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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nautica0963

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 10/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Walkthrough.
    |1.0: Me, Myself, and my Conditions...|
    1.1: Here is me: My name is Adam Doedema and I am an 18-year-old 
    attending UB.  When I first had this game, my computer was crap.  I 
    had a Intel Pentium 2 processor with 768MB RAM and Windows XP Home.  
    Most of these updates were done by my father, but eventually I was 
    able to find a Pentium 3 processor and put that on my computer to 
    replace the Pentium 2.  After this process, I was able to play MOHAA 
    to its fullest potential!  Great decision on my part.
    1.2: Contact info: I prefer e-mail correspondences, and so my e-mail
    is Nautica0963@aol.com.  Just so you know, I will only look at
    e-mails that have an appropriate title in the line, preferably
    thus -> Subject: MOHAA Walkthrough or the like, unless you want to 
    have just general discussion about World War 2, in which case, I want
    an e-mail with Subject: WW2 ideas, thoughts, comments, etc... You can
    also find me as "Nautica" roaming around on the gamesradar forums. 
    1.3: Copyright information: This walkthrough and all information
    presented in it are hereby considered copyright by author Adam
    Doedema.  Any desires to reuse this information elsewhere must be
    requested formally through e-mail inquisitions, and I will usually
    allow it, just make sure you ask permission first!
    |2.0 For PC version and basics of game|
    2.1.1: Controls for game: ON FOOT **May have to be changed in menu**.
    	w	= forward
    	s	= backward
    	LMB	= fire weapon
    	RMB	= alternate fire or switch to scope
    	r	= reload current weapon selected
    	q	= holster weapon (when in disguise)
    	SPC	= jump
    	Shift	= sprint
    	TAB	= list objectives
    	F5	= QuickSave when in tight spots
    	F9	= load last QuickSave
    	Mouse	= look around/turn character
    	whl up	= next weapon
    	whl dn	= previous weapon
    	e	= use/pick up item/enter through doors
    	c	= crouch
    	1	= select pistol
    	2	= select rifle
    	3	= select SMG
    	4	= select MG
    	5	= select Grenades
    	6	= select Heavy (Shotgun, Panzerschreck, etc.)
    	7	= select Papers or Binoculars
    2.1.2: Controls for game: IN TANK (Yes, you get to drive and use one)
    	w	= forward
    	s	= backward
    	LMB	= fire turret gun
    	SPC	= line turret with body
    	->	= turn body left
    	<-	= turn body right
    	Mouse	= turn turret
    NOTE that it is a good idea to simply drive with w and SPC so you 
    maintain a straight course and only move the turret when it is 
    absolutely necessary. END-NOTE
    2.2: Getting the cheats to work is quite annoying, but if you want to
    enhance your gameplay you should do it anyway, especially if you are 
    playing on HARD mode and have MG42s shooting at you.  Here's how:
    Right-click on the shortcut that appears on the desktop and in the 
    target box you must add after the quotation marks the lines:
    +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 
    After that mess is typed, you have to go to "Options" in the actual 
    game menu and look for "Advanced options" and check console.  After 
    that mess is done, start the training mission to see your handiwork.
    When you start the training mission press the ~ button and the 
    console appears.  Type in any of the following:
    dog					= invincible mode.
    notarget				= invisible to most enemies.
    These are the only two that you really need to use.  I advise you to
    use these because one of the most annoying parts of the game is when
    you are hit.  It is designed to seem realistic when you are hit 
    because the screen becomes a jarring, blurry red.  Also please note 
    that they have to be entered after every briefing or terrain loading!
    2.3: A deeper look at section 3.0.
    3.1.0: PreMissions => Basic Training.
    3.2.0: Mission 1 => Lighting the Torch; Algeria, North Africa
    3.3.0: Mission 2 => Scuttling the U-529; Trondheim, Norway
    3.4.0: Mission 3 => Operation Overlord; Omaha Beach, France
    3.5.0: Mission 4 => Behind Enemy Lines; Normandy, France
    3.6.0: Mission 5 => The Day of the Tiger; Brittany, France
    3.7.0: Mission 6 => Return to Schmerzen; Siegfried Line, Germany
    2.4: To go to a selection: highlight, CTRL+C, CTRL+F, CTRL+V, ENTER.
    |3.0: The Walkthrough revealed!|
    {3.1.0: PreMission => Basic training}
    3.1.1: Starting inventory = radio.
    3.1.2: Objective walkthrough. 
    Objective 1: Look at all four guard towers.|
    Move the mouse to look at all four towers.
    Objective 2: Approach the tower indicated by the arrows on the|
    Walk toward the NE tower.
    Objective 3: Get over the wall to the north.|
    Head to the boxes and press SPC and w to jump and go.
    Objective 4: Find the explosives.|
    A simple introduction to the basic ladder-grabbing idea and also 
    crouch-movement.  Approach the glowing explosives and press e to pick
    them up.
    Objective 5: Plant the explosives on the tank.|
    Go to the tank and press e while facing the red glow to plant the 
    explosives, then leave the area to avoid being injured.
    Objective 6: Complete the rest of the training.|
    Go through the unlocked door with e and follow the instructions as 
    given to you via radio contact.  Take the Colt .45 and fire 3 shots 
    into the target.  Take the Thompson and fire 20 shots into the 
    target.  Take the Springfield '03 Sniper and fire 3 shots into the 
    red dot of the target.  Take some Grenades and throw one into each of
    the three concrete boxes using short and long tosses.  Man the MG-42 
    and destroy the target.  When done, exit through the red door.  You 
    will be prompted before each target practice.
    =========================PreMission complete=========================
    {3.2.0: Mission 1 => Lighting the Torch; Algeria, North Africa}
    3.2.1: Inventory = M1 Garand; 8/200,
    		   Colt .45; 7/200,
    		   Frag Grenade; 5X.
    	Attainable = MP40; 32/32,
    		     Stielhandgranate; 5X.
    3.2.2: Briefing 1. ***NOTE*** Obj# = Objective #
    : The Mission :
    | Rangers Lead the Way - Algeria, North Africa			|
    | November 7, 1942						|
    |								|
    |  Good work on infiltrating the coastline.  It's time		|
    |  to get down to business.  We've procured two captured 	|
    |  German Opel transport trucks for  this part of the 		|
    |  mission.  They will take you and your squad to a shoreside	|
    |  village that leads into the town of Arzew, where our		|
    |  missing agent last reported in.  Take control of this	|
    |  village quickly, and try not to let any sentries slip	|
    |  away to warn other troops in Arzew.  You'll be part of 	|
    |  the assault team in the first truck.				|
    |								|
    |  German occupation forces are reported to be light in		|
    |  this area, but in my experience, you're better off		|
    |  taking that with a grain of salt.  There's no point in	|
    |  taking unnecessary risks.  Captain Richard will be in 	|
    |  command of the mission, so pay attention to his 		|
    |  orders.  Lieutenant Powell, as second in command, you	|
    |  will be bringing up the rear and supporting the assault	|
    |  on the village.						|
    |								|
    |  One more note - watch your ammo.  The M1 Garand doesn't	|
    |  reload easily in the middle of a clip, so you'll have to	|
    |  fire off the whole clip before you can reload again.		|
    |								|
    |					  Col. Hargrove		|
    |					Stanley Hargrove	|
    |				       Colonel, U.S. Army,	|
    |					   Commanding.		|
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the German-occupied village.|
    The first thing to do is take out the Nazi holding the Panzerschreck 
    on the roof of the building.  Then take out the troop on the ground 
    before he shoots up your people.  Now you can exit the truck and 
    proceed through the village.  Turn around and there will be a guard 
    behind a rock.  If your people don't take him out, you can.  Keep 
    moving forward and there will be another Panzerschreck-wielding guard
    on top of a wall - take him out.  There are also two guards on the 
    ground under the wall that can be taken care of by shooting the red 
    barrels.  After they are gone, three guards come from the alley where
    you are to go next.  One is an officer so he has a handgun.  The 
    other two have rifle ammo.  Pass through this alley, and there is
    another guard behind a box to the right as you exit.  At the same 
    time, one more guard will exit a building to the left.  Turn left 
    after he is done, and turn left again.  This alley is where to go 
    next.  There will be a guard here.  Take the alley to the end and 
    when you get there, there will be a guard on a roof again, and three 
    more behind boxes in this open area.  Behind the arch you are facing,
    there are two guards.  One has an MP40 and if you pick it up you have
    32/32 starting, so don't use it.  Stick to the M1 Garand.  Keep going
    and as you near the end, turn left, a guard will be in the next open 
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Check the door.|
    Head to the iron door located by the compass.  Approach it, press e,
    and find out that it is locked.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Man the MG-42 mounted machine gun.|
    Before completing this one, go behind a support beam and take out the
    true MG-42 gunner.  After he is taken out, head to the iron door
    opposite the one you just checked.  A guard will come out, thus 
    giving you entrance to the building of the MG-42.  Go upstairs, 
    press e to take control of the weapon.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Hold off the reinforcements.|
    Use the MG-42 and shoot at all of the guards that appear across the 
    yard on the roofs.  There are about 10 to 15 of them, and make sure 
    you don't miss a single one.  The Captain will tell you to go ahead 
    after you kill all the guards.  Go back downstairs and approach the 
    same door that was locked in Obj2 and three guards will rush you.  
    Take out all of them with the MP40 and take the loose ammo.  You have
    some more pistol, SMG, and rifle ammo to grab.  By now you should 
    have over 100 bullets in the MP40.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Continue on your mission|
    Walk through the blown-out door, press e on the next gate and the 
    game will load the next part.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    3.2.3: Briefing 2. ***NOTE*** Obj# = Objective #
    : The Mission :
    | The Rescue Mission - Algeria, North Africa			|
    | November 7, 1942.						|
    | 								| 
    |  Even the best planned missions can go awry.  That 		|
    |  incident at the checkpoint has so far cost us the lives 	|
    |  of your entire squad but it must not prevent you from 	|
    |  completing the mission.					|
    |								|
    |  We received our agent's last message near the town of 	|
    |  Arzew, which is built around a desert fort now occupied 	|
    |  by the Germans.  If our agent was indeed captured		|
    |  there's a good chance he'll be held somewhere in the 	|
    |  town and interrogated.  His original exfiltration plan 	|
    |  was quite detailed, so he'll have a few ideas about how 	|
    |  to get you to safety.  With any luck you'll be able to 	|
    |  help him complete his mission, which is to destroy the 	|
    |  88mm guns covering the harbor.				|
    |								|
    |  Locate our agent.  We've only been out of contact with 	|
    |  him for less than a week, and once the Germans realize 	|
    |  who our agent is, they'll probably have him sent to 		|
    |  Berlin for a full "interrogation".  We expect that 		|
    |  they'll keep him safe and sound until then.  As a Major,	|
    |  he will assume command of the mission once you've freed 	|
    |  him.  He knows the territory and the best escape routes, 	|
    |  so cover his back and pay attention to his orders.		|
    |								|
    |  This won't be an easy one.  Good luck.			|
    |								|
    |					       Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Find and rescue the SAS agent.|
    As you pass through the gate, turn right and you will find some Nazis
    loading prisoners into the back of a truck.  Three guards stay around
    the area, so take them out.  Turn right, then left, to enter the area
    you just shot through.  There is an open building to your left, and 
    in this building there are three people playing cards and two people 
    upstairs standing guard.  Major Grillo is rescued after all 5 are 
    killed and you open his cell door.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Follow the SAS agent.|
    To start, grab the MP40 ammo on the table before going downstairs.  
    When you do go downstairs two guards will come through the door.  
    Kill them and exit.  You can easily use the MP40 for the remainder 
    of this mission.  Leave the building and go left then right and you 
    will find a guard on the balcony in this yard plus two more on the 
    ground.  After these people are done, Grillo will go to a gate, 
    unlock it, and Objective 3 will be added.  Go through the gate and 
    take out the guard.  Turn left and there is a guard on the balcony.  
    Go to the cobblestone passage - there is one guard at the very end of
    this passage.  The truck you saw earlier will pass through again.  
    Grillo advises you to ignore the spotlights and stay out of their 
    beams, so carefully take aim at the guards of each one and take them 
    out with the M1 Garand.  A few shots will do the trick, and you can 
    tell when the people are dead because their spotlight will no longer 
    sweep the area.  Follow Grillo to an entrance under a tunnel and 
    take this hall to the room with the documents.  There is one guard in
    this hallway, and in the room where the documents are kept, there is 
    an officer with MP40 ammo just for you.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Steal explosives from the fortress.|
    Exit this room and as you approach a spiral staircase, Grillo will go
    upstairs which leaves the downstairs open for you to look through.  
    There are 3 guards on this floor.  Take them out and at the end of 
    the hall there is a room with explosives for the taking.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Use explosives to escape.|
    Go back upstairs and upstairs again and Grillo will tell you that 
    more Allied prisoners are being held somewhere.  You are not going to
    let anyone stay behind, so leave the building and head to the stairs
    to the right after you leave.  Go up them, and take the left hall all
    the way to the end.  You will meet two patrolling guards, and when 
    you get to the room at the end of the hall, take out the German 
    beating the Allied prisoner, and turn around to take out the officer 
    who wields another MP40.  Grillo will be at the exit of the room and 
    now the prisoner you just rescued will follow you, but slowly.  No 
    matter, because the spotlights will not see you.  Leave the compound 
    the same way you came in.  Follow Grillo's movements until you reach 
    the gate to be blown away.  Set a charge.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Use explosives to destroy a Flak88.
    Pass through the gates and look right.  Eventually two guards will 
    come out of the building.  Take them out with the M1 Garand.  Your 
    new comrade will snipe a guard to the left.  Head to the direction as
    indicated by the compass and two guards will be around the guns, 
    while another two will be perched on opposite staircases.  Plant a 
    bomb on the left Flak88 and move away from the explosion.  After this
    mission you are awarded the Legion of Merit medal if the private you 
    rescued from before survives until after the Flak88s go up.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Meet Grillo by the gate and escape.
    Quite possibly the easiest objective.  Walk to the gate or toward 
    Grillo himself if you can see him and follow him until he starts 
    talking about how you get to do all the work while he covers the 
    tracks you both made.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    3.2.4: Briefing 3. ***NOTE*** Obj# = Objective #
    : The Mission :
    |  Sabotage the Motorpool - Algeria, North Africa		|
    |  November 7, 1942.						|
    |								|
    |  Well done.  You've kept the Germans from obtaining vital	|
    |  secrets about our operations and found a way out of 		|
    |  this mess.  Destroying the 88mm guns covering Arzew		|
    |  Harbor was a critical move, keeping Operation Torch on	|
    |  schedule and making the job of landing on the  beach that 	|
    |  much easier.  By now, Major Grillo has no doubt chosen an 	|
    |  exfiltration plan and is on his way to one of several 	|
    |  camouflaged desert supply caches from his previous 		|
    |  mission.  He'll procure some transport to get you two out 	|
    |  of there.							|
    |								|
    |  Meanwhile, you'll have to take care of two things: keep 	|
    |  the Germans from pursuing, and disrupt troop mobility 	|
    |  along the coast when our forces land.  You can do this by 	|
    |  finding Opel transport trucks in the German-held port 	|
    |  facilities.  Render the trucks useless by disabling the 	|
    |  engines with your wire cutters.  Keep your eyes open for 	|
    |  Panzer and Tiger tanks and put them out of commission 	|
    |  wherever possible with your radio bombs.			|
    |								|
    |  Finally, destroy any munitions caches and get out of 	|
    |  there.  Major Grillo will rendezvous with you once 		|
    |  you're clear of the motorpool.  Choose your battles 		|
    |  carefully - the Germans are hunting for you and have 	|
    |  you completely outnumbered.					|
    |					      Col. Hargrove	|
    |					    Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					  Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |					       Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Disable Opel Trucks [3 remaining].|
    Before starting, arm your Colt .45 and get used to the pistol-whip 
    that will be used for most of this mission.  Move forward, turn left,
    and kill the guard patrolling the entrance to the shed.  It will 
    take 4 RMB clicks to bring all Germans down, so remember that.  Enter
    the shed and approach the truck.  There is a worker here, so take him
    out, because he is also armed.  Press e to use the wire cutters as 
    you are facing the glowing wires (2 left).  In this same shed, you 
    can find the second truck being operated on by a worker (1 left).  
    Exit this shed and you will find a guard patrolling the second shed. 
    Enter the second shed and find the last truck with a worker.  Head 
    outside again and there is one guard across the lot and an MG42 post.
    The guard of this MG42 post can be taken with the M1 Garand.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objectives 2;3: Bomb tanks [4 remaining];Bomb munitions cache.|
    To the left is the first tank (3 left).  Follow the tank that left
    its garage, take out the worker on it, and plant the radio bomb
    (2 left).  Also near here, is another guard.  There is another shed 
    and this one holds the munitions cache with one worker.  Set up the 
    bomb on the cache and take out the worker.  Exit through the door the
    worker was heading for.  Straight ahead is an open shed that holds 
    the third tank (1 left).  Facing out of the shed are some barrels and
    two guards near them.  with the M1 Garand shoot the barrels, one of 
    the two MG42 posts, a worker, the other MG42 post, and the last guard
    near the east building.  Then plant the final bomb on the tank.
    		-> Objectives 2 and 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Exfiltrate the facility.|
    Head toward the east building and as the bombs are going off, equip 
    the MP40.  There will be three guards rushing out of this building, 
    and two rushing from behind you.  After these 5 guards are taken out,
    enter the building and go right.  Follow this hall to the next room 
    where you are greeted by 4 more guards.  After they are done, keep 
    moving forward and exit the building via the back door.  Once you 
    open the door there will be a MG42 post that is easily taken care of,
    a guard near a truck in the lot, and a worker on the loading dock.  
    The M1 Garand takes care of all of this trouble.  After these people 
    are neutralized, head to Grillo and his jeep.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    3.2.5: Briefing 4.
    : The Mission :
    |  Lighting the Torch - Algeria, North Africa			|
    |  November 7, 1942.						|
    |								|
    |  Good work on sabotaging the motorpool.  I hope you've 	|
    |  had some rest during the drive down the coast, because 	|
    |  you're not done yet.  Your final target is a radar 		|
    |  tracking station built into the side of a cliff 		|
    |  overlooking the Mediterranean.  This station can direct 	|
    |  intense fire onto the  fleet from distant coastal gun 	|
    |  batteries.  Destroying that station will render those 	|
    |  guns blind and useless, allowing the fleet to sail in 	|
    |  unchallenged.						|
    |								|
    |  Grillo will drive while you operate the .30 cal machine 	|
    |  gun at the back of the jeep.  The station is located next 	|
    |  to a desert airstrip, where you should destroy a 		|
    |  squadron of Stuka dive-bombers stationed there and any 	|
    |  other targets of opportunity.  Then enter the radar 		|
    |  station and destroy the sensitive radar equipment.  		|
    |  Just shoot the controls out.  Head down to the seawall 	|
    |  and fight your way into the lighthouse at its end.  Give 	|
    |  our fleet the "all clear" signal by activating the lamp.  	|
    |  Once that's taken care of, rendezvous with Major Grillo 	|
    |  at the foot of the lighthouse for extraction.		|
    |								|
    |  With any luck, we'll force Rommel and the Afrika Corps 	|
    |  out of North Africa soon enough.				|
    |					    Col. Hargrove	|
    |					  Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |					     commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Reach the airfield.|
    Many guards will come from behind buildings and over walls located 
    everywhere along the route to the airfield.  Since the jeep .30 cal 
    machine gun has infinite ammo, shoot at anything that moves.  You 
    will come across a barricade, so shoot out the planks and crates in 
    the way.  You will get to the airfield eventually.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Destroy the aircraft [12 remaining].|
    When you start there will be a truck in pursuit of the jeep.  Shoot 
    the guards in the back, and then blow the truck.  Once again, troops 
    will appear from nowhere and this mission is target practice.  After 
    the troops before the actual runways are taken care of, start 
    shooting at the planes.  It will be obvious when they are destroyed. 
    On the first pass, another truck will come from the end of the runway
    which should be dealt with the same way as the first truck.  As you 
    continue your destructive mission, a Stuka will take off.  It doesn't
    matter if you take it out or not because the 12 you need to destroy 
    are all grounded.  Also, if you shoot at the plane when it is in the 
    air, the resulting explosion is fun to see.  There are some troops in
    the area as well, and some have Panzerschrecks.  Take them out if you
    want to, but since you are invincible, it won't matter.  Take out the
    12 planes that make up your objective.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Destroy all communications equipment.|
    You start inside the building and the first door to the left is where
    you will find the comm equipment.  Throw two grenades into the room 
    to draw out the guards and blow the equipment.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Make your way to the lighthouse.|
    After the equipment is destroyed 10 or 15 guards are scattered inside
    the building.  Go on a hunt, and take them out.  Some will come from 
    the elevator at the end of the hall.  You will need to take this 
    elevator down to the next floor.  Once again, there are about 10 
    guards in this level.  You can take all but two out from your perch 
    on the top level.  After they are taken care of, take the elevator 
    once again to the next floor down.  There is one guard and one worker
    in the room directly facing you.  Take them out.  Exit the area via 
    the big open doors to the left from the elevator.  Head outside and 
    move toward the lighthouse.  You can shoot some guards patrolling the
    road leading to the lighthouse with well-placed M1 Garand shots.  You
    can also find one on the balcony of the lighthouse walking the 
    perimeter.  Enter the open lighthouse at the end of the road.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Signal the fleet with the lighthouse beacon.|
    Move forward and there is a guard at the bottom of the large metal 
    staircase that will take you to the lever to pull.  Shoot him, and 
    take the stairs to the top.  There is one more guard at the very top 
    with an MP40.  Shoot him and press e to signal the fleet.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Meet up with Grillo and escape.|
    Go back downstairs and select the MP40 (32/300).  Aim at the truck 
    filled with troops.  Take out the troops and then the truck.  About 
    face and go toward Grillo and his awaiting truck.
    		     -> Objective 6 complete <-
    =========================Mission 1 complete=========================
    {3.3.0: Mission 2 => Scuttling the U-529; Trondheim, Norway}
    3.3.1: Inventory = Springfield '03 Sniper; 5/120, 
    		   Hi-Standard Silenced; 8/200,
    		   Stielhandgranate; 1X,
    		   Frag Grenade; 4X.
    	Attainable = MP40 32/64.
    3.3.2: Briefing 1.
    : The Mission :
    |  Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Trondheim, Norway	|
    |  February 12, 1943						|
    |								|
    |  It appears that the German navy, the Kriegsmarine, has 	|
    |  been creating a highly sensitive radar detector to allow	|
    |  their U-Boats to regain control of the Atlantic.  They've 	|
    |  codenamed the device, "Naxos."  If this device works, it 	|
    |  will let their U-Boats dodge our naval radar patrols 	|
    |  easily.  You'll be inserted near Trondheim, where we 	|
    |  believe the prototype is being developed.  Major Grillo 	|
    |  has been operating undercover as a local German officer 	|
    |  since January, and he'll be at the gate to let you into 	|
    |  the facility.						|
    |								|
    |  Wait for his radio signal, and be ready to snipe the 	|
    |  guards from a safe distance.  Cover him while he opens 	|
    |  the main gate.  You'll be bringing in plenty of 		|
    |  explosives to destroy the U-529, since Major Grillo 		|
    |  cannot procure enough high-explosives on site without 	|
    |  arousing suspicion.  Once you're in, stay with Grillo 	|
    |  and head for the research building.  First, steal all 	|
    |  documents pertaining to the prototype. then infiltrate 	|
    |  the submarine pens. 						|
    |								|
    |  Major Grillo will be in command.  Just follow his lead 	|
    |  and everything should work like clockwork.  			|
    |								|
    |					      Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army, |
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Enter the complex with the assistance of Major Grillo.|
    Shoot the two guards on the ground and one guard in the tower behind 
    the gate.  Move forward and Grillo will let you in.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Steal the research documents [4 remaining].|
    Two guards come from around behind a barrack and kill Grillo.  Kill 
    them and turn left past the building.  Enter the building that Grillo
    came out from.  There is an MP40 on the desk.  Exit the  building and
    find two foot patrols.  Take them out, and look left to find a single
    guard between two barracks.  Keep moving forward and there will be 
    two guards chatting in front of a building.  Take them out and go 
    around the right side of the building.  There will be one guard, and 
    another guard looking out of the second-story window of the building 
    directly in front of you.  Take them out and look left.  Take out the
    two guards with the sniper.  Move forward toward the building and 
    three guards will come out through the door.  Take them out and go 
    through the same door.  There are 12 guards scattered throughout the 
    top floor where the documents are.  Snag the 4 documents as guided by
    the compass.  Three guards will come after you snag the documents.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Enter the main facility.|
    Go downstairs and turn left instead of leaving the building the same 
    way you came in.  There are 9 guides in the hallway and rooms in this
    part of the building.  Leave this building through the door and snipe
    the two guards across the way.  Turn right and there is one guard 
    farther down in the open.  Snipe this one too, and one guard to the 
    left in a corner, and one guard to the right next to the garage.  As 
    you take out the guard next to the garage, turn around and face the 
    opposite way.  There are 3 guards amid boxes and crates.  Keep going 
    and go to the MG42.  Snipe the guard far across the way standing on 
    a balcony.  Man the MG42 and shoot the 3 guards that come from the 
    open building down the ramp.  Deselect the MG42 and jump down to the 
    building.  Enter it, and take out the 2 guards on the bottom level.  
    Climb the ladder and take out the 2 guards on the top level too.  
    Jump out the window and enter the next building.  There are 3 guards 
    in this building; 2 on the bottom floor and 1 on the top level.  Go 
    upstairs and down the stairs at the back wall.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    3.3.3: Briefing 2.
    : The Mission :
    |  Scuttling the U-529 - Trondheim, Norway			|
    |  February 12, 1943						|
    |								|
    |  It appears that the mission plan has gone awry.  You're 	|
    |  going to have to go incognito if you're going to have 	|
    |  any chance of surviving this, Powell.  Grab an officer's 	|
    |  uniform from a locker room in the submarine facility and 	|
    |  stick to speaking German until you're out of there.		|
    |								|
    |  Here are the essentials you need to know while operating 	|
    |  in disguise:							|
    |								|
    |  1. Always show your paper when asked.			|
    |								|
    |  2. Don't walk around with a weapon drawn, as it will 	|
    |     immediately arouse suspicion.				|
    |								|
    |  3. To upgrade to a higher security level, locate a set 	|
    |     of officer's papers.  You may be forced to eliminate an 	|
    |     officer in order to get them.				|
    |								|
    |  4. If all else fails, try to isolate a troublesome 		|
    |     officer before eliminating him.				|
    |								|
    |  Destroy the Naxos prototype, get into the U-529, plant 	|
    |  the explosives in the bow, and find another way out of 	|
    |  the pens.							|
    |					      Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					  Colonel, U. S. Army, 	|
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Find a disguise.|
    The uniform is right in front of you so press e to get it and papers.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Destroy the Naxos prototype.|
    Go the only way possible, show your papers (press 7) and exit the 
    through the double-doors.  Go upstairs in the next room, take the 
    hall to the end, and enter the farthermost room.  Close the door and 
    kill the three scientists and destroy the Naxos prototype.  The ammo 
    dropped from the scientists is a nice bonus.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Enter the 2nd U-Boat.|
    Go downstairs, then downstairs again.  Follow behind the officer and 
    when he goes into the next room, kill him.  Then head down the hall 
    and enter the pens.  The next step is to bypass the security 
    checkpoint, so show your papers again.  At the end of this passage, 
    turn left and go up the stairs into the room at the end of the hall. 
    Kill the officer and nab the level 2 papers.  Go downstairs, and show
    your new papers to this security guard.  Take the ramp to the U-529, 
    climb the ladder in the middle section, and enter the U-Boat.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Plant the bombs [2 left].|
    Head all the way to the east end of the U-Boat and grab the manifest,
    located on a table.  Retrace your steps, place the first bomb, and 
    continue in that direction.  Place the second bomb at the designated 
    place.  It helps much if you go through the entire U-Boat killing all
    the posted guards.  Go up the ladder and climb off the U-Boat.  By 
    stealing the manifest, you just awarded your shrewd self with the 
    Norwegian War Cross With Sword medal.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Eliminate opposition and escape.|
    Shoot the officer on the dock, the 2 workers on the Boat, the 2 
    guards at the end of the dock.  At the end of the passage, turn left 
    and continue through the gates.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Exfiltrate.|
    Shoot the 3 guards that rush you and continue the same direction.  4 
    guards here and move.  There are 2 more in the next area.  When you 
    get to the end of the docks, turn left, and turn right at the open 
    door.  There are 3 guards on the floor, go upstairs, and there is one
    more patrolling the level.  Then, go into the vent.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    3.3.4: Briefing 3.
    : The Mission :
    |  Escape from Trondheim - Trondheim, Norway			|
    |  February 12, 1943						|
    |								|
    |  Excellent work, Lieutenant.  Even without the support of 	|
    |  Major Grillo, you handled the situation admirably.  		|
    |  Taking out the U-529 and the Naxos prototype should keep 	|
    |  the balance of Atlantic power on our side, and we're 	|
    |  predicting that the next prototype will be delayed until 	|
    |  this fall.  But there's no time to celebrate now - you've 	|
    |  got to get out of there fast.  The base is on high alert, 	|
    |  and the Germans aren't going to let you slip away without 	|
    |  a fight.							|
    |								|
    |  Make your way to the train depot on the north side of the 	|
    |  facility.  A German supply train captured for us by 		|
    |  Norwegian rebel forces should be there soon.  A squad 	|
    |  of our troops will be on board to provide covering fire 	|
    |  at the rendezvous when they open those boxcar doors, 	|
    |  they'll lay down a covering fire as long as they can - be 	|
    |  careful to avoid firing on them!  Use this attack as a 	|
    |  diversion, and get to that train.  Once they're low on 	|
    |  ammo they're going to roll out of there as fast as possible	|
    |  and if you're not on the train by that time, they will be 	|
    |  forced to leave you behind.					|
    |								|
    |  Good luck, Powell.						|
    |					       Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Exfiltrate the base.|
    "dog" and "notarget" are a must for this part of the operation.  Take
    the vents until you fall through.  There is one guard in the vents 
    waiting for you.  He is in the vent that the bug turns into.  The 
    other guard is just before the vent you fall through.  Drop down, 
    leave the room and take the only route possible to get downstairs.  
    There are 14 guards strewn about, including some on the stairs.  Go 
    downstairs, turn left, take out 2 guards and go to the doors at the 
    end of this hall.  There is one guard to the right in a room if you 
    want to take him out.  Open the doors and take out 4 guards directly 
    in front of you.  Left are some holes in the ground.  You can find 1 
    more guard down there, so take him out, and head for the other door 
    in the room.  Eliminate 3 guards here and approach the door at the 
    end of the hall.  Open the door and exit.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Meet up with the Allies at the train station.|
    Walk or run outside and a train will pull up.  There are 4 guards in 
    the immediate area.  3 are on the ground and 1 is on a roof to the 
    left.  The train will be opened by now, so go into it.
    		-> Objective 2 complete<-
    =========================Mission 2 complete=========================
    {3.4.0: Mission 3 => Operation Overlord; Omaha Beach, France}
    3.4.1: Inventory = Colt .45; 7/51,
    		   Thompson SMG; 30/200,
    		   Frag Grenade; 4x.
    	Attainable = Mauser KAR 98K; 5/10,
    		     Stielhandgranate; 5x.
    3.4.2: Briefing 1.
    : The Mission :
    |			Supreme Headquarters			    |
    |		     Allied Expeditionary Force			    |
    |  Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! |
    |    You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward 	    |
    |    which we have striven these many months.  The eyes of 	    |
    |    the world are upon you.  The hopes and prayers of liberty-	    |
    |    loving people everywhere march with you.  In company with 	    |
    |    our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on other Fronts, 	    |
    |    you will bring about the destruction of the German war 	    |
    |    machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed    |
    |    peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free 	    |
    |    world.							    |
    |								    |
    |    Your task will not be an easy one.  Your enemy is well 	    |
    |    trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened.  He will 	    |
    |    fight savagely.						    |
    |								    |
    |    But this the year 1944!  Much has happened since the 	    |
    |    Nazi triumphs of 1941-41!  The United Nations have in-	    |
    |    flicted upon the Germans great defeats, in open battle, 	    |
    |    man-to-man.  Our air offensive has severely reduced 	    |
    |    their strength in the air and their capacity to wage 	    |
    |    war on the ground.  Our Home Fronts have given us an 	    |
    |    overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of 	    |
    |    war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained 	    |
    |    fighting men.  The tide has turned!  The free men of the 	    |
    |    world are marching toward Victory!				    |
    |								    |
    |    I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty 	    |
    |    and skill in battle.  We will accept nothing less than 	    |
    |    full Victory!  						    |
    | 								    |
    |    Good luck!  And let us beseech the blessing of Al-		    |
    |    mighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.		    |
    |								    |
    |					Dwight Eisenhower	    |
    Objective 1: Get to the shingle.|
    Move through the great barrage of enemy fire toward the shingle.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Meet up with the Captain.|
    He's the guy the compass directs you to, so go to him.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Get the bangalores.|
    Grab the dropped bangalores from the Fallen Allies.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Bring the bangalores back to the shingle.|
    Simply return to the Captain with the bangalores.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Follow the Captain to the bunker.|
    Follow right behind him and stop where the Captain does.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Get to the trench.|
    Follow the route your Allies laid out for you and get to the trench.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    Objective 7: Infiltrate the bunker.|
    Go through the trench, when the MG42 gunner stops firing take him out
    and go to the MG42 to get some needed ammo.  Head to the stairs.
    		-> Objective 7 complete <-
    Objective 8: Clear out the bunker.|
    dog and notarget are really helpful here, so use them.  A guard opens
    a trapdoor as you approach it, so take him out, take the ladder up to
    where he was and open the door completely.  Take out the 4 guards in 
    the immediate vicinity.  There is another trapdoor which is also 
    opened from the inside for you so take out the kind guard, and then 
    take out the 5 guards in this area.  Go opposite the radio room and 
    up yet another set of stairs.  There are 4 people in this area.  You 
    can take 2 from looking through the MG42 window.  The other 2 will 
    try to come at you but can't see you, so take them out.  There are 2 
    guards firing the MG42s at your men, so take them out!
    		-> Objective 8 complete <-
    Objective 9: Eliminate the MG42 gunners.|
    Man an MG42 that faces the other bunker and shoot the group of 4 
    guards that try to hide in a ditch.  Then take out the 2 firing MG42s
    from the other bunker.
    		-> Objective 9 complete <-
    Objective 10: Exit the bunker.|
    Quickly head back inside the bunker and man the MG42 that you noticed
    before.  Shoot the 8 guards that attempt to rush you.  De-man the gun
    and head to the exit.  There is one more with an MP40 that is no 
    problem to eliminate.  You get the American Campaign Medal for doing 
    this part of mission 3.  There is still more to come...
    		-> Objective 10 complete <-
    3.4.3: Inventory 2= Colt .45; 7/81,
    		    Springfield '03 Sniper; 5/200,
    		    Thompson SMG; 30/240,
    		    BAR; 20/400,
    		    Frag Grenade; 4x,
    	Attainable = Stielhandgranate; 5x,
    		     Panzerschreck; 1/6.
    3.4.4: Briefing 2.  ***NOTE*** Obj# = Objective #
    : The Mission :
    |  Battle in the Bocage - Normandy, France			|
    |  June 7, 1944							|
    |  								|
    |  Excellent job on Omaha.  Due to your exemplary actions, 	|
    |  you've been reassigned to a special mission with 		|
    |  Captain Ramsey from A Company.  The situation in the 	|
    |  bocage is grim.  The overgrown hedgerows dividing the 	|
    |  landscape past the beach provide the Germans with 		|
    |  perfect defensive territory; our every offensive is met 	|
    |  with tenacious overlapping defenses - MG42s, mortars, 	|
    |  88's - you name it.  Certain areas that were to be taken 	|
    |  by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions remain in enemy 	|
    |  hands; a result of misdrops on the night of the 		|
    |  invasion.							|
    |  								|
    |  Your mission is to penetrate enemy lines, disrupt enemy 	|
    |  defenses, and link up with paratroopers from the 101st 	|
    |  who were tasked to destroy a special target between 		|
    |  Isigny and Carentan.  If their understrength, or KIA, 	|
    |  you are to complete their mission with Ramsey.  A jeep is 	|
    |  available for transport, but there's no way to tell how 	|
    |  far you'll get before you have to abandon it, as the 	|
    |  roads closer to the target are well defended by 88mm 	|
    |  guns.							|
    |  								|
    |  You'll receive further details once you're in the field.  	|
    |  Best of luck Lieutenant.					|
    |					   Col. Hargrove	|
    | 					 Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |					    Commanding.		|
    Objective 1: Search the house.|
    Go to the house directed by the compass, enter, and walk around the 
    entire house plan on the ground level.  You may also want to shoot at
    a couple of curio-type cabinets, as you may find one of the 6 guards 
    hiding in one of them...
    Note the ammo cache that you will most likely be able to use after 
    Obj. 2.  There are 6 guards in this level of the house.  Take them 
    all out and go upstairs.  There are 6 guards on this level.  After 
    they are all taken out, follow the Captain to rescue the 101st 
    personnel.  A sniper takes out one of them, and then Obj. 2 is here.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Defend the back of the house.|
    So now you should go downstairs and into the library because in here,
    you will be able to see a lot more than you would looking from the 
    second floor window.  The window in this room is very wide and a wide
    window is essential if you want to take out the numerous Nazi guards 
    that come from the woods.  The BAR is a great choice here and since 
    you have 400 bullets, you might as well use them.  One caution, 
    however, is that you watch the ammo.  There is only 20 bullets per 
    clip and it takes a while to reload.  Whenever there is a lull in the
    onslaught, reload!  Make sure to take out all guards!
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Defend the front of the house.|
    You have just enough time to grab all the ammo you need from the 
    table you noticed earlier before this objective.  Grab all the rifle,
    SMG, MG, Pistol, and Grenade ammo you can then go to the front of the
    house.  You will find an MG42 calling out for you.  Not only does 
    this gun have infinite ammo, you can save all of yours for later, and
    I promise you'll need it.  Man the MG42 and shoot at the guards as 
    they come from behind the house's gate.  It takes 4 or 5 shots to 
    kill each guard, so remember that.  Fire until you see no guards.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Locate any Flak-88s guarding the road.|
    It all becomes more difficult now.  So, exit the house and turn right
    down this road.  The jeep is toast, so you get to walk.  As you come 
    across a demolished tank, shoot the 2 guards behind rocks with rifles
    and then equip the BAR or Thompson because 8 guards will come from 
    behind the tank.  Go forward and you will reach a second tank.  You 
    need not worry about pesky Nazis here, but a Flak-88.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Find a radio and use it to call an airstrike on the|
    Flak88 cannon.|-------------------------------------------------
    Turn around and go left at the crossroads.  At the end there are 4 
    guards in a farmhouse, and one of them is manning an MG42.  Snipe the
    guards in this house, and then face the two-story house.  The Captain
    will yell out the recognition code and it two 506th personnel will 
    come out of the house and tell the Captain and you about a sniper who
    killed one of their men.  You are the only one with a Sniper so go 
    forth and take out the sniper.  Go into the house the two 506th 
    personnel came out of.  Look out the second floor window with your 
    Springfield '03 Sniper and snipe the sniper.  Also take out the two 
    guards on the ground near the silo, but behind some rocks.  Exit the 
    house and proceed through the MG42 post.  Leave this building via a 
    back door.  Go to the silo and take some ammo - 24 rifle and pistol. 
    Exit the silo and grab the radio from the dead crew members.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Call and airstrike on the Flak88.|
    Return to the farmhouse the same way you came to it and when you 
    near the back door, 3 guards will rush you.  A BAR is good here.  It 
    is now your turn to shoot the MG42, so do it.  There are 3 guards 
    trying to hide near the fence, and one in the house you previously 
    cleared out.  Another guard enters through the back door and you can 
    take him out with the BAR.  Before leaving, grab the ammo in the 
    middle stall.  By now your BAR ammo should be maxed out at 20/500.  
    After taking care of the guards head up the same road you came down 
    and as you near the tank at the crossroads again, look at the Flak88 
    with your binoculars and press LMB to send in an airstrike.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    Objective 7: Destroy anti-aircraft gun so air support can return.|
    Go toward the Flak88 and turn left.  Go through the gate and equip 
    your trusty sniper.  As you near the open area look through the scope
    to see that there are some MG42 gun emplacements guarding the area.  
    Snipe the 4 guards that are MG42-ing from the bunker, the 1 who is 
    MG42-ing from the grassy emplacement, and the two wise ones that try
    to reach the grassy emplacement.  It is a good idea to reload after 
    you successfully kill each guard because the Sniper, like the BAR, 
    has a crappy reloading time.  After these 7 guards are done, go to 
    the A-A gun and set the bomb.  You have 10 seconds before it goes up.
    This is plenty of time to get to the bunker and man the MG42.
    		-> Objective 7 complete <-
    Objective 8: Call an airstrike on the second Flak88.|
    Sounds fun, but you have more pressing issues to deal with first.  
    Look toward the road whilst manning the MG42 and start peppering the 
    area with bullets because a good number of guards come right through 
    your sights.  Take them out and then after no more come from behind, 
    spray the area of the road with MG42 bullets in case you missed 
    anyone.  De-man the MG42 and go where you were just shooting.  You 
    will be surprised by 5 guards with rifles and SMGs.  Take them out 
    and exit through the same gate.  Aim at the Flak88 to the right and 
    call in the airstrike that can return again.
    		-> Objective 8 complete <-
    Objective 9: Bypass the roadblock.|
    Easy!  As you approach the recently destroyed Flak88, look right.  
    There is a trench down there guarded by 2 guards.  Take them out even
    with the Colt .45 because you can, crouch, and pass under the wood.
    		-> Objective 9 complete <-
    3.4.5: Briefing 3.
    : The Mission :
    |  The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Normandy, France			|
    |  June 7, 1944							|
    |								|
    |  Good job on taking out those 88's.  Now, here's exactly 	|
    |  what you're looking for.  This photo from our files 		|
    |  shows a six-barreled rocket projector called the   	  	|
    |  Nebelwerfer 41.  When grouped into batteries, they can 	|
    |  be devastating, smashing targets with barrages of 		|
    |  explosive rockets.  one such battery is defending an 	|
    |  approach to Carentan, and the Germans could easily shift 	|
    |  it to a less vulnerable position further south at any 	|
    |  time.  We can't let that happen.  This is as good a chance 	|
    |  as we're going to get to take away some of their best 	|
    |  firepower in the area.  Success here will save many 		|
    |  soldiers' lives in the fight towards the town of St. Lo.	|
    |								|
    |  The only approach to the Nebelwerfer battery is through 	|
    |  a small town.  You'll know you're near the site when you 	|
    |  see the large church on the outskirts.  The battery is 	|
    |  located on a field defended by many MG-42 positions; 	|
    |  use the sniper rifle to pick off the crews from a 		|
    |  distance before moving in.  Once you've captured the 	|
    |  location, plant explosives onto the Nebelwerfers and 	|
    |  take cover!							|
    |								|
    |  This won't be an easy mission, but I'm confident you'll 	|
    |  be up to the task.  Good luck, Lieutenant.			|
    |								|
    |					       Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Locate and destroy the Nebelwerfers [4 remaining].|
    The map layout is pretty extensive for this part of the mission, 
    especially since there is only 1 objective to complete.  Exit the 
    bunker and snipe the 3 guards nearby; one near the gun you just 
    called and airstrike on, one behind a rock to the right, and another 
    near the leafy wall to the right.  Go past these 3 guards after they 
    are taken care of, and as you approach a destroyed tank a Halftrack 
    approaches carrying some soldiers and a pretty nice Machine Gun.  As 
    directed, take out your Panzerschreck and destroy the Halftrack - two
    or three shells will do so.  During the Halftrack battle one guard 
    rushes you so take him out and then after you destroy the Halftrack, 
    some Allied 101st Airborne soldiers emerge from a crater.  While the 
    Captain and the two 101st people are chatting about the new guns you 
    need to destroy, you can scout ahead.  You already know what you have
    to do, so move forward and take out 2 guards before entering the 
    village square.  Also snipe a guard manning an MG42.  Before entering
    the village go left behind the buildings.  There are 2 guards hiding 
    in this alley.  Turn right at the first break between two buildings 
    and you will find one guard with a rifle, and another at an MG42.  Go
    forward out of the alley through the broken-out house.  There are two
    guards near a car and one is in a nearby house.  Go right and clear 
    out the first house you come to.  This includes going upstairs and 
    shooting the two rifle-bearing soldiers.  In the bathroom where you 
    found the second guard you can snipe and BAR soldiers running around 
    on the ground by your Allies.  There are a lot of them and their 
    weapons choices are both a rifle and an MP40.  Jump down from your 
    perch and equip the Thompson or the BAR and as you near the MG42 at 
    the bend in the road, be wary for lots more fighting.  Clear all the 
    buildings in this area, including one holding an MG42 post, and a 
    second MG42 post at the roadblock.  Enter the southernmost building 
    and through one of the windows you can see a Tiger Tank.  You are 
    told to "get its attention" so take out the Panzerschreck again and 
    fire 5 shells to knock this Tank out - a nice bonus is the little 
    Tiger Tank: 80 percent in the left of your screen.  After the Tank is
    toast, two wise Gestapo personnel hop out and are easily dispatched. 
    Go through the building to the left of the Tank and take out the MG42
    gunner in the building across the street.  This is where you want to 
    go next.  You will need to use the BAR to take out all the guards
    that bound down the steps.  Go upstairs and take out the guards up 
    here.  Man the MG42 that is not the one shooting at you.  Use this 
    gun to finish off many troops that come out of buildings.  When no 
    more guards are around, head back downstairs and proceed the same way
    you were heading.  The back of one of the northeast buildings has a 
    broken wall.  Take the SMG ammo, and go into the grass toward the 
    church grounds and cemetery.  In the church there are 3 MG42 posts 
    set up.  Snipe the two that are not hidden behind wooden planks and 
    reload after both are finished.  After you take out all of the guards
    that use the MG42s snipe the guard behind the wooden planked-window. 
    This kill will cause 2 troops to rush out from the right side of the 
    church, and 1 to rush out from the left side.  Snipe them, and 
    another wave will come.  As you move forward, keep eyes out for any 
    troops that come from the sides.  After you are certain that no more 
    troops will annoy your Allies and yourselves, clear out the church.  
    Exit the church and proceed down the road that heads southeast.  You 
    are almost to your objective location.  Follow this road and use an 
    explosive charge to blow the first Nebelwerfer to the east of the 
    barbed wire and mine fields.  Also snipe any guards that man the 3 
    MG42 posts in the area.  Go into the trenches and clear them out.  As
    every Nebelwerfer is accessible from the trench, the rest is easy.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    =========================Mission 3 complete==========================
    {3.5.0: Mission 4 => Behind Enemy Lines; Normandy, France}
    3.5.1: Inventory = Colt .45; 7/81,
    		   M1 Garand; 8/200,
    		   Frag Grenade; 4x.
    	Attainable = Hi-Standard Silenced; 8/161,
    		     MP40; 32/32,
    		     Stielhandgranate; 5x.
    3.5.2: Briefing 1.
    : The Mission :
    |  Rendezvous with Resistance - Normandy, France		|
    |  June 22, 1944						|
    |  								|
    |  You'll be working alone on this mission, Powell.  As an 	|
    |  OSS agent you'll have to get used to the idea of being 	|
    |  out there on your own in enemy territory.  The main 		|
    |  purpose of this phase of the mission is to get you to a 	|
    |  Resistance safehouse in St. Ebermont, south of St. Lo,	|
    |  and very deep behind enemy lines.  Unfortunately, there's 	|
    |  a bit of a catch to this mission.  We received some bad 	|
    |  news today, and you're going to be taking care of it on 	|
    |  your way there.  						|
    |								|
    |  One of our recon planes went down today in your mission 	|
    |  area, carrying an Allied G3 Operations officer and his 	|
    |  pilot.  If you find either one of them, get them to a 	|
    |  Resistance safehouse for extraction and debriefing.  The 	|
    |  Germans could score a major intelligence coup if our men 	|
    |  fall into their hands.					|
    |								|
    |  When you reach your destination, you'll receive more 	|
    |  mission details from your Resistance contact.  Her name 	|
    |  is Manon Batiste.						|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |						Commanding	|
    Objective 1: Locate the downed G3 pilot.|
    Follow the road, take out the 3 guards, turn left, and take out the 3
    officers near the downed plane.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Escort the pilot to the Maquis safehouse.|
    At the plane turn left.  Take the road to the fork.  There is 1 guard
    on patrol, and one in the field to the left.  Take the right side of 
    the small house to the left and follow the perimeter.  As soon as you
    reach the wall, take out the two guards on opposite corners of the 
    house.  Keep going and take out the two guards in the back of the 
    house.  Facing the larger house, take the stairs up to enter it.  
    Once upstairs and inside there are two guards, one has a MP40 and the
    other has a rifle.  Take the door to the left of the door you entered
    the house with.  This is the bedroom and there is one guard here.  
    There is another door to the left and this will lead you outside to 
    another set of steps.  There are 3 guards on the steps, so take them 
    out.  The pilot will take out the guard to the right.  Go left and go
    to the basement shelter.  The doors are already opened so go down and
    take out the 2 in the basement.  Leave the basement and go right.  
    Follow the back grassy area to where you originally started and you 
    will find one guard on the way.  Follow the same route you did before
    and instead of entering the big house, go straight past it.  There is
    one guard behind a pile of sand bags.  Go left and there are 3 guards
    standing together here.  Keep following this road and there will soon
    be 2 guards standing together here.  Go forward and look right to 
    find one MP40-wielding guard.  Go behind the log fence and find one 
    more guard here.  Look right and take out the guard on the crest of 
    the hill.  An MG42 will start firing on you soon, so fire into the 
    light that gives its position away.  Still behind the fence, another 
    MG42 will fire at you as you go right.  Take him out too.  Under the 
    first MG42 there is a foot soldier.  Go to street and look left to 
    find yet another guard.  Go behind the left fence and take out the 2 
    guards behind the fence of the second MG42.  After they are done, a 
    truck will come up the hill.  Use the MP40 to take out the soldiers 
    in the back, and then, with the pilot behind you, use the second MG42
    to take out the truck itself.  Turn around and you will see a church 
    entrance.  Go inside, take out the two guards in the same row of pews
    but on opposite sides of the aisle.  Pass the pews and look left to 
    see another guard.  Take him out, and then go up to the altar and use
    the pulsating red lever.  Go into the basement and follow it until 
    you meet one Manon Batiste.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    3.5.2: Inventory = Hi-Standard Silenced; 8/161,
    		   Frag Grenade; 4x.
    	Attainable = KAR 98 Sniper; 5/200,
    		     MP40; 32/300.
    3.5.3: Briefing 2.
    : The Mission :
    |  Diverting the Enemy - Normandy, France			|
    |  June 12, 1944.						|
    |  								|
    |  Bonsoir, mon ami!  Colonel Hargrove has spoken highly of 	|
    |  you.  Remember that covert OSS missions are different 	|
    |  from the frontline combat you're used to.  Stealth and 	|
    |  surprise are your best weapons.  Don't forget your Hi-	|
    |  Standard silenced pistol.  It's small, lightweight, and 	|
    |  accurate to about fifteen yards.  Always make sure you 	|
    |  get close and aim for the head.				|
    |								|
    |  Your final destination is a command post in an occupied 	|
    |  French estate.  But before you can infiltrate the post, 	|
    |  we must create distractions to draw some of the troops 	|
    |  away.  There are two locations best suited for this task.  	|
    |  The first is a nearby tank park, where a few well placed 	|
    |  explosives will incapacitate their tanks for at least 	|
    |  two weeks while they await repairs and parts.  Also, the 	|
    |  Germans frequently run supply trucks through a 		|
    |  checkpoint here.  If you see one of these trucks, try to 	|
    |  stow away by jumping in the back.  This should get you 	|
    |  into the tank park undetected.				|
    |  								|
    |  The second and most important location is a small train 	|
    |  depot where a much needed supply train will be passing 	|
    |  through tonight.  Switch the tracks so the train enters 	|
    |  the repair lane at the station.  Plant your explosives 	|
    |  on the land barrier.  When the train runs into it, the 	|
    |  explosives will detonate.					|
    |								|
    |  Finally, there's a small truck garage at the station.	|
    |  An old friend of mine is posing as a German supply truck 	|
    |  driver, and will be waiting for you.  He knows the way 	|
    |  to the estate, and will be able to drive you past the 	|
    |  remaining perimeter patrols.  Look for his signal when 	|
    |  you get to the garage.  Bon chance, mon ami!			|
    |								|
    |  - Manon							|
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the tank park.|
    NOTE THAT "dog" and "notarget" are especially helpful here!
    As you start you should hear a truck approaching from behind you.  
    When it passes you start running toward it and when it stops at the 
    checkpoint, jump into the back.  You'll know if you did it right 
    because the weapon you are holding will holster itself.  Wait with 
    the utmost patience until it stops in the tank park.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Bomb Tiger Tanks [3 remaining].|
    Exit the truck and go right.  There will be a guard there so silence 
    him.  Immediately to the left is the first tank.  There is a guard to
    the right side of it, so silence him and bomb the tank.  The second 
    tank is nearby and unguarded.  Bomb this one and silence the two 
    radio operators in the tents.  After you pass the second one, the 
    last tank is next to it, but you have to go around to the back of it 
    to set the bomb.  Take the left side of the tank to plant and then 
    the left side again to get away from the explosions.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Switch the tracks at the first junction.|
    After the tanks are bombed head to the sand bag barrier and snag the 
    KAR 98 Sniper and jump over the barrier.  Go onto the tracks whilst 
    ignoring the dogs.  Turn right and snipe one guard patrolling the 
    tracks.  Keep going and as you near the track switch, snipe the TWO 
    guards manning MG42s.  Press e to switch the tracks.
    		->Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Find a way into the train station.|
    Go forward and clear the bunker under a bridge.  There is an MG42 
    post here so take him out.  Enter through the only door, and find 
    out that there is only one guard on the premises.  After he is done, 
    go back outside and shoot the red barrels down the tracks.  This act 
    will draw the attention of 3 guards, all of whom can be dispatched.  
    Follow the tracks until there is a gap in the high rocky overhangs.  
    Take this route, and shoot out the red barrels here as well to get 
    the attention of a lone sentry.  After the spotlight passes head to 
    the left side and enter the double doors.  When you open them, 3 
    guards in the room to the right will come out to the hall you are in.
    They also can be taken care of.  Keep going, turn left, go up the 
    stairs taking out the one guard here, go left, and back outside.  
    Take out the guard of the MG42, man the MG42 and shoot the oncoming 
    guards from below, on the grass.  Turn around, enter the door, kill 
    one more guard, go left, and take this hall to the next room.  There 
    is one guard you can shoot through the window, and one more in the 
    room.  Take the elevator to the bottom floor.  Turn around to leave, 
    follow this hall taking out the patrolling guard, go right taking out
    the patrolling guard.  Soon you will find another room ahead.  There 
    are 2 guards in this room.  Leave the room, and turn right.  Go up 
    the stairs at the end of the hall taking out the single guard here.  
    Open the door in front of you to take out one guard, and then open 
    the second door to go outside to the station.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Plant explosives on the track barrier.|
    There is one guard to the left, and one guard to the right as you 
    leave the building.  Go to the right and stop a little ways up.  You 
    can snipe a guard walking on the bridge, one on the ground, and one 
    on the sidewalk to the left.  Go under the bridge and plant the 
    explosives on the easily-identifiable barrier.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Get to the control tower and switch the tracks.|
    Take the stairs or ramp to the left, and take out the lone guard up 
    here.  Go through the door to the left and there is one guard here.  
    Exit, go left again, and walk across the bridge to the control tower.
    There is one guard and the track switch.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    Objective 7: Get into the back of the Opel Truck.|
    This is easy - he beeps at you, so take the stairs to the left and 
    enter the back of the truck.  You are told to watch your back, but 
    you really don't need to.
    		-> Objective 7 complete <-
    3.5.4: Inventory = Hi-Standard Silenced; 8/80,
    		   KAR 98 Sniper; 5/200,
    		   MP40; 32/200,
    		   Shotgun; 5/50,
    		   Stielhandgranate; 6x.
    	Attainable = ***None applicable***
    3.5.5: Briefing 3.
    : The Mission :
    |  The Command Post - Normandy, France				|
    |  June 22, 1944.						|
    |								|
    |  Trés bien, Powell!  While the enemy is busy with the 	|
    |  mess you left behind, you'll have time to finish the 	|
    |  mission.  But be careful! The area is still well guarded, 	|
    |  and you'll have to choose your fights carefully.  You'll 	|
    |  get a Winchester Riot Shotgun for this mission; I hope 	|
    |  Henri - your driver - remembered to give you some extra 	|
    |  shells to go with it.  It should prove quite useful 		|
    |  indoors.  The inner gate to the estate is quite heavily 	|
    |  defended, so I advise you to take some time to see if  	|
    |  there are other ways to get past it quietly.			|
    |  								|
    |  Once you're past the inner gate, send a false communiqué 	|
    |  by radio to direct a shipment of Kar 98K rifles to 		|
    |  Coursos.  Of course, the Resistance will intercept the 	|
    |  shipment before it actually gets there.  Next, you need 	|
    |  to find any maps with their battle plans for the St. Lo 	|
    |  region.  Finally, there should be a troop and supply 	|
    |  manifest that will tell us exactly what they are deploying 	|
    |  to this area.						|
    |								|
    |  We're still not sure whether that new heavy tank Colonel 	|
    |  Hargrove mentioned is in the compound or not.  It should 	|
    |  be quite obvious, as it will be quite larger than the 	|
    |  standard Tiger or Panzer tank.  If you see one, try to 	|
    |  find some documentation.  Once you have everything, get 	|
    |  to the stone bridge past the front gate.  I'll have a 	|
    |  vehicle ready to pick you up.  Prepare for heavy 		|
    |  resistance after you get past the fence.  This is not a 	|
    |  stealth mission-- you won't be able to keep your presence 	|
    |  secret once you get to the Manor House, so I expect you'll 	|
    |  have to neutralize quite a large number of the enemy to 	|
    |  complete your mission.  Je vous verrai bientot!		|
    |								|
    |  - Manon							|
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the perimeter.|
    NOTE THAT "dog" and "notarget" are especially helpful here!
    Take the ride, get out when you are near the barn, and then exit the 
    barn through a back door.  Follow the road along until you reach a 
    brick wall.  Do not follow the road here, instead, head toward the 
    tents.  This is a back way that will not result in any confrontation 
    at least until the estate.  Hug the brick wall until you reach a hole
    in the fence.  Go through this hole, wait for the spotlight to pass 
    you and then run for the entrance gate.  There are 3 guards here, and
    you must silence them quickly.  While on the idea of silencing things
    you should not use anything but the Hi-Standard Silenced during this 
    entire part of the mission.  Next, go for the sentry post and kill 
    the guard here, so an alarm doesn't sound right away.  If an alarm 
    should sound, go to the nearest red box, press e to turn it off, and 
    kill the two guards that come for you.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Send the false communiqué.|
    It is this part of the mission that I will not necessarily write down
    every last guard.  Follow your compass to the correct building on the
    property.  When you are inside any building, make sure to clear out 
    the ENTIRE building before completing the objective.  And, please, 
    always make sure you are walking.  Any loud pitter-pattering of feet 
    will not go unnoticed by the constantly alert guards in the compound.
    The radio for this objective is on the top floor.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Steal the troop manifest.|
    Go to the building and grab the troop manifest.  Enter through a back
    door, not the front doors.  The manifest is located on the second 
    floor accessible by going left after coming up the grand staircase.  
    Go back down and leave the same way you came in.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Steal the battle plans.|
    These plans are located in the biggest building of the compound, and 
    as soon as you enter - again, through a back way - a jumpy guard will
    attempt to sound the alarm.  Stand in front of the alarm box to 
    prevent this, and shoot him when he comes down the stairs.  Now, on 
    one side of the top floor of this building are the battle plans, and 
    on the other side are two explosives.  You will need to snag both of 
    these objects, and it doesn't matter which you snag first.  Leave the
    big building the same way you came in.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Gather any intelligence on the new Tiger Tank.|
    This building is the same as the first one, only instead of going 
    upstairs, you need to go left and take this door to the basement.  It
    is down here where you will find the user's manual.  Take it and go 
    back upstairs.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Escape and meet up with Manon.|
    That sounds like a good idea, but first, you have two tanks to blow 
    up.  They are to the west of the compound and guarded by one or two 
    guards max.  Set one, go to the second, and set the other.  After 
    blowing up the second one, snipe the two guards near the MG42 nest.  
    One is operating the MG42, and another is standing watch.  Also shoot
    the 5 guards that come toward you after the tanks go up.  Then, when 
    you are ready, head west and take out the lone guard before the gate.
    Leave the compound through this gate, and you will be confronted by 
    one MG42 post and a handful of guards.  Also, some will come from the
    actual compound itself.  Head for the bridge, cross it, and jump into
    the back of the Opel Truck.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    ==========================Mission 4 complete=========================
    {3.6.0: Mission 5 => The Day of the Tiger; Brittany, France}
    3.6.1: Inventory = Colt .45; 7/200,
    		   Springfield '03 Sniper; 5/120,
    		   Thomposon SMG; 30/300,
    		   Frag Grenade 4x.
    	Attainable = Stielhandgranate 6x.		     
    3.6.2: Briefing 1.
    : The Mission :
    |  Sniper's Last Stand - Brittany, France			|
    |  August 20, 1944						|
    |								|
    |  Our latest field reports say that a King Tiger is 		|
    |  undergoing minor maintenance and tread repairs in a 		|
    |  small town about ten miles from Brest.  Your tank crew 	|
    |  has been released from its duties in the 6th and has 	|
    |  standing orders to rendezvous with you in this town.  	|
    |  Frequent contact with German snipers was reported by		|
    |  soldiers from the 28th moving through the are, so I  	|
    |  can't be more specific as to the crew's location - 		|
    |  they'll find a safe spot to take cover until you find 	|
    |  them.							|
    |								|
    |  Now for the hard part.  The Germans have the tank well	|
    |  guarded in a highly defensible position -somewhere near 	|
    |  the local town hall.  Capture and clear out that town 	|
    |  hall, and get your crew safely to the King Tiger.  		|
    |  								|
    |  The town's been shelled heavily for over a week, 		|
    |  creating the ideal terrain for enemy snipers to prey 	|
    |  upon our troops.  You'll be hunting some truly skilled 	|
    |  snipers amongst the rubble, so move carefully and take 	|
    |  your time.							|
    |								|
    |  Good luck, Lieutenant.  This veteran crew has seen plenty	|
    |  of fellow Shermans annihilated by German Tigers on the 	|
    |  battlefield and they're very eager to return the favor.	|
    |								|
    |					       Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army,	|
    |						Commanding	|
    Objective 1: Locate the bazooka team.|
    Follow the road and, at the bend, snipe the guard on the top floor 
    window down the street.  For reference, much of the left-and-right 
    directions will be with respect to the road, unless otherwise noted. 
    Enter the house to the right after the bend.  The stairs are right 
    there, so go inside.  There are two guards here, one is in a cabinet 
    and one has a rifle and is looking out a window.  You will come 
    across the killed bazooka team.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Get past the gate into the rest of the town.|
    Before leaving, take the bazooka.  Go outside and where you sniped 
    the first guard there will be a building next to it on the right.
    There are two guards here in a room.  Back outside again, go 
    left and you will come across a sniper on a far roof at the end of 
    the road.  Follow the road to the bend and there will be a building 
    with a broken roof.  A guard is here, so take him out, and continue 
    down the road.  Snipe the guard in the very high window perch across 
    the street here, and then you can find one more behind a broken wall 
    to the left.  Also on the left are some stairs that go into another 
    house.  There are two guards in this room, and if you look out a 
    window facing the street there will be one more guard in a middle 
    level of a building across the street.  Cross the street one more 
    time and go into a building whose front door is absent.  There is 
    only some Stielhandgranate ammo here.  Leave the building and use the
    newly found bazooka on the gate.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Proceed to the south edge of town.|
    Continue the same way you were heading and turn left at the opening.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Find the tank crew.|
    An Allied medic comes out to say that the rest of the tank crew was 
    holed up in a building.  Follow him to see your people.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Defeat the Panzer Tank.|
    Before you even see the Panzer Tank, two guards will be shooting at 
    you from where the Tank will be coming from.  Snipe them, switch to 
    the bazooka, and bazooka the Tank.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Keep the tank crew alive and infiltrate city hall.|
    It helps to QuickSave periodically in this mission because of the 
    strenuous concentration required on your part.  If one of your crew 
    members dies, reload the last saved game to have a go once again.
    Before leaving this building do make sure you grab the 4 shells for 
    the bazooka, because they will be most helpful toward the end of this
    objective.  Also make sure you have 5/xxx bullets loaded in your 
    Springfield because you will need to use it.  The medal for this 
    mission can only be attained by keeping all 3 of the tank crew people
    alive throughout the entire mission.  Head out and once again follow 
    the road.  As you near the bend, 3 guards will run out of the 
    building immediately to the front of you.  Some Thompson bullets are 
    good here.  Also, look left after the Allied plane bombs the building
    and there will be a rifle-wielding guard upstairs on the top floor, 
    and also one to the right on the top floor.  Clear out the building 
    the 3 guards rushed out from.  There are 3 more inside the building, 
    one of which is in a cabinet.  Exit this building and go left.  There
    are 4 guards near the building directly right of the one you just 
    cleared.  Two are on the ground floor; one near the tall building, 
    and one hiding in the broken wall, and two are on the balcony.  If 
    you have trouble finding them, just launch a few grenades in the 
    general area.  They will soon make themselves known.  In the same 
    vicinity, another guard is in the highest level as you saw before.  
    As you near the hotel a guard will run out.  Take him, go inside the 
    hotel, and take out the 6 guards inside the hotel.  At the second 
    level, you can find a guard on a roof opposite your window.  Leave 
    the hotel, and follow the road to the right again.  Pass the bend and
    one guard will appear in the third story of the hotel, another on the
    ground by a building on the right side of the street, one inside this
    same building, and one between roofs on the left side.  Start with 
    the building immediately to the right.  Clear it out, then cross the 
    street to clear out the building to the left, and then cross the 
    street once more to clear out the second building on the right.  
    Continue on and one more guard will be on a roof to the left side of 
    the road.  There is one more in a nook between a patio and a building
    where the roads seems to end.  Go left and take this road.  3 guards 
    come from under the overpass, 1 is on the overpass, there is 1 more 
    sniper on a roof before the overpass, and one on the roof that the 
    overpass leads to.  Go up the stairs under the overpass and 3 more 
    guards will come toward you.  Follow the overpass now and take out 
    the single guard in this building.  Double back, go down the stairs, 
    and follow the road.  Do not go with the bend, though, but instead, 
    enter the building with an open door.  Go upstairs and you will find 
    one guard in a nook above the stairs.  Look right as you continue 
    toward the interesting-looking floor damage and there will be yet 
    another guard looking in through the window.  Pass the damage.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    Objective 7: Steal the King Tiger Tank with the tank crew.|
    There are easily 10 to 15 guards in this confined area that is the 
    town hall.  The bazooka will take care of some of these enemies if 
    you aim the shell into the heart of the room.  Engage in a lengthy 
    gunfight and eventually make your way downstairs and go into this 
    room.  To the left will be a back door which leads to the Tank.  Take
    this exit and kill the one guard posted over the Tank.
    		-> Objective 7 complete <-
    : The Mission :
    |  The Hunt for the King Tiger - Brittany, France		|
    |  August 20, 1944						|
    |								|
    |  Good job, Powell.  You're on a road to Brest that will 	|
    |  take you through villages still held by enemy forces, 	|
    |  so don't relax just yet.  The King Tiger has tremendous 	|
    |  firepower and more armor than any other tank to date, 	|
    |  but it's a slow moving target that's vulnerable to all 	|
    |  kinds of attacks.  The major threats you have to watch 	|
    |  out for are Tiger I and Panzer IV tanks; Panzerschreck 	|
    |  crews, and the 88mm field gun.				|
    |								|
    |  The Tiger I is the precursor to the tank you're in now -   	|
    |  it has less armor but the same gun and the same engine.  	|
    |  Your best chance of killing it lie in hitting it first.  	|
    |  That'll disorient its crew and give your men time to 	|
    |  reload while the enemy crew is recovering.  Panzerschreck	|
    |  teams will hide in buildings, waiting for you to roll 	|
    |  by before attacking.  Blast those buildings quickly to 	|
    |  be safe.  Don't worry about civilians - by now, no one 	|
    |  but the enemy will be occupying these shelled out 		|
    |  villages.  							|
    |								|
    |  The 88mm field gun is a stationary emplacement you've 	|
    |  seen before, in the bocage.  Their crews rely on 		|
    |  camouflage to stay out of your sight, waiting to fire 	|
    |  at the right moment.  Watch the road ahead very closely 	|
    |  for these guns.						|
    |					       Col. Hargrove	|
    |					     Stanley Hargrove 	|
    |					   Colonel, U. S. Army, |
    | 						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Escape with the King Tiger Tank.|
    Here's a quick refresher: w=forward, s=back, a=left, d=right, use the
    mouse to move the turret, SPC to line the turret with the base, and 
    the most obvious of all: LMB=shoot.
    It's best to drive with w and SPC.  Enter the town and take out all 
    the buildings you can take out.  In the one directly to your 12:00 
    a Panzerschreck crew is hiding out.  Follow the road all the while 
    simply ignoring the foot soldiers.  After the second bend, blast the 
    first Flak88 before it sees you.  Even though you use "dog" and 
    "notarget" the Health no longer becomes your own, it becomes the Tank
    Health.  Along this path is also a Halftrack, so take it out.  As you
    near the outskirts, an MG42 post opens up, and is easily blasted out 
    of commission.  Another tank will approach you from the right side 
    and a Panzerschreck crew will shoot at you from the left.  Take out 
    both of these threats.  As you continue to follow the road you will 
    come across another Flak88.  Pass this 88mm and soon two tanks will 
    come from both sides of the road ahead, so take them both out.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Escape with the King Tiger Tank.|
    Follow the road and at the fork go right.  There is a Flak88 behind 
    some barriers and soon another tank will come as you draw nearer to 
    another fork.  There is an MG42 tower set up with some explosive red 
    barrels as a base.  The barrels will get the job done.  You will see 
    a bend in the road, and just as you do, two tanks will come to attack
    you.  When they are destroyed, go into this other village.  Move 
    forward and peek left.  You will see another tank parked here, so 
    blow it up.  Also, look right and find a Flak88.  Pass the 88mm.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    : The Mission :
    |  The Bridge - Brittany, France				|
    |  August 20, 1944.						|
    |								|
    |  So far, so good Lieutenant.  The Germans at the bridge 	|
    |  have certainly been informed of the stolen King Tiger,	|
    |  so you won't be able to drive the tank to the bridge 	|
    |  right away.  This photo from our Resistance agents shows 	|
    |  the bridge wired to blow at a moment's notice from a		|
    |  small detonator on the opposite side.  As the team's lone 	|
    |  sniper, you'll have to move in quietly, find a good 	 	|
    |  position overlooking the bridge, and keep the enemy from 	|
    |  using that detonator until the tank can move into 		|
    |  position.  If you're spotted during your approach, you'll 	|
    |  have to chase down and kill any of the sentries before 	|
    |  they can run off and blow the bridge.  			|
    |								|
    |  Once the King Tiger reaches the bridge, the Germans will 	|
    |  undoubtedly call in reinforcements.  The King Tiger is 	|
    |  tough, but it can't stop all of them.  Use your radio to 	|
    |  call artillery strikes on incoming tanks, and remember 	|
    |  that it takes a few seconds for the shells to arrive.	|
    |  Hold off the German counterattack until friendly forces 	|
    |  arrive to secure the area.  If we can win this battle, 	|
    |  the German presence in France will be all but finished 	|
    |  by mid-September.						|
    |								|
    |  You've got your work cut out for you, Powell.  Good 		|
    |  hunting!							|
    |					        Col. Hargrove	|
    |					      Stanley Hargrove	|
    | 					    Colonel, U. S. Army,|
    | 						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the|
    You don't really have to shoot up anyone because you are invisible, 
    so just follow the road (a recurring image, no?) and when you get to 
    the bridge, select the building to the right.  Go to the top floor.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.|
    Equip the sniper (duh) and shoot at the Germans who approach the 
    plunger.  It is best to reload the sniper after every shot because 
    it does take a while to reload and you can't afford the extra seconds
    it takes to reload more than one bullet at a time.  Always aim for 
    the head for an instant kill.  Eventually the Tank will work its way 
    up to the bridge and blast the plunger.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Use the high vantage points to call in artillery|
    strikes.  You may have to use multiple buildings to cover all| 
    approaches to the bridge.|-----------------------------------
    Simply stay where you are and watch for two critical spots.  At the 
    "T" in the road across the bridge; tanks like to commiserate there, 
    and also on the road right next to the bridge.  Your King Tiger Tank 
    can usually take care of the tanks next to the bridge, but you have 
    to call artillery strikes on those in the "T" curve.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Destroy the enemy King Tiger.|
    One or two artillery strikes should accomplish this.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    ==========================Mission 5 complete=========================
    {3.7.0: Mission 6 => Return to Schmerzen; Siegfried Line, Germany}
    3.7.1: Inventory = Hi-Standard Silenced; 8/32,
    		   Springfield '03 Sniper; 5/20,
    		   Thomposon SMG; 30/200,
    		   Frag Grenade 4x.
    	Attainable = StG44; 30/500,
    		     Stielhandgranate 6x.		     
    3.7.2: Briefing 1.
    : The Mission :
    |  The Siegfried Forest - Siegfried Line, Germany		|
    |  January 16, 1945						|
    |  								|
    |  The Army Air Force has reported losing several 		|
    |  reconnaissance planes 20 miles north of Fort Schmerzen	|
    |  in a place where they've seen nothing of importance,		|
    |  just a lot of forest and snow for miles in all 		|
    |  directions.  We want you to go in early and see what's 	|
    |  going on in there, before you go to the rallying point 	|
    |  for the Schmerzen raid.  It's rather odd that the Germans 	|
    |  would position valuable anti-air weapons in the middle 	|
    |  of nowhere, don't you think?					|
    |								|
    |  You'll be "tree jumping" this time - parachuting into a 	|
    |  forest is risky, but it's the fastest insertion method.  	|
    |  Once you're on the ground, be on the lookout for enemy 	|
    |  snipers.  You've got the Springfield sniper rifle for 	|
    |  this operation.  Our planes are probably being shot down 	|
    |  by anti-air guns hiding amongst the trees; we're 		|
    |  guessing they’re 20mm Flaks.  Find and destroy any anti- 	|
    |  air guns, and be on the lookout for anything out of the 	|
    |  ordinary.  We'll play this one by ear if something does 	|
    |  come up.							|
    |  								|
    |  Good luck out there, Powell.					|
    |					        Col. Hargrove	|
    |					      Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					    Colonel, U. S. Army,|
    |						Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Find and destroy the 20mm Flaks [2 remaining].|
    This part is relatively easy.  All you have to do is follow the
    compass toward the first Flak.  Make sure you toss in "dog", and 
    "notarget" to complete this one with ease.  At the first Flak, there 
    will be two guards - one on each side.  Pistol-whip them, then set 
    the charge and leave the premises.  Follow the compass to the next 
    gun.  Before you reach it, you will come across a bunker with two 
    MG42 posts.  There are 4 guards in this bunker, easily taken out with
    the sniper rifle.  The second Flak is set up the same way as the 
    first Flak, so follow the same procedure.  Pistol-whip and then bomb.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Keep tracking towards the rally point.|
    Follow the compass once again.  Up a ways you will find another 
    bunker to the left side.  There is 1 MG42 gun here and 3 others.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Find and destroy the 20mm Flak.|
    Retype "dog" and "notarget" in the console and continue to follow the
    compass.  There is a bunker to the right up a little bit.  Inside are
    4 guards without MG42s.  Topside you can find the Flak.  Bomb it.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Keep tracking towards the rally point in a nearby town.|
    Follow the compass once again and as you reach a protruding rock, 
    take the left side of it.  Around the bend are 3 guards and 1 MG42.  
    Pass by this bunker and head to the town.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    3.7.3: Briefing 2.
    : The Mission :
    |  Die Sturmgeweher - Siegfried Line, Germany			|
    |  January 18, 1945.						|
    |								|
    |  We knew the Allied bombings over the Ruhr valley were 	|
    |  hurting the Germans badly, but we didn't know where 		|
    |  they'd moved production of certain weapons, specifically, 	|
    |  the new StG 44 assault rifle.  This could be it - a 		|
    |  secret assembly plant and weapons stockpile in a 		|
    |  fortification along the Siegfried Line near Fort 		|
    |  schmerzen.  It would be a golden opportunity to disrupt 	|
    |  the resupply of this fine weapon to their front lines.  	|
    |  Here's the plan:						|
    |								|
    |  First, find a way inside and get a disguise and proper 	|
    |  papers.  Use the Hi-Standard silenced pistol for that.  	|
    |  Next, steal assembly blueprints and machining 		|
    |  instructions for the StG 44.  Finally, locate a parts and 	|
    |  weapons cache, grab the latest version of the StG 44 	|
    |  assault rifle, and set an explosive charge on the rest of 	|
    |  the stockpile.  Get out of there using any means at your 	|
    |  disposal.							|
    |								|
    |  This assault rifle is truly revolutionary in its design.  	|
    |  It combines full automatic fire, large magazine capacity, 	|
    |  low weight (five pounds less than the BAR), and the range 	|
    |  and accuracy of a rifle in single shots and short bursts.  	|
    |  There's no other firearm in the Allied or Axis arsenal 	|
    |  that matches its superior qualities.				|
    |								|
    |  Be careful out there Lieutenant.				|
    |					    Col. Hargrove       |
    |					  Stanley Hargrove      |
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army, 	|
    |					     Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).|
    Approach the compound and silence the guard with a pistol.  Make sure
    to take his ammo after he drops it, but not before killing off the 2
    MG42 posts.  One is in a tower and one is in a bunker directly to 
    your 12:00.  Enter the compound and go right.  Take these stairs down
    to a sub-level.  The first room on the right has an officer and an 
    officer's uniform.  He has some more pistol ammo to add to yours.  
    Take the hall and kill the 2 troops coming around the corner.  Follow
    this corner to the next room.  Inside you will find a set of officer
    papers.  Leave this room and go down into the basement.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Steal blueprints for an StG 44.|
    Continue down these stairs, show your papers to the nice guard, and 
    turn right.  Take this hall, but do not follow it around the corner. 
    Instead, wait for the patrolling guard to disappear from view down 
    the hall to the left.  After he is gone, shoot the officer in this 
    room and steal the second set of officer's papers.  Leave this room 
    and proceed down the hall the guard went.  Show your new papers to 
    this nice guard, and then enter the doors to the left.  There are two
    doors here, an inner and an outer.  Remember this for later as you 
    sneak past the MG42 in the hall.  Take the first set of stairs to the
    level below, and do NOT take the second set.  An officer waits here, 
    and becomes irate if you try to get past him.  Rather, step off the 
    side of the level behind the crates.  Take this hall to the first 
    double-doors to the right.  Inside is one scientist and one set of 
    blueprints on the table.  Kill the scientist and grab the blueprints.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Steal an StG 44.|
    Leave the room and go right once again.  Take the hall to the end, 
    silence the two coversing Germans and go up the small set of stairs. 
    In here make sure you grab all of the StG 44s in the crates and on 
    the ground - the more ammo the better (for later, once again).
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Destroy the weapons stockpile.|
    Plant the bomb to complete -> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Exfiltrate the base.|
    Leave the same way you came in, but this time an alarm will go off as
    soon as the stockpile goes.  Pull the box immediately to the right 
    after you leave the room.  3 guards will come anyway and salute you, 
    so take them out for a nice collection of ammo.  Follow the hall all 
    the way to the end, take the stairs you were advised not to the first
    time.  Exit through the outer door, and to the right is some more 
    ammo for the StG 44 plus one guard.  Exit the inner door and take out
    the MG42 post.  Backtrack to the large set of stairs and leave the 
    underground facility.  When you reach open air, turn left.  It is a 
    liesurely stroll through the base and MG42 towers as long as you have
    no weapons drawn.  Follow this area to the end, go right, follow this
    area to the end, turn left, and walk out past the gates.  As you pass
    through the gates, go left and take this route all the way to the 
    outside of the compound.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    3.7.4: Briefing 3.
    : The Mission :
    |  The Communications Blackout - Germany			|
    |  January 18, 1945						|
    |  								|
    |  This is going to be a delicate phase of the Schmerzen 	|
    |  operation, Lieutenant.  You're entering a town that is 	|
    |  home to the last train station alongthe railway before 	|
    |  Fort Schmerzen.  Most communications in the region are 	|
    |  routed through a radio command post used by the Gestapo	|
    |  and high ranking SS officers.  These lines of 		|
    |  communication must be cut before we can move in on 		|
    |  Schmerzen.							|
    |  								|
    |  The town is well occupied by a garrison of skilled 		|
    |  winter troops, and dotted with security posts equipped 	|
    |  with an alarm system.  Once the alarm is tripped by a 	|
    |  guard, rest assured that troops will be sent out to 		|
    |  investigate.  Get past the defenses and plant your 		|
    |  explosives in the radio command post.  Once the post is 	|
    |  destroyed, Schmerzen will be cut off from the outside 	|
    |  world, and you'll have to get to the rendezvous point at 	|
    |  the train station.  You should be able to find a way out 	|
    |  through the local SS Commandant's residence on the outer 	|
    |  edge of the town.						|
    |  								|
    |  Tread lightly and stay sharp, Powell.  We don't have any 	|
    |  time for mistakes now.					|
    |					    Col. Hargrove	|
    |					  Stanley Hargrove	|
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army, 	|
    |					     Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Plant explosives on the radio command post, in the|
    northeast corner of the town [6 remaining].|-------------------
    "dog" and "notarget" again and always use your Hi-Standard Silenced.
    Go forward and there will be 2 guards patrolling.  Take them and then
    go right.  The town is down this way.  There are 3 guards in the few 
    roads in the town; 2 are to the left and 1 is straight ahead.  Face 
    right, and there will be an officer in one of the buildings that can 
    be taken out through the window.  Go inside this building to grab his
    pistol ammo.  Leave the building and follow the road straight ahead 
    of you.  There will eventually be an enterable building to the left 
    that has 2 guards inside.  One is on the ground floor and another is 
    upstairs outside on a balcony.  An ineresting thing inside this 
    building is the piano.  If you press e when facing it, it will play 
    some Main Theme excerpts - is the theme written on the page of music 
    facing you?  Maybe... Leave this building and go backtrack - turn 
    left at the crossroads.  There will be one guard on the ground and 
    two more in opposite balconies.  Follow the next road right to find 
    one more guard in the open area here.  Take the stairs to the end of 
    the road and go left.  More stairs to follow right and come to a wine
    cellar.  Leave the wine cellar through the only other door, go left, 
    and into the building at the end of this road.  There are 2 guards 
    inside.  Exit this building through the door before the stairs.  Take
    this path guarded by one and the big staircase to the bridge is at 
    the end.  On the bridge are 4 guards.  One is across the street, and 
    3 are actually on the brdige.  Follow the bridge to your targets.  Be
    careful as you enter the gate because there are 2 MG42 towers and 4 
    guards roaming the vicinity around the 2 huts and also 2 in each hut.
    Plant the bombs in any order and then leave the gated area.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Escape through the Commandant's residence on the south| 
    side of town.|-----------------------------------------------------
    Follow the compass, really, and jump through the window.  A multitude
    of guards will be in hot pursuit but are no match for an invisible 
    American soldier...  Also, ignore the alarms because no matter how 
    many times you pull them off they will go on again in seconds.
    3.7.5: Briefing 4.
    : The Mission :
    |  The Schmerzen Express - Siegfried Line, Germany		|
    |  January 18, 1945						|
    |								|
    |  Excellent work, Powell.  By cutting off the main 		|
    |  communications center in the town, there's no way for 	|
    |  reinforcements to be called in time to save Fort 		|
    |  Schmerzen.  You've entered a public park, where 		|
    |  opposition should be fairly light.  Chances are you'll 	|
    |  be able to get through without much trouble.  The train	|
    |  station however, is a much more difficult nut to crack.  	|
    |  It's covered by machine gun towers overlooking the cargo 	|
    |  yard and the tracks themselves.				|
    |								|
    |  This station is the rendezvous point, but there are a 	|
    |  few details to take care of first.  Before the squad can 	|
    |  join you, you'll have to cut the power to the 		|
    |  electrified perimieter fence so that they can get through 	|
    |  it.  The power will go out briefly in the main building, 	|
    |  and draw some of their troops out to investigate.  Get 	|
    |  into the station building, find a radio, and use it to 	|
    |  send out a false order so that the incoming train will 	|
    |  make a stop at the station.  When the train arrives, it 	|
    |  will be trivial to eliminate the engineer and have one 	|
    |  of the Rangers commandeer the train.				|
    |								|
    |  You're almost there, Lieutenant.  Good luck.			|
    |					    			|
    |					    Col. Hargrove       |
    |					  Stanley Hargrove      |
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army, 	|
    |					     Commanding.	|
    Objective 1: Find the train station.|
    Take a stroll through the park, cross the bridge heading north.  A 
    handful of guards are spread in the park, but once again, you should 
    have "dog" and "notarget" on.  Follow the road here.  There is one 
    guard at a bend in the road, and two by the tracks.  Do try not to 
    get hit by the passing train, because you will not get back through 
    the tunnel.  There is only one guard patrolling the tracks.  As you 
    reach the station, two guards are on the bridge above you.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Cut the electrical power to the fences.|
    The area, as mentioned in the briefing, is covered by MG42 towers, 6
    to be exact.  They can all be killed, but the shots are tough, even 
    with thte Springfield '03 Sniper.  You have to go all the way around 
    these posts to the building that houses the box to shoot.  In this 
    building are two guards, one happens to be directly in front of the 
    aforementioned box.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Send the radio transmission.|
    Go all the way back around again, to the now opened building to the 
    left before the tracks.  Clear the building of its 9 guards on the 
    bottom and 4 guards on the top level.  Use the radio!
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    3.7.6: Briefing 5 (and the last one in the whole game...).
    : The Mission :
    |  Storming Fort Schmerzen - Siegfried Line, Germany		|
    |  January 18, 1945						|
    |								|
    |  Lieutenant Powell, the Rangers in your squad are some 	|
    |  of the Allies' finest soldiers, and until now, their 	|
    |  talents and training have been wasted on frontline 		|
    |  charges and terrible attrition strategies.  The Rangers 	|
    |  started out as the United States' answer to the British 	|
    |  Commandoes, and I'm glad to say that we're going to go 	|
    |  back to those roots with this mission.			|
    |								|
    |  When the boxcar doors open, rush the platform and kill 	|
    |  the snipers in the towers before they can react.  Head 	|
    |  inside nad unlock the main cellblock doors to free any 	|
    |  POWs.  While they're being moved to the train, locate the 	|
    |  various structural weak points identified from diagrams 	|
    |  and photos collected earlier by Patterson.  Use your 	|
    |  compass to navigate to these spots.  At the lowest levels 	|
    |  of the facility, mustard gas may still be present.  You 	|
    |  should procure a gas mask before heading down there.		|
    |								|
    |  Plant the charges and get back to the train before the 	|
    |  place collapses in on itself.  When it does, Colonel 	|
    |  Mueller and whatever corrupt, desperate plans he was 	|
    |  carrying out will be buried forever.				|
    |								|
    |  Best of luck to you and your team, Powell.  No matter 	|
    |  what happens, I consider myself honored and privileged 	|
    |  to have served with you.					|
    |					    Col. Hargrove	|
    |					  Stanley Hargrove      |
    |					Colonel, U. S. Army, 	|
    |					    Commanding.		|
    Objective 1: Snipe the tower guards.  Keep losses to a minimum.  Do|
    not lose more than 9 members of the assault team across the two|---
    The Army Commendation Medal is awarded if only 4 members or less are 
    killed during the initial assault.  To start, concentrate on the 
    towers in the immediate open area, and don't worry about the 4 
    vantage points at each corner of the platform until all of the towers
    are cleared.  Exit your boxcar to the left, where one of your Allies 
    shoots the guard at the door.  Get out, look behind you and snipe the
    two guards in this tower.  Then look right and snipe the guard in 
    this tower.  Reload and focus your shots on the four vantage points. 
    It is a good idea to shoot the ones in the northeast and southeast 
    vantage points first.  Reload after you shoot both of them to keep a 
    constant full ammo clip.  Eventually you will have to look at the 
    other two vantage points and snipe them too.  Do your best to make a 
    solid hit on every shot you take.
    		-> Objective 1 complete <-
    Objective 2: Unlock the cellblock doors and free the POWs.|
    A door slides open to the north with many guards inside.  Snipe or 
    SMG them.  Before you turn the wheel on the far door, enter the door 
    to the left as you enter this room.  It is loaded with MG and you 
    will need all 500 bullets in your StG 44.  After grabbing the ammo, 
    turn the wheel to go into the next room.  There are 3 rooms in this 
    area.  Behind the door facing you is one guard, behind the area to 
    the right are 2 guards manning MG42s.  The first door is to the left,
    open it, take the ammo if needed, and flip the lever.
    		-> Objective 2 complete <-
    Objective 3: Plant explosives on the fuel flow control units|
    [3 remaining].|---------------------------------------------
    As you blow the door, a MG42 opens up on you and your 2 Allies.  Kill
    this guard and clear the halls to the left and right.  You want to go
    right, and as you near the elevator, look left and shoot the 2 guards
    here.  Go down the stairs and plant the explosives, killing all the 
    Germans who come.  Clear all of the hall's branches.
    		-> Objective 3 complete <-
    Objective 4: Open the main fuel line valve.|
    A room to the left of the last bomb you placed has a handful of 
    troops on site.  The target is on the lower level.  Crouch to reach 
    the wheel you must turn to complete the objective.
    		-> Objective 4 complete <-
    Objective 5: Find a way to the inner facility.  Check eleveators for|
    enemy reinforcements.|----------------------------------------------
    Retrace your steps, shooting all approaching guards and enter the 
    elevator you passed on your way down here.
    		-> Objective 5 complete <-
    Objective 6: Acquire a gas mask.|
    The elevator opens and there is one guard up the stairs.  Go upstairs
    and there are also 2 more to the right.  Back by the elevator are two
    ladders that go upward.  Take both, shoot the two guards in each 
    alcove, go back downstairs and head to where the very first guard was
    found.  Take the ladder that goes down.  Follow the hall until you 
    reach the end.  There is a path to the right and at the end of this 
    path is a large staircase.  Take it to the very bottom.  Go right, 
    before the elevator.  The gas mask to acquire is in a far room.  
    During this quest guards are sporadically spread throughout the area.
    		-> Objective 6 complete <-
    Objective 7: Make your way to the lower level.|
    This is easy - jsut take the elevator you passed to get the gas mask.
    		-> Objective 7 complete <-
    Objective 8: Open the main gas valves [2 remaining].|
    Go left at the hall, follow it, go left into a big room, and take 
    another left into a second path.  Take this path to the end, shoot 
    the big container of mustard gas.  A German will warn the guards not 
    to shoot because of the gas, but, since you have a mask, and didn't 
    kill any of the Germans on the way to this area, blast the gas pipe. 
    The two valves are in the center area on the elevated metal platform.
    		-> Objective 8 complete <-
    Objective 9: Plant the explosives.|
    Find the pulsating icon, press e, and you're done.
    		-> Objective 9 complete <-
    Objective 10: Return to the elevator.|
    Take the reverse of the route you followed in Obj 8.
    		-> Objective 10 complete <-
    Objective 11.1: Escape Fort Schmerzen.|
    RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN in front of the fire and turning when the fire
    is in front of you.  The route of escape is fairly obvious.  When you
    reach the doors - leave.
    Objective 11.2: Escape Fort Schmerzen.|
    Run once again right outside.  There are 5 guards in the yard, and 
    you can shoot them or let the fire take care of it.  Board the train 
    with the Allies and "Would you look at that." ending.
    =========================Mission 6 complete==========================
    |4.0: A Recap of The Medals|
    {The Legion of Merit} -> Mission 1 -> Rescue Private Jury.
    For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of 
    outstanding service on November 7, 1942.  Lt. Mike Powell, 1st Ranger
    Bn., rescued both a British and an American POW from a heavily 
    fortified German outpost.  Lt. Powell's actions helped secure Allied 
    victory during the landings of Operation Torch.
    {Norwegian War Cross with Sword} -> Mission 2 -> Steal the manifest.
    For conspicuous bravery before the enemy, in aiding the defense of 
    Normandy, on February 12, 1943.  Lt. Mike Powell, 1st Ranger Bn., 
    recovered a much sought after Kriegsmarine officer personnel manifest
    from the U-529, shortly before the explosives he planted scuttled the
    {American Campaign Medal} -> Mission 3 -> Finish the D-Day invasion.
    For meritorious conduct in the Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. 
    Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., survived the assault on Omaha Beach 
    and went on to clear out a major German fortification, eliminating 
    enemy gunners, and ultimately aiding in the securing of the D-1 exit 
    near Vierville.
    {The Good Conduct Medal} -> Mission 4 -> Blow up the two Tiger Tanks.
    For dedicated service in the armed forces while the United States was
    at war, and for displaying conspicuous initiative on June 22, 1944.  
    Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., singlehandedly destroyed two King 
    Tiger tanks while on a special intelligence gathering mission for the
    {Distinguished Service Medal} -> Mission 5 -> Keep all 3 tank crew.
    For exceptionally meritorious service to the government in a duty of 
    great responsibility on August 20, 1944.  Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger
    Bn., despite heavy enemy sniper activity, safegaurded the passage of 
    all three members of a special tank crew through the streets of 
    Landenau, near Brest.
    {Army Commendation Medal} -> Mission 6 -> Keep <5 deaths at platform.
    For herosim, meritorious achievement, and meritorious service on 
    January 18, 1945.  Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., under tremendous 
    sniper fire at the train loading platform at the German stronghold 
    Fort Schmerzen, protected the assault team wiht precise sniper fire, 
    which consequently escaped with less than five casualties during 
    {Bronze Star} -> End of Game Medal 1 -> Complete game on easy mode.
    For heroic and meritorious achievement of service, not involving 
    aerial flight, in connection with operations against an opposing 
    armed force, on January 20, 1945.  Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., 
    successfully completed a challenging toru of duty in the European 
    Theater of Operations.
    {Silver Star} -> End of Game Medal 2 -> Complete game on medium mode.
    For gallantry in action against an opposing armed force, on January 
    20, 1945.  Lt. Mike Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., successfully completed a 
    difficult tour of duty in the European Theater of Operations.
    {Distinguished Service Cross} -> Final -> Complete game on hard mode.
    For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations 
    against an opposing armed force, on Janury 20, 1945.  Lt. Mike 
    Powell, 2nd Ranger Bn., successfully completed a tremendously 
    difficult tour of duty in the European Theater of Operations.
    |5.0: End Credits and Final Thoughts|
    	       As said in the end credits of the game:
    / ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \
    |{This game is dedicated to all the men, women, and their families,}|
    |{that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  You will never}|
    |{			    be forgotten.		   	   }|
    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /
    I think this game says an awful lot about the people in our armed 
    forces who, by no means whatsoever, put themselves before their 
    country.  It is true - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - was indeed 
    historically based.  That says very much for the creators: EA GAMEs, 
    2015 software, and all programmers and thinkers that put a good 
    amount of their time into creating this game to be representative of 
    what the people in our armed forces do during World War 2.  The Nazi 
    war machine, as they were eventually called, did have a seemingly 
    brilliant plan, but of course, were no match for the United States 
    and our Allies.  After watching the credits roll, I couldn't help but
    think about the men, women, and their families that did give the 
    ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  So, I guess what the idea of 
    this "review" as it were, is that whenever you play something that 
    represents a historical time, think about the people you play as, and
    the people the enemy are (yes, they had families too).  One final 
    note - the music (terrible pun, I know...).  Without the in-game 
    music, I would certainly not enjoy the game as much as I did.  A 
    thank you to Michael Giacchino for making the music.  I personally 
    think that the Main Theme reflects the life of a soldier during the 
    World War 2 very well.  This game definitely deserves a 10/10!
    I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.  And stay tuned!  I 
    plan to make walkthroughs for the successive MOHAA games in the 
    series, but I won't bore you to death with these final thoughts.
    Just think about who you are, and who you would be if we did not come
    out of the Second World War victorious... but not too much. :)
    And a big thanks to all of you, who found this guide useful.  Feel 
    free to e-mail me any questions you have regarding the guide, or even
    if you just want to chat about World War 2.  I try to check my e-mail
    two times daily at least, unless I am in a power outage for 3 days, 
    and usually only if something that extreme should happen to happen.
    I believe I should also thank GameFAQs for posting this guide - it is
    much appreciated, and I hope to continue cooperating with the site as
    my other MOHAA guides are created.
    =========================MOHAA guide complete========================

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