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"It really feels like being in the's also very addictive"

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a PC game that takes place during World War II. Released in early 2002, many people got a hold of this game. This game is a lot of fun that will make you addicted. This is one of the very few games where strategic elements and agressive shooting is combined. A nice change of pace if you just play gore-fest games. There's just so many good things to say about this game.
Anyway, on with the review:


The graphics pretty much depend on the quality of your computer. If your computer is pretty good, then the graphics are acceptable. If your computer is excellent, then the graphics will be the least of your problems. If your computer is just very slow, you can always get a better videocard. If not, you can lower the resolution, and close some programs to save memory.

Generally, everything is so detailed including a person's face and the background areas. The fog effects make the game a little more challenging and the game's ''eye-span'' works really well. ''eye span'' basically is how far your character can see, which is VERY far in this game. When you play the one player mode, your objectives play a role in graphics. For example, if you had to set a bomb, the area you would need to use it would be a flashing red square. The guns? You really can't complain about their textures. They look like guns, and if you hate how they look, it atleast won't interfere with the game itself. As for the death animations, it's pretty average. Reminds me of Goldeneye(Nintedo64) and Perfect Dark(Nintendo64), which is still good. The enemies die the same way people would in real life, and sometimes they fall off an area to make it realistic. There's no blood, but who cares? Like I said earlier, this really isn't a shoot-em up gore fest so it does make sense that there is no blood.(Actually, there's a mod you can download to make blood, but the default game has no blood). Overall, decent graphics.

The Frames per second(fps) also depends on your computer. Saving your memory can help make the gameplay go much faster. While on some multiplayer levels, like Snowy Park and The Bridge, things can get fairly laggy, but for most levels, the FPS really isn't a big problem.


Possibly the most important part of this game is the sound. You need to have good ears to hear everything that's going on. Well, first let's talk about how good it is. As I've inferred before, there's lots of sound to this game and that part is very important. You can hear lots of things. Gun fire is loud, especially the STG 44, the axis machine gun. Other weapons, like the sniper rifles and rifles, don't make as much noise and are more smooth. People can talk, and each character has their own accent and/or voice. The Australian guy, which is the SAS guy, has a funny voice. When you hit someone, they obviously say something, or if you don't kill them, they would call for backup(mianly in the one player mode). It's all in German, but it sounds realistic, just like the game as a whole. Now for music, well, it's like a 40s movie. When there are no enemies around, it's usually very quiet, with no music, but when your trying to escape a place or fight off a bunch of enemies, then the music sounds like how it would in a movie that was about World War II. The music is very orchestrated, and suspenseful, so it all fits well. Remember when I said the sound was very important? Well it still is! This is mainly for multiplayer mode. First of all, you have to sneak around a lot, because running will simply make noises. Yes, you can hear everyone's footsteps in the multiplayer. With that said, you will be able to attempt ambushes. Also, all the guns sound different on each army. If you are on Allies, and you hear the sound of an axis sub machine gun, you know your enemy is near.(Of course, people can steal your weapons if you drop them, but we'll talk about that later!). Same thing with voice commands. If you are on axis, and you hear an allies go ''Enemy Spotted'' or ''yes Sir'', that means an allies soldier is near. The sound is very important in this game, and thank god it's good. I would've never thought sound would ever be this important.
The voice commands are also cool, because there are so many of them!


Pretty easy to figure out. The defualt keys use the W, S, A, and D buttons to move, so you stay more ''centered'', rather than using the arrow keys. You can change the controls if you want. Your instruction booklet will tell what other controls there are. If you lost the book though, then you will have to figure things out for yourself. That happened to me, so I was stuck testing all the buttons to see if they did stuff. As for the weapon selecting, the game tells you to use the number keys, but that's so hard, so luckily, you can use the little scroller on your mouse. If you don't have one, you're completely screwed, because remembering each number on the keyboard and what weapons get pulled out is annoying as hell. As for moving, jumping, etc, it's just like real life. There are no such things as ''super jumps''. Your character can only jump about 4 feet long at most, and only about 2 feet high, maybe 1.5. For moving, you move at an average pace. Holstering your gun will make you move quicker and if you carry something like a rocket and try to run, you will be quite slow. The control is pretty good, and is easy to learn. I found it much easier to use keys on the other side of the keyboard than those damn arrow keys(balances easier).


Single Player mode-8

I honestly didn't expect the one player mode to be very long at all. I mean, after reading and looking at those pictures on the back of the game box, I had a strong feeling this game wouldn't take long. I was wrong, heh. You have many missions and you go many places.

Basically, the missions work like this:
-Enter an area, look at objectives.
-Get to a certain point, the game saves for you.
-Eventually, you get to the end of the level, but that's merely a ''break''. You're still techinically in the same town/village/country until you actually complete the whole mission. (This will make more sense once you actually play it). If any of you have ever played Red Faction II, you'll know what I mean when I say automatic save.

The levels and objectives pretty much vary. For some levels, all you just do it have to enter a building, and the game continues off from there, other times, you have to go in depth in certain place and complete more objectives. A good example of ''long levels'' would be going into this base later in the game. Low and behold, it's always a good thing

Objectives vary less than the actual maps/ levels. For one thing, many places have you entering a building, blowing up something, and activating something. However, there's still some cool objectives like wearing a disguise, gasmask, contacting other people, and rescuing hostages.

On some levels, you can ride stuff like tanks, and smaller cars, etc. You can also operate stationary machine guns, like the MG42. Plenty of weapons are also available. Note: It's not a futuristic game, so no one should really expect a great variety of weapons. You have rifles, snipers, SMGs, machine guns, Rocket launchers, shotguns, grenades, and pistols. You really don't need anything more than that, which is good how they kept it simple.

There's a few drawbacks with the single player mode. I think the biggest problem is that for most of the time, it's just you. Keep in mind, you DON'T play as Arnold Schwauzenegger in this game, so there's really no way to destroy a lot of the german army by yourself. What's good though is that some levels do have you work with squads, but the main problem is, your allies get wiped out too quickly and it's still you doing most of the work. The only other problem is inconsistent power of some weapons. For example, and mg42 can easily wipe you out, but if the enemy shoots you, it takes a while for you to die.

The single player mode is great. I wouldn't overlook it if I were you. Trust me, once you play the one player mode a lot, you'll think to yourself, ''wow, this was fun''.

Multiplayer Mode-10

I think the multipayer portion makes this game what it is. Let's just say, it supports some other categories in this review.

Well first off, connecting to the internet is easily. After installation, you just have to download some sort of patch which lets you play online. Then you just find a server and play. Much easier than other multiplayer games today.(It's best to have cable or DSL first)

Even the character selection is good. While there are only about 1/3 choices for allies as there is for axis, it's still a good thing. Voice commands in this game are the best! They really add life to it. Some characters have funny voices, so I like to sometimes spam. You can also download custom skins and play as different people for a laugh.

There are four game types in Allied Assault multiplayer: Death Match, Team Death match, Objective, and Round-Based. Death match and Team Death Match are self explanitory, objective has one side complete objections while the other side has to stop them(if you die, you have to wait until the round it over to play), and round based is just like objective but with no objectives and the same levels as what death match has.

Team/Deathmatch/round based has seven maps to play on, while objective has four(although this can all be customized for whatever server you're in). The maps are generally well sized, obviously some are bigger than others and design is much different, but still, it's all well done. You can even find many ''secrets'' to each of the maps. For example, if you're in a server with a lot of guys, you can all meet up and jump on each other to reach a high place, like a church roof or something. There's so much to each of the levels.

If you read the single player part, I mentioned the weapons. Well, they're the same in multiplayer. Axis obviously have different weapons than the Allies, but it's all the same base.

As I've said earlier, you can download many extra stuff for this game, like mods, maps, skins, etc. Most of it really doesn't count as cheating unless it's a wallhack or something.

Overall, the multiplayer really makes Allied Assault. It gets extremely addictive. When I first played online with this game, I played nonstop for about 4 hours. Yes, four hours. It was THAT fun.


You can set your difficulty for Easy, Medium, and Hard, and the game plays just like that. Everything's fair. What I really liked is how well they blended in some soldiers. For example, on one of the snowy levels, the guys in white uniforms are hard to see because of their camoflouge. It's really cool. Weapons are played very fairly, although the mg42 can kill you easily(as discussed in single player). This is great beccause the slower weapons like the sniper and rifle, can take you out in 1-2 hits while the SMG requires about 15 good shots.


The multiplayer is great, and you'll just want to keep coming back for more. It's been 7 months since I purchased Allied Assault and I still play a lot. The Single player replay is ok, too. You can still go for the game on harder difficulties, explore areas to find secrets, and try to get medals. This has to be one of the most addictive games I have ever played. It even beats Pokemon in replay.


If I ever average all the scores out, I'll probably get something a little higher than a 9, but since this game is so much fun, it deserves that extra point boost to the 10. This game is still popular today, and not getting it would be a wrong decision. In my opinion, it's much better than BattleField1942. If Allied Assault ever dies out, I'll definitely get one of the new Medal of Honor expansions. With solid singleplayer mode, addictive multiplayer mode, strong sound and control, decent graphics, and a fair difficulty, there's no reason to turn this great game known as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault down.

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Originally Posted: 07/14/03, Updated 07/15/03

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