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"All we can do here is die!!!"

Now days, it doesn't take a key eye to notice that World War II has become its own gaming world. Because of the happenings in World War II, Nazis make the perfect villains for video games. This game may not be as intense or exciting as the famous Call of Duty, but this game provides a very good experience, both online and off.

I've never paid much attention to the story, if there is one, and, yep, that's how much I paid attention to it, but, all that really matters is that you're in World War II, killing every Nazi that gets in your path, in “Saving Private Ryan” style. The game starts out with you on a rescue mission, and you're in a truck, trying to get past the Nazis guarding the gates. The truck behind you has your team mates trying to get them out with a fake pass, and the Nazi doesn't buy the fake so the guy in the passenger seat shoots him, and that's when things start going wild, Nazis will shoot at you, and the truck behind you explodes.

You'll find that after all those hectic things going, you'll be in an intense fire fight, with Nazis charging at you. Their AI is pretty good, they use cover well, and if you get to close to them, they'll start beating the living crap out of you with their weapon, and you have to gun him down before he beats it all out of you.

Now, this game being a run-and-gun shooter, it's not quite as intense, because you don't have to use cover all that much, but you still have to make proper use of it, because the Nazis are pretty blood thirsty in this game. You'll also have to be avoiding spot lights, put explosives on tanks or weaponry, cutting wires on a jeep, and going through famous battles, such as the Omaha Beach scenery, that level was tough.

My complaints about the single player campaign, though, is that you can't look down site at your weapon, only the sniper rifle can do that, and the only weapon you can melee with, is with your pistol, while your enemies will melee you no matter what weapon they have, but other then that, this game provides a solid campaign.

The multiplayer is my favorite part about this game, though. These are one of those games where you need to work as a team. You really can't make any heroics here, because there are pretty skilled players, in this game. If you travel in groups, you have more of a chance of surviving and succeeding. Every mode in this game is typical, with modes like death match, team death match, and objective mode. I also didn't experience lag when I was playing multiplayer in this game.

The sound in this game is, well, excellent. The music is really put, outstanding. You really have to love the theme music and the music when you're in battle. It's all really good. The sound effects in this game are amazing too. You'll hear gunfire all around you, and the footsteps from your own character, the voice acting in this game is really good too.

The graphics are great, nothing special, but acceptable. The explosions are really just a quick flash of fire, and than it's gone. Some of the textures can be a little fuzzy, but besides from that, the character models are good, they show lots of expression, and they are believable. The weapon designs are really good too.

This is a really cool first person shooter. It captures the essence of what makes a first person shooter a really cool genre to play. The game has a solid campaign and a great multiplayer that will keep you coming back. This is a game worth playing for FPS fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/04/07

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