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"Decent, but way overrated"


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was a game that I had been wanting to play for a very long time, and I found myself checking it out in the game story many many times. Eventually, I never bought until the price dropped recently. Now that I've finally played it, I think it's decent, but I very very glad that I didn't play full price for this.

For those that don't know, ''Medal of Honor: Allied Assault'' is a WW2-themed first person shooter that places you in the role of a rather anonymous lieutenant fighting for the Allied forces. It's a fairly realistic game (the setting is authentic, there are no zombies or aliens) even though the game usually plays more like you're Rambo than that's your an actual WW2 soldier.

Gameplay: 6

For the most part, MOHAA plays like a fairly standard and straightforward shooter. The emphasis is on action, with stealth tactics being virtually useless and little in the way of puzzles. Gameplay is fairly varied initially, although it gets a bit old towards the end with a bit too many sniper hunts.

The emphasis on action is understandable given the theme,
and it would be OK if the action would be a bit better.
Unfortunately, it's a mixed bag. There are some great parts
like the famous Omaha Beach landing, but also some excruciatingly bad levels like a town full of snipers.

On the whole, there's too much trial and error necessary to get through the game. This is due to several reasons. First of all, enemies are way too accurate and can shoot you from any distance, practically without delay, no matter how well-hidden you are. Secondly, the game relies too much on ambushing you and spawning in enemies right behind you or all around you. Thirdly, you can take very little damage. All of this results in gameplay in which you have to save and reload numerous times just to get the prior knowledge that you need to get through a certain situation. All in all, this feels hugely frustrating and very cheap.

All in all, some of the levels are still good enough to make me overlook the over-reliance on trial and error on occasion, but overall this game simply isn't that much fun.

Story: 5

The story is nothing to write home about: you take a anonymous character that doesn't speak a word throughout the game through a series of largely unconnected missions. There's no plot and no characters to speak of. Then again, in a game like this a strong story isn't really a requirement, and at the very least the setting has been done very well (everything, from the weapons and uniforms to the voice acting fits in with the WW 2 theme).

Graphics/Sound: 9

The sound is very good, with everybody speaking in his native language and with reasonable accents. The weapons all sound exactly like they should and the other sound effects are spot-on as well. Definitely a high.

The graphics, while a bit outdated by now, are generally quite convincing. The animation is excellent and everything looks very authentic. The only place where they screwed up is with the foliage, which looks dreadful. Still, a nice game to look at overall.

Play Time/Replayability: 5

On normal difficulty, this game takes about 10-15 hours to complete, and that's mostly due to an excessive number of saving and reloading. Replayability is very limited due to the fact that the missions are very heavily scripted and play out mostly the same every time, and you could probably get to the game a second time in about 7 hours. All in all, this game isn't good value if you played full price for it.

Final Recommendation

All in all, I found MOHAA to be a disappointment. It has good production values and the setting is exceptionally well done, but in terms of gameplay it leaves much to be desired. There are some truly great parts, but the other three-quarters of the game are made up of slightly repetitive and often frustrating gameplay that relies too much on trial-and-error, cheap ambushes, and endlessly spawning enemies. Definitely not worth full price, but good enough to pick up from the bargain bin.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/25/03

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