Review by kErosion

"Great potential, some flaws."

Overall MoH:AA is a well made addictive game, but these days with the caliber of games as it is MoH:AA falls short in a couple areas.

The AI needs some definate work. Next to other games of this genre that have come out in the last few years the AI is far behind the times. It's better than Doom, but how much does that say? I think it's the general concensus that this may be the biggest flaw of the game.

What I'm going to say next may be considered a spoiler, but I believe it's fair warning for anyone considering buying the game as it would have influenced my purchase.

My only other main problem I have with the game is the very unrewarding single player mode. Many of the missions are entertaining, especially the Omaha Beach level, but there's no REAL reward for all your efforts. After completing the last level in the game (which is PAINFULLY brutal on Normal, I can't even imagine Hard) you're greeted with a black screen that reads ''The End''.

You can earn medals due to actions on the various stages of the game, but they have no impact on the game itself and overall I feel they're basicly meaningless. I realize that the value of most FPS games lies in the multiplayer aspect, which is very entertaining in MoH:AA, but I don't believe multiplayer alone is enough to support a game these days and I've got a very strong disliking for games with an absolute lack of an ending or any other secrets to unlock, there's no sense of accomplishment left behind.

I believe there's hope for MoH:AA in the hands of its players creating custom maps and mods for the game, but I feel the content designers did a poor job helping MoH:AA reach its full potential as a game.

MoH:AA is worth the time spent playing the game, I'm a little skeptical on whether it's worth the money however. I'll have to see how things work out, it's painful to see a game so close to being incredible and missing it by so far.

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Value: 5/10

There is an add-on coming out soon I hope will confront some issues with the game and fix them, but I'm skeptical. When it's released it will definately make or break my opinion of the company thats worked on MoH:AA.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/06/02, Updated 04/06/02

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