pertaining to the prototype, then infiltrate the submarine pens.
    Major Grillo will be in command. Just follow his lead and everything should 
    work like clockwork.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Scuttling the U-529 - Trondheim, Norway - February 12, 1943
    It appears that the mission plan has gone awry. You're going to have to go 
    incognito if you're going to have any chance of surviving this, Powell. Grab 
    an officer's uniform from a locker room in the submarine facility and stick to 
    speaking German until you're out of there.
    Here are the essentials you need to know while operating in disguise:
    1. Always show your papers when asked. 
    2. Don't walk around with a weapon drawn, as it will immediately arouse 
    3. To upgrade to a higher security level, locate a set of officer's papers. 
    You may be forced to eliminate an officer in order to get to them. 
    4. If all else fails, try to isolate a troublesome officer before eliminating 
    Destroy the Naxos prototype, get into the U-529, plant the explosives in the 
    bow, and find another way out of the pens.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Escape from Trondheim - Trondheim, Norway - February 12, 1943
    Excellent work, Lieutenant. Even without the support of Major Grillo, you 
    handled the situation admirably. Taking out the U-529 and the Naxos prototype 
    should keep the balance of Atlantic power on our side, and we're predicting 
    that the next prototype will be delayed until this fall. But there's no time 
    to celebrate now - you've got to get out of there fast. The base is on high 
    alert, and the Germans aren't going to let you slip away without a fight.
    Meanwhile, you'll have to take care of two things: keep the Germans from 
    pursuing, and disrupt troop mobility along the coast when our forces land. You 
    can do this by finding Opel transport trucks in the German-held port 
    facilities. Render the trucks useless by disabling the engines with your wire 
    cutters. Keep your eyes open for Panzer and Tiger tanks and put them out of 
    commission wherever possible with your radio bombs. Finally, destroy any 
    munitions caches and get out of there.
    Make your way to the train depot on the north side of the facility. A German 
    supply train captured for us by Norwegian resistance forces should be there 
    soon. A squad of our troops will be on board to provide covering fire at the 
    rendezvous. When they open those boxcar doors, they'll lay down covering fire 
    as long as they can - be careful to avoid firing on them! Use this attack as a 
    diversion, and get to that train. Once they're low on ammo, they're going to 
    roll out of there as fast possible, and if you're not on the train by that 
    time, they will be forced to leave you behind.
    Good luck, Powell.
    - Colonel Hargrove 
    Omaha Beach - Normandy, France - June 6, 1944
    "Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! You are about 
    to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many 
    months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty 
    loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and 
    brothers-in-arms on other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the 
    German war machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples 
    of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.
    Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped 
    and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely. But this is the year of 1944! 
    Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of 1940-41. The United Nations have 
    inflicted upon the Germans great defeats, in open battle, man-to-man. Our air 
    offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity 
    to wage war on the ground. Our Home Fronts have given us an overwhelming 
    superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at our disposal great 
    reserves of trained fighting men. The tide has turned! The free men of the 
    world are marching together to Victory!
    I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. 
    We will accept nothing less than full Victory!
    Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great 
    and noble undertaking."
    - General Dwight D. Eisenhower
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Battle in the Bocage - Normandy, France - June 7, 1944
    Excellent job on Omaha. Due to your exemplary actions, you've been reassigned 
    to a special mission with Captain Ramsey from A Company. The situation in the 
    bocage is grim. The overgrown hedgerows dividing the landscape past the beach 
    provide the Germans with perfect defensive territory; our every offensive is 
    met with tenacious overlapping defenses - MG42s, mortars, 88's - you name it. 
    Certain areas that were to be taken by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions 
    remain in enemy hands; a result of the misdrops on the night of the invasion.
    Your mission is to penetrate enemy lines, disrupt enemy defenses, and link up 
    with paratroopers from the 101st who were tasked to destroy a special target 
    between Isigny and Carentan. If they're understrength or KIA, you are to 
    complete their mission with Ramsey. A jeep is available for transport, but 
    there's no way to tell how far you'll get before you have to abandon it, as 
    the roads closer to the target are well defended by 88mm guns.
    You'll receive further details once you're in the field. Best of luck, 
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Normandy, France - June 7, 1944
    Good job on taking out those 88's. Now, here's exactly what you're looking 
    for. This photo from our files shows a six-barreled rocket projector called 
    the Nebelwerfer 41. When grouped into batteries, they can be devastating, 
    smashing targets with barrages of explosive rockets. One such battery is 
    defending an approach to Carentan, and the Germans could easily shift it to a 
    less vulnerable position further south at any time. We can't let that happen. 
    This is as good a chance as we're going to get to take away some of their best 
    firepower in the area. Success here will save many soldiers' lives in the 
    fight towards the town of St. Lo.
    The only approach to the Nebelwerfer battery is through a small town. You'll 
    know you're near the site when you see the large church on the outskirts. The 
    battery is located on a field defended by many MG-42 positions; use the sniper 
    rifle to pick off the crews from a distance before moving in. Once you've 
    captured the location, plant explosives onto the Nebelwerfers and take cover!
    This won't be an easy mission, but I'm confident you'll be up to the task. 
    Good luck, Lieutenant.
    - Colonel Hargrove
    Omaha Beach - Normandy, France - June 6, 1944
    You'll be working alone on this mission, Powell. As an OSS agent you'll have 
    to get used to the idea of being out there on your own in enemy territory. The 
    main purpose of this phase of the mission is to get you to a Resistance 
    safehouse in St. Ebremont, south of St. Lo, and very deep behind enemy lines. 
    Unfortunately, there's a bit of a catch to this mission. We received some bad 
    news today, and you're going to be taking care of it on your way there.
    One of our recon planes went down today in your mission area, carrying an 
    Allied G3 Operations Officer and his pilot. If you find either one of them, 
    get them to a Resistance safehouse for extraction and debriefing. The Germans 
    could score a major intelligence coup if our men fall into their hands.
    When you reach your destination, you'll receive more mission details from your 
    Resistance contact. Her name is Manon Batiste. 
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Diverting the Enemy - Normandy, France - June 22, 1944
    Bonsoir, mon ami! Colonel Hargrove has spoken highly of you. Remember that 
    covert OSS missions are different from the frontline combat you're used to. 
    Stealth and surprise are your best weapons. Don't forget your Hi-Standard 
    silenced pistol. It's small, lightweight, and accurate to about fifteen yards. 
    Always make sure you get close and aim for the head.
    Your final destination is a command post in an occupied French estate. But 
    before you can infiltrate the post, we must create distractions to draw some 
    of the troops away. There's two locations best suited for the task. The first 
    is a nearby tank park, where a few well placed explosives will incapacitate 
    their tanks for at least two weeks while they await repairs and parts. Also, 
    the Germans frequently run supply trucks through a checkpoint here. If you see 
    one of these trucks, try to stow away by jumping in the back. This should get 
    you into the tank park undetected.
    The second and most important location is a small train depot where a much 
    needed supply train will be passing through tonight. Switch the tracks so the 
    train enters the repair lane at the station. Plant your explosives on the lane 
    barrier. When the train runs into it, the explosives will detonate.
    Finally, there's a small truck garage at the station. An old friend of mine is 
    posing as a German supply truck driver, and will be waiting for you. He knows 
    the way to the estate, and will be able to drive you past the remaining 
    perimeter patrols. Look for his signal when you get to the garage. Bon chance, 
    mon ami!
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Command Post - Normandy, France - June 22, 1944
    Très bien, Powell! While the enemy is busy with the mess you left behind, 
    you'll have time to finish the mission. But be careful! The area is still well 
    guarded, and you'll have to choose your fights carefully. You'll get a 
    Winchester Riot Shotgun for this mission; I hope Henri - your driver - 
    remembered to give you some extra shells to go with it. It should prove quite 
    useful indoors. The inner gate to the estate is quite heavily defended, so I 
    advise you to take some time to see if there are other ways to get past it 
    Once you're past the inner gate, send a false communique by radio to direct a 
    shipment of Kar 98K rifles to Courson. Of course, the Resistance will 
    intercept the shipment before it actually gets there. Next, you need to find 
    any maps with their battle plans for the St. Lo region. Finally, there should 
    be a troop and supply manifest that will show exactly what they are deploying 
    to this area.
    We're still not sure whether that new heavy tank Colonel Hargrove mentioned is 
    in the compound or not. It should be quite obvious, as it will be quite larger 
    than the standard Tiger or Panzer tank. If you see one, try to find some 
    documentation. Once you have everything, get to the stone bridge past the 
    front gate. I'll have a vehicle ready to pick you up.
    Je vous verrai bientôt!
    Sniper's Last Stand - Brittany, France - August 20, 1944
    Our latest field reports say that a King Tiger is undergoing minor maintenance 
    and tread repairs in a small town about ten miles from Brest. Your tank crew 
    has been released from its duties in the 6th and has standing orders to 
    rendezvous with you in this town. Frequent contact with German snipers was 
    reported by soldiers from the 28th moving through the area, so I can't be more 
    specific as to the crew's location - they'll find a safe spot to take cover 
    until you find them.
    Now for the hard part. The Germans have the tank well guarded in a highly 
    defensible position -somewhere near the local town hall. Capture and clear out 
    that town hall, and get your crew safely to the King Tiger.
    The town's been shelled heavily for over a week, creating the ideal terrain 
    for enemy snipers to prey upon our troops. You'll be hunting some truly 
    skilled snipers amongst the rubble, so move carefully and take your time.
    Good luck, Lieutenant. This veteran crew has seen plenty of fellow Shermans 
    annihilated by German Tigers on the battlefield, and they're very eager to 
    return the favor.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Hunt for the King Tiger - Brittany, France - August 20, 1944
    Good job, Powell. You're on a road to Brest that will take you through 
    villages still held by enemy forces, so don't relax just yet. The King Tiger 
    has tremendous firepower and more armor than any tank built to date, but it's 
    a slow moving target that's vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. The major 
    threats you have to watch for are Tiger I and Panzer IV tanks, panzerschreck 
    teams, and the 88mm field gun.
    The Tiger I is the precursor to the tank you're in now - it has less armor but 
    the same gun and the same engine. Your best chances of killing it lie in 
    hitting it first. That'll disorient its crew and give your men time to reload 
    while the enemy crew is recovering. Panzerschreck teams will hide in 
    buildings, waiting for you to roll by before attacking. Blast those buildings 
    quickly to be safe. Don't worry about civilians - by now, no one but the enemy 
    will be occupying these shelled out villages.
    The 88mm field gun is a stationary emplacement you've seen before, in the 
    bocage. Their crews rely on camouflage to stay out of your sight, waiting to 
    fire at the right moment. Watch the road ahead very closely for these guns.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Bridge - Brittany, France - August 20, 1944
    So far, so good Lieutenant. The Germans at the bridge have certainly been 
    informed of the stolen King Tiger, so you won't be able to drive the tank to 
    the bridge right away. This photo from our Resistance agents shows the bridge 
    wired to blow at a moment's notice from a small plunger on the opposite side. 
    As the team's lone sniper, you'll have to move in quietly, find a good 
    position overlooking the bridge, and keep the enemy from using that plunger 
    until the tank can move into position. If you're spotted during your approach, 
    you'll have to chase down and kill any of the sentries before they can run off 
    and blow the bridge.
    Once the King Tiger reaches the bridge, the Germans will undoubtedly call in 
    reinforcements. The King Tiger is tough, but it can't stop all of them. Use 
    your radio to call artillery strikes on incoming tanks, and remember that it 
    takes a few seconds for the shells to arrive. Hold off the German 
    counterattack until friendly forces arrive to secure the area. If we can win 
    this battle, the German presence in France will be all but finished by mid-
    You've got your work cut out for you, Powell. Good hunting!
    - Colonel Hargrove
    The Siegfried Forest - Siegfried Line, Germany - January 18, 1945
    The Army Air Force has reported losing several reconnaissance planes 20 miles 
    north of Fort Schmerzen in a place where they've seen nothing of importance, 
    just a lot of forest and snow for miles in all directions.
    We want you to go in early and see what's going on in there, before you go to 
    the rallying point for the Schmerzen raid. It's rather odd that the Germans 
    would position valuable anti-air weapons in the middle of nowhere, don't you 
    You'll be "tree jumping" this time - parachuting into a forest is risky, but 
    it's the fastest insertion method. Once you're on the ground, be on the 
    lookout for enemy snipers. You've got the Springfield sniper rifle for this 
    operation. Our planes are probably being shot down by anti-air guns hiding 
    amongst the trees; we're guessing they're 20mm Flaks. Find and destroy any 
    anti-air guns, and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. We'll 
    play this one by ear if something does come up.
    Good luck out there, Powell.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Die Sturmgewehr - Siegfried Line, Germany - January 18, 1945
    We knew the Allied bombings over the Ruhr valley were hurting the Germans 
    badly, but we didn't know where they'd moved production of certain weapons, 
    specifically, the new StG 44 assault rifle. This could be it - a secret 
    assembly plant and weapons stockpile in a fortification along the Siegfried 
    Line near Fort Schmerzen. It would be a golden opportunity to disrupt the 
    resupply of this fine weapon to their front lines. Here's the plan:
    First, find a way inside and get a disguise and proper papers. Use the Hi-
    Standard silenced pistol for that. Next, steal assembly blueprints and 
    machining instructions for the StG 44. Finally, locate a parts and weapons 
    cache, grab the latest version of the StG 44 assault rifle, and set an 
    explosive charge on the rest of the stockpile. Get out of there using any 
    means at your disposal.
    This assault rifle is truly revolutionary in its design. It combines full 
    automatic fire, large magazine capacity, low weight (five pounds less than the 
    BAR), and the range and accuracy of a rifle in single shots and short bursts. 
    There's no other firearm in the Allied or Axis arsenal that matches its 
    superior qualities.
    Be careful out there Lieutenant.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Communications Blackout - Germany - January 18, 1945
    This is going to be a delicate phase of the Schmerzen operation, Lieutenant. 
    You're entering a town that is home to the last train station along the 
    railway before Fort Schmerzen. Most communications in the region are routed 
    through a radio command post used by the Gestapo and high ranking SS officers. 
    These lines of communication must be cut before we can move in on Schmerzen.
    The town is well occupied by a garrison of skilled winter troops, and dotted 
    with security posts equipped with an alarm system. Once the alarm is tripped 
    by a guard, rest assured that troops will be sent out to investigate. Get past 
    the defenses and plant your explosives in the radio command post. Once the 
    post is destroyed, Schmerzen will be cut off from the outside world, and 
    you'll have to get to the rendezvous point at the train station. You should be 
    able to find a way out through the local SS Commandant's residence on the 
    outer edge of the town.
    Tread lightly and stay sharp, Powell. We don't have any time for mistakes now.
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    The Schmerzen Express - Siegfried Line, Germany - January 18, 1945
    Excellent work, Powell. By cutting off the main communications center in the 
    town, there's no way for reinforcements to be called in time to save Fort 
    Schmerzen. You've entered a public park, where opposition should be fairly 
    light. Chances are you'll be able to get through without much trouble. The 
    train station however, is a much more difficult nut to crack. It's covered by 
    machine gun towers overlooking the cargo yard and the tracks themselves.
    This station is the rendezvous point, but there are a few details to take care 
    of first. Before the squad can join you, you'll have to cut the power to the 
    electrified perimeter fence so that they can get through it. The power will go 
    out briefly in the main building, and draw some of their troops out to 
    investigate. Get into the station building, find a radio, and use it to send 
    out a false order so that the incoming train will make a stop at the station. 
    When the train arrives, it will be trivial to eliminate the engineer and have 
    one of the Rangers commandeer the train.
    You're almost there, Lieutenant. Good luck!
    - Colonel Hargrove
     *                  *                  *                  *                 *
    Storming Fort Schmerzen - Siegfried Line, Germany - January 18, 1945
    Lieutenant Powell, the Rangers in your squad are some of the Allies' finest 
    soldiers, and until now, their talents and training have been wasted on 
    frontline charges and terrible attrition strategies. The Rangers started out 
    as the United States' answer to the British Commandoes, and I'm glad to say 
    that we're going to go back to those roots with this mission.
    When the boxcar doors open, rush the platform and kill the snipers in the 
    towers before they can react. Head inside and unlock the main cellblock doors 
    to free any POWs. While they're being moved to the train, locate the various 
    structural weak points identified from diagrams and photos collected earlier 
    by Patterson. Use your compass to navigate to these spots. At the lowest 
    levels of the facility, mustard gas may still be present. You should procure a 
    gas mask before heading down there.
    Plant the charges and get back to the train before the place collapses in on 
    itself. When it does, Colonel Müller and whatever corrupt, desperate plans he 
    was carrying out will be buried forever. Best of luck to you and your team, 
    Powell. No matter what happens, I consider myself honored and privileged to 
    have served with you.
    - Colonel Hargrove
                                     4.6  Cheats
    Console Codes
    To use these codes just hit the ~ key (it is next to the 1 key).  Once it is 
    up just type in the code and press ENTER.  There should then be a confirmation
    message saying that you are cheap, pathetic bastard.
    G e n e r a l  C h e a t s
      Effect                                               Code
      All weapons                                          wuss
      Heal player                                          fullhead
      Invincibility                                        dog
      Kill yourself                                        kill
      List of the player's inventory                       listinventory
      Maximum ammo                                         give ammo
      Prints out current location and angles               coord
      Removes target                                       notarget 
      Set current health                                   health <set health>
      Teleport to location                                 tele x y z
    W e a p o n s
      Effect                                               Code
      BAR                                                  bar
      Bazooka                                              bazooka
      Colt 45                                              colt45
      Frag Grenade                                         m2frag_grenade
      KAR98 Sniper                                         kar98sniper
      M1 Garand                                            m1_garand
      Mauser KAR 98K                                       kar98
      MP40                                                 mp40
      Panzerschreck                                        panzerschreck
      Shotgun                                              shotgun
      Steilhandgranate                                     steilhandgranate
      StG 44                                               mp44
      Springfield '03 Sniper                               springfield
      Thompson                                             thompsonsmg
      Walther P38                                          p38
                            4.7  Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I regain my health?
    Whenever a teammate or enemy is killed he will drop a small health pack of 50 
    health points.  Pick it up by walking over it and you will automatically
    regain 50 health points up to a maximum of 100.
    How do I use an MG42?
    Walk to the gunner’s position on any open MG42 gun and press the “Use” key,
    which is set to E by default.  Your selected gun will be replaced by a view of
    the MG42.  Fire the MG42 as you would any other machine gun.  The only thing
    that you have to watch out for is that manning an MG42 typically makes you an
    easy target for snipers.  Try to use an MG42 for the shortest amount of time
    Can I drive vehicles in multiplayer?
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault does not have a game mode in which vehicles are
    How do I plant explosives?
    Move next to the blinking target on the objective and press and hold the “Use”
    key, which is set to E by default.  Hold down the “Use” key until the progress
    bar at the bottom of the screen reaches the end.  When the bar reaches the
    How does the compass work?
    Like a compass in real-life the main point of the compass will always point
    north but if you are facing east it will point to the East marker on the edge
    of the compass.  Use the compass to navigate through a level to an objective.
    You can tell your distance from an objective by looking at the two ball
    bearings on the outer rim of the compass. The closer the bearings are to each
    other the closer you are to the objective
    How do I change my weapons?
    You can change your weapon selection by either 1: using the scroll wheel on
    your mouse to select the next weapon in your inventory.  Or 2: pressing any of
    the number keys from 1 to 5 on your keyboard.
    How do I send a message to other players?
    Send a message to your teammates by pressing the T key.  Type in your message
    and press the ENTER key to send it.  To send messages to the entire server
    press the Y key.  Type your message and hit the ENTER key to send the message.
    How do I reload my weapon?
    If you don’t have a full clip of ammo and have some reserve ammunition left
    then press R and your weapon will be reloaded with a full clip.  If you don’t
    have enough ammunition to fill the clip back up then you will be left with a
    partially filled clip.
    How do I jump?
    Press the space bar to jump.  If you are standing still while jumping then you
    will just move straight up.  To jump atop an object press the directional key
    that will carry you to the object as you press the space bar.  You will jump
    in that direction and if the object is low enough you will jump atop it.
    Jumping multiple times in rapid succession will slow your walking and running
    speed considerably immediately after so try to jump as little as possible.
    How do I lean from a corner?
    The default keys for leaning in Allied Assault are Z for leaning to the left
    and C for leaning to the right.  Leaning will give you a clear shot at the
    enemy while exposing as little of your body as possible.
    How do I drop my weapon?
    Press the H key when you have the undesired weapon selected.  Your player will
    drop it on the ground.  To pick it back up just walk over it.  Use this when
    an enemy has dropped a weapon you would like to pick up but don’t have the
    space for.  Drop a weapon and then walk over the desired weapon.
    How does the health meter work?
    Throughout the game you will be hit by enemy fire or damaged in some other
    way.  Your remaining life, or how much more damage you can take, is reflected
    by the health meter.  As you get hit the meter will drop gradually towards 0
    and when it reaches 0 you will die.  Your health meter will always start out
    at 100 and can be replenished by picking up health packs.
    How do I look at the score?
    To view the scores of all the players in the server just press and hold TAB.
    The scoreboard will come up and overlay your screen.  Depending on the game
    type you are playing, the scoreboard can be arranged by team, kill-to-death
    ratio, or both.
    How do I climb a ladder?
    Walk up to a ladder, then look up, and use the W key to climb the ladder. Your
    character will lower his weapon when he climbs up a ladder so you cannot shoot
    while climbing.  If you want to go down a ladder just stand at the top and
    walk into it.  Your character will turn around and grab on.  Look down the
    ladder and press the W key to climb down.  If you want to get off a ladder
    quickly just press the space bar to jump down to the bottom.
    How do I walk?
    Walking is typically used when you want to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy
    who is not facing your way.  To walk you can just press and hold down the
    SHIFT key while holding down the W key to walk forward.  Walking will make you
    approach an enemy without emitting any sound that could alert him to your
    presence.  You can further enhance this by pressing the CTRL key to crouch
    down and make less noise but you will also move slower than if you were doing
    an upright walk.
    How do I operate artillery?
    Walk to the gunner’s position on any open artillery gun and press the “Use”
    key, which is set to E by default.  Your selected gun will be replaced by a
    view of the artillery piece.  Fire the artillery piece as you would a rifle.
    Aim a shot carefully and then fire off a round.  You’ll have to wait a few
    seconds before the next round gets loaded into the chamber.  Be aware that
    operating artillery makes you an easy target so only use it when necessary.
    How do I destroy a tank?
    The best way to destroy a tank is typically with another tank but that option
    isn’t always available to you.  You can destroy a tank by firing a Bazooka
    shot into it.  Hitting the sides or the back of a tank will do the most damage
    and knock out the tank faster.  Sometimes you will be able to use artillery
    guns to destroy a tank.  If that option is available, take it since that will
    do the most damage to a tank.  You cannot destroy a tank with grenades or
    How do I drive a tank?
    When you have entered a tank press W to move the tank forward, S to move
    backwards, A to turn left and D to turn right.  Move the turret with your
    mouse and fire with the primary fire button, set to the left mouse button by
    default.  Press the alternate fire key to switch back and forth between the
    tank cannon and the mounted machine gun.
    How do I deal with alarms?
    Alarms are triggered when you have alerted enemy personnel and they have
    fingered one of the alarm switches throughout the level.  To turn off the
    alarm just go up to any alarm switch and press the “Use” key to flip the
    switch and deactivate it.  Beware that setting off alarms will bring a lot of
    reinforcements into the area so you’ll want to avoid setting these off.
    How do I radio in air strike commands?
    On certain stages you will need to radio in an air strike on enemy artillery
    or enemy tanks.  To radio in an air strike, just take out your binoculars by
    pressing 7.  Center the target in your binocular view and click the primary
    fire.  In a few moments airplanes will swoop in and drop explosives on the
    How do I keep from getting caught while in disguise?
    First you must pick up a disguise by going up to it and pressing the “Use”
    key.  This alone will not complete your disguise so you will need to holster
    your weapon by pressing Q.  Having your weapon out will draw attention to
    yourself and you will be caught.  You must also stay away from German
    officers; they will recognize you immediately.
    How do I show my ID papers?
    Occasionally, while in disguise, you will be asked to show identification
    papers to German security guards.    Do not ignore them because if you go
    right past them they will see through your disguise.  When asked to show
    papers press the 7 key to pull out your papers.  This will get you through the
    security point unless there is a higher clearance necessary to access the
    area.  If that is the case then you’ll need to scout around for the proper ID.
    What do I need wire clippers for?
    During one mission you will be asked to disable some enemy equipment
    transports with your wire cutters.  To use them walk up to the front of the
    truck and find the opening in the hood.  You’ll see a glowing wire in the
    engine compartment.  Clip the wires by pressing the “Use” key.
    How do I use the sniper rifle?
    The sniper rifle is a very long-range combat weapon.  Do not use it in
    close-quarters.  Typically you will want to fire the rifle with the scope up
    so that you can have the best accuracy possible.  Bring up the scope by
    pressing the alternate fire button.  When the scope is up use the crosshairs
    to center the target.  If the target is perfectly lined up with the crosshairs
    your bullet will hit.  The sniper rifle is the best weapon to get headshots 
    with.  Try for a headshot as much as often as you can since it automatically
    brings your enemy down.
    Which weapon should I use?
    During the course of the game you will have a wide array of weapons at your
    disposal.  Your pistol should be used as a last resort weapon only.  Use it
    when you have expended a full clip of ammo on any weapon but don’t have the
    time to reload.  Whip out your pistol and finish off your enemy.
    Submachine guns are mainly for room clearing and most close quarters combat.
    They are accurate, powerful, and fast in close range.
    Rifles you want to use for medium range combat and long range combat.  Rifles
    are accurate at longer ranges than an SMG but they have a slow rate of fire.
    Using a rifle over an SMG at longer ranges will suite you better since you can
    use up less ammunition because of the accuracy and power of all the rifles.
    Sniper rifles should be used for very long-range combat where you cannot see
    your enemy clearly.  Use the scope on the rifle to find your enemy and
    eliminate him.
    The use of grenades in this game should be mainly for flushing enemies out of
    a room or taking out a large group of them. Throw a grenade into a room by
    standing to the side of the door and banking the grenade in off of a wall.  Be
    careful though, enemies can throw your own grenades back at you.
    Use the heavy firepower such as artillery guns for tanks or other vehicles.
    How do I defuse explosives?
    Go up to the explosives and press and hold the “Use” key.  When the bar that
    appears at the bottom of the screen reaches the right side then the explosives
    will be defused.  Take note that you cannot use your weapons while defusing a
                                      5. Closing
                                     5.1  Credits
     + CJayC for creating GameFAQs.
     + Black Hole Sun, for making a guide on this game that "washed away all of
       the questions for it." When I got this game, I went to his guide when I was 
       stuck, and boy was it some guide. So, if you are reading this credits sect-
       ion, and am not BHS himself, then please, go over to his wonderful guide.
     + The listed people below for being great people that inspire me to write.
         + Trace Jackson (Meowthnum1)
         + Chad Steele (BTB)
         + ZoopSoul (David McCutcheon)
         + Seth Valon Doko (Hang Me 2002/03/04/05)
         + Richard Arnatt (GuitarFreak86)
         + DMorgan (Devin Morgan)
         + BSulpher (Brian Sulpher)
         + RHarrison (Ryan Harrison)
         + Asa (Akram Ajlouni)
         + Winnie the Poop (Martin)
         + Above Average
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    This section will tell you how to contact the author regarding work that he
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