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"This game is simply brilliant; the best WW2 FPS I ever experienced."

From a village in Algeria, to U-Boat pens in Trondheim, to the D-Day invasion of Omaha Beach, and then to the Bocage the next day, then an infiltration of a manor estate on the hunt for documents, then to roads of Brittney, and ending up in the Siegfried Line in Germany, this game takes Lieutenant Mike Powell throughout the European Theater of Operations risking his life to complete seemingly impossible objectives. The scenery is the least bit appealing what with German soldiers crawling all over the countryside, yet Powell is determined to finish what he starts. Follow his journey through many treacherous areas and disrupt the German war effort all the while being hunted by the enemy.

"Medal of Honor: Allied Assault". When I hear these 5 words, my attention is immediately drawn to whoever said them. This game deserves the respect of anyone and everyone who appreciates the World War 2 era. If someone does not appreciate and respect this era, I must say that they have clearly not played this game. "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" and all subsequent games draw a veteran computer gamer to the screen with ease. In my humble opinion, "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" is easily recognized when it appears on a computer screen. There is so much to do in this game and it is so addicting that I am in the process of creating a walkthrough for "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault", eventually "MOHAA: Spearhead", "MOHAA: Breakthrough", and when I buy "Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault" I will certainly write a walkthrough for that one as well. I will also definitely not forget to buy "Medal of Honor: Airborne" and write a walkthrough for that one too! I honestly don't think I could get enough of the game and it really helps that there is a continuous series constantly being developed.

I love this game, not because it is fun to complete (which it is) but just the fact that it is entirely correct. This game used real battles during World War 2 and I think that it says a lot about the Second World War, especially knowing some people who were involved in this war. All events, weapons, and vehicles are historically accurate. The music added so much to the experience. I loved the Main Theme of this game because it seems so appropriate. Michael Giacchino made perfect choices. The actual gameplay is fabulous and, while the graphics are not as superb as, say, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, that is easily forgotten when you engage in the campaigns. A nice little touch is the idea of getting medals for completing some "hidden objectives" within each mission. If someone is new at First Person Shooter, this is a definite coaching game for them. I also say continue on in the series to "Spearhead", "Breakthrough", "Pacific Assault", and "Airborne" (when it comes out next year) because you will NOT be let down - I promise you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/09/06

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