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Reviewed: 06/05/02 | Updated: 10/26/02

This is not the greatest game in the world; it is but a tribute

Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground for the Playstation are incredible games - some of the best I've ever played in my life. Many reasons account for their greatness - control, computer character AI, level design, perfect music and sound effects, perfect use of the rumble effect, tricky shots, hidden areas, pacing, and a genuine feeling of there actually being a Medal of Honor universe out there somewhere.

After playing a demo of Allied Assault, I had more than a small amount of hope that the PC Medal of Honor would come close to its PSX predecessors. There was great control, excellent graphics, great sound effects, great level design...many of the elements that made the first two MOH's so great.

But after acquiring the full version of Allied Assault, I have to defeatedly admit that those positives are about all that AA shares with the originals. Missing is the classic computer AI that so drew me into the game's world, missing is the perfectly blended music which rises and falls at precise moments in the game, missing is the overall sense that you don't EVER want to quit playing. I'm not sure if it's because I don't see DreamWorks name on AA anywhere, or for other reasons, but it does appear that the ''magic'' just isn't here anymore.

Don't get me wrong - there are great parts of MOH: AA. The control is in fact quite excellent, there are levels that definitely live up to the classic's standards (Normandy Beach, a couple of really invigorating Tank levels, the level used in the demo, to name a few), and there are a lot of perfectly sampled sound effects for weapons. I didn't give the game a 7 out of 10 because it stinks - it's really quite good.

But it's not classic, and therein lies the disappointment. If there'd been better pacing, if there'd been more ''disguise'' -oriented missions with creative humor, if there'd been less frustration on the hard levels and more obstacles in the easy levels, AA would have a chance of resembling the original masterpieces. But as it is, that's a lot of ifs, and what we have is just a pretty solid shooter, carrying the MOH name somewhat unjustly.

If you want a solid shooter, this'll fill the bill. If you're dying for Medal of Honor Part 3, this unfortunately doesn't qualify. There are better shooters to be found both on PC and the console systems, and I wouldn't say that about MOH 1 and 2.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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