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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ieatdirttoo

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      Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Demo Walkthrough [PC]
        By: David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson
         Version 1.01 [February 14th 2005]
    This faq was published and is owned by David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson. This may
    be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as part
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    If you have a question or comment please give me an email. My email addresse
    is aragorn_591@yahoo.com. I would recommend incuding the subject "Medal of
    Honer Demo Faq" so I do not misplace it as Spam. Please try to be friendly 
    with your email. Ive already had a couple of "hate emails" and I would rather 
    not read another one. 
    This is my second in depth guide, and my fifth faq. I have one other in depth
    guide, a weapons faq for "Line of Sight: Vietnam". Three full faq/walkthroughs
    of my exist. All three titles are on Xbox and there names are "Manhunt", "Max
    Payne 2" and "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay". This guide
    will be usefull for anyone looking to find quick info on the demo level.
    Listed below are the current sites that can use my faqs. If you find them on
    any other sites(make sure its not affiliated with a site listed here) please
    email me.
    1. Introduction
    2. About the Guide
    3. Weapons
    4. Walkthrough
    6. Version History
    5. Credits
    /                            1. Introduction                                 \
    My gamefaqs name is ieatdirttoo, but my real name is David Donaldson. I live
    in St. Louis Missouri. Im Seventeen and currently in my Senior Year of high
    school and hope to be goign to Mizzou next year. I first got my NES way back
    in 1993, and since then ive been hooked on video games. They are my favorite
    thing to do in my free time, and I cant wait to see what the future holds. 
    I own an Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Playstation, PS1(small version), 
    NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and Sega Genisis. I spend at least 2-4 hours a day
    playing video games. I guess Im not exactly a hardcore gamer because I cant
    play as often as I used to, but I still play them alot. The Xbox is my 
    favorite console, but I like pretty much all of the other ones.
    I play my games on a 27" Sony HDTV. I have a rather old but reliable stereo
    system that supports Dolby Pro Logic II and Digital 5.1. I find that it makes
    a big difference in the experince to play with good audio. Its so much fun
    to storm the beachs of Normandy in Medal of Honer: Frontline. I use the 
    controller S for Xbox, maily because the big one doesnt fit my hands very 
    My favorite type of Genre is First Person and Third Person shooters, which
    is obviously why my favorite console is an xbox. I do like RPG's however. I
    tried out Morrowind, but in the end it just wasnt my thing. Fable was pretty
    cool, but also short. I also like RTS games like Warcraft III and Age of
    Mythology. I forgot to mention above that I own 2 PC's, which arent really
    good for gaming but get the job done. I also own a laptop.
    For writing faqs I use good old Notepad. After trying out Wordpad(ick) and
    Microsoft word, I decided I could live without wordwrap and all of those 
    extra problems that come with the more complicated word processors. I make
    my faqs on my old Compaq Presario or my new DELL Inspiron Notebook. I play
    games on my gateway.
    /                            2. About the Game/Guide                         \
    This guide, like my other ones was wrote using notepad. I have chosen to format
    it slighty different than that of my full walkthroughs and more like my Vietnam
    guide. However most of the actuall formatting will remain the same. I done have
    any ASCII art for this guide due to it being so small. I find that adding 
    information like that would only serve to boost the size of the guide, which
    is completely unnecesary 
    The demo consists of one rather long level. Its the third part of the third
    mission "Operation Overlord". That being said, it is one of the more hard 
    levels in the game. Its not like "Omaha Beach" in the sense that it wont strain
    your system. It consists of one town and some open fields. I actually had 
    trouble replaying it on the harder difficulties, so hopefully it wont be the
    same for you. 
    This guide is seperated into several sections. The major sections are defined
    by the "\____/" header. The minor sections are defined by the "=======" line. 
    Since this is a demo faq I dont have to add certain small info and therefore 
    do not have to include the "-----" header for the tiny sections. I hope that
    this guide can help you out it any way possible. Thanks for using it!
    /                                  3. Weapons                                \
    -[ M1911A1 Pistol ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   7 rounds
    Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
    Classification     <>   Pistol/Sidearm
    Special Features   <>   N/A
    Weapon Information-
    While no weapon is perfect, the M1A1 Pistol comes pretty damn close. This is
    considered to be the most effective pistol ever used. It served the Untited 
    States Military for almost eighty years before finally being replaced by the
    beretta. Its fast firing rate made it a favorite among US troops through out
    the great wars of the twientith century. 
    The "Colt 1911" as it is called is also pretty silent. Perfect for sneaking up
    on unsespecting enemies and dropping a round on them. As said before, no gun is
    perfect, and the Colt 1911 does have one flaw. It is deemed as habing automatic
    fire, but really it is semi auto. If the gun was truly auto you would only have
    to hold down the trigger [Well acually the left mouse button].
    However that is not the case. You must manually press the left mouse button 
    down for every shot that you take. This allows you to contorol the firing rate
    but it also generates a problem. It can sometimes lock up to where it wont 
    shoot for a second. This isnt a big deal, as you will probably only be firing
    short bursts. However those vital few seconds can cause you to die, especially
    on hard difficulty.   
    -[ Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   5 rounds
    Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
    Classification     <>   Sniper Rifle
    Special Features   <>   Scope
    Weapon Description-
    The Sprignfield, without a doubt, is the weakest sniper in the game. None of 
    that should matter to you since your playing the DEMO right? Anyway, it has
    a slow firing rate and ok damage. If you are playing the full version of the
    game I recommend that you use a different sniper rifle, preferably the K98 
    scoped.	The Springfield is usually the most used WWII era sniper in most games
    and movies, which is true, However it was not as "good" as its made out to be.
    The Springfield has a maxium ammo campacity of 200 rounds, which is usually 
    more than enough. Its clip size is a maximum of 5 rounds. Depending on the
    situation that can be a major problem. It has a slow reload action and low
    damage for a sniper rifle. You might find your self shooting your target twice
    if you dont hit him in the head. 
    -[ Thompson sub-machine gun ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   30 Rounds
    Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
    Classification     <>   Submachine Gun
    Special Features   <>   N/A
    Weapon Description-
    No World War II shooter would be complete without this, and it certainly was
    not overlooked by EA for this game. The Thompson Submachine Gun delivers fast
    automatic fire with decent range and accuracy. Though not as usefull as the
    BAR it certainly gets the job done quickly. It wieghs quite a bit though, but
    its performance in combat easily dismisses that problem. EVERY World War II 
    and most Vietnam shooters have hace this weapon. 
    The Thompson was designed for close quarters combat and served its purpose very
    well. The large 30 round clip can be emptied in less than 5 seconds! Each 
    bullet will take out 15% of your enemies health. That may not sound like alot,
    but when you have 10 bullets per secon streaming into your enemies body you
    realize how good this weapon truly is. 	
    -[ Browning Automatic Rifle ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   20 Rounds
    Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
    Classification     <>   Support Gun
    Special Features   <>   N/A
    Weapon Description-
    With a maximum ammo compacity of 500 rounds the BAR Automatic Rifle serves its
    purpose as a light wieght support machine gun very well. Though its clip is 
    on the small side [20 rounds], it delivers automatic fire at a decent rate 
    while still being accurate and having a long range. Its loud and ready to kick
    some major ass. I personally prefer this weapon over the Thompson due to its
    accuracy and damage.
    The BAR can be used in almost any situation. If you come to a sneaky German
    popping out from behind a wall the BAR will take car of him quickly. If you 
    need some suppresing fire to flush out a next of snipers this is the weapon
    for you. No sniper rifle and an enemie firing at you from afar? No problem, 
    just aim down the scope and fire away. 
    -[ Mark II Frag Grenade ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   1 [Max Ammo 6]
    Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
    Classification     <>   Grenade
    Special Features   <>   N/A
    Weapon Description-
    This is one of the more underdeveloped weapons of the game. While it provides
    decent damage its a ***** to throw. It can sail over 50 yards if you get it
    into the right position but if you dont it will be like throwing a softball
    at a Seven year old's game. When it does go where its supposed to it can due
    a great amount of damage. Each soldier is equipped with 2 of these.
    -[ Panzesrchreck  ]-
    Magazine Capacity  <>   6 Shells
    Commonly Used By   <>   German Infantry
    Classification     <>   Explosive Projectile Launcher
    Special Features   <>   N/A
    Weapon Description-
    This basically the German equivalant of the Bazooka. It is slighty less 
    accurate and does a bit less damage but in the end it gets the job done. As
    you can tell the core function of this weapon is Anti-Tank, but it can also
    be used against groups of enemie infantry huddled together. I find this less
    usefull than the Bazooka, but since you wont even get ahold of a bazooka it 
    wont matter.
    The Panzesrchreck for the most part is accurate. Aim this any any direction 
    and the rocket will go there. The blast radious is slightly smaller than the
    Bazooka but it isnt that noticable. In the end the Panzesrchreck gets the job
    done and does it well. Technically the Panzesrchreck is the larger cousin of 
    the Panzerfaustwhich is found in games like "Call of Duty". 
    /                                4. Walkthrough                              \
    Objective - Destroy the 4 Nebelwerfers
    Immediatly grab the Panzesrchreck and the ammo lying on the ground to your
    right. Slowly sneak down the small trench and you will come to an open field. 
    Directly in front of the trench is a destroyed Flak '88 anti aircraft gun. 
    There is a Nazi Officer standing gurd near it. Take out your sniper rifle and
    aim for his head. Shoot by pressing the left mouse button.
    Quickly switch to your Thompson and wait for two addition enemies to show up.
    When they are in range aim for their heads and fire away. By getting headshots
    you will save both ammo and time. When all three of the Nazi's are dead grab 
    their ammo and head down the road. When you get to the first turn you will see
    a Half-Track coming towards you from the opposite side of the field.
    Take out your Panzesrchreck and fire off a round at the Half-Track. Get behind
    cover while your character is reloading. When the Panzesrchreck is ready to go
    pop out and shoot the Half-Track again. This should finish it off along with 
    the soldiers guarding it. When the way is clear start moving down the road. On 
    the right side of the field some American soldiers will emerge from a trench.
    Your buddy asks them a few questions. So use this time to reload all of your 
    weapons. When you and all your allied troops are ready head down the road in
    which the Half-Track came from. As you advance down the road you will come 
    under fire from a sniper. Use a grenade or Panzesrchreck to take out him and
    some other enemies in the area. 
    Continue down the road and you will come to the opening of a large town. Ahead
    of you is a shot-out car. Quickly go in back of it and crouch to prevent being
    killed by the MG42 in the building ahead of you. Switch to your Springfield 
    and peek out of the side of car. Quickly shoo the MG42 gunner before he can
    take any life from you. Now look to the left near the mass formation of bushes.
    Three of Four Nazi soldiers will advance from this area. Use your Thompson to
    take them out one by one. Go collect their ammo then follow the area from 
    which they came. There are several small openings between the buildings on the
    right side of the alley. Use then to peak out into the street to locate the
    enemie positions. Down the street is a area heavily populated with enemies.
    Over ten soldiers are guarding the area around an MG42. Continue down the back
    alley and you will come to a large cement building blocking you from going any
    further. Go in the small opening on the right and take out the two germans that
    are on patroll. Use the doorway in this room to go further down the street.
    Please note that in buildings you just passed are several health packs. 
    Take out the handfull of enemies in here then go through the small opening in
    the wall. In this small area the MG42 is located. Kill all of the soldiers that
    are guarding it then take all the health and ammo in the area. Now head into 
    the street and use the car for cover. At the end of the street is yet another
    MG42 gunner. Whip out your sniper rifle and peek out the side of the car.
    Pop the gunner right in the head. On the right side of the street is a house
    with two openings on the first floor. A staircase is leading down from the 
    top floor. Two enemies will come down the staircase. Use your Thompson to take
    them out then quickly head into the building. Go up the stairs and kill the
    gunner mounting the MG42. Use all the health packets then head back down to the
    Head down the street until you come to the end. Go in the last building on the
    right. Use any health packets if needed then head into the next room via the
    hallway. On the right side of this rectangular room are some crates full of
    Panzesrchreck ammo. Collect all the ammo then prepare for a short but hard 
    fight. Look outside the window to view a tank advancing towards your position.
    Each shot with the Panzesrchreck will take away 20% of its health. Quickly go
    over to the left window and shoot the tank while it is moving behind the 
    large building. Get behind cover and wait for your character to reload. Pop
    out of cover and drop another Panzesrchreck shell on the Tank. [Note the tank
    will start shooting at you. You have to hit him three more times].
    Now quickly run back over to where you found the Panzesrchreck ammo. The tank
    will fire away at your previous position blasting a large hole inside the wall.
    Go over to the second window and pop out. Shoot the tank again to take away 
    20% more of its health. Quickly run back to where the Panzesrchreck ammo was
    lying and wait for the tank to blast a hole in the wall again. 
    Once it is done firing pop out into the third window and shoot the tank with 
    your Panzesrchreck for the fifth time to finish him off. Now head into the 
    building to the left. Man the MG42 here and take out the four german soldiers
    that advance on your position. Exit the house and go over to where the 
    demolished tank lying. Go up to the wall on your left and sneak down the wall.
    Peek out from the corner and take out any enemies you see. Now switch to your
    sniper rifle and peek out once again. A sniper is sitting in one of the ruined
    shops on the far left. Shoot him in the head then go inside the large open 
    building with the wooden floor. A few soldiers will come down the stairs on
    the right side of the room. Stand their with yor BAR and take out any who come
    Quietly walk up the stairs and you will meet two more soldiers. Quickly take 
    them out. About seven germans will head up the steps at this point. Get to a
    good position then wait until they come up the stairs. Use your BAR to kill 
    all of them quickly. Once all of them have stopped advancing head over to the
    MG42. Some more soldiers will notice you and start running towards the 
    Use the MG42 to kill them all. Use the health packet on the desk if you need it
    then go down the steps. On the other side of the street is a series of houses.
    Several enemies are guarding the entrance doors and windows. Head to the left
    side of the block and look for the first window. Quickly pop out in front of
    it and take out the german. Another will pop out from behind a wall. Kill him
    as well.
    Now go in the next building on the right and take out the MG42 gunner before
    he can kill you. Use the hallway in the back to access the backdoor. Once you
    are out of the building head right. Eventually you will come to a cemetary
    with a destroyed church in the center. Quickly use one of the gravestones as
    cover. Switch to your springfield then look up at the church. 
    Three MG42 gunners are positioned inside. Use your sniper rifle to take them
    all out then wait for a second. Some more germans will mount the guns. Kill
    them and wait for a second. When you are certain that you have killed them all
    make a run for the left side of the church. DO NOT STOP until you have reached
    the far left side of the church. On your way there another gunner will take
    hold of the MG42 on the left.
    Shoot him to death then head around the church. Go inside the church via the
    bombed back entrance. Head into the Mass room taking out any soldiers you come
    into contact with. Once the church is cleared out head out the back entrance.
    Now head down the road here and you will come to a large field. Several MG42's
    and the Nebelwerfers are located on the other side of this field. Despite
    what some other faqs say, I recommend going in the trenh on the right. 
    Most of your allies will die here unless you act quickly. On the left and 
    right side of the field are two bunkers each with an MG42. In the middle 
    guarding the Nebelwerfers are 3 MG42's. Take out your Springfield '03 and 
    begin firing down on the bunker gunners. Once both of them are dead kill all
    three gunners in the center. Its easier said then done, but not too difficult.
    Once all the gunners are dead head for the Bunker on the right. Jump down in
    the maze of underground walls and immediatly kill the Nazi's attacking you. 
    Head left down the trench and take out any Germans in your way. Once all of 
    the trenchs are cleared hop out. Set the four detonators on all of the 
    Nebelwerfers. Once they are destroyed you will pass the level. 
    /                                5. Version History                          \
    Version 1.0 [February 14th, 2005]
    I started the faq and finished it in practically one sitting. All of the 
    sections are finished and the walkthrough is completely done. Hope this helps
    you in any way possible!
    /                                6. Credits                                  \
    -I would like to thank EA for publishing this great game
    -Kao Megura, for inspiring me to write faqs
    -Rarusk, for also inspiring me to write faqs
    -Gamefaqs for letting me submit this and posting it
    Copyright 2005 David Donaldson 

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