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"An excellent FPS"

It's been a while since I played any first person shooters before this one. In all honesty, the last one I played was probably Doom 2, but that's another story altogether. So when I was looking to go back to FPS games, I thought I might as well try this one out along with RTCW.

And I was not disappointed.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault has you playing as Lt. Mike Powell of the good ol' United States Army. You play in six major theaters, each with its own set up parts/levels that you must complete.

Graphics: 9/10
Boost all of the graphics up on this game, and the word ''amazing'' comes to mind. Character models are very well done, environments are excellent, and you really do feel like you're in the middle of the second World War. The only real problem I had were the green ''walls.'' Now, I understand they needed some type of boundary, but it is a little strange that you can't pass through a wall of brush or weeds. Other than that, the eye candy was great. Realize, however, that you DO have to boost the graphics pretty high to get this feeling; lower settings tend to make it a little meshed and the detail is definitely not as fine as it should be.

Sound: 10/10
Another strong point of the game. Explosions, gunfire, yells for help... it's all there. Voice acting is very good, and all contribute to you being in the middle of the game. Music corresponds well to the situation that you're in. What I especially liked was the German these Nazis spoke. I mean, they didn't speak German-English (where they have up and down voices), but they spoke REAL German.

Gameplay: 9/10
MOHAA single player is incredible. Going around anything from villages to beachheads (as in the D-Day mission), you'll encounter several different scenarios ranging from silent espionage to mass machine gun and bazooka action.

Weaponry is also very nice in the game. Alright, so you can only hold a couple weapons at a time, but in all honesty it adds to the realism (I mean, seriously, one man cannot carry an entire artillery camp in his pants). You basically carry a type of pistol, rifle, submachine gun, machine gun, some grenades, and sometimes a explosive launcher or shotgun. One of each type (with exception to the grenades).

It must be understood that this game is very linear, which is understandable. Sometimes you'll see a bunch of your comrades fall and you'll restart endlessly just to realize that God (or at least the guys at EA) made it that way. You just gotta let him go. Either that or you're sick and you like to see everyone die, in which case you should see a therapist.

The game also has no blood, which, for my case I could really care less. I would assume most people play the game because its a game, not a horror movie of blood.

A nice touch to the game is the compass on the top right corner of your screen telling you the location of the next objectives. No maps in this game, just a compass and your sense of direction.

Probably the biggest problem (the reason this game is just a 9 instead of a 10) is the fact that the levels do lose their ''fun'' factor slightly later on in the game. In the first three you're having barrels of fun, but towards the end, though I still enjoyed the game, it seemed a little more of a chore than just pure excitement.

The other no-no that EA did was the infinite soldier routine. In other words, at certain parts the game had respawning soldiers. Understand they did this in a FEW places, but they did this nonetheless and at very annoying places. Once you realize a location is ''infinite soldier'' terrain be prepared for the worst.

AI is very good, maybe too good. Especially the snipers. Soldiers do not just come up to you and fire, they duck and cover. My recommendation is not to let yourself too open on these occasions.

All in all, the single player aspect of this game is wonderful, the part the really shines, especially in a world dominated by strictly multiplayer games. Some annoying parts, but if you're looking for a great game, I recommend this.

*What I must put in as a note is that this is definitely NOT Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and vice versa. The two are different games that are great in their own respects. I enjoyed both game styles, and cannot say which one is better. Do not try to compare this game to Wolfenstein, because you can't. The only thing in common is the fact that both games are FPS.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/03, Updated 03/16/03

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