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Reviewed: 10/17/02 | Updated: 10/17/02

Remember kids, it's just a video game. Real war isn't fun.

This game sure is fun though. I can without hesitation say that I have spent more than 100 hours playing Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. It's pure addiction. I'm not a huge fan of First Person Shooters either. I like them as much as the next guy but MOH AA goes beyond your average FPS. It's less crazy, it gives you more time to think than Quake, Unreal Tournament, or the like. If I didn't know better I'd almost think I was really there fighting it out in World War 2...

Single Player

The single player missions are fun. I'm not going to kid you though. I've spent around 30 times more playing time on multiplayer than I have single player.

You get briefed before each mission. If you like a little info on what you're going to be doing I suppose you might be interested in this part...I jump right into the action though. The AI is decent at best. You can take out 10 guys at once with no major problems if you know how to play. It's not that tough. Occasionally you run into a few tricky parts but it's rarely due to getting killed by an enemy soldier who is armed the same as you. I suggest you play through the single player at least once just to experience it. I myself am still only around half way through it though...I would feel ashamed but I'm proud of myself for doing the more enjoyable part of the game than forcing myself to play single player...


Here is the bread and butter of the game, so listen up soldier. I recommend you have DSL/Cable or better if you want to have any fun in multiplayer. If you don't know anything about ping(and I didn't until I started playing this game) try to pick servers with the lower ping because they will be faster. You can connect to games through Gamespy...and if you have version 1.11 you can bypass Gamespy but I don't like the format so I use Gamespy anyway. You can play online with up to 31 other guys in a single game. The more you play the better you get. Unlike single player where you can carry several weapons you only get to pick one main weapon at a time in multiplayer. You can select from the Sniper Rifle, Regular Rifle, Machine Gun, Sub-Machine Gun, Shotgun, or (ugh)Rocket Launcher. In addition to your choice you get a pistol and some grenades. The Axis and Allies have slightly different variations of each weapon but they are pretty much the same. There are 4 types of play online.

Death Match - Kill or be killed. You see something move then fill it full of holes unless you just want to respawn in a better location for some reason... You have no friends, everyone is an enemy. This is the oldest style of FPS multiplayer gaming. It's fun but it's not my favorite part by any means.

Team Match - You select either Axis or Ally and you are threw into the mix with friends and enemies both. Your goal is to kill the opposing force. It helps to work with your teammates. If you are a loner then you had better get in some practice in DM first or you will probably get slaughtered when it you run into more than one enemy. Sometimes Friendly Fire is turned on and sometimes it is turned off. It all depends on what server you play on. You will also no doubt see servers running a realism Mod. This means it only takes a few bullets to kill you so be wary of it if you've never played using it.

Objective - This is a team oriented style of play as well. It has a little more added to it though. You have different battle grounds than on DM and TM. You will be either defending a certain object or you will be trying to blow it up. It depends on which team you are and which stage you are playing. Also, in objective based matches once you die you do not respawn until the match is over and one side wins. You'll just have to be a spectator and watch one of your allies. This can be good or bad depending on what kind of mood you are in...

Round Based - I'd love to tell you all about this style but I've pretty much completely avoided it for some reason. It doesn't seem very popular as there are usually fewer servers running it than the other types of play. Check it out if you like...don't if you don't care.

The Basics

Graphics - If you have all the visual options set to their max this game will look breath taking. It has as good of graphics as you will find in a FPS anywhere. Everything looks almost real. Even setting all the options to the lowest quality won't make the game ugly.

Sound - The sound effects are nice. They often alert you to nearby enemies as well so they are somewhat crucial. The voice acting is pretty good. Nothing to write home about. Now the actual in game music is excellent. It gives you a feeling of triumph and glory...Let's just say it fits the game nicely.

Story - Like I said earlier, before missions you get briefed. In addition to that, during single player you occasionally have short cut scenes that are nice to watch. I wouldn't buy a FPS for the story though. It's adequate and that's all that matters.

Game play - Here we are. The fun part. This is where the greatness of the game lies. Ok... you point at things and click thus making them die. That is the game play in the simplest explanation. But it is so much more than that. You can devise your own strategy when playing. You learn tricks and certain styles over time that help you to play better. Based on what weapon you choose it becomes quite a different game. The game is at a fairly realistic pace. It isn't carnage like some FPS's. You have time to think instead of running around and firing at random. There are many different stages and some can be pretty large. You will need to develop slightly different methods at each one.

This review was pretty long...that's because I had a lot to say about such a great game I suppose. I don't normally go on about a single thing this much. That should tell you how much I personally like the game. MOH AA is quite possibly my favorite PC game of all time. If you are even remotely interested in the First Person Shooter genre then I suggest you go out and buy this game. NOW.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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