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"A truthfull title to World War Two."

Medal of Honor allied Assault is a truth full rendition of the famous battles of World War Two and some not so famous battles but still just as fun and entertaining. The game starts out in the most trying years of that infamous war. 1942 is when the allies just started to regain their lost glory. Also you get to play from battles in 1943 1944 and 1945. You will battles from Africa to the bombed out beach of Omaha and even in to the heart of Germany. Now here's the review.

In the game you play as the soldier Lt. Powell. Your levels range from large full scale battles to lone soldier battles. The controls are one of the areas were this game shines. The keyboard and mouse control style is perfect for first person shooters. You can even tweak the controls for the movement of your character. So if you don't feel comfortable with the first control sceam you can change it to your liking. this game is very fun and even more to a history fanatic. The scripting can get a bit tedious though.

Although there is not any real story the levels all fit perfectly into the game. Every level is different in some way. That way there will be something new to expect in the next levels. all the battles are truth full to the history. The levels all in a whole deserve a 10.

When you play this game you will think you are in the real battles that took place. The music fits the game totally perfect. All the orchestrated music even won awards for it. The sound effects are unbelievable. They are so real and perfect to the bullet. In the heat of a battle you will hear shells going off, machine gun bullets whizzing past you, and the voice over's are great to. Also a great feature is that the Germans Actually speak German.

The graphics are awesome. The detail in everything is real down to the textures and bullet marks. Even the guns look as real as they do in real life. The character models and uniforms look authentic just like the real ones used in World War Two. The environments will make you think you are in them with all the detail EA put into this game. A negative to the graphics is that the ground looks a little rough and fake. The frame rate is most of the time really good but sometimes it can drop and even more in Multi player.

The game its self you can complete in a day or two even on a first try. There are always medal to collect and there are three difficulty levels. Multi player is a huge part of the game. There is endless replay value in the multi player. It is always fun to come back and play again and again. You might also want to play the game multiple times but the thrills might end someday. You might even just replay the levels to look at he environments again. There is great replay in this game.

This is a game to buy if there ever was one. It is even more fun if you love history and the subject of the war. This game is worth the $50 all the way. But make sure you have a very power full computer. If you don't this game won't work and even if it does it would not look that good.

Well that's my review of one of the greatest first person shooters ever. This is most truth full to World War Two and this is worth purchase no doubt!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/12/03, Updated 03/12/03

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