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"Repetetive Shooter or Definitive Shooter?"

Since the Medal of Honor series has appeared on Playstation in 1999, it has become one of the best known First Person Shooters around. Whether from the large amount of levels, or the different types of missions, you know Allied Assault wouldn't be a disappointment. In my opinion, it has been anything but a disappointment.

You could tell EA put a lot of time into making the levels on this game but where they fell short was the amount of problems in the game. Not gameplay problems but installation of the game and many other things. This is what flaws the game the most.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is always great in the Medal of Honor series. Even though the AI isn't the greatest (but it rarely is) the computer poses a large enough problem when playing. There are three levels of play: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each level is fairly accurate on their difficulty. The game isn't overly difficult in Hard but can get frustrating at times. There are a total 6 campaigns. Each campaign consists of a few missions. Completing certain tasks in the missions will award you medals. For example, rescuing someone will award you a medal on one level. There are 9 Allie weapons to chose from an a mounted machine gun. In addition to those are the Axis weapons that you may achieve in some levels. The game plays smoothly with a good enough videocard (integrated videocards will either work poorly or not at all). The levels are different, which is pleasing. Out of all my First Person Shooter's that I own, Medal of Honor's levels seem to be the most different and not just senseless blasting (Soldier of Fortune). And what Medal of Honor game would not be complete without a level to sink a U-Boat?

GRAPHICS: Graphics are fine. Of course, they will differ with different videocards. I've reached as low as 8.0 for the framerate on my integrated videocard and to a 40 with my GeForce 2. Character models look great. Texturing on the levels is all around good. Some problems here and there but nothing major. Weapon models look fairly accurate to the real weapons. It may not look good when you look at them in game, but they are very detailed when you look at the skins of them. Surroundings and buildings look different for the levels and compliment them very well. For example, in multiplayer, the houses in a town has a 1940's look. Weapons and character modifications can also be downloaded if you don't like the look of a weapon.

SOUND: I love the sound in this game. The music in the background fits the levels. The default weapon sounds are fine. Modifications for the sounds can be changed to sound better. But like I already said, the background music is amazing. The place where you will notice this the most is in 'Sniper Town'. Basically it is a town filled with snipers, and the music compliments it so well, you don't know if the sound is a sniper shooting at you or the music.

CONTROLS: What can I say? Controls can be changed for the keyboard and there aren't too many buttons which is good. Of course, a web mouse would be very good to have for weapon switching.

MULTIPLAYER: My favourite aspect of the game. Four game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Objective and Roundbased. You can chose your skin/team and pick your weapon. You can only carry a pistol, 5 grenades and one main weapon at a time. So to switch, you will have to chose from the menu and wait till you die or drop your weapon and pick up a fallen one. A variety of maps will keep this interesting. Each map is made for different types of play. Stalingrad is an enclosed level, good for machine guns and shotguns. While Destroyed Village is good for rifles and sniper rifles. There are a few different ways to cheat and get under the map while is a problem but you'll always encounter a few cheaters when playing multiplayer for any game. Once you beat the game and you are still in amazement, take a break before playing multiplayer so you don't pass out from greatness.

This game is a must buy for anyone who likes the Medal of Honor series. If you are an average fan of First Person Shooter's, you should give the game a chance. If you dislike First Person Shooter's, give the PS/PS2 games a play and if you enjoy those then surely get this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/02, Updated 11/25/02

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