"I was expecting much more from MOH:AA..."

First of all I have to say that I loved the Medal of Honor games on Playstation, they were full of new features, very well done missions, a great history behind some very well done controls...Now, 4 years after its release EA came with a version for the computer with high reviews and a lot of people saying it´s the best shooter for the PC. But I was surprised to see that it´s basically the same old game (the first one, not the ''underground'' version) with better graphics and sounds.

Story - A bit confuse. You will control 2 soldiers on the game, one American and other English. In fact each mission has its own history and the missions aren´t connected very well, but you know what to do....you are a special soldier and have to kill a lot of Nazi soldiers, steal some documents, destroy some tanks or planes, protect someone, that kind of things...for my surprise, the history on the Playstation version was more developed and full of conspiracy.

Graphics - The graphics are just ok. The programmers got the old models from the Playstation version and made some new movements more colorful and beautiful but nothing that will impress you forever, and by the way some of the death movements are exactly the same of the old Playstation game. Return to Castle Wolfenstein has better graphics for example...
The textures of the buildings are well done but as you will see, most of the time, destroyed buildings, it will get repetitive after some time. The weapons models aren´t so nice, if you get a game like Half Life or its mod Counter Strike you will find some better models. Some effects like the explosions by the cannons of the tanks are well done but some other explosions on Omaha Beach for instance are ugly...

Sounds - A very good feature in the game. Some themes are exactly the same from the Playstation version, but that themes are really nice and help to increase the environment of the game. The voices are nice specially on Omaha Beach where you can hear some soldiers screaming, begging for help, really cool...
The sound effects of the guns are nice but nothing spectacular. The sniper effect is specially good! But the rest of the guns are nothing more than the expected.

Controls - The controls are perfect, except for one little detail, it takes a lot of time to reload your weapon (because of the slow answer of the key and the slow movement to do it...) and that waste of time is crucial specially when you have a lot of German Snipers spreading around. And here I have to say something: It´s extremely boring the fact that German soldiers don´t miss a shot, even if they are miles away from you and armed with a Machine gun (which means a low level of accuracy)...sometimes you are walking on a street and you start to take fire from nothing, because a German was on a far window (and I mean REALLY far) with a machine gun and believe me, he will do perfect shots until he kills you. That´s not fair because sometimes you will not even see the soldier who killed you!! In games such as Operation Flashpoint it can work but not on Medal of Honor that is more an action game than a simulation.

Replayability - Once you finish the game for the first time I don´t think you will want to play it all over again on hard mode (easy mode doesn´t have an end so start with the normal mode), except for some levels like Omaha. And if you played the Playstation version and ended it, then this game can be really boring because the last levels are EXACTLY the same from the PS version, so I cannot understand what is so wonderful about this game. As I said before, it´s basically the same old game with better graphics and sounds.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/30/02, Updated 01/30/02

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