"An amazing game with few flaws."

Plain and short: THIS is the MOH game to own. It beats out both of its Playstation predecessors.

Story line-6/10: The story in the game is not great. You have to complete 6 missions, each with their own individual story line. So not just 1 story line, but 6. BUT you do play as Lt. Mike Powell, an Allied solider. You must do missions that will have you fighting Axis soldiers, which make for every story having to do with you kicking the crap out of Axis.

Graphics-9/10: Simply amazing. From the SPECTACULAR effects of Omaha Beach to the spooky environment of Brittany, France this game boots up the graphics and makes them run on your computer like it has a rocket up its butt. The effects of gunfire, to explosions of grenades will actually make you feel like you are a Lt. of an Allied force.

Sound-9/10: The sound is like a turbo-boost on your ears. Gunshots, explosions, screaming-the sounds are killer! It is obvious that the team of this game went through a LOT of different ways to get their sounds. The sounds are also not fake. The guns actually sound like they would in real life. The sound in this game is no joke to mess with.

Controls-8/10: The keyboard set-up is just the way you could want it. The mouse responds well to the game. Well, not much to actually say here.

Multiplayer-8/10: For the most of it, Multiplayer is freaking great. Although, some nasty lag pops up and can ruin a perfectly good game. Also, Gamespy makes you pay $20.00 to sign up, which is a crappy deal. Just go with the MOH servers-unless you have money to burn.

Gameplay-9/10: One of the best games I have ever played. You have an arsenal of weapons, and items at your disposal. Enemies are really smart in this game, and will do whatever it takes to kill you and your comrades.

The game also has different ways of playing it. You can use stealth, or firepower. Although firepower is what most of the game is about.

The missions are also varied. One mission will have you storming Omaha Beach with your comrades. Another mission will have you under disguise in an Axis compound, or sniping off enemies in a desolate town. The missions are all a blast(so far).

You also can collect medals, to make the replay value last longer. But be warned: some medals are damned hard to get.

Bottom Line: I advise anyone who likes First Person Shooters to buy this game and play it. You will not regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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