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"Good but not the best."

I just rented this game and it was fairly good.

The campaign had over 20 levels or so. You battle Nazis involved in WW2 (of course you would know that). Sadly if you're a cod gamer you expect there to be health regeneration but you have to pick up items that have a red cross on it (to be descriptive). The campaign I'd say was alright. There were some parts that I wish EA could have made really easy like the sniping. When you snipe a nazi soldier there's a 40/60 chance that he will flinch instead of dying instantly.....So it could have been more realistic if they just powered up the snipers in the campaign but whatever. The good things about this is that you can save your game by going to the menu and going to save options and select save then you're good. You can do this during in the middle of campaign so you won't have to wait for the game to say "saving". The game was realistic by the way. The way you ran was really pretty much how people run in real life with a gun in their hands and the guns sound really great. The guns sound like from WW2 movies that I've watched. Flaws of the campaign is that the storyline kinda sucks. Sadly in this game you can't aim like in the cod series. If you play campaign and get to the ending you obviously thought there were more missions but there weren't. I was upset how EA didn't put any effort in the endings of the Medal Of Honor Allied Assault game. The campaign was good though.

Now we move to the multiplayer. The multiplayer wasn't that good but not the worst. It was in the "ok" section. The online multiplayer requires you to have gamespy comrade/arcade or other programs. I wasn't so happy that I had to waste my time downloading stuff on my computer just to play online multiplayer but I did. There were also some patch problems. When I waited for the patch to download then an error message popped up saying that the patch failed to download. So I had to download it from a website (luckily I didn't get a virus). When playing it I enjoyed it the first 3 days but later it started being really crappy. Before I talk more the multiplayer features a create-your-own game mode which is like a private match you can play with your friends. The guns you use are the BAR, thompson, Trench gun, etc. You can switch teams and I think that can turn you into a traitor for your teammates. There is lag shooting issues that keep happening in this game which makes me mad compared to Call of duty world at war for the wii (which the lag shooting issue isn't much of a problem in that game anyway) and also the hackers I keep experiencing in the game. The snipers are ok. You can join a server by pressing on the server.

My conclusion is that the game is ok but not the best. The graphics were really good during the release of the game. I would look for other games besides this one but your choice not mine.

Note: Yes I do know that I'm comparing this game to cod games so don't rage on me. I'm not saying that medal of honor games suck or cod games suck or are better than the medal of honor series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/02/12

Game Release: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (US, 01/20/02)

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