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"This game isn't the most well done shooting game because it is so unrealistic and requires so little strategy."

I decided to update this review since this game has ripened over the years and shown its success (or failure) in passing the test of time. The most successful games in history, such as Starcraft and Chess, manage to hold a significant and growing number of players as the years pass. This game didn't pass that test, but it is still a game worth mentioning as a decent World War 2 game. Even though I didn't like it very much, I will describe every category of the game as impartially as I can. Also, be advised that I want you to be very clear that I consider a 5/10 average. Unlike most reviewers, I believe that reviewers should be allowed to differentiate between the average games, the good games, the excellent games, and the revolutionary or very superb games.

Gameplay: 5/10
In this game, you are an Allied soldier from the United States, and you are first sent to ensure the success of D-Day by destroying weapons batteries, killing Nazis, and securing important strategic locations. Then, you continue helping the invasion by performing more special tasks. Most of the gameplay involves just shooting at the Nazis as you run from place to place.

One of the problems is that this game just doesn't seem real. The enemy soldier doesn't respond the way an actual soldier would respond. In addition, even though there are a lot of special jobs for you to do, they don't generally involve much thought. For example, if it tells you to destroy the gun batteries at Point A, all you do is run there, making sure you kill all the soldiers, then just walk up to the battery and destroy it. No puzzles needed. You don't have to use strategy to get the job done. If they said something like “Run to point A and act as a decoy, ensuring that no soldier will be near the gun battery, then sneak to Point B and use more strategy” it would be more fun. Unfortunately, even more strategy is taken away because the enemy soldiers don't miss no matter how far the range is. The average soldier would move back while shooting if they were being shot at so that the enemy would miss more often. In this game, if you move away from the firing enemy soldier, you will get just as injured than if you didn't move at all. But even if they corrected that, the gameplay would still suffer because of the poor AI.

Sub-category of Gameplay: Artificial Intelligence: 4/10
The Artificial Intelligence is not very well done. Enemy soldiers don't seem to be able to hear any sounds. You can shoot at one enemy soldier and the other people around them don't seem to notice at. There are no bosses, and only occasionally can you use stronger weapons. The background isn't good, because it lacks depth, and they can never be used to your advantage.

Story Line: 5/10
A little better then the AI's quality, the story makes some sense. But one thing that I dislike about it is that events seem to be out of chronological order. I can almost pinpoint the place in which the game programmers began ''slacking off'' and started trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. I usually want to see a detailed and connected storyline throughout the game. For example, lack of unity is demonstrated when the German soldiers at the end speak English, while the ones in the beginning speak German.

Very good. There are some places in which special terrain effects were made (such as the searchlights). The men seem to be somewhat alive. But one of the biggest problems I can see is that even though the graphics are food in a still-photo, the movement is not nearly as good. Collision detection is generally not as well done since the arms and legs sometimes protrude into the buildings.

Overall: 6/10
I cannot honestly make any good comments about this, but it is still OK as a World War II game.

Buy? Rent?
Try not to buy or rent if you can, unless if you are really bored. It was not worth 60 bucks. I have not played any other medal of honor, yet I still find this game not the best use of time, although it can be relaxing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/15/02, Updated 06/07/04

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