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"Wow, this game is good"

First thing first,
this is just my view of the game, I think its great. Even better than Half-life, you might not think so however. I have written this review to explain why I like this game so much.

Graphics: They are very detailed and smooth. The animations of the characters are incredible. Also each individual part of dirt from the ground or leaf of a tree looks very real indeed.
I have 2 pc's. On my (pentium 4 1.9ghz geforce 2 mx400 256mg of ram), it ran very fast. It gave a bit of a frame rate drop near a lot of smoke but thats about it.

On my 2nd pc ( pentium 2 450mhz 128mg or ram and a voodoo 3)
it was ok on low detail, expect a fair bit of jerkiness near a lot of action. You can get medal of honor working smoothly enough on older systems if you turn off the wealth of advanced graphical options, but detail suffers a lot when you do this.
Supported rez's:- 512*384 all the way up to 1600*1200
Scaleble options: Texture detail, shadows,terrain detial, model detail, effects detail, curve detail.

Gameplay: One thing I must say is the A.I is very good. With the enemies not just running staright at you but flanking you, confusing you. They will even look around corners and fire blindlessly. The missions can get a bit boring at times though,with the same old one-man war situations popping up a bit on later levels. But the game will not alow that to happen for long. There are a lot of levels where you will just want to let your men run along and clear the path for you or get shot dead in their path (and you will). It can also be a bit sad when your mate who you've just been running about with and saving each others lives, gets blown up sky high. The tension is just so great, it truly is the unofficial saving private ryan. There are sniping situations where you are pinned down wondereing where the sniper is, the amazing D-day level and other parts where you will be thinking that medal of honor is saving private ryan in diguies.

Sound:- Utterly incredible. With every little bit of detail going into the sound, from the clunk of your reloading your mag or the sound of scrapping metal as the crew from inside a tank is loading the it up. The voice acting of the soilders is nothing short of incredible either.

Multiplayer:- Now here's where RTCW seems to have the edge of MoH:AA. MoH:AA has a sort of 90's feel to it. Although the online servers are really to be getting going, the team based system of RTCW is just better (at the moment anyway).

Bad points:- well the sniping part of the game isn't really realistic at all. The sniper rifle goes still straight away, you can even run with the crosshair locked on fairly well. Also it is bloodless, this isnt bad though. There is a blood patch coming out for you SoF fans however. You cant even really notice that there isnt blood when you shot someone, But I guess even a minimal splash of blood now and then would be kind of fun for a while.

Overall:- A great game, Buy MoH:AA with pride.
graphics---- 9
Sound------- 10

Total---9.5 (rounded to 10 to fit Game Faqs score system)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/02, Updated 02/14/02

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